Corfe Castle


Courtesy of A Mudle 2002 & Cyndi Mark 2003

The same scene circa 1925 and 2002, little has changed.

Corfe Castle was destroyed during the Civil War [1640s] and never rebuilt.

The view from the castle shows that the village is still quite compact and on one side of the castle.

This photograph shows the strategic position the castle in a gap between two groups of hills. Although a dark wet day the castle can just be seen to the left of middle.

The sketch on the right was drawn circa 1907 by Joseph Pennel for the book 'Highways & Byways in Dorset', published in 1914

Photographs below courtesy of Cyndi Mark

A different view of the castle with the church in the foreground.

Castle with the church illuminated by a ray of sunlight, courtesy of Andrew Mark

A disused chapel in Corfe Above and below, the stone lid to a child's coffin.

Corfe Cemetery. Above left. Headstone commemorating John MANWELL, Born Feby 14th 1811, Died April 5th 1888 also In Loving Memory of, James Henry WILLSHIRE , nephew of the above, Who fell asleep in Jesus, December 27th 1935

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