1911 Census - RG14PN1239 RG78PN701 SD1 ED8

Transcribed by Keith Searson

8 Coast Guard ABBOTT Edward Head   M 39 1872 Coastguard Man Somerset Henstridge SN4
Cottage ABBOTT Annie Wife 2 years F 31 1880   Yorkshire Leeds SN4
  ABBOTT Ethel Daughter in former marriage   F 9 1902 School Scilly Isles St Marys SN4
  ABBOTT Louisa Daughter   F 1 1910   Dorset Portland SN4
  ABBOTT Dorothy Daughter   F 3 1908   Dorset Fleet SN4
West Fleet Farm AYLES James Head   M 56 1855 Farm Labourer Dorset Stratton SN19
Cottages AYLES Mary Wife 32 years F 54 1857   Dorset Eggelston SN19
5 Coast Guard BARON Alfred Samuel Head Married M 37 1874 Coastguard Man Devon Oreston SN2
Station BARON Rhoda Wife 6 years F 31 1880   Devon Dawlish SN2
  BARON Alfred William James Son   M 6 1905   Devon Dawlish SN2
The Gardens BIGGS Edward Thomas Head Married M 60 1851 Domestic Gardener Berkshire Wargrave SN22
  BIGGS Harriet Wife 37 years F 60 1851   Sussex Compton SN22
Fleet House GEORGE Ann Loftus Head Widow F 61 1850 Private Means Bristol Clifton SN24
  GEORGE Gilbert Edward Son Single M 23 1888 Student Bristol Westbury on Trym SN24
  GEORGE Mary Loftus Daughter Single F 28 1883   Bristol Westbury on Trym SN24
  GREATORES Clement Son in Law /Visitor Married M 42 1869 Captain Royal Navy Middlesex Northolt SN24
  GREATORES Dorothea Jane Digby Daughter Married
2 years
F 33 1878   Bristol Clifton SN24
  GREATORES Mary Alice Step Grandchild /Visitor   F 4 1907   Kent Cranbrook SN24
  GREATORES Alice Joy Step Grandchild /Visitor   F 4 1907   Kent Cranbrook SN24
  JOHNS Elizabeth Servant Single F 30 1881 Domestic Cook Pembroke Penbroke SN24
  ROBERTSON Margaret Servant Single F 20 1891 Domestic Kitchen Maid Devon Exeter SN24
  CUTLER Ada Servant Single F 18 1893 Domestic Scullery Maid Dorset Durweston SN24
  MORGAN Gertrude Servant Single F 29 1882 Domestic Upper House Maid Glostershire Newnham SN24
  BIGGS Minnie Servant Single F 22 1889 Domestic Under House Maid Dorset Dorchester SN24
  MORGAN Gertrude Servant Single F 17 1894 Domestic Under House Maid Herefordshire Woolwich SN24
  GREEN Thomas Servant Widower M 35 1876 Domestic Butler Hants Fordingbridge SN24
  SMITH Leonard Servant Single M 15 1896 Pantry Boy Somerset Yeovil SN24
  MILES Edith Visitors Servant Single F 35 1876 Domestic Nurse Glos Long Newnton SN24
  CROSS Helen Phillippa Visitor Married
12 Years
F 55 1856 Domestic Gardener’s wife Bristol Redland SN24
Fleet BOWERING George Head Married M 68 1843 Market Gardener Dorset Fleet SN11
  BOWERING Annie Wife 37 years F 57 1854 Laundress Bucks Fawley SN11
  BOWERING Elizabeth A Granddaughter Single F 24 1887 Laundress Assistant Dorset Steepleton SN11
  BOWERING Alice M Granddaughter Single F 18 1893 Living at Home Dorset Monkton SN11
Fleet BOWERING James Head Married M 50 1861 General Labourer Dorset Long Bredy SN12
  BOWERING Mary Ann Wife 24 years F 47 1864   Dorset Chickerell SN12
  BOWERING William G Son Single M 17 1894 Keeper Dorset Fleet SN12
  BOWERING Robert L Son Single M 14 1897 Domestic Garden Boy Dorset Fleet SN12
  PICKFORD Florence Niece Single F 4 1907   Dorset Fleet SN12
Fleet Cottages BOYT George Head Married M 38 1873 Carter on Farm Dorset East Chickerell SN9
  BOYT Annie Wife 12 Years F 36 1875   Dorset Houghton SN9
  BOYT Amelia Daughter Single F 10 1901 School Dorset Fleet Village SN9
  BOYT Kate Daughter Single F 9 1902 School Dorset Fleet Farm West SN9
  BOYT Ernest Son Single M 7 1904 School Dorset Fleet Farm East SN9
Fleet Cottages BUSH John Head Married M 58 1853 Farm Labourer Dorset West Mordon SN6
  BUSH Dorcas Wife 35 years F 57 1854   Dorset Binghams Melcombe SN6
  BUSH William Albert Grandson Single M 8 1903 Scholar Dorset Fleet SN6
Lea Barn Cottages BUTLER Ernest Edward Head Married M 27 1884 Farm Carter Somerset Thoncombe SN15
  BUTLER Emily Wife Married F 36 1875   London Clerkenwell SN15
  BUTLER Not Known Son Single M 7days 1911   Dorset Fleet SN15
  RANDALL Elizabeth Nurse Single F 53 1858 Monthly Nurse Dorset Chickerell SN15
6 Coast Guard Station COLE Samuel Head Married M 40 1871 Coast Guardman Dorset Yetminster SN3
  COLE Olive Wife 6 years F 32 1879   Dorset Whitechurch SN3
  COLE Jack Son Single M 5 1906   Hants Newport Isle of Wight, Alum Bay SN3
East Fleet Farm GILL Jocelyn Albert Head Married M 48 1863 Farmer Dorset Sherborne SN5
  GILL Emma Emily Wife 19 years F 48 1863   Somerset Blackford SN5
  GILL George Gifford Son Single M 17 1894 Farmers son Dorset Sherborne SN5
  GILL Harry Edward Son Single M 14 1897 Working on Farm Dorset Sherborne SN5
  GILL Donald Jocelyn Son Single M 11 1900 Shool Boy Somerset Trent SN5
  GURNETT George Servant Windower M 65 1846 Domestic Groom Devon Ottery SN5
  CRAWFORD Florence Servant Widow F 18 1893 Domestic General Servant Dorset Powerstock SN5
Fleet DOBLE Mary Head Widow F 56 1855 School Teacher Staffs West Bromwich SN14
Bagwells Cottage DOWNER Percy Head Married M 39 1872 Horseman on Farm Hants Isle of Wight Newport SN26
  DOWNER Jane Wife 20 years F 38 1873   Wilts Devizes SN26
  DOWNER William Son Single M 18 1893 Horseman on Farm Hants Southampton SN26
West Fleet Farm DOWNTON William George Head Married M 32 1879 Cowman on Farm Dorset Rodden SN20
  DOWNTON Eliza Jane Wife 6 years F 31 1880   Dorset Nottington SN20
Fleet Cottages ENGLAND John Head Married M 23 1888 Farm Labourer London Kensington SN8
  ENGLAND Elizabeth Wife Married F 22 1889   Wilts Salisbury Edmondsam SN8
Fleet EVELEIGH John Head Married M 31 1880 Farm Labourer Dorset Symondsbury SN13
  EVELEIGH Alice Wife 8 years F 29 1882   Dorset Symndsbury SN13
  STREET William Border Single M 16 1895 Carter on Farm Dorset Lyme Regis SN13
Coachmans Cottage SAMPSON Albert Lewis Head Married M 35 1876 Domestic Coachman Dorset Powerstock SN23
  SAMPSON Ann Wife 12 years F 35 1876   Dorset Symondsbury SN23
  SAMPSON Winifred Beatrice Daughter Single F 11 1900 Scholar Dorset Upwey SN23
  SAMPSON Charles Henry Son Single M 7 1904   Dorset Corscombe SN23
  FARNHAM Arthur Boarder Single M 24 1887 Domestic Groom Dorset Warmwell SN23
Grove Cottage HOUSE Stephen Head Widower M 58 1853 Stockman on Private Estate Dorset Milton Abbas SN21
  HOUSE Florence Mary Daughter Single F 34 1877 House Keeper Dorset Dorchester SN21
The Lodge Fleet House LONGMAN Alfred George Head Married M 32 1879 Domestic Gardener Dorset Upwey SN17
1 Coast Guard Station MEAKIN William Head Married M 44 1867 Petty Officer Coastguard Staffordshire Stowe SN1
  MEAKIN Laura Wife 18 years F 42 1869   Hampshire Eastney SN1
  MEAKIN Violet Daughter Single F 16 1895 Assists at Home Hampshire Netley Nr Southampton SN1
  MEAKIN Nina Daughter Single F 12 1899 School Hants Isle of Wight, Foreland SN1
Bagwells Cottage MOWLEM Robert Head Married M 48 1863 Shepherd on Farm Dorset Langton Herring SN25
  MOWLEM Harriet Wife 26 years F 48 1863   Dorset Powerstock SN25
  MOWLEM John Son Single M 11 1900 School Dorset Buckland Ripers SN25
  MOWLEM Charles Son Single M 9 1902 School Dorset Buckland Ripers SN25
  MOWLAM Robert Son Single M 6 1905 School Dorset Buckland Ripers SN25
  MOWLAM May Daughter Single F 13 1898 School Dorset Nottington SN25
  MOWLAM Clara Daughter Single F 16 1895 Domestic General Servant Dorset Upwey SN25
Fleet Cottages READ Hezekiah Head Married M 44 1867 Cowman on Farm Dorset Piddlehinton SN10
  READ Elizabeth Wife 14 years F 43 1868   Dorset Maiden Newton SN10
  READ William Son Single M 11 1900 School Dorset Piddletrenthide SN10
  READ Gertrude Daughter Single F 8 1903 School Dorset Piddletrenthide SN10
  READ Florence Daughter Single F 6 1905 School Dorset Piddletrenthide SN10
Fleet Cottages STEVENS Henry Head Married M 37 1874 Cowman on Farm Dorset Weymouth SN7
  STEVENS Edith Wife 2 years F 27 1884   Hants Amport SN7
  STEVENS Dorothy Daughter Single F 1 1910   Dorset Fleet SN7
The Lodge Fleet House TYLER James Head Married M 44 1867 Bailiff on Estate Wiltshire Erlstoke SN16
  TYLER Emily Drusilla Watts Wife 17 years F 43 1868   London Paddington SN16
West Fleet Farm VINE Albert Ernest Head Married M 40 1871 Farmer Dorset Long Bredy SN18
  VINE Emily Wife 14 years F 36 1875   Surrey Surbiton SN18
  VINE Charles Son Single M 13 1898 School Dorset Thorncombe SN18
  VINE Olive Daughter Single F 9 1902 School Dorset Wootton Fitzpaine SN18
  VINE Ernest Son Single M 8 1903 School Dorset Wootton Fitzpaine SN18
  VINE John Son Single M 7 1904 School Dorset Wootton Fitzpaine SN18
  VINE Lillian Mary Daughter Single F 5 1906   Dorset Wootton Fitzpaine SN18
  VINE Sarah Daughter Single F 3 1908   Dorset Fleet SN18
Fleet Lodge WALLIS Richard Head Married M 61 1850 Jobbing Gardener Dorset Abbotsbury SN27
  WALLIS Elizabeth Wife 7 years F 57 1854   Somerset Curry Rivel SN27


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