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Nether Compton Records at the Dorset History Centre

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Christenings 1538-1541, 1561-1647, 1649, 1651, 1660-1662, 1691-1776;
Births 1654-1660;
Marriages 1541, 1561-1647, 1655-1662, 1716-1751;
Burials 1538-1541, 1561-1647, 1655-1660;
Deaths 1661-1662, 1692-1776

PE/NCO/RE 1/2     Christenings and burials -date: 1776-1812
PE/NCO/RE 2/1     Christenings -date: 1813-1879
PE/NCO/RE 3/1     Marriages 1754-1812; Banns 1754-1820 -date: 1754-1820
PE/NCO/RE 3/2     Marriages -date: 1813-1837
PE/NCO/RE 4/1     Burials -date: 1813-1994

PE/NCO/IN 1/1/1  Samuel Gellard and Martha Bicknell both of Nether Compton -date: n.d. (late 18th cent.)
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/2  James Smith and Hannah Bicknell both of Nether Compton -date: n.d. (late 18th cent.)
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/3  Thomas Philippo and Rosetta Wethey (? Booth) – date: n.d. (late 18th cent.)
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/4  Charles Toop of Trent and Sarah Browen of Nether Compton -date: n.d. (late 18th cent.)
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/5  William Young of Sherborne and Harriet Read of Nether Compton – date: Aug-Sep 1810
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/6  William Ridout of Bradford Abbas and Elizabeth Rendell of Nether Compton – date: Nov-Dec 1814
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/7  Cornelius Leng of Lower Compton and Minah Chapman, otherwise Ring of Bradford Abbas – date: Feb-Mar 1826
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/8  William Cable of Bradford Abbas and Elizabeth March of Lower Compton – date: Mar 1826
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/9  George Bridle of Long Bredy and Mary Gulledge of Nether Compton – date: Jun 1827
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/10  William Hayward of East Coker, Somerset and Elizabeth Hillary of Nether Compton – date: Sep 1827
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/11 John Rake of Yeovil, Somerset and Elizabeth Arnold of Nether Compton – date: Jun-Jul 1830
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/12 Richard Napper of North Cadbury, Somerset and Sarah Rowe of Nether Compton -date: May 1834
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/13 Samuel Pelley of Nether Compton and Matilda Fudge of Yeovil, Somerset – date: Feb-Mar 1836
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/14 George Hodges and Blinda March published at Trent – date: Dec 1836
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/15 Thomas Dibble of St Cuthbert's, Glasgow and Margaret Betty Andrews of Nether Compton – date: 29 Sep 1944
PE/NCO/IN 1/1/16 Note stating that while the church of Over Compton was under repair the Over Compton Banns were published, and marriages solemnised, at Nether Compton church – date: n.d. (early 19th cent.)

PE/NCO/IN 1/2/1  Licence granted to Jacob Margrie of Bridport to Ann Everith Good of Nether Compton – date: 10 Jun 1823
PE/NCO/IN 1/2/2  Licence granted to John Garland of Cullistock, widower and Ann Fooks of Nether Compton, widow – date: 10 Aug 1827
PE/NCO/IN 1/2/3  Licence granted to John Heaver and Susan Beacham both of Nether Compton – date: 10 Dec 1827
PE/NCO/IN 1/2/4  Licence granted to John Kenway of Bridport to Janet Naitland of Nether Compton, a minor aged nineteen years – date: 31 May 1830
PE/NCO/IN 1/2/5  Licence granted to Robert Sharman of Castle Cary, Somerset to Christian Russel of Nether Compton – date: 11 May 1837

PE/NCO/IN 1/3/1  Note stating that the children of William and Mary Brown are to be 'Baptised next Sunday'. Gives month and year of birth of each child but not their names. date: n.d. (c.1809)

PE/NCO/IN 1/4/1  Note of the burials of Merrcam Derrick, aged 24, 17 Sep 1813, Ann Hollen aged 7, 29 Sep 1813 and Robert Gillard aged 79 10 Nov 1813 – date: 1813
PE/NCO/IN 1/4/2  Note (? of the burial) of Harriot Read aged 43 – date: n.d. (early 19th cent.)
PE/NCO/IN 1/4/3  Note of the burial of John Nethy aged 66 on 12 May – date: n.d. (early 19th cent.)
PE/NCO/IN 1/4/4  Note stating that the 'prayers of this congregation are desired for Robert Tucker' (? For his burial) – date: n.d. (early 19th cent.)
PE/NCO/IN 1/4/5  Note stating that Sam, son of Joseph and Ann Chalcroft died 23 Mar 1726, aged 10 – date: n.d. (early 20th cent.)

PE/NCO/IN 1/5/1  Licence to Revd John Culliford Goodden granting authority to enter and write all entries of burial, marriage, birth or christening in the parish registers – date: 2 Oct 1783

PE/NCO/IN 2/1 Copy of an Act for amending the Laws respecting the Solemnization of Marriages in England, with blank affidavit form before the calling of banns – date: 1823

PE/NCO/CW 1/1 Account book – date: 1713-1773
PE/NCO/CW 1/2 Account book of receipts and disbursements Includes rates to 1923 – date: 1858-1942

PE/NCO/OV 1/1 Account book of receipts (rates and disbursements) – date: 1786-1813
PE/NCO/OV 1/2 Voucher for drink, grain, herbs – date: 1766

PE/NCO/OV 2/1 Removal order for Isabella Dober of Nether Compton from Sherborne to Nether Compton – date: 9 Sep 1780

PE/NCO/OV 3/1 Warrant for the apprehension of Robert Haggett, a soldier of the 31st Regiment of Foot quartered at Sherborne, the reputed father of the child now being carried by Isabella Dober of Nether Compton, which is likely to be born a bastard – date: 2 Oct 1781

PE/NCO/OV 4/1 Valuation of fields (? in Nether Compton) – date: n.d. (late 18th cent)

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