Parish of Chideock

MARRIAGES 1654 - 1812  & 1810-1836

Transcribed from a copy of Phillimore's 'Dorset Parish Registers' published 1909,  at Dorchester Reference Library.

1654 Nathanell LAMBERD of Bridport & Catherine SAMWAYS married 16-Oct

1654 Richard SNOW of Taunton & Frances BURNETT married 23-Jan

1654 John BRAIME s. of Robert & Jan WOODCOCK d of Joane married 14-Feb

1655 Samuell MATHEWS s. of Anthony & Mary PAINE d. of Thomas married 24-May

1655 Joshua CORNISH of Waymouth & Mary BLACKFORD d. of Grace married 30-May

1655 Thomas FIGHTER of Waymouth & Sarah ORCHARD married 26-Oct

1655 Simon FARWELL s. of Simon & Joane KEECH married 21-Nov

1656 Thomas BARNES & Sarah ORCHARD married 25-Mar

1656 Mathew DARE of Gabriells & Faith LOADER of Sturtoncawton married 00-000

1657 Hugh GALLOP & Dorothy BISHOP of Bridport d. Thomas married 29-Apr

1657 Roger SHANE & Catherine COPITHORNE married 20-Jul

1658 John HARDY & Joane WARNE married 23-Jul

1659 William DANIELL & Margaret CHAPMAN married 25-Mar

1659 Thomas SUGER of this & Elizabeth HOUNSELL of Morcom in Whitchurch married 29-Dec

1661 Jonathan EDWARDS of Waymouth s. of Stephen & Joane BEERE d. of Thomas 19-May married at Whitechurch

1661 Walter STONE & Joane ORCHARD married 24-Jun

1664 Thomas YOUNG & Elizabeth (blank) married 04-Jul

1666 Nickolas ORCHARD & Elezeboth COMENS married 01-Jan

1667 William KNOOT & Joane FENES married 12-May

1667 Robert ALFORD & Jone OUET married 01-Aug

1668 Edward STAPLE & Elizabeth MILLER married 18-May

1668 Nathaniel GAME & Sarah ROGERS married 03-Nov

 One entry erased here &  

1671 Nehemiah LUGGE of Hawkchurch & Joane COOMBE married 21-Jan

1671 William WOODMAN s. of William & Edith ORCHARD d. Eleanor married 03-Sep

1671 Robert MILLER & Joan MARTIN married 29-Nov

 One entry erased here &  

1672 Jeremiah SALTER of Whitchurch Canicorum s. of George & Joane GAME d. of Thomas married 26-Aug

1673 William COLEFOX the younger & Elizabeth PAYNE married 06-May

1673 William WOODCOCK the elder of Yeanhay & Mary CEECH of Seatown married 04-Feb

1673 Robert REDWOOD & Joane GERARD married 07-Apr "but ye marriage was forgotten to be registered according to the usual order"

1675 Ralph TROIT & Anne ORCHARD married 01-Jul

1678 Simon FORWELL & Agnes CHEPMAN married 08-Oct

1678 Simon ABBOT ye son of Simon & Joan his wife & Joan FORWELL ye daughter of Simon & Joan his wife married 12-Jan

1678 William PERROT of Burton Bradstoc & Joan FORWELL married 03-Mar

1679 Henry SYMS of Portisham & Joan JOHNSON married 30-Jun

1679 John COLFOX & Jane MAY widow married 16-Oct by licence in ye chappel of Chydeock

1679 Richard OLIVAR & Elizabeth WOODCOCK of Waynhouse 10-Nov were married at Whitchurch by license by me Ri. Luce minister of Chideock

1679 Joseph WHITTEY of Axminster & Anne LONG of Dalwood married 02-Dec by licence

1678 Robert GILL Sen. of Hawkchurch & Sarah MILLAR of Axmouth married 26-Dec by licence

1679 Jabez SWAYN of Lyme Regis & Grace PAYNE of Whitchurch married 12-Feb by licence

1679 Robert BANKS of Lyme Regis & Susanna LOCK of Whitchurch married 23-Mar by licence

1680 Richard WILSON of Netherbury & Cicily WOODCOCK married 31-May

1680 Thomas THOMAS of St Ives Cornwall & Elizabeth BEER 09-May were married at Whitchurch Canon by virtue of a licence granted by the Venerable Henry Jones Dr. of ye Laws & Vicar General so well as official principal to the Rt. Reverend Father in God William Lord Bishop of Bristol

1681 Edward FOWKES & Sarah GAME married 20-Jul

1681 Samuel WHITE of Bridport & Julian PENNEHAY of Hawkchurch married 26-Oct by licence

1681 William WOODCOCK Jun. of Yeanhay & Dorothy BARTLET ye daughter of Nicholas & Winifrid his wife married 04-Oct by licence

1681 Hugh DANIELL ye son of Hugh & Margaret & Alice HEARN ye daughter of Henry & Joan married 01-Nov

1682 John AISHFORD & Mary KEYNEY widow married 05-Jul

1682 Robert LOVELESS & Mary WEBBER married 11-Jul

1682 William HOSKINS of Uplime & Alice TRVERS of Porstoke married 02-Jan by licence

1683 John HARDY & Mary HODDER married 28-Feb by licence

1686 Edward STONE & Christian CHILCOT married 03-Feb

1687 Henry CAINE & Joan WARREY married 14-Apr

1687 Nicholas POYLE & Mary KEECH married 20-Apr

1689 William DANIEL Senr & Alice LARCOMBE of West Milton married 02-Apr

1689 Thomas FORWELL & Mary HARDY married 30-Apr

1689 Samuel LAKE of Symonsbury & Joan PAIE or PAYNE married 06-May

1689 John WOODCOCK of Yeanhay & Elizabeth KEECH married 17-Dec

1690 John FOSSE & Margaret HARDY married 13-May

1690 Abraham CARTER & Anne BRIDLE of Stanton St Gabriel's married 13-May

1691 Samuel CRIBY CRISDE & Susan SHAVE married 14-Apr

1691 Paul BETTISCOMBE of Bridport & Elizabeth WOODCOCK married 12-May

1691 Henry WARREN & Joan OXENHAM married 16-Jun

1691 John CHAMPE & Joan STONE widow married 22-Jul

1691 Joseph PHIPPEN & Anne COX married 08-Sep

1691 Jacob CHEEK & Elizabeth EDGAR of Whitechurch Canonicorum widow married 06-Oct by licence

1691 William JACOB of Tiverton & Elizabeth COLEFOX married 10-Jan by licence

1692 Isaac STONE & Judith OXENHAM married 10-May

1692 Richard BRYANT of Diverford & Sarah LAWRENCE of Broadwinsor married 16-May

1692 Thomas GARDNER & Mary WARDE married 12-Jul

1692 John PEACH & Cicily HARDY married 14-Jul

1692 Richard ORCHARD junr. & Esther RENDALL married 05-Sep on ye green

1693 William JAMES of Thorncombe & Sarah CRABBE of Whitchurch Canon married 16-Feb by licence

1694 Joseph STRONG & Anne FOSSEY of Stoake Abbas married 13-May by licence

1695 Richard SEWARD & Joan KEECH married 01-Jun

1695 Anthony MAYR & Anne BASON married 29-Jul by licence

1695 John DODS of Chard & Joanna ALFORD married 14-Aug

1695 Michael LIMBRAY & Joan MILLER married 05-Feb

1696 John ORCHARD junr & Susanna JAMES of Axminster married 09-Jun "on ye green"

1696 Edward MARAGRY of Netherbury & Mary DEVENELL married 24-Dec

1696 Robert POWELL of Broadwinsor & Mary WOODCOCK married 09-Feb

1697 Thomas WILLIAMS of Chard & Martha MUNDEN of Whitechurch married 04-Nov by licence

1698 Benjamin BARTLET & Hannah BAYLY married 08-Sep

1698 Benjamin VINCENT & Margaret DALBY married 27-Dec

1698 William MILLER of Netherbury & Mary PULMAN "sometime of this parish" married 14-Feb by licence

1699 Richard SIMPSON & Mary LOVELACE married 19-May

1699 William PETTY & Mary OXENHAM married 25-May

1699 John JAMES & Elizabeth LANCASTER of Athlington married 14-Jul

1699 Leonard PAYR & Frances PEIRCY married 21-Sep

1699 Timothy POMEROY & Mary GALLOP married 30-Nov

1700 Henry SAMWAYS & Joan BURT married 29-May

1700 William FITZHERBERT & Mary ALFORD married 24-Sep

1700 John ANDREWS of Bradford Abbas & Joanna STONE married 04-Nov

1701 John PANCHEN of Bridport & Mary BUCKLAND married 26-Aug

1701 William BINGHAM & Theophila WHITTENOLL married 22-Sep

1701 Richard RAWLINGS & Grace HONIBORNE of Whitchurch Canonicorum married 29-Sep

1701 Andrew PARRET jun. & Agnes SWEET married 24-Dec

1701 Giles HARTE of Beminster & Elizabeth MATTHEWS married 22-Jan

1702 Thomas COX of Symsbury & Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY married 27-Apr

1702 Michael SWEET & Sarah JACOB married 08-Jun

1702 John SYMS & Joan REDWOOD married 17-Aug

1702 John HUNIBER & Catherine ORCHARD married 07-Oct

1702 George RICHARDS & Joan LUGGE married 19-Nov

1703 George HODDER of Stanton St Gabriels & Mary TAYLOR of Whitechurch Canonicorum 28-Feb "were married in the Chappell of Stanton St Gabriel"

1704 William BULL of Lyme Regis & Mary ROBINSON of Stanton St Gabriel 28-May "were married in the Chappell of Stanton St Gabriel" licence

1704 Daniel GERRARD & Elizabeth GILL married 14-Jun

1704 Roger Brown of Bridport & Mary SYMPSON widow married 21-Nov

1706 Samuel MOLLENS & Joan BOWDEN of Whitechurch Canonicorum married 25-Mar

1706 Thomas HODDER & Mary ADAMS of Whitechurch Canonicorum married 10-Dec

1706 Robert BOWLES of Burton Bradstock & Leah ABBOT married 23-Dec

1707 William RYALL of Stanton St Gabriels jun. & Jane ROBINSON of Stanton St Gabriel 04-Nov "were married in the Chappell of said Stanton St Gabriel" licence

1707 Matthew CAIN & Mary RUSSELL married 25-Dec

1709 Arthur PARRET & Agnes BURT married 02-May

1709 John HOSKINS of Uplime & Mary OLIVER married 09-May

1709 John GAME & Mary COLMER of Whitechurch Canonicorum married 17-Aug

1710 William GIFFORD of Uplime & Elizabeth OLIVER married 13-Apr

1710 Mathew LONG & Anne HUNT Mr William Vicar of Whitechurch Canonicorum married 16-May by licence

1710 William WALBRIDGE & Joan WOODCOCK of Stanton St Gabriel 01-Jun "married there" (Stanton St Gabriel)

1711 John HALSON & Anne LUSH of Whitechurch Canonicorum married 04-Mar

1712 Richard PRING of Ash Priors Somerset & Joan FORWELL married 29-Sep

1712 Stephen HALLET of Symsbury & Elizabeth COLEFOX married 08-Oct

1712 William BEER of Marshwood & Joan LONG of Whitechurch Canonicorum married 25-Oct by Mr Hunt

1713 George DRAYTON of Bishops Lydiatt Somerset & Sarah ABBOT married 11-Apr

1713 John STROUD of Bradford Peverell & Jane GUNTER married 12-Oct

1713 Thomas BUTCHER & Elizabeth GUNTER married 07-Feb

1713 Joseph BUTCHER of Lyme Regis & Elizabeth HALL of Wootton Fitzpain married 11-Sep by licence

1713 John DRAPER of Haslebury Plucknet Somerset & Elizabeth PAYNE of Allington married 03-Feb by licence

1715 Daniel STONE of Allington & Elizabeth GOLLOP married 16-May

1715 Leonard YOUNG & Winefret BARTLET married 24-May

1715 Stephen EDWARDS & Anne FORWELL widow married 30-May

1715 Andrew PARRET & Anne WOODCOCK married 23-Dec

1715 Henry GREENING & Mary HODDER of Whitechurch Canonicorum married 03-Jan

1715 Joseph DEAN & Mary WHITE of Chard married 05-Jan

1715 William MATTHEWS senr. & Dorothy ABBOT married 08-Jan

1715 John CRABBE of Netherbury & Elizabeth WOODCOCK married 02-Feb

1715 Robert YOUNGE & Anne STOODLY married 06-Feb

1715 William EDWARDS & Mary BARTLET married 13-Feb

1715 James REED of Stockland & Mary COURT of Alphington Devon married 14-Mar by licence

1716 Robert FORWELL & Mary FOSSE married 15-May

1716 William CLARK alias WARBINGTON of Toller Porcorum & Betty MUNDEN of Toller Porcorum married 17-May by licence

1716 Lancelot JORDAN of Bridport & Mary JONES of Lyme Regis 19-Sep "were married in the Chappell of Stanton St Gabriel" licence

1717 Thomas ORCHARD widower & Mary COINE widow married 15-Oct

1717 James WYATT of Lyme Regis & Elizabeth ATKINS of Bristol City married 12-Dec by licence

1717 John ELLIOT of Chardstock & Mary GAME married 22-Dec

1717 Charles BARTLET & Susanna TROIT of Marshwood married 13-Feb by licence

1717 William TROIT of Marshwood & Elizabeth LUSH married 19-Feb

1718 William MINTERN & Grace COX married 04-Apr

1718 George UDDALL of Netherbury & Anne TRENT of Stanton St Gabriel 12-May "were married in the Chappell of Stanton St Gabriel"

1718 Thomas PEACH & Mary GARDNER 05-Jul married at Bridport

1718 Samuel HALLET resident in this parish & Susanna HODDER of Stanton St Gabriel 04-Dec "married in ye chapel of Gabriels"

1718 William ORCHARD & Martha BISHOP married 25-Dec

1719 Andrew MINTERN & Dorothy AYSH married 19-May

1719 John YOUNG & Susanna BARTLET married 07-Jun

1719 John ROPER & Anne LIMBREY 14-Nov "married at Bridport"

1720 William LISLE & Elizabeth WHITE of Lyme Regis married 11-Sep

1720 John BUTCHER & Sarah GAME married 22-Nov

1720 William BRIGHT & Mary MOLEYNES of Whitechurch Canonicorum married 26-Dec

1720 Nathaniel WOODCOCK & Mary PEACH ??-Dec "mar. at Askerwell"

1720 John DARE & Martha WHITE of Axminster married 24-Jan

1720 Digory GORDGE & Joan HUNT married 10-Mar

1721 George HODDER of Stanton St Gabriels & Elizabeth AKERMAN 17-Oct "mar. in ye chappell of Gabriel" by Licence

1721 Henry CAINE or CARNE & Elizabeth FOSSE married 03-Jan

1721 John EDWARDS & Elizabeth SYMS married 01-Feb

1722 Samuel BISHOP & Sarah STONE of Bridport married 03-Oct

1722 William ORCHARD jun. & Mary WHIGGEN married 09-Oct

1722 Henry MARSH of Loders & Martha HODDER of Stanton St Gabriel married 28-Jan

1722 Christopher ROPER of Chideock & Elizabeth CHEEK of Lyme Regis married 31-Jan

1723 John DYER & Mary MIHEL of Symsbury married 12-Oct

1723 Nicholas OLIVER & Sarah FRYAR married 05-Nov

1723 Simon WARREN & Esther OLIVER married 06-Jan

1724 Samuel CHAMP & Elizabeth WOODROWE of Stanton St Gabriel 22-Aug "mar. in ye chappel there"

1725 John TREVET of Charmouth & Susanna SLADER of Stanton St Gabriel 30-Mar "mar. in ye chappel there"

1725 Isaac GREAT of Stanton St Gabriels & Joanna HODDER of Bradpole married 03-May

1725 Samuel HAMBLEN of Norton Somerset & Susanna PALMER of Chideock married 07-Aug by licence

1726 Samuel MILLER & Mary CRISDE of Bettiscombe 30-May " the Chappell of Stanton St Gabriel"

1726 John BINGHAM & Mary LIMBREY married 03-Oct

1726 John PALMER jun. & Elizabeth CRABBE widow married 31-Oct

1726 Richard HILLARY of Broadwinsor & Martha HOSKINS of Beminster married 24-Nov by licence

1727 Simon WARREN & Mary MARGARY married 23-Nov

1727 Matthias HENVILL of Bridport & Mary ACREMAN of Allington married 03-Dec

1727 Arthur PAYN & Elizabeth PEACH married 06-Jan

1727 John WAKELY of Whitchurch Canicorum & Mary WARREN of Marshwood married 22-Jan by licence

1728 Roger BROWN jun. & Grace NEWTON married 25-Jun

1728 John STONE of Allington & Grace RANSOM of Bothenhampton married 07-Nov by licence

1728 John GALE & Susanna LUSH of Symsbury married 19-Nov

1728 Robert START & Frances POWELL married 27-Nov

1729 James ROSITER of Lyme & Anne WALBRIDGE of Stanton St Gabriel married 22-Apr

1729 Robert ROBERTS of Whitechurch & Mary HARRIS of Stanton St Gabriel married 26-Apr

1729 Mr Nathaniel PAYNE of Ottery St Mary & Mrs Anne COLBERT 08-May "were married in ye chappell of Gabriel" by Licence

1729 John LOCK & Sarah MINTERN married 10-Aug

1729 William GAME & Grace MINTERN married 08-Sep

1729 William BARTLET & Jane LONG of Allington married 26-Nov

1729 Richard GOVIS of Bridport & Anne PITCHER married 08-Jan

1729 John PARRET & Mary GREAT married 02-Feb

1730 William FITZHERBERT Jun & Mary HALLET married 31-Mar

1730 John HOOPER of Stanton St Gabriels & Mary HODDER of Whitechurch married 04-May

1730 John GAME jun. of Whitechurch & Rachel HODDER of Stanton St Gabriel married 17-May

1730 John COX & Sarah KERRIDGE of Lyme Regis married 20-Oct by licence granted by Dr. John Clerk Dean of Sarum

1730 William CAIN & Sarah FORD married 01-Nov

1730 Thomas HOLEMAN of Whitechurch & Elizabeth SAMWAYS of Symsbury married 24-Nov

1730 James DEMENT of Whitechurch & Ruth GOVIS of Chideock married 22-Jun

1730 Jacob FORSTER & Mary SPENSER of Bridport married 26-Jul

1730 Edward MOLEYNES & Anne HAWKER 04-Aug were married at Briport by licence

1730 John FORWELL & Anne GEARE married 17-Oct

1730 James SWEET of Stoke Abbas & Elizabeth GOVIS of Chideock married 20-Dec by licence

1730 Christopher WELSH of St Mary Magdalene resident in Allington & Faith RENDALL of Allington married 16-Jan

1730 George DARBY & Mary GEARE of Bridport married 19-Jan

1730 John COWPER of Toller Porcorum & Jane ABBOT of Chideock married 02-Feb

1731 John HIND of Litton Cheney & Mary WAKELY of Stanton St Gabriel married 11-Jun

1731 John PAYN & Joan MOLEYNES married 08-Sep

1731 John WHINDLE of Powerstock & Mary SAMPSON of Bridport married 23-Oct

1732 John SPRAGUE of Symsbury & Anne BAILEY of Chideock married 09-Dec

1732 John PARRET & Anne GALE married 16-Dec

1733 John FORWELL & Mary ROPER married 31-Oct

1734 John HOBBS of Hardington & Mary ORCHARD married 23-Apr with licence

1734 John WHITE of Chideock & Margaret GEAL of Bradpole married 07-Jul

1735 Thomas HAMBLEN & Sarah BINGHAM married 21-Feb by licence

1736 William HODDER of Fromay-Church & Ann BIRT of Sturton married 12-Jul

1737 Mathew CAINS & Martha GAME married 12-Feb

1738 John DIMENT & Elizabeth TIZZARD of Whitechurch 09-Apr married at Stanton St Gabriels

1738 Henry FOSSE of Chideock & Mary BROWN of Chideock 26-Jul married at Stanton St Gabriels

1738 Joseph FORWELL & Elizabeth SYMES married 08-Sep

1738 John DIMMONT of Stanton St Gabriels & Sarah YOUNG of Chideock married 21-Sep

1738 William HOLLAND of Midle Chinnock Somerset & Frances ORCHARD of Chideock married 08-Jan by licence

1738 Ralph HODDER & Elizabeth LAWRENCE 15-Jan mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1739 John KEEPING of Bridport & Thaumazin LOCKETT of Bridport 08-Apr mar. at Gabriels

1739 Cornelius BADSTON of Woodbury Devon & Agnes FITZHERBERT of this parish married 07-Jan

1739 Charles TREBY of Totness & Elizabeth CODRINGTON of this parish 19-Feb mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1740 Richard ORCHARD & Mary ORCHARD married 05-Feb

1743 John VIRGIN of Chideock & Sarah PALMER of Chideock 19-Aug mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1744 Francis NEWMAN of Sherborne & Sarah BULL of Bridport 01-May mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1744 John YOUNG of Chideock & Mary FOSS of Chideock 15-Aug mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1744 Robert SOMERHAYS of Dalwood & Mary WHITTY of Axminster 18-Aug mar. at Stanton St Gabriels by licence

1744 John SMITH & Mary PERRY of Chideock 15-Oct mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1745 Thomas FARWELL of Chideock & Mary EDWARDS of Chideock 26-Jun mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1745 William MASON of Chideock & Sarah KENWAY of Bridport married 26-Dec

1745 John CRITCHELL & Mary MINTERN of Chideock 10-Feb mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1746 Giles DAVIS & Hannah SWAIN of Lyme Regis 15-Jun mar. at Stanton St Gabriels by licence

1747 Henry JOHNS & Anne WARREN 10-May mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1748 Ralph BARTLET & Elizabeth EDWARDS 31-May mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1749 William HORSKENS of Chideock & Martha BARLOTT of Symondsbury 31-Dec mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1749 John HALLET of Chideock & Elizabeth WALON of Symondsbury 26-Dec mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1750 John GRAYE of Whitechurch & Elizabeth CAINS of Chideock 25-Apr mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1750 Robert MILER & Mary SMITH of Chideock married 26-Dec

1751 William WATERS & Mary HODGE of Cerne married 27-May

1751 Isaac HALLET of this parish & Mary GREENING of Whitechurch 16-Jun mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1751 John CRITCHELL & Rachell ASH 20-Nov mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1751 Charls ROPER & Elizabeth BILLETT 20-Nov mar. at Stanton St Gabriels

1752 William DAVIES & Elizabeth GUNDRY of Bridport 07-Aug mar. at Stanton St Gabriels by licence

1752 John PAULEY & Mary VICAR of Whitechurch married 26-Oct by licence

1754 Nathaniel SMITH of Pool & Betty WHITEMOOR of Chideock married 23-May by licence

1754 John FARWELL widower & Mary BARNS married 11-Dec by licene

1755 John BARNS innholder & Ann PAIN married 07-Jan

1755 Robert BARNS & Sarah EDWARDS married 06-Feb

1755 George HODDER & Patience EDWARDS married 06-Apr

1755 Robert SAYER & Eleanor FOSER widow married 15-Sep

1755 Thomas BURY & Mary BAKER married 22-Dec

1756 George TETERSHILL & Mary START married 28-Sep

1757 Daniel GERRARD & Sarah CODRINGTON married 21-Aug

1757 Thomas LAWRENCE & Eleanor HOUSE married 01-Sep

1758 Samuel BARTLET & Catherine FORWELL married 25-Apr

1758 John GOULD of Dalwood & Jean BARNS married 21-Dec

1759 John WILKENS & Ann HODDER married 07-Nov

1760 Joseph BILES & Frances FORSE married 16-May

1760 Robert HANSFORD & Joan BARNS married 04-Jul

1760 William SYMES & Jean CHAD married 10-Oct

1760 Anthony EDWARDS of Stanton St Gabriels & Eleanor YOUNG of Whitechurch married 12-Nov

1760 William FOONE & Ann TOTTERSHILL married 01-Dec

1760 John HODDER & Ann FORSE married 25-Dec

1761 George UDALL & Elizabeth WHITE married 26-May

1762 George HODDER of Broadwinsor & Mary GERRARD married 30-Apr

1762 Thomas WAY of Symonsbury & Grace ROPER married 01-Jun

1762 William UDALL & Mary BARTLET married 03-Jun

1762 Thomas SLADE of Yeovil & Elizabeth CHAPMAN married 03-Nov by licence

1762 Robert SCADDING & Mary NICHOLSON of Bridport married 30-Nov

1762 James LOVERIDGE & Mary TOTTERSHILL married 27-Dec

1763 Charles PERROTT of Whitechurch & Mary BILLETT of Stanton St Gabriel married 10-Jun

1763 Robert FULLER of Sudbury co Suffolk & Mary BROWN married 23-Aug

1763 Samuel BAGLEY of Kings Somborne & Mary TUCKER married 16-Nov by licence

1763 William ORCHARD & Dorothy YARD married 19-Dec

1763 James FARWELL & Sarah HODDER married 26-Dec

1763 George SANSUM & Hannah HARDYMAN married 26-Dec

1764 James HAWKER of Chideock & Joanna GORGE of St Gabriel married 10-Jan by licence

1764 William HALLETT & Ann BINGHAM married 17-Jan

1764 John MILLER & Ann YOUNG married 12-Feb

1764 John BARTLETT of Stanton St Gabriels & Susanna WHITE of Lyme Regis 01-May mar. at Stanton St Gabriels by licence

1764 Richard PAYNE & Catherine HUCHINGS married 03-May

1764 John ROPER & Edith FARWELL married 07-Jun

1764 Thomas HAWKER & Mary MORRISH married 11-Oct

1765 John FORSE & Elizabeth SAMMES married 13-Jan

1765 John TAYLOR of Whitechurch & Mary DOBSON of Chideock married 19-Feb by licence

1765 John CREW & Sarah SCADDING married 19-Feb

1765 Simon FOSSE & Ann OLIVER married 12-Aug

1766 Stephen HODDER & Sarah EDWARDS married 25-Nov

1767 Robert HELLYAR of Colliton & Ann MENSON or MONSON married 13-Apr by licence

1767 John COOMBS & Mary HUNIMAN married 31-Aug

1768 John FITZHERBERT & Mary ROPER married 16-Feb

1770 Robert Elwell ROPER & Mary SYMES married 22-May by licence

1771 Leonard DIMENT & Mary HODDER married 08-Jan

1771 John WAKELY & Elizabeth PLUNKET married 11-Feb

1771 Charles STEVENS of Piddletown & Mary FOSSE married 21-May

1771 William HUTCHENS & Frances PAYNE married 29-Oct

1772 Thomas HODDER & Mary SQUIRE married 02-Jan

1772 Amos FARWELL & Hannah FOOKES married 02-Mar

1772 William TOLMAN & Elizabeth YOUNG married 21-Apr

1772 John FITZHERBERT & Ann MULLENS married 18-May by licence

1772 John KNIGHT & Jane ATKINS married 12-Jul

1772 Samuel SLADE of Merriott & Elizabeth OLIVER of St Gabriel married 10-Oct

1772 Gaius UDALL & Martha KING married 15-Nov by licence

1773 Robert CRABB of Netherbury & Mary MILLER married 07-Feb by licence

1773 Samuel YOUNG & Martha FARWELL married 01-Jun

1774 John HALLETT & Mary JESS married 13-Feb by licence

1774 Samuel SLADE & Mary FOSS married 15-Jun

1774 William Little WHITE & Elizabeth HOUSE married 05-Jun

1774 Thomas FARWELL & Ancess WOODWARD married 06-Jul

1774 William ASH & Elizabeth COOMBES married 02-Oct

1774 Bernard EVELEIGH of East Lulworth & Elizabeth STRODE widow married 27-Dec by licence

1775 Robert KNIGHT & Ann KNIGHT married 21-Jan

1775 John FLOOD & Mary CAYNE married 21-Feb

1775 Henry WESKET & Mary LOCK married 18-Apr by licence

1775 Archelaus SANDFORD of Symonsbury & Sarah FARWELL married 22-Aug

1775 Simeon BULLEN & Elizabeth FITZHERBERT married 24-Oct

1776 William SQUIRE & Martha FARWELL married 19-Feb

1776 Hugh PAYNE & Elizabeth PALMER married 28-Feb by licence

1776 John DENBOW & Betty CULVERWILTS married 08-Apr

1776 Hezekiah HORNER & Ann WHITE married 16-May

1776 Moses SCADDEN & Mary FEBBEN married 28-May

1776 Robert BARRETT of Marshwood & Mary BIDDLECOMBE married 10-Jun

1776 William LAND & Catherine SMITH married 01-Jul by licence

1776 Samuel ODBER of Stourton & Dorothy SYMES married 01-Oct

1777 Henry POMEROY & Mary YOUNG married 11-Mar

1777 Joseph HOBBS & Sarah RUSSEL married 15-Apr

1778 Michael EVELEIGH & Jane LEGG married 10-Feb

1778 John HALLET & Elizabeth BILES married 13-Apr by licence

1778 John CHARD & Sarah LOCK married 20-Jul by licence

1778 John GOLLOPE of Symonsbury & Elizabeth ENGLAND married 18-Aug

1778 Joseph FOSS & Catherine HANSFORD married 17-Sep

1778 Robert YOUNG & Lydia SNOOK married 25-Nov

1778 Richard FARWELL & Elizabeth ROPER married 08-Dec by licence

1779 James WARDEN & Elizabeth CROWCHER married 03-Jun by licence

1779 Henry Arundell HANNE of Deviocke co. Cornwall & Jane SAUNDERS married 20-Nov by licence

1779 John YOUNG & Mary MABE married 06-Dec

1781 John ENGLAND & Sarah MAY married 02-Jan

1781 William MILER & Sarah SYMES married 13-Feb

1781 James PALMER of Crewkerne & Ann FERRY married 03-Sep

1781 John YOUNG & Rachell JEANRODE married 12-Nov

1781 George PALMER & Mary WOODCOCK married 26-Nov

1781 Daniel HALLETT of Whitechurch & Ann SQUIRE married 03-Dec

1782 James EVLIGH & Hannah ORCHARD married 22-Apr

1782 Henry BARTLETT & Jane FARWELL married 09-Jul

1782 John GOULD of Dalwood & Ann BARTLETT married 30-Sep by licence

1783 Joseph BILES & Joan NEWTON married 04-Feb

1783 John FARWELL & Mary BERREY married 11-Feb

1783 Gaius UDELL & Mary SYMES married 02-Aug

1784 Samuel FARWELL & Sarah OLIVER married 03-Feb

1784 Joseph FARWELL & Elizabeth SQUIRE married 02-May

1784 George WAREHAM of Allington & Martha HANSFORD married 03-May

1785 Joseph FARWELL & Grace GUPPY married 11-Jan

1785 Daniel HOBBS & Ann FONE married 20-Sep

1786 Ambrose WILKINS & Mary WARD married 06-Jan

1786 George WAKELY of Symondsbury & Elizabeth BALSON married 28-Jun

1786 William BUDDEN & Elizabeth MILLER married 29-Aug

1787 Henry SYMES of Swyre & Sarah YOUNG married 12-Mar

1787 John GRINNING of Whitechurch & Ann SAMPSON married 16-Mar by licence

1787 George HASLEAD & Hannah MACKET married 25-Sep by licence

1787 John Manley WOODCOCK of Exeter College Oxford & Elizabeth SLADE married 14-Oct by licence

1787 John BRIDLE & Catherine FONE married 06-Nov

1788 Robert ROW & Frances SPURVE married 07-Jan

1788 Joseph WARD & Jenney PAYNE married 07-Jan

1788 Daniel SIBLEY of Bridport & Mary OLIVER married 08-May

1788 Leonard DIMENT & Elizabeth WHITE married 23-Sep

1789 John SQUIRE & Sarah BILES married 07-Jan

1789 Robert BOWDIGE & Betty SALTER married 10-Feb

1789 Henry ROPER & Mary GOLLOP married 20-Jul

1790 Simon BARNES & Catherine ODBER married 19-Jan

1790 Richard SQUIRE & Jane PARRY married 11-Feb

1790 William YOUNG & Mary FARWELL married 16-Feb

1790 William BARNS & Hannah MILLS married 24-May

1790 Richard GARLAND of Bothenhampton & Elizabeth PAYNE married 06-Jul

1790 George KINGMAN & Susannah CHUBB of Symondsbury married 12-Sep

1791 John FERRY & Thomasin MARKS married 05-Jan

1791 Robert Elwell ROPER & Jane SPRAKE married 30-Jun

1792 William GERRARD & Elizabeth HOBBS married 09-Feb

1792 Henry BROWN widower & Mary YOUNG widow married 10-Jul

1792 William DARE & Ann FARWELL married 31-Jul

1792 George FORSEY & Martha HANSFORD married 31-Jul

1792 John Manley PESTER of Gabriel's & Elizabeth LAURENCE married 08-Oct

1793 Thomas LAWRENCE & Ann FOOT married 04-Apr

1793 Thomas BAILEY & Elizabeth HODDER married 07-Apr

1793 James SAMPSON & Mary DIMENT married 26-May

1793 John UDALL & Catherine BRIDLE married 30-May

1794 George FORSEY & Elizabeth WOODCOCK married 24-Feb

1794 William FONE & Ann GERRARD married 05-Apr

1794 Thomas OLIVER & Elizabeth WILKINS married 29-May

1794 Robert HANSFORD & Ann OLIVER married 09-Jun

1795 John SYMES of Netherbury & Anne HALLET married 07-Apr by licence

1796 Henry ROPER widower & Mary MANLEY married 29-Mar by licence

1796 William PESTER & Frances EVELEIGH married 05-Apr

1796 Thomas FOSS & Grace TERPIN married 19-Jul

1797 Charles WAKELY of Membury & Elizabeth CLAPCOTT married 24-Jan by licence

1797 John SEBLEY widower & Sarah FARWELL widow married 31-Jan

1797 Charles BAKER & Lydia HALLET married 04-May

1797 Robert SANSOM & Mary EVELEIGH married 30-Oct

1798 Charles HALLETT & Catherine PAYNE married 06-Feb

1798 John YOUNG & Mary SYMES married 22-Sep

1798 Ralph BARTLETT & Sarah GOLLOP married 15-Oct

1799 John PERHAM of Whitechurch & Joan GERARD married 08-Jan

1799 Robert FARWELL & Ann GREENING widow married 16-Apr

1799 William ORCHARD & Elizabeth BURROUGHS married 19-May

1799 Henry BARTLETT & Mary WESTCOTT married 10-Sep

1800 George WEBBER of Charmouth widower & Sarah FARWELL widow married 09-Jan by licence

1800 Reuben BARNES of Symondsbury & Mary TAYLOR married 28-Jan

1800 Ambrose WILKINS & Mary FARWELL married 16-Apr

1800 Simon CRABB & Mary MILLER married 27-Apr

1800 William BRIDELL & Elizabeth WARD married 10-Nov

1801 John MARSH of Loders & Mary GOLLOP married 16-Feb

1801 Stephen WAKELY & Ann WARD married 16-Feb

1801 John YOUNG & Jane HALLETT married 09-Nov

1802 William SANSOM & Elizabeth OLIVER married 26-Aug

1802 John GIBBS & Elizabeth HALLETT married 28-Sep

1802 Daniel HOBBS & Elizabeth ENGLAND married 28-Sep

1803 Benjamin DIMENT of Charmouth & Harriet BROWN married 13-Feb

1803 Thomas WILKINS & Jane BARNES married 14-Feb

1803 Robert WALDON & Elizabeth GOLLOP married 21-Feb

1803 William TOLLMAN & Joan GRENTER married 26-Apr

1803 Robert KNIGHT & Sarah SHIER married 16-May

1803 William Brown GOLLOP & Mary SALISBURY married 23-May

1803 Gaius FARWELL & Elizabeth BARTLETT married 30-May

1803 Samuel CLARKE & Jane FOSS married 23-Sep

1803 Richard ORCHARD & Dinah TAYLOR married 12-Sep

1803 Gilbert LANGDON Rector of Chiselbourne & Anna FITZHERBERT married 22-Sep by licence

1803 James ROPER & Polly Roper FARWELL married 27-Sep by licence

1803 John TAYLOR & Mary BARTLETT married 05-Dec

1804 Stephen HODDER & Martha YOUNG married 06-Mar

1804 James WILKINS & Martha YOUNG married 22-May

1804 Thomas SURDENT & Sarah HOLLAND married 20-Jun

1804 Arthur PAYNE & Elizabeth YOUNG married 05-Nov

1804 Bernard GAPPER of Winsham & Elizabeth HALLETT of Chideock married 27-Nov by licence

1805 Joel ROPER & Sarah Roper FARWELL married 21-Mar by licence

1805 Joseph MILLER & Elizabeth WAKELY married 16-Sep

1805 Joseph DUNNE & Catherine BARTLETT married 24-Oct

1806 Samuel Young POMERY & Martha DAMPIER married 07-Jan

1806 John BOWDRIDGE & Charlotte HOBBS married 15-Jan

1806 Richard HARWOOD of Burlestone & Elizabeth FOSS married 16-Jan by licence

1806 Job BLAKE of Netherbury & Sarah FILE married 17-Feb

1806 William DARE & Mary SLADE married 18-Mar

1807 John BANDFIELD & Mary HOARE married 14-Jan

1807 Robert DARE of Whitechurch & Sarah SIBLEY married 29-Jan

1807 William SCADDING & Phebe FARWELL married 25-Aug

1807 John JERRARD & Elizabeth GALE married 12-Oct

1807 Arthur MANNING & Mary FARWELL married 22-Oct

1808 William BUDDEN widower & Sarah BEAL of Whitechurch married 19-Jan by licence

1808 William BROWN & Anne SALISBURY married 02-Feb

1808 Isaac GERRARD of Whitechurch & Sarah BARNES married 16-Feb

1808 Samuel PROSSER of Marshwood & Sarah CRABBE married 26-Apr

1808 John FARWELL & Mary CORNICK married 05-May

1808 John SIBLEY & Mary SCADDING married 07-Jun

1808 Samuel GLISSON & Catherine WILLIAMS married 30-Aug

1809 Elias OLLIVER & Mary EVELEIGH married 29-May

1809 Henry HANSFORD & Harriet HALLET married 15-Nov

1809 John BAGG & Mary DIMENT married 28-Dec

1810 James FARWELL & Mary MILLER married 02-Aug

1810 John ENGLAND & Betty COLLINS married 21-Aug

1810 James HOUSE & Mary WALLIS married 05-Dec

1811 Richard RICHARDS of Symondsbury widower & Mary EVELEIGH married 30-May

1811 Elisha HAWKINS of West Coker & Eunice HALLET married 01-Jun by licence

1811 John ASH & Many BOWDIDGE married 22-Jul

1811 John ROPER widower & Ann HECFORD married 07-Oct

1812 John BERRY widower & Jane YOUNG married 06-Jan

1812 Joseph OXENBURY & Catherine BUDDEN married 07-Oct

1812 John WOODCOCK of Lother & Martha FOSS married 03-Nov by licence



MARRIAGES 1810 - 1836

Transcribed from Bishop's Transcripts and kindly donated to the OPC Project by Terry Pine


James FARWELL  & Mary MILLER  married 02-Aug 1810

John ENGLAND  & Betty COLLINS  married 21-Aug 1810

James HOWE  & Mary WALLIS  married 05-Dec 1810

Richard RICHARDS of Symmondsbury widower & Mary EVELEIGH  married 30-May 1811

Elisha HAWKINS of West Coker Somerset & Eunice HALLETT  married 01-Jun 1811

John ASH  & Mary BOWDIDGER  married 22-Jul 1811

John ROPER widower & Ann HECFORD? widow married 07-Oct 1811

John BERRY widower & Jane YOUNG  married 06-Jan 1812

John EVELEIGH  & Elizabeth FONE  married 19-Jan 1813

James JOHNSON  & Paskey SQUIRE  married 12-Apr 1813

James HARP of Stanton St. Gabriels & Elizabeth FARWELL widow married 02-Jun 1813

Thomas BAILEY  & Ann SQUIRE  married 03-Jun 1813

Rombout SPRINGER widower of Stanton St. Gabriels & Sarah GUPPY  married 07-Jun 1813

William WHITE widower & Ann UDALL  married 08-Jun 1813

William HALLETT  & Elizabeth CROFTS  married 08-Jul 1813

Jacob HALLETT of Symondsbury & Mary OLIVER widow married 14-Apr 1814

William KINGMAN  & Sarah BILES  married 04-May 1814

William SYMES  & Mary SQUIRE  married 31-May 1814

Henry SMITH  & Mariah DAMPIER  married 13-Nov 1814

Laurence OXENBURY  & Ann FOOKS  married 09-May 1815

John WILKINS  & Lydia YOUNG  married 15-Jul 1815

Daniel JERRARD  & Elizabeth EVELEIGH  married 03-Nov 1815

John BISHOP  & Sarah GAME widow married 04-Jan 1816

Samuel BARNES  & Ann CORNICK  married 09-Jan 1816

James COLLINS  & Ann ENGLAND  married 25-Mar 1816

William DARE widower & Mary FARWELL  married 13-Jan 1817

Joseph JERRARD  & Susannah SPILLER  married 10-Jul 1817

William GIBBS  & Mary OXENBURY  married 22-Jul 1817

James BARTLETT  & Sarah FOSS  married 19-Aug 1817

Henry FOSS  & Rose CORNICK  married 11-May 1818

Joseph FOSS  & Elizabeth SQUIRE  married 09-Jun 1818

William ORCHARD  & Esther SCADDING  married 28-Jul 1818

John FOSS  & Ann RAISON  married 12-Aug 1818

Robert BARNES  & Elizabeth WELLS  married 17-Nov 1818

Joseph WAKELY  & Johanna EVELEIGH  married 23-Feb 1819

Richard ORCHARD  & Sarah BARNES  married 11-Oct 1819

John GEAR  & Martha TOLMAN  married 08-Feb 1820

James BARTLETT  & Elizabeth CORNICK  married 06-Jul 1820

George SYMONDS of Pilsden & Ann WADDEN  married 27-Jul 1820

Janna HELYER  & Ann HARDY  married 29-Aug 1820

John BISHOP  & Frances HODDER  married 19-Sep 1820

Isaac WAKELY  & Martha BARTLETT  married 23-Nov 1820

Philip SQUIRE  & Martha YOUNG  married 08-Feb 1821

William CORNICK  & Elizabeth UDALL  married 22-Feb 1821

Simon SQUIRE  & Ann JERRARD  married 15-May 1821

William BARTLETT  & Sarah OXENBURY  married 19-Jun 1821

Robert CORNICK  & Jane SIMPSON  married 28-Oct 1821

Samuel LANG  & Mary Ann WILKINS  married 16-Sep 1823

John BARTLETT  & Sarah SQUIRE  married 16-Oct 1823

William POWELL  & Elizabeth COLLINS  married 15-Dec 1823

Joseph TUCKER  & Eliza HALLETT of Symondsbury married 08-Jan 1824

John PESTER  & Jane SQUIRE  married 14-Jan 1824

Henry GEAR widower & Martha HODDER  married 10-May 1824

Henry HISCOCK  & Elizabeth FOSS  married 12-Jul 1824

Ambrose WILKINS  & Frances ORCHARD  married 02-Nov 1824

John FARWELL widower & Elizabeth FRAMPTON  married 27-Jan 1825

John OXENBURY  & Catherine BARTLETT  married 19-Apr 1825

James LAWRENCE  & Sophia WILKINS  married 22-Jun 1825

Thomas HUNT  & Elizabeth SAUNDERS widow married 11-Jul 1825

Thomas FARWELL  & Elizabeth HALLETT  married 01-Aug 1825

James YOUNG  & Elizabeth MEECH  married 10-Nov 1825

Robert GREENSLADE  & Frances ROPER  married 08-Dec 1825

Samuel BARTLETT  & Catherine GOULD  married 11-May 1826

Samuel BRIDELL  & Jane FARWELL  married 16-May 1826

William BAILEY  & Ann FONE  married 16-Jan 1827

John PESTER widower & Ruth YOUNG widow married 06-Feb 1827

Charles SALISBURY widower & Mary WHITTY widow married 03-Apr 1827

James PAUL  & Elizabeth POWELL widow married 10-Apr 1827

Robert BISHOP  & Ann SANSOM  married 17-Apr 1827

Benjamin COX  & Elizabeth BARTLETT  married 14-Aug 1827

William HISCOCK Beaminster & Mary Ann FOSS  married 01-Oct 1827

Henry TOLMAN  & Agnes BRIDLE  married 04-Dec 1827

John TAYLOR  & Agnes WAKELY  married 21-Dec 1827

Samuel BARTLETT widower & Sophia LAWRENCE widow married 15-Jun 1829

Jonathan ROWE  & Susannah GAME  married 01-Jul 1829

John BRYAN  & Jane BARTLETT  married 07-Jul 1829

Joseph CHEDD widower & Harriet HALLETT  married 14-Jul 1829

Charles Frederick ROBINSON  & Elanor ROCKE or ROKE married 30-Jul 1829

William CASE of St. Mary Lambeth Surrey & Mary HALLETT  married 15-Sep 1829

Constantine Phipps HENVILL  & Ann BROWN  married 11-Feb 1830

Thomas DUNN  & Mary Ann Legg DUNN  married 09-Mar 1830

James APLIN  & Mary HOUNSEL  married 06-Apr 1830

Joseph EVELEIGH  & Ann WAKELY  married 06-Apr 1830

Matthew EVELEIGH widower & Elizabeth PARSONS  married 01-Jun 1830

William HOBBS  & Maria VILE  married 19-Aug 1830

John TAYLOR widower & Hannah FOSS widow married 16-Dec 1830

Samuel WATTS  & Elizabeth STUDLEY  married 13-Jan 1831

John BROOKS  & Jane HOUNSELL  married 14-Jun 1831

William SANSOM  & Mary BARNS  married 28-Jul 1831

Isaac Wakely MILLER  & Mary BARNS  married 23-Aug 1831

Joseph BISHOP  & Ann SCADDING  married 21-Sep 1831

Charles ROBERTS of Thornford & Mary Benedicta HENVILLE  married 09-Apr 1832

Stephen HALLETT  & Frances DARE  married 13-Apr 1832

Daniel LARCOMBE  & Isabella HELYER  married 12-Jun 1832

James HODDER  & Anna Maria BROWN widow married 18-Jun 1832

Joseph JERRARD widower & Martha WILKINS  married 28-Jun 1832

John WILKINS  & Eliza OSMOND  married 02-Oct 1832

Frederick GREEN  & Henrietta HODDINOT  married 03-Jan 1833

William BUDLE  & Mary HODDER  married 16-Feb 1833

John HUTCHINGS  & Ann FARWELL  married 18-Apr 1833

Daniel JERRARD  & Miriam PESTER  married 15-Jun 1833

John BURTT  & Mary MANNING  married 16-Jun 1833

Samuel TAYLOR of Bridport & Henrietta SEWARD  married 02-Jan 1834

Henry SMITH of Clayhidon Devon & Ann CLARKE  married 25-Jan 1834

William HOBBS widower & Francis Eveleigh SANSOM  married 25-Aug 1834

James ENDLAND  & Ann SANSOM  married 27-Nov 1834

George FARNHAM widower & Mary Ann FARWELL  married 16-Dec 1834

George KINGMAN  & Ann SCADDING  married 12? 1835

Isaac JERRARD widower & Catherine PESTER  married 23-Apr 1835

Henry HANSFORD widower & Elizabeth FOSS widow married 28-Apr 1835

John SCADDING  & Mary FONE  married 08-Jun 1835

Charles SANSOM  & Susan MANNING  married 23-Jul 1835

Robert SANSOM  & Susan BABIDGE  married 03-Sep 1835

Samuel CHARD  & Elizabeth HASTEAD  married 13? 1835

Robert HOUSSEY  & Catherine HUTCHINGS  married 01-Nov 1835

Michael SIMS  & Mary Ann HALLETT  married ?April 1836

Henry WEST  & Elizabeth ROWE  married 05-May 1836

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