Gussage St Michael

BAPTISMS 1654 to 1812

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

15Feb1653/4Robert son ofRobert & DorithieSPARKEborne
30Jul1654Edward son ofMiles & ElizabethCRICHborne [also in the margin as CRICHE]
20Aug1654Susanna dau ofWilliam & AnHURSTborne
21Feb1654/5Edmund son ofEdmund & MaryMARTINborne
18Jul1655William son ofWilliam & SusannaYOUNGEborne
14Aug1655Jane dau ofWilliam & JoanePARSONSborne
05Oct1655William son ofWilliam & MeliorHURSTborne
23Jan1655/6Alice dau ofGeorge & MaryCOAKEborne
20Jan1655/6Mary dau ofJohn & MaryMARTIN alias CHAPERborne
10Jul1656Martha dau ofHenry & JoaneGUYborne
07Sep1656Margaret dau ofWarbroughCUSH (?)borne, reputed daughter of John TRASK
20Oct1656John son ofWilliam & AnnFRAMPTON 
10Feb1656/7Mary dau ofHenry & ChristianBREWERborne
03Apr1657Dorithie dau ofDavid & ElizabethFELTHOMEborne
10Apr1657Thomas son ofJames & JoaneSEBROUGHborne
10Aug1657John son ofIsraell & GraceGUEborne
07Feb1657/8William son ofEdmund & MaryMARTINborne
21Feb1657/8Liddia dau ofSamuell & ThomasonMIGHELLborne
27May1658Mary dau ofThomas & MargerieHARTEborne
12Jul1658Sarah dau ofWilliam & JoanePARSONSborne
10Oct1658John son ofJohn & MaryMARTIN alias CHAPborne
13Feb1658/9James son ofEdward & MarieLILLYborne [also as LILLIE] [entry out of sequence]
03Mar1658/9Mary dau ofThomas & MargerieHARTborne [entry out of sequence]
12Apr1659Sarah dau ofDavid & ElizabethFELTHOMborne
05Sep1659Henry son ofHenry & JoaneGUYborne
09Oct1659Ellner dau ofEllis & RachelYOUNGEborne
23Oct1659Ellnor dau ofJohn & MaryMARTINborne
27Nov1659Amy dau ofWilliam & AnFRAMPTONborne
15Jan1659/60Robert son ofJohn & AnSNOOKEborne
19Mar1659/60Thomas son ofThomas & EdithANSTEY 
04Apr1660Mary dau ofRichard & MaryPITTMAN 
23Apr1660Robert son ofRobert & HellenKINGMr; borne
20Oct1660Mary dau ofJames & RabnutSEBROUGHborne
29Mar1661An dau ofWilliam & MargeratHURSTborne
28Apr1661Mary dau ofThomas & JaneSTILLborne
- -Aug1661David son ofDavid & ElizabethFELTHAMborne
18Oct1661John son ofJohn & MaryMARTIN alias CHAPERborne
12Mar1661/2Thomas son ofWilliam & AnFRAMPTONborne
24May1662Jane dau ofThomas & AliceCUTTLERborne
04Aug1662Martha dau ofWilliam & JaneSHORT (?)borne
14Dec1662John son ofJames & RabnettSEBROUGHborne 06-Dec-1662
15Feb1662/3Robert son ofRobertHURST 
22Feb1662/3John son ofEliasYONGE 
26Feb1662/3John son ofThomasHART 
23Aug1663Anne dau ofHenry & JoaneGUY 
06Sep1663Joane dau ofEdmund & MaryLILLY 
27Mar1664Anne dau ofThomas & JaneSTILL 
28Mar1664Jonathan son ofFrancis & AnneCOLES 
12Mar1664/5Mary dau ofIsraelGUE 
10Apr1665Elizabeth dau ofRichard & EstherHUGHES 
27Jul1665David son ofWilliamFRAMPTON 
05Oct1665Josuah son ofThomasHART 
09Dec1665James son ofJames & RabnettSEBROUGHthe yonger
25Feb1665/6Stephen son ofStephenFISHER 
18Mar1665/6William son ofThomasSTILL 
02Jun1666John   HURST 
24Jul1666Anne   BARNES 
10Jun1666Ellis son ofWilliamYONGE 
09Sep1666Martha dau ofArthurCOKE 
02Nov1666Stephen son ofStephenTURNER 
16Apr1667Anne dau ofHenryROGERS 
21Apr1667Hannah dau ofIsraelGUE 
26Jun1667Elizabeth dau ofFrancis & AnneCOLES 
11Sep1667David son ofDavidFELTHAM 
26Nov1667Rabnett dau ofJames & RabnettSEBREW 
19Dec1667John son ofJohnGREY 
01Sep1668Charles son ofHenry & AnneROGERS[please note the entries for 1668 are in a very confused order]
01Dec1668Katherine   BARNESborne [no other details given]
29Dec1668John son ofDavid & FrancesFELTHAM[possibly a private christening, given the next entry appears to refer to the same child]
01Jan1668/9John son ofDavidFELTHAM[the name E. YONGE appears under this entry]
01Feb1668/9Anne dau ofWilliamBUNCHof Ringwoode [Hampshire]
07Feb1668/9John son ofStephenFISHER 
07Dec1669William son ofJohn & ElizabethGREYtwin, borne and christened
07Dec1669Robert son ofJohn & ElizabethGREYtwin, borne and christened
04Apr1670Charles son ofArthurCOKE 
05Apr1670Elias son ofStephenTURNER 
18Dec1670Jane   CROMMEE[no further details given]
16Jan1670/1Elizabeth dau ofThomas & ElizabethHART 
- -- - -1671[not given]   GREY[no further details given - appears between entries for Jan 1670/1 and Dec 1671]
16Jun1671Mary   COLES[no further details given - appears between an undated entry for 1671 and entry dated 30 Jul 1672]
08Dec1671Mary dau ofStephenFISHER 
09Dec1671Miles son ofJamesSEBREW 
- -- - -1671[not given]   BUNCH[no further details given - appears between out of sequence entries for Dec 1671 and Jun 1671]
12Jun1672Samuel   MARTIN[no further details given]
30Jul1672Mary dau ofDavid & FrancesFELTHAM 
16Mar1672/3Elizabeth dau ofIsrael & GraceGUE 
01Apr1673Elianor dau ofThomas & ElizabethHART 
01Apr1673Thomas son ofThomas & ElizabethHART 
24Apr1673Margaret dau ofHenry & AnneROGERS 
26Oct1673John son ofJohn & ElizabethGRAY 
05Mar1673/4Elizabeth dau ofThomas & DorothyBARNES 
11Nov1674John son ofJohn & ElnorHART 
13Nov1674Elizabeth dau ofDavid & FrancesFELTHAM 
15Nov1674Anne dau ofStephen & MaryFISHER 
14Jan1674/5Joseph son ofJames & RabnatSABARY[possibly a mutation of the name SEBROUGH]
11Jul1675William son ofJohn & ElizabethBRINTON 
15Jul1675Jane dau ofHenry & AnneROGERS 
28Nov1675Martha dau ofJohn & ElizabethGREY 
02Apr1676Mary dau ofNicholas & JoannePERRY 
02Apr1676Mary dau ofJohn & ElnorHART 
13Jun1676Henery son ofHenery & HannaBREWER 
11Feb1676/7William son ofJohn & MeliorLOADER 
15Feb1676/7[illegible] dau ofThomas & [illegible][illegible]borne [very faded entry]
23Feb1676/7William son ofElias & AnneYOUNGE 
05Jun1677Edward son ofDavid & FrancesFELTHAMborn 20-May-1677
12Aug1677Cornelius son ofJames & RabnettSEBREW 
19Aug1677Thomas son ofPhilip & EdithSCOVELL 
09Apr1678John son ofJohnBRINTON 
31May1678Joseph son ofRoger & ConstanceTHORNE 
12Jun1678Isaac son ofEdward & JoannaCRICHERector; born 08-Jun-1678
23Jun1678James son ofJames & JaneCRUMMY 
27Aug1678George son ofHenry & AnneROGERS 
29Sep1678Joanna dau ofJohn & ElizabethGREY 
12Nov1678John son ofHenry & HannahBREWER 
01Dec1678Anne dau ofJohn & EleanourHART 
15Jun1679John son ofThomas & AnneHART 
03Dec1679Margaret dau ofJohn & AliceCOX 
- -- - -- - - -[not given] - - - - -Roger & ConstanceTHORNE[date, name & gender not given]
01Feb1679/80William son ofHenry & HannahBREWER 
06May1680Anne dau ofEdward & JoannaCRICHERev.d; born 29-Apr-1680
10Mar1680/1Mary dau ofRoger & MaryZEGAR 
25Mar1681Arthur son ofJohn & MaryCOKEborn
16Mar1681William son ofJohn & EleanourHARTborn
03May1681Henry son ofHenry & HannahBREWERborn [entry inserted later; year may be wrong, given the birth of a child to this couple in Nov 1681]
20May1681Ralph son ofJohn & AliceCOXborn [possible clerical error - 1682 more logical]
01Nov1681Hannah dau ofHenry & HannahBREWERborn [possible clerical error - 1682 more logical - see entry for 03-May-1681]
01Jan1682/3Elizabeth dau ofEdward & JoannaCRICHEborn
18Oct1683Mary dau ofJohn & AliceCOXborn
02Feb1683/4Susanna dau ofJohn & MaryCOKEborn
10Jun1684Robert son ofHenry & HannahBREWERborn
18Jun1684William son ofWilliam & ElizabethYOUNGborn
09Sep1684James son ofSamuel & MarySINGLETONborn
12Oct1684Elias son ofElias & CatharineYOUNGborn
16Oct1684Henry son ofJoshua & HagarROGERSborn
08Apr1685Jane dau ofJohn & EleanourHARTborn
25Jul1685Ann dau ofSamuel & MarySINGLETONborn
25Jul1685Mary dau ofSamuel & MarySINGLETONborn
08Sep1685Henry or Harry son ofJohn & AliceCOXborn
08Oct1685Edward son ofEdward & JoannaCRICHEborn
02Feb1685/6John son ofDavid & MarySHANCKborn
05Feb1685/6John son ofJohn & MaryCOKEborn
16Apr1686Thomas son ofElias & CatharineYOUNGborn
22Jun1686Mary dau ofWilliam & ElizabethYOUNGborn
16Aug1686Sarah dau ofJohn & SarahMARTINborn
20Mar1686/7Mary dau ofJoshua & HagarROGERSborn
27Apr1687Miles son ofEdward & JoannaCRICHEborn
24May1687Ann dau ofHerny & SarahBREWERborn [entry out of sequence]
02Sep1687Walter son ofElias & CatharineYOUNGborn [entry out of sequence]
04Sep1687John son ofJohn & AliceCOXborn
14Sep1687John son ofJohn & EleanourHARTborn
01Jan1687/8Mary dau ofDavid & MarySHANCKborn
07Apr1688Priscilla dau ofRichard & [blank]HURLEborn
20Jun1688John son ofThomas & AnnHUNTborn
01Dec1688John son ofHenry & HannahBREWERborn
01Dec1688John son ofElias & CatharineYOUNGborn
25Mar1689Elizabeth dau ofDavid & MarySHANCKborn
04May1689Mary dau ofJohn & SarahMARTINborn
20May1689Mary dau ofHenry & HannahBREWERborn
26Jun1689Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & ElizabethYOUNGborn
03Aug1689John son ofJohn & AnnPOPEborn
09Sep1689Joshua son ofJoshua & HagarROGERSborn
12Feb1689/90David son ofThomas & AnnHUNTborn
07May1690Catharine dau ofEdward & JoannaCRICHEborn
07Aug1690John son ofElias & CatharineYOUNGborn
14Sep1690Eleanour dau ofJohn & EleanourHARTborn
17Sep1690Susanna dau ofRichard & [blank]HURLEborn
25Oct1690Thomas son ofHenry & HannahBREWERborn
01Nov1690Jane dau ofJohn & AliceCOXborn
15Jan1690/1Richard son ofRichard & MaryANSTYborn
10Jul1691Samuel son ofSamuel & MarySINGLETONborn
10Nov1691Mary dau ofHenry & ElizabethAPLENborn
12Oct1692Susanna dau ofWilliam & ElizabethYOUNGborn
20Oct1692John son ofJoshua & HagarROGERSborn
26Oct1692Ann dau ofDavid & MarySHANCKborn
03Nov1692Isaac son ofHenry & HannahBREWERborn
23Feb1710/11Martha dau ofRobin & ElizabethPHIPP 
12Apr1711William son ofWilliam & SarahBREWER 
05Aug1711Ann dau ofJohn & MarySEBREW 
12Aug1711Martha dau ofDaniel & MaryEDMUNDS 
03Nov1711Richard son ofJohn & ElizabethCOOKE 
16Nov1711Hannah dau ofRobert & CatharineBREWER 
14Dec1711Mary dau ofRichard & JanePRINCE 
01Jan1711/12James son ofJames & AnnSOPER[may be 1712/13]
11Jan1711/12Jo. son ofJohn & ElizabethCOLBERN[may be 1712/13]
25Jan1711/12Mary dau of[not given]BALLET[may be 1712/13]
08Mar1711/12William son ofAllen & AnnBESANT 
02Apr1712John   ADAMS[no further details given]
23Apr1712Ann   DILLY[no further details given]
27Apr1712Mary   RICHMOND[no further details given]
09Jun1712John   THAINE[no further details given]
21Jun1712Mary   BURSY[no further details given]
16Aug1712Betty   BESANT[no further details given]
20Mar1712/13John   FRIPP[no further details given]
21May1713Sarah   HICKMAN[no further details given]
18Jun1713Ann dau ofRichard & AnnPARRYborn 12-Jun-1713
25Jun1713Betty   COBERN[no further details given]
14Oct1713Betty   DAWKINS[no further details given]
23Oct1713Richard   ANSTEY[no further details given]
20Nov1713John   SOPER[no further details given]
20Nov1713George   SOPER[no further details given]
20Dec1713Daniel   EDMUNDS[no further details given]
01Feb1715/16Thomas   HICKMAN[no further details given]
20Mar1715/16Richard   FRIPP[no further details given]
01Apr1716Mary   ROGERS[no further details given]
- -May1716Stephen   SKEYNES (?)[no further details given]
05Aug1716Elias   COKE[no further details given]
29Sep1716John   HANSEN[no further details given]
30Sep1716John   NIPPERD[no further details given]
14Mar1716/17John   COLBERNE[no further details given - could also be 1717/18]
21Mar1716/17John   EDMONDS[no further details given - could also be 1717/18]
05Apr1717Thomas   ADAMS[no further details given]
27Jan1717/18Elizabeth   COAKE[no further details given]
29Jan1717/18Susannah   DILLY[no further details given]
09Mar1717/18Mary   ANSTYtwin [no further details given]
09Mar1717/18William   ANSTYtwin [no further details given]
03Jun1718Jane dau ofJoshua & BlanchROGERS 
26Aug1718Mary dau ofStephen & MaryTHANE 
12Sep1718Ruth dau ofSamuel & AnnBREWER 
15Mar1718/19William son ofWilliam & SarahBREWER 
27May1719Sarah dau ofDaniel & MaryEDMUNDS 
20Jun1719James son ofJohn & MaryHARRIS 
16Sep1719Edward son ofWilliam & HannahHANSONMr
30Sep1719Mary dau ofRichard & MaryANSTY 
01Apr1720Martin son ofStephen & MaryTHANEborn
08Jan1720/1John son ofJohn & EleanourCOURTNEYborn [could also be 1719/20]
14Apr1721Edward son ofEdward & RachelFELTHAMborn
16Feb1721/2Job    a base born child [no further details given]
20Feb1721/2Harry son ofHenry & SarahBREWERborn
24Feb1722/3Patience dau ofJoshua & BlanchROGERS 
12May1723William son ofGeorge & JoanADAMS 
08Jun1723Mary dau ofJohn & ElizabethCOBURN 
28Jun1723William son ofJohn & ElizabethCOKE 
09May1723William son ofDavid & ElizabethHUMPHREYSRector
31Aug1724Mary dau ofSamuel & AnnBREWER 
16Sep1724Elizabeth dau ofHenry junior & AnnaAPLIN 
09Oct1724Martha dau ofWilliam & ElizabethBREWER 
10Mar1724/5Mary dau ofThomas & ElizabethWATTS 
25Mar1725Mary dau ofWilliam & SarahBREWER 
27Apr1725Susannah dau ofRichard & IddeANSTEY 
22Jun1725William son ofWilliam & GraceYOUNG 
30Jul1725Richard son ofRichard & MaryWOODFORD 
30Dec1725Anna dau ofHenry junior & AnnaAPLIN 
06Feb1725/6Joshua son ofJoshua & EleanourCOURTNEY 
18Feb1725/6Mary dau ofJohn & ElizabethCOBOURN 
05Mar1725/6Sarah dau ofJohn & SarahANSTEY 
18Mar1725/6Thomas son ofThomas & MaryPORTER 
19May1726John son ofRichard & MaryANSTEY 
13Apr1727William son ofThomas & SarahHICKMAN 
16Jul1727Hannah dau ofWilliam & HestherGARRET 
25Mar1728Sarah dau ofWilliam & SarahBREWER 
14Nov1728Bettie dau ofHenry & AnnaAPLIN 
24Jan1728/9Mary dau ofThomas & JaneCOMBStwin
24Jan1728/9John son ofThomas & JaneCOMBStwin
07May1729Isaac son ofWilliam & ElizabethBREWER 
22Jun1729Joshua son ofJoshua & EleanourCOURTNEY 
16Jul1729Ethel dau ofJohn & EthelredDOWDEN 
04Sep1729William son ofJames & FrancesBOTTELEY 
03Dec1729Ann dau ofSamuel & AnnBREWER 
08Feb1729/30Mary dau ofWilliam & HestherGARRET 
28Jan1730/1Anna dau ofHenry & AnnaAPLIN 
26Apr1731Sarah dau ofWilliam & SarahBREWER 
24Jun1731Ann dau ofWilliam & HestherGARRET 
08Jul1731Roger son ofJohn & MaryWHEELER 
13Aug1731Joseph son ofGeorge & GraceADAMS 
20Aug1731Elizabeth dau ofGeorge & GraceGODDARD 
30Oct1731Robert son ofWilliam & ElizabethBREWER 
14Nov1731George son ofJoshua & EleanourCOURTNEY 
27Jan1732/3Thomas son ofThomas & AnnCOMBS 
12Jun1733Elias son ofSamuel & MaryBREWER 
22Jun1733William son ofJohn & ElizabethTRIM 
10Jul1733Hannah dau ofWilliam & HannahGREY 
05Oct1733Thomas son ofJohn & MarthaRICHMOND 
08Apr1734Harry son ofJohn & JoannaBAKER 
15May1734George son ofGeorge & GraceADDAMS 
26Dec1734Benjamin son ofJohn & ElizabethTRIM 
23Feb1734/5William son ofGeorge & GraceGODDARD 
09Mar1734/5Samuel son ofAaron & JoannaKENT 
13Apr1735Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & HestherGARRET 
29Apr1735William son ofWilliam & HannahGREY 
02Jul1735John son ofDavid & ElizabethSHANK 
24Sep1735Harry son ofSamuell & MaryBREWER 
21Oct1735Hannah dau ofJames & FrancesBOTTELEY 
23Oct1735Joshua son ofThomas & SusannahHARDIMAN 
24Oct1735Thomas son ofThomas & MaryPARKER 
04Dec1735John son ofWilliam & ElizabethMASSON 
17Jan1735/6Edward son ofJohn & MaryRICHMOND 
19Jul1736Joseph son ofGeorge & GraceADAMS 
10Oct1736John son ofJohn & JoanBALLOT 
27Feb1736/7Sarah dau ofElias & SarahDILLY 
24Apr1737Thomas son ofAaron & JoannaKENT 
26May1737George son ofDavid & ElizabethSHANK 
08Jun1737William son ofSamuel & MaryBREWER 
23Oct1737Lot son ofThomas & [erased]COMBS 
30Oct1737Jane dau ofJoseph & JaneSMART 
01Nov1737Cornelius son ofWilliam & HestherGARRET 
30Jan1737/8Edward son ofEdward & ElizabethBEAMOTH (?)[surname very faded]
12Mar1737/8Mary dau ofGeorge & GraceADAMS 
04Apr1738William son ofThomas & SusannaHARDIMAN 
05Oct1738John son ofJohn & GraceBREWER 
26Nov1738Mary dau ofJohn & JoanBALLOT 
30Jan1738/9Isaac son ofIsaac & SarahSCOVELL 
16May1739Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & ElizabethMUSTON 
26Jul1739Katharine dau ofSamuel & MaryBREWER 
09Sep1739Thomas son ofAaron & JoannaKENT 
08Nov1739Susannah dau ofElias & SusannahDILLY 
28Mar1740Martha dau ofGeorge & GraceADDAMS 
02Jun1740James son ofThomas & SusannahHARDIMAN 
11Aug1740Thomas son ofJohn & MarthaRICHMOND 
11Jan1740/1Amy Reeves dau ofPatienceROGERS 
23Jan1740/1Joseph son ofJoseph & ElizabethCOLLINS 
25Jan1740/1Bettie dau ofThomas & MaryLAMBERT 
15Feb1740/1Diana dau ofJohn & GraceBREWER 
25Feb1740/1John son ofAbraham & AnnHAYTER 
15Mar1740/1Martha Penny dau ofMarthaRICHMOND 
20Mar1740/1Sarah dau ofIsaac & SarahSCOVEL 
30Mar1741Mary dau ofThomas & ElizabethANSTY 
12Apr1741William son ofJohn & JoanBALLOT 
28May1741Elizabeth dau ofDavid & ElizabethSHANK 
07Nov1741Thomas son ofThomas & AnnMOREY 
24Nov1741Mary dau ofStephen & MaryTHAINE 
07Jan1741/2Elias son ofElias & SusannahDILLIE 
05Dec1742Henry son ofThomas & MaryLAMBERT 
21Feb1742/3John son ofStephen & MaryTHAINE 
07Apr1743Mary dau ofDavid & ElizabethSHANK 
27Apr1743John son ofThomas & AnnMOREY 
13Sep1743Charles son ofThomas & ElizabethJACOBtwin
13Sep1743Anthony son ofThomas & ElizabethJACOBtwin
14Oct1743Grace dau ofGeorge & GraceADDAMES 
24Jan1743/3Mary dau ofWilliam & ElizabethMUSTON 
26Mar1744Mary dau ofThomas & ElizabethDODGE 
29Apr1744Thomas son ofThomas & ElizabethANSTY 
12Aug1744William son ofSusannnahDILLIE 
30Sep1744Mary dau ofJohn & JoanBALLET 
04Nov1744Sarah dau ofOsment & SarahHACHER 
11Nov1744Mary dau ofIsaac & SarahSCOVELL 
07Apr1745Chrestover son ofThomas & AnnMOREY 
16Apr1745Elizabeth dau ofElias & SusannahDILLIE 
17Jul1745Harry son ofHarry & SarahAPLEN 
08Dec1745Stephen son ofStephen & MaryTHAIN 
16Dec1745Elizabeth dau ofGeorge & GraceADAMES 
19Jan1745/6Joseph son ofThomas & ElizabethDOGE 
25Jun1746Sarah dau ofHarry & SarahAPLEN 
16Nov1746Ann dau ofJohn & JoanBALLET 
21Dec1746Martha dau ofRaleph & MaryCEARLY 
02Feb1746/7Joseph son ofMatthew & AnneMEECH 
01Mar1746/7Bettie dau ofThomas & ElizabethANSTY 
26Apr1747Martha dau ofJohn & ElizabethFRAMTON 
24May1747Ann dau ofHenry & MaryWITHERINGTON 
02Aug1747John son ofJohn & SarrahCOBBERN 
06Sep1747John son ofThomas & MaryWHITLOCK 
16Jan1747/8Elizabeth dau ofAaron & JoannaKENT 
17Jan1747/8Joseph son ofIsaac & SarrahSCOVELL 
20Mar1747/8Sarah dau ofJohn & JoanBALLET 
24Apr1748Ann dau ofSusannahDILLI 
24Jul1748John son ofThomas & ElizabethDOGE 
02Aug1748Mary dau ofWilliam & ElizabethMUSTON 
13Nov1748Elizabeth dau ofOsmen & SarrahHATCHER 
02Apr1749Benjamen son ofBenjamen & SarrahBILLS 
02Apr1749Ambross son ofGeorge & GraceADDAMES 
25May1749Beth dau ofRaleph & MaryCARLY 
20Aug1749Mary dau ofMaryADDAMES 
01Oct1749Sarrah dau ofRobert & FortonFOOT 
01Oct1749John son ofJohn & AliceANSTY 
03Dec1749Richard son ofStephen & MargetHASKEL 
05Dec1749Henry son ofJohn & JoanBALLET 
10Dec1749Sarrah dau ofJohn & SarrahCOBBORN 
28Jan1749/50Sarrah dau ofWilliam & MaryHICKMAN[faded - surname from BTs]
01Apr1750John son ofThomas & ElizabethANSTY 
02Sep1750John son ofBenjamen & SarrahBILLS 
10Feb1750/1John son ofThomas & ElizabethDOGE 
05Jun1751William son ofRobert & FortuneFOOT 
11Jun1751John son ofJohn & ElizabethFRAMPTON 
30Jul1751Sarah dau ofJohn & AliceANSTY 
26Jan1752Martha dau ofBenjamin & SarahBILLES 
29Mar1752William son ofRalph & MaryKERLY 
24May1752Elizabeth dau ofJohn & JoanBALLET 
14Jun1752William son ofIsaac & MaryBREWER 
22Jun1752John son ofJohn & MaryHIGGINS 
19Jul1752William son ofJohn & AliceANSTY 
26Oct1752Mary dau ofJohn & SarahCOBERN 
10Jun1753Robert son ofRobert & FortuneFOOT 
26Aug1753Hannah son ofGeorge & MaryOSBELSTOON 
24Mar1754Isaac son ofIsaac & MaryBREWER 
31Mar1754Mary dau ofRalph & MaryCEARLY 
27Jul1755Samuel son ofRobert & FortuneFOOT 
18Aug1755James son ofGeorge & MaryOSBELSTOON 
02Nov1755James son ofThomas & ElenerDODGE 
18Nov1755Joseph son ofJohn & MaryHISCOCK 
18Jan1756John son ofIsaac & MaryBREWER 
07Mar1756Larance son ofJohn & AnnMONK 
02May1756Ann dau ofRalph & MaryCARLY[KERLY crossed out]
11Jun1756Charles son ofThomas & ElizabethJACOB 
11Jul1756William son ofBenjamam junior & MareyBILLES 
25Jul1756Marey dau ofReuben & DoroteyBOANDEY 
29Dec1756Bettey dau ofWilliam & MareyHICKMAN 
31Dec1756Sarrah dau ofJohn & MareyMARSKELL 
19Jan1757Jeremia son ofWilliam & MareyBREWER 
20Mar1757Sarrah dau ofJohn & AlesANSTY 
09Apr1757Bete dau ofRobert & JaneBREWER 
17Jul1757Joseph son ofJohn & JoaneBALLET 
11Sep1757Joseph son ofGeorge & MaryOSBELSTOON 
01Jan1758Thomas son ofBettyMORGAN 
15Jan1758Sarrah dau ofIsaac & MaryBREWER 
12Feb1758William son ofJohn & ElizabethFRAMTON 
19Feb1758Ann dau ofJohn & AnnMONK 
26Feb1758William son ofRicheard & MareyEASON 
15May1758John son ofJohn & AnnHARVEY 
12Nov1758Mary Ansty dau ofMaryEASTON 
25Nov1758Marey dau ofWilliam & MareyHICKMAN 
11Mar1759Edward Lane son ofMaryWHEELER 
15Apr1759John son ofGeorge & MaryOSBOLDSTONE 
15Apr1759James son ofRalph & MaryCARLY 
24Jun1759Thomas son ofWilliam & BettyBREWER 
17Feb1760Elizabeth dau ofReuben & DorothyBUNDY 
24Feb1760William son ofThomas & MaryWHITLOCK 
14Mar1760John son ofOsmond & ElizabethHATCHER 
23Jul1760William Young son ofAliceMAIDMAN 
14Dec1760John son ofGeorge & MaryOSBOLDSTONE 
15Dec1760Becky dau ofWilliam & BettySYMES 
25Jan1761William son ofWilliam & BettyBREWER 
07Jun1761John son ofHenry & MaryFRAMPTON 
06Jul1761Jenny dau ofWilliam & SarahBREWER 
30Aug1761John son ofRobert & MarthaBREWER 
18Oct1761William son ofJohn & ElizabethMONK 
20Dec1761William son ofReuben & DorothyBUNDY 
19Feb1762Betty dau ofIsaac & MaryBREWER 
31May1762James son ofJohn & AliceANSTEY 
04Jul1762Sarah dau ofJohn & SarahFRAMPTON 
16Sep1762John son ofThomas & MaryWHITLOCK 
15Oct1762George son ofJoseph & EleanorSTEPHENS 
23Feb1763John son ofRalph & MaryKEARLY 
13Feb1763James Mantle son ofMaryWHEELER 
20Mar1763Betty dau ofWilliam & BettyBREWER 
05Apr1763Sarah dau ofWilliam & SarahBREWER 
04Sep1763James son ofJohn & AliceANSTEY 
25Dec1763James son ofJohn & ElizabethMONK 
29Jan1764Jasper son ofAliceMAIDMAN 
12Feb1764William son ofJohn & AnnHARVEY 
04Mar1764Lois dau ofJohn & SarahFRAMPTON 
13Jun1764Sarah dau ofThomas & MaryWHITLOCK 
08Jul1764James son ofJames & SarahMILLARD 
29Jul1764James son ofGeorge & MaryOSBOLDSTONE 
02Sep1764Abraham son ofReuben & DorothyBUNDY 
14Oct1764George son ofJoseph & SarahLAWS 
25Dec1764Jenny dau ofThomas & MarySTREET 
24Feb1765Edward son ofJohn & AliceANSTEY 
24Feb1765Elias son ofBettyMORGAN 
11Apr1765Mary dau ofWilliam & SarahBREWER 
02Jun1765John son ofJames & BettyWHITLOCK 
29Sep1765Elizabeth dau ofJohn & ElizabethMONK 
25Dec1765Hannah dau ofJohn & MaryHAYES 
02Mar1766Robert son ofJohn & AliceOATES 
16Oct1766John son ofJohn & MaryHISCOCK 
21Dec1766Sarah dau ofJames & SarahMILLARD 
29Mar1767Thomas son ofRalph & MaryKEARLY 
29Mar1767Betty dau ofThomas & ElizabethKENT 
08Apr1767Kitty dau ofWilliam & SarahBREWER 
05May1767Thomas son ofWilliam & BettyBREWER 
30Jan1768William son ofMaryEASTON 
14Feb1768Thomas son ofWilliam & MaryJOY 
25Sep1768John son ofJohn & AnneBUSH 
27Nov1768Joanna dau ofThomas & ElizabethKENT 
29Nov1768Elizabeth dau ofJohn & AnnHARVEY 
07Jan1769John son ofAliceMAIDMAN 
02Apr1769Joseph son ofJames & SarahMILLARD 
19Apr1769William son ofWilliam & SarahBREWER 
24Dec1769Virtue dau ofOsmond & ElizabethHATCHER 
28Jan1770Mary dau ofJohn & AnneBUSH 
01Feb1770Joseph son ofJoseph & SarahADAMS 
11Feb1770Sarah dau ofJohn & ElizabethMONK 
10Aug1770John son ofJames & SarahMILLARD 
18Nov1770Elizabeth dau ofBettyMORGAN 
03Feb1771Hannah dau ofJohn & AliceOATES 
02Apr1771Thomas son ofWilliam & ElizabethBRIANT 
30Jun1771Joseph son ofWilliam & MaryJOY 
08Jul1771Anne dau ofWilliam & SarahBREWER 
09Sep1771Joseph son ofJames & SarahMILLARD 
07Feb1772Martha dau ofJohn & AnneBUSH 
26Jul1772John son ofJohn & ElizabethMONK 
06Dec1772John son ofRichard & JohannaADAMS 
06Apr1773Sarah son ofGeorge & MarthaCOSSER 
15Aug1773Richard son ofRobert & ElizabethWITHERINGTON 
18Oct1773Diana dau ofWilliam & SarahBREWER 
09Jan1774James son ofJohn & AnneBUSH 
26Mar1774Jenny dau ofGeorge & MaryNOBLE 
05Apr1774Sally dau ofStephen & MaryMAIDMENT 
11Sep1774John son ofWilliam & MaryJOY 
13Nov1774Mary dau ofJames & SarahMILLARD 
28May1775Sarah dau ofRichard & JohannaADAMS 
02Jul1775Thomas son ofJohn & MaryHISCOCK 
26Dec1775Sarah dau ofRichard & LucyINGRAM[entry crossed out]
25Feb1776Joseph son ofJohn & AnneBUSH 
10Mar1776Hannah dau ofMarthaBREWERwidow
25Aug1776Nancy dau ofWilliam & ElizabethINGRAM 
08Sep1776Anne dau ofHenry & LucyBEACH 
10Sep1776Samuel son ofWilliam & SarahBREWER 
16Oct1776Sarah dau ofJohn & ElizabethMONK 
22Dec1776Charlotte dau ofRichard & JohannaADAMS 
01Apr1777John son ofJohn & MaryFRAMPTON 
06Apr1777Betty dau ofWilliam & MaryJOY 
08Jun1777Henry son ofJames & SarahMILLARD 
13Jul1777James son ofMaryKEARLY 
07Sep1777Sarah dau ofJohn & MaryMIDDLETON 
21Sep1777Mary dau ofElias & MilissentBOILING 
02Nov1777Anne dau ofJohn & AnnaSTEINER 
08Feb1778Samuel son ofWilliam & ElizabethINGRAM 
05Apr1778Betty dau ofHarry & JeanOSBOLDSTONE 
28May1778Robert son ofThomas & MaryMAIDMENT 
20Oct1778Sarah dau ofJohn & AnnBUSH 
15Nov1778Elizabeth dau ofJohn & MaryFRAMPTON 
03Jan1779James son ofCassiaJACOB 
28Mar1779Lucy dau ofHenry & LucyBEACH 
02May1779Mary dau ofHenry & AnnJOY 
16May1779James son ofWilliam & MaryJOY 
22Aug1779John son ofJohn & AnnaSTAINER 
17Oct1779Barbara dau ofWilliam & MaryCLARK 
31Oct1779Hannah dau ofHenry & RachaelWHITE 
14Nov1779William son ofJohn & MaryHISCOCK 
03Jan1780Thomas son ofJohn & MaryMIDDLETON 
20Feb1780Rhoda dau ofRichard & JoannaADAMS 
19Mar1780John son ofGeorge & MaryBALLAT 
09Jul1780Sarah dau ofJohn & MaryFRAMPTON 
30Jul1780Elizabeth dau ofThomas & MaryMAIDMENT 
20Aug1780John son ofElias & MelicentBOYLINGprivately christened 29-Jul-1780
14Jan1781Robert son ofJohn & MaryBUSH 
01Jul1781Richard son ofEdmund & AnnAXFORD 
16Sep1781Amos son ofJohn & MaryMIDDLETONprivately christened 09-Sep-1781
30Dec1781Rachael dau ofHenry & RachaelWHITE 
13Jan1782Anna dau ofJohn & AnnaSTAINER 
27Jan1782George son ofGeorge & MaryBALLAT 
17Mar1782James son ofThomas & MaryMAIDMENT 
01Sep1782Thomas son ofJohn & MaryFRAMPTON 
29Sep1782Elias son ofElias & MelicentBOYLING 
24Nov1782Joseph son ofJohn & MaryMIDDLETON 
15Dec1782Edith dau ofWilliam & MaryJAY 
29Dec1782Jenny dau ofJohn & ElizabethMONK 
18Jan1783Sarah dau ofGeorge & MaryNOBLE 
09Mar1783Sarah dau ofElizabethBUTLER 
19Apr1783Joanah dau ofHarry & NancyJAY 
15Jun1783William son ofWilliam & ElizabethINGRAM 
02Nov1783Samuel son ofSamuel & LucyINGRAM 
17Dec1783Robert son ofJohn & M.STAYNERborn 28-Nov-1783
29Aug1784Thomas son ofElias & MillicentBOYLINGborn 10-Aug-1784
03Apr1785John son ofThomas & MaryMAIDMENTborn 16-Sep-1783
15May1785Isaac son ofAbrahamBUNDAYborn 08-May-1785
17Jul1785George son ofGeorge & MaryNOBLEborn 02-Jul-1785
18Jul1785Joseph Threthell son ofJoseph & MaryRANDELLborn 15-Jun-1785
06Nov1785Elias son ofWilliam & MaryLAMBERTborn 19-Feb-1783
06Nov1785Jane dau ofWilliam & MaryLAMBERTborn 06-Nov-1785
11Dec1785James son ofGeorge & MaryBALLETborn 05-Dec-1785
18Apr1786Thomas son of[not given]BAILYborn 02-Apr-1786
23Apr1786Eliza dau ofJohn & MaryMIDDLETONborn 03-Apr-1786
30Jul1786Edward son ofTimothy & FlowerMILLARDborn 07-Mar-1786
25Dec1786Joseph son ofWilliam & MaryLAMBERDborn 12-Dec-1786
08Jan1787Mary Howell dau ofJoseph & MaryRANDELLborn 30-Oct-1786
26Mar1787Ann dau ofThomas & LuceHEADborn 09-Mar-1787
20May1787William son ofWilliam & ElizabethINGRAM 
25Nov1787Ann dau ofMaryOATSborn 12-Nov-1787
30Dec1787Joseph son ofJames & MaryDOWLENborn 29-Nov-1787
30Mar1788Ambrose son ofJohn & MarthaADAMSborn 30-Jan-1788
29Jun1788John son ofGeorge & MaryNOBLEborn 23-Mar-1788
30Jul1788John son ofJames & BettyFRAMPTONborn 25-Jul-1788
17Aug1788Hannah son ofGeorge & MaryBALLETborn 10-Aug-1788
14Sep1788Nancy dau ofJames & MaryMIDDLETONborn 11-Sep-1788
11Jan1789Ann dau ofJames & MaryDOWLENborn 08-Dec-1788
23Apr1789Jane dau ofWilliam & MaryLAMBERTborn 07-Apr-1789
02Aug1789Thomas Batson son ofJohn & MaryDAREborn 26-Jul-1789
09Aug1789Henry son ofThomas & LucyHEADborn 03-Aug-1789
13Sep1789William son ofJohn & HannahSTAYNERborn 22-Nov-1788
24Sep1789Harriet dau ofJoseph & MaryRANDLEborn 10-Dec-1787
24Sep1789Richard Howell son ofJoseph & MaryRANDELLborn 24-Apr-1789
25Oct1789John son ofJohn & MaryWHITEborn 13-Oct-1789
25Oct1789Isaac son ofJohn & MaryWHITEborn 13-Oct-1789
08Nov1789John son ofWilliam & MaryWHITELOCKborn 09-Oct-1789
02May1790Mary dau ofBettyMONCKborn 29-Mar-1790
03Oct1790Sarah dau ofHenry & AnnJAYborn 18-Aug-1790
31Oct1790James son ofJames & MaryDOWLINGborn 19-Aug-1790
21Nov1790William son ofGeorge & MaryNOBLEborn 27-Aug-1790
27Mar1791William Thomas son ofWilliam & MaryWHITLOCKborn 25-Mar-1791
03Apr1791Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & MaryHASKELborn 15-Mar-1791
01May1791William son ofJohn & MaryMIDDLETONborn 25-Apr-1791
12May1791Charlotte dau ofJ. & MaryBALLETborn 08-May-1791
09Oct1791James son ofJohn & MaryWHITEborn 05-Oct-1791
20Nov1791John son ofWilliam & MaryLAMBERDborn 16-Nov-1791
05Feb1792John son ofJohn & MaryDAREborn 07-Jan-1792
08Jul1792Elizabeth dau ofJohn & MaryFRAMPTONborn 08-Jun-1792
04Nov1792Sarah dau ofBettyBUTLERborn 30-Oct-1792
24Feb1793Joseph son ofWilliam & MaryJAYborn 19-Feb-1793
15Sep1793Mary dau ofWilliam & MaryWHITELOCKborn 01-Sep-1793
20Nov1793John son ofJames & MarthaDOWLENborn 18-Nov-1793
- -Oct1793Lettice Trenthell dau of[not given]RANDELLborn - - Sep-1792 [daughter of Joseph & Mary RANDELL]
08Dec1793Ann dau ofJohn & BettyWEARborn 18-Nov-1793
30Mar1794John son ofJohn & MaryMIDDLETONborn 23-Mar-1794
27Jul1794Ann dau ofWilliam & MaryLAMBERDborn 19-Jul-1794
01Mar1795Ann dau ofJohn & MaryDAREborn 22-Jan-1795
17Apr1795Lucy dau ofWilliam & MaryPRINCEborn 12-Nov-1794
09Aug1795James son ofWilliam & MaryWHITELOCKborn 07-Aug-1795
21Feb1796John son ofGeorge & MaryBALLETborn 04-Feb-1796
14Mar1796John son ofWilliam & MaryLAMBERDborn 07-Mar-1796
23Oct1796William son ofJohn & SarahBREWERborn 13-Oct-1796
05Mar1797Sarah dau ofWilliam & MaryPRINCEborn 25-Feb-1797
26Mar1797Ann dau ofJohn & MarthaFRAMTENborn 27-Oct-1796
29Oct1797Hester dau ofJohn & MaryDAREborn 29-Sep-1797
04Mar1798William son ofWilliam & MaryWHITLOCKborn 12-Feb-1798
01Jul1798Dianna dau ofAnnSTAINERborn 08-Jun-1798
12Aug1798William son ofWilliam & MaryLAMBERDborn 20-May-1798
14Oct1798Mary dau ofWilliam & MaryJAYborn 22-Jul-1798
11Nov1798John son ofJohn & MaryWESTborn 13-Aug-1798
25Dec1798James son ofWilliam & AnnBUSHborn 27-Oct-1798
12May1799Charles son ofJohn & MarthaFRAMTONborn 02-Dec-1798
22Sep1799Dinah dau ofJohn & DinahHISCOCKborn 13-Sep-1799
13Oct1799William son ofJohn & BetteyWEARborn 27-Aug-1799
15Dec1799Henry son ofHenery & MaryCLARKborn 01-Dec-1799
26Jan1800John son ofMichael & ArendellWILLIAMSborn 17-Jan-1800
02Feb1800William son ofWilliam & AnnBUSHborn 17-Jan-1800
27Apr1800James son ofJames & ElisabethDOWLENborn 14-Apr-1800
13Jul1800Harriet dau ofHenry & MaryMILLARDborn 27-May-1800
05Oct1800Charles son ofJohn & MaryDAREborn 06-Sep-1800
09Nov1800Joseph son ofWilliam & MaryPRINCEborn ’07-Nov-1800
16Nov1800Thomas son ofWilliam & MaryWHITLOCKborn 27-Sep-1800
02Aug1801Mary dau ofMichael & ArendellWILLIAMSborn 19-Jul-1801
04Oct1801Elisabeth dau ofJohn & DinahHISCOCKborn 14-Sep-1801
18Oct1801Joseph son ofWilliam & AnnBUSHborn 29-Jul-1801
02Nov1801Elizabeth dau of[not given]RANDELLborn 24-Jan-1794; witnessed by Joseph RANDELL [father] & William LAMBERD, Clerk
17Jan1802Sarah dau ofHenry & MaryMILLARDborn 13-Nov-1801
01Aug1802William son ofJames & ElisabethDOWLANborn 12-Apr-1802
10Oct1802Elisabeth dau ofMickel & ArendellWILLIAMSborn 12-Aug-1802
28Nov1802Sarh dau ofFannySCAMELborn 20-Nov-1802
28Nov1802Christian dau ofJohn & RossFELTHAMborn 21-Nov-1802
15Mar1803Elisabeth dau ofGeorge & GraceHAYESborn 25-Feb-1803
10Apr1803Lucy dau ofWilliam & MaryWHITLOCKborn 30-Mar-1803
12Jun1803Joseph son ofWilliam & AnnHISCOCKborn 30-Mar-1803
12Jun1803Flora dau ofJames & GraceMELLERborn 27-Sep-1802
01Aug1803Levi son ofHenry & MaryMILLARDborn 24-Jul-1803
28Aug1803Mary Ann dau ofHanahTRICKELborn 31-Jul-1803
04Sep1803Sarah dau ofWilliam & MaryPRINCEborn 20-Aug-1803
30Oct1803Joseph son ofBettyBLEEKborn 10-Oct-1803
11Mar1804John son ofJames & ElizabethDOWLENborn 02-Feb-1804
25Mar1804Mary dau ofJohn & DinahHISCOCKborn [illegible]1803
26Aug1804Richard son ofStephen & HanahHISCOCKborn 14-Aug-1804
04Nov1804Elisabeth dau ofCharles & JeanFELTEMborn 28-Oct-1804
06Jan1805John son ofFaneySCAMELborn 21-Dec-1804
20Jan1805Moses son ofJames & JeanSMALLborn 10-Jan-1805
20Jan1805Mary dau ofGeorge & GraceHAYESborn 12-Nov-1804
15Sep1805Haryet dau ofEdward & SarahMELLERborn 06-Jul-1805
08Dec1805Elesher dau ofJohn & FanyWORTENborn ??-Jul-1803
08Dec1805Meshack son ofJohn & FanyWORTENborn 04-Dec-1805
02Dec1805Joseph son ofHenry & MaryMILLARDborn 09-Oct-1805
09Feb1806Elesher dau ofJames & GraceMELLERborn 03-???-1806 [very faded entry]
30Mar1806Suffier dau ofWilliam & AnnHISCOCKborn 24-???-???? [very faded entry]
27Apr1806Jeremiah son ofWilliam & MaryWHITLOCKborn 31-Mar-1806
15Jun1806William son ofWilliam & MaryPRINCEborn 07-Mar-1806
04Jan1807George son ofGeorge & GraceHAYESborn 14-Dec-1806
25Jan1807Catterinn dau ofSarahNOBELborn 14-Sep-1806
12Jul1807James son ofJames & GraceMELLERborn 22-May-1807
16Aug1807Mary dau ofRoberd & SarahBUSHborn 30-Jul-1807
11Oct1807Thomas son ofJames & ElisabethDOWLENborn 02-Jun-1807
25Oct1807Mary Ann dau ofMichel & ArendellWILLIAMSborn 18-Oct-1807
27Dec1807Sarah dau ofJohn & DinahHISCOCKborn 15-Sep-1807
03Apr1808John son ofHenry & RachaelMILLARDborn 17-Feb-1808
27Dec1808Mary Ann dau ofJames & GraceMILLERborn 08-Nov-1808
09Apr1809Mary dau ofJames & SabaraBALLETTborn 10-Mar-1809
30Apr1809James son ofSamuel & AnnWHELLERborn 30-Mar-1809
02Jul1809Elisabeth dau ofWilliam & AnnHISCOCKborn 28-May-1809
20Aug1809James son ofWilliam & MaryPRINCEborn 13-Nov-1808
24Jun1810Martin son ofHenry & MaryMELLARDborn 01-Apr-1810
24Jun1810Hanah dau ofJohn & DinahHISCOCKborn 10-Feb-1810
08Jul1810Charlotte dau ofRobert & SarahBUSHborn 12-May-1810
12Aug1810William son ofGeorge & GraceHAYESborn 22-Jul-1810
11Nov1810Elsabeth dau ofThomas & FransesMAIDMENTborn 25-Aug-1810
10Mar1811Elisabeth dau ofJames & ElisabethBALLETborn 29-Nov-1810
11Aug1811William son ofThomas & JaenCARLEYborn 19-Jul-1811
16Feb1812Samuel son ofJames & GraceMELLERborn 28-Dec-1811
15Mar1812Ann Mary dau ofHenry & MaryMELARDborn 07-Jan-1812

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