Corfe Castle

Baptisms 1653 - 1699

These transcripts were made by Mr Barry CHINCHEN from the original documents held at Dorset Record Office, and have been given by him for the use of the Dorset-OPC Project. There are many instances where the Christian name and/or sex of the baptised child has been omitted from the register. Names in square brackets have sometimes been added to this transcript which indicate a possible name based on Census information.

Bold Italics    - Quaker Register  (RG6 1032)		
Bold - Poole Methodist  (RG4 1230)		
Italics - Corfe Independent Chapel  (RG4 458)		

01-NOV; J.... daughter of Robert Kate
06-FEB; Edeth daughter of John Harding of Wolgerston
10-FEB; Hannah daughter of George & Ann [Garland?]
30-Feb; Jane daughter of Edward Sea
21-MAR; William son of John Rabbets, joyner
04-APR; John son of Nicholas Angel
23-APR; Joseph son of Joseph Douch
31-MAY; Thomas son of Thomas Summers
06-JUN; Edward son of Edward Gentle
30-JUL; Mary daughter of Andrew Bendfield
30-JUL; Mary daughter of Moses Douden
31-AUG; Symon son of William Randole
20-AUG; Elizabeth daughter of William Coleman
08-SEP; Thomas son of Robert White
20-OCT; William son of Robert Ailes
20-OCT; Jane daughter of Morgan Cobb
08-NOV; John son of John Tyler
05-DEC; Henry son of John Ballet
29-DEC; John Nynham
09-JAN; Mary daughter of Robert Beacham
21-JAN; Jane daughter of Morgan Jenkins
15-FEB; Thomas son of William Ballen
15-FEB; Edeth daughter of Thomas Farwell
25-FEB; Alice daughter of John Harding, miller
10-MAR; Henry son of Gervase Gillet
12-MAR; Margaret daughter of Andrew Benfield
17-MAR; Damaris daughter of John & Judeth Gover
03-APR; Agnes daughter of Phillip Baylie, clerk
24-APR; Thomas son of Thomas Croome
24-APR; Sarah daughter of William Cull of Langton Wallis
13-MAY; Joseph son of Peter Whiffin
24-JUN; Thomas son of John Street
08-JUL; John son of John Morse
29-JUL; Bridget daughter of Symon Daine
12-AUG; George son of George Garland
28-AUG; John son of Edward Speare
13-SEP; - son of William -
30-SEP; Henry son of John Ninam
21-OCT; William son of Robert Boyear of Sutton
28-OCT; - son of Philip Holland
04-NOV; Sarah daughter of Wiliam West
Dec; John son of John Abbot
16-JAN; David son of William Grove
Feb; Penelope b.b. daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Hende and
Feb; Tabitha b.b. daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Hende of Widdicombe Devon, reputed father Thomas Hayman
06-MAR; Wieniffrid? son of Robert Kate
06-MAR; Ann daughter of Edward Lankford
09-MAR; John son of John Wellman
10-MAR; John son of Charles Burges
30-MAR; Margaret daughter of Matthew Bendfeild
07-MAY; Ann daughter of William Randole
05-JUL; William son of William Camell
03-MAR; Ann daughter of Robert Culliford Esq.
02-AUG; Nicholas son of Richard Beale
09-AUG; Edeth daughter of Thomas Summers
16-AUG; John son of James Galley
16-AUG; Mary daughter of John Barnes
30-AUG; Elizabeth daughter of John Gover
28-SEP; Ann daughter of Moses Douden
30-SEP; Thomas son of Mr. Roger Baker
05-OCT; Edeth daughter of John Summers
12-OCT; George son of Robert White
12-OCT; Margaret daughter of Edward Benfeild
30-OCT; James son of John Rabbets
07-NOV; Giles son of Alexander Miller
13-NOV; Elizabeth daughter of Gervase Gillet
18-NOV; Mabell daughter of Thomas & Winifred Summers
Dec; Rachell b.b. daughter of Alice Redhead, John Trew of East Lulworth reputed father
04-JAN; Dennis son of John & Judeth Gover
18-JAN; Robert son of Robert & Elizabeth Ailes
18-JAN; Jane daughter of John & Jane Street
27-JAN; William son of John & Honor Harding, miller
31-JAN; Margaret daughter of John & Mary Bush
01-MAR; William son of Andrew & Joane Benfield
03-MAR; daughter of Alexander & Joane Hall
31-MAR; William son of Matthew & Jane Dolling
13-MAY; Mary daughter of Richard & Ann Butt
10-JUN; Mary daughter of Robert & Agnes Collins
03-JUL; Christopher son of Mr. William Grove
12-JUL; Susan daughter of Robert & Margaret Boyear
16-JUL; Symon son of Henry & Mary Browne
02-AUG; Grace daughter of Thomas & Alice Keynell
16-AUG; Elinor daughter of George & Ann Garland
19-AUG; Edith daughter of William & Edith Balling
27-AUG; William son of Thomas & Agnes Brine
28-AUG; Mary daughter of John & Elizabeth Speare
19-SEP; Mary daughter of Jervase & Agnes Browne
24-SEP; Henry son of Henry & Margery Streete
25-OCT; Robert son of Peter & Joan Whiffin
22-NOV; Mary daughter of Marmaduke & Elinor Green
22-NOV; Audery daughter of Edward & Sarah Speare
29-NOV; Thomas son of Morgan & Mary Jenkens
01-DEC; Mary daughter of John & Margaret Hayward
13-DEC; Katherine daughter of Peter & Margery Wey
22-FEB; Mary daughter of John Rabbets
04-MAR; William son of William & Ann Jerrard
21-MAR; Anne daughter of George & Elizabeth Okeden, gentleman
28-MAR; Sarah daughter of Charles & Hustis Meader
02-MAY; Margaret daughter of William & Margaret Dolling, junior
05-MAY; William son of William & Alice Orchard
05-MAY; Mary daughter of Robert & Margery Keate
23-MAY; Susanna daughter of Edward Hackman
29-JUN; Joane daughter of John & Joane Willman
01-JUL; Edith daughter of Richard & Ann Butt
18-JUL; Ann daughter of Henry & Mary Dolling
27-JUL; Edith daughter of Robert & Mary White
15-AUG; William son of William & Edith Poope
22-AUG; Mary daughter of William & Ann White
29-AUG; Mary daughter of Bartholomew & Mary Forder
16-SEP; Thomas son of John Baker of Ower
21-NOV; Alexander son of Alexander & Margaret Miller
21-NOV; John son of Thomas & Honor Stagg
23-NOV; Shadrac son of Thomas Croom
12-JAN; Alice daughter of William & Elizabeth Thoren
16-JAN; Thomas son of Ellias & Christabell Bendfeild
23-JAN; Walter son of John & Elizabeth Haskoll
30-JAN; Dorothy daughter of John Miller
31-JAN; Alice daughter of John Bush
20-MAR; William son of William & Mary West
29; Benjamin son of Benjamin & Ann Tomes
29-MAR; William son of Dennis & Hannah Best
28-APR; Edith daughter of Thomas & Winifreth Summers
29-APR; Christopher son of Thomas & Margaret Summers
07-MAY; Elizabeth daughter of George & Elizabeth Okeden, gentleman
04-JUN; John son of George Jerred
04-JUN; John son of Moses Dowden
11-SEP; Mary daughter of Lawrence & Mary Higden, gentleman
18-SEP; John son of John & Jane Street
18-SEP; Thomas son of John & Mary Summers
18-SEP; Mary daughter of John & Mary Cobb
04-OCT; George son of John & Margaret Abbat
01-NOV; Mary daughter of John & Dorothy Bessett
02-NOV; Margaret daughter of James & Edith Summers
16-NOV; Thomas son of John & Agnes Nynham
03-DEC; Ann daughter of James & Emma Frampton
30-DEC; Matthew son of Robert & Mary Whitt
03-DEC; Mary daughter of Jervase Browne
12-FEB; Allice daughter of George Branne
24-FEB; Robert son of John & Grace Baker of Ower
25-FEB; John son of Robert & Ann Harres
04-MAR; John son of Simon & Margery Davy
04-MAR; John son of Edward Hackman
27-APR; Henry son of Ralegh Hull born 14 Apr between 2 and 3 in the morning
28-APR; Martha daughter of Matthew Mose
29-APR; Hubert son of Richard & Ann Butt
29-APR; John son of Thomas & Joan Hookey
06-MAY; Margery daughter of Robert & Margery Keatt
13-MAY; Mary daughter of William & Ann Randoll
16-MAY; Mary daughter of John & Joane Trew
06-JUN; John son of John & Elizabeth Haskoll
01-JUL; John son of Robert & Hannah Browne
09-JUL; Allice daughter of William & Margaret Rockby
15-JUL; James son of James & Anne Gally
12-AUG; Henry son of John Mash
17-SEP; James son of Philip & Elizabeth Pollard
22-SEP; Nathanuell son of Edward & Sarah Spear
04-OCT; [Ann] daughter of Robert & Mary Chepe
05-OCT; [Elizabeth] daughter of George Jered
07-OCT; Ann daughter of Benjamin & Ann Tomes
09-OCT; Rebecca daughter of Gervas & Frances Cross
04-FEB; Mary daughter of John & Grace Backer of Ower
07-FEB; Mary daughter of Richard & Margaret Cull
10-FEB; Robert son of Alexander Hall
20-MAR; Mary daughter of Elias & Christable Benfeild
05-MAR; Benjamin son of Bartholomew & Mary Fordear
17-MAR; Laurance son of Laurance & Mary Hegdin
29-MAR; Mary daughter of John Sear
12-APR; Robert son of John & Ann Serell
28-MAY; Nicholas son of Robert & Mary Whitt
01-JUN; - daughter of John Gover of Wolgraston
07-JUN; Hannah daughter of John Bush
09-JUL; Alexander son of John & Margaret Miller
16-JUL; William son of George Trenchard, gentleman
11-AUG; William son of William & Margaret Dolling
18-AUG; George son of Henry Dolling
29-AUG; George son of John Roberts
31-AUG; Ann daughter of Benjamin Tomes
31-AUG; William son of William & Margaret Rokby
16-SEP; Richard son of Agesten Nynham
08-OCT; William son of Thomas Kennell
08-OCT; William son of Robert Harris
27-OCT; Anthony son of Peter & Margery Waye
27-OCT; William son of Thomas Gyllbert alias Etten
01-DEC; Frances daughter of Robert Brown
17-NOV; Dorothy daughter of Richard & Ann Butt
12-DEC; William son of Nathanael Smith
01-JAN; Mary daughter of Denes & Hannah Best
01-JAN; Mary daughter of Giles & Jane Cobb
Jan; William son of William & Hannah Pearce
06-JAN; Mary daughter of William & Elizabeth Backe
15-JAN; John son of Matthew Mose
26-JAN; William son of John Abott
02-FEB; Joyce daughter of John & Mary Chick
12-FEB; Thomas son of Henry & Elizabeth Parlett
02-MAR; Philles daughter of George Jered
16-MAR; Philip son of William Randoll
24-MAY; Mary daughter of William & Margaret Hunter
25-MAY; George son of John & Jane Street
03-JUL; Simon son of John Trew
20-JUL; Thomas son of Thomas Stagg
28-SEP; William son of Laurance Hegden
05-OCT; Alice daughter of Henry Mash
09-NOV; Agnes daughter of John Nynham
14-DEC; Nicholas son of George & Melisant Brann
01-JAN; Margaret daughter of Thomas Sturme
14-JAN; Allice daughter of John Mash
15-FEB; Martha? daughter of Mr. Roger & Margaret Baker
16-JAN; James son of James Summers
19-JAN; John son of - Butler
19-FEB; Ann daughter of Edward Hackman
23-FEB; Henry son of Edward Spear
26-FEB; Honor daughter of Gervas & Frances Cross
01-MAR; Giles son of Gervas Brown
01-MAR; Dorothy daughter of William Arderen
12-MAR; Grace daughter of Robert & Mary Cheep
31-MAR; Edward son of John & Mary Boosh
31-MAR; Christopher son of George Trenchard, gentleman
03-MAY; Nicholas son of Philip Pollard
13-MAY; Hannah daughter of Richard & Ann Butt
20-MAY; Elizabeth twin daughter of William & Elizabeth Corne
20-MAY; Mary twin daughter of William & Elizabeth Corne
21-JUN; Thomas son of George Jered
23-JUN; Sarah daughter of Nathaniel Smeth
26-JUL; John son of John Millar
19-AUG; Susanna daughter of Henry Harres
20-AUG; Elizabeth daughter of Peter & Margery Way
30-AUG; Warbery daughter of George Teuxbery
Sep; John son of John ?edel
16-SEP; Joseph son of John & Willmont Kinge of Greenland?
08-NOV; Mary daughter of Matthew & Mary Mose
27-DEC; Elizabeth daughter of Robert & Hannah Brown
21-JAN; Margaret daughter of Thomas & Agnes Brine
26-FEB; Elias son of Elias & Christabl Binfeld
27-MAR; Honour daughter of Denes Best
03-APR; John son of Lawrance Hegden, gentleman
24-APR; Nicholas son of Edward Hackman
08-MAY; Edith daughter of James & Edith Summer
19-JUN; Thomas son of John & Joan Willmuth
14-AUG; Jane daughter of Richard & Ann Butt
14-AUG; Mary daughter of William & Elizabeth Beke
21-AUG; Morgan son of Giles & Jane Cobb
11-SEP; Walter son of John & Jane Street
17-SEP; Elizabeth daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Parlett
06-OCT; William son of Edward Lander
09-OCT; Judeth daughter of John George
30-OCT; John son of Thomas & Joane Tedbury
03-NOV; John son of Benjamin & Ann Tomes
13-NOV; Margaret daughter of John & Agnes Ninam
20-NOV; George son of William & Joan Dolling
27-NOV; John son of Thomas & Margaret Sausten
07-DEC; Mary daughter of William & Mary Arderen
30-JAN; Edeth daughter of Thomas & Alles Gilbart alias Etten
12-FEB; Edward son of John & Margaret Millar
05-MAR; Alles daughter of William Hosiar born 3 Mar
19-MAR; Grace daughter of William & Grace Best
19-MAR; Mary daughter of James & Ann Gally
02-APR; Mary daughter of Nathaniel & Tomsen Smith
08-APR; Mary son of John & Mary Boosh
16-APR; Thomas son of John Serrell
23-APR; Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Sturme
30-APR; Jeremye son of John Butlear
28-MAY; Agnes daughter of Henry & Margery Streett
06-AUG; Nicholas son of Edmond & Sarah Spear
20-AUG; Ann daughter of John & Margaret Hascoll
29-AUG; Robert son of William & Dorothy Harvy
10-SEP; Henry son of Henry & Edith Harres
17-SEP; Samue son of Robert Whitt
29-SEP; William son of Gervas Cross
03-OCT; Charles son of William & Margery Culliford, gentleman
07-NOV; Henry son of Matthew & Mary Mose
30-NOV; William son of George Trenchard, gentleman
03-DEC; Frances daughter of James & Edeth Summer
18-DEC; Margaret daughter of Richard & Ann Butt
20-DEC; John son of Thomas Corbennett
05-JAN; Elizabeth daughter of John & Elinor Sear
24-JAN; Edward son of William & Mabel Harvey
28-JAN; Elizabeth daughter of Henry & Joan Mash
11-FEB; John son of John & Ann Welsted
13-FEB; John son of Joshua & Ann Moss
13-FEB; Mary daughter of James & Elizabeth Wellmenton
13-FEB; John son of William & Allis Hayward
15-FEB; Gylles son of William & Grace Tournor
18-MAR; William son of John Simons
20-MAR; Edward son of William Dollin
11-APR; Pettar son of Alexander Hall
06-MAY; Rafe son of Lawrance Hegden
06-MAY; Elinor daughter of Robert Brown
06-MAY; Jane daughter of James Gally
06-MAY; Vertu daughter of William Randoll
14-MAY; Dorothy daughter of Francis Shepard
22-JUL; Grace daughter of George & Felles Gerede
30-JUL; Margaret daughter of Gylles Collings of Ower
18-AUG; Mary daughter of Benjamin Tomes
08-SEP; Richard son of Henry Parlett
17-SEP; Elizabeth daughter of William George of Fellsworth
17-SEP; Alles daughter of William George of Fellsworth
23-SEP; Samuel son of Robert & Mary Aylles
01-JAN; Denes son of William Dolling
01-JAN; Mary daughter of - Flooke
03-MAR; Joane daughter of Edward Hackman
21-MAR; Margaret daughter of Edmond Pike, gentleman
24-MAR; Nicholas son of Gylles & Jane Cobb
Mar; William son of William & Alles Hosier born 31 Mar 1665
04-APR; Margery daughter of Robert & Sarah Pery
02-APR; Edward son of Hugh & Christian Harris
11-MAY; Amy daughter of James & Edeth Summer
11-JUN; Nathaniel son of Nathaniel Smith
13-JUN; Henry son of John Norman
30-JUN; Frances daughter of John Miller
04-AUG; Ann daughter of Thomas Corbennett
04-AUG; Ann daughter of John & Ann Wellsted
18-AUG; John son of John & Mary Butlear
08-SEP; Robert son of Elias Benfield
20-OCT; Thomas son of Thomas & Margaret Sousten
10-NOV; Elizabeth daughter of Richard Hayward
10-NOV; Elizabeth daughter of Joshua & Ann Mose
04-DEC; Samuel son of John Serell
20-JAN; Ann daughter of William Dolling
22-JAN; John son of John Goolld
09-FEB; Elizabeth daughter of Edward Barnes born 29 Jan
16-FEB; Thomas Sturney
16-FEB; Thomas son of Thomas Sturmey
23-FEB; Thomas son of James Willmenton
23-FEB; Joane daughter of Richard Keat
25-FEB; William son of Thomas & Abygall Gover
25-FEB; Cathern daughter of Matthew & Mary Mose
01-MAR; Edmond son of Petter Way
17-MAR; Margaret daughter of William Harvy
05-APR; Thomas son of John Hascoll
15-APR; Mary daughter of John & Mary Broox
07-JUN; Henry Parlet
16-JUL; George son of John Boosh
08-JUN; William son of William & Grace Best
05-JUN; Henry son of Edmond Pike, gentleman
01-AUG; Edmond son of William Arderen
10-AUG; Thomas son of Thomas & Alles Gillbart
13-JUL; Philip son of William Best
29-AUG; Laurance son of William Randoll
26-OCT; Honor daughter of William & Grace Turner
03-NOV; Elizabeth daughter of John & Mary Joanes
04-NOV; John son of Hugh Harres
13-DEC; John son of George & Mary Stockley
23-DEC; Cathorn daughter of James & Edeth Summers
28-DEC; John son of Gylles & Elizabeth Collings
31-JAN; Henry son of Henry Parlet
21-FEB; Alles daughter of Robert Gover
21-FEB; Fidese; b.b. daughter of Alles Horsey reputed father John Derham
28-FEB; Allbon son of Thomas Trew
14-MAR; John son of William & Catherine Norman
30-MAR; Thomas son of Edward Hackman
04-APR; Mary daughter of Robert Aylles
13-APR; Dennes son of Richard Bell of Kingston
14-APR; Margaret daughter of John Gold
30-MAY; Martha daughter of Nathaniel Smith
31-MAY; John son of John & Jane Warren
01-JUN; Judeth daughter of John & Frances Telly
25-JUL; Anthony son of Alexander Hall
08-AUG; Edward son of William & Margaret Rockby
15-AUG; James son of Thomas & Elinor Turner
05-SEP; Thomas son of John & Elizabeth Butlear
05-SEP; Edward son of Edward & Margaret Tupes
05-SEP; Elizabeth daughter of Edward & Alles Webber
Blank; Matthew son of Matthew Mose
12-SEP; Robert son of John Miller
12-SEP; John son of Henry Harres
19-SEP; Thomas son of John Norman
10-OCT; Mary daughter of Francis & Mary Shepard
31-OCT; Sarah daughter of Robert Pery
02-NOV; Margery daughter of Gylles Cobb
07-NOV; Sarah daughter of Richard Butt
28-NOV; Mary daughter of John Simons of Bushy
09-DEC; Thomas son of Edward Edmonds
13-DEC; William son of William Dolling
17-DEC; Robert son of John Hascoll
06-FEB; Margery daughter of Peter Way
06-FEB; Margaret daughter of Joshua Moss
08-FEB; Richard son of Richard & Mary Joanes
06-MAR; Jane daughter of William & Grace Best
14-MAR; Hannah daughter of John & Amy Weeks
09-MAY; Matthew son of John & Mary Bush
12-JUN; James son of James Willmenton
20-JUN; Richard son of Henry Parlet
24-JUL; Thomas son of James Summers
24-JUL; Elizabeth daughter of John Brooxe
11-SEP; John son of Henry Mash
11-SEP; Mary daughter of Henry Mash
18-SEP; Alles daughter of Laurance Dory
25-SEP; Thomas son of William & Catharen Norman
25-SEP; Ann daughter of William & Ann Snooke
29-SEP; Benjamin son of Edward & Joan Spear
15-NOV; Mary daughter of William Hayward
Dec; Edeth; b.b daughter of Mary Gover? father unknown
03-DEC; Ann daughter of George & Mary Stockly
27-DEC; Mary daughter of Thomas Corbennet
02-JAN; Joseph son of Henry & Jane Vivian
29-JAN; Edward son of Edward Webber
02-FEB; William son of Lewis Dolling
02-FEB; William son of John Serell
26-FEB; Hannah daughter of John Sprage
02-MAR; Elizabeth daughter of Nathaniel Smith
21-MAY; Richard son of Robert & Hannah Brown
05-JUL; Mary; b.b daughter of Margaret Brown, reputed father Gervas Gellett
12-JUL; Michall? son of William Hosier born
16-JUL; Robert son of Robert Pery
22-AUG; Gervas son of Gervas Cross
03-SEP; John son of John & Amy Witt
10-SEP; William son of Henry Harres
24-SEP; Edward son of Edward & Margaret Collings
01-OCT; son of William Ardern
01-OCT; Henry son of Henry Dolling
07-OCT; Mary daughter of Richard Joanes
18-OCT; Peter son of John Golld
01-NOV; William son of William Gardner
01-NOV; William son of John Hascoll
10-DEC; Elizabeth daughter of Robert Aylles
10-MAR; Patience daughter of William Randoll
10-MAR; Dina daughter of Elias Benfeld
11-MAR; John son of Thomas Adams - (see 1678)
07-APR; William son of John & Ann Welstede
08-APR; William son of John & Elizabeth Butler
21-APR; Thomas son of Thomas & Abygall Gover
12-MAY; Robert son of Robert & Warbury Row
12-MAY; George son of John Harding
12-JUN; Henry son of Henry & Jane Vivian
13-JUN; Henry son of Edward & Elizabeth Dackomb, gentleman
28-JUN; Mary daughter of Thomas Horsy
30-JUN; William son of Henry & Elizabeth Parlett
07-JUL; Sarah; b.b. daughter of Elizabeth Keat father unknown
14-JUL; Frances daughter of Richard Cull
21-JUL; Alexander son of Alexander Hall
21-JUL; Honor daughter of William Gover
01-SEP; Thomas son of Edward Webber
01-SEP; Gylles son of Gylles Collens
19-SEP; Ann daughter of John Miller
21-OCT; John son of John Gover
21-OCT; Thomas son of William & Rebecca Dowdall
03-NOV; John son of John & Mary Broox
19-NOV; John son of James Summers
01-DEC; Penelope; b.b. daughter of Susan Hargros?
15-DEC; Dynah daughter of Joshua Mosse
17-DEC; Alles daughter of Matthew Mose
14-FEB; Thomas son of Edmund Pike
24-FEB; John son of Thomas Gillbert
09-MAR; Joan daughter of James Willment
17-MAR; Robert son of Richard & Sarah Toope
30-MAR; John son of William Dolling
06-APR; Elizabeth daughter of William Farent of Kingston
20-APR; John son of Edward Barnes
24-APR; Thomas son of Nicholas Hodder
20-MAY; Edeth daughter of Mr. Harden of Brenscomb
25-MAY; Mary daughter of Henry Mash
08-JUN; Whit son of John Hascoll
14-JUN; John son of John & Amy Weekes
29-JUN; Thomas son of Lewis Barnes
06-JUL; Thomas son of William Norman
12-OCT; Tomyson daughter of Nathaniel Smith
15-OCT; William son of William Dowdall
15-OCT; Thomas son of Thomas Corbennet
23-NOV; Richard son of Clement Gregory
25-DEC; Mary daughter of Moses Dowdall
04-JAN; Mary daughter of William Snook
11-JAN; Henry son of John Gold of Fitzworth
22-JAN; George son of Humphrey Steckland
25-JAN; Joseph son of Edward Spear
06-FEB; Richard son of John Witt
15-FEB; Richard son of John Buttlar
22-APR; William son of William & Margaret Gover
26-APR; Joseph son of John & Ann Serell
26-APR; Joan daughter of Thomas Tedbury
03-MAY; Mary daughter of John Benfelld
21-JUN; John son of Nathaniel & Margaret Osement
05-JUL; Mary daughter of Nicholas & Jane Hodder
30-JUL; Edward son of Edward & Elizabeth Dackom, gentleman
02-AUG; Sarah daughter of John & Alles Reggs
23-AUG; David son of David & Elizabeth Hebes
26-AUG; Robert son of Edward Toop
26-AUG; Ann daughter of Edward Toop
13-SEP; Bredgat daughter of William & Alles Hosier
06-DEC; Gressell daughter of William Randoll
07-FEB; William son of John Millear
07-FEB; Cathern daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Parllet
14-FEB; Edeth daughter of Henry & Edeth Harres
14-MAR; Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Corbennet
20-MAR; Mary daughter of Clement Gregory
14-APR; William son of Abell Knolls
14-APR; John son of Robert Perry
21-APR; Richard son of Charles Benfeld
09-MAY; Ann daughter of Robert & Mary Aylles
12-MAY; Mary daughter of John & Mary Broox
14-MAY; Richard son of John & Mary Cockeram
16-MAY; Mary daughter of Gylles Davy
12-JUN; Thomas son of Benjamin & Deborah Collins
15-JUN; Elizabeth daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Susten
30-JUL; Mary daughter of Mathew & Margaret Dolling
03-OCT; Hannah daughter of Edward Hackman
17-OCT; Sampson son of Thomas Susten
07-OCT; Margaret daughter of Lewis Barnes
05-NOV; Margaret daughter of John Benfeld
02-DEC; Margaret twin daughter of Thomas Tedbury
02-DEC; Joan twin daughter of Thomas Tedbury
05-DEC; Gylles son of Nathaniel & Tamsen Smith
12-DEC; Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Horsy
25-DEC; Edeth daughter of Alexander Hall
26-DEC; Phelep son of William & Mary Harden
27-DEC; William son of James Summers
27-DEC; Sarah daughter of William Norman
03-JAN; William son of Francis Coll
01-FEB; Joseph son of William Hayward
06-FEB; Elizabeth daughter of William Gardner
09-FEB; William son of Matthew Marsh
20-FEB; Simon son of Thomas Gelbert alias Eten
22-FEB; Charles son of Robert Row
30-APR; Miriam daughter of William & Joan Chub
25-MAY; James son of Gylles & Elizabeth Frampton
11-JUN; Edward son of Edward Barnes
15-JUN; Edmond son of Edmond Squib
17-JUN; Dorcas daughter of John Serrell
18-JUN; Mary daughter of Charles Burges
25-JUN; Mary daughter of John & Rebecca Joanes
23-JUL; Sarah daughter of John & Allis Regs
24-JUL; Mary daughter of Thomas & Avis Dyett
03-AUG; Elizabeth daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Dackom, gentleman
22-SEP; Edward son of Edward Witt
15-OCT; John son of Nicholas Hodder
15-OCT; Mary daughter of John Butler
07-NOV; Mary daughter of Thomas Harnett
08-DEC; Lewes son of William Gover
15-DEC; Rebecca daughter of William Doudall
28-DEC; William son of William Arderen
09-DEC; Judeth daughter of Robert Gover
21-JAN; William son of James Willmenton
28-JAN; Elizabeth daughter of Moses Dowdall
Blank; John Bendfeld
11-FEB; Elinor daughter of John Wit
15-APR; Richard son of Elias Bendfeld
13-MAY; Margaret daughter of Gylles Davye
16-MAY; Mary daughter of John & Mary Cockeram
06-JUN; John son of William Whiffin
21-JUN; Arron son of Arron Dowdall
13-JUL; Elizabeth daughter of Gylles Frampton, gentleman
15-JUL; John son of John Sprage
19-JUL; Elizabeth daughter of John Nineham
03-AUG; Margaret daughter of George Stockly
04-AUG; Richard son of John Hascoll
04-AUG; Joseph son of Thomas Corbennet
04-AUG; John son of William Hosier
19-AUG; John son of William Fursman
30-AUG; Joshua son of Joshua Mosse
09-SEP; Lewis b.b. son of Edeth Jinkines, reputed father Lewis Gover
14-OCT; George son of Simon Randall
04-NOV; William son of Thomas Susten
11-NOV; John son of Matthew Doling
30-NOV; Zipperah daughter of William & Joan Chub
07-DEC; Robert son of Robert West
01-JAN; Edith daughter of Lewes Barnes
03-JAN; Richard son of Edward Toope
17-FEB; Joan daughter of Henry Parlet
20-FEB; Phelep son of Phelep Bayly
23-FEB; Margaret daughter of Benjamin & Deborah Collins
13-MAR; Edward son of John & Alles Regs
24-MAR; John son of Lewes Gover
20-MAY; Richard son of Robart Keat
09-JUN; Mary daughter of John Meller
23-JUN; Ann daughter of Nathaniel Smith
11-AUG; Mary daughter of Joan Cradler
18-AUG; Elizabeth daughter of Nicholas Hodder
18-AUG; Mary daughter of William Decken
04-SEP; Margery daughter of Edward & Margery Witt
12-SEP; Robert son of Robert & Anne Edmonds
13-OCT; Margaret daughter of Thomas Horsy
31-OCT; Margaret daughter of Edward Dackom, gentleman
05-NOV; John son of John Burgess
17-NOV; John son of Robert West
24-NOV; Martha daughter of John Joanes
24-NOV; Elizabeth daughter of William Doudall
30-DEC; Jane daughter of Zaphaniah Tamson of Knoll
12-JAN; Mary daughter of William Norman
30-JAN; Thomas son of Robert Row
02-FEB; William Gover
09-MAR; Honour daughter of Matthew Mors
11-MAR; John son of Thomas Adams - 1671
16-MAR; Thomas son of Henry Harres
23-MAR; - daughter of William Yong
29-MAR; Avis daughter of Thomas & Avis Dyett
01-JUN; Mary daughter of Mr.Gilles Collens of Ower
15-JUN; Abigal daughter of Charles & Dority Harres
20-JUN; Moses son of Henry & Jane Vivian
01-JUL; Alice daughter of William Harding
01-JUL; Blansh Catharina daughter of Mr. William & Katherine Collins
06-JUL; John son of Moses & Deborah Dowdell
20-JUL; Anthony son of Edward Barnes
24-JUL; William Norman received
05-OCT; Mary daughter of Thomas & Mary Street
03-NOV; Richard son of Simon & Alice Randle
18-JAN; Joan daughter of Godsell & Joan Clapcutt
30-JAN; Mary daughter of John Regs
07-MAR; Charles son of Charles & Christen Burges
28-MAR; Simon son of Gilles & Sousan Davy
28-MAR; Honor daughter of Abel & Honor Knolls
29-MAR; Grace daughter of Henry Siston
13-APR; Ann daughter of Joshua & Ann Moase
29-APR; Gills son of Gills Frampton, gentleman
22-JUL; William son of John Billes
15-AUG; Joan daughter of Matthew Dolen of Woolsall?
22-AUG; John son of Neckles Hoder
02-FEB; Christable daughter of Elias & Christable Benfield
06-SEP; Elizabeth daughter of Omfrey Frampton
18-SEP; Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Pargent
10-OCT; Lewes son of Lewes Gover
03-OCT; Sarah daughter of William & Joan Whifen
15-NOV; Thomas son of Robert West
26-NOV; Susanna daughter of John & Amy Weekes
19-DEC; Mary daughter of Edward & Ales Weber
06-FEB; Robert son of Samuel & Mary Harding
28-FEB; Benonethe son of John & Elizabeth Burges
06-MAR; John son of Joshua Douch
20-MAR; Rebecka daughter of John & Rebecka Joans
03-APR; Cathern daughter of William & Elizabeth Garner
17-APR; Margaret daughter of William & Rebecka Doudell
01-MAY; Thomas son of Thomas & Margery Dollen
23-MAY; Joseph son of John & Amy West
23-MAY; Mary daughter of John & Amy West
19-JUN; Ann daughter of Edward & Margery Weete
26-JUN; Elizabeth daughter of John & Hannah Rabens
10-JUL; Mary daughter of Phillep & Joan Bayly
24-JUL; Robert son of John & Ann Ninam
13-SEP; William son of Gilles Frampton, gentleman
09-OCT; Margaret daughter of Christopher Sumers
09-OCT; Mary daughter of Robert Ceats
01-NOV; Margaret daughter of Godsell & Joan Clapcutt
23-NOV; Jeames ? of Susanna Bran? reputed father Robert Fifear?
04-DEC; Honor daughter of William & Elizabeth Gover
27-DEC; John son of Edmond & Margaret Speare
29-JAN; Elizabeth daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Cleare
13-FEB; John son of Robert Rolles
23-NOV; Robert son of George White
19-FEB; Sarah daughter of Charles & Dorithy Hewes
01-MAR; William son of Edward Matcham
02-APR; Jane daughter of William & Jane Whifen
12-APR; Elizabeth daughter of Robert Pery
12-APR; Anne daughter of Robert & Anne Edmonds
16-APR; Edward son of Elizabeth Hebes
16-APR; Solloman son of John & Elizabeth Burges
23-APR; Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & Mary Street
25-JUN; Cathern daughter of James & Mary Harden
25-JUN; Gilles son of William & Alles Hoseor
20-AUG; Gilles son of Gilles & Susan Davy
17-SEP; - daughter of Joseph Dowtch
20-SEP; John son of John Cradler
01-OCT; Sally? daughter of Nickolas Hodder
04-OCT; Jone daughter of John Sprage
15-OCT; John son of Charles Burges
26-NOV; Thomas son of John & Mary Howard
24-FEB; James Addams
03-DEC; Dina daughter of Henry & Sara Harres 1683
10-DEC; Edward son of William & Margaret Gover
16-DEC; George son of John & Amy Weekes
26-DEC; Mary daughter of Omphery Steckelen
01-JAN; Edward son of John & Rebecka Joans
16-JAN; John son of Robert & Dorcas Weber
06-MAR; Joan daughter of Thomas & Avis Dyett
18-MAR; Edeth daughter of Lews Gover
Blank; Mary Cammell daughter of -
25; Edward son of Edward & Susannah Dolling
10-APR; John son of George White
19-APR; Sarah daughter of Edward & Sarah Bearnes
29-APR; William son of Abel & Honor Knowles
29-APR; Elener daughter of Simom & Alce Randoll
06-MAY; Margaret daughter of John & Alce Reges
29-MAY; Robert son of Giells Frampton, gentleman
29-MAY; John son of John Gilles
30-MAY; Henry son of Morgen Jenkens
10-SEP; Elizabeth daughter of Henry & Mary Vickery
14-SEP; John son of William & Sarah Speck
21-SEP; Elizabeth daughter of Edward & Margery Weete
21-SEP; Mary daughter of Samson Siston
18-NOV; James son of John & Amy Weete
07-DEC; Elizabeth daughter of Edward & Ann Masham
16-DEC; Ruth daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Cleare
23-DEC; Thomas son of Mary Randle
27-DEC; Margaret daughter of John & Elizabeth Burges
09-DEC; Henry son of Henry Sisten born 26th Oct
09-DEC; Thomas son of Robert West
17-FEB; Richard son of John & Margery Davey
25-MAR; Robert son of Godsell & Joan Clapcutt.
25-MAR; Godsell son of Godsell & Joan Clapcutt
25-MAR; Joseph son of Thomas & Luce Baker
Blank; Robert son of Robert & Anne Edmunds
06-APR; Margaret daughter of Phillep & Joan Bayley
16-MAY; Elizabeth daughter of Edmont & Margaret Speare
10-AUG; John Robenes
10-AUG; John son of John & Ann Barnes
12-OCT; Margaret daughter of William Gover
20-NOV; Abegall daughter of John Regs
14-DEC; Margaret daughter of Edward & Margaret Toop
26-DEC; George son of George Whit
01-JAN; Mary daughter of Morgan & Mary? Jenkens
06-JAN; Sarah daughter of Nathaniel & Mary Speare
12-JAN; Robert son of Robert & Dorcas Weebber
25-JAN; Mary daughter of Samuel (deceased) & Mary Harden
02-FEB; John Harden of Woolsen
15-FEB; - son of Charles & Christian Burges
15-MAR; Martha daughter of Thomas & Mary Street
30-MAR; Thomas son of William & Sarah Speck
26-APR; William son of Gieles Davey
17-MAY; Margaret daughter of James Houchens
31-MAY; Honour daughter of Thomas & Ann Stag
07-JUN; Jonas daughter of William & Rebeckah Dowdall
16-AUG; - daughter of John Davey
16-AUG; - daughter of Christopher Sumers
26-AUG; Martha daughter of Joseph Whiffen
30-AUG; Elizabeth daughter of Henry Hares
13-SEP; Mary daughter of Lewes Gover
20-DEC; Simon son of Simon & Susanna Randell
01-JAN; Margery daughter of William Camell
21-OCT; Dorithy daughter of Henry Siston
18-JAN; John son of John Burges
Blank; Isaac son of John & Christian Sprake
29-JAN; Sarah daughter of Thomas & Avis Dyett
25-FEB; Mary daughter of Abegall Fuge
25-FEB; James son of Nickolas & Margaret Whit
05-MAR; John son of Edward & Susannah Dolling
05-APR; John son of Edward Edments
10-APR; Thomas son of Thomas & Luce Baker
12-APR; Thomas son of Joseph Douch
02-JUN; Elizabeth daughter of Robert & Sarah Beere
04-JUN; William son of John & Ann Barenes
26-JUL; Abel son of Abel & Honor Knowles
26-JUL; Thomas son of Abel & Honor Knowles
01-AUG; John son of Robert Burt
-; Sarah daughter of Edward West
29-AUG; Essex daughter of Charles & Christian Burges
29-AUG; Elizabeth daughter of Charles & Christian Burges
05-SEP; Robert son of Charles & Dority Hewes
03-OCT; Martha daughter of Nathaniel Speare
14-NOV; Henry son of Edward Speare
30-DEC; Joan daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Pargent
01-JAN; Mary daughter of Thomas Adames
09-JAN; Henry son of Henry Ninam
16-JAN; James son of James Houchens
23-JAN; John son of John Reges
02-FEB; Mary daughter of Mary Randell father unknown
27-FEB; Agnes daughter of Thomas & Ann Stag
28-MAR; Mary daughter of Joseph Whiffing
28-MAR; Henry son of Joshua & Honor Mash
17-APR; Susanna daughter of William Whelliur
21-APR; Elizabeth daughter of Robert Swain, gentleman
25-MAY; Judeth daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Cleare
30-MAY; Sarah daughter of William & Sarah Bush
30-JUL; Thomas son of Francis Grigory
23-JUL; Jane daughter of Morgan Jenkins
23-JUL; Simon son of John & Margery Dandy
24-JUL; Elizabeth daughter of John & Elizabeth Burges
28-AUG; Mary daughter of David & Margery Tito
28-AUG; Mary daughter of Richard & Mary Bettys
25-SEP; Sarah daughter of Mary Petten?
06-OCT; Rose son of William & Sarah Specke
06-OCT; Henry son of Matthew Dolen of Woo...
12-OCT; A daughter of David & Edith Hibbs
21-OCT; Denes son of Robert & Mary Ceat
23-OCT; Mary daughter of Hubert & Elizabeth But
30-OCT; Henry son of Charles & Ann Cosens
01-NOV; Mary daughter of George & Elizabeth White
02-DEC; Robert son of Neckales & Mary? White
13-DEC; Steven son of David West
06-JAN; Elizabeth daughter of Henry & Mary Speare
25-MAR; John son of Thomas & Mary Street
06-MAY; Elizabeth daughter of Walter & Mary Haskell
12-JUN; Ann daughter of Nathaniel & Mary Speare
01-JUL; Thomas son of Thomas & Avis Dyett
29-AUG; Danuell son of John & Mary Chambers
17-SEP; Henry son of Henry & Mary Vickry
30-SEP; Thomas son of Alexander & Eliza Corben
31-Sep; Mary daughter of William & Joan Wellver
15-OCT; Robert son of Robert & Sarah Beer
01-NOV; Sarah daughter of William & Joan Camall
14-NOV; Samuel son of Thomas & Luce Baker
15-NOV; Steven son of David White
02-DEC; John son of Henry & Mary Ninam
05-DEC; Ann daughter of Thomas & Grace Frampton
09-DEC; Henry son of Matthew & Margaret Dolen
09-DEC; William son of William & Sarah Specke
13-JAN; Mary daughter of Samuel & Margaret Eails
14-JAN; Mary daughter of David & Edith Hibbs
23-JAN; Edward son of Edward Masham
10-FEB; Giles son of Nickoles & Margaret Cobb
03-MAR; Rebecka daughter of Joshua & Rebecka Douch
May; Ann daughter of John & Alce Riges
28-MAY; Martha Maria b.b. daughter of Jane Harvey
30-JUN; Ann daughter of Thomas & Ann Stag
02-JUL; Jane daughter of Robert & Frances Swaine Esq.
03-JUL; Mary daughter of Edward & Susannah Dolling
18-AUG; Margery daughter of Thomas & Margery Dolen
22-SEP; Elizabeth daughter of Hewbert & Elizabeth Butt
11-OCT; Matthew son of George & Elizabeth Whit
16-OCT; William son of Joseph Whiffing
23-OCT; Nikoles son of Nickoles & Margaret Whit
24-OCT; Thomas son of Robert & Dorcas Weber
27-OCT; Agnes daughter of Samuel & Margaret Gray
26-DEC; Ralph son of Ralfe Skriven
05-FEB; Thomas son of Henry & Mary Ninam
06-APR; John son of Henry & Mary Speare
21-MAY; Edeth daughter of Simon & Amy Brown
12-JUL; Mary daughter of Robert & Margery Bendfeld
13-JUL; Elizabeth daughter of Mr.John & Mrs Martha Guy
13-AUG; Ann daughter of John Cleale
07-SEP; John son of Walter & Mary Haskell
16-NOV; Richard son of William & Sarah Specke
21-NOV; Sarah daughter of John & Joan Randle
22-NOV; Nicholas son of Simon Lanning
23-NOV; Thomas son of Thomas & Mary Vickery
26-DEC; Catherin daughter of Elias & Mary Bendfield
15-FEB; George son of Alexander & Elizabeth Corben
28-FEB; John son of Henry Morse
01-MAR; Mary Cockram, aged - years
01-MAR; Elizabeth daughter of Samuel & Margaret Eailes
19-APR; Elizabeth daughter of Nickoles & Margaret Cobb
29-APR; John son of Thomas & Grace Frampton
Blank; Elizabeth daughter of George & Elizabeth Whit
01-JUN; Honor daughter of Edward Toop
26-AUG; Mary daughter of Matthew Moss
30-OCT; Henry Brown
17-NOV; Robert son of Samuel Whit
18-NOV; Edeth daughter of Nickoles & Margaret Whit
28-NOV; John son of Thomas & Avis Dyett
27-DEC; Martha daughter of William & Joan Camell
17-JAN; Mary daughter of Jeremye & Elizabeth Butler
19-JAN; Temperance daughter of Mr. John & Martha Guye
17-FEB; Margery daughter of John & Margery Dandy
03-APR; William son of Lewes & Mary Gover
11-MAY; William son of Joseph & Honor Mash
02-MAY; Richard son of John & Joan Randle
28-MAY; Felles daughter of Samson Sisten
11-JUN; Elias son of David & Edith Hibbs
19-JUN; Hagar b.b. daughter of Ann Gray
26-JUN; Sarah daughter of Robert & Sarah Beare
27-JUL; William son of Macfrajsen?
Blank; Edward Edmunds born
14-AUG; Ruth daughter of Joseph Cleare
01-OCT; Vertu daughter of Laurance & Alice Randle
02-NOV; John son of Robert West
02-NOV; William son of Robert West
01-DEC; Regby? son of William & Alice Haycock
04-DEC; Edment son of Henry & Mary Ninam
27-JAN; Henry son of Henry & Mary Speare
31-JAN; Robert son of Robert & Frances Swayn, gentleman
13-MAR; Joseph son of Joseph Whiffing
02-MAR; Sarah daughter of Charles Cofen
07-APR; Grace Dolling
09-APR; Mary daughter of Samuel & Margaret Gray
14-MAY; Joan daughter of John Douch
15-MAY; Mary daughter of John & Elizabeth Gardner
30-JUL; Nickles son of John Billes, 3 years old this May
06-AUG; Cathern daughter of Thomas & Ann Stag
27-AUG; Dorcas daughter of Robert & Dorcas Weber
27-AUG; Sarah daughter of Hewbert & Elizabeth Butt
22-SEP; Matthew son of Matthew & Warbery Mosse
01-OCT; Elias Benfeld
01-OCT; Ann daughter of Walter & Mary Haskell
08-OCT; Simon son of Simon & Ann Brown
26-FEB; Mary daughter of Nickoles Cobb
27-MAY; Cathern daughter of William & Eadeth Norman
01-JUL; Richard son of Simon & Sarah Randell
08-JUL; Henry son of Henry & Alice Mousse
03-OCT; Thomazin daughter of John & Martha Guy
27-OCT; Mary daughter of Joseph Cleare
27-OCT; Mary daughter of William & Sarah Speck
18-NOV; Elizabeth daughter of John & Elizabeth Garner
22-DEC; Mathew son of Thomas & Luce Baker
06-JAN; Elizabeth daughter of George Smeth
01-FEB; Robert Whefen
10-MAR; Mary daughter of William & Joan Whiller
17-MAR; Elizabeth Sumers
05-MAY; Samuel son of Samuel & Margaret Gray
27-MAR; Richard son of John & Margaret Edmunds
04-JUN; Margaret daughter of George & Elizabeth Cull, born 14 May
19-MAY; Giles son of John & Elizabeth Collins
16-JUN; James son of Edward & Mary Benfield, born 20 May
23-JUN; Anne daughter of Michael & Jane Hake, born 25 May
02-JUL; Robert son of Robert & Margery Benfield, born 6 Jun
31-JUL; Mary daughter of Walter & Mary Frampton
25-AUG; Catherine daughter of Thomas & Joan Tyler, born 24 Jul
15-SEP; Sarah daughter of Lawrence & Alice Randal, born 22 Aug
16-SEP; Elizabeth daughter of William & Edith Norman, born 19 Aug
06-OCT; Sarah daughter of Robert & Hannah Perry
13-OCT; Catherine daughter of Thomas & Anne Stagg
29-OCT; Nathaniel son of Nathaniel & Margaret Smith, born 13 Oct
18-NOV; George son of John & Mary Mullens
27-NOV; Samuel son of George & Elizabeth White, born 28 Oct
04-DEC; Elizabeth daughter of William & Elener Dolling, born 1 Nov
05-JAN; Mary daughter of John & Alice Gover
06-JAN; Robin son of Robert & Joan Gentle
07-JAN; John son of John & Martha Guy
20-JAN; Amy daughter of Simon & Anne Brown
26-JAN; Warbery daughter of Matthew & Warbery Moss
04-FEB; John son of Nicholas & Margaret White
23-FEB; Grace daughter of George & Grace Dolling
09-MAR; George son of William & Sarah Speke
21-MAY; John son of Henry & Elizabeth Harris
28-JUN; George son of Elias & Mary Bendfeld
29-JUL; Christian daughter of Joseph Wheffin
23-AUG; James son of Walter & Mary Haskell
06-SEP; John son of Edward & Martha Weber
22-SEP; Elizabeth daughter of John & Martha? (Elizabeth?) Poulden
11-OCT; William son of - Goald
27-OCT; William son of William & Eadeth Norman
04-NOV; Joseph son of Henry & Mary Spear
04-DEC; Edment son of Henry & Mary Ninam - aged 3
26-DEC; William son of William & Joan Whellier
24-JAN; Warberey daughter of Matthew & Warbery Mosse
02-FEB; Margaret daughter of Samuel & Abygall Whitt
14-FEB; Edward son of Edward & Mary Bendfeld
14-MAR; Henry son of Samuel & Margaret Gray
21-MAR; John son of William & Margaret Butler
24-MAR; Martha daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Bush
04-APR; Mikel son of Mikell & Jean Hake
18-APR; Susanna daughter of David & Susanna Whit
19-APR; Mary daughter of John & Ann Blagrave
24-MAY; John son of Edward & Elizabeth Barns
24-MAY; Sarah daughter of John & Elizabeth Gardner
25-JUL; Benjamin son of Benjamin & Catherine Rose
05-SEP; William son of William & Eleanor Langley of Wareham
13-SEP; Ann daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Serell
15-SEP; Sarah daughter of George & Sarah Clerk
14-SEP; Samuel son of Simon & Elizabeth Lanning
26-OCT; William son of George & Elizabeth White
18-DEC; Sarah daughter of Mr. Nathaniel & Mrs. Margaret Smith
Blank; Alice daughter of John Collins
30-DEC; Martha daughter of Mr. John & Mrs. Martha Guy
02-JAN; Samuel b.b. son of Grissel Randall
05-JAN; Rebecca daughter of David & Edith Hibbs
27-FEB; Mary b.b. daughter of Margaret Davy
20-MAR; Christopher son of Christopher Sommers
02-APR; John son of Benjamin Dyet
05-APR; Elizabeth daughter of William Farwell
30-APR; - - of John Edmonds of Kingston, born
08-MAY; John son of Peter Gold
08-MAY; Jone daughter of Edward Steckland
03-JUN; Robert son of Robert & Dorcas Webber
05-JUN; Mary daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Bush
19-JUN; Mary daughter of Henry & Lucy Mosse
26-JUN; William son of Thomas & Elizabeth Haskall
26-JUN; Sarah daughter of William & Sarah Speck
10-JUL; Elizabeth daughter of John & Alice Courege
01-AUG; John son of Nicholas & Mary White
04-AUG; William son of John & Margaret Edmonds of Kingston
21-AUG; Sarah daughter of Gabriel & Susan Vye of Kingston
21-AUG; Margaret daughter of Laurence & Alice Randall
21-AUG; Jane daughter of Nicholas & Margaret Cobb
30-OCT; Hannah daughter of William & Margaret Butler
11-DEC; Jone daughter of George & Grace Dolling
05-DEC; John son of Walter & Mary Frampton
07-DEC; Joan daughter of David & Edith Hibbs
05-JAN; Sarah daughter of Sarah Coren, posthumous
08-JAN; Thomas son of Thomas & Sarah Lovel
31-JAN; George son of Nathaniel & Margaret Smith
13-FEB; John son of Robert & Jone Turner
26-FEB; John son of Thomas & Sarah Gover
01-MAR; William son of John & Elizabeth Gardiner
05-MAR; Mary daughter of Thomas & Joan Tyler
12-MAR; Sarah b.b. daughter of Ann Grey
09-APR; Susanna daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Harris
09-APR; Elizabeth daughter of Robert & Joan Gentle
30-APR; Thomas son of Benjamin & Catherin Rose
30-APR; Catherine daughter of Matthew & Barbery Mosse
16-MAY; Ann daughter of Peter & Ann Gold
17-JUN; George son of John & Martha Guy
18-MAY; Jane daughter of William & Jane Wheeler
05-SEP; Sarah daughter of William & Mary Trew
18-SEP; Henry son of Robert & Sarah Beere
24-SEP; Ann daughter of David & Susannah White
06-OCT; Thomas son of William & Edeth Norman
02-NOV; John son of Samuel & Margaret Grey
15-NOV; Elizabeth daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Serell
22-NOV; Roger son of Thomas & Martha Eggerdon
08-JAN; William son of William & Ann Farewell
14-JAN; William son of Edward & Mary Benfeild
03-FEB; Walter son of George & Elizabeth White
05-FEB; Mary daughter of Elias & Mary Benfeild
17-MAR; James son of Walter & Mary Frampton
23-MAR; - daughter of George & Mary Clark - tailor - born, not baptised