East Chelborough

1871 Census - RG 10/2022

Transcribed by Keith Searson



Stake Farm; Thomas  RUGSLEASY; Head; M; 65(?); Farmer; Pulham  Dorset; Farms 160 acres employs 1 man and 1 boy

; Lucy  RUGSLEASY; Wife; M; 61; Chesilborne  Dorset

; Harriet  RUGSLEASY; Daughter; S; 38; Chesilborne  Dorset

; Samuel  RUGSLEASY; Son; S; 18; Buckland Newton  Dorset

; Thomas  BIRT; Servant; S; 17; Servant; Halstock  Dorset


New House; Clarisa  PITCHER; Head; Widow; 48; Land Owner; Middlesex City

; Elizabeth  SAMWAYS; Servant; S; 32; Cook; Marnhull  Dorset

; Kate  ABBOTT; Servant; S; 19; Servant; Yetminster  Dorset


Farm House; George  PAUL; Head; S; 25; Farmer; East Chelborough  Dorset; Farms 365 acres employs 6 Labourers and 4 Boys

; Mary  PAUL; Mother; Widow; 68; Combe St Nicholas  Dorset

; Ellen M   PAUL; Daughter; S; 40;  East Coker  Somerset

; Jane  CHILDS; Servant; S; 19; Servant; Corscombe  Dorset


Dairy House; Thomas  STUDLEY; Head; M; 62; Dairy Man; Broadlease Chuddyton  Dorset

; Mary A  STUDLEY; Wife; M; 60; North Perrot  Somerset

; Adam  SURDLEY; Son; S; 16; North Perrot  Somerset

; Elias  FUDGE; Servant; S; 15; Servant/Dairy Boy; Corscombe  Dorset


Cottage; George  YOUNG; Head; M; 31; Shepherd; East Coker  Somerset

; Harriet  YOUNG; Wife; M; 35; East Coker  Somerset

; Lucy  YOUNG; Daughter; S; 5; Scholar; East Coker  Somerset

; Charles  YOUNG; Son; S; 3; Powerstock  Dorset

; Martha  YOUNG; Daughter; S; 1; Powerstock  Dorset


Cottage; Charles  LEGG; Head; M; 46; Agricultural Labourer; Curry Hole Corscombe  Dorset

; Fanny  LEGG; Wife; M; 42; Curry  Hole Corscombe  Dorset

; John  LEGG; Son; S; 21; Agricultural Labourer; Curry Hole Corscombe  Dorset

; Benjamin  LEGG; Son; S; 16; Agricultural Labourer; Curry Hole Corscombe  Dorset

; Richard  LEGG; Son; S; 13; Scholar; Curry Hole Corscombe  Dorset; Weakly

; Eliza  LEGG; Daughter; S; 11; Scholar; Curry Hole Corscombe  Dorset

; Vergina  LEGG; Daughter; S; 9; Scholar; Norwood Corscombe  Dorset

; George  LEGG; Son; S; 7; Scholar; Woodsfield Corscombe  Dorset

; Charles  LEGG; Son; S; 5; Scholar; Sydling  Dorset

; Stephen  LEGG; Son; S; 1; East Chelborough  Dorset


Cottagge; George  GAUGH; Head; M; 38; Agricultural labourer; Halstock  Dorset

; Jane  GAUGH; Wife; M; 37; Broadwinsor  Dorset

; Samuel  GAUGH; Son; S; 12; Agricultural Labourer; Halstock  Dorset

; Eli  GAUGH; Son; S; 9; Agricultural Labourer; Halstock  Dorset

; William G  GAUGH; Son; S; 7; Scholar; Evershot  Dorset

; James  GAUGH; Son; S; 4; Scholar; Evershot  Dorset

; John  GAUGH; Son; S; 1; East Chelborough  Dorset


Cottage; Joseph  FRAMPTON; Head; M; 75; Agricultural Labourer; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Frances  FRAMPTON; Wife; M; 53; Ringwood  Dorset

; Edith  FRAMPTON; Daughter; S; 12; Scholar; East Chelborough  Dorset


Cottage and School; Joseph M   FRAMPTON; Head; M; 31; Agricultural Labourer; Rampisham  Dorset

for Young Children; Susan  FRAMPTON; Wife; M; 31; Teacher; Rampisham  Dorset

; Joseph M  FRAMPTON; Son; S; 7  mths; East Chelborough  Dorset


Cottage; Nathanial  WILLS(MILLS ?); Head; M; 32; Agricultural Labourer; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Matilda  WILLS(MILLS ?); Wife; M; 35; Corscombe  Dorset

; William  WILLS(MILLS ?); Son; S; 11(?); Agricultural Labourer; Corscombe  Dorset

; Mary E  WILLS(MILLS ?); Daughter; S; 9; Scholar; East Chelborough  Dorset

; E***ly  WILLS(MILLS ?); Daughter; S; 5; Scholar; Corscombe  Dorset

; Andrew  WILLS(MILLS ?); Son; S; 1; East Chelborough  Dorset


Cottage; John  FRAMPTON; Head; M; 22; Carter; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Mary  FRAMPTON; Wife; M; 27; Work on Farm; Porton  Dorset

; Sarah  FRAMPTON; Daughter; S; 5; Scholar; Porton  Dorset

; Frances  FRAMPTON; Daughter; S; 2; East Chelborough  Dorset


Cottage; David  GALE; Head; M; 26; Agricultural Labourer; Porton  Dorset

; Julia  GALE; Wife; M; 25; Dressmaker; Pulham  Dorset


Lucombe Farm; Harry  GUNDRY; Head; M; 38; Farmer; Rampisham  Dorset; Farms 36 acres

; Ann  GUNDRY; Wife; M; 39; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Georgina  GUNDRY; Daughter; S; 13; Scholar; Rampisham  Dorset

; Charles  GUNDRY; Son; S; 10; Scholar; Glasworth  Somerset


Lucombe Rectory; Richard  HILDYARD; Head; S; 60; Rector of East Chelborough; Minestead  Yorkshire

House; Catherine  HILDYARD; Sister; S; 73; Minestead  Yorkshire

; Martha  HOUSE(HAUSE ?); Servant; S; 22; Servant; Heasilbury  Somerset

; Alice  BRIDLE; Servant; S; 30; Servant; Miselton (?)  Somerset


House (illegible); Jessie  BISHOP; Head; M; 46; Woodsman; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Sabina  BISHOP; Wife; M; 41; Nalton  Dorset

; Justinian  BISHOP; Son; S; 19; Agricultural Labourer; East Chelborough  Dorset

; George  BISHOP; Son; S; 12; Scholar; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Eu****a  BISHOP; Daughter; S; 11; Scholar; East Chelborough  Dorset

; William  BISHOP; Son; S; 8; Scholar; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Ann  BISHOP; Daughter; S; 6; Scholar; East Chelborough  Dorset

; John  BISHOP; Son; S; 4; Scholar; East Chelborough  Dorset


Gardeners Cottage; Thomas  COOMLY; Head; M; 30; Servant; Halstock  Dorset

; Eliza  COOMLY; Wife; M; 27; Evershot  Dorset

; Fred  COOMLY; Son; S; 3 mths; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Sarah A  COOMLY; Daughter; S; 2; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Ellin  COOMLY; Daughter; S; 1; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Sarah  COOMLY; Mother; Widow; 68; Corscombe  Dorset


Cottage; Fanny  COOMBS; Head; Widow; 79; Gardeners wife; Heardington  Somerset


Cottage; Jane  FRAMPTON; Head; Widow; 80; Melbury Sandford  Dorset


Cottage; Eli   FRAMPTON; Head;  M; 36; Agricultural Labourer; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Louisa  FRAMPTON; Wife; M; 35; Bun*******  Somerset

; John  FRAMPTON; Son; S; 13; Corscombe  Dorset

; Henry  FRAMPTON; Son; S; 12; Reville  Dorset

; Fredrick  FRAMPTON; Son; S; 10; Bradford  Dorset

; Elizabeth  FRAMPTON; Daughter; S; 8; East Chelborough  Dorset

; A N  FRAMPTON; Son; S; 4; Halstock  Dorset


Cottage; Charles  MILLS (WILLS ?); Head; M; 28; Agricultural Labourer; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Louisa  MILLS(WILLS ?); Wife; M; 22; Glover; Rampisham  Dorset


Cottage; Richard  CAPP; Head; M; 23; Agricultural Labourer; Dartmoor  Devon

; Harriet  CAPP; Wife; M; 24; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Mary  CAPP; Daughter; S; 2; Maiden Newton  Dorset

; Georgina  CAPP; Daughter; S; 6 mths; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Betsey  MILLS (WILLS ?); Mother in Law; Widow; 67; Broadwinsor  Dorset

; Sarah M  PALMER; Servant; S; 10; Bridport  Dorset


Farm House Wood; John  NEAL; Head; M; 69; Farmer; East Chelborough  Dorset; Farms 300 acres employs 4 Labourers, 3 Boys and 2 (illegible)

Farm; Mary A  NEAL; Wife; M; 59; Yeovil  Somerset

; John  NEAL; Son; S; 30; East Chelborough  Dorset; Idiot from Birth

; Henry S G   NEAL; Son; S; 27; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Mary A  NEAL; Daughter; S; 24; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Susannah  NEAL; Daughter; S; 22; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Thomas  NEAL; Son; S; 20; East Chelborough  Dorset


Farm House; Thomas  BEALT (?); Head; M; 68; Farmer; Evershot  Dorset; Farms 88 acres employs 1 man

Horsey Farm; Susannah  BEALT (?); Wife; M; 69; West Chelborough  Dorset

; Harriet  BEALT (?); Daughter; S; 28; East Chelborough  Dorset

; Benjamin  BEALT (?); Son; S; 26; East Chelborough  Dorset


Harvest Wood Farm House not occupied

Private House; Occupied through the summer months by (illegible) Esq of Evershot the owner


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