Iwerne Courtney

Also known locally as Shroton

Shroton Church


Iwerne Courtney known locally as Shroton is situated in a valley just off the Blandford to Shaftesbury road. It is first mentioned in the Domesday book as just 'Werne' by the mid 13th Century the Courtney affix had appeared though spelt Curtney as that time. The Coutney family, Earls of Devon held the Manor from the early 13th Century. The other, locally used name of Shroton derives from the Old English scir-refa & tun meaning 'the sheriff's estate', at the time of Domesday the manor belonged to Baldwin of Exeter, sheriff of Devon. The registers date from 1563.

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Census 1891 Census by John Ridout
Parish Registers Baptisms
1731-1812, 1813-1844 by Janet Courtney

1832-1912 by Richard Travell
Postal Directories Harrod's Directory 1865
Other Records Rectors 1295-1986 by Dorinda Miles
St Mary's Memorial Index by Jan Hibberd
Photographs Photographs by Dorinda Miles
Memorials by Dorinda Miles
Further Photographs by Julie Browning
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Maps The 1891 Ordnance Survey maps of the parish can be seen at the old-maps site, just enter 'Turnworth' under place search.For modern location maps visit:-  www.multimap.com


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