Woodlands, Church of Ascension

This is an abbreviated list of the details transcribed from all the memorials in the burial ground. Memorials commemorating deaths less than 30 years old have not been included to avoid upsetting any relatives of the recently bereaved, details are available on request. Full details of all memorials are available by contacting the MI Coordinator (see contacts page). Please quote the MI reference number, the parish, the burial ground and the surname on all requests. Researchers are asked to please bear in mind that weathering of the stone and lichen growth can make transcription difficult and incomplete or even impossible in some cases.

Everything is transcribed exactly as is, but without capitalisation other than for all surnames.
Items in blue are not actually transcribed on the monument but are deduced and included to allow
sorting and searching by surname. * indicates unreadable information.

29BAILEY Ellen Mary1921 81
48BAILEY Henry William1942 72
48BAILEY Mary1948 77
19BENNETT Emily1905 78
19BENNETT Job1910 79
24BENNETT Zechariah1898 77
24BENNETT Sarah1898 75
49BENNETT Tom1941 81
38BEST Mary1905 59
80CABELL Winifred Florrie1975  
81CABELL Percy Arthur1941  
67CAILE John1894 79
67CAILE Eliza1900 80
9CUTLER James1924 92
32CUTLER Joseph1902 67
32CUTLER Ann1907 72
42CUTLER Albert E1934  
42CUTLER Elizabeth Ada1956  
44CUTLER Anthony William1911 35
53CUTLER Mary E1931 72
53CUTLER Charles1937 73
54CUTLER Ellen1933 38
54CUTLER Martin1951 66
54CUTLER Richard John1952 24
71CUTLER Rosa1946 87
71CUTLER Ernest1955 95
88CUTLER Lucy Ellen1983 79
98CUTLER Charles H1957  
73DOWLAND Joseph1932 72
73DOWLAND Martha Bessie1959 96
73DOWLAND Jesse   
73DOWLAND David   
73DOWLAND Henry   
74DOWLAND Sarah1932 72
74DOWLAND James1914  
95DYER Rose1981  
94FITZPATRICK William John1954 66
7FROUD Mary Sarah1909 54
7FROUD William1923 70
8FROUD Jesse1907 74
8FROUD Emma Charlotte1908 70
11FROUD Martin1900 70
11FROUD Sara Ana1907 74
11FROUD Maurice1877 12
12FROUD Amy F1928 18
12FROUD Eva B1931 16
12FROUD Harry1956 72
15FROUD Charles1919 69
15FROUD Barbara1919 72
15FROUD Bessie1914 38
16FROUD Winifred Dorothy1897  
16FROUD Alan Mortimer1897  
25FROUD Robert1943 83
25FROUD Louisa Jane1948 83
78FROUD Lilian Victoria1955 63
90FROUD James1980  
91FROUD Walter E1965 69
92FROUD Lucy1953 63
92FROUD Daniel1971 81
96HALFACRE Mary Joan1978 54
28HASKELL Henry Job1939 82
28HASKELL Susan1934 74
28HASKELL Albert1935 44
28HASKELL Sidney Frank1918 19
57HASKELL Wilfred Thomas1954 61
75HASKELL George1940 90
75HASKELL Mary Elizabeth1948 93
105HASKELL Lionel1974  
43HAYTER Joseph John1949 74
43HAYTER Emily Rose1957  
45HAYTER Henry1924 76
46HAYTER Mary Ann1915 69
47HAYTER Lawrensce Walter1903 15
50HAYTER Arnold E1952 66
89HAYTER Joseph Frank1977  
79HEMMINGS Harry1979  
77HUMPHRIES Reginald Norman1955 27
2JACOBS Mary1909 56
2JACOBS Noah1926 78
2JACOBS Freddie   
3JACOBS Ernest W1932 40
3JACOBS Flora May1955 61
18JACOBS William1900 93
86JACOBS Samuel Preston1960 72
17KEEPING Sidney John1932 87
17KEEPING Harriet1922 78
26KERLEY Bertha Kate1908 24
27KERLEY Mary1919 63
27KERLEY John1933 74
33KILFORD Sophia1932  
100KNAPP Charles Frederick Cooper1945 75
101KNAPP Noel Edmund Cooper1933 25
102KNAPP Amy Beatrice1939 69
87LOCKYER Hugh John1948 70
87LOCKYER Maud Mary1960 80
99LUCAS Lilian Edith1948  
29MILES Charles1925 69
29MILES Rosanna1931 69
1PRESTON Nancy Annie1939 73
1PRESTON Esau1941 81
72PRESTON Ernest Lawrence1943 64
72PRESTON Emily Harriet1972 90
104QUINNELL Frederick Arthur1959 70
104QUINNELL Mabel Ellen1971 74
20READ William1944 69
21READ Alice1951 76
41READ Beverley Ann1980 16
58REARDEN Gertrude1940 56
31REEKS Mary Ann1944 74
31REEKS Charles Edwin1957 89
30RICKETTS Charlotte E1929 65
30RICKETTS Dan1942 81
30RICKETTS John1963 75
60SHEATH Frederick Henry1929 35
 SKITTRALL Kate May1984 89
76SNOW Constance Mary1981  
52SPRAKE Thomas Bradford1918  
52SPRAKE Rosa Helen1944 94
62STEANE Emily Augusta1942 72
62STEANE Ellen Mary1943 81
62STEANE Alice May1946 76
62STEANE Florence Georgina1948 91
62STEANE Edith Maud1949 76
62STEANE Minnie Frances1949 81
56STEEL Tom1942 79
56STEEL Harriet1954 93
30STEVENS Elizabeth H1905 80
82TEAGUE Francis1971 86
82TEAGUE Elizabeth (Rose)1973 80
51THORNE Elsie Harriet1977 80
51THORNE George James1982 87
61THORNE Frederick1908 43
61THORNE Annie1948 78
61THORNE Ethel May1911 11
61THORNE Mildred Rose1924 19
103THORNE Hubert Edmund1954 21
84TILLER Frederick1976  
85TILLER Sybil1947  
6TUBBS Bertha1924  
13TUBBS John1909 73
13TUBBS Hannah1915 78
14TUBBS Sarah Ann1932 76
22TUBBS Lucy Julia1928 66
22TUBBS Frederick Gillingham1931 76
55TUBBS Gwendoline Ceridwen1982 93
55TUBBS Reginald Frank1966 77
68TUBBS Lewis1950 89
68TUBBS Emily Dinah1950 85
69TUBBS Lucy1945 56
69TUBBS Edward1969 80
93WALLBRIDGE William1958 80
93WALLBRIDGE Hannah Ethel1976 95
59WALSH Henry Edward1930 53
59WALSH Letitia Mary May1976 95
97WARD Arthur1974 80
4WAY Alenia1919  
5WAY Eliza1892 67
10WEBB Margaret E1961 68
10WEBB Walter T1964 69
5WHITTINGTON Honor1902 83
34WILCOX Ellen1929 83
35WILCOX Agnes Flora1920 56
36WILCOX W T1915  
37WILCOX Jacob1900 76
37WILCOX Ann Mary1911 84
37WILCOX Alice1900 30
37WILCOX Thomas1878 25
37WILCOX Elizabeth1856 2
37WILCOX Rose1875  
39WILCOX Eliza1914 51
40WILCOX Lionel Ralph1907 25
63WILCOX Annie1916 58
63WILCOX Ellen1944 59
63WILCOX Jethro1944 84
64WILCOX Frank1904 6
65WILCOX Joseph1899 82
65WILCOX Mary1904 84
65WILCOX Martha1880 25
65WILCOX Josiah1913 68
66WILCOX John1900 57
66WILCOX Winifred May1895  
23WILCOX Ellen E1939 90
23WILCOX born Andrew1931  
70WILLIAMS Jane1899  
83WILLIAMS G.A.1960 71
83WILLIAMS Beatrice1972 86


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