Burials 1851 to 1988

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Jan Hibberd

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

#YearForename(s)SurnameWhen buriedAbodeAgeDiedNotes
1561851MarySMALL02 MarIbberton72 yrs  
1571851GeorgeTUFFEN05 MarSturminster Newton67 yrs  
1581851ElizaCARTER06 JunBelchalwell41 yrs  
1591851Mary AnnGODDEN20 JunPortesham40 yrs  
1601852MargarettaHEAL01 MarIbberton3 mths  
1611852JosephSTRANGE23 MarIbberton65 yrs  
1621852JamesAPPLIN15 MayIbberton22 mths  
1631852GeorgeWITTERIDGE25 NovIbberton64 yrs  
1641852ElizabethWITTERIDGE25 NovIbberton57 yrs  
1651853SusannaHEAL02 JunIbberton63 yrs  
1661853ThomasSTRANGE25 JulIbberton5 mths  
167 Not used (crossed out)      
168 Not used (crossed out)      
1691853AnnMOORS24 DecIbberton45 yrs  
1701853SarahSTURMEY25 DecIbberton81 yrs  
1711854SophiaVATER17 JanIbberton51 yrs  
1721854KeziaVATER23 AprIbberton38 yrs  
1731854HonorSTURMEY28 JunIbberton24 yrs  
1741854Martha AnnSTURMEY10 SepIbberton19 mths  
1751854Alfred JohnCARTER14 SepIbbertoninfant  
1761854Emma GeorginaROSS22 SepSalisbury2 yrs  
1771854Susan AnneKELLAWAY26 OctIbbertoninfant  
1781854JaneVATER10 DecIbberton2 yrs  
1791854AngelinaSTURMEY28 DecIbberton1 1/2 yrs  
1801855TabithaROSS21 JanIbberton81 yrs  
1811855DavidMUNDAY06 AprIbberton50 yrs  
1821855Frederick JohnROSS06 AprIbberton16 yrs  
1831855JaneMULLETT08 AprWoolland75 yrs  
1841855Edward GeorgeCOLLIS18 AprUnion House2 yrs  
1851855MargaretHEAL22 JulIbberton91 or 71 yrs  
1861855Mary AnnCARTER12 OctIbberton15 yrs  
1871856RosinaMILLER04 MarWoolland2 yrs  
1881856ElizabethJOYCE02 DecIbberton78 yrs  
1891856JaneSHERRY05 DecIbberton52 yrs  
1901857ThomasCROSS19 JanIbberton83 yrs  
1911857WilliamAPPLIN26 MarIbberton76 yrs  
1921857MariaCAVE05 MayIbberton76 yrs  
1931857ThomasPADDOCK26 MayIbberton80 yrs  
1941857Charles William James HKELLAWAY08 AugIbberton6 mths  
1951857SarahPADDOCK19 SepIbberton77 yrs  
1961857CarolineJOYCE23 SepIbberton14 yrs  
1971857Joseph MSQUIB28 OctIbberton1 yr  
1981857JohnROBINS12 NovIbberton48 yrs  
1991857SamuelCOLLIS24 DecIbberton81 yrs  
2001858WilliamHEAL08 AprIbberton80 yrs  
2011858JesseHEAL07 MayLeigh8 days  
2021858TomSTRANGE06 SepLeigh5 mths  
2031858ElizabethROBINS03 NovIbberton24 yrs  
2041858SarahCROSS08 DecIbberton76 yrs  
2051859HenryFRY07 JanIbberton68 yrs  
2061859HarrietAPPLIN24 MayIbberton2 yrs  
2071859WilliamAPPLIN13 JunIbberton3 yrs  
2081859Walter GeorgeROBINS20 JulIbberton15 mths  
2091859Charles WilliamDOWDING21 JulIbberton2 wks  
2101859GeorgeMARSH05 NovIbberton80 yrs  
2111859PriscillaCOLLIS06 DecIbberton16 yrs  
2121859SusannahELSWORTH27 DecIbberton32 yrs  
2131860ElizabethROBINS15 AprIbberton4 yrs  
2141860WilliamSMALL08 SepUnion House78 yrs  
2151860Alfred JohnROBINS23 OctIbberton1 yr  
2161860GeorgeSTURMEY03 NovUnion House88 yrs  
2171861AnnSTRANGE08 AprLeigh75 yrs  
2181861SabinaHEAL23 MayIbberton27 yrs  
2191862Anna AugustaDOWDING15 FebIbberton5 mths  
2201862JamesDOWDING21 JunIbberton66 yrs  
2211862ElizabethJOYCE02 DecIbberton48 yrs  
2221863GeorgeELSWORTH06 FebIbberton6 weeks  
2231863EdithAPPLIN21 FebIbberton78 yrs  
2241863JohnROSS03 MayStroud Farm60 yrs  
2251863ElizabethEATON27 SepIbberton38 yrs  
2261863EdithBURGANY23 OctIbberton24 yrs  
2271863JaneDOWDING27 NovIbberton66 yrs  
2281864ElizabethHEAL19 FebIbberton64 yrs  
2291864MatildaPADDOCK02 SepIbberton34 yrs  
2301864Ethelred JohnHEAL31 OctLeigh3 yrs  
2311864HughHOW04 NovLeigh4 days  
2321865AnnCOLLIS20 FebIbberton75 yrs  
2331865MaryMUNDAY16 MayKitford62 yrs  
2341865WilliamCARTER30 JunLeigh60 yrs  
2351866CharlesVATER31 MayOkeford Fitzpaine77 yrs  
2361866ThomasDRAKE03 AugIbberton61 yrs  
2371866CharlotteELSWORTH16 AugIbberton2 1/2 yrs  
2381866JonathanJOYCE05 SepIbberton54 yrs  
2391867Eliza JaneCARTER26 JanIbberton2 days  
2401867MaryCOLLIS27 MarIbberton77 yrs  
2411867JamesSTURMEY28 AprIbberton5 wks  
2421867AliceSPIRING30 OctIbberton2 1/2 wks  
2431867Mary AnnAPPLIN25 NovOkeford Fitzpaine49 yrs  
2441867JohnWILLIAMS10 DecIbberton79 yrs  
2451868Anna AugustaHEAL14 AprIbbertoninfant  
2461868MarySTRANGE06 AugIbberton47 yrs  
2471869JohnEATON18 MarIbberton48 yrs  
2481869JamesHEAL21 MarIbberton73 yrs  
2491869MargaretROSS09 AprIbberton71 yrs  
2501870JaneBURGANY17 FebIbberton18 yrs  
2511870JohnYETMAN24 MarIbberton93 yrs  
2521870JohnCOURAGE02 JulIbberton78 yrs  
2531870JacobSTURMEY29 OctLeigh2 yrs  
2541870MariaHEAL28 NovIbberton59 yrs  
2551871AaronMULLETT07 AprIbberton45 yrs  
2561872ThomasMULLETT06 MarIbberton82 yrs  
2571872Elizabeth JaneBURGANY30 AprIbberton29 yrs  
2581872JamesBARTLETT12 MayQuintance71 yrs  
2591872JaneHOW17 MayBuckland Newton30 yrs  
2601873MariaROSS01 FebStroud Farm67 yrs  
2611873LeonardMILLER26 AprIbberton56 yrs  
2621874Rose EllenROBINS17 JanIbberton7 yrs  
2631874JacobSTURMEY26 FebIbberton64 yrs  
2641874EmilyHARDING21 MarIbberton2 yrs  
2651874HenryVATER01 MayUnion Workhouse56 yrs  
2661875Simon OCOOMBS08 JanIbberton6 mths  
2671875HannahBARTLETT26 JanQuintance79 yrs  
2681875PhilipCOURAGE12 MarDorchester Hospital44 yrs  
2691875Sarah AnnMILLER17 AugIbberton21 yrs  
2701876JamesCAVE28 SepIbberton25 yrs  
2711877PriscillaPERCY18 DecIbberton51 yrs  
2721878JosephVATER28 SepIbberton70 yrs  
2731878CarolineJEANS11 SepBelchalwell82 yrs  
2741879SarahELSWORTH28 FebIbberton49 yrs  
2751879Albert EdwardROBINS21 AprIbberton7 wks  
2761879RobertMULLETT22 MaySturminster Workhouse88 yrs  
2771880ElizabethCOURAGE26 JanSturminster Workhouse85 yrs  
2781880LaviniaELSWORTH30 JanIbberton55 yrs  
2791880Hannah MariaHALLETT31 JanKitford70 yrs  
2801880HughHOWE28 JunHyle Farm Belchalwell9 yrs  
2811880Herbert HenryCROSS3 mthsIbberton3 mths  
2821882JohnMARTYN67 yrsIbberton67 yrs Rector of Ibberton
2831883JosephJEANS27 NovIbberton73 yrs Bronchitis
2841883ThomasSTRANGE08 JanIbberton63 yrs Bronchitis
2851883CharlesRICKETTS16 JanIbberton54 yrs  
2861883RebeccaYEATMAN15 MarIbberton82 yrs  
2871883CharlesROBINS13 MayIbberton74 yrs  
2881883Robert GeorgeJOYCE13 JunHoughton4 wks  
2891883RobertDRAKE29 JunIbberton57 yrs  
2901884TobiasHEAL22 FebIbberton58 yrs  
2911884HannahJOYCE27 JulBelchalwell74 yrs  
2921884ElizabethVATER01 AugSturminster Union61 yrs  
2931884Wallace CharlesROBINS10 AugMartin (Tit Bit)16 mths  
2941884DianaVATER11 AugIbberton55 yrs  
2951884GeorgeCOLLIS20 NovSturminster Union80 yrs  
2961886StephenHEAD28 AprIbberton77 yrs  
2971886Mary AnnWILLIAMS11 JunIbberton72 yrs  
2981886Charles GeorgeSHERRY05 AugIbberton1 1/2 days  
2991886WilliamCAVE23 AugIbberton21 yrs  
3001886RobertWILLIAMS31 AugSturminster Union66 yrs  
3011886JohnCAVE26 DecIbberton70 yrs  
3021887MaryROBINS23 AprIbberton64 yrs  
3031887Frederick GeorgeJEANS26 AprIbbertonblank  
3041887JohnVATER15 AugBelchalwell73 yrs  
3051888ThomasJOYCE19 JanIbberton84 yrs  
3061888LeviANDREWS11 AprIbberton98 yrs  
3071888Margaret AlnerMARTYN04 MaySherborne54 yrs  
3081888ElizabethMUNDAY12 MayIbberton81 yrs  
3091888MaryDOWDING11 JulIbberton11 yrs  
3101888RuthVATER23 JulShillingstone89 yrs  
3111888Frank JamesDOWDING13 NovBelchalwell25 yrs  
3121889LouisaEATON02 JanChild Okeford27 yrs  
3131889AlbertDOWDING21 FebIbberton23 yrs  
3141889SydenhamDOWDING28 FebIbberton19 yrs  
3151890Albert William JamesCARTER10 JanBelchalwell5 wks  
3161890Sarah AnnROSS15 JanIbberton59 yrs  
3171890GeorgeDOWDING21 MayWinterborne Clenstone34 yrs  
3181891HarryRICKETTS11 FebIbberton6 mths  
3191891Mary AnnANDREWS15 MayIbberton83 yrs  
3201891AnnSTURMEY16 NovIbberton77 yrs  
3211892EdwardPERCY25 FebIbberton66 yrs  
3221892CharlesSHERRY30 SepIbberton79 yrs  
3231893JonahMUNDAY21 FebKitford79 yrs  
3241893WilliamCROSS03 JunIbberton70 yrs  
3251893JosephVATER01 AugIbberton67 yrs  
3261893WilliamMILLER24 NovIbberton3 yrs  
3271895SamuelROSS12 JanIbberton59 yrs  
3281895CharlesVATER08 AprIbberton31 yrs  
3291895EvangelineWHITE18 AprSpetisbury33 yrs  
3301896GeorgeMULLETT13 FebIbberton76 yrs  
3311896CharlotteJEANS27 MarIbberton82 yrs  
3321896Flora MaudARMSWORTH17 MayIbberton16 yrs  
3331896Arthur Crosdale LancasterGOODMAN08 OctIbberton14 mths  
3341896SarahROSS16 NovIbberton74 yrs  
3351897SelinaDOWDING15 OctIbberton63 yrs  
3361897JemimaMILLER01 NovPimperne76 yrs  
3371898Mary MargarettaBURT07 FebIbberton37 yrs  
3381898EmilyDAMOR14 JulIbberton37 yrs  
3391898Mary AnnMULLETT JulIbberton76 yrs no day quoted
3401899CharlotteSTURMEY21-JanLeigh69 yrs  
3411899AlfredVATER01-MarLeigh64 yrs  
3421899EmilyHEAD05-AugIbberton67 yrs  
3431899EmmaELSWORTH20-DecIbberton71 yrs  
3441899Elizabeth JaneCARTER21-DecLeigh63 yrs  
3451899EdwardHEAD28-DecIbberton85 yrs  
3461900ElizabethVATER22 FebBoscombe73 yrs  
3471900WilliamBROWN04 MarUnion Workhouse Sturminster72 yrs formerly of Shroton
3481901Robert MullettROSS03 May25 Dorchester Rd Melcombe Regis66 yrs  
3491901GeorgeCAVE25 MarIbberton49 yrs  
3501902Harriet ElizaVATER11 OctIbberton38 yrs  
3511902SusannahDRAKE19 DecIbberton76 yrs  
3521903Margaret LilianHANSFORD15 AprKitford4 mths  
3531903AndrewSTURMEY30 MayUnion Workhouse74 yrs late of Ibberton
3541904EmmanuelELSWORTH24 SepIbberton82 yrs  
3551905DorothyELSWORTH11 MarIbberton5 mths  
3561905LucyHARDING14 MarIbberton69 yrs  
3571905ElizabethHEAL22 AugLeigh78 yrs  
3581907George WalterROSS01 MarLeigh54 yrs  
3591907Mary AnnVATER07 JulIbberton Post Office77 yrs  
3601907Walter George MullettROSS09 DecLeigh76 yrs  
3611907Robert EdwardANDREWS07 MayIbberton64 yrs  
3621908JamesVATER15 JunVale Cottage Queen Camel79 yrs late of Ibberton
3631908SamuelVATER30 JanIbberton71 yrs  
3641909Lilian AugustaROSS09 Aug12 Belvidere Weymouth23 yrs  
3651910Lavinia JaneHEAL26 JanBelchalwell61 yrs  
3661910SusannahCROSS11 NovStreet Lane Highcliffe83 yrs  
3671912JamesHALLETT17 JanOkeford Fitzpaine78 yrs  
3681912AlbertCARTER07 AprIbberton68 yrs  
3691912SolomonELSWORTH26 SepIbberton85 yrs  
3701913ElizabethCARTER10 JunLeigh54 yrs  
3711913Albert EdwardSTARR15 AugIbberton10 days [Two burials in the same record]
3711913Mary EllenSTARR15 AugIbberton10 days  
3721913George ArthurHARDING24 SepIbberton24 yrs died at Naval Hospital, Haslar
3731914MahalaMILLER07 JanIbberton62 yrs  
3741914William James ReeksWILLIAMS05 MayIbberton60 yrs  
3751914JamesHARDING18 SepIbberton56 yrs died as a result of an accident at Woolland the previous day
3761917FrederickPAYNE27 FebIbberton59 yrs died at Union Workhouse
3771918ElizabethCAVE16 FebUnion Infirmary Sturminster87 yrs  
3781918Mary SarahMILLER28 NovLeigh35 yrs  
3791918FrederickVATER10 DecRoyal Surrey Co Hospital Guildford61 yrs  
3801919Edwin JamesDOWDING27 NovLeigh88 yrs  
3811919Harriet AugustaVATER19 DecIbberton77 yrs  
3821921FrankSTURMEY29 MarUnion Workhouse Sturminster65 yrs  
3831924Elsie KateFOX26 FebCottage Hospital North Wimbledon30 yrs  
3841925JaneWILLIAMS21 JanIbberton66 yrs  
3851925ElizabethPARHAM22 SepIbberton90 yrs  
3861927ElizabethCLARKE25 JanIbberton74 yrs  
3871927Martha JaneCAVE08 FebIbberton85 yrs  
3881927EdwinCAINES18 FebIbberton76 yrs  
3891928WilliamPARHAM06 MarIbberton90 yrs  
3901928Jane AnnCROSS24 MarIbberton73 yrs  
3911928Robert James Stone WarrenANDREWS04 AugWest Clenston59 yrs  
3921929Elizabeth AnnANDREWS19 JanIbberton87 yrs  
3931930Mary AnnVATER16 SepHerrison Charminster90 yrs  
3941931BarbaraBATTEN14 MarSt Mary’s Home Sturminster Newton11 days  
3951932HerbertMILLER27 AprIbberton84 yrs  
3961932JamesROBINS27 SepIbberton80 yrs  
3971932ThomasCROSS18 OctShillingstone79 yrs  
3981934Frederick James RossJOYCE07 SepChurch Farm Ibberton72 yrs  
3991934Mary JaneHARDING08 OctIbberton73 yrs  
4001935Elizabeth AnnJOYCE24 AugChurch Farm Ibberton73 yrs  
4011935William Ahasentas?BARNES04 SepIbberton55 yrs died at Boscombe Hospital
4021936Annie Elizabeth EllenROSS21 NovLeigh73 yrs  
4031937GeorgeCLEAL05 AprIbberton89 yrs  
4041938Lionel SeymourPLOWMAN17 MarWareham89 yrs  
4051938ThomasELSWORTH25 AprIbberton76 yrs  
4061939EmmaROBINS14 DecIbberton84 yrs  
4071940Margaret MariaROSS22 FebWeymouth83 yrs  
4081940Ada JaneANDREWS04 MayLeigh65 yrs  
4091940Richard JohnSMITH17 SepSt Quintons Farm Ibberton6 wks  
4101941Samuel RobertVATER01 Mar4 Christchurch Rd Old Milton71 yrs  
4111943William JohnANDREWS25 OctNether Compton73 yrs  
4121943Thomas CharlesGOFF29 OctIbberton68 yrs  
4131944SusanHARDING06 MayThe Causeway Mere. Wilts83 yrs  
4141945Alicia MaudWINDSOR23 OctIbberton69 yrs died at Yeatman Hospital
4151946Edward HenryKING02 JanLittle Hills85 yrs  
4161946LouisaKING15 JanLittle Hills76 yrs  
4171946Alice JessiePARHAM09 FebManor Farm Ibberton87 yrs  
4181947Brian DavidBILLINGS14 JanIbberton1 1/2 yrs  
4191950Bessie AnnPARHAM13 JanManor Farm Ibberton81 yrs  
4201951Gertrude ElizabethMILLER15 MarLeigh68 yrs  
4211951Walter George Rice?PARHAM27 MayManor Farm Ibberton80 yrs  
4221951Arthur FrederickVATER18 Dec3 The Orchard Ibberton67 yrs  
4231952John ParhamPARHAM02 DecManor Farm Ibberton79 yrs  
4241953Reginald EdwinJAMES09 FebOld School Ibberton72 yrs  
4251953GeorgeMILLER23 Sep12 Bonslea Mead Sturminster Newton79 yrs  
4261954James JohnSTURMEY22 JulIbberton79 yrs  
4271954Amy Elma MullettCOURAGE17 DecIbberton58 yrs died at Dorset Co Hospital Dorchester
4281955BessieBARNES15 JanIbberton78 yrs died at Damers Hospital Dorchester
4291955HarryHARDING07 AprHerrison Hosp Charminster91 yrs formerly of Ibberton
4301955Elsie MayBAKER09 DecLeigh Cott Ibberton59 yrs died at Dorset Co Hospital Dorchester
4311956John ColinDUFOSEE15 JunOld School House Ibberton60 yrs  
4321956HarryMILLER25 OctLeigh77 yrs  
4331957Ernest CuthbertROBINS13 Mar4 The Cross Ibberton75 yrs  
4341958Amelia JaneBAKER05 Apr4 Cutlers Close Leigh85 yrs died at Damers Hospital Dorchester
4351958Maud EthelPLOWMAN13 OctChristmas Close Wareham96 yrs  
4361959Louisa GertrudeMILLER26 FebCharlton80 yrs died at Damers Hospital Dorchester
4371960Katherine MargaretPLOWMAN27 Jul2 Gold Court Wareham70 yrs  
4381960Mildred HenriettaKING06 MarDorset Co Hospital60 yrs  
4391961Frances Louise EllenCARYER06 MarManor Farm House Ibberton84 yrs  
4401962Ernest Walter HillROSS10 SepTower View Wincanton76 yrs  
4411963George RobertWILLIAMS05 Feb2 Council Houses Belchalwell66 yrs  
4421963AnneELSWORTH02 JunBriar Way Child Okeford96 yrs  
4431963Gladys MaryWILSON04 NovBonslea Sturminster Newton75 yrs  
4441964John GeorgeROSS04 JanDamers Hospital72 yrs  
4451964Emily Isobel (Daisy)DUFOSEE13 JunOld School Ibberton75 yrs  
4461964Ethel MayANDREWS14 MarLeigh91 yrs  
4471966JaneANDREWS07 JulTodber87 yrs  
4481967Lilian GertrudeRIDOUT28 Jan18 Mary Garden Okeford Fitzpaine68 yrs  
4491968TomBAKERblankLower Leigh90 yrs  
4501968Augusta BANDREWS13 Jul10 Greystone Grds Kinton Harrow82 yrs  
4511968DorothyDOBSON24 Aug26 Bellevue Rd Ryde Isle of Wight76 yrs  
4521968Ernest WellburnDOBSON13 Dec52 St John’s Rd Sandown Isle of Wight76 yrs  
4531970Augusta Ina LucyMILLER30 NovThe Bungalow Leigh88 yrs  
4541970George RobertSMITH11 Dec1 Cutlers Lane Ibberton80 yrs  
4551970BertieLLOYD16 DecAldersgate Leigh74 yrs  
4561973Harold John RossJOYCE26 JanDamers Hospital81 yrs  
4571973ArthurMILLER29 MayThe Bungalow Leigh90 yrsdied 24 May 1973 
4581973AnnieWILLIAMS16 JulGeneral Hospital Poole76 yrsdied 3 July 1973 
4591974EmilyHOWELLS16 Jan4 The Orchard Ibberton83 yrsdied 12 Jan 1974died at Dorset Co Hospital Dorchester
4601974Winifred Amy VeraGREEN30 MayWest Hill Ibberton57 yrsdied 25 May 1974 
4611974Violet Pearl MullettFOX03 DecEdelweiss Okeford Fitzpaine51 yrsdied 28 Nov 1976died at Dorset Co Hospital Dorchester; burial of ashes
4621974Flora IreneJOYCE11 Dec9 Southholme Stourpaine80 yrsdied 4 Dec 1974 
4631974BessieVATER14 Dec3 The Orchard Ibberton81 yrsdied 11 Dec 1974died at Dorset Co Hospital Dorchester
4641976Herbert CliftonCOURAGE18 DecSilverlands Ibberton85 yrsdied 15 Dec 1976 
4651977William RobertWATRET14 JanWoolland View Ibberton76 yrsdied 9 Jan 1977 
4661977Charlotte AlfredaHENSTRIDGE16 Apr10 Coombe Rd Shillingstone69 yrsdied 13 Apr 1977died at Christchurch Hospital
4671977Douglas Victor AubreyCOLE JOHNSON20 MayMilane. Ibberton80 yrsdied 5 May 1977died at Dorset Co Hospital Dorchester; burial of ashes
4681977Penelope AnneHAWKER02 NovSouthill. Somerton23 yrsdied 21 Oct 1977 
4691978FrankFOX18 DecForge Garage. Okeford Fitzpaine58 yrsdied 10 Dec 1978burial of ashes
4701979William FawdingtonDUNDAS13 JanCranborne Edge. Child Okeford80 yrsdied 5 Jan 1979 
4711979Edith MabelSTOCKLEY14 AugCrown Inn. Ibberton70 yrsdied 9 Aug 1979died at Weymouth Hospital
4721980ThomasELSWORTH08 May106 Ibberton78 yrsdied 3 May 1980 
4731980Mary VivianPHILLIPS31 DecBakers Folly Ibberton71 yrs  
4741981Donald ParhamCARYER05 JanManor Farm Ibberton72 yrs died at Infirmary Salisbury
4751981Vera KateCORDERY28 AugHerrison Hospital Charminster75 yrs  
4761981Minnie BondELSWORTH04 Sep106 Ibberton78 yrs died at Blandford Hospital
4771982Wilfred ArthurKING03 MarWesley. Ibberton79 yrs  
4781984Reginald Arthur RobertGREEN17 JulEast Orchard75 yrs  
4791985Ivor EdwardKING18 AprWesley. Ibberton80 yrs died at Blandford Hospital
4801986Susan ElizabethBARTLETT25 OctChurch Farm House. Ibberton64 yrs  
4811988Ellen MayKING28 JulWesley Cottage Ibberton78 yrsdied 22 Jul 1988died at Dorset Co Hospital Dorchester

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