Fleet Old Church

Memorial Inscriptions

This is an abbreviated list of the details transcribed from all the memorials in the burial ground. Memorials commemorating deaths less than 30 years old have not been included to avoid upsetting any relatives of the recently bereaved, details are available on request. Full details of all memorials are available by contacting the MI Coordinator (see contacts page). Please quote the MI reference number, the parish, the burial ground and the surname on all requests. Researchers are asked to please bear in mind that weathering of the stone and lichen growth can make transcription difficult and incomplete or even impossible in some cases.

The memorials were transcribed in situ by Brian Webber. Trancribed to database by Nicola Pomoroy
Updated 2 March 2016, with additions and corrections by Dianne Gardner

6BOWERING James1899 86
6BOWERING Sarah1876 69
6BOWERING Mary Anna1906 87
7COX Lilian Isabella1899 18
11DAMON William1838 39
11DAMON Sarah1887 85
3DICKERY John1865 71
3DICKERY Sarah1874 80
3DICKERY Henry1840 18
10GOODDEN Wyndham Charles1939  
17GRAINGE Ruby Eliza1892  
19HARRIS John1901 78
19HARRIS Hannah1901 74
20HOPKINS Louisa1891 64
1MARSH Emily1889 43
18MARSH Jasper1891  
18MARSH Elizabeth1910 78
18MARSH Jasper William1921 56
16MAYERS Eliza1857 62
8MOHUN Margaret1603  
8MOHUN Maximillian1612  
12MOHUN Frances1711 84
15PEARCE Gerrard1894 80
15PEARCE Charlotte1897 81
4RANDELL Richard1831  
4RANDELL Mary1847 19
4RANDELL Ann1862 63
14RANDELL RASHLEY Richard1902 59
14RANDELL RASHLEY Ellen1925 80
5STANTON Jacob1860 76
5STANTON Rebecca1869 81
5STANTON Henry   
5STANTON Charles   
5STANTON Eliza   
13THOMAS Mary Anna1856 67

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