Baptisms 1813 to 1902

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Wendy Warne


# Date Child’s Name   Parents Names Surname Abode Occupation
124Jan1813 Jacobson ofEsau & ElenorBAKERCheselbourne Laborer 
28Mar1813Ann dau ofWillm & AnnRIX or REEKSCheselbourne Shoe Maker 
330Apr1813 Charlesson ofJoseph & RuthCHRISTOPHER CheselbourneShepherd 
422May1813 Mary Janedau ofThos & AnnCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
525Jul1813 Mary Anndau ofWillm & MariaBUSSELLCheselborne Laborer 
617Oct1813 Nathanielson ofSamuel & AliceSHORTCheselborne Farmer 
721Jan1814 Williamson ofWillm & MaryFOOTCheselborne Laborer 
86Feb1814Levi son ofJohn & AnnBAKERCheselborneLaborer  
96Mar1814Elizabeth dau ofWillm & ElizthARNOLDCheselborne Taylor 
1027Mar1814 Mariadau ofJohn & ElizthHOARECheselborne Laborer 
1126Jun1814 Elizthdau ofSaml & ElizthRIGGSCheselborne Laborer 
1223Oct1814 Demetriusson ofCharles & SarahBUSSELL CheselborneLaborer 
1312Jan1815 Sarahdau ofEdwd & ElizthWHITECheselborne Laborer 
145Feb1815 Israelson ofEsau & ElenorBAKERCheselborne Laborer 
1521Mar1815 Jemima JaneTRASHCheselborne  base born
1612Apr1815 Anndau ofWillm & MaryHEWERCheselborne Shop Keeper 
179Jul1815 Josephson ofJoseph & RuthCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
1827Aug1815 Delilahdau ofEdmund & SarahHODGESCheselborne Labourer 
1926Sep1815 Anndau ofSaml & AliceSHORTCheselborne Farmer 
208Oct1815 Willmson ofTimothy & MaryRIGGSCheselborne LaborerThis child was baptized in Ireland by a Rom Cth priest and admitted into the church by me Chs Birch Rector
2124Dec1815 Thosson ofWillm & ElizthARNOLDCheselborne Taylor 
227Jan1816 Mary Anndau ofJohn & MarySHEPHERDCheselborne Inn Keeper 
233Mar1816 Georgeson ofThos & MariaRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
2424Mar1816 Fannydau ofWillm & MariaBUSSELLCheselborne Labourer 
2520Oct1816 Willmson ofJacob & ElizthBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
269Nov1816 Frances Janedau ofDavid & FrancesBAKER CheselborneLabourer 
274Dec1816 Willmson ofGeorge & AnnRICHARDSCheselborne Labourer 
284Dec1816 Mary Anndau ofThos & Marian?CROFTPortsea Mariner 
2915Dec1816 Willmson ofSam & ElizthRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
305Jan1817 Rebekahdau ofJohn & AnnBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
315Jan1817 Francesdau ofDavid & JaneCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
3212Jan1817 Jeremiahson ofTimothy & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
3317Feb1817 Harriet John & ElizthHOARECheselborne Labourer 
346April1817 Sarah Ann Charles & PhillisCOATS CheselborneShoe Maker 
3524Aug1817 William May Mary & JosephPHELPS AthelhampstoneDairyman 
361Feb1818 Mary William & MaryHEWERCheselborne Shop Keeper 
371Feb1818 Mary Samuel & AliceSHORTCheselborne Farmer 
381Feb1818 Richard George & AnnRICHARDSCheselborne Labr 
3915Feb1818 Ann Axford John & MarySHEPHERDCheselborne Labr 
4022Feb1818 Elizabeth Davis ElizabethBOIDAL Cheselborne Base born
41?Mar1818 Anna Maria Charles & SarahBUSSELL CheselborneLabr 
429Aug1818 Phoebe Mary Riggs Cheselborne LabourerRichard Porter reputed father
436Sep1818 Michael Samuel & ElizabethRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
444Oct1818 Thomas John & ElizabethHOARECheselborne Labourer 
4525Oct1818 Maria Thomas & MariaRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
466Dec1818 Samuel Jacob & ElizabethBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
4720Dec1818 Mary Elizabeth SophiaSTANLEYCheselborne Labourerreputed father William Keynes
4820Dec1818 Jane David & JaneCHRISTOPHERCheselborne Labourer 
4910Jan1819 David Jane Piddletrenthide YeomanRobt Bridge reputed father
5031Jan1819 Phoebe Thomas & SusanFRAMPTONCheselborne Labourer 
511Apr1819 Robert Ralph Samuel & MarthaKINGSBURY CheselborneFarmer 
521Apr1819 Maria Thomas & MargaretCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
5312Apr1819 Ann Coward Lawrence? & SarahSHEPARD CheselborneFarmer 
5411Jul1819 Isaac Trash Richard & TamseyTRASH CheselborneLabourer 
5512Sep1819 Simon Phelps Joseph & MaryPHELPS Toll PuddleMiller 
5617Oct1819 Mary Meader Charles & PhillisCOATES CheselborneShoe Maker 
5730Jan1820 Sarahdau ofJohn & MarySHEPHERDCheselborne Victualer 
584Feb1820 Johnson ofWilliam & JaneCOWARDCheselborne Farmer 
5911Jun1820 Francesdau ofWilliam & FrancesHAINES or KAINES CheselborneLabourer 
6020Aug1820 Keziah HannahCHRISTOPHERCheselborne  base born
613Sep1820 Amelia ElizabethBRIDALCheselborne  base born
6212Nov1820 Grace Purchase Thomas & MariaRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
6319Nov1820 Charles Henry & MaryVIVIANCheselborne Labourer 
6417Dec1820 Eli Samuel & ElizabethRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
6526Dec1820 Charles Lawrence & SarahSHEPPARD Allen or AllerFarmer 
6611Feb1821 Amelia David & JaneCHRISTOPHERCheselborne Labourer 
671Mar1821 Ralph William Pitt Samuel & MarthaKINGSBURY CheselborneFarmer 
6818Mar1821 Samuel Thomas & SusanFRAMPTONCheselborne Labourer 
6922Apr1821 Charles Rolls John & ElizabethHOARE CheselborneLabourer 
7020May1821 Susanna Charles & SarahBUSSELLCheselborne Labourer 
713Jun1821 Mary Jacob & ElizabethBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
722Dec1821 Sarah Charles & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
732Dec1821 William George & ElizaFRYCheselborne Mason 
7428Dec1821 Elizabeth John & MarySHEPHERDCheselborne Victualer(privately)
756Jan1822 William William & MaryHEWERCheselborne Mason 
7620Jan1822 Charles William & AnneWESTCheselborne Labourer 
773Mar1822 James Baily Alfred & ElizabethBAKER CheselborneThatcher 
787Apr1822 Charles Coatsson ofCharles & PhillisCOATS CheselborneShoe maker 
798Sep1822 William Tuckerson ofJohn & AnnTUCKER CheselborneLabourer 
8017Oct1822 Eleanor Thomas & MariaRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
8127Oct1822 James Thomas & SusanFRAMPTONCheselborne Labourer 
8222Dec1822 Elizabeth James & MarthaLONGMAN CheselborneCarpenter 
8328Dec1822 John Standfield Alexander & BethiahFAQUHERSON Bere RegisLabourer 
842Feb1823 Thomas David & JaneCHRISTOPHERCheselborne Labourer 
8516Feb1823 Eli Samuel & ElizabethRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
8616Feb1823 Frances Mary Cox James & SophiaHAMETT CheselborneLabourer 
8723Feb1823 Charles Robert John & ElizabethHOARE CheselborneLabourer 
8823Feb1823 Sarah ElizabethBRIDALCheselborne  base born
8913Mar1823 Elizabeth Mary Samuel & MarthaKINGSBURY CheselborneFarmer 
9027Apr1823 Fanny William & FannyHARTCheselborne Labourer 
916Jul1823 Alicia John & AnneTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
9213Jul1823 Anne Hardy Henry & MaryVIVIANCheselborne Labourer 
937Sep1823 Darius HannahCHRISTOPHERCheselborne  base born
9414Sep1823 George Jacob & ElizabethBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
9514Sep1823 Mary James & JaneKINGSBURYCheselborne Labourer 
965Oct1823 Louisa George & ElizaFRYCheselborne Mason 
9725Jan1824 Charles Alfred & ElizabethBAKER CheselborneThatcher 
988Feb1824 James ElizabethMULLETCheselborne  base born
9921Mar1824 Mary Charles & SarahBUSSELLCheselborne Labourer 
10022Mar1824 George James & MarthaLONGMANCheselborne Carpenter 
10118Apr1824 Ellen John & MarySHEPHERDCheselborne Victualer 
10224Apr1824 Jane William & JaneCOWARDCheselborne Farmer 
10330May1824 Mary EmmaPORTERCheselborne   
10411Jul1824 Frances Charles & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
10522Jul1824 Samuel Robert Samuel & MaryHALL CheselborneLabourer 
10618Jul1824 William Thomas & SarahFRAMPTONCheselborne Labourer 
10725Jul1824 William Robert & ElizabethFRAMPTON CheselborneLabourer 
1088Aug1824 Eliza Charles & PhillisCOATSCheselborne Shoe Maker 
10929Aug1824 John AnneMULLETCheselborne  Base born
11019Sep1824 Maria William & FannyHARTCheselborne Labourer 
11124Oct1824 Susanna Josiah & AnnePORTERCheselborne Labourer 
11224Oct1824 Jane William & ElizabethTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
11328Nov1824 Samuel Samuel & MarthaKINGSBURY CheselborneFarmer 
11423Jan1825 Thomas Thomas & MariaRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
11520Mar1825 Sarah David & JaneCHRISTOPHERCheselborne Labourer 
11617Apr1825 Elizabeth John & AnneTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
11728May1825 William Pits Peter & ElizabethHANNIFORD CheselborneExcise Man 
11820Nov1825 William William & MaryBUSSELLCheselborne Labourer 
11927Nov1825 Thomas William & SarahCOWARDCheselborne Farmer 
1204Dec1825 George John & ElizabethHOARECheselborne Labourer 
1218Jan1826 Alicia John & JaneALNERCheselborne Labourer 
12219Feb1826 Obadiah Mary AnneSTICKLANDCheselborne  base born
12314May1826 Robert Michael James & JaneKINGSBURY CheselborneLabourer 
1244Jun1826 Elisabeth Alfred & ElisabethBAKER CheselborneThatcher 
1255Jun1826 Henry Thomas & SusanFRAMPTONCheselborne Labourer 
1262Jul1826 John John & MarySHEPPARDCheselborne Victualler 
12723Jul1826 Robert AnnTUCKERCheselborne  base born
12813Aug1826 George William & ElisabethTUCKER CheselborneLabourer 
12917Sep1826 Mary Lawrence & SarahSHEPPARDAller Farmer 
13015Oct1826 Emma Charles & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
13112Nov1826 Robert Robert & ElisabethFRAMPTON CheselborneLabourer 
13226Nov1826 Sarah Jacob & ElisabethBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
13326Nov1826 Charles William & FannyHARTCheselborne Labourer 
13424Dec1826 John Charles & PhillisCOATSCheselborne Shoe maker 
1357Jan1827 Bathiah TamsyTRASHCheselborne  base born
13614Jan1827 Louisa Richard & ElisabethWITTLE CheselborneLabourer 
13714Jan1827 Anne Kingsbury Edward & AnneSHEPARD CheselborneFarmer 
13824Jan1827 Nehemiah James & HarrietERNENorth Bradley Farmer 
13925Feb1827 Michael Samuel & MaryHALLCheselborne Labourer 
1407Mar1827 George Robins Samuel & MarthaKINGSBURY CheselborneFarmer 
14122Apr1827 George Josiah & AnnePORTERCheselborne Labourer 
14220May1827 Robert Thomas & MariaRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
14317Jun1827 Charles Charles & SarahBUSSELLCheselborne Labourer 
14426Jul1827 Jane George & DianaRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
1454Nov1827 William Edward & JemimaROGERSCheselborne Labourer 
14611Nov1827 Mary Anne David & JaneCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
14718Nov1827 John William & AnneWESTCheselborne Labourer 
14816Dec1827 Elisabeth James & JaneKINGSBURY CheselborneLabourer 
14927Jan1828 Deborah John & MarySHEPPARDCheselborne Victualler 
1509Mar1828 Elizabeth Eliza Charles & MaryRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
1511Jun1828 William John & ElisabethCLAPCOT CheselborneServant 
15215Jan1828 Daniel Lawrence & SarahSHEPPARD AllerFarmer 
1535Jul1828 Charles James & AnneVINCENTLiscombe Labourer 
15427Jul1828 Mary William & JoannaDRAKECheselborne Labourer 
15530Nov1828 James Thomas & MarthaARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
1567Dec1828 Charles William & ElisabethTUCKER CheselborneLabourer 
15718Jan1829 Joseph Richard Bussell & EmmaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
15814Mar1829 Selina Samuel & MarthaKINGSBURY CheselborneFarmer 
15929Mar1829 James John & ElisabethHOARECheselborne Labourer 
1607Jun1829 Mary Anne MarthaSTEVENSCheselborne Servantbase born
1615Jul1829 Jane Minton John & AnneTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
16226Jul1829 Joseph Thomas & SusanFRAMPTONCheselborne Labourer 
16316Aug1829 Leonora Charles & PhillisCOATSCheselborne Shop keeper 
16413Sep1829 James James & JaneKINGSBURYCheselborne Labourer 
16513Sep1829 Selina Josiah & AnnePORTERCheselborne Labourer 
16620Sep1829 Martha William & CharlotteHARTCheselborne Labourer 
1674Oct1829 Mary Elisabeth Charles & MaryRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
16811Oct1829 Leah Jacob & ElisabethBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
16910Oct1829 Joash William & MaryBUSSELLCheselborne Labourer 
17018Oct1829 Francis Richard & MariaPORTERCheselborne Labourer 
1716Dec1829 Emmanuel Thomas & MariaRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
17221Feb1830 Emily Alfred & ElisabethBAKERCheselborne Thatcher 
17325Feb1830 William Richard Bussell & EmmaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
1742May1830 Elisabeth David & JaneCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
1759Jun1830 Ethelreda Jane George & EthelredaMAXWELL OwermoigneClerk 
17611Jul1830 Peter May John & MarySHEPPARDCheselborne Victualler 
1771Aug1830 Samuel Charles & JaneTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
17812Sep1830 Charles John & ElisabethCLAPCOT CheselborneServant 
17919Sep1830 Delilah Robert & MytillaSTANFIELD CheselborneLabourer 
1803Oct1830 James John & HannahKINGSBURYCheselborne Farmer 
18131Oct1830 Hannah William & ElisabethTUCKER CheselborneLabourer 
1822Jan1831 Joseph Squibb Charles & SarahBUSSELL CheselborneLabourer 
18323Jan1831 Martha Samuel & MaryHALLCheselborne Labourer 
1846Mar1831 Charles James & EllenCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
18513Mar1831 Isabella MarthaRIGGSCheselborne  base born
18613Mar1831 Lucy Thomas & SusanFRAMPTONCheselborne Labourer 
1876May1831 Charlotte Pitt Samuel & MarthaKINGSBURY CheselborneFarmer 
18817Jul1831 Samuel Lawrence & SarahSHEPPARD AllerFarmer 
18911Sep1831 John Henry & HarrietSTANFIELDCheselborne Labourer 
19011Sep1831 Rebecca James & JaneKINGSBURYCheselborne Labourer 
1916Nov1831 Abraham Thomas & MarthaARNOLDCheselborne Carpenter 
19226Feb1832 Priscilla Charles & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
1934Mar1832 Emma William & JoannaDRAKECheselborne Labourer 
19421Mar1832 Elisabeth John & AnneTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
1958Apr1832 James Bussell Richard & EmmaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
1966May1832 Levi Charles & PhillisCOATSCheselborne Farmer 
1973Jun1832 William William & CharlotteHART CheselborneLabourer 
19810Jun1832 Ellen James & EllenCHRISTOPHERCheselborne Labourer 
1991Jul1832 Jane Richard & MariaPORTERCheselborne Labourer 
200[ ]Jul1832 Francis John John & HannahKINGSBURY CheselborneFarmer 
2012Sep1832 Harry Davis AnneMULLETCheselborne  base born
2022Sep1832 Esau Jacob & ElisabethBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
2039Sep1832 Richard William & ElisabethTUCKER CheselborneLabourer 
20428Oct1832 Mary Anne Josiah & AnnePORTERCheselborne Labourer 
20518Nov1832 Harriet Thomas & LucyKINGSBURYCheselborne Farmer 
20630Dec1832 Sarah Anne Robert & MyrtillaSTANDFIELD PlushLabourer 
20720Jan1833 Rebecca John & ElisabethCLAPCOT CheselborneShop keeper 
20827Jan1833 Elisabeth Charles & JaneTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
2093Feb1833 Thomas William Edward & AnneSHEPPARD CheselborneFarmer 
21024Mar1833 George David & JaneCHRISTOPHERCheselborne Labourer 
2115May1833 Henry Henry & MaryGROVESCheselborne Shoemaker 
21219May1833 Rhoda Charles & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
2139Jun1833 John James & JaneKINGSBURYCheselborne Labourer 
21414Jul1833 Maria Alfred & ElisabethBAKERCheselborne Thatcher 
21521Sep1833 Frances Jane Morris George & EmmaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
2165Jan1834 Fanny Thomas & LucyKINGSBURYCheselborne Farmer 
21719Jan1834 Josiah Richard & EmmaPORTERCheselborne Labourer 
21819Jan1834 James William & ElisabethTUCKER CheselborneLabourer 
2192Feb1834 George John & Mary JaneMORRISCheselborne Labourer 
22029Mar1834 Joseph John & SarahRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
22127Apr1834 Frances Jane Morris George & EmmaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
22215Jun1834 Ethelreda John & MarySHEPPARDCheselborne Victualler 
22322Jun1834 George Thomas & MarthaARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
22422Jun1834 John Robert & AnneARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
22529Jun1834 Anne Thomas & JaneRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
22618Jul1834 John HannahCHRISTOPHERCheselborne  base born
22729Jul1834 John John & AnneTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
22819Oct1834 Isaiah Charles & SarahBUSSELLCheselborne Labourer 
2292Nov1834 Edwin Thomas James & FannyTUCKER CheselborneLabourer 
23016Nov1834 Meshack Charles & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
23122Mar1835 Sarah Anne William & CharlotteHART CheselborneLabourer 
2327Jun1835 Mary Anna David & HuldahHEWERYeovil Carpenter 
23312Jun1835 Josiah Josiah & AnnePORTERCheselborne Labourer 
23424Jul1835 Jesse MariaSHORTCheselborne   
2352Aug1835 Caroline Ruth John & JaneTRASHCheselborne Labourer 
2369Aug1835 Samuel James & JaneKINGSBURYCheselborne Labourer 
23716Aug1835 Clement George & EmmaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
23818Aug1835 Mary Thomas & LucyKINGSBURYCheselborne Farmer 
23925Oct1835 Caroline Cross EllenPHELPSCheselborne   
24025Oct1835 Reuben William & ElisabethTUCKER CheselborneLabourer 
24122Nov1835 Charlesson ofCharles & JaneTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
24214Dec1835 Hannah John & SarahRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
24313Mar1836 Rhoda David & JaneCHRISTOPHERCheselborne Labourer 
24413Mar1836 Mary John & ElisabethCLAPCOTCheselborne Shop keeper 
2453Jul1836 Mary Patience Alfred & ElisabethBAKER CheselborneThatcher 
24616Jul1836 Robert Thomas & AnneJARRETTCheselborne Labourer 
24716Jul1836 Nancy Thomas & AnneJARRETTCheselborne Labourer 
24831Jul1836 Mary William ElisabethTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
24918Sep1836 Ruth Bussell Charles & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
25025Sep1836 John Thomas Lawrence & SarahSHEPPARD AllerFarmer 
2515Oct1836 Fanny James & MarthaRIGGSCheselborne Farmer 
2529Oct1836 Mary Anne Thomas & JaneRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
25320Nov1836 Susannah ElisabethJohn & HannahKINGSBURY CheselborneFarmer 
2543Dec1836 Emily Billet MariaHOARECheselborne   
25511Dec1836 Henry Charles & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
2568Jan1837 Mary Richard & EmmaCHRISTOPHERCheselborne Labourer 
2572Apr1837 Thomas John & AnneTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
25816Apr1837 Mary Anne Thomas & LucyKINGSBURY CheselborneFarmer 
2592Jul1837 Mary Anne Silas & FannyBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
26011Nov1837 Susan Simmons Robert & JaneCHIPP CheselborneShoemaker 
26118Feb1838 James William & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
26229Apr1838 Thomas George John & HannahKINGSBURY CheselborneFarmer 
26317May1838 Martha John & AnneTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
2642Jun1838 Levi William & ElisabethTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
26510Jun1838 William Frederick & AnneMORRISCheselborne Carpenter 
26617Jun1838 Charles David & JaneCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
26718Jun1838 William JaneCHRISTOPHERCheselborne   
26812Aug1838 John Bussell Richard & MariaPORTER CheselborneLabourer 
26915Aug1838 Josiah Thomas & MariaARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
27023Sep1838 Fanny Bussell Charles & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER DewlishShepherd 
27121Oct1838 Stephen John & ElisabethCLAPCOT CheselborneShop keeper 
2729Dec1838 Tamsy Anne John & JaneTRASHCheselborne Labourer 
27325Dec1838 Mary Charles & JaneTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
27421Jan1839 Charles Richard & EmmaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
2755Feb1839 Thomas Henry Thomas Willis & MarySHERREN CheselborneFarmer 
27610Feb1839 Eliza Robert & AnneARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
27729Mar1839 Georgiana Henry & ElisabethKNIGHT CheselborneShoemaker 
2784Jul1839 Levi Robert & SarahBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
27928Jul1839 Ellen Thomas & LucyKINGSBURYCheselborne Farmer 
28017Aug1839 Jane Thomas & LouisaKINGSBURYCheselborne Farmer 
28121Aug1839 Elisabeth Henry & ElisabethKNIGHT CheselborneShoe maker 
28221Aug1839 Henry Henry & ElisabethKNIGHTCheselborne Shoe maker 
28329Sep1839 William George & EmmaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
2846Oct1839 Joseph John & AnneTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
28518Oct1839 Elisabeth Mary EllenPHELPSCheselborne   
28627Oct1839 Rebekah Silas & FannyBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
2873Nov1839 Anne Elisabeth John & Frances JaneMILBOURNE CheselborneLabourer 
28825Dec1839 Charlotte Jane JaneCHRISTOPHERCheselborne   
2899Feb1840 Mary Samuel & SarahRIGGSCheselborne Carpenter 
29025Feb1840 Joseph ChristopherElisabethBRIDLE Cheselborne  
29122Mar1840 Charles Willougby William & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
2925Apr1840 James Gear SherrenThomas Willis & MarySHERREN CheselborneFarmer 
29314Jun1840 Michael John & Mary JaneMORRISCheselborne Labourer 
29426Jul1840 William Robert & AnneARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
2953Oct1840 Albert Henry & ElisabethKNIGHTCheselborne Shoe maker 
29613Dec1840 William John & JaneTRASHCheselborne Labourer 
29720Dec1840 Rhoda SarahRIGGSCheselborne   
29811Apr1841 Willougby Charles & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
29916May1841 Elisabeth Frederick & AnneMORRIS CheselborneCarpenter 
30011Jul1841 Emily AnnaBUSSELLCheselborne   
30125Jul1841 Elisabeth Thomas & LucyKINGSBURY CheselborneFarmer 
3025Sep1841 Jonathan Thomas & MariaARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
3039Jan1842 Peter Charles & JaneTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
30423Jan1842 Sarah John & ElisabethCLAPCOTCheselborne Shop keeper 
30530Jan1842 Fanny Israel & AnnBAKERCheselborne Thatcher 
30627Feb1842 Anne Alfred & ElisabethBAKERCheselborne Thatcher 
30710Apr1842 Mary Anne Joseph & EdithMILESCheselborne Shoemaker 
3088May1842 Emily William & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
3098May1842 Frederick James & PhoebeDRAKECheselborne Labourer 
31022May1842 Jane Richard & EmmaCHRISTOPHERDewlish Shepherd 
3116Jun1842 John Stacey Abel & JaneARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
31226Jun1842 Esau Edward JaneCHRISTOPHERCheselborne   
31331Jul1842 James Philip & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
31411Sep1842 Fanny Henry & ElisabethFERRETCheselborne Servant 
31525Sep1842 Frances Silas & FannyBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
31628Sep1842 Josiah Richard & MariaPORTERCheselborne Labourer 
31728Oct1842 Philip John & JaneTRASH or TRASK CheselborneLabourer 
3184Dec1842 Charles AmeliaBRIDLECheselborne   
31912Feb1843 Mary Willis Thomas Willis & MarySHERREN CheselborneFarmer 
3202Apr1843 Michael Jeremiah & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
3214Jun1843 Esau Thomas & MariaARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
3222Jul1843 Ellen Charles & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
3239Jul1843 Jane Thomas & JaneRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
3241Oct1843 Sarah Philip & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
3251Oct1843 Joseph Thomas & LucyKINGSBURYCheselborne Farmer 
32615Oct1843 Anne James & ElisabethSHORTCheselborne Labourer 
32722Nov1843 Martha Mary Joseph & SarahKNIGHT CheselborneLabourer 
32824Dec1843 Mary Robert & AnneARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
32924Mar1844 Deborah Anne Joseph & CatherineSHEPARD CheselborneCarpenter 
33023Apr1844 James Plomer George & ElisabethBAKER CheselborneLabourer 
33128Apr1844 Elisabeth Joseph & EdithMILESCheselborne Shoemaker 
33212May1844 Thomas Frederick John & Mary JaneMORRIS CheselborneLabourer 
33323May1844 Walter SarahRICHARDSCheselborne   
3342Jun1844 Elisabeth John & JaneTRASHCheselborne Labourer 
33523Aug1844 William Charles & JaneTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
3361Sep1844 Frances Harriet Samson & RebekahTROWBRIDGE CheselborneLabourer 
33715Sep1844 Mary James & PhoebeDRAKECheselborne Labourer 
33822Sep1844 Elisabeth Haney & ElisabethFERRET CheselborneServant 
33922Sep1844 Maria William & FrancesTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
34027Oct1844 Martha Ann John & HannahKINGSBURY CheselborneFarmer 
34110Nov1844 John David & AmeliaTRASHCheselborne Labourer 
34224Nov1844 Thomas George & EmmaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneKabourer 
34329Nov1844 John William & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
34413Dec1844 Levi John & JaneRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
3455Jan1845 Emily Charles & EllenSHEPARDBuckland Newton Dairyman 
34623Feb1845 Robert Thomas & MariaARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
3472Mar1845 George James & Selina AnnBOWRING CheselborneLabourer 
34830Mar1845 Joseph James & SarahCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
34920Apr1845 Sarah George & MaryDRAKEWareham Labourer 
3504May1845 Robert Joseph ElisabethJAMESCheselborne   
35118May1845 Joseph Israel & AnnBAKERCheselborne Thatcher 
3521Jun1845 Anne Silas & FannyBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
35329Jun1845 Anne George & AliciaWESTCheselborne Labourer 
3543Aug1845 Susan Ann DianaTUCKERCheselborne   
35510Aug1845 Charles Joseph & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
35626Oct1845 John Philip & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
3579Nov1845 Fanny Sarah Charles & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
35811Jun1846 Anna Maria Jeremiah & MaryRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
35926Apr1846 Emily Thomas & JaneRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
3603Jun1846 Eliza Julia James & Julia JaneCAINES CheselborneFarmer 
36114Jun1846 Matilda Jemima ElisabethROGERSCheselborne   
36214Jul1846 Jane John & JaneRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
3632Aug1846 Alfred Joseph & EdithMILESCheselborne Shoemaker 
36413Sep1846 Joseph Thomas & SusanHILLIERCheselborne Labourer 
36521Sep146 Emily Joseph & MaryMULLETCheselborne Carpenter 
36627Dec1846 Fanny Esau & AnnBAKERCheselborne Farmer 
36722Feb1847 John James & SarahCHRISTOPHERCheselborne Shepherd 
36814Mar1847 Cristopher David & AmeliaTRASHCheselborne Labourer 
36919Apr1847 Mary Thomas & Mary MarthaDRAKECheselborne Shoemaker 
37023May1847 Martha Robert & AnneARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
37130May1847 Edith William & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
37230May1847 Melina Sarah Charles & EllenSHEPARD CheselborneLabourer 
37327Jun1847 James Short Thomas & MariaARNOLD CheselborneLabourer 
3744Jul1847 James Short William & FannyTUCKER CheselborneLabourer 
37525Jul1847 Julia Eliza George & AliciaWEST CheselborneLabourer 
37615Aug1847 Richard George Israel & AnnBAKER CheselborneThatcher 
37731Oct1847 Samuel George & MaryDRAKECheselborne Labourer 
37828Nov1847 Jacob William & SophiaVACHERCheselborne Carter 
3795Dec1847 Joseph Philip & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
38019Mar1848 Mary Thomas & SusanHILLIERCheselborne Labourer 
38131Mar1848 Sarah Josiah & SarahSHORTCheselborne Labourer 
3827May1848 Sarah Palmer Joseph & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
38321May1848 George James & PhoebeDRAKERCheselborne Labourer 
38428May1848 Charles John & Mary JaneMORRISCheselborne Labourer 
38527Jun1848 Mary Henrietta James & Julia JaneCAINES CheselborneFarmer 
38630Jul1848 John Thomas WellmanThomas & ElisabethGUY CheselborneLabourer 
3874Aug1848 Maria Silas & FannyBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
38817Sep1848 Elisabeth Thomas & Mary AnneRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
3898Oct1848 Christopher Joseph & EdithMILES CheselborneShoe maker 
39024Oct1848 Seborah Sarah James & AnnaPLOMER DewlishLabourer 
39124Dec1848 Joseph George & LouisaTETTCheselborne Farmer 
3927Jan1849 Ellen Jeremiah & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
3937Jan1849 James Frederick Charles & EllenSHEPARD CheselborneLabourer 
39425Mar1849 Richard Warren Charles & JaneCAINES CheselborneLabourer 
39515Apr1849 Elizabeth Bussell William & ElizabethBUSSELL CheselborneLabourer 
39616Aug1849 Elizabeth David & AmeliaTRASHCheselborne Labourer 
39723Sep1849 John George & AliciaWESTCheselborne Labourer 
39830Sep1849 Ethel Charles & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
39927Jan1850 Alic Susannah Thomas & MariaARNOLD CheselborneLabourer 
4003Feb1850 Harriet Philip & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
40113Feb1850 John James & Julia JaneCAINESCheselborne Farmer 
40221Mar1850 Fanny Israel & AnnBAKERCheselborne ThatcherPrivately crossed out and 14 Apr 1850 publicly written)
40329Mar1850 Sam Frederick Charles & EllenSHEPARD CheselborneLabourer 
40415Apr1850 Thomas William & FannyTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
40521Apr1850 William Xtopher Andrew & JaneCAINES CheselborneLabourer 
40621Apr1850 Ann George & MaryDRAKECheselborne Labourer 
40728Apr1850 Martha Ann EmmaRIGGSCheselborne   
4082Jun1850 Anne William & MaryDENNETTCheselborne Labourer 
4093Nov1850 William Joseph & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
41010Nov1850 Alfred John FannyRIGGSCheselborne   
4115Dec1850 George Robert & SelinaRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
41215Dec1850 Albin John James & PhoebeDRAKECheselborne Labourer 
41318Dec1850 John Jacob Robert & Mary VincentKINGSBURY CheselborneCarpenter 
4145Jan1851 Elisabeth Joseph & EdithMILESCheselborne Shoemaker 
41512Jan1851 John Charles & MariaVILECheselborne Carter 
41619Jan1851 Thomas Thomas & SusanHILLIERCheselborne Carter 
4179Feb1851 Jane David & AmeliaTRASHCheselborne Carter 
4184Mar1851 John George & LouisaTETTCheselborne Farmer 
41916Mar1851 Mary William & MaryDENNETTCheselborne Carter 
42020Apr1851 Elisabeth Jane Samuel & JaneRIGGS CheselborneCarpenter 
4214May1851 Jasper Philip & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
4224May1851 Sarah Ann Jeremiah & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
42327May1851 Mary Charles & ElisabethVIVIANCheselborne Carter 
4248Jun1851 Martha John & Mary JaneMORRISCheselborne Labourer 
42529Jun1851 Emmanuel Thomas & Mary AnneRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
42627Jul1851 Anna William & ElisabethBUSSELL CheselborneLabourer 
42727Jul1851 Elisabeth Robert & AnneARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
4289Oct1851 Esau Samuel & MaryBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
42921Oct1851 James James & Julia JaneCAINESCheselborne Farmer 
43011Jan1852 Frederick James Israel & AnneBAKER CheselborneThatcher 
43125Jan1852 John Jacob Robert & Mary VincentKINGSBURY CheselborneCarpenter 
43229Feb1852 Frederick George Robert & SelinaRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
4339Apr1852 Phillis Mary Charles & EllenSHEPARD CheselborneLabourer 
43425Jul1852 Ruth Joseph & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
4354Aug1852 Fanny Charles & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
43622Aug1852 Alfred George Andrew & JaneCAINES CheselborneLabourer 
43712Sep1852 Henry Riggs George & AliciaWEST CheselborneLabourer 
43819Oct1852 William George Eli & Sarah JaneRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
43928Nov1852 Rebekah Thomas & SusanHILLIERCheselborne Carter 
4402Jan1853 Joseph William & FannyTUCKERCheselborne Labourer 
44113Feb1853 Sarah Samuel & MaryBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
4426Mar1853 Ann David & AmeliaTRASHCheselborne Labourer 
44313Mar1853 Elizabeth Charles & MariaVILECheselborne Carter 
4443Apr1853 Rhoda Thomas & MariaARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
44519Jun1853 Deborah Ann Samuel & JaneRIGGSCheselborne Carpenter 
44621Aug1853 Mary Silas & FannyBAKERCheselborne Carter 
4476Sep1853 Henry Chick James & Julia JaneCAINES CheselborneFarmer 
44825Sep1853 David Edward & SarahMORAYCheselborne Carter 
44923Oct1853 Ananias White Thomas & LouisaHUGHES TravellersCarter 
4505Feb1854 Martha Ann ElizabethTUCKERCheselborne   
4515Feb1854 Ann Philip & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
45212Feb1854 Jane William & MaryDENNETTCheselborne Carter 
45312Mar1854 Alfred Israel & AnneBAKERCheselborne Thatcher 
4542Apr1854 Henry Charles & RhodaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
4557May1854 Tom Charles & EllenSHEPARDCheselborne Labourer 
45628Jun1854 Frank George & LouisaTETTCheselborne Farmer 
4572Jul1854 Jemima Baker Henry & FannyROGERS CheselborneLabourer 
4589Jul1854 Lavinia Ann Thomas & EllenCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
4594Jul or Aug1854 Elisabeth Joseph & CatherineSHEPARD CheselborneCarpenter 
46013Aug1854 William James & Mary AnnARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
46114Aug1854 Walter Caroline CrossPHELPSCheselborne   
4628Oct1854 Maria James & SarahCHRISTOPHERCheselborne Labourer 
4635Nov1854 Ann Robert & SelinaRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
46412Nov1854 Theodore James & ElisabethKINGSBURY CheselborneBailiff 
46526Nov1854 Leah Samuel & MaryBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
4667Dec1854 James George & ElizaBAGGCheselborne Labourer 
46724Dec1854 Cecilia Ann Charles & HannahROBERTS CheselborneLabourer 
4687Jan1855 Fanny Jeremiah & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
46921Jan1855 John Thomas & SusanHILLIERCheselborne Carter 
47011Mar1855 Kitty Samuel & JaneRIGGSCheselborne Carpenter 
47122Apr1855 Mary Ann John & ElizabethWESTCheselborne Gunner Royal Artillery
4721Apr1855 Charles George & AliciaWESTCheselborne Labourer 
47329Apr1855 William Robert & Mary VincentKINGSBURY CheselborneCarpenter 
47420 or 26May1855 Charles Eli & Sarah JaneRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
47518Jul1855 Ellen James & Julia JaneCAINESCheselborne Yeoman 
4762Sep1855 James James & PhoebeDRAKECheselborne Labourer 
47710Oct1855 Maria Joseph & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
47810Oct1855 Fanny Joseph & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
47914Oct1855 Sidney John Robert & Mary AnneHART CheselborneShoemaker 
4801Nov1855 Mary Louisa George & LouisaTETT CheselborneYeoman 
48111Nov1855 Reuben George SarahBRIDLECheselborne   
48225Dec1855 Lucy Anne Charles & EllenSHEPARD CheselborneLabourer 
48325Dec1855 Joseph Hardy Francis & EmilyGUY CheselborneBlacksmith 
48427Dec1855 John John & HannahGODDARDCheselborne Labourer 
48521Feb1856 Martha Lydia Michael & Anne KingsburyHALL CheselborneSawyer 
4866Mar1856 Mosse Hillier Meshech & MarthaRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
48724Mar1856 Thomas James William & MaryMORAY CheselborneLabourer 
48816May1856 David Fred Charles & RhodaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
48922Jun1856 Emma James & SarahCHRISTOPHERCheselborne Labourer 
49013Jul1856 Elisabeth William & JuliaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
49127Jul1856 Mary Sarah Joseph & EdithBARNET CheselborneBaker 
49231Aug1856 Ellen Maria Thomas & Mary AnnRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
49314Sep1856 Mary Charles & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
4945Oct1856 Harriet Job & ElizaFOREAY or FORSAY CheselborneLabourer 
4955Oct1856 Robert Philip & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
4965Oct1856 Martha Silas & FannyBAKERCheselborne Carter 
49719Oct1856 Deborah Kate James & SarahBAKER CheselborneThatcher 
4989Nov1856 Frederick William DavisSamuel & JaneRIGGS CheselborneCarpenter 
4999Nov1856 Jane Thomas & SusanHILLIERCheselborne Carter 
5004Jan1857 George Samuel & MaryBAKERCheselborne Labourer 
5011Feb1857 Louisa Jane Edward & HuldahBILT CheselborneShepherd 
5028Mar1857 Susan Maria Robert & SelinaRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
5032Apr1857 Annie Shepard Michael & Anne KingsburyHALL CheselborneBlacksmith 
50410Apr1857 Charles George & SarahCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
50511Apr1857 George Josiah & Elisabeth MaryPORTER CheselborneLabourer 
50616May1857 Alfred George Samuel & Mary AnneTUCKER CheselborneLabourer 
5077Jun1857 Dora James & Julia JaneCAINESCheselborne Yeoman 
5087Jun1857 William Henry & FannyROGERSCheselborne Labourer 
50928Jun1857 Frank Mesech & MarthaRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
51026Jul1857 Henry EmmaRIGGSCheselborne   
5116Sep1857 Thomas Thomas & MariaARNOLDCheselborne Labourer 
51227Sep1857 Martha Elisabeth Henry & ElizaSHINAR CheselborneLabourer 
51328Nov1857 Sarah Peter & LeahSHEPARDCheselborne Shoemaker 
51421Feb1858 George Jeremiah & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
51528Mar1858 William John Joseph & MaryHOWECheselborne Shepard 
51625Apr1858 Frederick William Samuel & JaneRIGGS CheselborneCarpenter 
51716May1858 Frances Annie PalmerJohn & MaryMITCHELL CheselborneShepherd 
51823May1858 James Herbert Eli & Sarah JaneRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
51911Jul1858 Sarah Maria Robert & Ann ElisabethCHEESMAN CheselbornePoliceman 
52011Jul1858 Jane Thomas & ElizaEYRESCheselborne Labourer 
52125Jul1858 Mary Samuel & MaryBAKERCheselborne Shepherd 
52227Jul1858 James Frederick DevonishFrancis & Emily GUYCheselborneBlacksmith 
5231Aug1858 Jane George & SarahBURTCheselborne Labourer 
52422Aug1858 Alfred John ShepardJames & SarahBAKER CheselborneThatcher 
5255Sep1858 Levi Charles Charles & RhodaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
52617Oct1858 Samel John Israel & AnneBAKERCheselborne Thatcher 
52714Nov1858 Richard James & SarahCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
52811Dec1858 James George & AliciaWESTCheselborne Labourer 
52911Dec1858 Mary George & AliciaWESTCheselborne Labourer 
53019Dec1858 Sarah Jane George & SarahCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
53127Mar1859 Levi George Philip & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
53228May1859 Ada Sarah Michael & Anne KingsburyHALL CheselborneParish Clerk 
53322May1859 William George Joseph & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
53428May1859 George Thomas & Mary AnneRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
53519Jun1859 Arminia Henry & ElizaSHINARCheselborne Labourer 
53625Jun1859 Emma Jane Felix & MaryCARTERCheselborne Sawyer 
53726Jun1859 Walter John Josiah & Elisabeth MaryPORTER CheselborneLabourer 
5383Jul1859 Frances Joseph & MaryHOWECheselborne Shepherd 
53910Jul1859 Alfred James Thomas & SusanHILLIER CheselborneCarter 
54010Jul1859 Elisabeth James & CharlotteCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
54117Jul1859 William James William & JuliaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
54227Jul1859 Sarah Martha Robert & Ann ElisabethCHEESMAN CheselbornePoliceman 
54311Aug1859 Mary Mesech & MarthaRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
54416Oct1859 Stephen Joseph & SarahKNIGHTBlandford Labourer 
5456Nov1859 Robert James Robert & SelinaRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
5466Nov1859 John Robert & Mary AnneHARTCheselborne Shoemaker 
5471Jan1860 Louisa Anna Jane George Thomas & JaneKINGSBURY CheselborneYeoman 
5488Jan1860 Henry Edward Henry & FannyROGERS CheselborneLabourer 
5495Feb1860 Walter John Peter & LeahSHEPARD CheselborneShoemaker 
55012Feb1860 Harriet Richard & Mary JaneTUCKER CheselborneLabourer 
55117Feb1860 William James & ElisabethKINGSBURY CheselborneBailiff 
55211Mar1860 Fanny David & AmeliaTRASHCheselborne Labourer 
5534Apr1860 Joseph James & Julia JaneCAINES CheselborneYeoman 
55429Jul1860 Henry Charles DavisSamuel & JaneRIGGS CheselborneCarpenter 
5559Sep1860 Jacob Samuel & MaryBAKERCheselborne Shepherd 
55616Sep1860 Samuel Eli & Sarah JaneRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
55722Sep1860 Louisa James & CharlotteCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
5582Oct1860 Eliza John & FrancesJEFFERIESCheselborne Labourer 
5597Oct1860 Elisabeth Joseph & MaryHOWECheselborne Shepherd 
56025Dec1860 John Henry & ElizaSHINARCheselborne Labourer 
56128Jan1861 George Charles & RhodaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
56228Jan1861 Rosanna Sarah AnnEdward & HuldahBILT CheselborneShepherd 
56310Feb1861 Sarah James & SarahCHRISTOPHERCheselborne Labourer 
56423Feb1861 Samuel Deeker or DeckerIsrael & AnnBAKER CheselborneThatcher 
56514Apr1861 George James Ann SophiaCOLECheselborne   
56625Apr1861 Levi George George & AliciaWEST CheselborneLabourer 
56725Apr1861 Fanny George & AliciaWESTCheselborne Labourer 
56812May1861 Alfred Tom Richard & EmilyGROVES CheselborneCarter 
5692Jun1861 Frederick Josiah & Elisabeth MaryPORTER CheselborneLabourer 
5704Aug1861 Sidney James Felix & MaryCARTER CheselborneSawyer 
5713Oct1861 Emily James & Julia JaneCAINESCheselborne Yeoman 
5726Oct1861 Susannah Martha George Thomas & JaneKINGSBURY CheselborneYeoman 
5736Oct1861 Charles Edwin William & JuliaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
5748Dec1861 Elizabeth Ellen Eli & Sarah JaneRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
57515Dec1861 Joseph Charles & JaneCOXCheselborne Shepherd 
57622Dec1861 William John ElisabethTRASHCheselborne   
57716Mar1862 James Jeremiah & Mary AnnRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
57813Apr1862 Emily Philip & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
5798Jun1862 Walter William Bartlett & Emily JaneWAY CheselborneBlacksmith 
58029Jun1862 Charles John & ElizabethFOXCheselborne Groom 
58115Jul1862 Arthur William Peter & LeahSHEPARD CheselborneShoemaker 
58227Jul1862 Joseph Henry Jesse & Mary AnnARNOLD alias SHORT CheselborneLabourer 
58310Aug1862 Henry Robert & Mary AnnHARTCheselborne Shoemaker 
58431Aug1862 Mary Henry & FannyROGERSCheselborne Labourer 
58510Nov1862 John George & SarahCHRISTOPHERCheselborne Labourer 
58630Nov1862 Mary Elisabeth James & SarahBAKER CheselborneThatcher 
5871Feb1863 Ellen Jane Thomas & Mary AnnRIGGS CheselborneCarpenter 
5888Mar1863 William John & FrancesJEFFERIES CheselborneLabourer 
5893Apr1863 Levi Robert & MaryKEATESCheselborne Carter 
5905Apr1863 Elizabeth Ellen Josiah & Elizabeth MaryPORTER CheselborneLabourer 
59119Apr1863 Sidney Richard & EmilyGROVESCheselborne Carter 
59221Apr1863 George James & SarahSTROUDCheselborne Carter 
5937Jun1863 Charles Edward & HuldahBELTCheselborne Shepherd 
59421Jun1863 Ellen Charles & RhodaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
59526Jun1863 Emily Jane James & CharlotteCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
59625Jun1863 Robert James & SarahCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
59718Jul1863 Elisabeth William Charles & Sarah AnnCHRISTOPHER CheselborneCarter 
59826Jul1863 Elisabeth Ann Samuel & MaryBAKER CheselborneShepherd 
59913Aug1863 Reuben George & AliciaWESTCheselborne Labourer 
60013Aug1863 Esther Deborah DorcasCharles & EllenSHEPARD CheselborneLabourer 
60113Aug1863 Esau Lawrence EdwardCharles & EllenSHEPARD CheselborneLabourer 
60227Sep1863 Eva Louisa Samuel & JaneRIGGSCheselborne Carpenter 
60325Oct1863 Arthur Baker John & MariaRIGGSCheselborne Carpenter 
60427Mar1864 Joseph Peter & LeahSHEPARDCheselborne Shoemaker 
6059May1864 Hiram William Bartlett & Emily JaneWAY CheselborneBlacksmith 
60622May1864 Frank Charles & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER Jr? CheselborneLabourer 
60725Sep1864 Selina Francis John & Susan AnnBECK CheselborneLabourer 
60813Nov1864 Emily Mary Michael & Anne KingsburyHALL CheselborneParish Clerk 
60913Nov1864 Florence Bessy Michael & Anne KingsburyHALL CheselborneParish Clerk 
61018Dec1864 Samuel Charles James & ElizaJEANS CheselborneGroom 
61125Dec1864 Tom George & SarahCHRISTOPHERCheselborne Labourer 
61225Dec1864 Fredrick William Robert & SelinaRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
61315Jan1865 Arthur Harry Mesech & MarthaRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
61422Jan1865 Bessie Willoughby Charles & Sarah AnnCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
6155Mar1865 Joseph Henry & FannyROGERSCheselborne Labourer 
6168Mar1865 Clara Gertrude Henry Puget & JaneRAIKES HiltonClergyman 
61720Mar1865 George Beasant EmilySHEPARDCheselborne   
61826Mar1865 George Thomas & SusanHILLIERCheselborne Carter 
61914Apr1865 Leah Samuel & MaryBAKERCheselborne Shepherd 
62023Apr1865 Edwin Arthur Davis Samuel & JaneRIGGS CheselborneCarpenter 
62130Apr1865 Deborah Philip & MaryRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
6226Jun1865 Arthur James Richard & EmilyGROVES CheselborneCarter 
6239Jul1865 Julia Mary William & FannyMULLET CheselborneCarpenter 
62427Aug1865 Emily Charles & RhodaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
62519Nov1865 Tom Foot John & MariaRIGGSCheselborne Carpenter 
62624Dec1865 Clara Deborah Joseph & Deborah AnnBRIDLE CheselborneLabourer 
62724Dec1865 William Thomas & Mary AnnRIGGSCheselborne Carter 
62827Jan1866 John Richards Samuel & LucyWARREN CheselborneInn Keeper 
62918Mar1866 Edna James & CharlotteCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
63030Mar1866 Rose Josiah & Elizabeth MaryPORTER CheselborneLabourer 
6311Apr1866 Charles James Francis John & Susan AnnBECK CheselborneLabourer 
6328Apr1866 Catherine Mary EllenRIGGSCheselborne   
63313May1866 Esau John George & ElizabethCURTIS CheselborneLabourer 
6341Jul1866 Henry John Charles & ElizabethCHRISTOPHER Jr CheselborneLabourer 
63525Sep1866 Flora Anna James & EstherHANSFORD CheselborneCarter 
6364Oct1866 Annette Cecilia NewberyHenry Puget & Jane RAIKESHiltonClergyman 
63724Jan1867 Arthur Fred KellawayRobert & LouisaKELLAWAY CheselbornePoliceman 
6389Apr1867 William Thomas Richard Thomas & Sarah Palmer SYDMANCheselborneLabourer 
63918Apr1867 Emily Sarah William & FannyMULLET CheselborneCarpenter 
64019May1867 Elizabeth Mary BakerPeter & LeahSHEPARD CheselborneShoemaker 
6412Jun1867 Edward James ShepardJoseph & Deborah Ann BRIDLECheselborneLabourer 
64230Jun1867 Anna Louisa Anna MariaRIGGSCheselborne   
6438Sep1867 Edward Eli Edward & HuldahBELTCheselborne Shepherd 
64415Sep1867 James George & FannySIMSCheselborne Groom 
64522Sep1867 Emma Jane Robert & SelinaRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
64628Nov1867 Thomas George BromherdHenry Puget & Jane RAIKESHiltonClergyman 
64723Feb1868 Elizabeth Henry & FannyROGERSCheselborne Labourer 
64823Feb1867 Anna Caroline Esau & ElizabethCURTIS CheselborneLabourer 
6495Apr1868 Rose Mesech & MarthaRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
6507Jun1868 Stephen James Levi & EllenRIGGS CheselborneLabourer 
65126Jul1868 Joseph Josiah & Elizabeth MaryPORTER CheselborneLabourer 
6522Aug1868 Mary Ann Charles & RhodaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
65315Aug1868 Walter John Hillier HarrietRIGGS Cheselborne  
65416Aug1868 Elizabeth Emily John & MariaRIGGS CheselborneCarpenter 
65516Aug1868 Alice Elizabeth Jesse & Mary AnnARNOLD alias SHORT CheselborneLabourer 
65616Aug1868 Samuel Francis JohnJesse & Mary AnnARNOLD alias SHORT CheselborneLabourer 
65730Aug1868 Edwin Percival Tom & JuliaMORRIS HiltonGamekeeper 
65830Aug1868 Fanny Kate James & ElizaCROCKER CheselborneMiller 
65927Sep1868 Ernest Henry & AnnJOYCECheselborne Woodman 
66025Dec1868 Beatrice Mary Marwood & SophiaUPSHALL CheselborneInn Keeper 
6611Jan1869 Joseph Robert & LouisaKELLAWAYCheselborne Policeman 
66231Jan1869 William James James & CharlotteCHRISTOPHER CheselborneLabourer 
6637Feb1869 Caroline George & ElizabethCURTIS CheselborneLabourer 
6649Jun1869 Deborah Peter & LeahSHEPARDCheselborne Shoemaker 
66520Jun1869 Walter Frederick Charles & ElisabethCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
66620Jun1869 Charles George Samuel & JaneRIGGS CheselborneCarpenter 
66713Jul1869 Florence Grace Le BlancHenry Puget & Jane RAIKESHiltonClergyman 
6688Aug1869 Catherine Elizabeth Joseph & Deborah Ann BRIDLECheselborneLabourer 
66929Aug1869 Samuel George John & MaryKINGSBURY CheselborneLabourer 
67025Dec1869 Ernest George Charles & EllenSHEPARD CheselborneLabourer 
67125Dec1869 Tom Robert & SelinaRIGGSCheselborne Labourer 
67227Feb1870 Emily Ann Christopher & EdithTRASH CheselborneLabourer 
67313Mar1870 Emily Joseph & Charlotte AnnGILL CheselbornePoliceman 
67427Mar1870 George Henry Robert & ElizaCROCKER CheselborneLabourer 
67527Mar1870 Alfred James Robert & ElizaCROCKER CheselborneLabourer 
67627Mar1870 Robert Robert & ElizaCROCKERCheselborne Labourer 
67721Aug1870 Emily Ellen MaryHILLIERCheselborne   
67828Aug1870 Elizabeth James & ElizaCROCKERCheselborne Miller 
67928Aug1870 Arthur James Jesse & Mary AnnARNOLD alias SHORT CheselborneLabourer 
68018Sep1870 Mercy Charles & RhodaCHRISTOPHER CheselborneShepherd 
68113Nov1870 Rose Ann George & HarrietBAKERCheselbourne Labourer 
68220Nov1870 Alfred James John & MariaRIGGSCheselbourne Carpenter 
6837May1871 Arthur Luther Josiah & Elizabeth MaryPORTER CheselbourneLabourer 
68414May1871 Elizabeth Selina Samuel & AnnCURTIS CheselbourneLabourer 
68521May1871 Mary Ann Esau & ElizabethCURTIS CheselbourneLabourer 
68627Aug1871 Joseph George Charles & Sarah Fanny?CHRISTOPHER CheselbourneShepherd 
6874Sep1871 Emily Alice Edward & HuldahBELT CheselbourneShepherd 
6888Oct1871 Lillie Elizabeth EllenJoseph & Charlotte Ann GILLCheselbournePoliceman 
6898Oct1871 Florence Lillie Felix & MaryCARTER CheselbourneSawyer 
69023Oct1871 Ellen Annie John & MaryKINGSBURY CheselbourneLabourer 
69122Oct1871 Susanna Rosa AugustaWilliam & TamseyMARSH CheselbourneCarter 
69219Nov1871 Flora Beatrice Mary William & EllenHOPKINS CheselbourneLabourer 
69325Dec1871 Caroline Jane MitchellCharles & Elizabeth CHRISTOPHERCheselbourneLabourer 
6947Apr1872 Lily Bessie Josiah & ElizabethPORTER CheselbourneLabourer 
6957Apr1872 Alfred George & HannahCUFFCheselbourne Labourer 
69619Apr1872 Joseph Willoughby Charles & Sarah AnnCHRISTOPHER CheselbourneLabourer 
69720Apr1872 John Purchas Marwood & SophiaUPSHALL CheselbourneInn Keeper 
69812May1872 Joseph Samuel William & FannyMULLET CheselbourneCarpenter 
6992Jun1872 George Edward George & MatildaSTICKLAND CheselbourneWoodman 
70028Jul1872 Gertrude Mercy Joseph & Deborah AnnBRIDLE CheselbourneLaborerBorn Sunday 2 Jun 1872
70112Aug1872 Walter Charles Christopher & EdithTRASH CheselbourneCarterBorn Wednesday 17 Jul 1872
7028Sep1872 Effie Beatrice JessicaJesse & Mary AnnSHORT CheselbourneLabourerBorn Wednesday 10 Jul 1872
70320Oct1872 Frederick James Edward & EmilyCUFF The CommonCarterBorn Sunday 22 Sep 1872
7047Jan1873 Fanny Charles & RhodaCHRISTOPHER The CommonShepherdBorn Thursday 2 Jan 1873
7058Jan1873 Katie Sarah George & ElizabethCURTIS CheselbourneCarterBorn Sunday 15 Dec 1872
7069Mar1873 Ada Sarah Ethel Charles & SarahCHRISTOPHER CheselbourneLaborer 
70713Apr1873 Charles William John & MariaRIGGS CheselbourneCarpenter 
70819Oct1873 John Herbert George & MatildaSTICKLAND CheselbourneWoodman 
70919Oct1873 Mary Edward & PrudenceBELTCheselbourne Shepherd 
71025 or 26Oct1873 Walter William(s) William & EllenHOPKINS Milton AbbassLabourer 
71128Dec1873 Ellen Frances Alfred & HarrietDOWELL CheselbourneLabourer 
7124Jan1874 Ernest George Samuel & EmilyDRAKE CheselbourneBlacksmith 
71315Feb1874 Henry John James Henry John & AnnSCARD CheselbourneLabourer 
71424May1874 Emily Ellen John & EllenCHRISTOPHER CheselbourneLabourer 
7157Jun1874 Mary Elizabeth John & MaryKINGSBURY CheselbourneLabourer 
7162Aug1874 Lily Joseph & Deborah AnnBRIDLE CheselbourneLabourer 
71718Oct1874 Charles Thomas Thomas & EthelredaBEST CheselbourneGardener 
7181Nov1874 Frederick George Benjamin Tuck & FannyELLIOTT CheselbourneLabourer 
71911Nov1874 Emily Margaretta Charles & Emily ByardBARTON CheselbourneRector of the Parish 
72021Mar1875 Rose Charles & SarahCHRISTOPHER CheselbourneLabourer 
72111Jul1875 Ada Emily Thomas & Mary AnnSTOKES HazleburyBlacksmith 
72218Jul1875 Ada Charles & RhodaCHRISTOPHERCheselbourne Shepherd 
72315Aug1875 William Ernest Esau & ElizabethCURTIS CheselbourneLabourer 
72411Nov1875 William William & FannyMULLETCheselbourne Carpenter 
72528Nov1875 Samuel Edward John & EllenCHRISTOPHER CheselbourneLabourer 
72612Dec1875 William Emanuel George & ElizabethCURTIS CheselbourneLabourer 
7272Apr1876 Laura Ellen Samuel & EmilyDRAKE CheselbourneBlacksmith 
72821May1876 William Herbert William Thresher & Sarah Ann DAWCheselbourneGroom 
72911May1876 Arthur James Benjamin Tuck & FannyELLIOTT CheselbourneLabourer 
73011May1876 Willie JamesIlleg child ofSarah AnnRIGGS Cheselbourne-- 
73116Jul1876 Kate Eliza George Thomas & AnnieKINGSBURY CheselbourneYeoman 
7326Aug1876 Selina Rodd Marwood & SophiaUPSHALL CheselbourneInn Keeper 
73320Aug1876 Fanny Baker James Short & MaryTUCKER CheselbourneLabourer 
7345Nov1876 John William Thomas & Mary AnnSTOKES HazleburyBlacksmith 
7358Dec1876 Caroline Byard Charles & Emily ByardBARTON CheselbourneRector of the Parish 
73624Dec1876 Emma Jane Charles & SarahHOUSECheselbourne Shepherd 
7371Apr1877 Elizabeth Ellen William & EllenHOPKINS CheselbourneLabourer 
73813May1877 Rose John & EllenCHRISTOPHERCheselbourne Labourer 
73913May1877 Beatrice Jane Henry & JaneBRIDLE CheselbourneLabourer 
74020May1877 Beatrice Mary John & EmilyHILLCheselbourne Policeman 
74115Jul1877 Fanny John & MaryKINGSBURYCheselbourne Labourer 
74222Jul1877 Georgina Flora Joseph & Deborah AnnBRIDLE CheselbourneLabourer 
74312Aug1877 Edward George Sampson & ElizaRANDALL CheselbourneLabourer 
74426Aug1877 Edith Mary Edwin & Jemima BakerWHITTY CheselbourneRailway Porter 
7452Sep1877 Emily Annie Charles & SarahCHRISTOPHER CheselbourneShepherd 
7469Sep1877 Frederick Charles David George & LouisaCHRISTOPHER CheselbourneLabourer 
74730Sep1877 Emily Jane George Thomas & AnnieKINGSBURY CheselbourneFarmer 
74817Jan1878 George William George & Mary AnneKEYNES CheselbourneFarmer 
74921Apr1878 Edwin Arthur John & Deborah AnnCLEALL CheselbourneLabourer 
7509Jun1878 Ellen Mary Charles & SarahHOUSE CheselbourneShepherd 
7514Aug1878 Arthur Thomas George & ElizabethCURTIS CheselbourneLabourer 
7528Sep1878 Frances Esther Henry William & Selina Jane FORDCheselbourneRailway Servant 
7538Dec1878 Rose Elizabeth Samuel & KittyBECK OdcombeShepherd 
7542Feb1879 Lily Selina Emily Samuel & AnnCURTIS CheselbourneLabourer 
7559Feb1879 Frank John John & EllenCHRISTOPHER CheselbourneLabourer 
7562Mar1879 Marwood William & EllenHOPKINSCheselbourne Labourer 
75716Mar1879 Charles Charles & SarahCHRISTOPHER CheselbourneShepherd 
75810Aug1879 Alice Mary George Thomas & AnnieKINGSBURY CheselbourneFarmer 
75919Aug1879 Florence Annie George & Mary AnneKEYNES CheselbourneFarmer 
76024Aug1879 Reginald Frederick Joseph & Deborah AnnBRIDLE CheselbourneLabourer 
7619Nov1879 Joseph Henry GeorgeJohn & DorcasBUSH CheselbourneShepherd 
7629May1880 Esau Charles & RhodaCHRISTOPHER Clubboro or ClubbordShepherd 
76325Nov1880 Winifred Annie George Thomas & AnnieKINGSBURY CheselbourneFarmer 
76416Jan1881 Beatrice May David George & LouisaCHRISTOPHER Milton AbbasLabourer 
76515May1881 Mary Ann Porter Samuel & AnnCURTIS CheselbourneLabourer 
76615May1881 Albert George & EmilyCAINSCheselbourne Labouer 
76726Jun1881 Elizabeth Ellen William John & Ellen Maria DAMONCheselbourneLabourer 
76824Jul1881 Alice Maud George & FannyRENDALL LiscombeLabourer 
76914Sep1881 John Edward George & Mary AnneKEYNES CheselbourneFarmer 
77027Nov1881 George Henry John & MaryKINGSBURY CheselbourneLabourer 
77126Mar1882 Henry Marwood Marwood & SophiaUPSHALL CheselbournePulican 
77227Apr1882 John John & SarahHODGECheselbourne Farmer 
7737May1882 Albert George George & ElizabethCURTIS CheselbourneLabourer 
77421Jul1882 Lily Jane Henry & MaryDAVISCheselbourne Shop Keeper 
77530Jul1882 Evelyn Mary George & MatildaSTICKLAND CheselbourneLabourer 
77615Apr1883 Elizabeth Kate Joseph & Deborah AnnBRIDLE CheselbourneLabourer 
77729Apr1883 Thomas George & Mary AnnieKEYNES CheselbourneFarmer 
77829Jul1883 Frederick Samuel & AnnCURTISChibbord in Dewlish Labourer 
7796Jul1884 Edith Lotty William & EllenHOPKINS CheselbourneLabourer 
7805Oct1884 Arthur George George & Mary AnneKEYNES CheselbourneFarmer 
78119Oct1884 Florence Kate George & EmilyCAINS CheselbourneLabourer 
78221Dec1884 Esau Tom Samuel & AnnCURTISChibbord in Dewlish Labourer 
78329Mar1885 Reginald John Hedley John & AnnieRIGGS CheselbourneWheel Wright 
78417Apr1885 Charles Alfred John & SarahHODGE CheselbourneFarmer 
78517May1885 Beacham Orlando William Orlando & Ann Eliza VIVECheselbourneDairyman 
78614Jun1885 Douglas James George & ElizabethCURTIS CheselbourneLabourer 
78727Dec1885 Ernest JamesIlleg child ofMary SusanLEGG Cheselbourne-- 
78828Feb1886 Walter Baruch Edward Alfred & Mary Abithiah THORNECheselbourneBaker 
78925Jul1886 Ellen Jane Esau Lawrence Edward & MariaSHEPHERD CheselbourneLabourer 
7902Jan1887 Bertie Charles & JaneHAWKERCheselbourne Labourer 
7912Jan1887 Alfred Henry George & MatildaSTICKLAND CheselbourneLabourer 
79213Feb1887 Henry James Henry & MaryJARVISCheselbourne Shop Keeper 
79320Mar1887 Reginald William JamesSamuel & AnnCURTIS Chibbard & DewlishLabourer 
79421Aug1887 Adeline Phyllis William Orlando & Ann Eliza VINECheselbourneDairyman 
79518Sep1887 Percival Allen Hedley John & AnnieRIGGS CheselbourneWheel Wright 
79613Nov1887 Selina Caroline George & EmilyCAINS Chibbord in DewlishLabourer 
79725Mar1888 Mabel Henry Edward & Mary SusanROGERS CheselbourneLabourer 
7988Apr1888 Edward James Esau Lawrence Edward & Maria SHEPHERDCheselbourneShepherd 
79915Apr1888 Archibald Edward Edward Alfred & Mary Abethiah THORNECheselbourneBaker 
80029Apr1888 Ellen Rhoda Henry & EllenBURDEN Chibbard in DewlishLabourer 
111Jul1888 Elizabeth Mary John & KatharineSHEPHERD CheselbourneFarmer 
216Sep1888 John Wilmot Fred & Sarah AnnGREEN CheselbourneBailif 
32Dec1888Hilda Louisi  William Henry & Mary JaneDUBBINCheselbourne Police Constable 
42Jun1889 Henry James Samuel Samuel & AnnCURTISChibbord in Dewlish Labourer 
58Sep1889 Charles George Warr Henry & CarolineCHRISTOPHERCheselbourne Labourer 
631Aug1890 William Albert Mark Robert Gale & MariaWHITE CheselbourneLabourer 
719Oct1890 Laura Mary William Henry & Mary JaneDUBBIN CheselbournePolice constable 
84Jan1891Georgina Mary  George & Alice GertrudeOLDKnowle Bristol G.W.R. Servant 
94Jan1891Daisy Hannah  George & Alice GertrudeOLDKnowle Bristol G.W.R. Servant 
102Aug1891 Arthur Ernest John & FannyGALES CheselbourneWheel Wright 
1122Nov1891 Henry George Esau John & ElizabethCURTIS CheselbourneLabourer 
1210Jan1892 Ellen Joan Lane Henry & CarolineCHRISTOPHER DewlishLabourer 
1314Feb1892 Wilfred Sydney Sydney & JuliaVACHER CheselbourneLabourer 
1428Feb1892 Evelyn Mabel Walter & ElizabethLEGG CheselbourneGroom 
153Apr1892 Florence Mabel Samuel & AnnCURTIS ChibbardCarter 
1612May1892 Lawrence Barton GraffteyArthur Grafftey & Mabel Augusta SMITHCheselbourneCurate in Holy Orders 
1714Aug1892 Elsie Maud Henry & Sarah JaneLOADER CheselbourneLabourer 
182Oct1892 Alice Joe & EmilyTHORNECheselbourne Labourer 
196Nov1892 Ethel Gladys Frederick Charles & Sarah Jane VALANCECheselbourneLabourer 
205Mar1893 William John Esau John & ElizabethCURTIS CheselbourneLabourer 
2130Apr1893 Mabel Edward Alfred & Mary AbithiahTHORNE CheselbourneFarmer 
2216May1893 Edith Sydney & JuliaVACHERCheselbourne Labourer 
239Jul1893 Bessie John & FannyGALECheselbourne Wheel Wright 
2431Dec1893 Frederick Addison Mark Albert Eale & Maria WHITECheselbourneLabourer 
2515Apr1894 Willoughby John Walter John & Flora Beatrice Mary STRANGECheselbourneLabourer 
267Oct1894 Percival Edward Albert Samuel & AnnCURTISChibbardCarter  
277Oct1894 Gertrude Annie Sydney & JuliaVACHER CheselbourneLabourer 
2825Nov1894 Rosa Kate Charles George & Mary LouisaRIGGS CheselbourneLabourer 
2923Jun1895 Annie James & Sarah JaneELSWORTH CheselbourneLabourer 
3014Jul1895 May Mary James & AnnieDIMENTCheselbourne Labourer 
314Apr1895 Robert John Robert & SusanMEARS CheselbourneShepherd 
3229Dec1895 Edith Emma Charles George & Mary LouisaRIGGS CheselbourneLabourer 
336Apr1896 Edwin George Tom Foot & Sarah Ann Hutchings RIGGSCheselbourneBlacksmith 
3412May1896 Nora Christine John & KatharineSHEPHERD CheselbourneFarmer 
3530Sep1896 Percival John & BeatriceBARTER or BAXTER CheselbourneLabourer 
3626Oct1896 Walter John John & Sarah FannyGALE CheselbourneWheel Wright 
373Jan1897 Kate George James & JaneUPSHALL CheselbourneLabourer 
3813Feb1897 William Charles Walter Charles & Elizabeth Ellen TRASHCheselbourneLabourer 
3913Jun1897 Alice John & Sarah FannyGALECheselbourne Wheel Wright 
4022Aug1897 May Victoria Susan Samuel & AnnCURTIS ChebbardLabourer 
411Mary1898 Albert Wilfred Charles & Jane AnneKELLOWAY CheselbourneDairyman 
4231Jul1898 Tom Robert & SusanMEARSCheselbourne Labourer 
4313Nov1898 Elsie Maria Tom Foot & Sarah Ann Hutchings RIGGSCheselbourneBlacksmith 
4426Feb1899 Reginald John John & BeatriceBARTER CheselbourneLabourerBorn 18 Jan 1899
4521May1899 Arthur Henry Henry James & Elizabeth Emily WHILE or WHITEHazelbury BryanDairyman 
4623Jul1899 Jessie Hilda May William George & Clara Charlotte FOWLERChebbardLabourer 
475Apr1900 Kathleen Elizabeth George & ElizabethWILLS CheselbourneLabourer 
4826Oct1900 Reginald George Arthur Thomas & Rosa Agnes CURTISCheselbourneLabourer 
4925Dec1900 William Joseph HenryJoseph Samuel & Priscilla Julia Reed MULLETCheselbourneFarmer 
5026May1901 Mabel Winifred Tom Foot & Sarah Ann Hutchings RIGGSCheselbourneBlacksmith 
5130Jun1901 Reginald James Henry James & Elizabeth Emily WHITEHazelbury BryanDairyman 
5213Oct1901 Francis George Henry George & Emily Jane MEARSChebbardLabourer 
5324Nov1901 Ivor? William & LauraDAYCheselbourne Policeman 
5416Feb1902 Reginald James George & Alice GertrudeOLD CoshamG.W.R. Servant 
5526Feb1902 Ivy Lilian William James & Edith MaryCHRISTOPHER CheselbourneLabourer 
5620Apr1902 Winifred Annie Henry James & Elizabeth Emily WHITEHazelbury BryanDairyman 

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