Cerne Abbas

St Mary's Church, Cerne Abbas, Dorset
Some Memorials within the Church

Compiled by Claire Smith-Burns, Cerne Abbas OPC, June 2009
Photographs Claire Smith-Burns 2010

Richard Bartlett Thomas Boys - Frances Palmer

Richard BARTLETT; North wall of Church; brass plaque

Underneath in hopes of a Resurrection to Eternal Life lieth the body of Richard BARTLETT of Cerne Abbas who departed this life ye 16th of Jan. 1715, in the 50th year of his age.

To whose memory is inscribed “Remember, Reader, when on this you look, How fraile is MAN, whose Life soon forsook.”

Also Ann the wife of the said Richard BARTLETT who departed this life ye 5th of March 1742 aged 70 years.


Thomas BOYS – Frances PALMER; South Vestry; wall tablet

Underneath this stone lie the mortal remains of Thomas BOYS who died December 25th 1774, aged 63 years.

Here rests in Lively hope of the Resurrection from the dead Frances PALMER Relict of Thomas BOYS and the beloved wife of Wm. PALMER who died May 7th 1812 in the 81st year of her age.

Augustine Howie Bull William Cockeram

Augustine Howie BULL; South Vestry; wall tablet

In Loving Remembrance of the Revd Augustine Howie BULL, M.A., eight years Vicar of this Parish.  Died 22nd January 1875.  This tablet is erected by his affectionate Parishioners.


William COCKERAM; North wall of Church; painted wooden plaque

Heere under lieth the body of William COCKERAM, Gent. & Practicioner in Phisick & Chirurgery who died the Twenty First Day of January 1679, aged 43 yeares and 9 months.

Thomas Cockeram Thomas Davis

Thomas COCKERAM; Northwest corner of Flower Room; wall tablet

This monument is erected in gratified and affectionate remembrance of Thomas COCKERAM, Esquire, who died June 13th 1862, aged 74 years.

And of Anne his wife who died July 19th 1847, aged 53 years, by their surviving children.

Also in loving memory of Thomas their eldest son who died January 14th 1842, aged 22 years.

And of George Thomas, their youngest son, who died April 16th 1862, aged 29 years.


Thomas DAVIS; North wall (by organ); stone tablet

This tablet was erected by Public Subscription to the memory of Major Thomas DAVIS, of H.M. 95th Regiment, eldest son of T.B. DAVIS, Esqure., of this Town, who died of fever at the Camp before Sebastopol on the 5th day of April, 1855 aged 34 yr. 

This brave Officer served at the Battle of the Alma, at the Sortie on the 26th of October, and at the Battle of Inkerman.  In the latter engagement, in consequence of his superior Officers being severely wounded, he as Senior Captain brought the Regiment out of action and received his promotion for distinguished services in the field.  he retained the command of the Regiment in the subsequent operations of the Siege during all the rigours and privations of that terrible Crimean winter; having never been one hour absent from the post of duty and of danger until prostrated by the disease that rapidly cut short his gallant and promising Career.

John Davis George Davis

John DAVIS; South Vestry; wall tablet

To the Memory of The Revd John DAVIS who was for 30 years the incumbent of this Parish during which time he faithfully and zealously discharged the duties of his high office.  Obt. Decr. 6th 1841. Aet 66.  Let me die the death of the righteous and let my last end be like his.

Likewise of Elizabeth his wife.  Ot. Decr. 26th 1823.  Aet. 56

And of their children –
William Sagittary






Likewise of Louisa his second wife.  Obt Decr. 28th 1843.  Aet. 57.

And of William Frederick their son



George David DAVIS; North wall of Chancel; marble tablet

In Memory of George David DAVIES (Clerk) who died March 10th 1844 aged 50

Also of Selena his beloved wife who died June 23rd 1847.  This tablet is erected as a tribute of affection by her sister.


George David DAVIS; North wall of Chancel; marble tablet

This marble is dedicated to the Memory of George David DAVIS the beloved child of George David DAVIS (Clerk) and Selena his wife.  He died the 5th day of January 1831 in his eighth year.

Mary Farr Elizabeth Foord

Mary FARR; North wall of Church; slate tablet

Underneath lieth ye body of Mary Wife of Robt. FARR the younger and daughter of Wm. TULLEDGE Gent. who died the 6th of March 1720 aged 24.

Also Eliz. Daughter of Robt. FARR who died the 25th of June 1720 aged 3.

Here also lieth the body of Robt. FARR the Elder who died ye 31st of July 1741, aged 89.

And also the body of Charles FARR the Younger Great Grandson of Robt. FARR ye Elder who died ye 6th of March 1754, aged 16.


Elizabeth FOORD; South wall of Church; wall tablet

In Memory of Elizabeth FOORD who died Febry 20th 1766, aged 60.

Also of Robert FOORD Senr. who died January 19th 1768, aged 72

And of Robert FOORD who died Augst. 11th 1771, aged 41.  The righteous Shall be in everlasting remembrance.

John Ford James Thomas Hellyar

John FORD; East window in South Aisle; panels in stained glass window

The arms & crest placed here in 1860 in Memory of John & Sarah FORD by their nephew James Thomas HELLYAR were set in new glass in 1966.

The arms and crest placed here in 1860 in Memory of Thomas & Elizabeth HELLYAR by their son James Thomas were set in new glass in 1966.


James Thomas HELLYAR; North wall of Church; marble tablet

In Memory of James Thomas HELLYAR of South Cary House, Castle Cary Somersetshire, who died December 12th 1867 aged 72 years, and whose remains are interred in this church yard.

Samuel Randall John Randall

Samuel RANDALL; South wall of Church; wall tablet

This monument is erected to the memory of Samuel RANDALL who died May 17 1785 aged 73.

And of Elizabeth his wife who died May 11 1769 aged 57

Also of Elizabeth Rowland RANDALL wife of Samuel RANDALL Junr who died Novr 26 1786 [sic] aged 31.

And also Samuel Rowland and

Thomas Samuel Rowland RANDALL Junr. and Elizabeth his wife who both died in infancy.

Likewise of Sarah wife of Samuel RANDALL Junr. who died July 26 1820 aged 75.  Inspired with Christian patience she bore a long affliction with fortitude and resignation.

Also of Rowland Garvey Burke RANDALL daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth RANDALL who died August 20 1826 aged 45.


John RANDALL; Floor of Central aisle; Slate slab

Here lies interred the body of Mr. John RANDALL who departed this life Novemr. ye 13th 1699 Aged 26 years

As also the body of Mr. Thomas RANDALL who departed this life Octobr ye 30th 1703 aged 63 years.

And likewise the body of Mrs. Hannah RANDALL who departed this life Feb ye 24th 1732/3 in the 78th year of her age and the 30th year of her widowhood.  She adorn’d ye Several Relations of life she was engaged in with ye utmost integrity and Good Nature.  As a wife she was Affectionate & Discreet, As a Parent the most Carefull and Indulgent, And as a Friend the most Sincere and Constant.  For as nothing could gain her Esteem but Virtue & Good Sense, so nothing could forfit it but Baseness or Folly.

Susanna Turner Phillip Watson

Susanna TURNER; South wall of Church; wall tablet

Near this place in hopes of a blessed resurrection lyes ye body of Susanna TURNER daughter of Robert FARR of this town Gent. and wife of George TURNER Gent. Obiit 9 Maii 1750 Aetat Suae 60.

And also ye body of George TURNER Gent who departed this life the 26 June 1750. Aetat Suae 68.


Phillip WATSON; South wall of Church; wall tablet in painted wood

Insignia Jacobi WATSON de Dublin in Hibernia quodam Senatoris et Praetoris.  Hereunder lieth expecting a joyfull resurrection the bodyes of
1. Phillip WATSON of the City of Dublin in Ireland alderman who died Oct 22, 1661 aged 61

2.  Samuel-Ebenezer WATSON who died September 30 1667 aged 12.

3.  Priscilla WATSON Oct. 7 1667 aged 8.

4.  James WATSON June 11 1670 aged 9.

Of these 4, the first was eldest brother, the 3 last, the children of Samuel WATSON Faithfull Pastor of this church 18 yeares from the first of Oct. 1654 to Sept. 8 1672.  The bodye of the above saide James WATSON (the father of Phillip and Samuel WATSON who died May 28 1653 aged 81) lieth buried (expecting the same joyful resurrection) before the Pulpit in the Parish Church of Tisbury in the county of Wilts, where the aforesaid Samuel WATSON was Lecturer from march the 5th 1652 to Jan: the 15 1654.

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