1871 Census - RG10/2013

Transcribed by Keith Searson



Hillborne; Joseph COOMBS; Head; M; 74; Agricultural Labourer; Seabon(?) Dorset

; Ann COOMBS; Wife; M; 69; Knighton Dorset


Northfield; George WATTS; Head; M; 39; Agricultural Labourer; Toller Dorset

; Ann WATTS; Wife; M; 37; Mapperton Dorset

; William WATTS; Son; 14; Agricultural Labourer; Toller Dorset

; Jane WATTS; Daughter; 8; Toller Dorset

; Henry WATTS; Son; 6; Toller Dorset

; Alice WATTS; Daughter; 1; Chilfrome Dorset


Higher Chilfrome; Henry PASHER; Head; M; 57; Shepherd; Godmanstone Dorset

; Thomas PASHER; Son; S; 18; Agricultural Labourer; Stratton Dorset

; Sarah PASHER; Daughter; 15; Kingston Lacy Dorset

; Harriet A PASHER; Daughter; 12; Kingston Lacy Dorset


Dove Stalls; John JUKES; Head; M; 25; Agricultural Labourer; Chitborne Dorset

; Sarah JUKES; Wife; M; 27; Cattistock Dorset

; Sarah J JUKES; Daughter; 9 mths; Cattistock Dorset


; William WHELLER; Head; M; 55; Master Shoemaker; Chidock Dorset; Employs 1 man

; Maria WHELLER; Wife; M; 60; Bradscreech Devon

; William WHELLER; Son; S; 25; Shoemaker; Chilfrome Dorset

; Hannah WHELLER; Daughter; S; 20; Chilfrome Dorset


Langton Bottom Village; John SYMES; Head; M; 70; Gardener and Servant; Toller Dorset

; Ann SYMES; Wife; M; 48; Dressmaker; Yetminster Dorset

; Henry BARTLETT; Lodger; S; 22; Gardener and Servant; Chilfrome Dorset


Manson House Church; William LOVELACE; Head; M; 43; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; Edith LOVELACE; Wife; M; 68; Powerstock Dorset

; Jane LOVELACE; Mother; Widow; 69; Chilfrome Dorset


Cottages near the Church; Henry CORBIN; Head; M; 41; Agricultural Labourer; Maiden Newton Dorset

; Amelia CORBIN; Wife; M; 39; Maiden Newton Dorset

; Christopher CORBIN; Son; S; 19; Agricultural Labourer; Maiden Newton Dorset

; Elizabeth M CORBIN; Daughter; S; 12; Maiden Newton Dorset

; George CORBIN; Son; S; 5; Maiden Newton Dorset

; Emma CORBIN; Daughter; S; 2; Maiden Newton Dorset

; Elizabeth WHITTLE; Mother in Law; Widow; 69; Pauper; Maiden Newton Dorset


The Rectory; William HOOPER; Head; M; 42; Rector of Chilfrome; Exeter Devon

; Helen HOOPER; Wife; M; 34; Africa Africa

; William F  HOOPER; Son; S; 14; Scholar; South****ton Devon

; Frank R HASKER; Pupil; S; 14; Scholar; Blackheath Kent

; Mary A HASKER; Servant; S; 19; Servant; Curry Revel Somerset

; Ellen  LEGG; Servant; S; 23(?); Servant; Porton Dorset

; William HODDER; Servant; S; 25; Gardener and Servant; Workleigh Devon


Parsonage Cottage; George  PEARCE; Head; M; 29; Railway Labourer; Puddletown Dorset

; Mary PEARCE; Wife; M; 29; Chilfrome Dorset

; Fred PEARCE; Son; S; 5 mths; Chilfrome Dorset

; Anna M PEARCE; Daughter; S; 2; Chilfrome Dorset


Village; Samuel FRY; Head; M; 28; Railway Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; Mary A FRY; Wife; M; 29; Frampton Dorset

; Martha J FRY; Daughter; S; 2; Chilfrome Dorset

; Sarah J FRY; Daughter; S; 1; Chilfrome Dorset

; Thomas GUPPY; Father in Law; Widower; 76; Blacksmith; Chilfrome Dorset


; Harriet JUKES; Head; Widow; 50; Field Worker; Bradford Dorset

; Ann JUKES; Daughter; S; 19; Field Worker; Chilfrome Dorset

; Elizabeth JUKES; Daughter; S; 17; Field Worker; Chilfrome Dorset

; Edward JUKES; Son; S; 14; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset


; George JUKES; Head; M; 23; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; Elizabeth JUKES; Wife; M; 21; Maiden Newton Dorset


; Richard DOOK(?); Head; Widower; 78; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; Ann WHELLER; Servant; Widower; 75; Housekeeper; Netherbury Dorset

; Levi WHITTLE; Lodger; S; 29; Shoemaker; London Middlesex


; Cornelius SMITH; Head; M; 36; Agricultural Labouer; Woodsford Dorset

; Elizabeth SMITH; Wife; M; 37; Powerstock Dorset

; William SMITH; Son; S; 15; Agricultural Labourer; Woodsford Dorset

; James SMITH; Son; S; 13; Agricultural Labourer; Woodsford Dorset

; John SMITH; Son; S; 9; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; George SMITH; Son; S; 5; Chilfrome Dorset


Old Farm House; Frederick POPE; Head; S; 24; Farmer; Frampton Dorset; Farms 1200 acres employs 23 men and 4 boys

; James SPRACKLIN; Servant; S; 30; Groom and Servant; Larcombe Dorset


; James MEADE; Head; M; 56; Agricultural Labourer; Cokers Frome Dorset

; Maria (?) MEADE; Wife; M; 54; Stratton Dorset

; Mark MEADE; Son; S; 19; Agricultural Labourer; Charminster Dorset


Village; Henry CHALKER; Head; M; 54; Shepherd; Chilfrome Dorset; Dumb not Deaf


; Henry ROBERTS; Head; M; 75; Pauper; Cambridge(?)

; Frances ROBERTS; Wife; M; 71; Chatham Kent

; Ann ROBERTS; Daughter; S; 35; Pauper; Cattistock Dorset; Cripple


; John HARRIS; Head; M; 38; Agricultural labourer; Misterton Dorset

; Sarah HARRIS; Wife; M; 39; Maiden Newton Dorset


; Henry BUGLAR; Head; M; 25; Agricultural Labourer; Beaminster Dorset

; Jane BUGLAR; Wife; M; 25; Longdon Dorset

; Mary (illigeble); Mother in Law; Widow; 53; Orchard Somerset

; Louisa BUGLAR; Daughter; S; under 1 mth; Chilfrome Dorset


; Henry GUPPY; Head; M; 40; Farm Blacksmith; Frampton Dorset

; Susan GUPPY; Wife; M; 37; Wraxall Dorset

; Mary M GUPPY; Daughter; 4; Toller Porcorum Dorset

; Elizabeth WATTS; Servant; S; 14; Servant; Steepleton Dorset


Village Dairy; George  DOWLE; Head; M; 50; Farm Bailiff; Toller Dorset

; Mary DOWLE; Wife; M; 49; Dairy Manager; Bettescombe Dorset

; Henry S DOWLE; Son; S; 20; Apprentice Butcher; Chilfrome Dorset

; Alfred DOWLE; Son; S; 19; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; John DOWLE; Son; S; 16; Dairyman; Chilfrome Dorset

; Fred DOWLE; Son; S; 14; Dairy Boy; Chilfrome Dorset

; Frances J DOWLE; Daughter; S; 13; Chilfrome Dorset

; Herbert DOWLE; Son; S; 10; Scholar; Chilfrome Dorset

; Sarah A  CHENEY; Niece; S; 17; Servant; Puncknowle Dorset


; Henry HARRIS; Head; M; 62; Farmer; Cattistock Dorset; Farms 82 acres employs 2 men and 1 boy

; Jane HARRIS; Wife; M; 5(?); Yetminster Dorset

; Elizabeth J HARRIS; Daughter; S; 25; Chilfrome Dorset

; Henrietta HARRIS; Daughter; S; 35; (illigeble) Dorset

; Thomas HARRIS; Lodger; S; 64; Retired farmer; Cattistock Dorset


; John DUNFORD; Head; M; 70; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; Hannah DUNFORD; Wife; M; 68; Wynford Dorset

; Samuel DUNFORD; Son; S; 31; Agricultural labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; Richard WATTS; Lodger; S; 16; Labourer to Coal Stores; Wynford Dorset


; Job DUNFORD; Head; M; 68; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; Maria DUNFORD; Wife; M; 64; Wraxall Dorset

; George DUNFORD; Son; S; 25; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; Edward DUNFORD; Son; S; 19; Agricultural Labourer; Chilfrome Dorset

; Frederick DUNFORD; Son; S; 17; Scholar; Chilfrome Dorset


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