Gussage St Michael

BURIALS 1654 to 1812

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC by Kim Parker from the Parish Registers


Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

28Mar1654JoaneGREENEwidow, sometimes the wife of Roger GREENE
14Apr1654James HURST 
23May1654Ellnor MARTINwife of John MARTIN
09Jun1654Alice PITTMANwife of Edmund PITTMAN
22Jul1654Thomas SEBROUGHson of James & Alice SEBROUGH
01Aug1654Walter COAKE 
28Aug1654Ann HURSTwife of William HURST
11Nov1654Mary GODDINGS 
14Nov1654Margerie HARTdaughter of Thomas HART
21Dec1654Henry MICHAELL 
26Dec1654Richard CLARKE 
29Dec1654John CRICHE 
02Jan1654/5John CHRISTOVERalias MIGHELL
20Jan1654/5James TRIM 
22Jan1654/5Mary LAWRENCE 
13Mar1654/5Elizabeth CRICHE 
05Apr1655John CUTLER 
06- - -1655[not given] MORRISchild of John MORRIS
24Jul1655Honour HARTE 
11Aug1655Robert CRICHEMr, brother of Miles CRICHE
23Oct1655William DRAKE 
28Oct1655Charlet PARKER 
13Dec1655Thomas PRINCE 
24Dec1655Margerie HARRIS 
- -- - -1655Joane HARTEdaughter of [illegible]
03Apr1656Joane DRINKWATERkild by the fall of a tree
31May1656Mary SEBROUGH 
07Jun1656Mary CHAP alias MARTIN 
23Nov1656Richard SHEPPERDson of William & D[illegible] SHEPPERD of Knoulton in the Parish of Horton
12Jan1656/7John HARTson of Thomas HART
05Jan1663/4Francis THORNE 
01Mar1663/4Anne MARTINdaughter of Edmund & Mary MARTIN
27Mar1664Diborah COASHwife of Thomas COASH
23Dec1664Thomas SEBREWson of James SEBREW
26Sep1665Thomas HITCHCOCKE 
03Dec1665Jane PRINCEwife of Thomas PRINCE "buried about 3d December"
21Dec1665Margaret FELTHAMwife of David FELTHAM
14Jan1665/6Francis COLEson of Francis COLE
- -- - -- - - -George FRYthe younger
- -- - -- - - -George FRYthe elder
12Jul1666Mary FRYwife of George FRY
01Oct1666Dorothy GIBBSwife of Robert GIBBS of Gussage All Sayntz
19Oct1666Ellis YONGEson of William YONGE
02Dec1666Alice SEBROWwife of James SEBREW the Elder
09Jan1666/7Anne FRYwidow
26Jun1668Thomasin MICHELwife of Mr Samuell MICHEL
- -- - -1667John STEPHENSson of John & Elizabeth STEPHENS
17Sep1667Thomas ANSTYson of Thomas ANSTY
21Sep1667Margery HARTwife of Thomas HART
20Nov1667Thomas HARTthe honest Clerke of this Parish
29Nov1667Rabnett SEBREWdaughter of James & Rabnett SEBREW
09Jun1668George THORNE 
28Jun1668[not given] MORRIES 
02Jul1668Thomas STILL 
09Jul1668[not given] ANDREWES 
27Sep1668Dorothy ANDREWES 
05Apr1669Anne SEEBREWdaughter of James SEEBREW
07May1669Robert HURST 
16Sep1669Agnes HITCHCOCKE 
18Dec1669William GREY 
18Dec1669Robert GREY 
18Dec1669John HEIXson of John HEIX
20Dec1669Thomas MORRIS 
15Sep1670Jane BURDENof Steepington
25Sep1670Agnes GODWIN 
01Oct1670William PARKERMr
08Oct1670Richard BURDENof Steepington
14Oct1670James CLERKEof Sudden
13Feb1670/1Adrian HURSTof Steepington
18Apr1671Stephen HART"Honest Stephen Hart"
18May1671[not given] MORRISthe wife of Thomas MORRIS of Sudden
07Jun1671William YONGE 
20Aug1671Andrew COLLINS 
08Sep1671Jane HORNER 
15Sep1671Jane BURDENof G[illegible] Steepinham [entered under christenings, not re-entered in burials]
26Sep1671[not given] GODDINGS[entered under christenings, not re-entered in burials]
- -- - -1671Oliver HAYWARD[appears after the entry for 08-Sep-1671 and before the entry for 28-Dec-1671]
28Dec1671William HART 
- -- - -1671Elenor MARTIN alias CHAPER 
15Mar1671/2Mary BREWER 
25Jun1672Joane BUDDENof Sudden
- -- - -1673[not given] LAWRENCE (?) 
- -- - -1673[not given] MORRIS 
22Mar1673/4Edmund MARTIN 
03Feb1673/4John FRAMPTON 
20Jan1674/5Mile CRICHEReverend, Pastor, Prebend [entry in Latin]
22Jun1675John HARTson of John & Elnor HART
04Jun1675Thomas GREENE 
18Jun1675Rachel YOUNGwife of Elias YOUNG
15Jul1675Elizabeth HARTdaughter of Thomas & Elizabeth HART
22Oct1675Joanne GUYwife of Henry GUY
03Feb1675/6Elizabeth HARTwife of Thomas HART
20Mar1675/6Elizabeth CRICHMrs, wife of Miles CRICH, formerly Rector of this Parish
21Jun1676Margery HARTdaughter of Thomas HART
25Feb1676/7Steven LILLY 
12Jul1677Elizabeth GUEdaughter of Israel GUE
05Aug1677Roger THOMS (?)son of Roger THOMS (?)
31Aug1677Martha GUYdaughter of John GUY [very faded entry]
30May1678Elizabeth COKEwidow
28Jun1678Joane LILLYwidow
03Sep1678Edith HOPPS 
14Dec1678John BREWERson of Henry & Hannah BREWER
01Jan1678/9Joane PARSONSwife of William PARSONS
25Jan1678/9Thomas HART 
01Mar1678/9Bridgett CLARKwidow
19May1679Joane NORFOLKEwidow
29Sep1679Isaac LAWRENCE 
02Dec1679Anne CLARKE 
09Feb1679/80Eleanour YOUNGwidow
07Apr1680Warborough COXwidow
21Jun1680Anne HARTwidow
09Aug1680Arthur COKE 
05Sep1680Hugh PETTY 
03Sep1680Martha COKE 
04Oct1680George ROGERS 
07Oct1680Thomas MORRIS 
04Nov1680Anne CRICHE 
26Nov1680Martha NORTHEASTwidow
12Jan1680/1Elizabeth WEAREwidow
14Jun1711Sarah FELTHAMdaughter of Edward & Rachell FELTHAM
05Aug1711Ann SEBROWdau of John & Mary SEBROW
18Sep1711Thomas PARKERsenior of Sutton
31Dec1711Elizabeth ULET (?)daughter of John & Elizabeth ULET (?)
29Apr1712Ralph MILESservant to Mr Ellis YOUNG
15Aug1712Joseph SEBURY 
19Aug1712William BESANT 
04Sep1712Mary SEBURYwife of Jo. SEBURY
01Oct1712Rabnet SEBURY 
07Nov1712Samuel MICHAEL 
08Nov1712Richard ANSTEY 
13Dec1712Susan POPE 
06Jan1712/13Hannah BREWER 
20Jan1712/13James COLBERN 
27Jan1712/13Robert BREWER 
03May1713Mary RICHMOND 
09Jul1713Susanna GRANOEN 
24Jul1713John GRAY 
16Aug1713Betty BESANT 
06Sep1713Jane MARTYN 
11Sep1713Sarah BREWER 
24Oct1713Mary HAYWARD 
20Nov1713Ede ANSTY 
22Apr1714H. BREWER 
13May1714Roger SEGAR 
23May1714Sarah H[illegible] 
23May1714Jo[illegible] GRANOEN (?)[entry faded and parchment cut off]
02Jan1714/5Thomas HICKMAN 
19Apr1715Rebecca HAYWARD 
06May1715John BALLET 
06May1715Joseph ISAACK 
06May1715Joan HICKMAN 
08May1715El. HAYWARD 
21Jun1715Mary DALADOWN 
26Jun1715Joanna WHEELR 
27Jun1715Elizabeth YOUNG 
06Jul1715Rab. SEBURY 
10Jan1715/16Mary LAMBERT 
10Jul1716John YOUNG 
- -Dec1716Thomas LAMBERT 
07Apr1717David FELTHAM 
03Dec1717Hagar ROGERS 
04Feb1717/18Catherine SHANK 
04Feb1717/18Elizabeth COAKE 
28Apr1718Henry YOUNGof Gussage St Andrews [parish of Sixpenny Handley]
05May1718Elizabeth COMBESMrs
21Jun1718Mary ANSTYwidow of Richard ANSTY
19Sep1719Hannah HANSONMrs, buried with her son Edward HANSON
19Sep1719Edward HANSONson of Mrs Hannah HANSON above
21Sep1719Ruth BREWERdaughter of Samuel & Ann BREWER
28Sep1719Mary MICHAELMrs, "maid & widow"
09Oct1719Mary ANSTYwife of Richard ANSTY, buried with her daughter Mary
09Oct1719Mary ANSTYdaughter of Richard & Mary ANSTY, buried with her mother [above]
14Oct1719Ann RUSSELdaughter of William & Eleanour RUSSEL of Chareton
20Apr1720John MARTIN 
22Aug1720Martin THANE 
30Dec1720Stephen THANE 
04Jan1720/1Joan LILLYwife of Edward LILLY
13Aug1721Martin THANE 
27Oct1721John ANSTYa child
21Nov1721Edward FELTHAMjunior
17Dec1721Mary GREY 
26Dec1721Joanna GREY 
30Jan1721/2John HANSONson of Mr William HANSON
10Feb1721/2Mary [illegible]wife of Dan [illegible]
10Mar1721/2Thomas PARKERof Sudden
01Apr1722Henry FRIP 
20Apr1722John DELY (?) 
03May1722William HANSONMr
21Apr1723Samuel SINGLETON 
10Aug1723Edward GREEN 
18Sep1723Sarah LAMBERT 
21Jun1724Elizabeth COKEwife of John COKE
04Jul1724William HUMPHREYSson of David & Elizabeth HUMPHREYS, Rector
05Sep1724Mary LANE 
26Nov1724Elizabeth APLINdaughter of Henry junior & Anna APLIN
13Dec1724Eleanour HARTwidow
20Dec1724James LAMBERTof Sudden
21Feb1724/5Mary COBERNdaughter of John & Elizabeth COBERN
27Apr1725Idde ANSTEYwife of Richard ANSTEY
17May1725William COKEson of John COKE
07Jun1725Mary COURTNEYdaughter of Joshua & Eleanor COURTNEY
12Jul1725Susannah ANSTEYdaughter of Richard ANSTEY
15Aug1725Hannah DELLIDOWNwife of Edmund DELLIDOWN
08Apr1726Robert FRIP 
22Jun1726Mary THAIN 
21May1727Martha BREWERdaughter of William & Elizabeth BREWER
08Aug1727James HARRISson of John & Mary HARRIS
10Oct1727David FELTHAM 
02Nov1727Blanch ROGERSwife of Joshua ROGERS
12Dec1727Annas COXwidow
15Dec1727Dorothy BATTMrs
19Dec1727John COKEsenior
13Feb1727/8Joshua COURTNEYson of Joshua & Eleanor COURTNEY
18Aug1728Joan ADAMSwife of George ADAMS
01Sep1728Elizabeth WYATTwife of James WYATT
05Nov1728Harry BREWERson of Samuel & Ann BREWER
22Nov1728William YOUNGsenior
24Nov1728David SHANKsenior
27Jan1728/9Mary COMBSdaughter of Thomas & Jane COMBS
09Feb1728/9John COMBSson of Thomas & Jane COMBS
17Feb1728/9Jane COMBSwife of Thomas COMBS
25Mar1729Daniel EDMONDS 
06Apr1729James WYATT 
13Apr1729[not given] HUNTwidow
29Apr1729Martha UNDERHILLwife of James UNDERHILL
08May1729Sarah BREWERdaughter of William & Sarah BREWER
09May1729Amy COX 
02Jul1729Anna APLINdaughter of Henry & Anna APLIN
26Feb1729/30Katherine BREWERwife of John BREWER
14Mar1729/30Elizabeth BREWERdaughter of William & Elizabeth BREWER
23Mar1729/30Mary COKEwife of John COKE
06Apr1730Thomas BREWER 
14Jul1730Elizabeth PROUTwidow
17Jul1730John HUNT 
17Aug1730Martha GREENwidow
- -- - -1730Mary [illegible]wife of [illegible - entry water-damaged]
- -Apr1731Christopher WHELLER 
21Apr1731Elias YOUNGson of Elias YOUNG
08Jan1731/2Elias YOUNG 
27Apr1732Ann BREWERwife of Samuell BREWER
12Jan1732/3Abigail SHANKMrs
01Jun1733Jane YOUNG 
10Jun1733James UNDERHILL 
12Aug1733Richard NIPPARD 
28Aug1733Ann SINGLETON 
28Aug1733Hannah GREYdaughter of William & Hannah GREY
09Sep1733Bettie JACOBdaughter of Thomas & Bettie JACOB
14Sep1733John JACOBson of Thomas & Bettie JACOB
26Sep1733Sarah ESSEXdaughter of Robert & Anna ESSEX
20Sep1733Elizabeth ESSEXdaughter of Robert & Anna ESSEX
- -Oct1733Ann ESSEXdaughter of Robert & Anna ESSEX
07Oct1733Sarah TRIMdaughter of Robert & Elizabeth TRIM
29Oct1733Benjamin ESSEXson of Robert & Anna ESSEX
29Oct1733Margaret BAYLIEdaughter of Walter & Elizabeth BAYLIE
24Jan1733/4William TRIMson of John & Elizabeth TRIM
11Mar1733/4[not given] CRICHMrs, widow
11Apr1734[not given] COLLINSwidow
19May1734Charles YOUNG 
09Jun1734Mary HARRISwife of John HARRIS
24Nov1734John JERARD 
04Apr1735[not given] FRYSwidow
20Apr1735[not given] PARKERwidow
28Oct1735Thomas HARDIMANson of Thomas & Susannah HARDIMAN
08May1736John HICKMANson of Thomas & Sarah HICKMAN
10May1736John FRIPP 
11Jun1736John SEBROUGH 
01Jul1736William BREWER 
07Jul1736Mary HAYWARD 
27Sep1736John RICHMOND 
09Dec1736Walter BAILYson of Walter & Mary BAILY
13Dec1736Thomas BAILYson of Walter & Mary BAILY
26Mar1737George GODDARD 
23Jun1737Harry BREWERson of Samuel & Mary BREWER
09Dec1737Henry APLENsenior
18Dec1737Walter BAILYson of Walter & Mary BAILY
01Jan1737/8Thomas KENTson of Aaron & Johannah KENT
04Feb1737/8Martha BYLESwife of Benjamin BYLES
02Mar1737/8John COKE 
31May1738Anna APLINwife of Henry APLIN
05Feb1738/9Mary THAIN 
16Feb1738/9Elizabeth APLINwidow
15Aug1739Mary TRIMdaughter of John & Elizabeth TRIM
05Oct1739Katharine BREWERdaughter of Samuel & Mary BREWER
21Oct1739Thomas MORRIS 
14Apr1740George ADDAMSsenior
15Jun1740Mary BALLETdaughter of John & Joan BALLET
07Jul1740Elizabeth HUMPHREYSMrs, wife of David HUMPHREYS, Rector of Gussage St Michael
17Apr1741Martha RICHMONDwidow
17Apr1741Martha Penny RICHMONDdaughter of Martha RICHMOND widow [above]
13Sep1741Elizabeth BREWERwidow
29Jan1741/2George PROUT 
16Apr1742John COBBERNsenior
10Dec1742Sarah BREWERdaughter of John & Grace BREWER
28Mar1743Corneles SEBREW 
28Apr1743Joan BALETwife of John BALET
06May1743Mary SINGLETONwidow
14May1743Hannah GRAYwife of William GRAY
23Oct1743Antaney JACOBson of Thomas & Elizabeth JACOB
06Dec1743David HUMPHRIESRector of Gussage St Micheall
11Dec1743Charls JACOBson of Thomas & Elizabeth JACOB
15Dec1743Jennei HUMPHRIESdaughter of Claudina HUMPHRIES
17Jun1744John ANSTY 
25Nov1744Mary GRAYwidow
21Feb1744/5Mary MUSTONdaughter of William & Elizabeth MUSTON
18Jul1745Harry APLENson of Harry & Sarah APLEN
07Aug1745Joseph HICKMANson of Thomas & Sarah HICKMAN
18Aug1745Thomas HICKMAN 
15Dec1745Susannah HARDIMANwife of Thomas HARDIMAN
12May1747Ann SEBREWwidow
18Aug1747Mary ROGERS 
06Oct1747Jane SEBREWwidow
11Oct1747Elizabeth COKEwidow
21Mar1747/8Harry APLEN 
03Apr1748John HARDEMANson of Thomas HARDEMAN
10Apr1748Elizabeth KENTdaughter of Aaron & Joanna KENT
23May1748Sarrah SCOVELLwife of Isaac SCOVELL
08Jun1748Sarrah SCOVELLdaughter of Isaac SCOVELL
18Jul1748Stephen THAINson of Stephen & Mary THAIN
02Aug1748John DOGEson of Thomas & Elizabeth DOGE
22Aug1748Mary NEPREDwidow
29Sep1748Charity THORN 
27May1749Elizabeth COBBORNwidow
02Nov1749Rachal FELTEMwife of Edward FELTEM
12Dec1749Henrey BALLETson of John & Joane BALLET
31Dec1749Joshua RODGES 
16Mar1749/50William BREWERsenior
19Mar1749/50Thomas ANSTEY 
10Apr1750Mary DILLE 
24Apr1750John HARVESTwidower
28Apr1750Elias BREWERson of Samuel & Mary BREWER
04Nov1750Joseph THORNE 
09Nov1750Katharine MORGENwife of John MORGEN
24Nov1750Daniel YOUNGof Chetell
15Feb1750/1John DOGEson of Thomas & Elizabeth DOGE
02Apr1751Sarrah ANSTYwidow
07Jul1751Martha BILES 
07Aug1751Sarah ANSTYdaughter of John & Alice ANSTY
18Aug1751Elizabeth ANSTY 
18Sep1751William YOUNG 
20Oct1751John ADAMS 
15Nov1751David SHANK 
13May1752John MORGAN 
23Jun1752John HIGGINSson of John & Mary HIGGINS
12Jul1752Ann BALLETdaughter of John & Joane BALLET
11Oct1752Elizabeth COBERN 
17Dec1752Mary BREWER 
14Jan1753John HATCHERson of Osmond & Sarah HATCHER
26Jan1753John HIGGINSRev.d
29Feb1753Elizabeth DAYEwife of Thomas DAYE
13Apr1753Sarrah BALLETdaughter of John & Joane BALLET
19Jun1753James TRIMson of John & Elizabeth TRIM
05Jul1753Sarah BREWERwidow
06Aug1753Sarrah BILLSwife of Benjamin BILLS junior
01Jan1754Eleanor CORTNEYwife of Joshua CORTNEY
16Feb1754Sarrah HATCHERwife of Osment HATCHER
26Feb1754Hester GERETwife of William GERET
27Mar1754John THAINson of Stephen & Mary THAIN
20May1754Elias DILLE 
01Sep1754Samuel HUMPHREYSson of Blandina HUMPHREYS
28Nov1754Ann BREWERwife of Robert BREWER
17Aug1755Edward FELTHEM 
27Aug1755John SHANK 
30Aug1755John SHANKson of David & Elizabeth SHANK
26Feb1756Samuel BREWER 
16May1756Susana HACHER 
11Jul1756Benjaman BILLESjunior
30Nov1756Elizabeth DODGEdaughter of Thomas DODGE
02Jan1757Sarrah MARSKELLdaughter of John & Marey MARSKELL
09Jan1757Bettey HICKMANdaughter of William & Marey HICKMAN
23Jan1757Jeremia BREWERson of William & Mary BREWER
13Apr1757Bette BREWERdaughter of Robert & Jane BREWER
04Jun1757Benjaman BILLES 
27Jun1757Grace ADAMESdaughter of George & Grace ADAMES
07Aug1757Marey OSBELSTOONdaughter of Georg & Marey OSBELSTOON
08Jan1758Mary ADAMESdaughter of George & Grace ADAMES
17Feb1758William FRAMTONson of John & Elizabeth FRAMTON
02Apr1758George ADAMS 
21Apr1758Sarrah GRAYwife of William GRAY
21Apr1758Cornelus GERATson of William GERAT
08May1758Elizabeth ADAMSdaughter of Grace ADAMS
12Jun1758Marey WHITLOCK 
02Aug1758Anne MONKwife of John MONK
08Aug1758George HAIWARD 
15Nov1758Mary Ansty EASTON 
27Nov1758William BALLOT 
23Apr1759Sarah TRIGGOL 
06May1759Ann MONK 
13May1759George YOUNG 
06Nov1758John WHITLOCK 
03Dec1759Thomas BREWER 
17Dec1759Elizabeth BALLOT 
16Jan1760John OSBOLDSTONEaged under 1
08Feb1760Mary HICKMANaged 1
24Mar1760Richard ANSTEYaged 76
10Apr1760Elizabeth SHANKaged 70
24Apr1760Mary BREWERaged 60
15Jun1760Jenny BREWERaged 36
02Aug1760Susanna BLAKEaged 61
05Nov1760Mary HAITERaged 42
21Dec1760Joseph BALLOTaged 3
31Jan1761John BLAKEaged 61
01May1761William BREWERaged 42
22May1761Grace ADAMSaged 54
12Jun1761Grace YOUNGaged 70
28Sep1761Susanna BREWERaged 27
07Jan1762William BUNDYaged under 1
18Mar1762Betty BREWERaged under 1
09Apr1762James DODGEaged 6
22Apr1762Joseph DODGEaged 16
26Apr1762Samuel SHANKaged 68
19Jul1762Sarah HICKMANaged 83
28Aug1762James ANSTEYaged under 1
12Oct1762James OSBOLDSTONEaged 7
29Dec1762Robert BREWERaged 31
17Apr1763John TRIMaged 61
15Sep1763James ANSTEYaged 1
21Sep1763Ann STEINERaged 66
25Oct1763Elizabeth BUNDYaged 4
19Feb1764John FRAMPTONaged 51
27Apr1764Elias YOUNGaged 42
15Jul1764Mary BAILYaged 64
24Sep1764Isaac BREWERaged 10
13Oct1764Mary SHANKaged 21
05Mar1765Anne YOUNGaged 75
01May1765Edward ANSTEYaged 1
19Jun1765Hannah ISAACaged 45
01Jul1765James OSBOLDSTONEaged 1
22Sep1765Eleanor DODGEaged 48
15Oct1765John BREWERaged 58
08Apr1767Anne COOMBSaged 59
13Apr1767Edward PARSONSaged 78
12Nov1767Joanna KENTaged 60
20Mar1768Elias MITCHELaged 3
13Apr1768William GREYaged 70
26Jul1768Sarah GREYaged 1
07Jan1769William YOUNGaged 45
27Jan1769Sarah ANSTEYaged 43
26Mar1769Martha PARSONSaged 77
30Apr1769Mary WHEELERaged 69
07Jun1769Joseph MILLARDaged 1
16May1770Joseph ADAMSaged 34
11Jul1770William HAYTERaged 61, Gent of Tarrant Hinton
02Aug1770Elizabeth SHANKaged 64
12Aug1770John MILLARDaged 1
21Feb1771John WHEELERaged 62
09Apr1771Joshua COURTNEYaged 80
21Apr1771Thomas BRIANTaged 1
12Jun1771Mary ANSTEYaged 77
13Aug1771Sarah MONKaged 1
20Aug1771William GARRETTaged 68
22Jan1772Susanna KENTaged 59
02Feb1772Ralph KEARLYaged 50
07Feb1772William BRIANTaged 34
12May1773Sarah ENSORaged 36
26Jun1773Anne JACOBaged 6
18May1774Mary BUNDYaged 18
11Nov1774Walter BAILEYaged 75
14Sep1774John ANSTYaged 61
18Sep1774John JACOBaged about 40
29Jan1775Samuel OSMONTaged about 70
29Jan1775Jane OSMONTaged about 71
27Feb1775Grace BREWERaged 70
07Sep1775Mary EASTONaged 60
05Dec1775Elizabeth FRAMPTONaged 61
13Mar1776Abrahmam STEINERaged 72
22May1776Elizabeth BAILEYaged 36
05Jul1776Mary MILLARDaged 1
14Jul1776Mary BREWERaged 51
07Aug1776Anne KEARLYaged 20
20Nov1776Robert ESSEXaged 86
03Feb1778Anna ESSEXaged 84
28May1778Mary ISAAC 
04Nov1778Mary ESSEXaged 63
25Nov1778Elizabeth FRAMPTONinfant
07Feb1779Elizabeth HATCHERaged 43
12Feb1779Mary BILESaged 54
30Jun1779Elizabeth BREWERaged 46
09Jan1780Thomas MIDDLETONinfant
29Feb1780George SHANKaged 42
13Sep1780Thomas HISCOCKaged 5
05Oct1780Elizabeth BAILEYaged 10
09Jan1781James ESSEXinfant
16Mar1781Sarah JACOBaged about 47
14Apr1781Anne APPLINaged 50, of Gussage All Saints
05Jun1781Elizabeth MAIDMENTinfant
21Jun1781Elizabeth TRIMaged 70
19Sep1781William HIGGINSaged 34
04Oct1781Amos MIDDLETONinfant
25Nov1781Joel ESSEXaged 5
24Apr1782Henry JACOBaged 54
02Nov1782Ann JACOBaged 52
07Dec1782Sarah COBERNaged 69
25Dec1782Mary JOYaged 38
27Dec1782Thomas DODGEaged 69
31Dec1782Joseph JOYaged 12
08Jan1783Osmond HATCHERaged 66
27Feb1783Mary GURDaged 47
12Sep1783Flower MILLERaged 5
07Dec1783Robert WHETHERINGTONaged 65, buried by the parish
14Dec1783Blan HUMPHRYSaged 60, buried by the parish
30Dec1783William GRAYaged 50, of the parish of Shillingston & Durweston
- -Jan1784William INGRAMinfant, P
27Jan1784Josuah ADAMSaged 45, Parish
05Feb1784William BREWERaged 74
09Apr1784Mary BAILYinfant
13Apr1784Sarah BAILYaged 30, P
21Apr1784Mary EASTONaged 35, P
07Jun1784John MONKaged 55, P
14Jun1784Sarah DAYaged 7
20Jun1785Edey JAYaged 40
08Aug1785Jos. RANDELLaged 72, Gent
11Oct1785Ruth JACOBaged 80
01Nov1785John COBBERNaged 70
10Nov1785Jane LAMBERTinfant
26Jan1786Aaron KENTaged 60
02Feb1786Mary MAIDMENTaged 45, P
24Feb1786Sarah MILLERaged 52
07Apr1786William BILESaged 29
30Apr1786Thomas BAILEYinfant
04Jun1786Elizabeth BUNDYaged 2
10Sep1786Hannah ESSEXaged 60, P
06Oct1786Elizabeth BUNDYaged 25
27Dec1786William ADAMS 
18Mar1787John BALLETaged 7, P
21Oct1787Lucy INGRAMaged 28, P
25Nov1787Sarah INGRAMaged 5, P
02Nov1788Betty MITCHELaged 60, died 30-Oct-1788, P
15Feb1789Betty SHANKaged 48, died 12-Feb-1789
18Feb1789Rachael WHITEaged 33, died 15-Feb-1789, P
22Mar1789Joan BALLETaged 75, died 20-Mar-1789, P
28Mar1789Ann DOWLENaged 1, died 24-Mar-1789, daughter of James & Mary DOWLEN
16Apr1789Ambrose ADAMSaged 1, died 13-Apr-1789, son of John & Martha ADAMS
06Sep1789Thomas MAIDMENTaged 37, died 01-Sep-1789, of Gussage All Saints
18Jul1790Mary BREWERaged 67, died 14-Jul-1790
08Oct1790Jane HOWELLaged 26, died 01-Oct-1790 at Purwel St Church, Hants, on a Friday at 1/4 past four in the afternoon, the wife of Revd. Richard HOWELL, Rector of this parish. Buried in the chancel of this parish church amid the tears of hundreds of people who to show their testimony of regard for so good a woman attended her to her grave.
28Dec1790Lettice Threthel RANDELLaged 8 months, died 22-Dec-1790
20Feb1791James DOWLINGaged 6 months, son of James & Mary DOWLING
03Mar1791Mary DOWLINGaged 37 years, died 27-Feb-1791
03Apr1791Mary HASKELaged 22 years, died 31-Mar-1791
12May1791Elizabeth HASKELaged 5 months, died 05-May-1791, daughter of William & Mary HASKEL
09Nov1791George NOBLEaged 6, died 05-Nov-1791, son of George & Mary NOBLE
06Jan1792Mary WHITELOCKaged 66, died 04-Jan-1792
11Jan1792Betty FRAMPTONaged 30, died 09-Jan-1792
23Jan1792John BALLETaged 83, died 21-Jan-1792
25Jan1792John LAMBERDaged 2 months, died 23-Jan-1792, son of William & Mary LAMBERD
19Feb1792Thomas ESSEXaged 2, died 17-Feb-1792
11Sep1792John HATCHERaged 30, died 09-Sep-1792
05Jun1793Henry JAYaged 46, died 03-Jun-1793
18Aug1793John ISAACaged 57, died 13-Aug-1793
14Nov1793Esther ESSEXaged 79, died 12-Nov-1793
25Jul1794Thomas WHITLOCKaged 84, died 22-Jul-1794
31Aug1794Ann LAMBERTaged 6 weeks, died 29-Aug-1794
12Nov1794Anna STAINERaged 12, died 09-Nov-1794
28Dec1794George BALLETaged 18, died 25-Dec-1794
11Apr1796Henry HICKMANaged 29, died 09-Apr-1796
10May1796Mary HOWELLaged 75, died 03-May-1796, Mother to the Reverend Richard HOWELL A. M. Rector of this Parish and of Mary RANDELL, wife of Joseph RANDELL Esq. of the same Parish - A woman much afflicted but in all her afflictions was meek and resigned and breathed her soul into the hands of Christ the day and year above written
22Jun1796Elisabeth JAYaged 19, died 19-Jun-1796
18Dec1796Elisabeth MONKaged 31, died 15-Dec-1796
13Jan1797Martha BUSHaged 24, died 10-Jan-1797
17Jan1797Anna STAINERaged 49, died 14-Jan-1797
18Jan1797Mary NOBLEaged 49, died 15-Jan-1797
10Apr1797Sarah PRINCEinfant, died 08-Apr-1797, daughter of William & Mary PRINCE
28Apr1798Thomas WHITLOCKaged 7, died 26-Apr-1798, son of William & Mary WHITLOCK
03Jul1798Martha DOWLENaged 31, died 01-Jul-1798, wife of James DOWLEN
08Jan1799Betty ISAACaged 23, died 03-Jan-1799
24Feb1799John FRAMTONaged 48, died 22-Feb-1799
22May1799Elisabeth JACOBaged 96, died 19-May-1799
27Aug1799Joseph MILLARDaged 28, died 24-Aug-1799
19Nov1799Martha FRAMTONaged 52, died 17-Nov-1799
11Feb1800Henry CLARKinfant, died 08-Feb-1800, son of Henry & Mary CLARK
12Feb1800Ann BUSHaged 57, died 08-Feb-1800
24Apr1800Mary HASKELaged 30, died 21-Apr-1800
18May1800John WILLIAMSinfant, died 15-May-1800
22Jun1800John HASKELinfant, died 19-Jun-1800
27Jul1800George HASKELinfant, died 22-Jul-1800
08Dec1800Martha BREWERaged 67, died 05-Dec-1800
13Mar1801William JOYaged 63, died 10-Mar-1801
13Sep1801Mary WILLIAMSinfant, died 09-Sep-1801
10Jan1802John ESSEXaged 84, died 01-Jan-1802
17Sep1802James LAMBERDaged 25, died 14-Sep-1802
20Feb1803George BAILLEYaged 10, died 17-Feb-1803
12Mar1803William FISHERaged 68, died 09-Mar-1803
12Mar1803Flower MILLARDaged 52, died 09-Mar-1803
18Mar1803Timothy MILLARDaged 52, died 16-Mar-1803
02May1803Mary RANDELLaged 35, died 23-Apr-1803
28Jun1803Elisabeth BREWERaged 58, died 25-Jun-1803
15Jan1804Ann HASKELinfant, died 12-Jan-1804
17Mar1804[illegible] [illegible]aged ??, died 14-Mar-1804 [very faded entry]
06Apr1804Petter TUBaged 61, died 03-Apr-1804
10Jul1804Sarah WILLIAMSinfant, died 07-Jul-1804
21Oct1804Sarah ELOTaged 22, died 19-Oct-1804
20Nov1804Hanah HASKELaged 34, died 17-Nov-1804
23Sep1805Benjamin TRIMaged 10, died 20-Sep-1805
02Dec1805Ann HARVEYaged 74, died 29-Nov-1805
31Dec1805Sarah MILLARD (?)aged 21, died 28-Dec-1805 [very faded entry]
09Jan1806Flora MILLARDaged 3, died 07-Jan-1806
22Jan1806Chalotte HASKELaged 13, died 19-Jan-1806
29Mar1806John JACOBaged 52, died 19-Jan-1806
11Jun1806William WHITLOCKaged 47, died 08-Jun-1806
22Jun1806Joanna JOYaged 23, died 20-Jun-1806
02Dec1806John HISCOCKaged 74, died 29-Nov-1806
16Jun1807Sarah BREWERaged 9, died 14-Jun-1807
22Jun1807Mary BREWERaged 19, died 20-Jun-1807
25Jul1807Joseph RANDELLaged 46, died 18-Jul-1807
27Jul1807Anner BREWERaged 48, died 25-Jul-1807
02Nov1807Mary Ann WILLIAMSinfant, died 31-Oct-1807
18Nov1807Elisabeth TILLEYaged 71, died 15-Nov-1807
20Nov1807Mary JACOBaged 69, died 17-Nov-1807
04Dec1807Elisabeth WEARaged 39, died 29-Nov-1807
13Mar1808Elisabeth MONKaged 69, died 09-Mar-1808
20Mar1808James MELLERaged 9 months, died 14-Mar-1808
25Mar1808Sarah PRINCEaged 4, died 22-Mar-1808
26Apr1808Mary KEERLYaged 82, died 23-Apr-1808
23Jun1808Joseph BAILEYinfant, died 20-Jun-1808
07Aug1808Joseph MIDDLETONaged 25, died 04-Aug-1808
08Feb1809Elisabeth MAIDMENTaged 67, died 04-Feb-1809
18Apr1809Mary HISCOCKaged 69, died 15-Apr-1809
21Dec1809Thomas JACOBaged 76, died 18-Dec-1809
07Jan1810William LAMBARDaged 11, died 02-Jan-1810
15Apr1810Henry KEERLYaged 1, died 12-Apr-1810
15Jul1810William BREWERaged 48, died 12-Jul-1810
04Nov1811John HARVEYaged 84, died 02-Nov-1811
      [No burials found for 1812]

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