1881 CENSUS RG11/2090

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Terry Smith

The whole of the Civil Parish of Chettle. Enumerator: Robert Rogers

1The MansionCASTLEMAN AnneHeadW82FLady Of the Manor Wimborne, Dorset781
 The MansionSULLY ElizaNurseU36FNursing Sister (SMS) Wiveliscombe, Somerset781
 The MansionELLIS AnneLadys MaidU58FLadys Maid Cranborne, Dorset781
 The MansionWHEATLEY WilliamServantW64MButler Shrewton, Wiltshire781
 The MansionSIMS Elizabeth AnnCookW43FCook Poole, Dorset781
 The MansionSIVELL Elizabeth JaneServantU21F HousemaidPoole, Dorset781
 The MansionFOYLE Elizabeth AmyServantU20F Kitchen MaidBlandford, Dorset781
2Gardeners CottageCOLLINS AlfredHeadM42MGardener (D) Tarrant Gunville, Dorset781
 Gardeners Cottage COLLINSEliza JaneWifeM43 FDress MakerBryanston, Dorset78 1
 Gardeners Cottage COLLINSFrances E.DaurU15 F Chettle, Dorset781
 Gardeners Cottage COLLINSJohn J.Son 13 MGarden BoyChettle, Dorset78 1
 Gardeners Cottage COLLINSWalter G.Son  10MScholarChettle, Dorset78 1
3Keepers HouseFERRETT JonasHeadM54MGame Keeper Farnham, Dorset781
 Keepers HouseFERRETT MariaWifeM56F  Minchington, Dorset781
 Keepers HouseFERRETT CharlesSonU27MLabourer Minchington, Dorset781
 Keepers HouseFERRETT MosesSonU23MLabourer Farnham, Dorset781
 Keepers HouseFERRETT RobertSon 16M  Farnham, Dorset781
4Farm HouseROGERS RobertHeadM41MFarmer of 800 Acres Employing 22 Men & Boys Chettle, Dorset781
 Farm HouseROGERS Emma B.WifeM36F  Tarrant Hinton, Dorset781
 Farm HouseBELL James B.BoarderU19MLearning Farming F Pupil Clapton, Middlesex781
 Farm HouseBARRETT LouisaServantU25FDomestic Servant Milton Abbas, Dorset781
5A CottageRAYMOND WilliamHeadM46MAg Carter Tollard Royal, Wiltshire781
 A CottageRAYMOND EllenWifeM43F  Farnham, Dorset781
 A CottageRAYMOND Ellen A.Daur 6FScholar Chettle, Dorset781
6A CottageWADHAM BenjaminHeadM59MGroom Tarrant Hinton, Dorset782
 A CottageWADHAM AnnWifeM54F Chettle, Dorset 782
 A CottageWADHAM EdwardSonU17MAgr Labourer Chettle, Dorset782
 A CottageWADHAM FrankSonM24MGardener Tarrant Hinton, Dorset782
 A CottageWADHAM ElizaDaur in LawM21F ScholarWinfield, Berkshire782
 A CottageWADHAM Ella M.Grand Daur 5F ScholarChettle, Dorset782
 A CottageWADHAM William B.Grand Daur 4 M Chettle, Dorset782
 A CottageWADHAM SarahGrand Daur 1F  Winfield, Berkshire782
7A CottageGILLINGHAM JeremiahHeadM50MAg Labourer Hazelbury Brian, Dorset782
 A CottageGILLINGHAM CharlotteWifeM50F  Tollard Royal, Wiltshire782
 A CottageGILLINGHAM JohnSon 12MScholar Chettle, Dorset782
 A CottageGILLINGHAM AnnDaur 10FScholar Chettle, Dorset782
 A CottageGILLINGHAM Beatrice M.Daur 7F ScholarChettle, Dorset782
 A CottageGILLINGHAM RobertSon 6MScholar Chettle, Dorset782
 A CottageGILLINGHAM Agnes K.Daur 3F  Chettle, Dorset782
8A CottageCONWAY CharlesHeadM71MAgr Labourer Ashmore, Dorset782
 A CottageCONWAY CatherineWifeM66F  Chettle, Dorset782
9Brewers Farm House HIBBERDJamesHeadM63M ShepherdBishopstone, Wiltshire782
 Brewers Farm House HIBBERDMaryWifeM62F  Bishopstone, Wiltshire782
 Brewers Farm House STRATTONSarahNieceU23 F Crichel, Dorset782
 Brewers Farm House WHEELERAnna H.Niece  10FScholarChettle, Dorset78 2
10Brewers Farm House ALEXANDERThomasHeadM57 MAg LabRushton, Dorset793
 Brewers Farm House ALEXANDERMariaWifeM44 F Rushton, Dorset793
 Brewers Farm House ALEXANDERMarkSon 20 MGardenerChettle, Dorset793
 Brewers Farm House ALEXANDERCharlesSon 17 MAg LabChettle, Dorset793
 Brewers Farm House ALEXANDERJamesSon 12 MScholarChettle, Dorset793
 Brewers Farm House ALEXANDERThomasSon 10 MScholarChettle, Dorset793
11School House1U         793
12The RectoryHILL Walter B.HeadM34MRector of Chettle Warwick, Warwick793
 The RectoryHILL Amy Jane M.WifeM39F  Sherrington, Wiltshire793
 The RectoryRAYMOND ElizaServantU21FDomestic Servant Tollard Royal, Wiltshire793
 The RectoryKELLY CharlotteServant 12FDomestic Servant Berwick St. John, Wiltshire793
13A CottageWHITMARSH ThomasHeadM30MAg Labourer Blandford, Dorset793
 A CottageWHITMARSH HannahWifeM27F  Chettle, Dorset793
 A CottageWHITMARSH WalterSon 5MScholar Chettle, Dorset793
 A CottageWHITMARSH FrederickSon 4MScholar Chettle, Dorset793
 A CottageWHITMARSH ElizabethDaur 1F  Chettle, Dorset793
 A CottageRIDOUT JamesBrother in LawU24M Ag LabourerChettle, Dorset793
14A CottageBUDDEN JohnHeadW74MAg Lab Tollard Royal, Wiltshire793
15A CottageSELLARS GeorgeHeadM29MCoachman (D) Chelsea, Middlesex793
 A CottageSELLARS EllenWifeM28F  Lychett Minster, Dorset793
 A CottageSELLARS Annie E.Daur 4F  Chettle, Dorset793
 A CottageSELLARS Frederick G.Son 2M  Chettle, Dorset793
 A CottageSELLARS Henrietta M.Daur 1F  Chettle, Dorset793
16A CottageBUDDEN CharlotteHeadW75FLaundress Tarrant Gunville, Dorset794
 A CottageBUDDEN SarahDaurU40F  Chettle, Dorset794
 A CottageLEGGE AnnieGrand Daur 4F  Shobden, Hereford794
17A CottagePENNY WilliamHeadW78MShepherd Bishopstone, Wiltshire794
 A CottageANDREWS ThomasSon in LawM41M Ag LabBishopstone, Wiltshire794
 A CottageANDREWS AbigalDaurM46F  Bishopstone, Wiltshire794
18A CottagePETTIS JamesHeadM60MAgr Labourer Chettle, Dorset794
 A CottagePETTIS MariaWifeM62F  Hartsfoot Lane, Dorset794
19A Cottage1U         794
20A CottageFERRETT Henry A.HeadW43MDairyman Tollard Farnham, Dorset794
 A CottageFERRETT Emily M.A.Daur 11F ScholarChettle, Dorset794
 A CottageFERRETT William G.Son 10M ScholarChettle, Dorset794
 A CottageFERRETT Jemima J.Daur 8FScholar Chettle, Dorset794
21A CottageHAYTER George J.HeadM46MAg Labourer Tollard Royal, Wiltshire794
 A CottageHAYTER JaneWifeM41FAg Labourers Wife Farnham, Dorset794
 A CottageHAYTER William A. U20MAg Lab. Chettle, Dorset794
 A CottageHAYTER George J.  16M Ag Lab.Chettle, Dorset794
 A CottageHAYTER Charles A.  13M ScholarChettle, Dorset794
 A CottageHAYTER Lydia M.  12F ScholarChettle, Dorset794
 A CottageHAYTER John F.  10M ScholarChettle, Dorset794
 A CottageHAYTER Sophia J.  7F ScholarChettle, Dorset794
 A CottageHAYTER Horace F.  9mM  Chettle, Dorset794
22A CottageBUDDEN JamesHeadM29MAgr Labourer Tollard Royal, Wiltshire794
 A CottageBUDDEN ElizaWifeM31F  Bishopstone, Wiltshire794
23The ShopSHERRING HenryHeadM49MBaker And Grocer Piddletown, Dorset805
 The ShopSHERRING MaryWifeM39F  Long Crichel, Dorset805
 The ShopSHERRING EmilyDaur 13FScholar Chettle, Dorset805
 The ShopSHERRING GeorgeSon 11MScholar Chettle, Dorset805
 The ShopSHERRING AnneDaur 8FScholar Chettle, Dorset805
 The ShopSHERRING Sarah S.Daur 5FScholar  805
24The Lodge        Owner Absent Visiting   
 The LodgeWILL ThomasServant (Head)M42M Gardener (D)Wilton, Wiltshire805
 The LodgeWILL MaryWifeM48FIn Charge of house during owners absence Canford, Dorset805
 The LodgeRIDOUT James H.ServantU18MGroom (D) Tarrant Gunville, Dorset805
25A CottageRIDOUT AndrewHeadM51MAgr Labourer Farnham, Dorset805
 A CottageRIDOUT SarahWifeM56F  Spetisbury, Dorset805
26A CottageWHEELER JamesHeadM36MAg Labourer Farnham, Dorset805
 A CottageWHEELER Mary A.WifeM35F  Bishopstone, Wiltshire805
 A CottageWHEELER John J.Son 8MAg Labourer Chettle, Dorset805
 A CottageWHEELER George A.Son 5MScholar Chettle, Dorset805
 A CottageWHEELER Edward H.Son 3MScholar Chettle, Dorset805
 A CottageWHEELER William T.Son 4mM  Chettle, Dorset805
27A CottageDOWLAND ThomasHeadW73MAgr Labourer Gussage St. Michael, Dorset805
 A CottageDOWLAND AlfredSonU26MShepherd Chettle, Dorset805
 A CottageDOWLAND EdwardSonU21MAgr Labourer Chettle, Dorset805
 A CottageFLEMINGTON EmilyServantU17FDomestic Servant Farnham, Dorset805
28A CottagePETTIS ThomasHeadM47MAgr Labourer Chettle, Dorset806
 A CottagePETTIS EdnaWifeM47F  Broad Chalk, Wiltshire806
 A CottagePETTIS GeorgeSonU23MGardener Chettle, Dorset806
 A CottagePETTIS CharlesSon 16MAgr Labourer Chettle, Dorset806
 A CottagePETTIS WilliamSon 10M  Chettle, Dorset806
29A CottageINKPEN WalterHeadM25MAg Labourer Pimperne, Dorset806
 A CottageINKPEN AnnWifeM30F St. Andrews, Scotland 806
 A CottageINKPEN Elizabeth A.Daur 3F  Wimbledon, Surrey806
 A CottageINKPEN WilliamSon 2M  Chettle, Dorset806
 A CottageINKPEN EthelDaur 3mF  Chettle, Dorset806
30A CottageLAMBERT WilliamHeadM40MCarter ((Agr)) Handley, Dorset806
 A CottageLAMBERT SarahWifeM38F  Tollard Farnham, Dorset806
 A CottageLAMBERT William E.Son 5M  Tollard Farnham, Dorset806
31Greensclose FarmINKPEN WilliamHeadM54MFarmer of 116 Acres Employing 3 Labourers Pimperne, Dorset806
 Greensclose FarmINKPEN EmilyWifeM58F  Tisbury, Dorset806
 Greensclose FarmINKPEN James F.SonM21MFarmers Son Pimperne, Dorset806
 Greensclose FarmINKPEN SamuelSonU18MFarmers Son Chettle, Dorset806
 Greensclose FarmINKPEN Emily L.DaurU27F  Pimperne, Dorset806
 Greensclose FarmINKPEN Reginald W.Grand Son 3 M Motcombe, Dorset806
32The Cottage1U         806

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