Marriages 1801 - 1900

Transcribed by Rachel Kent

DHC Ref: PE/DEW/RE 3/2, 3/3 & 3/4


If no additional notes are made such as being a widow or a minor, then the registers recorded the man as a bachelor and the woman as a spinster.

From 1754 witnesses to the marriage were recorded. You will see these as the names immediately underneath the bride and groom. Later the father of the bride and the father of the groom were also recorded.

Lbr = labourer was the entered occupation.

W: = witnesses

Fa: = Fathers names

The following entry was under Banns but with no corresponding marriage entry

17 Apr 1812 Adam VINCENT and Susannah LEGG



31 Dec Robert Slade VINCENT and Elizabeth HOARE
W: George Harris



21 Feb William RICHARDSON, of East Hindon, Wiltshire and Ann FRIZEL
W: John Frizell

3 May Thomas BEST and Ann Morgan OBORN
W: William Davis, Harriot Davis and Mary Davis

10 May George HARRIS and Sarah OLD
W: Thomas Hall and Thomas Barnes

10 May Thomas HALL and Elizabeth SCOTT - by licence
W: Thomas Pouncy and Hannah Hall

10 Aug Robert ALNER and Elizabeth ANTHONY
W: Francis Rolls

9 Dec Edward HYDE, widower and Elizabeth FLOWER, widow of Gillingham
W: Thomas Pouncy and Priscilla Vincent



20 Apr George VINCENT and Maria ADAMS
W: Bridget Vincent

30 May Joseph SPRANKLAND, of Melcombe Horsey and Margaret SNOOK
W: Robert Davis and John Vincent

6 Aug Robert DAW and Sarah VINCENT
W: John Vincent



1 Apr John JACOB and Sarah VINCENT
W: Thomas Hall and Thomas Pouncy

2 May Henry BROWNE, of Child Okeford and Mary DAVIS - by licence
W: George Adney and Harriot Davis

20 May George ADNEY and Harriot DAVIS - by licence
W: Thomas Best and Giles Davis

13 Aug John COAT, widower of Milton Abbas and Sarah RUSSELL, widow
W: John Coats


6 Nov John KERLEY, widower and Jane STICKLAND
W: William Stickland and Hannah Foot



21 Jun James FIANDER and Margaret GAULTON
W: William and James Vincent

8 Jul Benjamin HALL, of Fordington and Mary FORD
W: Mary Nolton and Thomas Hall



26 Nov Henry TRIPP, of Longbredy and Mary TAPLING
W: Joseph Pain



27 Jul Joseph MOOREY and Grace GAULTON
W: Thomas Hall and John Yeats



21 Oct Robert FOOT and Jane VINCENT
W: Robert Davis and Christian Adams

30 Nov William ANTHONY and Ann VINCENT
W: Christian Adams and William Vincent



20 Feb Henry ADAMS and Mary SYMS
W: Jonathan Adams and Christian Adams

7 Oct Robert FOOT, of Mantson and Mary SNOOK
W: Henry Tripp and Thomas Vincent



6 May John Miller ANDREWS and Mary BROWN
W: James and William Vincent



2 Jun Thomas HARVEY, of Moreton and Maria LEGG
W: Adam and William Vincent



8 May John SMALL and Mary VINCENT
W: Adam and William Vincent

24 Jun Adam VINCENT and Susanna LEGG
W: James and William Vincent

29 Nov Joseph PAINE and Jane LEGG
W: John Miller Andrews, Adam and William Vincent



18 May Sam DRAKE and Jane BAKER
W: John Vine

7 Jul John May SHEPARD, of Chiselbourne and Mary RIGGS
W: Joseph Peecket and Phillis Riggs



1 Mar Charles COATES and Phillis RIGGS
W: Charlotte Coats and John Hall



27 Apr James SANSON, of Affpuddle and Mary CROSS
W: John Sanson, Elizabeth Cross

9 Aug Thomas CUTLER and Jane RIGGS
W: James Vincent and Mary Cutler

27 Sep Thomas FRAMPTON, of Bere Regis and Susanna ALNER
W: James Vincent and Henry Shrode

23 Nov Thomas EDMUNDS, of Cerne Abbas and Anne GROVES - by licence
W: Thomas Hall and Elizabeth Groves



4 Jan James BARTLETT, of Hilton and Charlotte COATES
W: Charles Coats and Eliza Coats

2 Apr Henry VINCENT, widower and Sarah CUTLER
W: Adam Vincent and Mary Ann Cutler

16 Apr David CHRISTOPHER, of Chesilborne and Jane GALTON
W: John Hall

29 Apr John SAWYER and Christian ADAMS
W: William Heaver and Ann Snelling

12 May Isaac DAVIS, of Piddletown and Christian ALNER
W: Henry Sheppard and Isabel  Letener?

17 Oct Edward PANE, of Fulbeck, Lincolnshire and Maria HODGES, age 19 of St Peters, Dorchester - by licence
W: W. Hodges and John Michel



5 May Lawrence COLE of Odcomb, Somerset and Mary Ann CUTLER
W: Samuel C. Cole and Elizabeth Foot



16 Mar Thomas CAPEL of Piddletown and Elizabeth SNELLING
W: Richard Snelling and William Vincent



20 Feb John ALNER , widower and Rebecca TUCKER
W: William Andrews and Susanna Brown

18 Apr John RIGGS, of Fordington and Mary Anne VINCENT
W: Robert Davis and Dinah Vincent

19 Apr James VINCENT and Mary RIGGS
W: Samuel Sambray and Elizabeth Snook

10 Aug William ADAMS, widower and Elisabeth FRAMPTON
W: William Ashes and Kitty Allner



5 Apr Robert DAW and Marianne RUNNICK
W: Deborah and William Vincent

11 Apr John SCUTT and Emma VINCENT
W: Deborah Vincent and Thomas Cox

28 May Joseph GAULTON and Sarah BANKS
W: Martha Marsh and Janus Hair

20 Sep Thomas GAULTON and Jane DOVE
W: Charles and Mary Gaulton



3 Mar Charles RIGGS, of Chiselborne and Mary GAULTON
W: George and William Vincent

30 Apr Robert FRAMPTON and Elizabeth CROSS
W: Robert and Ann Cross

17 Jul Charles MARKS, of Odcombe, Somerset and Catherine CUTLER
W: James Riggs and Elizabeth Foot

24 Nov James DAY and Sarah ALNER
W: Ann Alner and William Vincent

24 Nov John LEGG and Amelia EVERETT, of Milburn, Bere Regis
W: Jonathan Payne and Adam Vincent



4 Feb George DRAKE, widower of Milburn Churchstone and Elizabeth GROVES - by licence
W: Thomas Hall and Charles Pouncy

18 Jul Thomas LOVELESS, of Piddle Turthide and Dinah VINCENT
W: B. Williams and Robert Vincent

1 Oct John Mitchell SANSON, of Milton Abbas and Anna CROSS
W: John Codsell Jeffery and Anne Cross  



9 Aug Charles Drake BRETT and Jane BAYLEY
W: Thomas and Mary Ann Bayley

25 Dec George WHITE, of Piddletown and Martha HOLLAND
W: William Vincent and Sarah Holland



5 Jan John ADAMS and Jane Harnett SNELLING
W: Henry Alner and William Vincent

23 Feb William SATCHELL, of Charminster and Mary BROWN
W: Tamzey Brown and Deborah Vincent

20 May James RIGGS and Martha GRIFFITHS
W: Thomas Hall and Ann Whicler

7 Sep Henry ALNER, widower and Martha MARSH
W: Mary Anne Palinn and Thomas Hall

7 Nov George VINCENT and Maria ADAMS
W: Robert and Susanna Riggs

30 Dec James BARTER and Susanna BRITT
W: William Vincent and Wm ....?



24 Mar John ALNER and Jane AMEY
W: John Alner and Maria Alner

14 Aug Samuel ADAMS and Rebecca CROSS
W: Ann and John Sanson

21 Oct Richard SNELLING and Eliza COATES
W: Charles Coats and Susanna Riggs



31 Aug George RIGGS, of Chesilborne and Diana ALNER
W: Thomas Alner and Charlotte Holland



17 May William VINCENT and Harriett Rebecca PITT, of Nettleton - by licence
W: Charles Riggs and Deborah Vincent

13 Sep Joseph Samuel MULLETT and Mary Vincent CUTLER
W: William and Frances Cutler

8 Oct James GAULTON and Theresa MOOREY
W: William Vincent and Charles Gaulton

25 Oct Edward HARRIS and Thomasin ALNER
W: Robert and Maria Alner

8 Nov Thomas BROWN and Deborah VINCENT
W: James and Deborah Vincent



12 May Robert VINCENT and Mary TRAVERS
W: Sarah Vincent and Jonathan Mitchell

14 Oct William HART, widower of Chesilborne and Charlotte HOLLAND
W: David and Sarah Holland

29 Oct Charles Old ALNER and Sarah VINCENT
W: Robert and William Vincent

7 Nov Richard HOLLAND and Sarah ADAMS
W: Anna Cross and Anna Vincent

24 Dec Isaac VINCENT and Elizabeth VINCENT
W: William Brydle and Elizabeth Cooper



22 Feb William BRYDLE and Elizabeth COOPER - by licence
W: Elizabeth and Frederic Vincent

20 Sep Samuel PALMER, of St Philips, Bristol and Sarah Anne DUNMAN
W: Charles and Frances Dunman

13 Dec George BRETT, widower and Ann SNELLING
W: Eliza and Richard Snelling

29 Dec William JEFFREYS, of Milton Abbas and Elizabeth SINGLETON
W: John Anthony and William Andrews



4 Mar Jonathan VINCENT and Susanna HANSARD
W: Thomas Hansard and William Andrews

12 Apr Charles HALE, of Affpuddle and Deborah VINCENT
W: Frederic and Anna Vincent



20 Apr James PAYNE, widower of Piddletown and Susanna SNOOK
W: Joseph Payne and Charlotte Vincent



22 Apr Thomas BROWN, widower and Elizabeth FRY
W: Isabella Hansard and William Vincent

30 Sep Charles GAULTON and Jane WHITE
W: William Vincent and Jonathan Adams

16 Dec Charles VINCENT and Harriet WALBRIDGE
W: William Vincent and John Best



17 Feb James HAMMETT, widower and Anne GRUNING
W: George Park and William Vincent

5 Mar John RIGGS, of Chesilborne and Sarah JACOB
W: Henry Tomms and Sam Riggs

30 Apr William JACOBS, of Bere Regis and Frances ANTHONY
W: Sam Riggs and Seth Phelps

6 May John PENNY, of Frampton and Jane BRETT
W: Joseph Payne and Elizabeth Vincent

3 Sep George Vincent BROWN and Jane ROGERS
W: Elizabeth Brown and William Vincent

25 Sep William PARSONS and Anne VINCENT - by licence
W: George White and Deborah Hall and Frederic Vincent

8 Oct Robert FOOT and Elizabeth ALNER
W: David Harris and William Vincent

29 Oct John Skinner ALNER and Thomasina Anne Mitchell JACOB
W: Henry and Martha Alner



21 Apr Sam BROWN and Elizabeth VINCENT
W: Thomas Coward and William Andrews

21 Apr John GAULTON and Mary FOOT
W: Robert Davis and William Vincent

5  ? George VINCENT and Elizabeth RIGGS
W: Susanna and William Vincent

27 Sep William Gibson BARFOOT, of Fordington and Leah BLY - by licence
W: John Hazeldine and William Vincent

29 Dec Joseph RIGGS and Mary Anne PENNY
W: Elizabeth and Robert Riggs



27 Jun James HARDING, widower of Blandford and Frances CUTLER
W: Charles Cutler and Emma Squire

21 Jul Geo FOOT and Delilah HODGES
W: Sarah Foot and William Vincent



17 Apr Matthew BILLETT, widower and Mary ALNER
W: John M. Andrews and Robert Alner

28 Dec William ADAMS and Jane RIGGS, a minor, Buttoner
W: Emmanuel Cross and Jane Adams
Fathers: John Adams and Edmund Riggs



18 Feb Jacob VINCENT and Mary Elizabeth BRETT, Buttoner
W: Samuel Brown and Elizabeth Riggs
Fa: George Vincent and Henry BRETT, Lbr

15 Apr Richard LUCAS, widower of Tarrant Gunville and Jane ALNER, Buttoner
W: Joseph Collins and Frederic Vincent
Fa: John Lucas and Thomas Alner, Lbr

5 Jun Charles John HELYAR  Esq., of Poundisford Lodge and Charlotte Anne MICHEL, gentlewoman of Dewlish House
W: John Michel, Caroline Mary Michel, Mary Anne Harris, Grace Hodges, Walker Hodges, Charles Blain? and Ellen ....?
Fa: William Helyar Esq and John Michel, General in the Army

17 Jul Benjamin RICHARDS, of Pulham and Charlotte RICHARDS, Buttoner
W: Robert Alner, Mary Barnes, Charles and Frederic Vincent
Fa: James Richards, Lbr and Adam Vincent, Lbr
(I would guess that the bride Charlotte Richards is a mistake and should have been entered as Charlotte Vincent)

12 Aug Samuel BROWN, widower and Sarah Ann ALNER, not of age, Buttoner
W: William Andrews, Elizabeth Brown
Fa: Thomas Brown, Lbr and John Vatcher, Printer

20 Aug William Compton SAUNDERS, widower, Seedsman of Piddletown  and Susanna ROGERS, gentlewoman of Chebbard
W: Timothy? Groves, Rob and Ellen Rogers and Honour Saunders
Fa: Thomas Saunders, yeoman and Robert Rogers, yeoman

17 Sep George RIGGS, miller and Mary Biles VINCENT
W: Levi and Frances Riggs 
Fa: John Riggs, Yeoman and Sam Vincent, Mason



26 Jul Thomas PANHAM, widower of Wilton and Jane JEANS, widow
W: Jonathan, Susanna and Frederic Vincent
Fa: Richard Panham, Lbr and James Peach, Line Burner

27 Jul Charles VINCENT of Ostlerand Elizabeth FOOT, Buttoner
W: Robert Alner and Sarah Foot
Fa: Adam Vincent, Lbr and Robert Foot, Lbr

12 Nov Charles CUTLER , Mason and Fanny CHRISTOPHER
W: James Cutler and Emma Squire
Fa: John Cutler, Mason and David Christopher, Lbr

25 Dec Joseph BARNETT, Cordwainer and Frances DUNMAN
W: John Sanson Dunman, Marianne Barnett and Frederic Vincent




31 Mar William Foot CROSS, Woodman and Harriet Rebecca VINCENT, widow
W: Anna and Richard Cross
Fa: William Cross, Woodman

18 May John Sampson DUNMAN, Draper and Marianne BARNETT, of Stourpain
W: James and Joseph Barnett
Fa: John Dunman, grocer and James Barnett, cordwainer

30 Nov Robert ALNER, of Bere Regis and Eliza VINCENT, buttoner
W: Robert Payne, Mary Anne and Henry Vincent
Fa: Robert Alner, Coachman and Adam Vincent, Lbr




26 May James BAKER and Mary BARNES, servant
W: Morgan Marsh and Frederic Billett
Fa: Thomas Cutler, Mason and Henry Barnes, Tailor

26 May Stephen CUTLER, shepherd and Joanna HOMER, servant of Dorchester
W: Jeremiah and Mary Ann Riggs  
Fa: Thomas Cutler, Mason and John Homer, Lbr

12 Oct Morgan MARSH, Cordwainer and Sarah BARNES, Buttoner
W: James Homer and Emma Vincent
Fa: Thomas Marsh, Yeoman and Henry Barnes, Tailor

28 Dec Henry Robert FOOT, Woodman and Jane PLUMMER, Buttoner
W: Robert Payne and Phebe Daw
Fa: Robert Foot, Woodman and Josiah Plumer, Yeoman



6 Jul David LANE of Winterbourne and Mary SCUTT
W: Ann Vincent and Uriah Edwards
Fa: Geo Lane, Lbr and John Scutt, Lbr

6 Jul Rob JOYCE, Lbr of Winterbourne Kingston and Jane PAYNE
W: Anne Vincent and Uriah Edwards
Fa: James Joyce, Lbr and John Payne, Lbr

17 Sep John HARDY, of Langton Herring and Betsy DIMENT
W: Francis and Eliza Diment and George Brett
Fa: Benjamin Bartlett, Lbr and Francis Diment, Lbr




15 Apr James PLUMER, 28 Shepherd of Eberton and Anna Maria RUSSELL, 26 servant
W: George Brett and Susanna Russell
Fa: Josiah Plumer and Charles Russell, Mason

17 Apr George KINGSBURY, Carter of Whitechurch and Mary Galton MOREY
W: William Kingsbury and Phebe Daw
Fa: Joseph Kingsbury, Lbr and Joseph Morey, Lbr



24 Sep Solomon HOBBINS, 21 of Houghton and Martha HOMER, 18
W: James Homer and Jane Scutt
Fa: James Hobbins, Lbr and John Homer, Lbr



12 Jan John TOASH, widower, Lbr of Cheselborne and Mary BILLETT, Widow
W: Samuel Baker and George Brett
Fa: Richard Toash, Lbr and Robert Alner, Coachman

7 Dec Richard SHAVE, of Whitechurch and Phoebe DAW, Servant
W: Edwin Foster, George Brett and Drusilla Shave
Fa: John Shave, Tailor and Robert Daw, Mason



13 Oct George Templer GRAHAM, widower, Late a Captain in the Indian Army of Orpington and Caroline Mary MICHEL, Gentlewoman
W: Charles G Michel, Charles Helyar, Major ....?, plus 4 others
Fa: Robert Graham, Gentleman and John Michel, Army General



1 Mar George MAYN, Cordwainer and Sarah POPLE
W: George and Eliza Brett
Fa: James Shepherd, Yeoman and John Pople, Bailiff

17 May Emanuel ADAMS, 19 and Frances GAULTON, 27 buttoner
W: Rosanna Gaulton, Stephen and George Brett
Fa: Samuel Adams, Lbr and Thomas Gaulton, Lbr

7 Aug George PAYNE, Thatcher and Frances FOOT, buttoner
W: Frederick Payne, Frederick Foot and George Brett
Fa: Joseph Payne, Thatcher and Robert Foot, Woodman

4 Oct William CRITCHELL, 21 and Mary GAULTON, 18 buttoner
W: John Penny, Rosanna Gaulton and George Brett
Fa: Charles Critchell, Carter and James Gaulton, Carter 

26 Dec Ralph BARTLETT, 19  and Sarah VINCENT, 20 Servant
W: George Main and James Gillett
Fa: James Bartlett, Lbr



19 Apr Charles ALNER, 19 and Frances BEST, 27
W: Ralph Bartlett and George Main
Fa: Charles Alner, Lbr and James Best, Lbr

24 Apr Thomas BISHOP, Shoemaker of Milborne St Andrew and Frances PAYNE, Servant
W: Frederick Hunt, Margaretta Collier, Edwin Payne and George Main
Fa: James Bishop, Shopkeeper and Joseph Payne, Thatcher

22 Jun James BEST, widower of Pinperte? and Sarah ALNER, widow
W: William Dennett and George Main
Fa: Charles Best, Lbr and Robert Vincent, lbr

6 Dec John VINCENT and Hannah ANTHONY
W: Charles Brett and George Main
Fa: David Vincent, Sawyer and William Anthony, Lbr



 no marriages



7 Mar John Harred FICKERS, sailor on HM ship Prince Regent and Sarah Ann WARREN, servant
W: William Warren, Mary Ann Vine and George Main
F: John Harred Fickers, Sarj. of Militia and John Warren, Sarj. of Militia

23 Dec Frederick FOOT and Sarah PORTER, servant
W: Robert Riggs, George Main and Thuldah Gaulton
Fa: Robert Foot, Lbr and Josiah Porter, Lbr



22 Apr William BOOBY, 28 Yeoman of Warmwell and Sarah Elizabeth SYMES, 29
W: John Symes, Agnes Jane Symes, John Symes, Marianne and John Lynch
Fa: William Booby, Yeoman and William Symes, Yeoman

2 Sep William RIGGS, 28 and Jane VINCENT, 20 servant
W: Charles Galton, George Main
Fa: Edmund Riggs, Lbr and Charles Vincent, Lbr



31 Jan George HOMER, 23 and Mary Ann RUSSELL, 22 servant
W: James Warner
Fa: John Homer, Lbr and Cha Russell, Lbr

8 Jun John BRYANT, 25 Yeoman of Little Windsor and Agnes J SYMES, 26
W: William Symes, Ellen Sargant, James Symes, Marianne Symes  
Fa: John Bryant, Yeoman and William Symes, Yeoman

7 Jul William Cross DENNETT, 25 Shepherd and Rosanna GAULTON, 27 servant
W: Thuldah Gaulton and George Main
Fa: John Dennett, shepherd and Thomas Gaulton, Lbr

14 Nov George HOMER, 22 smith and Mary BROWN, 21
W: Richard Rossiter and Mary Homer
Fa: Henry Homer, gardener and Thomas Brown, Lbr



13 Jul William VINCENT and Elizabeth CUTLER
W: Stephen Cutler and Dinah Homer
Fa: George Vincent, Lbr dead

3 Aug William PURCHASE and Alicia ALNER, servant
W: John Amey and Dinah Alner
Fa: Robert Purchase, Lbr dead

18 Aug John ALNER of Stafford and Dinah ALNER
W: William and Elizabeth Alner
Fa: Deceased and Deceased

18 Oct Robert FRAMPTON and Honor RIGGS
Cha Gaulton and Jane Riggs
Dead and Edward Riggs, bricklayer



22 Nov Edward BELL, shepherd of Chesilborne and Elder GAULTON
(she signed her name as Thuldah Gaulton)
W: Samuel and Sidona Gaulton
Fa: George Bell and Thomas Gaulton


25 Dec Richard DAVIS, yeoman of Bradford, Yeovil and Mary Ann COLE
W: Charles and Cristina Cole
Fa: Dead and George Cole, cordwainer

25 Dec Henry SHINAR, widower and Elizabeth RIGGS
W: William and Jane Riggs
Dead and Edward Riggs, Lbr



18 Feb William Gould SARJEANT, of Long Brady and Sarah Ann GAULTON
W: Reuben and Mary Gaulton
Fa: William Sarjeant, Lbr and James Gaulton, Lbr

10 Apr Absolom VINCENT and Dinah WOODFORD, servant
W: Stephen Freak, Mary Ann Woodford and James Purchase
Fa: Jonathan Vincent, Lbr and Robert Woodford, Lbr

15 May David ROSS, widower /miller and Mary COLLIER, of Piddletrentide
W: Samuel and Tabitha Miller
Fa: James Ross, Baker and James Collier, Innkeeper

13 Apr Robert PARSONS, carpenter and Sidona GAULTON
W: Eliza Gaulton and Rob Crocker
Fa: John Parsons, Carpenter and John Gaulton, Lbr



27 May Abraham ARNOLD, 25 and Mary Ann CUTLER, 20 servant
W: Charles and Mary Rolls Cutler
Fa: Thomas Arnold, Carpenter and William Cutler, Lbr

7 Sep John DENNETT, Shepherd and Sarah BRETT
W: Rosanna and William Cross Dennett
Fa: Jacob Dennett and David Brett

1 Oct Albert ROSS, bricklayer and Elizabeth SHEPHERD, shop keeper
W: Samuel Miller and Mary Ann Shepherd
Fa: James Ross, Baker and John Shepherd, Innkeeper

22 Oct Robert CROCKER, 27 and Eliza Jane GAULTON , 20
W: James Gaulton and Eliza Anna Tucker
Fa: William Crocker, Lbr and John Gaulton, Lbr



4 Feb James McLAREN, Bailiff of Codford St Mary and Elizabeth ALNER      
W: Joseph Barnett and Emily Alner
Fa: John McLaren, gardener and John Skinner Alner, blacksmith

21 Sep Geo LOCK and Ann BROWN
W: John Lock and Sarah Alner
Fa: Andrew Lock, Lbr and George Brown, Lbr



31 Mar David Genett FIZEL and Harriett BUTT
W: George Tiddle and Eliza Ann Butt
Fa: Thomas Fizel, Carner and George Butt, shepherd

8 Sep Stephen CUTLER, widower Miller and Mary RIDOUT
W: Edward Vatcher, Elizabeth White, John and Sarah Cutler
Fa: Thomas Cutler, bricklayer and George Ridout, Lbr



28 Mar Job AILES, miller and Eliza Snelling BARTLETT
W: James and Charlotte Bartlett
Fa: Sam Ailes, Lbr and James Bartlett, Lbr

29 Apr Levi Thomas Gaulton, 20  and Eliza VINCENT, 19
W: George Robert Gaulton and Rachel Bishop
Fa: Thomas Gaulton, Lbr and Charles Vincent, Lbr

23 May Charles FOOT and Charlotte Bartlett
W: James Bartlett and Eliza Ailes
Fa: Robert Foot, Woodman and James Bartlett, Lbr

15 Nov James TUCKER and Frances Jane ADAMS
W: Reuben and Mary Tucker
Fa: William Tucker, ragman and William Adams, Lbr



4 Apr George CHANDLER, Teacher and Helen SLATER
W: James Ede and Eliza Slater
Fa: Charles Chandler, mariner and James Slater, builder

14 May James LAKE and Matilda Jane GAULTON
W: Samuel Gaulton and Ann Lake
Fa: James Lake, Lbr and Charles Gaulton

23 Sep William HILES and Emma GALE, of Bradpole
W: Walter Lovely and Martha Gale
Fa: Thomas Hiles, Lbr and John Gale, Lbr

13 Nov Reuben GAULTON and Eliza Jane MARSH
W: Robert George Gaulton and Mary Elizabeth Marsh
Fa: James Gaulton, Lbr and Isaac Marsh, carter

19 Dec Reuben TUCKER and Lydia Susan VINCENT
W: Sarah Vincent and Mary Tucker
Fa: William Tucker, Lbr and Jonathan Vincent, Lbr



5 Apr Henry OLIVER, of Lyscombe and Hannah CROSS, 18
W: Rebecca Adams and Emmanuel Cross
Fa: William Oliver, shepherd and Emmanuel Cross, Lbr

22 May James EDGAR, widower and Jane GERMAN
No signatures and no other info

2 Oct John ADAMS and Dinah VINCENT, widow
W: Ann Elizabeth Riggs and Mary Hammett
Fa: William Adams, Lbr and Robert Woodman

17 Dec William MARSH and Tamsen BROWN
W: Elizabeth Rogers Brown and Mary Elizabeth Marsh
Fa: Isaac Marsh, Carter and George Brown, Lbr



7 Feb Solomon GAULTON and Julia DENTE
W: Charles Gaulton and Eliza Jane Gaulton
no fathers names

27 Apr Frederick VINCENT, widower \ carpenter and Mary Ann Shepherd
W: Albert Ross and Ethearda? Shepherd
Fa: William Vincent, carpenter and John Shepherd, publican

27 Jun Samuel TOMS and Caroline GAULTON, 17
W: William Chorobel? and Harriett Gaulton
Fa: Charles Toms, Lbr and James Gaulton, Lbr

25 Jul James BECK and Ann LOCKE
W: Joha Locke and Mary Ann Vincent
Fa: Charles Beck, Lbr and Andrew Locke, Lbr

28 Jul James CLARK, widower\ miller of Charminster and Caroline COLE
W: George and Sarah Cole
Fa: William Clark, Lbr and George Cole, cordwainer

3 Dec Jacob VINCENT and Mary TUCKER
W: George Gillarean and Eliza Harnett
Fa: Jonathan Vincent, Lbr and William Tucker



26 Jan Frank SWANBORBROUGH, policeman of Devizes and Jane FOOT
W: George and Salina Foot
Fa: Thomas Swanbrough and George Foot, Lbr

7 May John LOCKE and Mary Ann VINCENT
W: James and Ann Beck
Fa: Andrew Locke, Lbr and James Vincent, Lbr

3 Sep Thomas HOWE and Louisa BISHOP
W: James Woodland and Martha Knight
Fa: William Howe, carter and William Bishop, Lbr

7 Oct Charles GAULTON, widower and Emma DENNETT
W: John and Sarah Dennett
Fa: Thomas Gaulton, Lbr and John Dennett, Lbr



29 Jul Charles VINCENT, 48 and Caroline SHINER, 29
W: Mary Ann and John Locke
Fa: Adam Vincent, Lbr and Henry Shiner, Lbr

29 Jan Jacob ALNER, 30 and Martha PENNY, 24
W: Elias Albert and Louisa Jane Alner
Fa: John Alner, Lbr and Silas Penny, carpenter

22 Feb Robert KELLAWAY, 35 blacksmith and Emily Adelaide ALNER, 29
W: Robert and Mary Kingsbury
Fa: George Kellaway, gardener and John Shiner Alner, blacksmith

7 Jun Joha FISH, 24 shoemaker and Ann Rebekah MARSH, 23
W: Henry Thomas Marsh and Sarah Elizabeth Gaulton
Fa: John Fish, gardener and Morgan Marsh, shoemaker

26 Dec Samuel COOPER, 29 bricklayer of Ryde Newchurch, Isle of Wight and Harriett GALTON, 30
W: William Critchell and Eliza Gaulton
Fa: Henry Cooper, builder and James Gaulton, Lbr



4 Apr David SPRAKE, 24 of Turnworth and Sarah Ann SLADE
W: William and Ann Slade
Fa: John Sprake, Lbr and Mathew Slade, Lbr

21 May Joseph Sedney BARRET, shoemaker and Sarah Elizabeth CUTLER
W: John Fish and Caroline Cutler
Fa: no name, shoemaker and James Cutler, gardener

10 Oct Frederick WHITE, 24 miller and John CUTLER, 19
W: Thomas Cutler and Mary White
Fa: Daniel White, carter and Stephen Cutler, miller

21 Apr Alfred GAULTON, 25 widower \ gardener and Mary Ann LEWIS, 36
W: Louisa Harobin and William Russell
Fa: James Gaulton, Lbr and John Lewis, Lbr

6 Jul William CUTLER, 29 mason and Louisa CUTLER, 21
W: James and Hester Cutler
Fa: Stephen cutler, mason and Charles Cutler, mason

13 Aug George DRAKE, 25 sawyer of Piddletrenthide and Susan Sarah MARSH, 21
W: William Marsh, Reuben and Elizabeth Jane Gaulton
Fa: Daniel Drake, timber dealer and Isaac Marsh, Lbr



22 Apr Henry Thomas MARSH, 22 shoemaker and Emily VINCENT, 21
W: John Fish and Sarah Ann Cole
Fa: Morgan Marsh, shoemaker and Jonathan Vincent, lbr

14 Apr Samuel Rickets WELSTEAD, 33 widower and Ann CROSS, 22
W: Charles Legg and Prudence Cross
Fa: Benjamin Welstead, Lbr and Emmanuel Cross, Lbr

30 Jun Richard Waran CAINES, 21 and Louisa DAWES, 19
W: Reuben and Eliza Gaulton
Fa: Charles Caines, Lbr and William Dawes, Lbr

28 Jul Thomas HOARE, 22 bricklayer and Sarah FOOT, 21
W: William Legg and Selina Foot
Fa: Thomas Collier, Yeoman and George Foot, Lbr



21 Sep Giles John GREGORY, 21 carpenter and Hester CUTLER, 22
W: William and Annie Cutler
Fa: Giles Gregory, carp and Charles Cutler, bricklayer



29 Feb Walter George FOOT, 20 and Louisa Ellen MARSH, 20
W: William Legg and Selina Foot
Fa: George Foot, Lbr and Isaac Marsh, Lbr



17 Apr Edward BILT, widower \ shepherd of Chesilborne and Prudence CROSS
W: Samuel Richard Wellstead and Sarah Jane Adams
Fa: William Bilt, Lbr and Emmanuel Seward Cross, woodman

29  Jul Thomas HONEBON, 24 baker & grocer and Sarah Ann COLE, 24
W: George Cole and Caroline Davis
Fa: Robert Honebon, coal dealer and George Cole, grocer

6 Oct Henry Hardy CROCKER, 24 farmer and Sarah Jane WOODLAND
W: Charles Woodland and Susan Amelia Crocker
Fa: James Crocker, farmer and John Woodland, blacksmith



16 Apr Charles Jesse HOOKEY, 23 of Milborne St Andrew and Selina FOOT, 29
W: Walter and Sabrina Foot
Fa: John Henry, Lbr and George Foot, Lbr



31 May James HILES, 37 soldier in the marines of Portsmouth and Elizabeth ADAMS, 30
W: Thomas William Hiles and Susan Barter
Fa: Thomas Hiles, Lbr and William Adams, Lbr

24 Dec Fred BARTER, 23 and Eliza ALNER, 22
W: John Alner and Mary Ann Barter
Fa: Thomas Barter, shepherd and Elias Alner, Lbr



13 Feb George Alfred DRAKE, 24 gamekeeper and Sarah TIZZARD, 23
W: John Crocker and Mary Jane Tizzard
Fa: John Drake, gamekeeper and Francis Tizzard, dairyman

22 Aug Charles WHITE, 32 mason of Milborne St Andrew and Eliza CUTLER, 26
W: Frederick White and Emily Cutler
Fa: Charles Cutler, mason and Stephen Cutler, miller

21 Dec William BARTER, 40 widower and Martha ALNER, 34
W: Louisa Jane and Eliza Alner
Fa: William Barter, Lbr and Silas Penny, carpenter



25 Sep Henry William RIGGS, 20 and Lucy RANDALL, 19
W: John Randel and Elizabeth Jane Riggs
Fa: William Riggs, Lbr and Robert Randall, carter

9 Oct Silas John ALNER, 26 gamekeeper and Sarah BASCOMBE, 19
W: David Alner and Ellen Bascombe
Fa: Elias Alner, Lbr and George Bascombe, gardener



25 Mar John Crocker TIZZARD, 23 dairyman and Jessie SIMPSON, 26
W: George Alfred Drake and Mary Jane Tizzard
Fa: Francis Tizzard, dairyman and Alexander Simpson, fisherman



24 Dec John NILES, 29 coachman and Eliza Jane RIGGS, 34
W: Levi Riggs and Emily Marsh
Fa: George Niles, mason and Joseph Riggs, Lbr



25 Dec George Henry TOMS, 23 and Emma Jane VINCENT, 24
W: Jacob Vincent and Elizabeth Ann Toms
Fa: Frank Toms, Lbr and Absolom Vincent, Lbr



17 Feb Charles KELLAWAY, 21 dairyman and Jane Ann KELLAWAY, widow
W: J. and Julia Newman
Fa: Charles Kellaway, trade pedlar and Samuel Fudge, dairyman

28 Mar Frank BASCOMBE, 32 and Elizabeth Annie MEARS, 23
W: George Bascombe and Rose Kendall
Fa: George Bascombe, Lbr and William Mears, Lbr

3 Nov John MULLETT, 22 carter and Louisa VINCENT, 26
W: John Damon and Emily May Rose Cutler
Fa: James Mullett, Lbr and William Vincent, gardener



20 Feb George BASCOMBE, 22 and Rosa Jane KENDALL, 18
W: John Alner and Susan Barter
Fa: George Bascombe, Lbr and John Kendall, tailor

10 Apr Alfred John KELLAWAY, 22 and Louisa ALNER, 24
W: Charles Kellaway and Martha Homer
Fa: Robert Kellaway, carpenter and Elias Alner, Lbr

13 Jul Richard Warren CAINES, 32 widower and Mary Ann SMITH, 21
W: Morgan Marsh and Mary Jane Riggs
Fa: Charles Caines, Lbr and William Smith, Lbr



24 Oct John Amy, 20 postman and Mary Eliza CROSS, 27
W: Alfred and Elizabeth Cross
Fa; William Amey, Lbr and Emmanuel Cross, Lbr

12 Nov Samuel BARRETT, 21 and Mary Jane Cox RIGGS, 19 servant
W: Thomas George Coat and Sarah Anne Riggs
Fa: George Barrett, Lbr and George Riggs, Lbr



25 Feb Eli FUDGE, 28 dairyman and Elizabeth TUCKER, 54 widow
W: John Alner and Martha Tucker
Fa: Samuel Fudge, dairyman and James Gibbs, Lbr

17 Apr Francis Charles TIZZARD, 21 dairyman and Susanna BARTER, 20
W: James Barter and Ann Tizzard
Fa: Francis Tizzard, dairyman and Thomas Barter, shepherd

1 Nov Henry ANDREWS, 22 and Ellen CHRISTOPHER, 21
W: John and Emily Christopher
Fa: John Andrews, fisherman and ? Christopher, shepherd

24 Dec Wm OLD, 21 of Chesilborn and Edna CHRISTOPHER, 18
W: James and Emily Christopher
Fa: James Old, shepherd and James Christopher, groom



25 Mar Walter MIDWAY, 33 salt cutter and Martha Ackerman PECKHAM, 30
W: William Alner and Christiane Ackerman Peckham
Fa: Thomas Burge Midway, currier and Charles Peckham, sailor

7 Sep Edward William JUDD, 28 butcher of St Thomas Salisbury and Anne Eliza BRETT, 26
W: Henry John Judd, Helena Sarah Mains, Flora, George and Frances Brett
Fa: Mr Judd - Deceased and George Brett, head gardener



24 Jun Joseph Henry Warren, 21 and Sarah Ann Gaulton TOMS, 21
W: Fred Gillingham and Harriett Toms
Fa: James Warren, Lbr and Samuel Toms, Lbr

31 Jul James POPE, 27 and Bithar MOWLAM, 23
W: William and Mary Ann Pope
Fa: Charles Pope, deceased and William Mowlam, blacksmith



5 May Sydney HARRIS, 20 and Elizabeth CROSS, 21
W: Emmanuel Cross and Elizabeth Mary Tucker
Fa: Emmanuel Cross, Lbr and Robert Henry, Lbr

1 Aug John Robert Newberry PARSONS, cabinet maker and Ellen KENT
W: Sarah Kent and Arthur Parsons
Fa: Robert Parsons, cabinet maker and Charles Kent, farmer

30 Aug Samuel Stephen CUTLER, carrier and Rose Sabina CRITCHELL
W: William and Cecily Sarah Critchell
Fa: Stephen Cutler, carrier and William Critchell, Lbr



21 Jan Philip DOWNTON, 23 soldier of Portland and Mary Ann POPE, 23
W: Charles Downton and Bessie Pope
Fa: James Downton, Lbr and Charles Pope, Lbr

9 Apr Charles James BECK, 22 carter and Mary Elizabeth MARSH, 25
W: William George Foot and Selina Ann Beck
Fa: Francis John Beck, Lbr and William Marsh, carter

3 May Simon LEGG, 25 and Emily Mary Rose CUTLER, 27
W: Frederick White and Fanny Vincent
Fa: John Legg, Lbr and Stephen Cutler, carrier

29 May James LEGG, Lbr and Phoebe Alice GAULTON
W: Alfred and Sarah Frances Legg
Fa: no fathers names

11 Jun James Benjamin TUCKER, 24 of Purton Wiltshire and Rosetta LEGG, 25
W: Alfred and Sarah Frances Legg
Fa: .....? Tucker, Lbr and Albert Legg, Lbr



1 Jan Thomas WORTHING, 39 wheelwright of Rhaydder and Rhoda CROSS, 28
W: Emmanuel Cross and Elizabeth Harris
Fa: Edward Worthing, coal merchant and Emmanuel Cross, Lbr

2 Apr John William SYMES, 30 dairyman and Cecily Sarah CRITCHELL, 30
W: William and Rosa Sabina Critchell
Fa: William Symes, dairyman and William Critchell, Lbr

4 Jul Albert BEST, 22 Lbr of Steeple and Fanny VINCENT, 34
W: Frederick White and Mary Ann Thomas
Fa: Henry Best, Lbr and William Vincent, groom

1 Oct George Robert WHITE, 19 carter and Gentilla E. VATCHER, 19
W: Elizabeth Helen and Edward Vatcher
Fa: George White, carter and Edward Vatcher, Lbr

28 Nov Samuel James SAMWAYS, 24 and Jane GAULTON, 23
W: Richard Waran Caines and Bessie Samways
Fa; Christopher Samways, Lbr and Charles Gaulton, Lbr



10 Apr Sidney Charles VATCHER, 25 and Julia Ann GAULTON, 20
W: George Robert White and Bertha Mary Vatcher
Fa: Edward Vatcher, carter and Elisha Gaulton, Lbr

2 Jun Tom MORRIS, 21 and Bertha Mary VATCHER, 24
W: Edward and Edith Helen Vatcher
Fa: ? Morris, mason and Edward Vatcher, Lbr

25 Sep Frederick Samuel ADAMS, 19 blacksmith and Sabina CAINES, 26
W: Reuben Caines and Sarah Jane Baskett
Fa: Frederick Galton, Lbr and Charles Caines, Lbr

2 Oct William BELENGER, 26 carter and Edith Helen VATCHER, 27
W: Martha Mary Morris and Edward Vatcher
Fa: George Belenger, Lbr and Edward Vatcher, Lbr

23 Oct William ROGERS 32 farmer and Jessie Edgell KENT, 23
W: F. J. Johnson and Edith Essington Kent
Fa: Robert Rogers, farmer and Charles Kent, farmer

25 Dec Ernest George ADAMS, 23 Ironmonger of Polkesdown and Ada Emily BARNETT, 21
W: Joseph Sydney and Lillian Maude Barnett
Fa: Joseph Frederick Adams, ironmonger and Joseph Sydney Barnett, bootmaker

27 Dec William Charles WHITE, 19 and Mary HILLIER, 19
W: Joseph and Annie J. Hillier
Fa: James White, Lbr and Joseph Hillier, Lbr



25 Feb Frederick Charles VALLENCE, 20 dairyman of Palington and Sarah Jane WELLSTEAD, 20
W: Frederick John Wellstead and Jane Wills
Fa: Edward Vallence, shepherd and Samuel Rickett Wellstead, Lbr

24 Mar Joseph LANE, 25 and Emily CHRISTOPHER, 25
W: G. and May Christopher
Fa: James Lane, groom and Charles Christopher, shepherd

4 Apr Joseph William ROSSITTER, 24 carpenter and Louisa VINCENT, 21
W: F. Rossiter and F. Kellaway
Fa: George Rossiter, carpenter and Charles Vincent, Lbr

28 Jul William GRAY, 26 and Martha ALNER, 26
W: Alfred James Howard and Elizabeth Ann Gray
Fa: Henry Gray, Lbr and Elias Alner, Lbr



9 Jun Walter Robert GAULTON TOMS, 27 and Agnes MEARS, 21
W: John Barter and Annie Mears
Fa: Samuel Toms, Lbr and John Mears, Lbr

8 Nov George CHRISTOPHER, 29 of Denstah? and Eveline Jane BECK, 20
W: Francis John and Selina Ann Beck 
Fa: Charles Christopher, shepherd and Francis John Beck, Lbr

22 Dec Frederick TUCKER, 32 groom and Mary Ann BARTER, 34
W: John and Phoebe Barter
Fa: William Tucker, Lbr and Thomas Barter, shepherd



3 Apr Fred GILLINGHAM, 27 and Theresa Gaulton TOMS, 19
W: Samuel Toms and Mary Homes
Fa: John Gillingham, Lbr and Samuel Toms, Lbr

3 Apr Frederick James CUFF, 20 and Edith Jane FIANDER, 20
W: George William and Annie Elizabeth Cuff
Fa: Edward Cuff, Lbr and William Fiander, Lbr

2 Oct Alfred SAUNDERS, 24 and Blanche Caroline TOMS, 23
W: Horace Edwin Toms and Susan Betty Saunders
Fa: George Saunders, Lbr and Samuel Toms, Lbr

23 Apr Albert Henry PAYNE, 24 butcher of Athelhampton and Martha Annie MEARS
W: Charles Mears and Florence Legg
Fa: Edwin Henry Payne, butcher and John Mears, Lbr



18 Jun George Elias James MEARS, 29 and Phoebe BARTER, 37
W: John Barter and Beatrice Bridle
Fa: John Mears, Lbr and Thomas Barter, shepherd

15 Apr William STICKLAND, 42 widower gardener and Mary Jane ABBOTT, 41
W: James Thorp and Amelia Beatrice Mitchell
Fa: William Stickland, farm hand and Jane Ann, servant

30 Sep Henry FOOT, 24 and Elizabeth Helena CURTIS, 25
W: George Charles and Emma Jane Curtis
Fa: James Foot, Lbr and Samuel Curtis, Lbr



22 Oct William WETHERALL, 21 groom of Haughton and Beatrix Ann VATCHER, 20
W: William Belenger and Charity Kat Vatcher
Fa: Richard Wetherall, Lbr and Edward Vatcher, Lbr



7 Jun Henry William MEARS, 28 and Mary TREVETT, 22 of Puddletown
W: Frederick George Chapman and Alice Trevett
Fa: John Mears, Lbr and George Trevett, Lbr

7 Jun John Thomas MEARS, 20 groom and Alice TREVETT
W: William Trevett and Rose Damen
Fa: John Mears, Lbr and Charles Trevett, Lbr

23 Aug Albert WILCOX, 24 bricklayer of Bondbury? and Mary Jane MILLS, 24
W: Frank Cozens and Rhoda Mills
Fa: George Wilcox, shepherd and George Mills, carter

15 Nov George FOOT, 22 and Beatrice Annie CURTIS, 20
W: Henry Foot and Mary Ann Curtis
Fa: James Foot, Lbr and Samuel Curtis, Lbr



 no marriage entries



26 Oct Harry SIMMONDS, 32 carpenter of Brading and Louisa Harriett CRITCHELL, 23
W: Daniel Stephen Cutler and Bessie Georgina Foot
Fa: George Simmonds, carriage carpenter and Albert Critchell, Lbr


no entries

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