East Chelborough

1881 Census - RG11/2119

Transcribed by Keith Searson


Schedule No. Road, Street, No or Name Christian Name Surname Relationship Single, Married Age Occupation Where Born County Notes
  of House       Etc          
112 Horsey Farm Genge HANN Head Married 58 Farmer Long Burton Dorset Farms 100 acres
    Susan HANN Wife Married 59   Beer Hackett Dorset  
    Robert H HANN Son Single 26   Beer Hackett Dorset  
    William HANN Son Single 19   Yetmister Dorset  
    Anna M HANN Daughter Single 18   Yetminster Dorset  
113 Stake Farm Elizabeth A G ELLIOTT Head Widow 32 Dairywoman Hawkchurch Dorset  
    Tom Genge ELLIOTT Son Single 7 Scholar Bettiscombe Dorset  
    Elizabeth A G ELLIOTT Daughter Single 9 Scholar Bettiscombe Dorset  
    Dan GENGE Brother Single 24 Dairyman Hawkchurch Dorset  
    Elizabeth G GENGE Mother Widow 64 Independent Means Shipton Gorge Dorset  
    Annie S GALE Cousin Single 23   Litton Doret  
114 Village Henry OSMAN Head Married 54 Carter Sutton Bingham Dorset  
    Mary A OSMAN Wife Married 52   Kingsdon Somerset  
115   George BENJAFIELD Head Married 43 Farmer Chillhouse Dorma (?) Somerset Farms 164 acres. Employs 2 labourers and 1 boy
    Elizabeth BENJAFIELD Wife Married 49   Yeovil Somerset  
116   Ernest DEWDNEY Head Married 40 Farmer Mudford Somerset Farms 340 acres. Employs 7 men and 3 boys
    Laura A DEWDNEY Wife Married 39   Chillmore(?) Somerset  
    Ernest J DEWDNEY Son Single 6 Scholar South Perrott Somerset  
    Maria THORNER Servant Widow 54 General Servant Loders Dorset  
117   William LEGG Head Married 46 Carter Hook Dorset  
    Ann J LEGG Wife Married 40   Toller Pocorum Dorset  
    George LEGG Son Single 22 Carter Hook Dorset  
    James LEGG Son Single 19 Shepherd Broadwinsor Dorset  
    Mary J LEGG Daughter Single 16   Broadwinsor Dorset  
    Elizabeth LEGG Daughter Single 14   Broadwinsor Dorset  
    Emily LEGG Daughter Single 11 Scholar Broadwinsor Dorset  
    Francis LEGG Daughter Single 9 Scholar Cheddington Dorset  
    William LEGG Son Single 7 Scholr Cheddington Dorset  
    Charles LEGG Son Single 4 Scholar North Perrott Somerset  
    Charlotte LEGG Daughter Single 1   Corscombe Dorset  
118   George WILLS Head Married 63 Agricultural Labourer Maiden Newton Dorset  
    Ellen E WILLS Wife Married 45   Long Bredy Dorset  
    Robert E H BARTLETT Step Son Single 15   Long Bredy Dorset  
    Jane Eliza WILLS Daughter Single 7 Scholar Bincombe Dorset  
    Alfred G WILLS Son Single 6 Scholar Sherborne Dorset  
    Samuel WILLS Son Single 4 Scholar Sherborne Dorset  
119   Samuel COCK Head Married 38 Agricultural Labourer Batcombe Somerset  
    Emme J COCK Wife Married 35   Batcombe Somerset  
    John E COCK Son Single 14 Labourer Batcombe Somerset  
    Martha J COCK Daughter Single 13   Batcombe Somerset  
    Stephen H COCK Son Single 10 Scholar Batcombe Somerset  
    Frederick G COCK Son Single 8 Scholar Batcombe Somerset  
    George W COCK Son Single 3   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Sarah J COCK Daughter Single 1   East Chelborough Dorset  
120   Joseph CHEALL Head Married 42 Farm Labourer South Perrott Dorset  
    Aseneth CHEALL Wife Married 44   Salway Ash Dorset  
    Mary J CHEALL Daughter Single 18 Domestic Servant South Perrott Dorset  
    Daniel G CHEALL Son Single 14 Labourer South Perrott Dorset  
    Charlotte CHEALL Daughter Single 12 Scholar South Perrott Dorset  
    Eliza CHEALL Daughter Single 10 Scholar South Perrott Dorset  
    Caroline S CHEALL Daughter Single 8 Scholar South Perrott Dorset  
    Alice M CHEALL Daughter Single 6 Scholar South Perrott Dorset  
    Augusta CHEALL Daughter Single 4   South Perrott Dorset  
    Florence CHEALL Daughter Single 1   South Perrott Dorset  
    Mary A CHEALL Mother Widow 79   Netherbury Dorset  
    Rosina CHEALL Niece Single 9 Scholar Loders Dorset  
    John ROPER Head Married 33 Agricultural Labourer Whitechurch Dorset  
    Susan ROPER Wife Married 35   Puncknowle Dorset  
    Fanny ROPER Daughter Single 12   Litton Dorset  
    George ROPER Son Single 10 Scholar Litton Dorset  
    Jolen ROPER Son Single 9 Scholar Litton Dorset  
    Emily ROPER Daughter Single 7 Scholar Osmington Dorset  
    Ernest ROPER Son Single 1   Cheddington Dorset  
    Harry ROPER Son Single 4 mths   East Chelborough Dorset  
122 Harveys Wood Richard COPP Head Married 33 Labourer Maiden Newton Dorset  
    Harriett COPP Wife Married 32   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Tom COPP Son Single 8   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Mary E COPP Daughter Single 13 Agricultural Labourer Maiden Newton Dorset  
    Laruse COPP Daughter Single 6   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Theresa COPP Daughter Single 4   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Harry COPP Son Single 2   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Georgina COPP Daughter Single 1   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Elizabeth WILLS Mother Widow 78   Broadwinsor Dorset  
123 Chelborough Road Jessie BISHOP Head Widower 51 Woodman East Chelborough Dorset  
    Ann BISHOP Daughter Single 16   East Chelborough Dorset  
    John BISHOP Son Single 14   East Chelborough Dorset  
    James BISHOP Son Married 28 Ticket Collector East Chelborough Dorset  
    Martha BISHOP Daughter in Law Married 28   Hazelbury Somerset  
    Kate BISHOP Grandaughter Single 2   Swindon Wilts  
124 Unoccupied                  
125 Laggetts Henry LEGG Head Married 55 Carter Halstock Dorset  
    Mary LEGG Wife Married 40   Melbury Dorset  
    Emma LEGG Daughter Single 12 Scholar East Chelborough Dorset  
    Charles LEGG Son Single 8 Scholar Chetnole Dorset  
    Eliza LEGG Daughter Single 5   Burton Dorset  
    Alice LEGG Daughter Single 4   Piddletown Dorset  
    Blanche LEGG Daughter Single 2   Sydling Dorset  
    Ellen VINE Niece Single 4   Piddletown Dorset  
126 Wooden Cottage Henry L G NEAL Head Married 37 Farmer East Chelborough Dorset Farms 250 acres employs 2 Labourers and 1 boy
    Mary NEAL Wife Married 27   Adler Somerset  
    Alice NEAL Daughter Single 10 mths   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Elizabeth ABBOTT Servant Married 60 Nurse Evershot Dorset  
    Jane LEGG Servant Single 14 Servant East Chelborough Dorset  
    Frederick COLE Servant Single 16 Dairyboy Corscombe Dorset  
127 Underbill Ebenezer MEECH Head Married 33 Labourer Corscombe Dorset  
    Lydia MEECH Wife Married 35   Halstock Dorset  
128   Emma PAUL Lodger Single 28 Glove Maker Halstock Dorset  
129 Lewcombe Thomas COOMBS Head Married 42 Gardener and Domestic Servant Halstock Dorset  
    Eliza COOMBS Wife Married 36   Evershot Dorset  
    Frederick J COOMBS Son Single 10 Scholar Lewcombe Dorset  
    Ellen COOMBS Daughter Single 12 Scholar Lewcombe Dorset  
    Mary J COOMBS Daughter Single 7 Scholar Lewcombe Dorset  
130 Lewcombe Parsonage Richard HILDYARD Head Single 70 Rector of Lewcombe Winestead Yorkshire  
    Mary WESTHERALE Servant Widow 64 Cook Tiverton Devon  
    Mary A COGAN Servant Single 26 Housemaid Closworth Somerset  
131 Lewcombe Farm Henry GRUNDRY Head Married 47 Farmer Rampisham Dorset Farms 103 acres Employs 1 boy
    Emily J GRUNDRY Wife Married 24   Yeovil Somerset  
    Georginia GRUNDRY Daughter Single 23   Rampisham Dorset  
    Henry G FRY Servant Single 14 Agricultural Labourer London    
    Harry STRODE Nephew Single 1   Halstock Dorset  
    William BOYLE Visitor Single 20 Carpenter Kington Magna Dorset  


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