Frome St Quintin

1901 Census - RG13/2005

Transcribed by Keith Searson



; Danial SMITH; Head; Widow; 80; In receipt of Outdoor Relief; Sydling Dorset

; Elizabeth SMITH; Daughter; S; 52; Dress Maker; Sydling Dorset


Froome Dairy; Elizabeth NEAL; Head; Widow; 66(?); Dairy mistress; Axnaller Dorset

; Amy LOVELESS; Daughter; M; 41; Cattistock Dorset

; Florence E NEAL; Daughter; S; 37; Cattistock Dorset

; Frances E NEAL; Daughter; S; 35; Cattistock Dorset

; Tom NEAL; Son; S; 32; Agricultural Labourer; Cattistock Dorset

; John D NEAL; Son; S; 24; Agricultural Labourer; Cattistock Dorset

; Philip SANSOM; Servant; S; 21; Cowman; Batcombe Dorset


No 1 Shepherd Cottage; Tom EVERLEIGH; Head; M; 41; Groom, Coachman and Domestic Servant; Whitchurch Dorset

; Selina EVERLEIGH; Wife; M; 42; Pitminster Somerset

; Myra EVERLEIGH; Daughter; S; 17; Housemaid ; Stapleton Gloucester

; Sydney EVERLEIGH; Son; S; 9; Stapleton Gloucester

; Stanley E EVERLEIGH; Son; S; 6; Froome St Quintin Dorset

; Ethel M EVERLEIGH; Daughter; S; 5; Froome St Quintin Dorset


No 2 Shepherd Cottage; Walter BARTLETT; Head; M; 29; Gardener; Winterborne Dorset

; Hester BARTLETT; Wife; M; 28; Bere Regis Dorset


No 3 Shepherd Cottage; James HARRIS; Head; M; 73; In receipt of Otdoor Relief; Froome St Quintin Dorset

; Maria HARRIS; Wife; M; 77; Evershot Dorset


Park Farm; Fred T GALE; Head; M; 39; Farmer; Compton Dorset

; Elizabeth GALE; Wife; M; 37; Powerstock Dorset

; Percy R T GALE; Son; S; 8; Froome St Quintin Dorset

; Albert D J H GALE; Son; S; 5; Froome St Quintin Dorset

; Margaret L GALE; Daughter; S; 4; Froome St Quintin Dorset


; Thomas SELBY; Head; M; 39; Carter on Farm; Winfrith Newburgh Dorset

; Mary A SELBY; Wife; M; 40; Rampisham Dorset

; Kate SELBY; Daughter; S; 10; Woolcombe Dorset

; Minnie SELBY; Daughter; S; 7; Woolcombe Dorset

; Lily SELBY; Daughter; S; 4; Woolcombe Dorset


Church Cottage; William BRINE; Head; M; 38; Living on own Means; Stockwood Dorset

; Martha BRINE; Wife; M; 40; Froome St Quintin Dorset

; George BRINE; Son; S; 11; Melbury Osmond Dorset

; Robert BRINE; Son; S; 6; Melbury Osmond Dorset

; Martha SAMWAYS; Mother in Law; Widow; 6?; Living on own Means; Evershot Dorset


Manor Farm; John NOBBS; Head; M; 54; Farmer; Cattistock Dorset

; Mary A NOBBS; Wife; M; 55; Evershot Dorset

; Daisy M NOBBS; Daughter; S; 18; Froome St Quintin Dorset

; John NOBBS; Son; S; 17; Froome St Quintin Dorset


Froome House; Joseph WHITBY; Head; M; 64; Glove Manufacturer; Yeovil Somerset

; Maud M WHITBY; Wife; M; 48; Plymouth Devon

; Josephine WHITBY; Daughter; S; 34; Yeovil Somerset

; Winifred A WHITBY; Daughter; S; 24; Yeovil Somerset

; Marjorie WHITBY; Daughter; S; 21; Yeovil Somerset

; Matilda BOARD; Servant; S; 28(3); Cook; Cary Fitzpaine Somerset

; Jitta STROUD; Servant; S; 23; Parlour Maid; West Stafford Dorset

; Blanch SPRACKLING; Servant; S; 17; Housemaid; Cattistock Dorset


Well Cottage; John VENN(?); Head; M; 64; Retired Engine Driver Great Western Railway; Willand Devon

; Hennriatta VENN(?); Wife; M; 69; Dorchester Dorset


; Robert HANNAM; Heaqd; M; 59; Retired Farmer; Hardington Somerset

; Alice HANNAM; Wife; M; 37; Axminster Devon

; Gertrude HANNAM; Daughter; S; 22; Liverpool Lancaster

; Bernard HANNAM; Son; S; 8; Loders Dorset

; Cecil HANNAM; Son; S; 7; Loders Dorset

; Reginald HANNAM; Son; S; 4; Loders Dorset

; Rashall LENTHALL; Visitor; S; 25; Netherbury Dorset

; Olive HUXTEN; Visitor; S; 6; Symondsbury Dorset

; Kathleen BOATSWAIN; Governess; S; 21; Governess and School Teacher; South Perrot Dorset

; George ROBINSON; Servant; S; 23; Cattleman; Ore Sussex

; Florence SLADE; Servant; S; 14; Domestic Servant; Salway Ash Dorset


Dawes House; Sarah TIZZARD; Head; Widow; 71; Living on own Means; Cruxton Dorset

; Sarah WILLIAMS; Niece; S; 38; Askerswell Dorset


1 Townsend Cottage; John SHELTON; Head; M; 50; Agricultural Labourer; St Marys Lincoln

; Emily SHELTON; Wife; M; 40; Osmington Dorset

; William J PAULLY; Adopted Son; S; 13; Scholar; Hermitage Dorset


2 Townsend Cottage; Charles ABBOTT; Head; M; 38; Carter on Farm; Cattistock Dorset

; Florence ABBOTT; Wife; M; 35; Yetminster Dorset

; Beatrice C ABBOTT; Daughter; S; 8; Toller Whelm Dorset

; Elsia M ABBOTT; Daughter; S; 4 mths; Froome St Quintin Dorset

; Albert ABBOTT; Nephew; S; 14; Cattle Boy on Farm; Cerne Dorset

; Richard SANSOM; Lodger; S; 28; Agricultural Labourer; Batcombe Dorset


Park Cottage; Thomas EASTMENT; Head; M; 30; Agricultural Labourer; Pilsdon Dorset

; Idol EASTMENT; Wife; M; 27; Bradford Abbas Dorset

; Gladys EASTMENT; Daughter; S; 9 mths; Corscombe Dorset


; Henry EDWARDS; Head; M; 51; Living on own Means; Froome St Quintin Dorset

; George PEACH; Visior; S; 68; Chilthorn Somerset


Ladymead; Susan J NEAL; Head; Widow; 73; Rampisham Dprset

; Richard J NEAL; Son; S; 37; Agricultural Labourer; Halstock Dorset

; Samuel NEAL; Son; S; 32; Carter on   Farm; Halstock Dorset


Horchester Farm; Giles SYMONDS; Head; M; 65; Autioneer and Farmer; Kimmeridge Dorset

; Lucy M SYMONDS; Wife; M; 42; Salford Lancashire

; Mary M SYMONDS; Daughter; S; 7; Sydling Dorset

; Caroline  S FOWLER; Servant; S; 20; Domestic Cook; Hawkchurch Dorset

; Florence M LANE; Servant; S; 16; Housemaid; Netherbury Dorset


Horchester Cottage; James CROFTS; Head; M; 64; Shepherd; Crockway Dorset

; Temperence CROFTS; Wife; M; 62; Grimstone Dorset


Turnpike Cottage; Arthur WILLIAMS; Head; M; 36; Horse Man and Agricultgural Labourer; Askerswell Dorset

; Gertrude WILLIAMS; Wife; M; 31; Mosterton Dorset

; Daisy WILLIAMS; Daughter; S; 2; Froome St Quintin Dorset


1 Bridge Cottage; William GROVES; Head; M; 68; Master Tailor; Toller Dorset

; Julia GROVES; Wife; M; 52; Winsham Somerset


2 Bridge Cottage; William DANIALS; Head; M; 50; Carter and Coal Merchant; Tolpuddle Dorset

; Eliza DANIALS; Wife; M; 50; Laundress and Washer Woman; Melbury Osmound Dorset

; Edward W DANIALS; Son; S; 15; Telegraph messenger; Holwell Dorset

; Charles L DANIALS; Son; S; 13; Scholar; Holwell Dorset

; Olive M DANIALS; Daughter; S; 10; Scholar; Holwell Dorset

; Hetty V DANIALS; Daughter; S; 7; Scholar; Holwell Dorset


3 Bridge Cottage; Cornelius HUNT; Head; M; 33; Platelayer for railway; Marston Magna Somerset

; Mary A HUNT; Wife; M; 43; Yetminster Dorset

; Henry STROUD; Boarder; S; 26; Platelayer for Railway; Yetminster Dorset


4 Bridge Cottage; Jane WOODSFORD; Head; Widow; 65; Loders Dorset

; William WOODSFORD; Son; S; 33; Coal Porter; Froome st Quintin Dorset

; Alice WOODSFORD; Daughter; S; 30; Froome St Quintin Dorset

; Frederick C SIBLEY; Lodger; S; 25; Butchers Labourer; Artington Somerset


Holywell; Harriett N BOWDITCH; Head; M; 62; Hook Dorset


Holywell; Josiah G PITCHER; Head; M; 35; Bricklayers Labourer; Rampisham Dorset

; Mary E PITCHER; Wife; M; 39; Chilforme Dorset

; Josiah J PITCHER; Son; S; 9; Evershot Dorset

; Edward W PITCHER; Son; S; 8; Evershot Dorset

; Ada M PITCHER; Daughter; S; 6; Evershot Dorset

; Lucy M PITCHER; Daughter; S; 4; Holwell Dorset

; Winifred L PITCHER; Daughter; S; 2; Holwell Dorset

; Beatrice E PITCHER; Daughter; S; 9 mths; Holwell Dorset

; Edwin A RICHARDS; Son; S; 22; Great Western Railway Worker; Portland Dorset


; William MORRIS; Head; M; 25; Great Western Railway Porter; Keynsham Somerset

; Bessie MORRIS; Wife; S; 29; Chilliampton Devon

; William MORRIS; Son; S; 7 mths; Froome St Quiontin Dorset


Corner Shop; Felix H HIGHMORE; Head; M; 38; Ostler and Groom at the Strangways Hotel; Yeovil Somerset

; Emily HIGHMORE; Wife; M; 45; Grocer; Nunney Somerset

; Ethel E HIGHMORE; Daughter; S; 9; Nunney Somerset

; Felix A HIGHMORE; Son; S; 7; Nunney Somerset

; Alfred S HIGHMORE; Son; S; 4; Froome St Quintin Dorset


Holwell Villa; Uninhabited


Station Cottage; William E ANDREWS; Head; M; 40; Station Master Great Western Railway; Marshfield Glouster

; Sarah A ANDREWS; Wife; M; 36; Holt Wilts

; Winifred L ANDREWS; Daughter; S; 12; Saltford Somerset

; Olive P ANDREWS; Daughter; S; 9; Saltford Somerset

; Clifford W ANDREWS; Son; S; 6; Saltford Somerset

; Gladys A ANDREWS; Daughter; S; 2; Saltford Somerset


; Charles SOPER; Head; M; 33; Railway Signalman; Maiden Newton Dorset

; Ellen SOPER; Wife; M; 32; Solway Ash Dorset

; Percy SOPER; Son; S; 6; Holwell Dorset

; Reginald SOPER; Son; S; 4; Holwell Dorset

; Ada SOPER; Daughter; S; 1; Holwell Dorset


; John BAKER; Head; M; 45; Railway Signalman; Wootton Basset Wilts

; Alice BAKER; Wife; M; 36; Coombe St Nicholas Somerset

; Richard BAKER; Son; S; 6; Evershot Dorset

; Kenneth BAKER; Son; S; 2; Froome St Quintin Dorset


; Samuel CHAINEY; Head; M; 41; Railway Platelayer; Bradford Abbas Dorset

; Jane CHAINEY; Wife; M; 43; Bradford Abbas Dorset

; Reginald CHAINEY; Son; S; 13; Agricultural Labourer; Bradford Abbas Dorset

; Gladys CHAINEY; Daughter; S; 10; Bradford Abbas Dorset

; Sydney SQUIBB; Adopted Son; S; 1; Yeovil Somerset


; Edward CHESTER; Head; M; 38; Railway Platelayer; Hardington Somerset

; Stephen WARREN; Son in Law; Widower; 50; Railway Ganger; Yetminster Dorset

; Beatrice WARREN; Daughter in Law; S; 16; Yetminster Dorset

; Ada INGRAM; Daughter in Law; M; 22; Yetminster Dorset

; William PITMAN; Lodger; S; 24; Railway Platelayer; Yetminster Dorset