MARRIAGES 1840 to 1909

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC by Wendy Warne from the Parish Registers

Date Name SURNAME Age Cond Rank or Profession Residence Father’s name Rank/Profession Witnessed by Notes
29Oct1840 Jeremiah RIGGSFullBLabourerCheselbourne Timothy RiggsLabourer Henry Rogers 
    Mary Anne HOMERMinorS Cheselbourne John HomerLabourer Hannah Homer (X) 
29Mar1841 James DRAKEMinorBLabourerCheselbourne William DrakeLabourer Samuel Riggs 
    Phoebe RIGGSFull AgeS Cheselbourne Richard Porter?Labourer Jane House (X)  
8Apr1841 Israel BAKERF/ABThatcherCheselbourne Esau BakerFarmer Sameuel Deeker 
    Anne DEEKER/DECKERF/AS Cheselbourne Samuel Deeker/DeckerCarpenter Sarah Deeker 
18Apr1841 Abel ARNOLDF/ABLabourerCheselbourne William ArnoldDeceased William Christopher 
    Jane STACEYF/AS Cheselbourne John StaceyDeceased The mark X of Elisabeth Christopher  
12Oct1842 Joseph KNIGHTF/ABGrinderCheselbourne Stephen KnightLabourer The mark X of Stephen Cutler  
    Sarah ARNOLDF/AS Cheselbourne Thomas ArnoldCarpenter The mark X of Martha Knight  
1Dec1842 James SHORTF/ABLabourerCheselbourne Samuel ShortFarmer Samuel Sort 
    Mary Elisabeth HOAREF/AS Cheselbourne   Jane House  
6Dec1842 Charles SHEPARDF/ABLabourerHilton Dorset Lawrence ShepardFarmer Israel Baker 
    Ellen BAKERF/AS Cheselbourne Esau BakerFarmer The mark of X Rachel Bartlett  
2Mar1843 George BAKERMinorBLabourerCheselbourne Jacob BakerDeceased William Bac* 
    Elisabeth PLOMERF/AS Cheselbourne Josiah PlomerDeceased Elizabeth Jane Riggs  
21Sep1843 David TRASHF/ABLabourerCheselbourne   The mark X Thomas Hellier  
    Amelia BRIDLEF/AS Cheselbourne   The mark X of Sarah Baker  
30Apr1844 Josiah SHORTF/ABLabourerCheselbourne Samuel ShortFarmer William Phillips 
    Sarah DRAKEF/AS Hilton Thomas Drake Timber DealerDinah Drake  
30Apr1844 James CHRISTOPHERF/AWShepherdCheselbourne Joseph ChristopherShepherd William Christopher  
    Sarah CHRISTOPHERMinorS Cheselbourne David ChristopherLabourer The mark X of Amelia Christopher  
20May1844 Henry HILLIERF/AWShoemakerOkeford Fitzpayne James HillierDeceased Levi Riggs 
    Frances RIGGSF/ASShopkeeperCheselbourne John RiggsFarmer Elizabeth Jane Riggs  
4Aug1844 William TUCKERF/ABLabourerCheselbourne John TuckerLabourer Richard Davis 
    Frances HAMETT/HARNETTF/AS Cheselbourne James Hamett/HarnettLabourer Samuel Riggs 
24Oct1844 George DRAKEF/ABLabourerCheselbourne William DrakeLabourer Samuel Deeker 
    Mary DEEKERMinorS Cheselbourne Samuel DeekerCarpenter Martha Hall 
31Jan1845 Joseph CHRISTOPHERF/ABShepherdCheselbourne Joseph ChristopherShepherd William Christopher  
    Elisabeth PALMERF/AS   William PalmerLabourer The mark of X Maria Christopher (she signs Elizabeth)
14Apr1845 George WESTF/ABLabourerCheselbourne William WestLabourer The mark of X Charles West  
    Alicia RIGGSF/AS Cheselbourne Charles RiggsLabourer The mark of X Sarah Riggs  
13Aug1845 Darius CHRISTOPHERF/ABLabourerCheselbourne ----The mark of X Jeremiah Riggs  
    Martha RIGGSF/AS Cheselbourne William RiggsLabourer The mark of X Mary Riggs  
7Dec1845 Thomas HILLIERF/ABLabourerCheselbourne John HillierDeceased The mark of X James Plomer  
    Susan BUSSELLF/AS Cheselbourne Charles BussellMason The mark of X Mary Bussell  
25Dec1845 Robert MARSHF/ABShoemakerEast Stoke, Dorset Thomas MarshDeceased Thomas Drake 
    Martha DRAKEF/AS Cheselbourne Charles DrakeShoemaker Mary Marsh 
19Sep1846 Esau BAKERF/ABFarmerCheselbourne Esau BakerDeceased Israel Baker 
    Ann CHRISTOPHERF/AS Cheselbourne Joseph ChristopherShepherd Ann Baker 
14Apr1847 Charles WESTF/ABLabourerCheselbourne William WestLabourer Thomas Riggs 
    Amelia CHRISTOPHERF/AS Cheselbourne David ChristopherLabourer The mark X of Mary Ann Christopher  
7Oct1847 Charles VIVIANF/ABLabourerCheselbourne Henry VivianDeceased Hennery Syms 
    Elisabeth SHORTF/AW Cheselbourne ----The mark of X Jane House  
12Oct1847 Thomas RIGGSF/ABLabourerCheselbourne Thomas RiggsLabourer The mark of X Emmanuel Riggs  
    Mary Anne CHRISTOPHERF/AS Cheselbourne David ChristopherLabourer The mark of X Merinda Ansford  
10Apr1848 Joseph PURCHASEF/ABLabourerBere Regis Isaac PurchaseLabourer Edward Royers or Rogers  
    Kezia CHRISTOPHERF/AS Cheselbourne ----The mark X of Andrew Payne  
29Aug1848 Thomas DRAKEF/ABTimber DealerHilton Thomas DrakeTimber Dealer John Kingsbury 
    Elizabeth LONGMANF/AS Cheselbourne James LongmanCarpenter Hannah Kingsbury 
8Feb1849 Charles CAINESF/ABLabourerMelcombe Horsey William CainesLabourer The mark X of George Bridle  
    Jane TUCKERF/AS Cheselbourne William TuckerLabourer The mark X of Hannah Tucker  
6Apr1849 Thomas COWARDF/ABBlacksmithMilton Abbas William CowardDeceased James Baker 
    Sarah BAKERF/AS Cheselbourne Jacob BakerDeceased Leah Baker & Richard Ricketts  
27Sep1849 Francis TUCKERF/ABLibrarianBridport Thomas TuckerDeceased Abraham Tucker 
    Mary Langhorne TUCKERF/AS Cheselbourne John Chamen CainesDeceased James Caines & Chas. Tucker  
30Nov1849 James MULLETTF/ABLabourerCheselbourne ----The mark of X William Vincent  
    Diana TUCKERF/AS Cheselbourne John TuckerLabourer The mark of X Mary Billett  
30Nov1849 Andrew CAINESF/ABLabourerPiddletown William CainesLabourer The mark of X Charles Tucker  
    Jane TUCKERF/AS Cheselbourne John TuckerLabourer The mark of X Mary Ann Porter  
13Nov1850 Robert RIGGSF/ABLabourerCheselbourne Thomas RiggsLabourer The mark of X Frederick Foot  
    Selina PORTERF/AS Cheselbourne Josiah PorterLabourer The mark of X Susan Porter  
27Nov1850 Giles PITCHERF/ABShoemakerLongburton Giles PitcherGardener James Baker 
    Elisabeth BAKERF/AS Cheselbourne Alfred BakerThatcher Ann Floory & Lucy Shepard (she signed Elizabeth)
28Nov1850 Samuel BAKERF/ABLabourerCheselbourne Jacob BakerLabourer William Baker 
    Mary BUSSELLF/AS Cheselbourne Charles BussellMason Mary Baker 
21Jul1851 William HOOPERF/ABShoemakerPiddletown John HooperLaborer Robert Jefferies 
    Rebecca KINGSBURY20S Cheselbourne James KingsburyLaborer Elisabeth Jifferies 
11Nov1851 Henry ROGERSF/ABLabourerCheselbourne Edward RogersLabourer George Keats 
    Frances HOUNSELLF/AS Cheselbourne William HounsellLabourer Elizabeth Rogers 
9Sep1852 Frederick William ADAMS20BLabourerDewlish Samuel Adams DeadThe mark X of Charles Legg  
    Mary Ann SHINAR21S Cheselbourne William ShinarLabourer The mark X of Sarah Peach  
30Nov1852 George FRAMPTON23BMasonYetminster, Dorset George FramptonMason George House 
    Catherine PITMAN25S Cheselbourne -        PitmanDead Ann Elapshon? Slade 
2Jun1853 Francis John KINGSBURY20BLaw StationerLondon John KingsburyFarmer John Kingsbury 
    Jane Warford RICH21S Cheselbourne Joseph Warford Rich FarmerElizabeth Kingsbury  
29Jun1853 Michael HALL21BSawyerCheselbourne Samuel Hall SawyerEdward Shephard  
    Ann Kingsbury SHEPHARD21S Cheselbourne Edward ShephardFarmer Martha Hall 
11Nov1853 Charles CHRISTOPHER23BShepherdCheselbourne James ChristopherLabourer The mark of X George Christopher  
    Rhoda CHRISTOPHER18S Cheselbourne David ChristopherDead Mary Christopher 
26Jan1854 James BAKER32BThatcherCheselbourne Alfred BakerThatcher Peter Shepard 
    Sarah SHEPARD34S Cheselbourne John ShepardDeceased Ethel shepard 
27Jun1854 Thomas LLOYD25BIron mongerDorchester Thomas LloydDeceased Daniel Shepard 
    Mary SHEPARD27S Cheselbourne Lawrence ShepardDeceased Eliza Jane Lloyd 
7Aug1854 George BAGG21BLabourerCheselbourne Joseph BaggCarter The mark X of Joseph Porter  
    Eliza RANDEL21SServantCheselbourne James RandelLabourer Mary Christopher 
9Nov1854 Charles ROBERTSF/ABLabr.Cheselbourne Saml. RobertsLabr. The mark X of W Riggs  
    Hannah VINCENTF/AS Cheselbourne George VincentLabr. Caroline Phillips 
23Oct1855 Onesiphorus HAWKINS36BFarmerBoxted, Essex Abraham HawkinsFarmer Ellen whetham 
    Annie CAINES37S Cheselbourne Thomas CainesFarmer James Caines 
25Oct1855 John GREEN25BFellmongerCerne Abbas Philip GreenLabourer Emmanuel Cross Phillips  
    Caroline Cross PHILLIPS20S Cheselbourne ----Elizabeth Phillips  
24Jan1856 John MORAYF/ABLabourerCheselbourne Edward MorayCarter The mark of X Thomas Moray (signs Morey)
    Sarah LOCKF/AS Cheselbourne Andrew Lock Labourer?? Barret?  
17Jun1856 Charles TUCKER25BLabourerHilton John Tucker LabourerThe mark of X John? Tucker  
    Ruth Bussell CHRISTOPHER20S Cheselbourne Charles ChristopherShepherd Mary Elford 
9Sep1856 George CHRISTOPHERF/ABLabourerCheselbourne David ChristopherLabourer The mark of X Charles Christopher  
    Sarah TRASHF/AS Cheselbourne John TrashLabourer The mark of X Caroline Trash  
28Nov1856 Josiah PORTER21BLabourerCheselbourne Josiah PorterDeceased Mary Ann Porter 
    Elisabeth Mary PHILLIPS18S Cheselbourne ----Robert Riggs (signs Elizabeth)
11Apr1857 Joseph HOWEF/ABShepherdCheselbourne John HoweShepherd The mark of X John Burt  
    Mary BURTF/AS Cheselbourne William Burt LabourerThe mark of X Louisa Foot  
10May1858 Alfred WOODSFORDF/ABLabourerCheselbourne John WoodsfordLabourer The mark X of George Shinar  
    Caroline Ruth TRASHF/AS Cheselbourne John TrashLabourer The mark X of Emma Shinar  
8Mar1859 James CHRISTOPHER21BLabourerCheselbourne William ChristopherDeceased The mark of X Charles West  
    Charlotte Jane CHRISTOPHER20S Cheselbourne ----The mark of X Amelia West  
29Mar1859 Felix CARTER20BSawyerHasilbury Bryan James CarterSawyer Cordeliah Carter 
    Mary CHRISTOPHER22S Cheselbourne Richard ChristopherLabourer William Christopher  
10May1859 Thomas WHIFFEN25BGreengrocerBroadway John WhiffenDeceased Peter May Shepard 
    Deborah SHEPARD31S Cheselbourne John ShepardDeceased Etheldreda Shepard 
25Aug1859 George Thomas KINGSBURY21BYeomanCheselbourne John KingsburyYeoman James Kingsbury 
    Jane KINGSBURY20S Cheselbourne Thomas KingsburyYeoman Martha Kingsbury 
5Oct1859 Henry FUDGEF/ABMillerSturminster Newton Henry FudgeDeceased Mabel Rowland 
    Arabella ROWLANDF/AS Cheselbourne Thomas RowlandDeceased Emma Rowland 
11Oct1860 Charles CHRISTOPHER21BLabourerCheselbourne David ChristopherDeceased X the mark of Charles West  
    Emma Jane HANN20SServantCheselbourne William Hann LabourerX the mark of Amelia West  
1Aug1860 John RIGGS26BCarpenterPortsea, Hants John RiggsLabourer Charles Baker 
    Maria BAKER27SLaundressCheselbourne Alfred BakerThatcher Ann? Baker 
2Apr1861 Willoughby Charles CHRISTOPHER21BLabourerCheselbourne William ChristopherDeceased X the mark of William Fiander  
    Sarah Ann JEANES21SServantCheselbourne Joseph JeanesLabourer Mary Trewett or Trevett Jeanes  
10Oct1861 George RIGGS29BCarterCheselbourne John Riggs LabourerGeorge Mitchele or Mitchell  
    Ellen COX18S Cheselbourne Charles Cox ShepherdMary Jane Symes  
5May1862 Charles FRIPP23BSawyerCheselbourne Charles Fripp SawyerLevi Baker  
    Fanny BAKER19S Cheselbourne Silas Baker CarterJane Fripp  
20Sep1862 John MEARSF/ABLabr.Poxwall Elias Mears Labr.Elizabeth Jeanes  
    Ruth Jane JEANSF/ASServt.Cheselbourne Joseph JeansLabr. The mark of X Esau Curtis  
4Apr1863 William SHINAR21BCarterCheselbourne Henry ShinarCarter Charles Drake 
    Elisabeth PITMAN28S Cheselbourne Henry PitmanShepherd Jane Deaker 
30Jul1863 Charles CHRISTOPHER24BLabourerCheselbourne Richard ChristopherLabourer Josiah Christopher  
    Elisabeth TRASH19S Cheselbourne John Trash LabourerAnna Maria Riggs (she signs Elizabeth)
31May1864 Francis John BEECH18BLabourerCheselbourne Charles BeechLabourer Joseph Tucker 
    Susan Ann TUCKER18S Cheselbourne ----Anna? Bollen  
26Dec1864 William MULLET34BCarpenterCheselbourne Joseph MulletDeceased Anthony Thorne 
    Fanny THORNE23S Cheselbourne Anthony ThorneParish Clerk Hilton Julia Thorne  
21Dec1865 Joseph BRIDLE25BLabourerCheselbourne ----Henery Bridle  
    Deborah Anna SHEPARD21S Cheselbourne Joseph ShepardDeceased Ellen Christopher(she signs Ann)
23Dec1865 George CURTIS25BLabourerCheselbourne George CurtisLabourer X the mark of Esau Curtis  
    Elisabeth RIGGS18S Cheselbourne Thomas Riggs CarterX the mark of Elisabeth Jeans (she signs Elizabeth)
5Apr1866 Charles LOWMAN23BLabourerGodmanstone Charles LowmanLabourer Charles Fripp 
    Ann BAKER20S Cheselbourne Silas Baker CarterThe X mark of Jane Lowman  
25Jul1866 Samuel GUY25BServantMilton Abbas Robert Guy LabourerAnna? Blacklock  
    Sarah RIGGS23S Cheselbourne Philip Riggs LabourerFrederick Rolls  
13Sep1866 Henry James ADAMS21BLabourerDewlish William Adams LabourerX the mark of Mary Ann Riggs  
    Jane RIGGS23S Cheselbourne Thomas Riggs LabourerX the mark of John Adams  
27Dec1866 Levi GODDARD25BMalsterStickland John Goddard LabourerWilliam Goddard  
    Mary BARRETT21S Cheselbourne John BarrettCarter Louisa Goddard 
29Dec1866 Esau CURTIS24BLabourerCheselbourne George CurtisCarter X the mark of George Curtis  
    Elizabeth JEANES21S Milton Abbas Joseph JeanesLabourer Rebecca Besley 
19Feb1867 Richard Thomas SYDMEN28BLabourerCheselbourne Richard SydmenDeceased X the mark of Charles Christopher  
    Sarah Palmer CHRISTOPHER19S Cheselbourne Joseph ChristopherShepherd Mary Barrett 
23Apr1867 William WOODSFORD22BCarterUpway Henry Woodsford LabourerX the mark of Tom Frampton  
    Fanny SHEPARD24S Cheselbourne Charles ShepardFarmer Sarah Woodsford 
23Apr1867 Edwin Albert NEWTON21BGunmakerMelcombe Regis George NewtonDeceased Sam Shepard 
    Melina Sarah SHEPARD20S Cheselbourne Charles ShepardFarmer Emily Shepard 
9Sep1867 William SKINNER26BSoldier 56 Regt.Aldershot James SkinnerDeceased X the mark of John Cole  
    Selina COLE24S Cheselbourne James Cole * GroomSelina Foot * there is a word below this name looks like Fars??
31Oct1867 William Philip ARNOLD23BCarterCheselbourne John ArnoldDeceased A? James Dear 
    Martha Mary KNIGHT24S Cheselbourne Joseph KnightCarter Mary Arnold 
30Nov1867 Robert Henry RIGGS24BLabourerPiddletown William Riggs LabourerWalter Crocker  
    Elizabeth TRASH18S Cheselbourne David Trash LabourerJane Trash  
10Dec1867 Levi RIGGS26BLabourerHilton Robert Riggs CarterX the mark of James Christopher  
    Ellen RIGGS18S Cheselbourne Jeremiah Riggs LabourerAnna Maria Riggs  
9Apr1868 Henry JOYCE20BLabourerHoughton Josiah Joyce LabourerSamuel Drake  
    Ann DRAKE18S Cheselbourne George Drake CarterSarah Northover  
25Apr1868 Christopher TRASH21BLabourerCheselbourne David TrashLabourer John Christopher 
    Edith CHRISTOPHER21S Cheselbourne William ChristopherDeceased Ann Trash 
7May1868 John KINGSBURY35BSawyerCheselbourne James KingsburyDeceased X the mark of Reuben Galton  
    Mary Elizabeth MARSH23S Dewlish Isaac Marsh LabourerEliza Gantton  
16May1868 Harold SANSOM35BLabourerCheselbourne Richard SansomDeceased Tho Harries? 
    Emily Jane DOWTON26S Cheselbourne James DowtonLabourer Theresa Downton 
30May1868 Henry SHEATH23BR.H. ArtilleryBallysax Ireland John SheathBaker Felix Carter 
    Jane CHRISTOPHER26S Cheselbourne Richard ChristopherLabourer Mary Carter 
8Sep1868 William Whately Russell COOPERF/ABChemistClapham, Surrey James Ransom CooperDeceased Jas Caines 
    Hebe Maude JEFFORDF/ASGovernessCheselbourne John JeffordSurgeon Eliza Julia Caines 
3Oct1868 Joseph HILLIER22BLabourerCheselbourne Thomas HillerLabourer X the mark of Jasper Riggs  
    Harriet RIGGS20S Cheselbourne Philip Riggs LabourerRebecca Hillier  
3Apr1869 George STICKLAND23BServantPiddletown Edward Stickland alias PitmanPublican X the mark of John West  
    Ann WEST23S Cheselbourne George West LabourerMatilda Rogers  
15Jul1869 Gideon Denner WRIGHT24BGrocerDorchester Gideon Wright GrocerLevi Riggs  
    Susannah Jane RIGGS23S Cheselbourne Levi Riggs FarmerEmily Jane Derri*  
1Sep1870 Charles CHRISTOPHER25BShepherdCheselbourne Joseph ChristopherShepherd Joseph Christopher 
    Sarah Fanny CHRISTOPHER25S Cheselbourne Charles ChristopherShepherd Ruth Christopher 
24Oct1870 Samuel CURTIS20bLabourerCheselbourne George CurtisCarter Emily Curtis 
    Ann RIGGS16S Cheselbourne Robert Riggs LabourerEdward Cuff  
26Jul1871 George STICKLAND26BWoodmanMelcombe Horsey John SticklandWoodman Walter Beckingham 
    Matilda Jemima Baker ROGERS25S Cheselbourne Thomas DrakeLabourer Caroline Stickland 
31Jul1871 William HOPKINS28?BLabourerMelcombe Horsey Samuel HopkinsLabourer Charles Riggs 
    Ellen CHRISTOPHER27S Cheselbourne Charles ChristopherShepherd Fanny Christopher 
14Nov1871 William AMEY23BCarterMilbourne St Andrew George AmeyLabourer Robert Arnold 
    Alice Susanna ARNOLD22S Cheselbourne Thomas ArnoldLabourer Elizabeth King? X her mark  
13Apr1872 Edward CUFF19BLabourerCheselbourne George CuffLabourer Fred Vatcher X his mark  
    Emily CURTIS20S Cheselbourne George CurtisLabourer Hannah Jeanes 
25May1872 James VACHER27BCarpenterMilton Abbey Joseph VacherLabourer John Yeatman X his mark  
    Mary Ann CHRISTOPHER18S Cheselbourne William ChristopherLabourer Elizabeth Christopher  
25Sep1872 James BARRETT22?BLaborerPiddlehinton John BarrettLaborer Charles Christopher 
    Ruth CHRISTOPHER20SGovernessThe common Joseph ChristopherShepherd Marria Christopher 
20Oct1872 Henry John SCARD20BCarterCheselborne James Scard CarterAlfred Dowell  
    Ann RIGGS20SGloveressCheselborne Philip RiggsLaborer Ellen Scard 
7Dec1872 Philip RIGGS56WLaborerCheselborne Jasper Riggs SawyerJoseph Riggs  
    Eliza RIGGS42SLaborerCheselborne Charles Riggs LaborerAnn Trash  
30Dec1872 Robert RIGGS21BLaborerCheselborne Robert Riggs CarterCharles Riggs  
    Elizabeth Jane RIGGS21SGloveressCheselborne Samuel RiggsCarpenter Ann Trash 
30Dec1872 Samuel BECK21BLaborerChebbard, Dewlish Charles BeckLaborer Author Charles Riggs  
    Kitty RIGGS19SServantCheselborne Samuel Riggs CarpenterFanny Christopher  
12Apr1873 James Short TUCKER24BLaborerUp Cerne William Tucker LaborerTom Tucker  
    Mary BAKER19S Cheselborne Silas Baker CarterAnn Trash  
30Jun1873 George ROSE23BBricklayerDorchester Robert RoseLabourer Alfred Riggs 
    Martha Ann RIGGS23S Cheselbourne -- --Mary Critchell  
18Aug1873 George KNIGHT21BLabourerWolverhampton Joseph KnightLabourer David his X mark Christopher  
    Annie CHRISTOPHER21S Cheselbourne ----Annie Knight  
27Sep1873 Richard GROVES22BLabourerWest Fordington George GrovesMason Thomas Hillier 
    Mary HILLIER25S Cheselbourne Thomas HillierLabourer Fanny Cuff 
14Oct1873 Charles William FORD33BFarmerPulham Frederick Ford FarmerJohn Hary Hind  
    Martha Ann KINGSBURY29S Cheselbourne John KingsburyFarmer Martha Deeker 
2Jan1874 Tom TUCKER24BLabourerCheselbourne William TuckerLabourer James Shart Tucker 
    Ann TRASH21S Stoke Wake David Trash LabourerFannie Trash  
16Apr1874 Benjamin Tuck ELLIOTT22BLabourerCheselbourne George ElliottLabourer John Cleall his X mark  
    Fanny RIGGS19S Cheselbourne Jeremiah Riggs LabourerSarah Ann Riggs  
19May1874 John SQUIBB30BLabourerHilton Joseph Squibb LabourerJames White  
    Frances Maria CAINES26S Cheselbourne Charles CainesLabourer Sally White 
9Jul1874 Edwin WHITTY27BRailway PorterDorchester Joseph WhittyLabourer Joseph Whitty 
    Jemima Baker ROGERS20S Cheselbourne Henry RogersLabourer Dorcas Whitty 
1Aug1874 Thomas STOKES22BBlacksmithCheselbourne George StokesGardener John Greening 
    Mary Ann GREENING18S Cheselbourne John GreeningCarpenter Elizabeth Christopher  
11Aug1874 William DUNSTAN30BWesleyan MinisterMilbourne St Andrew John DunstanAgent of ? Levi Riggs 
    Eliza Anne RIGGS24S Cheselbourne Levi Riggs FarmerEmily J Riggs  
17Sep1874 George COOMBS23BLabourerChaldon Thomas Coombs LabourerJohn Cleall his X mark  
    Fanny CLEALL19S Cheselbourne Fanny CleallLabourer Jane Lacey her X mark  
19Sep1874 Charles John DAVIS24BLabourerPiddletrenthide Robert DavisLabourer James Short Tucker 
    Maria TUCKER29S Cheselbourne William TuckerLabourer Mary Tucker 
24Dec1874 Thomas CUFF19BLabourerCheselbourne George CuffeLabourer John Squibb 
    Louisa Jane BELT19S Cheselbourne Edward Belt LabourerSusan Stickland  
27Mar1875 Joseph DAVIS21BLabourerMilton Abbas George DavisLabourer William Vallance his X mark  
    Mary Critchell BOWRING21S Cheselbourne John BowringLabourer Elizabeth Vallance her X mark  
18Sep1875 Joseph BUSSELL44WLabourerCheselbourne Charles BussellLabourer Joseph Hillier 
    Ann Sophia LEGG41W Cheselbourne James Cole LabourerSarah Baker  
2Nov1875 Benjamin GAIN21BLabourerWolverhampton Samuel GainLabourer Esau Baker 
    Sarah BAKER22S Cheselbourne Samuel Baker LabourerRebecca Hillier  
30Dec1875 Henry BECK21BLabourerCheselbourne William BeckLabourer Charles Christopher 
    Maria CHRISTOPHER20S Cheselbourne Joseph ChristopherShepherd Ellen Beck 
30Dec1875 Joseph BECK20BLabourerCheselbourne William BeckLabourer Charles Christopher 
    Fanny CHRISTOPHER20S Cheselbourne Joseph ChristopherShepherd Hester Deborah Dorcas Christopher  
3May1876 William WEBBER23BLabourerCheselbourne Benjamin WebberLabourer Joseph Beck 
    Ellen Edith BECK19S Cheselbourne William Beck LabourerElija or Eliza ?? (signs Eadith)
3May1876 James PARSONS25BLabourerPuddletown James ParsonsLabourer George Woodward? 
    Anna Maria RIGGS29S Cheselbourne Jeremiah Riggs LabourerJane House  
14Sep1876 Joseph LAKE28BLabourerCheselbourne William LakeLabourer Charles Crabb 
    Eliza Jane CRABB24S Cheselbourne James Crabb LabourerCaroline Diment  
7De1876 Henry BRIDLE30BLabourerCheselbourne ----Joseph Bridle  
    Jane RIGGS28S Cheselbourne John Riggs LabourerDeborah Ann Bridle  
20Dec1876 Darius CHRISTOPHERFWLabourerCheselbourne ----Henry Bridle  
    Thirza SAVORYFW Hilton George Moore LabourerJane Bridle  
3Feb1877 William BECKFWLabourerCheselbourne James Beck LabourerHenry Crabb  
    Emily CRABBEFW Cheselbourne John Welshford LabourerThirza Christopher  
13Jun1877 John CLEALLFBLabourerCheselbourne William CleallLabourer Phillip Cleall 
    Deborah Ann RIGGSFS Cheselbourne Samuel Riggs CarpenterEmily Cleall  
23Jun1877 John WOODLANDFWLabourerDewlish Robert Woodland LabourerJoseph Bussell his X mark  
    Mary Ann RIGGSFS Cheselbourne Thomas Riggs LabourerAnn Sophia Bussell her X mark  
1Oct1878 George William JOY20BLabourerPuddletown John Joy LabourerWilliam Davis his X mark  
    Harriett LEE18S Cheselbourne Orlando Lee LabourerJulia Willis  
28Jun1879 John TRASHFWLabourerCheselbourne Richard TrashLabourer George Christopher his X mark  
    Sarah CHRISTOPHERFW Cheselbourne David ChristopherLabourer Elizabeth Curtis 
25Dec1879 George James MARSH22BCarpenterDewlish Morgan Marsh ShoemakerCharles Marsh  
    Mary CHRISTOPHER22S Cheselbourne Charles ChristopherShepherd Caroline Cutler 
18Apr1881 Charles James WHITTLE30BMillerBureott? near Wells Richard WhittleFarmer Thos. Geo. Kingsbury, H? Kingsbury  
    Louisa Hannah Jane KINGSBURY21S Cheselbourne Thomas George KingsburyFarmer Edith A Drake 
3Aug1881 Samuel BAKER21BCarpenterCheselbourne Israel BakerSawyer Joseph Legg his X mark  
    Victoria BARTLETT20S Cheselbourne Matthew BartlettLabourer Thomas Bartlett 
20Dec1881 Walter Claudius NEAL21BLabourerBeer Regis Uriah Neal Farm BailiffLevi Christopher  
    Elizabeth CHRISTOPHER22S Cheselbourne Jaben? ChristopherLabourer Emily Jane Christopher  
13Mar1882 Thomas CURTIS28BOrderly R Clerk 3rd Dorset Regt. CheselbourneThomas CurtisClerk Henry Rogers  
    Mary ROGERS19S Cheselbourne Henry RogersLabourer Jemima Whitty 
14Oct1882 William George CHRISTOPHER23BLabourerCheselbourne Joseph ChristopherShepherd Charles Christopher  
    Kate HOWE22S Cheselbourne Charles Howe ShepherdSarah Christopher  
21May1883 Robert DOWDING72WBuilderPiddlehinton Robert DowdingMason James Baker 
    Sarah DEEKER/DECKER59S Cheselbourne Samuel Deeker or DeckerCarpenter Anne Baker 
24Dec1883 Francis Henry LOCK21BWheelwrightDorchester ----William James Riggs  
    Ellen Jane RIGGS21S Cheselbourne Thomas Riggs CarterAlice Tompson Cutler  
18Feb1884 Frederick GROVES27BGardenerOsmington Richard Groves ThatcherJoseph Shepard  
    Elizabeth SHEPARD29S Cheselbourne Joseph ShepardCarpenter Deborah Kate Baker 
26Jun1884 John WHITE26BGame KeeperAffpuddle Robert WhiteFarmer Robert Greening his X mark  
    Fanny GREENING28S Cheselbourne Robert GreeningLabourer Emily Greening 
1Jan1885 Thomas CORBEN24BCorporalBrompton Silvestor Corben LabourerHenry Davis  
    Annie Phebe BLACKLOCK19S Cheselbourne John BlacklockBailiff May or Mary Davis 
7May1885 John GATER26BLabourerWest Buckland, Somerset James GaterLabourer George Legg 
    Fanny MAJOR25S Cheselbourne Robert Major LabourerMary Legg  
24Aug1885 Thomas GARLAND22BLabourerCheselbourne Thomas GarlandLabourer John Gayler 
    Dinah Ann GAYLOR21S Cheselbourne William Gayler or GaylorCarter Mary Ann Garland  
9Sep1885 Edward Alfred THORNE23BBakerCheselbourne Anthony Thorne FarmerRichard Vine  
    Mary Abithiah VINE22S Cheselbourne Richard Vine FarmerJesse Alice Hailey  
24Nov1885 Frederick William RIGGS28BLabourerCheselbourne Samuel RiggsCarpenter Philip Cleall 
    Mary Ann LYE29 or 19S Cheselbourne Emanuel LyeStone Mason Mary Butt 
4Feb1886 Robert MEARS33WLabourerHilton William Mears LabourerHenry Davis  
    Susan STICKLAND31S Cheselbourne James SticklandLabourer May Davis 
12Jul1886 Charles HAWKER22BLabourerCheselbourne William HawkerLabourer James Croft 
    Jane CROFT18S Cheselbourne Joseph Croft ShepherdHarriet Croft  
212Oct1886 James WESTFBLabourerCheselbourne George West LabourerMarwood G Upshall  
    Sarah Jane TREVETT21S Compton Valence Richard TrevettLabourer Sarah Ann Hutching Upshall  
30Dec1886 Henry Edward ROGERSFBLabourerCheselbourne Harry RogersLabourer George Legg 
    Mary Susan LEGGFS Cheselbourne George Osmond Legg LabourerElizabeth Rogers  
12Apr1887 Henry SALE23BCarpenterAylesbury, Bucks Edward saleGrocer Levi Christopher 
    Louisa CHRISTOPHER26S Cheselbourne James ChristopherLabourer Emily Christopher 
3Aug1887 Levi THORNE32BFarmerCheselbourne Anthony ThorneFarmer John Riggs 
    Fanny BAKER39S Cheselbourne Esau Baker FarmerDeborah Kate Baker  
8Dec1887 Walter LOADER26BShoemakerCheselbourne Daniel LoaderDairyman Tom Fook Riggs, Marwood Loader  
    Elizabeth CHRISTOPHER31S Cheselbourne William ChristopherLabourer Emily Jane Christopher, Martha Ann Richards  
22Dec1887 Levi Charles CHRISTOPHER29BLabourerDewlish Charles ChristopherShepherd James X Christopher  
    Emily Jane CHRISTOPHER24S Cheselbourne James ChristopherLabourer Emily Christopher 
13Feb1888 John James CROCKER21BFarmerMuckleford Bradford Joseph CrockerFarmer William Mullett 
    Emily Sarah MULLETT21S Cheselbourne William MullettFarmer Julia Mary Vinter 
29Mar1888 William James ELSWORTH25BLabourerCheselbourne Henry ElsworthLabourer Robert Saint 
    Sarah Jane CHRISTOPHER29S Cheselbourne George ChristopherShepherd Caroline Curtis 
26Apr1888 Charles OLD29BShepherdCheselbourne James Old ShepherdArthur Shepard, James Foot Riggs  
    Deborah Kate BAKER31S Cheselbourne James Bailey Baker ThatcherElizabeth Emily Riggs, Sarah Ann Upshall  
17May1888 William James Steel DIMENT20BLabourerCheselbourne Henry John DimentLabourer Robert Lovell 
    Annie Rebecca LOVELL23S Cheselbourne William LovellShepherd Ann her X mark Major  
22Nov1888 Henry CHRISTOPHER34BLabourerDewlish Charles ChristopherShepherd Levi Christopher 
    Caroline WARR29S Cheselbourne George Warr WoodmanMary Ann Christopher  
11Jun1889 Henry JONES27BEardcrier?Swanage John Jones LabourerHa*ley John Riggs  
    Emma CHRISTOPHER33S Cheselbourne James ChristopherShepherd Sarah Annie Jeanes 
18Jul1889 Esau John CURTIS23BLabourerCheselbourne George CurtisLabourer Joseph Rogers 
    Elizabeth ROGERS21S Cheselbourne Henry RogersLabourer Kate Sarah Curtis 
1Sep1890 George OLD22BG.W.R. ServantKnowle Bristol James OldShepherd Henry Davis, Charles Old  
    Alice Gertrude DAVIS18S Cheselbourne Henry Davis Shop KeeperAnna Maria House, Julia Davis  
9Oct1890 Isaac COLLINS25BCarterCheselbourne William CollinsLabourer Alfred his X mark Collins  
    Eva Louisa RIGGS29SCarterCheselbourne Samuel Riggs CarpenterEliza Jane Bridle  
17Aug1891 Frank Peter CLEALL21BLabourerCheselbourne ----Joseph Taylor his X mark  
    Charlotte Ann TAYLOR24S Cheselbourne Joseph TaylorShepherd Elizabeth Jane Taylor, Alice Martha Taylor  
30Dec1891 George RANDALL27BDraymanDorchester Owen RandallDrayman Robert Saint 
    Kate Sarah CURTIS19S Cheselbourne George CurtisLabourer Mary Randall 
19Apr1893 Walter John STRANGE21BLabourerCheselbourne Charles StrangerLabourer George James Marsh 
    Florence Beatrice Mary HOPKINS21S Cheselbourne William HopkinsLabourer Mary Marsh 
19May1894 Charles George RIGGS24BLabourerCheselbourne Samuel RiggsCarpenter Henry Lock Lovelace 
    Mary Louisa LOVELACE20S Cheselbourne James LovelaceCarpenter Edith Mary Gibbs 
24Apr1895 Tom Foot RIGGS29BBlacksmithCheselbourne John RiggsWheelwright Henry Hutchings, Charles Riggs  
    Sarah Ann Hutchings UPSHALL28S Cheselbourne Marwood George UpshallBlacksmith Elizabeth Emily Riggs, Selina Rose Upshall  
18Dec1895 Charles Andrew HOUSEFBFarmerPuddletown George House Landlord of an InnRalph Greening  
    Ann Rebecca Kellaway ROLLSFSFarmerCheselbourne Joseph Rolls FarmerEmily Sarah Kingman  
21Apr1896 John BARTER24BLabourerCheselbourne Thomas BarterShepherd Hennery Bridle 
    Beatrice Jane BRIDLE19SLabourerCheselbourne Henry BridleLabourer Phoebe Mears 
7May1896 William Charles SMART27BWoodmanCheselbourne Charles SmartWoodman Samuel Kingsbury 
    Ellen Annie KINGSBURY24SWoodmanCheselbourne John KingsburyLabourer Mary Elizabeth Kingsbury  
5Feb1897 Walter Charles TRASH24BLabourerCheselbourne Christopher TrashCarter Walter William Hopkins, Archibald Hopkins  
    Elizabeth Ellen HOPKINS20S Cheselbourne William HopkinsThatcher Lily Sarah Hopkins, Elizabeth Hopkins  
11Nov1897 Henry Tuny SMART30BFarmerCheselbourne Charles Smart WoodmanWilliam Smart, Samuel George Kingsbury  
    Mary Elizabeth KINGSBURY23S Cheselbourne John KingsburyLabourer Ellen Annie Smart 
12Jan1898 William James CHRISTOPHER28BLabourerCheselbourne James ChristopherLabourer Luke Watkins 
    Edith Mary WHITTY20S Cheselbourne Edwin WhittyPorter Rose Lilian Whitty 
10Feb1898 Henry James WHITE36WFarmerCheselbourne Benjamin White BailiffJohn Riggs  
    Elizabeth Emily RIGGS29S Cheselbourne John Riggs WheelwrightFannie White  
18Jan1900 Frederick George GROVES31WPolicemanCheselbourne Herbert William Reader GrovesGrocer Tom Foot Riggs  
    Selina Rosa UPSHALL23S Cheselbourne Marwood George UpshallBlacksmith Sarah Ann Hutching Riggs  
6Aug1900 Arthur Thomas CURTIS22BLabourerCheselbourne George CurtisLabourer Willie Chars Thorne 
    Rosa Agnes THORNE22S Cheselbourne George ThorneLabourer Brenda Lillian Sarah Hopkins (she signs Agness)
6Aug1900 Joseph Samuel MULLETT28BFarmerCheselbourne William MullettFarmer John Jacob Rogers 
    Priscilla Julia Reed DAVIS25S Cheselbourne Henry Davis GrocerAlda Annie Davis  
25Aug1900 William Newbery CHANNON37BDraperBournemouth Thomas Bending ChannonFarmer Richard? ? ? 
    Eva LE WARNE36S Cheselbourne Thomas Prist le WarneLicensed Victualler Lilian Winifred Bennett  
25Oct1900 Thomas Frank BARNES27BCarmanMorden Thomas Barnes CarmanGeorge Old  
    Alda Annie DAVIS22S Cheselbourne Henry Davis GrocerLily Davis  
5Aug1901 Albert John HANSFORD25BLabourerCheselbourne George HansfordLabourer Samuel Curtis his X mark  
    Emma Jane CURTIS25S Cheselbourne Samuel CurtisCarter Lavinia Ann Rolls 
12Oct1901 Herbert John MELLISH24BCarpenterPortland S John William MellishRailway Manager George Mitchell, George Henry White  
    Annie Louisa MITCHELL30S Cheselbourne Richard Christopher MitchellPublican Gertrude Mitchell, Helen Mellish  
6Apr1903 Alfred Charles KELLAWAY20BLabourerCheselborne Alfred John KellawayCarpenter Henery Foot 
    Lily Selena Emily CURTIS23S Cheselborne Samuel Curtis CarterMary Ann Curtis  
22Apr1903 Thomas NEW33BDairymanBoscombe Michael New LabourerJoe Thorne 31 Rosemat* Ashley Rd
    Amelia THORNE23S Cheselborne Joe Thorne LabourerAnnie Thorne, Lily Davis  
6May1903 William Dix OLD27BGardenerLainston? Hants John OldShepherd James Christopher Xhis mark  
    Martha Helena CHRISTOPHER30S Cheselborne James ChristopherLabourer Minnie Beatrice Dowding  
7Mar1905 William Charles THORNE23BLabourerCheselborne George ThorneLabourer Alfred Charles Kellaway  
    Beatrice Louise KELLAWAY20S Cheselborne John KellawayCarter Rosa Agness Curtis 
25Dec1906 Charles BUDGEN--BLabourerCheselbourne Charles BudgenLabourer Giere? Diment 
    Bessie Ellen ROGERS--S Cheselbourne Thomas RogersOstler Mary Budgen 
26Dec1906 Alfred William George AYLESFBLabourerBroadmayne James Ayles ShepherdEsau Tom Curtis  
    Mary Ann Porter CURTISMS Cheselbourne Samuel Curtis CarterFlorence Mabel Curtis  
21Apr1908 Reginald William James CURTIS21BLabourerCheselbourne Samuel CurtisCarter William John Biddle 
    Patience Ellen LAKE19S Cheselbourne John Lake LabourerFlorence Mabel Curtis  
21Apr1908 Alfred William GILBERT26BGroomHilton George Gilbert LabourerCharles Kellaway, Reginald Kellaway  
    Susan Kate KELLAWAY20S Cheselbourne Charles KellawayFarmer Florence Jane Kellaway, Annie Eliza Gilbert  
20Oct1908 Cuthbert Harry Vernon SCUTT32BFarmerNorth Farm Cheselbourne Henry Thomas Scutt (decd)Farmer Reginald Ernest Bennett  
Mabel Annie ROSS22 S Chebbard Dewlish Thomas William Ross (decd) Builder Francis Ethel Ross
26Dec1908 Sydney Lewis WHEELER22BGrocer’s AssistantCheselbourne Francis WheelerGrocer Georgina Mary Old 
    Lily Jane DAVIS26SDomestic ServantCheselbourne Henry DavisGrocer Daisy Hannah Old 
28Oct1909 Ernest Samuel CLEALL26BFarmerGreat Toller Jesse Cleall (decd)Farmer C. Kellaway 
    Florence Jane KELLAWAY28S Cheselbourne Charles KellawayFarmer A Kellaway 

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