1881 Census - RG 11/2113

Transcribed by Keith Searson



Chilfrome; Job DUNFORD; Head; M; 77; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; Maria  DUNFORD; Wife; M; 72; Wraxall Dorset

; George DUNFORD; Son; S; 31; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; Frederick DUNFORD; Son; S; 26; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset


Dairy House; Henry HARRIS; Head; M; 72; Farmer; Cattistock Dorset

; Jane HARRIS; Wife; M; 69; Yetminster Dorset

; Henrietta HARRIS; Daughter; S; 45; Chilfrome Dorset

; Ada E GODDARD; Granddaughter; S; 6; Scholar; Chilfrome Dorset


; George DOWLE; Head; M; 59; Dairy Man; Great Toller Dorset

; Mary DOWLE; Wife; M; 57; Herringstone Dorset

; Henry DOWLE; Son; S; 30; Butcher; Chilfrome Dorset

; Herbert DOWLE; Son; S; 20(?); Dairy Man; Chilfrome Dorset


; William GOLDRING; Head; M; 58; Carter; Rampisham Dorset

; Maria GOLDRING; Wife; M; 45; Maiden Newton Dorset

; Edwin GOLDRING; Son; S; 23; Agricultural Labourer; Wraxall Dorset

; George GOLDRING; Son; S; 20; Agricultural Labourer; Maiden Newton Dorset

; Sarah Jane GOLDRING; Daughter; S; 14; Chantmail Dorset

; Ann Eliza GOLDRING; Daughter; S; 11; Scholar; Chantmail Dorset

; Ellen GOLDRING; Daughter; S; 9; Scholar; Chantmail Dorset

; Walter J GOLDRING; Son; S; 6; Scholar; Chantmail Dorset


; Cornelius SMITH; Head; M; 46; Agricultural Labourer; Woodsford Dorset

; Elizabeth SMITH; Wife; M; 46; Nettlecombe Dorset

; John SMITH; Son; S; 19; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; George SMITH; Son; S; 15; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; Harry SMITH; Son; S; 8; Scholar; Chilfrome Dorset

; William RANDALL; Father in Law; Widower; 76; Agricultural Labourer; Nettlecombe Dorset


; Albert W PARDEY; Head; M; 27; Farm Bailiff; Bradford Peverell Dorset

; Annie PARDEY; Wife; M; 27; Piddletrenthide Dorset


; John DOWN; Head; M; 47; Gardener; Askwater Devon

; Nina DOWN; Wife; M; 43; St Mabyne Cornwall

; Mary DOWN; Daughter; S; 13; Scholar; Broadwoodridge Devon

; John G DOWN; Son; S; 4; Broadwoodridge Devon

; Francis W DOWN; Son; S; 3; Broadwoodridge Devon


Rectory; William HOOPER; Head; M; 52; Rector of Chilfrome; Exeter Devon

; Helen HOOPER; Wife; M; 41;  South Africa

; Alice Ann GILHAM; Servant; S; 16; Servant; Coker Somerset


; John SYMES; Head; M; 81; Retired Gardener; Great Toller Dorset

; Ann SYMES; Wife; M; 59; Yetminster Dorset


; William N WHELLER; Head; S; 35; Shoemaker; Chilfrome Dorset; Employs 1 man

; Levi G WHITTLE; Servant; S; 39; Shoemaker; Bridport Dorset


Chilfrome House; George F L CALL; Head; M; 61; Lieutenant General;  London; Infantry in Aden

; Charles CALL; Wife; M; 60;  Scotland; By Transcriber the name and relationship are in clear writing

; George REID; Servant; S; 34; Butler;  Scotland

; Jane SINCLEAR; Servant; S; 40; Cook;  Scotland

; Ann KING; Servant; S; 37; Housemaid; Weliscombe Somerset


; Jeremiah CROWLEY; Head; M; 31; Coachman;  Ireland

; Margard CROWLEY; Wife; M; 35;  Ireland

; William CROWLEY; Son; S; 9; Scholar;  Ireland

; David CROWLEY; Son; S; 8; Scholar;  Scotland

; John CROWLEY; Son; S; 6; Scholar;  Scotland

; Christian CROWLEY; Daughter; S; 4; Scholar;  Scotland

; Mary E CROWLEY; Daughter; S; 2;  Scotland

; Michael G CROWLEY; Son; S; 6 mths; Chilfrome Dorset

; William CROWLEY; Brother; S; 23; Groom;  Ireland; Unemployed


; John THORNE; Head; M; 50; Agricultural Labourer; Bettiscombe Dorset

; Anna THORNE; Wife; M; 46; Cerne Abbas Dorset

; John J THORNE; Son; S; 15; Agricultural Labourer; Puncknowle Dorset

; Frederick W THORNE; Son; S; 10; Scholar; Puncknowle Dorset

; Keziah MITCHELL; Mother in Law; Widow; 85; Granville Wootton Dorset


; Henry BRAKE; Head; M; 55; Gardener; Bradpole Dorset

; Ann BRAKE; Wife; M; 58; Symondsbury Dorset


; Henry GUPPY; Head; M; 49; Farm Smith; Frampton Dorset

; Jane GUPPY; Wife; M; 38; Nether Cerne Dorset

; Mary M GUPPY; Daughter; S; 14; Great Toller Dorset

; Albert G STAINER; Sephew; S; 11; Scholar; Charminster Dorset


; Henry CORBIN; Head; M; 52; Agricultural Labourer; Maiden Newton Dorset

; Amelia CORBIN; Wife; M; 48; Maiden Newton Dorset

; George CORBIN; Son; S; 15; Agricultural Labourer; Maiden Newton Dorset

; Emma CORBIN; Daughter; S; 12; Maiden Newton Dorset


; Henry CHALKER; Head; S; 64; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset; Deaf and Dumb from birth

; Francis ROBERTS; Servant; Widow; 70; Housekeeper; Gosport Hants

; Ann ROBERTS; S; 44; Cattistock Dorset; Daughter of Housekeeper Imbecile from birth


Farm House; Charles GODDARD; Head; M; 35; Farmer; Maiden Newton Dorset; Farms 200 acres employs 3 men and 1 boy

; Elizabeth J GODDARD; Wife; M; 38; Chilhorne Dorset

; Charles GODDARD; Son; S; 5; Chilfrome Dorset

; Agnes E A GODDARD; Daughter; S; 4; Chilfrome Dorset

; Lavinia H GODDARD; Daughter; S; 6 mths; Cattistock Dorset


Northfield Cottage; Robert DUNFORD; Head; M; 24; Carter; Wraxall Dorset

; Emily DUNFORD; Wife; M; 19; Maiden Newton Dorset

; John DUNFORD; Father; Widower; 68; Agricultural Labourer; Wraxall Dorset


Hill Barn House; William FOX; Head; M; 29; Agricultural Labourer; Toller Pocurum Dorset

; Elizabeth FOX; Wife; M; 27; Chilfrome Dorset

; Francis M FOX; Daughter; S; 1; Chalmington Dorset

; Harriet JUKES; Mother in Law; Widow; 61; Muckleford Dorset

; Samuel FOX; Lodger; S; 23; Agricultural Labourer; Toller Pecorum Dorset


Longton Botton Cottage; George WATTS; Head; Widower; 47; Agricultural Labourer; Toller Pecorum Dorset

; Jane WATTS; Daughter; S; 20; Kingcombe Dorset

; Henry WATTS; Son; S; 16; Carter; Toller Percorum Dorset

; Alice WATTS; Daughter; S; 9; Scholar; Chilfrome Dorset

; Rosalie WATTS; Daughter; S; 8; Scholar; Chilfrome Dorset

; James WATTS; Son; S; 7; Scholar; Chilfrome Dorset


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