Marriages 1633 - 1800

Transcribed by Rachel Kent

DHC Ref: PE/DEW/RE 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 3/1 & 3/2


If no additional notes are made such as being a widow or a minor, then the registers recorded the man as a bachelor and the woman as a spinster.

From 1754 witnesses to the marriage were recorded. You will see these as the names immediately underneath the bride and groom. Later the father of the bride and the father of the groom were also recorded.

Lbr = labourer was the entered occupation.

W: = witnesses

Fa: = Fathers names

The following entries were under Banns but with no corresponding marriage entry


3 May 1778 Henry BARNES, widow and Elizabeth LOVELL of Milton

6 Oct 1780 Samuel SHEPHERD, widow of Milton Abbas an Ann THENNER

24 Mar 1789 Thomas FRAMPTON and Lucy KINGSBURY of Chesilborne

16 Feb 1794 Silas VINCENT and Barbara SARGENT

11 May 1794 John RIGGS, widow and Susannah LOVELESS

3 Sep 1797 Henry BRITT and Sarah DRAKE of Piddletown



14 Mar Robert B.......? and Joan ALNER married

5 May  Tho PARONS and Rebekah ADDAMS married

23 Jun  David LANE and Joane THOMAS married

3 May  John HOOPER and Mary SHORT



20 Apr  Leonard PAUL and Margaret JOLLIFFE

?  ?     Thomas GALTON and Christian  ...............?



13 Aug Henry LODER and Elinor DEVORD

18 Jan  William LOVERAGE and Alice WILLIAMS

24 Feb  Richard HULBORD and Honor BASKETT



13 Jun  Thomas PARSONS, clerk and Alice SAPP

6 Dec Thomas VYNE and Mary KEATE



3 Jul   Henry ALNER and Smathee SAMWAIES



28 May Thomas JOYCE and Elinor CREECH

9 Aug   Samuel POPE and Elizabeth RADWAY

8 Oct Edmund VINCENT and Elizabeth BLUNT



30 Sep  Thomas HOGGARD and Elizabeth HUGHES



13 Jan  William LOVELACE and Alice WILKINS

13 Apr  Henrie WAY and Margaret WILLES

19 Oct  Robert MEADEN and Christian BOUNE

9 Nov   Richard MOORE and Elizabeth PATICH



4 May  Thomas GOADINTH and Elizabeth CARMAN

6 May  Raynold DODGE AND Margaret PORKROLE

30 Sep  Richard HAGGARD and Maria VINCEN



2 May  George MICHELL and Selina VINCEN

27 Jun  Richard HOLMES and Elizabeth SYMOND

8 Aug   John VINCEN and Joane DEWIE?

19 Oct  John CHIPPPE and Isgrat HUCHINS



20 Dec William HAYWARD? and Mary CREECH



22 Oct  William TALBOT and Elizabeth STANFORD



2 Feb ................? VINCEN and Alice WATTS



9 Jun Henry VINCEN and Amy DAVIS

25 Jun  George  ..........? and Selina MICHELL

2 Jul   Thomas ELIOT and Joane HOGGARD



12 Sep  Thomas WINZER and Rosa HUMFREY



28 May Tristrum CHUBB and Margaret GALTON

?  ?     Thomas LOKYER and Dorothy HODGES

?  ?     William MARTIN and Margery PHENIAN

10 Sep  John SPEARE and Anne EVE



29 Sep  Wm ALNER and Jane JEANS



6 Jul   John PHIPPS and Mary HOOPER

31 Dec Thomas PHELLEPS Esq and Bridgett BUSKETT



23 Apr  Anthony FISHER and Bridgett CREECH

15 Aug Christopher ALNER and Margory HOVELL or Perett



1 Nov   Thomas ALLEN and Mary VYNE



23 May William HASCOLE and Ann ALNOR



6 Oct William HUXFORD and Christian DEVERELL

16 Oct  Henry KINGSBURY and Frances VYNE



5 May  Thomas PARSONS and Rebekah ADDAMS

14 May William BROOKS and Joan ALNOR

25 Jun  Barnard LANE and Jeane THOMAS



5 Jul   Henrie SHERING and Hanah ALLNER



13 Jul   Thomas LING and Elinor LOADER



9 Feb William SENT and Bridgett VINCENT



?  ?     ...........? GARMAN and Sara VIVIAN



21 Oct  John VINE and Joan HUTCHINGS



4 Aug   Joseph VINCEN and Mary BARNES



1 Mar   Giles FISSON and Elizabeth WINSOR or Vincent

6 May  Henry ARNOLD and Julia NOTTING



12 Apr  John WHIFFEN and Dinah MASTERS or Maker



6 Apr John LONG and Margaret ALNER



2 Mar   Thomas NEWPOUND and Honor VINSENT



12 May Noah DEAVARD and Honor HOARE



2 Feb George VINCENT and Mary HOOPER

24 July John GARMENT and Mary GRIFFEN

10 Nov Thomas FIRMAGE, of West Norden and Elizabeth GAULTON



3 Apr Richard STECKLAND and Joan VINE



3 Apr John ANSTEY and Anne HOLLOWAY



22 Jan  James VACHER of Milburn St Andrew and Elisabeth VINCENT



3 Jan Thomas VINCENT and Hannah FOODGE

28 Nov James VINCENT and Anne MOULAM



25 Jul   Thomas THOMAS, of Cern and Margaret VINCENT



6 Jan Samuel WILTS, of All Saints and Jean CHILES

15 Sep  Joseph VIVIAN and Margaret HARESS



12 Apr  John CUTLER and Mary COLLENS

17 Apr  John VINCENT and Tamsian GRAY



27 Feb  John DAVIS, of Milborn St Andrew and Sarah BARNES

27 Jul   Richard LEGG and Sarah VINCENT

9 Oct Richard SPICER, of Milborn St Andrew and Grace GALTON



2 Feb Henery MOULAM, of Milborn St Andrew and Anne VIVIAN or Vincen

13 Mar William Drake GOULD, of Pridams Leigh, Devon and Ellen Margaret BELFIELD



29 Mar Thomas PAIN and Mary HARRIS



7 Sep Robert MITCHEL, of Clenston and Honour DEVARD



26 Jun  Noah DEVARD and Mary GALTON



30 Jul Christopher SLADE, of Turnspiddle and Jane GRANT



27 Jun James HARDING, of Milborn St Andrew and Mary SNOW
Witnesses: James Budge and Richard LEGG

1 Jul   John DICKER and Esther HUTCHINS
W: John Vincent and Richard Legg



25 Jun  Wm BARTER and Jane HURD
W: Adam Dunford and Richard Legg

2 Nov   Bartholomew WILLIAMS, of Tollpuddle and Hannah HUTCHINS
W: John Vincent and Richard Legg



5 Jul   John SMITH and Ann ANSWORTH
W: William Gaulton and Richard Legg

4 Oct Edward VINCENT and Elizabeth BEST
W: Thomas Pouncey and Richard Legg

25 Oct  Joseph SIMS and Sarah HUTCHINS
W: John Vincent and Richard Legg

25 Oct  James GAULTON, of Winterborne Kingston and Ann VINCENT
W: James Bridge and Richard Legg



8 Oct Zechariah CLARKE, of Shapwick and Elizabeth MATTOCK
Wit: David Drake and Richard Legg



25 Mar Thomas PENNEY or Pouncy and Mary KINGSBURY - by licence
W: John Kingsbury and RL

6 Apr George WHITE, of Chiselborne and Ann VINCENT
W: John Grey

26 May Wm MARSHFIELD, of Broadmain and Mary PEARSE
W: James Bridge

31 Aug Noah DEVARD and Elizabeth PAIN
W: James Harris

29 Oct  James SALISBURY, of Fordington and Susannah DRAKE
W: John Vincent



16 Apr  John VINCENT and Betty GIFFORD - by licence
W: William Barter

24 Aug John HOWARD, widower of Blandford Forum and Mary COATE - by licence
W: Richard Legg and John Vincent



4 Apr Wm TUCKER and Betty DAY
W: Thomas Brown



19 Jan  John FOOT and Elizabeth DEVARD, widow
W: John Vincent

26 Feb  William BROWN and Jenny CURTIS
W: William Alner

5 Jun James VINCENT and Betty HEWES
W: James Bridge

6 Aug   Richard SNELLEN, Lbr and Mary WINSAR
W: William Alner

26 Aug William COLLINS, widower and Mary COLLIER
W: George White

17 Sep  John DRAKE, of Chiselborne and Sarah ADAMS
W: John White

10 Oct  Robert FOOT, Lbr and Mary TUCKER
W: Thomas Brown



13 Jan  William WHITE, Lbr of Bere Regis and Judith ADAMS
W: John White

20 Feb  David WINDSOR and Nim BALSOME
W: William Alner

10 Mar William VINE or Mores and Martha PARKESEN
W: Richard Legg

3 Jun John NEWMAN, of Piddletown and Mary CUTLER
W: Stephen Cutler



3 May  Thomas GALTEN and Mary TYREL
W: James Bridge

19 May William VINCENT, carpenter and Mary HALL
W: William Hall



21 Apr  Thomas GALTEN and Sarah VIVIAN
W: Thomas Brown

30 Jul   William FOOT and Mary PAIN or Down
W: William Hall



12 Apr  William SCOTT, of Pimperne and Ann KINGSBURY
W: John Kingsbury



27 Mar John VINCENT and Jenny VINCENT
W: William Hall



21 Dec Thomas PAIN or Davis, of Milborn St Andrew and Esther MALDON
W: Richard Legg



16 Jul   Charles PEARCE, of Piddletown and Betty VINCENT
W: John Kingsbury

8 Oct William ADAMS and Mary SNELLING
W: Joseph Payn



2 Mar   Richard LEGG and Mary DRAKE
W: Samuell Vincent

7 Oct David WINZER and Jenny OLD
W: William Foot

24 Oct  William HOOKER, of West Kingston and Mary PAIN
W: William Vincent

6 Dec Ambrose ADAMS and Elizabeth GALTEN
W: Thomas Pain



18 Jul   William DAVIS of Milbourn St Andrew and Katherine ANSTEY
W: Joseph Legg



10 May Joshua FREEMAN and Susanna CUTLER
W: Stephen Cutler

24 Nov Thomas WALKER, of Bathford, Somerset and Susanna FRY - by licence
W: Joseph Legg



8 Jul   William RUSSELL, of Chiselborn and Sarah LEGG - by licence
W: Joseph Legg



29 May George VINCENT and Susanna VINCENT
W: William Vincent



7 Feb James GALTEN and Mary BRITT
W: William Alner

21 Aug Charles DAY, of St Thomas Salisbury and Deborah HALL
W: Charles Hall



13 Jan  Honorable Henry FARE, of St Marylebone, Middlesex and Anne BATSON
W: R Meech

14 May George HOAR, of Bursleston and Betty DOWNTON
W: John Biles

23 Aug John FRAMPTON, of St Michaels near Winchester and Elizabeth SCORE
W: John White



31 Jan  Benjamin VINCENT, widower and Mary VINCENT
W: William Vincent

30 Jul   George VINCENT and Jane SNOOK
W: Henry Vincent



11 Feb  Henry Vine ADAMS and Sarah VINCENT
W: Henry Vincent

22 Apr  John BILES and Ann ROSE
W: Richard Legg

14 May George BAGG, widower and Betty SNELLEN
W: Ambrose Adams 

11 Nov John RIGGS, of Chiselborn and Betty Oxford OLD
W: Richard Legg



31 Jul   James GREGORY, of Milton Abbas and Jane BARTER
W: Jonathan Makepeace

25 Aug William FOOT and Margaret WELLSPRING
W: William Frampton



23 Feb  James SNOOK and Susannah HUTCHINS, of Winterborne Whitechurch
W: William Davis

19 Oct  Samuel HOPKINS, widower of Milton Abbas and Ann SKINNER
W: George Abbott



20 Aug John LOCK and Sarah KEARLY
W: Jonathan Makepeace

16 Sep  George BRITT and Sarah SHICKLEY
W: Thomas Hall



1 Nov   Thomas FOOT, of Mappowder and Susanna COLLINS
W: William Vincent



25 Jun  Henry ALNER and Mary LAWRENCE
W: Richard Barnes



23 Aug Thomas POUNCY and Frances TRIPP
W: William Davis

9 Dec Robert ANTHONY and Ann BROWN
W: Thomas Hall

6 Nov   Thomas VINCENT and Ann RIPP
W: Joseph Legg



22 Feb  Joseph LEGG, widower and Elizabeth DUMBER
W: John Garland

20 Feb  John ALNER and Elizabeth DRAKE
W: William Vincent

30 Mar George VINCENT, widower and Catherine Rose DAW
W: Henry Vincent



21 May John POLLEY and Elizabeth WHITE
W:Benjamin Vincent 

14 Oct  Walter HODGES Esq., of Shipton Morie, Gloucester and Mary MICHEL
W: H. Hare, D. Michel and C.N. Michel



5 Apr John HOUSE, of Melcomb Bingham and Susanna CUTLER
W: Thomas Pouncy

13 Sep  Thomas UPWARD, of Melcomb Bingham and Mary ALNER
W: John Alner



26 Apr  John HARRIS, of Torpington and Frances FRAMPTON
W: John Morgan

22 Dec Joseph CUFF and Mary PITMAN, of Stikland



27 May John MITCHEL and Thomasin VINCENT
W: Thomas Pouncy

17 Apr  Thomas BROWN and Letitia VINCENT
W: Henry Vincent

1 Oct Thomas GALTON and Jane GALTON
W: George Galton

26 Nov Thomas DAVIS, widower  of Fordington and Elizabeth FRAMPTON
W: James Harris



2 Apr William DAVIS, widower and Honour SHEPPARD
W: William Walters

7 Oct James VINCENT and Ann COLLINS
W: George Collins



23 Jun  John CUTLER and Maria VINCENT
W: William Vincent



12 Feb  George GALTON and Sarah VINCENT
W: Henry Brett

6 Apr John PAIN, of Tincleton and Ann CUTLER
W: Thomas Pouncy

6 Aug   George OLD, of Frome, Whitfield, Dorchester and Edith HOOPER
W: John Payn and Ann Sommers

8 Nov   James BARTLETT, of All Saints Dorchester and Ann HOOPER
W: John Legg and John Mitchell



3 Jan Samuel BROWN and Elizabeth AYRES
W: John Ears and John Mitchell

29 Mar John PHILLIPS, of Affpuddle and Sarah FOOT
W: William Cross

10 Oct  Frances ROLLS and Mary VINCENT, widow
W: Thomas Hall



6 May  John DURNFORD and Elizabeth MILLER
W: Jonathan Makepeace and Thomas Foot

21 Jul   Thomas ALNER and Diana OLD
W: James Vincent

16 Oct  John ADAMS and Mary BAGG
W: John Mitchell

3 Dec Joseph BIGGS and Ann BAGG
W: Henry Vincent



14 Feb  Thomas STATCEL, widower of Langton Long, Blandford and Susanna OLD
W: Thomas Hall

12 Aug James BARTER and Mary ADAMS
W: James Vincent

25 Sep  George VINCENT and Sarah BAGG
W: George Galton and William Vincent

12 Nov Charles HARDIMAN and Margaret KINGSBURY
W: William Frampton



14 May Joseph ALNER and Mary SYMS
W: John Alner



27 Feb  Henry ALNER, widower and Elizabeth SKINNER
W: Thomas BEST

23 Mar James SNELLING Elizabeth ALNER
W: Henry Alner

14 Aug William HAMMET, of Tolpuddle and Caroline RIGGS
W: William Vincent

13 Nov George COLLIER and Catherin RIGGS
W: Thomas Hall

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