Parish of Hooke

Marriages 1771 to 1812

Kindly transcribed for the OPC Project by Peter Collins, from Dorset Parish Registers

NOTE:- The two first books are very indifferent and go back only to the 18th century.

The first record of Marriages begins 1771 and the Rector believes the old books were burnt. There is no method in the entries.

The first Volume is coverless and consists of about 20 leaves; the second a thin parchment covered pamphlet of about

the same size 1795 to 1804.

Vol. III calf 14in by 7in 1811 to 1812 in good preservation but the writing is faint.


These marriage extracts are now printed by leave of the Rev. R.T. Parker Rector of Hook.


Joseph MOLLINS of West Coker Somerset & Fanny BARTLETT married 16-Nov 1771 by Licence.

James CAKE & Elizabeth SHINNER married 20-Oct 1773

Henry LEGG & Edith SHORT married 29-May 1775

William SYMES of Great Toller & Mary BARTLETT married 23-Mar 1776 by Licence.

John WARREN & Anne RUSSELL married 11-Mar 1777

Jacob CORNICK & Elizabeth ROGERS married 19-May 1777

William LEGG & Elizabeth DARBY married 07-Jan 1778

John KEITCH of Gt. Toller & Elizabeth LEGG married 29-Jul 1778 by Licence.

Daniel BURT of Rampisham & Betty RANDALL married 01-Feb 1779

Edward RUSSELL & Mary WHITE married 31-May 1779

John WALLIS of Rampisham & Elizabeth BARTLETT married 02-Aug 1779 by Licence.

Thomas DAWE & Grace BARTLETT married 10-Jan 1780

Robert WALDRON & Deborah MEECH married 27-Mar 1780

Francis MEECH & Anne DICKER of Frome St. Quintin married 29-Mar 1780

Daniel FORSEY & Elizabeth BONNETT DUNFORD of Great Toller married 15-Jan 1782

William COLE & Betty MINTERN married 13-Jun 1782

Jacob DURNFORD of Toller Porcorum & Betty DICKER married 27-Oct 1783

John GREEN of Toller Porcorum & Betty DICKER married 19-Apr 1784

Joseph DAVY & Mary MAJOR married 17-Nov 1784

Elles DAWE & Rachel BARTLETT married 27-Apr 1785

[1786 Nil]

William CRABBE of Frome St. Quintin & Francis RUSSELL married 18-Nov 1787

William DURNFORD & Anne ORCHARD married 03-Nov 1788

William MABY & Anne WHITMORE married 19-Jul 1789

Richard GALE & Mary RUSSELL married 28-Dec 1789

William WATTS & Sarah RUSSELL married 19-May 1792

Robert BEST & Hannah MINTERNE married 30-Apr 1792

William RANDALL & Joan MOSS married 16-Sep 1794

George CORNICK & Betty BARTLETT married 03-Mar 1795

Charles CHANDLER & Mary POOLE married 01-Apr 1811

Henry LEGG & Hester CORNICK married 13-Dec 1796

William GERARD & Agnes RUSSEL married 27-Dec 1797

Benjamin POPE of Corscombe & Martha BARTLETT married 01-Jan 1798

James SMITH of Toller Porcorum & Phoebe CORNICK married 18-Jun 1799

Thos. FRANCIS of Beaminster & Ann MINTERN married [..] Feb 1804

Henry CORNICK & Sarah LEGG married 02-Apr 1804

John LEGG & Jane CURTIS married 09-Jul 1804

Richard TREVES & Elizabeth HARDY married 14-Aug 1804

Job CORNICK & Susannah COLES married 20-Sep 1803

Daniel FOSEY & Ann CORNICK married 23-Oct 1804

Thomas GALPIN & Elizabeth HUTCHINGS married 03-Dec 1805

James LEGG & Mary MINTERN married 24-Feb 1806

John LEGG & Mary CLEAL married 25-Mar 1806

John FOWLER of Stoke Abbot & Margarett SILK married 20-Apr 1807

Samuel LEGG & Mary HOSEY married 12-Oct 1807

William RENDALL & Mary WHITE married 07-Dec 1807

Robert GALE & Hannah NOBBS married 07-Dec 1807

Daniel GODDARD & Susanna BARTLETT married 07-Apr 1808 by Licence.

Richard FORSEY & Elizabeth COLE married 18-Dec 1808 by Licence.

Jacob MINTERN & Mary BUDDEN of Chideoke married 12-Jun 1809

Amos LIDDON of Axminster Devon. & Elizabeth PRIEST married 18-Jan 1810 by Licence.

Issac LEGG & Frances MINTERN married 06-Dec 1810



John CORNICK & Ann HUSSEY married 25-Mar 1811

Rhuben CORNICK & Susannah MATTHEWS married 24-Jul 1811

John LAY & Frances DURNFORD married 24-Sep 1811

James LANKSHEAR [signs Rankshear] & Hannah COLE married 29-Mar 1812

William LEGG & Jane CORNICK married 09-Jun 1812

Samuel CORNICK & Frances RUSSELL married 29-Jun 1812

George HOLT & Ann CLEAL married 22-Dec 1812

George CORNICK & Susannah LEGG married 28-Dec 1812

Samuel BARFOOT of Netherbury & Mary BARTLETT married 08-Jul 1800 [This last entry is an interpolation]