Cranborne - Blagdon

1841 Census - 287/15

Transcribed by Jaqui Bowen


County:  Dorset, Shaston East Division, Hundred of Monckton up Wimborne, Parish of Cranborne (Part of), Tything of Blagdon
Superintendent Registrar’s District of Wimborne & Cranborne, Registrar’s District of Cranborne, No. of Enumeration District:  4


Schedule:  Place; Forename;  SURNAME; Age; Occupation; Whether born in the County (Y) or Other (N); Reference (Folio and page)

1.   Blagdon; Thomas BUTT; 50; Ag. Lab; Y; F1p8

Blagdon; Ives BUTT (female); 55; Y; F1p8

2.  Blagdon; William BLAKE; 30; Ag. Lab;  Y; F1p8

Blagdon; Fanny BLAKE; 25; Y; F1p8

Blagdon; Mary BLAKE; 8; Y; F1p8

Blagdon; Barbara BLAKE; 6; Y; F1p8

Blagdon; John BLAKE; 4; Y; F1p8

Blagdon; Dianah BLAKE; 1; Y; F1p8

3.  Blagdon Farm; George HAYTER; 25; Farmer; Y; F1p8

Blagdon Farm; Elizabeth HAYTER; 25; N; F1p8

4.  Blagdon; Elizabeth GILBERT; 45; Y; F1p8

Blagdon; Robert GILBERT; 41; Ag. Lab; Y; F1p8

5.  Blagdon; William COX; 23; Ag. Lab; N; F1p8

Blagdon; Mary COX; 45; N; F1p8

6.  Blagdon; William LAWES; 19; Ag. Lab; Y; F1p8

Blagdon; John COX; 23; Ag. Lab; Y; F1p8

7.  Blagdon; Stepher DYER; 30; Ag. Lab; Y; F1p8

Blagdon; Ann DYER; 25; Y; F1p8

Blagdon; Emma DYER; 4; Y; F1p8

Blagdon; Jane DYER; 1; Y; F1p8

One uninhabited house

8.  Blagdon; John LAWES; 50; Y; F1p8

Blagdon; Elizabeth LAWES; 45; Y; F1p8

Blagdon; George LAWES; 17; Y; F1p8

Blagdon; Frederick LAWES; 14;Y; F1p8

Blagdon; Henry LAWES; 12; Y; F1p8

Blagdon; Joseph LAWES; 9; Y; F2p9

Blagdon; Ann LAWES; 6; Y; F2p9

Blagdon; Maria LAWES; 4; Y; F2p9

Blagdon; Michael LAWES; 1; Y; F2p9

One Uninhabited house

9.  Blagdon; Henry DYER; 25; Ag. Lab; Y; F2p9

Blagdon; Eliza DYER; 25; N; F2p9

Blagdon; Sarah DYER; 4; Y; F2p9

Blagdon; Charlotte DYER; 1; Y; F2p9

10.Blagdon; John APLIN; 30; Ag. Lab; Y; F2p9

Blagdon; Elizabeth APLIN; 35; Y; F2p9

Blagdon; Mark APLIN; 1; Y; F2p9


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