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Over Compton Records at the Dorset History Centre

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PE/OCO/RE 1/1 Christenings and burials 1726-1812; Marriages 1726-1753 –date: 1726-1812
PE/OCO/RE 2/1     Christenings – date: 1813-1995
PE/OCO/RE 3/1     Marriages 1754-1811; Banns 1754-1810 – date: 1754-1811
PE/OCO/RE 3/2     Marriages – date: 1813-1837
PE/OCO/RE 4/1     Burials – date: 1813-1995


TRANSCRIPTS are available for :-
Christenings 1726-1837
Marriages 1726-1837
Burials 1726-1837


PE/OCO/IN 1/1/1  Mark Parsons, son of Archibald & Barbara –date: n.d.(1968)
PE/OCO/IN 1/1/2  Note of the burial of Abbal the son of Hugh and Grace Homber, 23 Apr 1815, the baptism of Jane the daughter of William and Elizabeth Pacel 14 May 1815 and the baptism of Frances the son of Samuel and Lydia Pelley 21 May (1815) Nether Compton – date: 1815
PE/OCO/IN 1/1/3  Note of the baptism or burial of Robert son of Robert and Elizabeth Peach 16 Apr 1820 and the baptism of William Glyde son of John and Sarah Ewens 30 Apr 1820 – date: 1820
PE/OCO/IN 1/1/4  Note of the baptism of Charles Hodder 17 Oct (17)95 and Marianne Hodder n.d. – date: 1795, n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/1/5  Note of the burial of Robert, son of Wyndham and Mary Goodden in Clifton, Glos 11 Jun 1796 and removal to the vault 10 Aug 1796 – date: 1796
PE/OCO/IN 1/1/6  Note of the burial of Robert son of Wyndham and Mary Goodden of Bristol 26 Dec 1801, and a note that Mr and Mrs Goodden wish 'that the Hatband and Scarf are worn this day' – date: 1801
PE/OCO/IN 1/1/7  Note of the burial of Henry Dyre 27 Aug 1810 – date: 1810


PE/OCO/IN 1/2/1  Licence granted to Caleb Loader of Pointington, Somerset and Elizabeth Sherring – date: 28 Jul 1829
PE/OCO/IN 1/2/2  Licence granted to Joseph Woolmington of Stofford in the parish of Berrick, Somerset and Sarah Sherring – date: 7 Oct 1831
PE/OCO/IN 1/2/3  Licence granted to John Batson of Nether Compton and Jane Lemon – date: 14 May 1834
PE/OCO/IN 1/2/4  Licence granted to John Mullett of East Coker, Somerset and Jane Hutchings – date: 11 May 1836


PE/OCO/IN 1/3/2  Banns published at Sherborne for George Tuck and Mary Locke of Nether Compton – date: n.d. (c.1800)
PE/OCO/IN 1/3/3  Banns published at Bradford Abbas for Robert Toop of Over Compton and Ann Dipslill – date: 4 Jun 1773
PE/OCO/IN 1/3/4  Banns published at Bradford Abbas for Abel Hillier of Over Compton and Susanah Masters – date: 15 Jan 1775
PE/OCO/IN 1/3/5  Banns published at Over Compton between Joseph Bicknell and Sarah Relly of Lyde, Somerset – date: 22 Jul 1780
PE/OCO/IN 1/3/6  Banns published at Broadway, Somerset for John Russell and Ann Bicknell of Over Compton – date: 23 Oct 1786
PE/OCO/IN 1/3/7  Banns published at Sandford, Somerset for William Condon and Katharine Lewis of Higher (Over) Compton – date: 22 Feb 1789
PE/OCO/IN 1/3/8  Banns published at Trent for Richard Bishop and Diana Smith of Nether Compton – date: 29 Dec 1792
PE/OCO/IN 1/3/9  Banns published at Sherborne between Thomas Sturgiss, widower and Elizabeth Bicknell of Over Compton – date: 13 Nov 1802
PE/OCO/IN 1/3/10 Banns published at Yeovil, Somerset between Hugh Humber and Grace Hellier of Compton – date: 29 Mar 1803
PE/OCO/IN 1/3/11 Banns published at Cerne Abbas between Henry Pearce of Over Compton and Susanna Morris – date: 24 Sep 1803
PE/OCO/IN 1/3/12 Banns published at Bradford Abbas for James Sherring and Mary Wethey of Nether Compton – date: 30 Dec 1804
PE/OCO/IN 1/3/13  Banns published at Trent between Samuel Pelly of Compton and Lydia Elford – date: 12 Oct 1807
PE/OCO/IN 1/3/14 Banns published at Beer Hackett between Robert Masters and Charity Hodder of Over Compton – date: (1810)
PE/OCO/IN 1/3/15 Banns published at Sherborne between William Luffman, widower and Priscilla Cornforth of Over Compton –
date: 7 Oct 1835

PE/OCO/IN 1/4/1  John Fudge and Jane True both of Over Compton – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/2  ( ) and Ann Singlton (part missing, see item in 1/4/3 below) -date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/3  John Hutchings 'foreigner' and Ann Singleton – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/4  Henry Gillard and Elizabeth Coombes – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/5  Robert White and Susan Snook of Yeovil – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/6  Thomas Gillard and Mary Brown – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/7  Robert King and Martha Buckland – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/8  Samuel Gillard and Elizabeth Brown – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/9  James Brown and Elizabeth Hart – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/10 William Matthews and Edith Hull – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/11 Richard Marks and Mary Lewis – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/12 John Pavoare and Hannah Matthews – date: n.d (post 1797)
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/13  Robert Cates and Mary Kiddle – date: 1802
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/14 Thomas Sturges of Sherborne and Elizabeth Bicknell –date: 1802
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/15 Loderick Hillery and Francis Read of Sherborne – date: 1813
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/16 Henry Pearce and Susanna Morries of Cerne – date: n.d (watermark 1800)
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/17 Robert Arnold of Nether Compton and Ann Kidout –date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/18 Thomas Gillard and Elizabeth Horne – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/19 Raymond Cook and Lydia Langdon –date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/20 William Gillard and Susanna Knight of Rimpton – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/21 Edward Yerbury of Nether Compton and Elizabeth Bicknell -date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/22 Robert Masters of Beer Hackford and Charity Hodder –date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/23 George Davies of Yarlerton and Jane Hawkins – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/24 Hugh Humber of Yeovil and Grace Helyar – date: n.d (1803)
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/25 John Paul and Harriet Beaton – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/26 Richard Squirs of Piddlehinton and Hannah Warren – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/27 James Bicknell and Maria Hawkins – date: n.d
PE/OCO/IN 1/4/28 James Gillard of Nether Compton and Elizabeth Stiby – date: 19 May 1816


PE/OCO/IN 1/5/1  Sir Henry Bernhard Samuelson – date: 22 Mar 1937
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/2  Henry James Pelly who died at Port Bredy Hospital – date: 12 Feb 1958
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/3  Arthur Pelly who died at Port Bredy Hospital – date: 7 May 1958
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/4  Agnes Louisa Kinghorn who died at Damers Hospital Dorchester – date: 25 Jul 1958
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/5  William Richard Cox who died at 4 Common Mead Lane, Gillingham – date: 25 Jul 1958
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/6  Valerie Mary Goodden who died at Compton Hawy, Over Compton – date: 4 Sep 1959
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/7  Charles Dibley who died at Damers Hospital, Dorchester – date: 2 Feb 1961
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/8  Arthur A'Court who died at Yeatman Hospital, Sherborne -date: 29 Mar 1962
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/9  George Richard Cole who died at West Street, Somerton – date: 7 May 1962
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/10 Stephen Henry Rawles who died at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, Somerset – date: 12 Nov 1963
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/11 Joyce Marianne Poyntelle Goodden who died at Yeatman Hospital, Sherborne –date: 13 May 1964
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/12 Carrie Frances Cox who died at the Infirmary, Salisbury – date: 2 Jun 1964
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/13 Nora Cicely Goodden who died at Rownhams, Southampton -date: 5 Dec 1969
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/14 Joseph George James Rideout who died at New Road, Uploders date: 13 Mar 1970
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/15  Dorothy Marguerite Goodden who died at Middlesex Hospital, London –date: 31 Oct 1974
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/16 John Henry Goodden who died at Poole General Hospital -date: 31 Oct 1974
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/17 Florence Annie Bartlett who died at South Petherton Hospital -date: 26 Aug 1977
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/18 Violet Beatrice Baker who died at Yeovil District Hospital -date: 19 Mar 1981
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/19 Charles James Paulley who died at Lower Farm, Over Compton date: 23 Jun 1975
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/20 Marius Tranbery who died at Yeatman Hospital, Sherborne -date: 24 Dec 1975
PE/OCO/IN 1/5/21 Constance May Rogers who died at Yeovil District Hospital, Yeovil –date: 26 Nov 1982


PE/OCO/IN 1/6/1  Copy licence granted to Samuel Clark to perform the office of Stipendiary Curate with the yearly stipend of £120 and to reside at Yeovil, with covering letter – date: Jan 1819


PE/OCO/IN 1/8/1  List of those confirmed at Sherborne from Over and Nether Compton – date: 24 Aug 1821


PE/OCO/IN 2/1/1  Statistics of burials and baptism for 1801-1810 – date: 1810
PE/OCO/IN 2/1/2  List of names with Pages – date: n.d


PE/OCO/IN 2/2/1  Printed letter concerning the ordering of new parchment registers, with blank cover (envelope) – date: 10 May 1813
PE/OCO/IN 2/2/2  Circular letter from the Diocesan Registry, Salisbury requesting that the Bishop's transcripts be sent to them – date: 12 Jul 1893
PE/OCO/IN 2/2/3  Circular concerning the issue of short certificates of baptism -date: Aug 1961


PE/OCO/CW 1/1    Plan of the churchyard with some names given – date: n.d. (c.1800)
PE/OCO/OV 1/1    John True of Adber in the parish of Trent apprenticed to Francis Russell of Nether Compton, Linnman – date: 1 May 1768

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