MARRIAGES 1561 - 1812

Transcribed by Carol Few for the OPC project from Dorset Registers

Marriages Volume 2 edited by WP Philimore & Edmund Nevill

published in 1908


Richard OLEVER & Edeth HUPER married 12th May 1561

Gefferie CASHER & Marie KNIGHT married 30th June 1561

John FERRET & Avis STONE married 28th June 1561

William FORD & Joan HILLERIE married 3oth Aug 1561

Richard MATTERS & Margaret [JAINE?] married 24th Jan 1561

Richard KNIGHT & Margaret TESAR married 23rd April 1562

Matthew STOYE & Edeth MAJOR married 18th Oct 1562

John HUNT & Jone MYLLARD married 7th Nov 1562

Thomas BENET & Eame VYNES married 3rd Apr 1563

John WOOD & Elner SPRAT married 12th Nov 1563

Simon NOSER & Margaret EYFORD of Forston married 25th Nov 1563

John MYLLER & Elner SPRAT married 20th Jan 1563

Philip PHARINGHAM of Loder & Elizabeth HARBEN d. of William Harben married 19th June 1564

[……..] ner & Mary ROBER married 7th May 1565

Henry MYLLER & Alys KNYGHT married 19th Aug 1566

William DEVENISH & Jone HUNT married 2nd Sept 1566

James [WYET?] & Margaret MYLLER married 25th Jan 1566

(Almost illegible with figures)

Richard HYLLARIE & Alis WYNTER married 16th May 1567

John GOVER & Agnes CLARE married 3rd July 1567

George ROBENSONE & Amye HARBIN married 12th Jan 1568

Henry TEZER & Jone VYNES married 22nd Jan 1568

Robert GREENE & Elizabeth WHITE married 15th June 1569

Gylbert THOMAS & Cyselly (POLUS?) married 2nd July 1569

Robert DOWLE & Luce KNEWSTUBBE wid married 12th Aug 1570

Thomas KNIGHT & Elizabeth BARTRAND married 19th Nov 1571

Mr George TRENCHARD & Ann SPEAK married 30th Aug 1573

William BUTT & Eliner HARBIN married 11th Oct 1573

William ASHE & Dorothy FEVER married 5th Nov 1573

John CAPE & Mary COXES married 8th Nov 1573

Phillipe BESS & Elizabeth DYRINGE married 18th July 1574

Richard BALSON & Edeth HARLAND married 23rd Jan 1575

David ARNALD & Margaret SAMWAYE married 2nd Oct 1575

Thomas ADAMS & Elizabeth TISSER married 31st Jan 1575

Richard WELSTEED & Agnis SAMWAYE married 12th June 1575

William CLIMER & Agnis NEWE married 2nd July 1576

William CHIPP & Jone WHORE married 27th June 1577

Thomas ROUGHBARE & Edith EMENDES married 20th Jan 1577

Marshall MABER & Marie MITCHELL married 17th Nov 1577

John SPERWEY & Jone COBBE married 5th Feb 1578

John MYLLER & Mary KNIGHT married 8th Oct 1578

Peter STONE & Margaret SOLGROWE married 4th Oct 1581

Henerie LEONARD & Edith BERRETH married 27th Nov 1582

Robert STONE & Jone HICKS married 1st Dec 1582

John GYBBES & Thomsin CLARKE married 15th Sept 1583

Philip DAVY & Margaret DYLING married 5th Oct 1583

(……..) LASAIE & Elizabeth STONE married 21st Oct 1583

John ROBER & Alyce HIBBERD married 18th May 1583

John BLICKE & Elizabeth KNIGHT married 27th June 1583

Mr Robert MYLLER & Mrs Dorrithie BAILIE married 3rd Aug 1584

Richard VINE & Marie HARBIN married 14th Sept 1584

Richard WALLIS & Agnis MUNDAIES married 29th Oct 1584

George SPRAGE & Christian SANDERS married 14th April 1586

Thomas CERVANT & Elizabeth BEYRE married 15th June 1587

John FYSHER & Margaret HUTTON married 25th Nov 1587

Thomas COTE & Mary [CERISE?]) married 2nd Dec 1587

William MUNDAY & (…………) married 12th Jan 1587

WilliamCLARK & Elynor WELLEY married 11th May 1588

Robert COSSENS & Katheren LONGE married 12th May 1588

John NEWE & Jone CHIPPE married 9th June 1588

William PUCKIT & Elizabeth SPARROWE married 30th June 1588

(………) GUPPYE & Agnis LONGE married 18th Nov 1588

Thomas COLMAN & (………….) married 24th June 1589

John GYBBES & Elizabeth DYLE married 5th July 1590

Edmunde ROBERTS & Mary ALLEN married 16th Jan 1590

John SAMWAIS & Elynor HYLLARY married 15th Nov 1590

Henerie ALLEN & Agnes DYRINGE married 24th Nov 1591

James COWERD & Elizabeth DEVENISH married 20th Jan 1592

John DYRYNNG & Margaret CAPES married 22nd Jan 1592

John EYERS & Mary ZANWAY married 9th July 1593

Nicholas PERRET & Jone DYET married 27th July 1594

Thomas BROWNINGE & Edeth BROWNINGE married 17th Aug 1594

George RENDALL & Elner HUNT of Forston married 15th Sept 1594

George COXE & Elner AYRES married 19th Oct 1594

John GRIGE & Jone GRYGE married 5th May 1594

Thomas DEVENISH & Agnis KOOKE married 23rd Jan 1596


Thomas DEVENISH & Mary TYSER married 25th Jan 1606

Henerie GREENE & Jane KURCHELL married 25th Jan 1606

Charles SPINNY & Anne PINEY married 28th April 1607

John BROWNE Son of Sir John Browne Knight of Frampton & Elizabeth TRENCHARD d.of the Right Worshipful Sir George Trenchard married 18th Nov 1607

Bartholomue CRADOCK of Dorchester groser & Katheren HARBEN d. of Mr William Harben married 21st Jan 1608

John BANGER & Jone HOMES married 28th Mar 1608

William CHIPP & ElizabethSHERWEN married 16th Jan 1608

Henery ARNALE & Grace HOGGES married 9th May 1609

Robert WOOD & Marie MORRES married 9th Nov 1609

John GYBBES & Marie FORDE married 22nd Oct 1610

James BARTLETTE & Jona WHITING wid.of Olveton otherwise Outrone married 20th Oct 1611

Roger CREE & Ann NORENTON wid.of Burton married 25th Nov 1611

Rosmus HARBEN & Ann KNIGHT married 15th Jan 1611

Henerie HAYWARD & Marie REYNALL married 27th Jan 1611

John NORTHAMPTON alias NORENTON & Dorithie GREENE married 2nd Feb 1611

John DYER & Dorithie GREENE married 27th April 1612

William SAMWAY & Eame SEDNAME married 4th May 1612

Edmund STICKLAND & Ann HINDE married 3rd May 1613

William SMITH & Ann CHIPP married 4th May 1613

Margaret SHOTA & Henerie LOVELACE of Forston married 20th June 1613

Thomas SCOT & Alis COMDEN married 18th Oct 1613

Mr John WILLIAMS Esq & Mrs Jane Trenchard d. of the Right Worshipful Sir George Trenchard married 25th Oct 1613

Charles LANE & Joane TYSER married 25th Oct 1613

Mr Edmunde SMITH & Catheren HARBEN married 20th Feb 1613

John NORENTON & Alis MILLER wid. married 3rd May 1614

Francis PESTER & JONE MUNDI wid.of Burton married 23rd May 1614

James BILLETT & Edeth WOODMAN married 7th July 1614

Edward SANDIE & Agnes BUCHERS married 2nd Oct 1614

William MARTEN & Christian STANDLIE married 30th Oct 1614

Bartholmewe HOOPER & Joane WILLIS married 14th Jan 1614

John TYSE & Marie TYSER married 15th Jan 1614

William DEVENISH & Margaret REYNALL married 17th April 1615

Thomas FLEMEN & Elizabeth HARBEN married 13th Nov 1615

Robert WALLS & Elizabeth DEERING married 30th Nov 1615

 1616 Nil

Christover ROBERTS & Betteresse PAULMER servants unto the Right Worshipful Sir Thomas Trenchard of Wolveton married 28th April 1617

George SPERREN & Ann KELWAYE of Forston married 11th Aug 1617

Robert [LUTER ?] & Eeedeth MILLER married 11th Aug 1617

Luke DEARING & Joane SERVANTS married 11th Feb 1618

William KIDDLE & Marie HARDIE d.of Nicholas Hardie married 22nd Nov 1618

John KNIGHT & Christian uxor eius married 26th Nov 1618

William COLLIS of Dorchester All Saints & Christian SHERWING married 3rd Aug 1619

John BLICKE & Julian LOOIES of Dorchester married 16th Jan 1620

 1621 Nil

Richard TISER & Alice HARBINS vid. married 12th Nov 1622

John [CROOME ?] & Jone KELLEWAIE of Forston married 21st Jan 1622

Robert WHORE of Frampton & Joan CHIPPES married 6th Feb 1622

William HEWLETT & Ann GAMES d. of George Games married 30th July 1623

John HOSIER & Marie SHERWIN married 4th Oct 1623

George BRADFORD & Annstis COFFHEN married 6th Oct 1623

Edward MAN of Forston & Elnor {……..] married 3rd June 1624

 1625 - 1626 Nil

William DEARING & Jone WILLIAMS married 28th July 1627

William CAMMOY & Mary BOWDON married 12th Oct 1627

Henry CHAMPERNOWNE of Dorting co. Devon esq et Dorothie TRENCHARD d.of Sir George Trenchard of Olveton knight married 6th Jan 1628

Samuel TUCKER of Ilminster & Agnes MUNDEN d.of Thomas Munden of Burton married 1st Feb 1629

Ralph GAPE & Margaret STORMEY married 1st Oct 1630

Henry EDWARDS & Magdalen LAMBERT of Dorchester married 16th Jan 1631

 1632 Nil

William sonn unto Sir John Powle KNIGHT baronett of Collinton the one party & Grace d. unto Sir Thomas TRENCHARD of Wolveton and the Lady Elizabeth married 30th Sept 1633

William CATCHER & Joane TOOGOOD married 30th Oct 1633

William ALNER & Ann HARBIN married 23rd July 1634

Simon CORRHAM & Elizabeth MARKES married 26th Oct 1634

Anthony PENNY & Margarett BIGOTT married 20th Feb 1634

Francis BARNES & Sarah HARDY married 6th March 1634

Thomas CHAFFIN of Fooke gent. & Elizabeth TRENCHARD of Wolveton ye Right Wll Sir Thomas Trenchard of Wolveton & Elizabeth his wife married 24th Aug 1635

Edward WINGATE of Dorchester & Elizabeth HARBIN married 26th July 1635

Christopher WHITE & Marie WHITE vid married 20th April 1636

James WHITE & Marie ALLIN married 22nd Aug 1636

Giles PAULL & Alice CHIPPE married 18th Nov 1636

Robert LUNT of Forston gent. & Susanna HARBIN of Charminster Mill married 27th April 1637

John DORRINTON esq. of [Brammell?] co. South & Mrs Ann TRENCHARD d.unto Sir Thomas Trenchard and the Ladie Elizabeth married 28th June 1637

John GIBBES & Grace OAKES married 4th July 1637

Edward CATYER & Katheren GREENE married 2nd Oct 1637

Thomas PERHAM & Joane TISE married 1st Nov 1638

 1639 Nil

Robert SQUIB of Frampton & Jone DOWNTON married 30th July 1640

 1641 -46 none here; see after 1653

Richard SMITH & Damaris TORONE married 20th Aug 1647

 1648-1652 None here; see after 1648 & 1656

Mr Will CRABB & Mrs Elizabeth LUTTERELL married 1st August 1653

John BAINES of [Art Pugvell?] & Elizabeth LANGFORD married 26th Sept 1653

Mr John MATHYE vicar of Awliscombe in Devon & Mrs Honor FRY d. of Mr Thomas Fry of Dunyat in Wiltshire married 26th Dec 1648

Mr George FRY & Mary MEECH of Winterburne married 26th Dec 1648

William BAYLY & Joane SYMES both of Powerstock married [………..] 1650

John HARBIN & Mary MOTTES of Dorchester married 15th May 1654

Erasmus HARBIN & Jone CONWAY married 17th Oct 1654

John HARBIN Margret EBBER of Letten married 1st May 1655

Morgan SERELL of Forston & Mary GIFFORD of Grimston married 2nd June 1655

Nicholas HARDY & Mary DEEKER of Puddletowne married 21st Nov 1655

Mr William SMART & Sarah MUNDEN of Burton married 11th Feb 1656

John BRIDLE & Mary SHERING married 6th March 1656

Christopher CELLOWAY & Jone BUNNE of Fordington married 8th Sept 1656

William CAASHER & Margret SIMMONDS married 16th Dec 1656

Henry ANTLE & Susanna MASTERS of Aulton married 2nd Feb 1652

Thomas SERVAUNT & Alce GRAY married 22nd June 1652

William BARTLETT of All Saints in Dorchester & Cisly HARBIN married 22nd Sept 1652

Thomas ALLIN & Jone GOVER married 3rd Nov 1652

William CORBIN & Rebeka BLANCHARD married 10th Dec 1652

Henry SHERING & Marie OLDIGE married 27th April 1658

John VOSS of Frampton & Jone SHERING married 12th Oct 1658

Robert TISER of Piddlethirthen & Alce DAN of Fordington married 21st Jan 1658

Robert SIMONS of Piddlehinton & Jone BALSTOCK married 27th Jan 1658

William DEVENISH of Sidling & Mary GILL married 3rd Jan 1658

John WHEDEN & An JAMES both of Dorchester married 23rd June 1659

John ADDAMES & Dorithy LUMMING married 28th June 1659

Robert DILLINGTON esq. & Jone FREAKE married 15th July 1659

of the Isle of Wight d. of John Freake of Cerne Abby married 1659

James SAMWAYS & Jone BEAULY of Bingcome married 23rd July 1659

George ARMESTRONG & Jone PERLETTS of Millcomb & Waymouth married 3rd Aug 1659

John CARDY & Amy VENUS of Millcomb & Waymouth married 16th Aug 1659

William STRODE of Catstock & Sarah ALLEN of Waymouth married 29th Aug 1659

Richard GAADAY & Jone KEATE of Waymouth married 6th Sept 1659

Edward DEVENISH & Mary DUEBARK of Pedletowne married 8th Sept 1659

Christopher BAGWELL & Hannah STEVENS of Stratton married 29th Sept 1659

[……….] DEVENISH of Grimston & [………] VOOS of Frampton married 8th Oct 1659

Angill BATER of Hooke & Susannah [………] married 13th Oct 1659

William PENNY & An SANSOM of Dorchester married 17th Oct 1659

John STICKLAND & Dorcas BARTLET of Cerne married 20th Oct 1659

Richard PAUL of Dorchester & Margaret SAMWAYES of Melcomb married 6th Oct 1659

Giles KIMBER of Stavord & Susan [HOBBS?] Of Dorchester married 17th Nov 1659

John CHAMING & Fillice STICKLAND of Piddlehenton married 16th Dec 1659

Frances KEDDEL of Sidling & Elizebeth BUTLER of Shapwick married 7th Feb 1659

John TAYLOR & Dorithy BARFOT of Dorchester married 7th Feb 1659

William HARBIN & Sarah SMART married 16th Dec 1660

Robert COOLE & Sarah UNDERWOOD of Dorchester married 19th April 1660

Thomas COLLINS & Jane HARBEN married 14th June 1660

John TORINGTON of St. Peter's Dorchester & Jane JELBERT of Trinity in Dorchester married 22nd Aug 1662

Christopher FISHER & Jone WHETLE of Maiden Newton married 23rd Dec 1662

John GIBBS & Mary ROBERTS married 20th Sept 1662

Humphry COWARD & Elizabeth WAYTE married 5th Sept 1663 both of Fordington

Thomas BARTLETT & Elizabeth PITT of Fordington married 9th Sept 1663

Robert ROBERTES senior widr & Mary CLARK of St James 'side [illegible] married [……….] 1664

William RABERTS & Sarah GREENE married 24th March 1667

John TOMPSON both of Dorchester & Mrs Hannah BEN married 21st May 1668

Nicholas HARDIE & Elizabeth HARDIE married 17th Aug 1668 both of Grimston

Simon CORAM & Christian HAZARD married 27th Sept 1670

Thomas READ both of Litchett Matravers & Ann BUTLER married 26th May 1673

Thomas FOY & Mary HALL both of Dorchester married 1st Oct 1673

William CAKE of Bradford Peveral & Ann COLINS married 11th Nov 1673

Thomas POWNSIE of Dorchester & Jan THURMAN being in this parish married 28th May 1674 both of Dorchester

John ROGERS & Elizabeth HALL married 28th Jan 1674

William ASH & Elizabeth WILLS married 2nd Feb 1674 both of Seaborough

Edward DOBER & Elizabeth KELEWAY married 7th May 1675

Phillip TIBB of Straton & Elizabeth TIBB of Grimston married 31st May 1675

James BRIGGS & Grace BONNER married 10th June 1675 both of Dorchester

Thomas COATE & Mabell HARBEN married 22nd July 1676

William LODER & Joan MROIE of Dorchester married 28th Sept 1676

Gyles WHITE of Pudletoun & Jaquete ARNOLD of Ilsington married 26th Nov 1676

William KNIGHT & Joan MILBOURN married 25th April 1677 of Burton in the same parish

Hughe LONG & Thamasin WINSOR married 18th May 1678 both of Burton

Edmund STRODE & Elizabeth BRITTEN married 29th July 1679

Bernard GALE & Margerie WHITE married 4th Nov 1679

John CUSSINS of Stratton & Ann VINE of Puddletown married 5th May 1680

William BOYSE junior & Ann JACOB of Dorchester married 5th April 1681

David CASHER & Mary TIBB of Grimston in Stratton married 28th June 1681

William WILLS clerk & Anna SMETTAM alias MARTIN married 8th Sept 1681

Henry CROOME of Fordington & Mary GALE of All Saints' Dorchester married 24th Dec 1681

Francis DEVENISH of Grimston & Thamasin BIRD of Fordington married 22nd June 1682

John ABBOT & Mary DYME of Frampton married 2nd Feb 1682

Mr John SMITH & Mrs Elizabeth GUNDRY of Forston married 5th Aug 1683 of Great Milton Oxon.

William JACOB of Dorchester & Elizabeth MARTIN late of Beer Regis married 16th Oct 1683

William NEW & Jone DAW of Dorchester married 22nd Nov 1683

William POMFLEET & Ann MICHEL married 31st Jan 1683

William […..]ILSON of Dorchester & Jan PURCHASE wid married 10th [….] 1683

Edward HIAT & Elizabeth BOWDITCH married 5th Jan 1683 of St. Mary Overies London

Edward CASHER & Joan HARBEN wid married 25th May 1685

James CHURCHIL of Stratton & Mary DEVENISH married 15th June 1685

John ABBOTT of Grenvil & Elizabeth BRIAR of Dorchester wid. married 12th July 1685

Edward [MABER?] & Martha STANLEY of Dorchester All Saints married 27th Sept 1685

John LOCK of Dorchester & [……………………] of Burton married 5th Jan 1685

[……………………………] & Anne [……………………..] married [………] 1685

John WHITE & Mary FOOTE married […….} [?]

John ATKINS & Jane TIBBS of Stratton married 27th Feb [?]

George SPRINGE of Blandford & Mary FOY of Dorchester married 19th June 1689

Richard GILLATT & Judith DOWLL married 8th Nov 1689 both of All Saints Dorchester

John EDWARDS & Joan WHEEDEN married 5th Mar 1689 both of Holy Trinity Dorchester

 1690 Nil

Gabriel GOULD of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Joane DEVENISH married [………..] 1691

John GUNDRY of Melcombe & Sarrah FOOKE married 28th Nov 1692


Mr George [……….] of [………..] & Mrs Jane THOMAS of Dorchester married 26th Jan 1692

Henry HARBIN of Dorchester & Susana ANTILL married 24th March 1694

Henry GREEN & Ann TAPLEN married 7th May 1695

John BANGER & Joan FOOKE married 1st June 1696

Mr John GOLLOP & Mrs Frances BACKWAYE married 1st June 1697 both of Dorchester

John BRINE & Jane DRAYTON of Moaredone married 29th May 1699

John HAZARD of Beere Regis & Elizabeth TIBB of Broadmayne married 27th Aug 1699

Edward RAGGARD & Margarett DEVENISH married 4th Dec 1699

Robert GILLINGHAM & Dorithy POCKETT married 2nd July 1699

 [Four illegible marriages} married

 [No further entries until 1719] married

Jesper GODLAND of Week & Sarah ALLEN married 4th May 1719

John WATERS of Frampton & Elizabeth HALCOMBE married 10th June 1719

John CARLET of Esten Compton & Barbary DAW of Strotton married 4th Oct 1719

Richard MAYES & Christian ALLEN married 11th May 1720

Thomas PARCESS & Joan HOUSLE married 27th July 1720 both of Waymouth

James MASTERMAN of Whitechurch & Margaret RENDELL of London married 29th Jan 1721

William HARDY of Stratton & Elnor ARKANS of Dorchester married 10th April 1721

 [1722 - 26 Nil]

Emanuel DAW of Ramsam & Sarah HUSHONS of Stratton married 25th Sept 1727

Thomas LACY & Margret RUSHEL of Leton married 20th Nov 1727

Gorg STEED & Susaner WILLCOX married 16th July 1728

 [1729 - nil]

Thomas MEEDIE of Dorchester & Elizabeth BUN of Fordington married 27th Aug 1730

Henry OLDAGE of Dorchester & Mary HOW married 28th July 1731

 [1732 - 1734 - Nil]

Thomas GILLIAM & Ann POUNT married 29th Dec 1735 both of Fordington

John DEE & Mellison WILLCOX married 8th March 1735

 [1736 -8 Nil]

 [The next four marriages are entered in duplicate] married

George BRUSHETT & Elizabeth DOVER married 15th Dec 1739

John SAMAS [SAMWAYES) & Elizabeth DAVES of Stratton married […….] 1739

William HARDY & Mary PRICKET of Strotton married 29th May 1740

William MARSHFIELD & Margarett LILLINGTON married 1st June 1740 both of W. Knighton

Robert NOTLEY of Munkton & Jane CROADE married 15th June 1741

John DIFFY & Anne GARDNER married 28th June 1741 both of Affpuddle

William JACOB & Dorothy HAVILON married 20th Aug 1741 both of Dorchester

John HOOKEY & Bridget HOOKEY married 9th Dec 1741

Sam FIANDER & Barbara LOVELACE married 11th March 1741 both of West Knighton

Robt. HOULLEN of Alton & Elizabeth COX? married 3rd June 1742

James BEST of Warmwell & Catherine OLIVER married 26th June 1742

Robert RENDALL & Elizabeth CHAPMAN married 4th July 1742

Richard CROSSE & Sarah NORMAN married 25th Oct 1742

Henry MATE of Bere Regis & Martha GIFFORD married 11th Nov 1742

James WARREN & Joan BASCOMBE married 30th Nov 1742 both of Affpuddle

Henry HELLYAR & Sarah GREEN married 15th Feb 1743

William HOOKEY & Jane BRAGGE married 17th May 1743 both of Affpuddle

James WHITTLE & Jane PRYATE married 17th May 1743 both of Affpuddle

John IBBER alias THOMPSON & Mary MILBOURNE married 24th June 1743

 [on fold of cover at end 1744]

William BAG of Dorchester & Sarah FLAMBERT married 15th April 1744

Francis HAYDON & Elizabeth CRIBBE married 3rd May 1744

Robert ROBERTS of Godmanston & Joan PRESBY married 2nd April 1746

John MAYUS & Mary SNOW married 20th July 1746

Robert BONNELL & {………………..] married 1746

William GIFFORD of Bradford & Jane NORMAN married 1746

Thomas NICHOLS & Mary LAVIS married 12th Feb 1746

Sydenham BAKER Sojourner & Sarah BASCAMBE married 16th Feb 1746 married in Herringstone Chapel


Richard DAW & Amy PITWELL married 21st April 1747 both of Fordington

William CURTIS & Anne FORWARD married 11th May 1747

Francis WHITE of Stratton & Sarah CROSSE married 21st June 1747

James GOODALL of Dorchester & Anna PIDDEN married 2nd Nov 1747

George SCUTT & Mary WILCOT married 21st Feb 1747 both of Affpuddle

Ralph NORMAN & Mary EVERATT married 5th May 1748

John BANGER & Mary LOVELACE married 8th May 1748

Richard BRIDLE & Elizabeth CHAPMAN married 30th June 1748 both of Stratton

William PIDDEN & Elizabeth GLASBY married 19th Dec 1748

Peter DULAND & Joan NORMAN married 2nd Jan 1748

Thomas STONE & Edith FRY married 1st May 1749

Peter MILBOURNE & Sarah HARDY married 19th Oct 1749

 [There are no further entries until 1756]

VOLUME III married

Mathias DAW wool tryer of Bridport & Mary PIDDING married 19th April 1756

William PALMER & Elizabeth HARDY married 15th June 1756

John CHARMEN & Ann STONE married 29th Sept 1757

William DAW of Bridport wool tryer & Elizabeth GILLISPEY married 1st Jan 1758

Robert RANDLE & Molly BATH married 16th July 1758

John TAPP All Saints' Dorchester & Dorothy STONE lic. married 10th Aug 1758

John CLARK & Ann HODDER married 9th Oct 1758

Michael SAMWAY of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Susanna GREEN lic. married 28th Jan 1759

Samuel PALMER & Mary BOWER married 15th May 1759

Robert DAY of Bradford & Mary HEWSHINS married 5th July 1759

Peter DEWLAND & Mary WHITE married 23rd June 1760

Peter MILBOURNE & Sarah CRITCHEL married 20th April 1762

William DAW & Dorothy STONE married 13th Feb 1763

John CURTIS & Mary Magdalen WILLIAMS married 31st Oct 1763

Ralph NORMAN of West Knighton & Hannah SUMMERS married 13th Apr 1764

Roger ANDREWS of Bradford Peverill & Elizabeth HEWSHINS married 29th Sept 1764

Charles CLARK & Ann LACEY married 16th Oct 1764

John STONE & Sarah DEWLAND married 5th Feb 1765

John KNIGHT of St Peter's Dorchester & Lydia LAMB married 13th Oct 1765

Thomas FRAMPTON & Mary MEECH married 3rd Feb 1766

William HODDER & Elizabeth HARRIS of Piddletown married 16th April 1766

John GROVES & Ann DAVIS married 27th April 1766

David CASHER of Monkton & Jane WILLIAMS of Cern Abbas married 16th June 1766

George SLADE & Hannah WHITE married 1st Sept 1766

William BAGWELL of Bradford & Elizabeth KELLY married 13th Dec 1766

Edward RIDOUT of Sturminster Newton & Betty CRITCHEL of Blandford married 13th March 1767

William SHERBOURN & Mary VINCENT married 26th Dec 1768

Thomas DAW of Rampisham & Ann DEWLAND of Came married 16th March 1769

Robert DIMONT of Chideock & Mary CLARK married 25th June 1769

John SLADE of St. Peter's Dorchester & Elizabeth HARDY married 28th Sept 1769

Robert BEST & Elizabeth GOODALL of St Peter's Dorchester married 18th Feb 1770

Morgan YEATMAN of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Mary NICHOLLS married 16th April 1770

Harry POUNCEY of St Peter's Dorchester & Elizabeth LOCK lic. married 18th March 1771

David FREEMAN & Mary CAKE married 1st April 1771

Robert GEORGE of Dorchester & Sarah LOCKE lic. married 4th July 1771

James KING & Frances LOCKE lic married 2nd April 1772

Giles COMBS & Sarah WHITE married 13th Nov 1774

James WHITE & Elizabeth MAYERS married 14th March 1775

Samuel CHENOCK & Mary MAYERS married 17th April 1776

Peter TIZZARD of Godmanston & Mary SLADE wid. married 26th Aug 1776

Thomas LOCK & Betty BEWLEY married 24th April 1777

Robert GREGORY & Molly STROUD married 24th June 1777

Robert KEATES of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Rebecca MAYERS married 26th July 1777

John POUNCEY of St. Peter's Dorchester & Ann GEALL married 10th Sept 1777

Benjamin WARREN of Glanwins Wotton & Elizabeth FOWELL lic. married 27th Nov 1777

John HELLARD of Fordington & Ann LUCAS married 20th Jan 1778

Robert PEACH of Cerne Abbas & Ann BUNN married 19th March 1778

Richard GALE & Mary FOWELL lic. married 8th June 1778

John WHITE & Elizabeth ADAMS married 22nd June 1778

 Richard LEGG of Frampton & Mary BARTLETT wid. married 13th July 1778

David WHITE of Frampton & Hester WELLMAN married 13th May 1779

Andrew VACHER of St Peter's Dorchester & Susanna NOTLEY married 11th April 1780

John DEVENISH Esq. & Sarah BILES married 18th May 1780

John HOLDEN of West Knighton & Christian MAYERS married 30th March 1780

John MOTT & Elizabeth RANDAL married 8th July 1780

Thomas BUNN & Elizabeth WARREN married 26th Nov 1780

William NORMAN & Mary DEWLAND married 16th May 1782

John BALSTON of Monkton & Elizabeth DEWLAND lic. married 24th Oct 1782

Simon PEACH of Portesham & Sarah BUNN married 22nd May 1783

William COSH & Sally SALTER married 31st May 1783

Thomas BARRETT of Frampton & Elizabeth WALLIS married 26th July 1783

John WHITE of Ilchester & Mary JACOB lic. married 17th Jan 1785

James WILLIAMS of Woodsford & Martha RANDALL married 27th June 1785

William AISH & Mary WILCOK married 25th Nov 1785

William AISH & Mary RIDOUT married 20th Nov 1785

William LOAN & Ann BLOWMAN of Holy Trinity Dorchester. lic. married 20th Oct 1786 [Signed Richard Loan only one witness]

Robert STARR & Martha GILLHAM married 22nd Jan 1787

John OLD & Mary FOOT married 19th Feb 1787

James PURCHES of Puddletown & Mary KELLAWAY married 21st Feb 1787

James HILLIER of Sturminster & Elizabeth CREW married 29th Oct 1788

Benjamin GREEN & Anne BABSTOCK married 13th Apr 1789


James PORTER & Mary TILLER married 11th May 1789

William SNELLING of Winfrith Newburgh & Christian MEECH married 13th May 1789

Thomas KINGSBURY & Elizabeth EBBER married 14th Nov 1789

John ASH of Pidle Hinton & Mary KELLAWAY married 26th Oct 1790

George WHITE of Mappowder & Mary BISHOP married 25th April 1791

John SIBLEY & Sarah HAYBALL married 7th May 1791

William GREEN of Stratton & Elizabeth BATH married 13th June 1791

William ATKINS & Mary NORMAN lic. married 19th June 1791

Edward CLARK & Mary SPRANKLING of All Saints Dorchester married 6th July 1791

James BROWN of Stratton & Jane OYZZARD married 7th May 1792

John LUCAS of Frampton & Jane BISHOP married 5th Aug 1793

James BARTLETT & Lucy CLARK married 20th July 1794

William SATCHELL & Elizabeth HURSK married 8th Nov 1794

George LUMMON & Mary LEGG of Piddle Hinton lic. married 5th Jan 1795

Henry SATCHELL & Mary GALPIN married 15th June 1795

Elias WILLIAMS & Elizabeth TRAVAS married 25th April 1796

William GREEN & Mary SLADE married 31st May 1796

John PEARCE of Frampton & Anne THOMAS married 27th Dec 1796

Samuel DAW & Sarah BARNES married 30th Jan 1797

John MEECH of Morden & Anne SATCHELL married 9th Oct 1797

Richard CHURCHOUSE of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Mary KELLAWAY married 13th May 1798

John SLOMAN esq. of Christchurch Hants & Catharine WHITE lic. married 4th June 1798

John TREVES of Frampton & Ann STICKLAND married 11th June 1798

Robert BOWDITCH of All Saints' Dorchester & Mary CLARK married 22nd July 1798

Robert DAVIS & Jane CLARK married 25th March 1799

William GALTON & Sarah MILBOURN married 16th Dec 1799

Phillip WARREN & Jean GREEN married 30th Dec 1799

William FUZZARD of Stratton & Anne MILBOURN married 23rd Jan 1800

Stephen CAKE & Mary SARJENT married 12th Feb 1800

James WHITE & Mary STONE lic. married 20th Feb 1800

Thomas CAKE of Munkton & Jane WHITE married 3rd April 1800

William WHITE & Elizabeth CAKE married 14th April 1800

William ATKINS & Ann DAWS married 14th April 1800

Benjamin WALDREN of St Peter's Dorchester & Rebecca SLADE married 29th April 1800

James SATCHELL & Judith WILTSHIRE married 20th May 1800

William HASARD of St Peter's Dorchester & Sarah GREEN married 30th Oct 1800

John TERRELL of Fordington & Ann SLADE married 13th Jan 1801

John MEARS & Flower BUNN married 26th Feb 1801

John INGRAM of Clenston & Martha KINGSBURY lic. married 17th Nov 1801

Thomas RANDALL & Mary ASH married 25th April 1802

John DRYSDALE of Fordington & of the N.B. Dragoons & Sarah FOX lic. married 7th July 1802

Thomas Andrew CHAPMAN of Stratton & Elizabeth COOPER lic. married 30th Nov 1802

James DAVIS & Frances MILLS lic. married 15th Feb 1803 both of Forston

Nathaniel BRETT of Sutton & Mary COOPER of Burton lic. married 30th March 1803

William GREEN of Stratton & Sarah PEECH lic. married 3rd April 1803

William CLARK of Ye Royal Regiment of Horse Guards commonly call'd the Blues now resident in Dorchester & Sarah TIZARD lic. married 26th April 1803

John DIMENT & Catherine COOPER lic. married 28th Sept 1803

Samuel DAWS & Mary COSH married 13th Oct 1803

John BISHOP & Jane HARDEY married 24th Oct 1803

Charles RANDALL & Anne KELLAWAY married 9th Nov 1803

Thomas DAW & Elizabeth PALMER married 13th Feb 1804

Henry GREEN & Mary GEALL lic. married 10th April 1804

Robert LANSHARD 20th Light Dragoons in Fordington & Bathsheba DRAKE married 11th April 1804

Robert CLARK & Mary GREGORY married 7th Aug 1804

Joseph ROBINS of Melcombe Regis & Anne NORMAN married 19th March 1805

John WHITE & Sarah GEAN married 24th June 1805

John WHITE & Sarah WERNER married 11th July 1805

William CAKE & Anne WHITE married 7th April 1806

Matthew LUTTLEY of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Grace LEGG married 20th May 1806

John MILBOURN & Anne GREGORY married 7th July 1806

George CURTIS & Maria GROVES of St. Peter's Dorchester married 8th July 1806

Thomas CAKE & Elizabeth FRAMPTON married 9th Oct 1806

John KELLAWAY of Godmanston & Elizabeth ATKINS married 9th Oct 1806

Francis BROWN & Elizabeth GREGORY married 30th March 1807

Bennett BILES & Ann STONE lic. married 7th May 1807

Robert BOWDITCH of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Avice DAWS married 29th Feb 1808

Stephen DAWS & Elizabeth LOCK married 18th April 1808

Peter DEWLAND & Mary GALE married 29th Dec 1808

William SATCHELL & Jane COSH married 20th Feb 1809

John GRAY of Sherborne & Mary FOOKS lic. married 14th Sept 1809

Robert GROVES of Godmanston & Mary PERHAM of Forston married 1st March 1810

Joseph WHITE both of Forston & Phillis CLEAL married 9th April 1810

William LOVELACE & Anna ATKINS married 31st Dec 1811

Richard TIZARD & Margaret SYMES married 9th Jan 1812

Samuel ATKINS & Betty HILL married 18th July 1812

James CHIPP of Upway & Mary BOOBY married 17th Sept 1812

Joseph KELLAWAY of Milton Abbas & Martha BRINSON married 18th Nov 1812