Rectors of the Parish of Chilfrome

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

1251William de LINTON
1263William de la WYLE
1297Nicholas ate WYLE
1324John HARDY
1324Richard de LANGETON
1330William de ROBELARD
1342John HARET
1344John HARDY
1348William de LUDEFORD
1379Henry BYTHE
1399Richard / Nicholas ASHWELL
1403William CROWTHORNE
1411Martin OXBOURNE
1432Thomas ALEYN
1433Philip CLERK
1441William SYLK
1450Robert FERBY
1456John WYLLYNG or WYLY
1481Richard SMITH (still in place in 1503)
1545William HILLARYE
Records burnt during Bristol riots
1616William DOUCH BA
1620Thomas CLEMENT MA
1650Thomas CLEMENT
1676John BARNARD
1709Robert WAKE BA
1758Joseph BAYLEY
1775James BRYATT M.A.
1813John LEIGH M.A.
1824William Cockayne FRITH D.C.L.
1856Arthur Leopold Parker SNOW M.A.
1862Robert PINKNEY M.A.
1869William HOOPER M.A.
1887Joseph Henry MACLEAN
1891Thomas Humphries CLARK M.A.
1909Thomas Hill LOWE
1913William H. JEFFCOAT M.A.
1923Robert P. STICKLAND M.A.
1931Arthur Vernon DEANE M.A.
1959Christopher F. C. BRINKWORTH
1970James FOXCROFT
1974-7Gerald Blamire NEWTON
Memorials to Rectors in the Church include a slab on the Chancel floor with the following curious inscription:
If you enquire who lies within this frame,
One much more CLEMENT by his life than’s name,
A painful pastor that with Christ did gather,
A lovinge husband, and a tender father.
Here resteth the body of THOMAS CLEMENT, clerk,
who deceased the 18th of June, Ano 1675.
Here resteth the body of THOMAS the sonne of
Thomas CLEMENT and Hester his wife,
who dyed the 26th of October 1676, aged 6.

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