Cranborne Lunatic Asylum

1841 Census - 287/9

Transcribed by Jon Baker


County of Dorset

Superintendent Registrar's District Wimborne & Cranborne

Registrar's District Cranborne

Name of Institution, &c Licensed Madhouse Parish of Cranborne


Forename SURNAME Sex Age Occupation Born in Dorset Born in Ireland, Scotland or Foreign Parts Reference
William Symes M 50 Resident Surgeon No   F21 P1
Anna Green F 20 Housekeeper Yes   F21 P1
Mary Joy F 20 Female Servant Yes   F21 P1
Thos Edwards M 20 Male Servant Yes   F21 P1
Eliza Joy F 20 Female Servant Yes   F21 P1
James Shinoad ?? M 20 Patient   F F21 P1
Jane Oakley F 40 Patient No   F21 P1
Mary Blandford F 40 Patient No   F21 P1
Charlotte Blandford F 35 Patient No   F21 P1
Fredk Dale M 50 Patient No   F21 P1
John Ferris M 65 Patient Yes   F21 P1


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