1841 CENSUS HO107/284/9

Kindly transcribed for the OPC by Glenda Lightowler

Note: The 1841 census has no indication of relationship or place of birth other than whether born in Dorset or not. All ages over the age of 15 are rounded to the nearest five years. There are no schedule numbers, the household reference (Sch) is the transcribers own.


Sch Location Forename SURNAME Sex Age Occupation Born Dorset Ref
1 Burleston Henry DIMENT M 50 Carter Y F4p1
    Charlotte DIMENT F 50   Y F4p1
    George DIMENT M 17   Y F4p1
    John DIMENT M 14   Y F4p1
2   William CROSS M 16 Labourer Y F4p1
    Robert CROSS M 11   Y F4p1
3   Josiah PORTER M 40 Carter Y F4p1
    Ann PORTER F 43   Y F4p1
    Susan PORTER M 17   Y F4p1
    George PORTER M 14   Y F4p1
    Selina PORTER F 12   Y F4p1
    Mary Ann PORTER F 9   Y F4p1
    Josiah PORTER M 6   Y F4p1
    Emma PORTER F 3   Y F4p1
4   Joseph BISHOP M 60 Labourer Y F4p1
    Betty BISHOP F 60   Y F4p1
    William BISHOP M 30   Y F4p1
    Celia BISHOP F 25   Y F4p1
    John BISHOP M 25   Y F4p1
    Francis BISHOP F 4   Y F4p1
5   John GREENLY M 29 Clerk Y F4p1
    Ann SIMONS F 40 Female Servant N F4p1
6   John HARVEY M 46 Labourer Y F4p1
    Mary HARVEY F 43   Y F4p1
    Charles HARVEY M 13   Y F4p1
    John HARVEY M 7   Y F4p6
    Enos HARVEY M 5   Y F4p6
    Joseph HARVEY M 2   Y F4p6
7   William LEGG M 20 Labourer Y F4p6
    Kesiah LEGG F 20   Y F4p6
    William LEGG M 2   Y F4p6
8   George HOARE M 55 Pensioner Y F4p6
    Sarah HOARE F 45   Y F4p6
    Susan HOARE F 10   Y F4p6
    Francis HOARE F 12   Y F4p6
    Alfred HOARE M 7   Y F4p6
9   Mary HORLICK F 80 Dairyman N F4p6
    John CROCKER M 30 Male Servant Y F4p6
    Mary CROCKER F 37 Female Servant Y F4p6
    John CROCKER M 1   Y F4p6
    Martha PORTER F 12   Y F4p6
    Eliza LEGGE F 30 Female Servant Y F4p6
    Levi BURDEN M 19 Shoemaker Y F4p6
10   Daniel BROWN M 20 Labourer Y F4p6
    Sarah BROWN F 19   Y F4p6
11   John TOREVELL M 30 Bailiff Y F4p6
    Mary TOREVELL F 30   N F4p6
    Mary TOREVELL F 2   N F4p6
    Thomas TOREVELL M 1   Y F4p6
12   John COATS M 35 Shepherd Y F4p6
    Elizabeth COATS F 40   Y F5p7
    Eliza COATS F 15   Y F5p7
    George COATS M 13   Y F5p7
    William COATS M 11   Y F5p7
    Elizabeth COATS F 9   Y F5p7
    Mary COATS F 7   Y F5p7
    Ann COATS F 5   Y F5p7
    Louisa COATS F 3   Y F5p7
    Philip COATS M 1   Y F5p7
13   Robert BROWN M 77 Labourer Y F5p7
    Amy COLLIER F 50 Farmer Y F5p7
    Mary COLLIER F 21   Y F5p7
    Amy COLLIER F 20   Y F5p7
    Thomas COLLIER M 19   Y F5p7
    Betty BISHOP F 24 Female Servant Y F5p7

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