MARRIAGES  1654 to 1812.

This is a transcription of Dorset Parish Registers - Marriages, Volume VI, edited by W P W Phillimore and Edmund Nevill and published in 1912.

Volume 1.  Contains ,2 pages and measures in length 12 in. and in breadth 8 in. It contains Baptisms, Marriages and Burials for the period  1654  to 1718.

Volume 2.  Contains 42 pages of which  17 begin at the reverse end of the book and measures in length  10 in., and in breadth 7 in. It contains Baptisms and Burials from  1716  to  1796  and Marriages to 1754.

Volume 3. Contains Banns and Marriages only, 1754 - 1811. It is the usual books  of printed forms and contains 20 pages, of which 3 are blank. It measures in length  15 in. and in breadth  10 in.

These extracts have been made by Mrs. Cockcraft, of Chickerell, late Miss Gundry, by leave, of the Rev. W. R. Pope.


Volume 1.  

Christopher PRYOR labourer son of Mary Pryor Widow & Alice TANKINS daughter of Robert Tankins of Stockwood labourer married 30-Jun 1654

Robert WHITE labourer son of William White of Frampton Husbandman & Edith KEILLOWAY daughter of Thomas Keilloway married 17-Jul 1654

John HOW son of Amy How Widow & Willmott MARTIN daughter of William Martin of Bettscome labourer married 26-Dec 1654

Andrew DAMMIN & Katherine WHITE of Frampton married 16-May 1656

Thomas YEAT THE YONGER son of Thomas Yeat yeoman & Mary DAMMER daughter of John Dammer yeoman married 22-Jun 1657

A contract of marriage published between:

John Barnes the yonger son of John Barnes taylor & Mary Comeden daughter of William Comeden of Eastern Compton labourer 14 Jun 1657, 21 Jun 1657, & 28 Jun 1657

William COX son of William Cox of Possum husbandman & Frances HOW daughter of Amy How Widow married 28-Oct 1658

Thomas COLLINS of Morden & Elizabeth FISHER of Stratton married 27-May 1661

William HOW & Joane BARNFIELD married 02-Feb 1663

John WILLIS son of Zackery Willis of Barn[...] & Esther Gillingham MEEAR married 14-Apr 1664

John ATKINS & Elizabeth TAYLOR of Cerne Abbas married 18-Apr 1664

John PATI of Cerne Abbas & Agnes HOW married 06-Feb 1664

Richard WAKEFORD & Mary HOW married 11-Nov 1669

Thomas KELLY & Joane PRIOR married 20-Jan 1669

George HOWE & Sarah BOLTER married 01-May 1670

John DAVIS & Joane SYNERS [?] married 02-Dec 1672

William JURDAN & Barbara BADMAN married 06-Dec 1673

Georg DAMPIER of Coker & Mary BARTLETT of Cerne Abbas married 10-Nov 1674

Richard BANGER of Maiden Newton & Katharine HOW married 23-Jan 1674

Thomas BARTLETT of Up-Cern & Mary COWARD of Little Minterne married 17-Apr 1675

John FRAMTON & Dorothy GOULD of Buckland Newton married 02-Sep 1675

John DOMINE & Agnes NOSTITER married 09-Oct 1675

James HARDING & Gartheny NUTT of Cern Abbas married 22-Nov 1675

Henry SMITHEM of Pulham & Elizabeth MIDDLETON of Cern Abbas married 27-Mar 1676

John SANSOME of Watercome & Ann COLE of Milton Abbas married 27-Mar 1676

Daniell EVERED & Bridgett WAKEFORD married 04-Apr 1676

Enoch FORTESCUE & Frances FACY alias SCOTTER married 29-Apr 1676

John CHAINY of Yeovell & Alice STICKLAND of Cerne Abbas married 17-Jul 1676

Gilbert WHITE of Framton & Ann HARBIN of Chesleburn married 18-Jul 1676

Thomas CLARK & Sarah BOND of Possum married 23-Aug 1676

William FOSSE of Cern Abbas & Ann NORRIS of Dorchester married 20-Nov 1676

Samuel JENNINGS of [...] & Avice [...] of Piddlehinton married 03-Apr 1678

William NEAL & [... ...] of Kingston Russell married 05-Jan 1678

John HENBELL & Elizabeth BESS of Evershot married 24-Jan 1678

Robert YEATE & Elizabeth CUPPER of Cern Abbas married 29-Jan 1678

Alexander [?] JENNINGS & Agnes LOCK of Cern Abbas married [-] Dec 1678

James NEWMAN of Nether Cerne & Sarah PILLARD married 05-May 1681

Clement BANDAGE of Northleigh in Devon & Ann PRESTON of Dorchester married 12-Sep 1681

William BREWER & Christian WHITE married [-] Ap 1684

Henry PALMER & Jane ATKINS married 23-Apr 1693

Thomas WILCOCKE & Susan HOW married 1695

Thomas BARTLETT of Cern Abbas & Jane BOWRING married 07-Nov 1681

John FARR & Dorothy CARPENTER of Cern Abbas married 20-May 1697

Christopher PRIOR & Penelope BARRET married 11-Jul 1697

John HINGSTON & Mary CLARK married 23-Sep 1697

Robert LOVELL & Honore MINTERN married 01-Jan 1697

Thomas GILLINGHAM & Amie HART married 05-Jul 1698

John HODDER & Elizabeth FARR married 11-Aug 1698

Josiah NORMAN of Cern & Anne GUNDRY married 09-Feb 1698

Thomas NAIL of Sydling & Mary HARDING married 13-Feb 1698

William MINTERN & Susan GALPIN of Batcombe married 07-May 1700

Josias ANTEL & Christian FEABER of Evershott married 1700

William BUSBY & Elizabeth ROSS of Cern married 09-Nov 1700

Thomas FRY & Jane MORRY married 24-Dec 1700

Richard DUSSELL & Phillis SACER married 26-Jun 1701

Lawrence STICKLAND & Ann HOMER married 02-Jul 1701

Thomas TRIVET & Elizabeth GROZE married 03-Jul 1701

William COMBDEN & Lydia ROGERS married 10-Aug 1701

Thomas YOUNG & Mary CHAPPELL married 27-Jan 1701 by licence

Richard WARREN & Anne KAINES married 12-Feb 1701 by licence

John BUTT & Elizabeth VINCENT married 01-Jun 1702 by licence

William HUSSEY & Mary BLANCHARD married 10-Jun 1702 by licence

John CARTER & Mary THORN married 17-Jun 1702 by licence

Edmund PYKE & Elizabeth WILLS married 05-Jul 1702 by licence

William HONYCOTT & Frances GASCOIN married 11-Aug 1702 by licence

Simon BOWRING & Sarah FARR married 24-Jan 1702 by licence

William DUNNING of Buckland Newton & Barbara GANNETT of Wootten Glanvill married 10-Aug 1703 by licence

Joseph HODGES & Mary SHERRY married 10-Feb 1703

Edward STURMEY & Dorcas STICKLAND married 12-Feb 1703

Richard TIZAR & Joan SHERRY of Cerne married 23-Apr 1704

John CHILDS & Elizabeth GILLINGHAM married 27-Apr 1704

James FURBER & Mary BARTLETT married 09-May 1704 by licence

John ADAMS & Grace STROUD married 14-May 1704 by licence

Joseph PATY & Ann GILLINGHAM married 05-Jun 1704

John CURME & Elizabeth GREY married 18-Sep 1704

Henry GATCHELL & Elizabeth MEMBER married 19-Sep 1704 by licence

Morgan SHEPHERD & Mary GREY married 26-Dec 1704

James GOULD & Susan SCOBELL married 12-Nov 1704 by licence

Peter YEATMAN & Elizabeth THORN married 29-Apr 1705

Richard ELLEN & Deans WHITE married 09-Apr 1705

Robert SUMMERS & Ann FOSS married 09-Apr 1705

James HARDIMAN & Sarah HIND married 06-May 1705 by licence

Charles COOMB & Elizabeth SHIRE married 18-Oct 1705 by licence

Laurence MITCHIL & Ann GALPIN married 01-Jan 1705 by licence

William WATTS & Elizabeth PRIOR married 25-Mar 1706

Thomas PIDDIN & Rebecca PETTY married 25-Mar 1706

Thomas CHEESMAN & Elizabeth DURDALL married 25-Mar 1706

Thomas TURNER & Sarah HARDY married 26-Mar 1706 by licence

Edward RUMMIN & Joana FORD married 03-Jun 1706 by licence

Henry MORE & Sarah FOOK married 15-Jul 1706

Henry FARR & Elizabeth BEER of Frome St. Quintin married 21-Aug 1706 by licence

Thomas KIPPING & Mary BEAZER of Batcomb married 10-Sep 1706 by licence

Edmund KIDDLE & Dinah NEWMAN married 10-Dec 1706 by licence

John VINCENT & Elizabeth THORN married 16-Jan 1706 by licence

Thomas HODGES & Hester SHEPHERD married 06-Feb 1706 by licence

John DOWDING & Elinor NOTHOVER married 10-Feb 1706

John WHITE & Mary SHERRING married 13-Feb 1706

Joseph CRODE & Agnes DOLLING married 25-Feb 1706 by licence

Roger HIDE & Ann CHILD married 14-Apr 1707

Thomas WHITE & Joan WARBERTON married 15-May 1707

John FRAMTON & Mary BASS married 03-Jun 1707 by licence

Abraham LOVELACE & Elizabeth FIPPET married 11-Jun 1707

Walter DUSSEL & Jael LOCK married 26-Oct 1707

John KELWAY & Elizabeth OLIVER married 31-Jan 1707

John RYAL & Elizabeth NOTHOVER married 02-Feb 1707

Joseph HODGES & Elizabeth DARNPIER married 03-Apr 1708 by licence

Henry HELLIER & Joan JULLEDGE married 20-Apr 1708 by licence

Henry FUDG & Elianor BARTLETT married 03-Oct 1708

Mr. Robert BUTTER & Mrs. Elizabeth GLASBROOK married 21-Oct 1708 by licence

Lancelott GAYLER & Mary [SEXXY ?] married 22-Oct 1708 by licence

John DOLLING & Sarah CARMAN married 28-Nov 1708

George HARRIS & Grace BISHOP married 20-Feb 1708 by licence

Robert FOOK of Cerne & Elizabeth CUPPER married 26-May 1709

Robert COCKRAM & Alice DOMINIE married 16-Jun 1709 by licence

Thomas ALLEN & Ann HARDY married 12-Nov 1709 by licence

George TERROLL & Joan BRIGHT married 30-Nov 1709 by licence

Edward DOWDING & Hester SHEPHERD married 20-Dec 1709 by licence

Jonathan VINCENT & Dorothy GEMSTER married 11-Feb 1709

James MEECH & Bettie SIMS married 21-Feb 1709 by licence

Zachary ANGEL & Bethlem SMITH married 05-Mar 1709 by licence

John COOME & Hester TREVELLIAN married 28-May 1710 by licence

John DAYHOOD & Sarah SPICER married 02-Jul 1710

William FRAMTON & Elizabeth BURBAGE married 30-Jul 1710 by licence

Henry GIBS & Joan DALLE married 27-Aug 1710 by licence

James MEECH & Elizabeth COMPTON married 13-Sep 1710 by licence

Thomas DAW & Catharine HURLSTONE married 21-Sep 1710 by licence

Thomas WELMAN & Bridget DAW married 06-Oct 1710 by licence

Robert BARNES alias Rogers & Mary POPE married 30-Dec 1710 by licence

Edward HITT & Mary BOYLAND married 08-Feb 1710 by licence

John MARSH & Joan GREY married 07-May 1711 by licence

Thomas HOSKINS & Mary HUSSEY married 17-Jun 1711

Thomas GILLINGHAM & Elinor ROBERTS married 21-Jun 1711 by licence

George BRIDLE & Susan HOW married 24-Jun 1711

Thomas SIMS & Catherine New LIC. married 29-Jun 1711

Mathew BARKER & Mary BRISTOWE married 01-Aug 1711 by licence

Robt. GANNETT & Mary JENKINS married 19-Nov 1711 by licence

Richard ELFORD & Ann GALE married 11-Dec 1711 by licence

John STANLEY & Elizabeth BRUER married 16-Dec 1711 by licence

Thomas POTTER & Honor GREEN married 30-Dec 1711 by licence

George VINCENT & Jane LOWMAN married 27-Jan 1711 by licence

Ambrose FOOT & Joan HIAM married 07-Feb 1711 by licence

John FRIZBE & Anne BOND married 18-Feb 1711

Joseph NIGHTINGALE & Martha GARLAND married 15-May 1712

Joseph HAYN & Elizabeth KELWAY married 10-Jun 1712 by licence

James KIDDLE & Bettie MULLETT married 21-Jul 1712 by licence

Joseph CUFF & Bridget SIMONDS married 24-Jul 1712 by licence

William CHATTING & Anne BEAZER married 31-Jul 1712 by licence

John WALDEN & Catharine TOUNSON married 11-Dec 1712 by licence

William COLLIER & Sarah PUCKET married 31-Dec 1712 by licence

John WOOD & Lydia LOWMAN married 03-Feb 1712 by licence

John SIMS & Ann BUTCHER married 28-Feb 1712 by licence

Thomas BEERE & Grace THRESHER married 16-Mar 1712 by licence

James MEECH & Jane FLAMBERT married 21-Mar 1712 by licence

John SEAL & Katharine WILLIAMS married 22-Mar 1712 by licence

Anthony DRAYTON & Joan STINT married 14-Apr 1713

William DOMENIE & Anne BUTCHER married 16-Apr 1713 by licence

John FOOT & Ursula FOX married 04-May 1713 by licence

William SHEPHERD & Elizabeth GILL married 11-Jun 1713 by licence

John DURDANT & Sarah PETTY married 27-Jul 1713 by licence

George TURNER & Susanna FARR married 05-Aug 1713 by licence

William BULPEN & Katharine HARDY married 06-Aug 1713 by licence

Roger STAMEL & Elizabeth BISHOP married 06-Sep 1713 by licence

Isact GIBBONS & Deborah WILLIAMS married 17-Sep 1713 by licence

William KNOWELL & Mary HOPKINS married 09-Nov 1713 by licence

Joseph COORING & Margaret HOLT married 21-Nov 1713 by licence

Samuel STOCKWELL & Joan UPTON married 24-Dec 1713

Samuel SHORT & Anne STAINER of Okeford married 21-Mar 1713 by licence

Wm. CHANNING & Rachel UNDERWOOD married 28-Mar 1714 by licence

James NEWMAN & Mary BEER married 01-Apr 1714

Samuel SWETINGHAM & Elizabeth LUCKHAM married 07-Apr 1714 by licence

William FORSE & Ann BRIDLE married 11-May 1714 by licence

William MORRICE & Joan DRAYTON married 24-May 1714

James GIBS & Charitie TUCKER married 24-Jun 1714 by licence

John WHITTLE & Sarah COOMBE married 26-Jun 1714 by licence

William POPLE & Sarah FOWLER married 18-Jul 1714 by licence

John CAKE & Sarah KEAT married 24-Oct 1714 by licence

Peter FOLLIETT & Sarah WASHINGTON married 11-Nov 1714 by licence

John CHURCHILL & Charitie TIBS married 23-Nov 1714 by licence

Edward BRADBURY & Mary CHESELL married 25-Nov 1714

John ROLL & Mary GIBS married 28-Dec 1714 by licence

John MAIOR & Mary GROZE married 29-Mar 1715 by licence

William COCKERAM & Elizabeth THRESHER married 06-Jun 1715

Elias GALPEN & Mary SIMS married 16-Jun 1715 by licence

John COOMBE & Elizabeth BARTLETT married 02-Jul 1715 by licence

Joseph ALNER & Susanna HANDLINGH married 14-Jul 1715 by licence

Richard GILLETT & Joan FRY married 15-Sep 1715 by licence

Luke MEECH & Elizabeth HARDY married 02-Oct 1715 by licence

Thomas TRIVETT & Margaret COSENS married 29-Nov 1715

Alexander ALNER & Mary HARBY married 07-Dec 1715 by licence

Ellis DAW & Ann BODLEY married 02-Feb 1715 by licence

John DAW & Sarah DEVEREUX married 27-Feb 1715 by licence

John CLEEVE & Joan TREVELLIAN married 31-Mar 1716

Robert COX & Christian ILES married 07-Apr 1716

John HOWE & Mary FIFIELD married 15-Apr 1716 by licence

Mr. William WALTER & Joanna BALL married 24-Aug 1716 by licence

John HOPKINS & Temperance PERRETT married 05-Jan 1716 by licence

William THORN & Joan STUCKY married 20-Apr 1717

John KEILWAY & Mary STURMEY married 22-Apr 1717

Benjamin CLEFT & Joan WILSHEAR married 26-Apr 1717

George FRAMPTON & Anne KEANNELL married 08-May 1717

Henry HALLET & Mary FROST of Sidling married 28-Oct 1718

[The last seven entries are also in Book 2.]  


Volume 2.  

William GROSE & Dorothy MOORES married 29-Jun 1719

Levi GROSE & Joan COX married 02-Jul 1720

Daniel BAKER & Mary DAVIES married 29-Oct 1720

William GILL & Lydia VYMONDS married 02-Feb 1721

Melchizedeck DIBBEN & Sarah TIZAR married 31-May 1722

James BALLING & Elizabeth LAUNDER married 25-Jun 1722

Thomas MASTERS & Susan SAMWAYES of Alton married 20-Aug 1723

John SAMWAYS & Elizabeth MASTERS of Alton married 14-Dec 1723

William SCAPELING & Frances ANGELL married 13-Jan 1723

Richard HOLLAND & Dorothy SQUIRE married 18-Feb 1723

Ralph NORMAN & Sarah CHIPP married 10-Apr 1724

James BALL & Elizabeth GRACE of Dorchester married 08-Nov 1724

Joseph WALTERS & Martha ADAMS married 05-Jan 1724

William CHUBB & Anne DAWE married 07-Jan 1724

Robert MOORE & Elizabeth MARSH married 16-Feb 1724

William ADAM & Martha DAVIES married 30-Mar 1725

Joseph BESS & Anne NEW married 01-Apr 1725

Francis BISHOP & Jane BAKER married 05-May 1725

John FOY & Alice HAGGARD married 01-Jun 1726

William DAVIS & Grace DAWE married 04-Jun 1726

Simeon GROSE & Sarah LAVENDER married 01-Jan 1726

John RASKER & Agnes NAYLE married 02-Apr 1727

Matthew WHITE & Barbara STONE married 22-May 1727

John DAVIS & Anne STICKLAND married 13-Aug 1727

William BAILEY & Mary GILLINGHAM married 13-Oct 1727

John EDWARDS & Anne BURGESS married 02-Dec 1727

William LANE & Sarah TIZAR married 28-Apr 1728

John DAVIS & Anne BROWN married 12-Jun 1728

Thomas KIDDLE & Dorothy KIDDLE married 28-May 1729

Sydenham BAKER & Sarah WELCH of Piddletrenthide married 23-Oct 1729

John ANTHONY of Milbourne St. Andrews & Mary BELBY of Piddletrenthide married 01-Feb 1729

Thomas YEATES & Anne TIZAR of Netherbury married 28-Apr 1730

William PAYNE & Elizabeth KIDDLE married 30-Jun 1730

John COSH & Joan VINCENT of Piddletrenthide married 10-Aug 1730

John KIDDLE & Jane ARNOLD of Piddletrenthide married 25-Feb 1730

William VINCENT & Margery VINCENT of Piddletrenthide married 01-Mar 1730

William VATCHER & Mary VINCENT of Piddletrenthide married 18-Apr 1731

John SEAL of Trinity Parish in Dorchester & Cicely FRAMPTON of Fordington married 27-Aug 1734

Benjamin GROSE of Sydling St. Nicholas & Mary AISH married 23-Sep 1734

William GOLLOP of Bridport & Lydia WHITE married 22-Apr 1735

Nathaniel WELSTREAM & Agnes GILLET both of Piddletown married 07-Apr 1736

George FRAMPTON & Elizabeth HATCHET of Bloxworth married 14-May 1738

John HUMPHREYS of Wincaunton & Mary BISHOP of Frampton married 22-May 1738

Samuel DAWE & Catherine MILLS both of Dawlish married 04-Mar 1738

Henry GROSE & Sarah FRAMPTON of Charminster married 29-Apr 1739

Thomas CHAFFIE of Bishop Candle & Sarah GROZE of Charminster married 04-Feb 1740

William BAYLY & Sarah LOVELESS of Charminster married 07-May 1741

John HASKOL & Hannah WALTERS of Charminster married 28-Jun 1742

John ADAMS & Martha WELCH of Charminster married 23-Sep 1744

Henry GARLAND & Sarah SANDFORD of Charminster married 27-May 1745

John WALBRIDGE & Alice LOVELESS of Charminster married 25-Jun 1747

William BRUSKETT & Mary GROSSE of Charminster married 21-Feb 1747

John PENNY & Joan PRIOR of Charminster married 03-May 1748

William BOOBY of Charminster & Susannah GROVES of Charminster married 28-Apr 1751

Thomas ATKINS & Mary VOSS both of Piddlehinton married 11-May 1752

James COLLINS & Susanna PAIN both of Piddlehinton married 25-May 1752

Daniel BROWN of Bridport & Lucy WARREN of Bothenhampton married 13-Feb 1753 by licence

William TOMS & Margaret VALLENS of Winterborn St. Martin married 27-May 1753

Joseph GROES & Elizabeth YATES married 18-Dec 1753


Book 3  

Nicholas CARY esq. of Upcerne & Miss Catherine MARCH married 13-Aug 1754 by licence

William POLDEN of Charminster Shepherd & Edith GROZE married 09-Sep 1755

Nicholas WARREN of Wootton Glanvill yeoman & Mary BEER married 13-Sep 1755

Robert COSSE of Charminster & Cicely GROZE married 16-May 1757

Richard DEVENISH of Frampton yeoman & Ann GROVES married 06-Dec 1757

Edward TATCHELL of Winterbourne Carne shepherd & Elizabeth GROVES married 13-Feb 1758

William GROVES THE YOUNGER labourer & Sarah GIFFORD of Bradford-Peveril married 22-Jun 1759

John KELLAWAY blacksmith & Mary DENNIS married 15-Aug 1759

William GIFFORD of Bradford-Peveril labourer & Mary YATES married 02-Mar 1760

Thomas SARGENT of Minterne Magna yeoman & Ann YEAT married 06-Aug 1762

John ROBERTS of Winterborne Monkton & Susanna GROVES married 30-May 1763

William CAKE of Nether Cerne sojourner & Grace SCORE of the same married 30-Apr 1764

Richard GROVES thatcher & Elizabeth BARRETT married 09-Aug 1764

Joseph ALLEN of Cerne Abbas & Betty HOWE sojourner at Nether Cerne married 18-Feb 1765

George HARRIS & Grace BOW both of Nether Cerne married 10-May 1765

John BROWN of Charminster labourer & Betty ROGERS married 01-Jul 1767

Elias CURME of Cerne Abbas cordwainer & Elizabeth WATTS of Nether Cerne married 12-Oct 1769

Robert CHILD of Charminster labourer & Diana Groves married 23-Oct 1769

Thomas HODGES of Piddletrenthyde labourer & Mary GROVES married 15-Jan 1770

Thomas YEATS farmer & Thomasin GROVES married 07-Nov 1770 by licence

John STILL of Charminster & Mary TUCKER of Nether Cerne married 27-May 1771

Henry LUCAS of Hilton sojourner & Christian DAMMEN of Nether Cerne married 04-May 1772

Robert YEATS of Cerne Abbas cordwainer & Ann PRIOR of Charminster married 21-Jul 1772

William NORMAN St. Peter Dorchester & Jane FORE married 20-Jan 1774

William FORE & Mary FURBER of Charminster married 14-Feb 1774

James GULLIVER of Sydling and Edith HARDY married 11-Jul 1774

George LUCKHAM of Buckland Newton & Thomasin YATES [signs YEATS] married 29-Jun 1776 by licence

Thomas CAINES farmer of Buckland Newton & Ann CHANEN married 07-Jul 1780 by licence

Thomas HIDE & Jane FUDGE married 24-Dec 1781

Samuel COX of All Hallows Berkin & Mary SHERREN of Nether Cerne lic. married 12-Feb 1782

Thomas RANDALL of Holy Trinity in Wareham & Catherine Robert S married 14-Sep 1782

John HALLETT of Charminster & Sarah ROBERTS married 31-Jan 1783

Barnard Hurst & Elizabeth ROBERTS married 24-Mar 1783

Christopher PRIOR & Elizabeth DAWE married 29-Jul 1783

Thomas PAINTER & Elizabeth FRAMPTON married 14-Oct 1783 [Note by OPC: Transcription shows Thomas, but check of PR in Dorchester confirms this should be John]

John DAY & Alice FORE married 25-Dec 1786

George MULLETT of Charminster & Mary TIZZARD married 05-Jul 1788

Michael MILLER of Plush in Buckland Newton & Joan SHERREN of Nether Cerne married 21-Jul 1789 by licence

Jacob SHORTO of Cerne Abbas & Martha FRAMPTON married 11-Aug 1789

Henry GROVE & Sarah PEACH married 08-Sep 1789

Morgan SHEPHARD of Cerne Abbas & Ann STROUD of Nether Cerne married 24-Jan 1791

William BOOBY & Mary HARRIS both of Nether Cerne married 05-Jul 1791

William PEARCE & Mary RICHARDS married 25-Sep 1792

John PELHAM & Elizabeth GROVES married 09-Jun 1794

Levi GROVES & Elizabeth GROVES married 16-Jul 1795

Joseph GROVES of Stepleton & Mary STROUD of Nether Cerne married 01-Sep 1795

Robert DURDENT of Cerne Abbas & Grace HARRIS of Nether Cerne married 15-Oct 1795

James TOOP of Cimridge & Ann KELLAWAY married 24-Dec 1798

William OLD of Minterne & Mary GROVES married 09-Apr 1799

Henry LAMMERS & Sarah FUDGE both of Nether Cerne married 09-May 1799

Robert GILL & Ann GROVES married 28-Dec 1799

Abraham GILLINGHAM of Nether Cerne & Hannah RICHARDS married 13-Apr 1801

James ROBERTS of Sydling & Ann WATTS of Nether Cerne married 15-Jul 1801

Phillip COTES & Eleanor FRAMPTON married 31-Dec 1801

Francis DINE of Portisham & Jane GROVES married 25-Jan 1802

William GROVES & Grace HARRIS married 16-Jun 1802

John BARRETT & Dorothy HYDE married 30-May 1803 by licence

Thomas RICHARDS & Mary WATTS married 29-Feb 1804

Richard BROADBY & Ann GROVES married 03-Mar 1806

Richard GROVES & Elizabeth STICKLAND married 29-Jul 1806

John YEATS & Mary PRIOR married 10-Feb 1807

James RICHARDS & Sarah SOPER married 07-Jul 1807

Robert HOLLAND of Charminster & Mary BIRD married 28-Jun 1808

Robert HALLETT & Barbara LUCAS both of Nether Cerne married 30-Oct 1808

John HALLETT & Joan LUCAS both of Nether Cerne married

William DOMINY of Cerne Abbas & Ann DENNIS married 28-May 1810

Robert PAULY & Sophia HYDE married 16-Feb 1811

[No Marriages in 1812 ].  

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