Buckland Newton

BURIALS 1654 to 1812

Translated, transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC by Kim Parker from the Parish Registers


Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

Until 1738, Parish Registers were supposed to be kept in Latin. From the Civil War onwards, this rule was respected more in the breach than the observance. Buckland Newton is an exception, with extensive use of Latin up until 1737. It is, however, erratic, swapping back and forth between English and Latin every few years. The standard of the Latin is also variable, making interpretation more challenging. I have therefore translated the Latin entries into English. Those entries with an 'L' shown before the date were orginally entered in Latin.

NB: Translation of christian names into English is problematical in some instances. For example, Jacobi was the Latin version of James, but was also occasionally used in its own right for Jacob, while Elena could mean Eleanor or Helen. Sometimes clerks used dog Latin and their ad-hoc latinisation of English names provides a clue. Where there are no such clues and a name could be translated in a variety of ways, I have chosen the most common alternative. In the 19th Century, certain Latin names (e.g. Maria for Mary and Matilda for Maud) became names in their own right. I have translated these names to the English equivalents that would have been used at the time.

From 1778 to mid-1802 two copies of the Parish Register were kept, one in the same volume used up until that point in a variety of hands and another in a separate book in a single hand and with consistent (mis-)spelling. I have called the 1778-1802 version the preliminary register and the other version the official register. Judging by certain errors in the official register (such as 1793 entries being duplicated in 1794 and the occasional merging of two entries in the preliminary register into one entry in the official register) it appears that entries were first recorded in the preliminary register and then copied over, using the spelling preferences of whoever was doing the copying, providing the opportunity for additional errors to creep in. The preliminary register generally contains extra details and often additional entries, although there are a couple of entries in the official register that do not appear in the 1778-1802 version. This, coupled with spelling differences makes it difficult to reconcile the two at times.

Translation involves choices, and the Parish Register is in any case difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.


MISCELLANEOUS ENTRIES INSERTED BETWEEN ENTRIES ON 14 JAN 1655/6 & 25 MAR 1656 Whereas and for as much as … children borne and baptised within the parish of Buckland Newton have been ommitted to the Register and now beinge newly informed by theyre parents of the time of theyr Baptisms have nowe been registered each man's chyldren (herein) altogether and have definitely noted the daye and yeare of the Baptism of Each one of them: accordinge as I have been informed by theyr parents


 29Mar1654EalceTALBUTwife of Walter TALBUT of Tily
 18Jun1654 ElizabethBUTTwife of Thomas BUTT of Plush
 07Jul1654 WalterGILLINGHAMson of Ralph & Luce GILLINGHAM
 24Aug1654 JohnLAWES [?] 
 19Sep1654 RobertROPPERson of Margaret ROPPER & reputed father Andrewe MYNTERNE
 02Nov1654 Mrs BridgettHARRINGTONwidow of Plush
 20Dec1654 AnnROBETTS [sic]wife of John ROBERTS of Sharnhull
 29Dec1654 ThomasRIDOUTvicar of Buckland
 05Jan1654/5 ElizabethCOTHERNILE [?]widow of Bookeham
 12Jan1654/5 JohnMICHELLson of John MICHELL of Pulham
 05Feb1654/5 AgnesWILLKINS [sic]wife of William WILKINS of Brockhamto [sic]
 28Mar1655 AllesREEVESwidow of Henly
 25Apr1655 AnnJACOBdaughter of Ann JACOB
 30May1655 JoanLOCKwidow of Brockhamton
 22Jun1655 EmlenFARWELLwife of John FARWELL of Plush
 09Nov1655 BridgettWATTSwife of John WATTS of Wickmarsh
 04Dec1655 TemperanceSALLwife of William SALL of Pulham, daughter of Symond & Susana THRESHER of Sharnhill
 06Mar1655/6 EdmondROBERTSson of John & Mary ROBERTS of Plush
 06Mar1655/6 WilliamCAYNESof Monkwoodhill
 08Mar1655/6 JoanBAKERwife of Robert BAKER of Horsyes Melcomb
 15Apr1656 WilliamWATTSson of William WATTS of Buckland
 19Apr1656 RobertMYCHELLof Netherbrooke in Plush by Clynger
 24Apr1656 WilliamCOWARDson of Raynold & Mary COWARD of Henly
 29Apr1656 ThomasVINCENTof R? in Duntish Tything
 30May1656 JohnCHYLDEson of Richard CHYLDE (deceased) of Chason
 02Jul1656 AliceSHORTwidow of Little Minterne
 29Jul1656 JoanFARWELLwife of John FARWELL of Plush
 30Nov1656 JohnCOXof the Rowe
 29Dec1656 RichardBRYDLEson of Joan BRYDLE of Duntish, servant of William MARTIN of Buckland
 12Dec1656 [un-named]DAVISson of John & Grace DAVIS born, died and buried the same day
 24Feb1656/7 RichardBRYDLEservant to Widow BISHOPE of Little Minterne
 31Mar1657 AllexanderPEARCEof the Rowe
 21Apr1657 ThomasLOVELACEof Sharnhill
 27Apr1657 SibbellCAYNESwidow of Monkwoodhill
 26Apr1657 ChristianCLARKEdaughter of Ann CLARKE, widow of Sharnhill
 01May1657 JoanKINGMANof the Rowe at Wickmarshgate
 02May1657 AnnCAYNESwife of John CAYNES of Duntish
 26May1657 EdithFARWELLwidow of Buckland
 08Jun1657 RalphARNOLDesquire of Tarmswell (?)
 23Jul1657 KatherenSACHEVERELLshe was about 86; lived in Buckland about 40 years; ’a pious & charitable woman’
 23Aug1657 AnnGOULDwife of Leonard GOULD of the Rewe
 02Oct1657 JoanGOULDwife of George GOULD of Henly
 10Oct1657 GeorgeGOULDof Henly
 04Nov1657 ’a man chyld’HARDYson of Edward & Ann HARDY of Plush, born 03-Nov-1657
 09Dec1657 ElizabethWATTSwife of Robert WATTS of Brockhampton
 12Jan1657/8 ’a mayd chyld’LANEdaughter of Ellis & Edith LANE of Clinger, born 09-Jan-1657/8
 17Feb1657/8 GeorgeFRAMPTONgentleman of Henly
 21Feb1657/8 JoanPITTMANwidow of Duntish
 23Feb1657/8 ’a mayd chyld’WILKINSdaughter of Nicholas & Mary WILKINS of Brockhampton, born 22-Feb-1657/8
 31Mar1658 TristrumEDWARDSof Bewlywood Myll
 02Apr1658 ’a man chyld’HARBENson of John & Martha HARBEN of Henly, born 01-Apr-1658
 04Apr1658 SymondTHRASSORof Sharnhill
 07Apr1658 MarthaHARBENwife of John HARBEN of Henly
 18Apr1658 JohnRANDALLof Buckland
 20Apr1658 AliceRANDALLwife of ’the sayd’ [abovementioned] John RANDALL
 29Apr1658 RichardCURTISof Brockhampton
 16Jun1658 AnnMYDLANEdaughter of Ann MYDLANE of Buckland
 07Jul1658 AnnCORBYNwife of William CORBYN of Sharnhill
 18Jul1658 MargaretCORBYNdaughter of Henry CORBYN
 23Oct1658 JohnMYLLERof Plush
 12Jan1658/9 FrancesVINCENTdaughter of John & Frances VYNCENT of Ryvells
 02Feb1658/9 JohnCAYNESof Bowcomb
 03Feb1658/9 RogerBAKERof Plush
 22Feb1658/9 JamesWILLIAMSof Charlton
 24Mar1658/9 WilliamMYLLERson of Lawrance MYLLER of Sharnhill
 02Apr1659 LawranceMYLLERson of Lawrance MYLLER of Sharnhill
 10Apr1659 AnnNYNTwife of John NYNT of Monkwoodhill in the Tything of Plush
 16May1659 WilliamMARTYNalias SMEATHAM the son of William MARTYN alias SMEATHAM of Buckland
 09Feb1659/60 MargerieHOOPERwife of Thomas HOOPPER of Sharnhill
 23Sep1659 SusanLOVELACEdaughter of John LOVELACE of Plush
 05Oct1659 JaneLOVELACEwife of John LOVELACE junior
 06Oct1659 AnnLOVELACEdaughter of the said John and Jane LOVELACE, born 30-Sep-1659
 08Oct1659 JohnBARTLETTof Plush
 05Dec1659 AliceSYMSwidow of Plush
 12Nov1659 RichardALBONof Buckcomb
 14Nov1659 JohnROBERTSof Sharnhill
 21Dec1659 RichardWALTERS 
 10Mar1659/60 GeorgeROBERTSof Cosmore
 11Mar1659/60 ElynorYEATMANwidow of Duntish
 19Mar1659/60 EdmondCOWARDof Henly
 15Jun1660 JohnELKINSson of Agnes ELKINS of Duntish
 29Jun1660 KatherenILESwife of Edmond ILES
 11Sep1660 AlseROBERTSwife of William ROBERTS
 22Sep1660 MarySQUIRE 
 09Dec1660 NicolasGILHAMson of Hugh GILHAM of Sharnhill
 13Dec1660 AnneBROWNEwife of Richard BROWNE of Sharnhill
 11Mar1660/1 ElizabethLOVELACEwife of John LOVELACE of Plush
 28Jul1661 MaryKAINESdaughter of William KAINES
 02Sep1661 ElyBRIERwidow
 01Nov1661 WilliamWATTSof Sharnhill
 07Nov1661 HenryHARVEYson of George HARVEY
 25Nov1661 JohnGRAYson of William GRAY
 29Nov1661 JoanROPERof Plush
 07Dec1661 RobertSKIPPson of Henry SKIPP
 15Dec1661 GeorgeHARVYof Plush
 17Dec1661 RaynoldDAVISof Buckland
 10Jan1661/2 WilliamSQUIREson of Thomas SQUIRE
 22Jan1661/2 WilliamHEPDITCHson of Humphrey HEPDITCH
 29Jan1661/2 WilliamKAINESson of John KAINES
 11Feb1661/2 ElizabethWHITEwidow
 21Mar1661/2 HenryREEVESof Buckland
 23Mar1661/2 WilliamSPENCERson of Henry SPENCER
 02May1662 JoanMILLERwidow of Plush
 16Aug1662 ElizabethCOWARDwidow of Henly
 16Aug1662 JohnDAVISof Duntish
 14Sep1662 SolomonDAVISson of John DAVIS
 17Sep1662 GeorgeARNOLDgent of Netherbrook
 07Nov1662 ElizabethSONDYNdaughter of William SONDYN
 19Nov1662 JoanROBERTSdaughter of John ROBERTS
 11Dec1662 ClemensFRYwidow
 08Jan1662/3 AnnFRAMPTONwife of George FRAMPTON
 08Jan1662/3 JaneCHIPwidow
 15Feb1662/3 JohnHOLLANDson of Richard HOLLAND
 16Feb1662/3 MaryARNOLDMrs, of Netherbrook
 25Feb1662/3 SamsonHOUSE 
 12Apr1663 HenrySTICKLAND 
 25Apr1663 AnnSAVAGEdaughter of Henry SAVAGE
L19May1663 ConstanceFARWELLwife of Roger FARWELL
L20May1663 AnnMUSIEof Sharnall
L09Jun1663 ConstanceDOLLINEdaughter of Henry DOLLINE
L10Jun1663 KatherineCLAVELLdaughter of Robert CLAVELL
L13Jul1663 ElizabethNORISsister of Henry SKIPWORTH
L28Aug1663 MargaretMULLETwife of Edward MULLET
L15Sep1663 ElizabethCAINESwidow of John CAINS
L08Oct1663 ThomasTOLLERFILDof Pulham
L14Dec1663 EdwardLANEof Clinger
L21Jan1663/4 MichaelBRICEson of William BRICE [christened as BRIER]
L25Feb1663/4 WilliamCOWARDreputed son of John LAWLAND
L26Feb1663/4 ChristianHOLLANDdaughter of Richard HOLLAND
L08Mar1663/5 JoanMIDLANEdaughter of Thomas MIDLANE
L12Jun1664 GraceDAVISwidow
L16Aug1664 SusannaDUNNINGof Brockhampton
L25Sep1664 GilesCOMBES 
L29Sep1664 ElizabethCOLLINGSreputed daughter of Thomas COLLINGS
L09Oct1664 MarthaILESwife of Stephen ILES
L02Nov1664 Lady AnnHUNGERFORD 
L26Feb1664/5 RichardSALAWAY 
L22Mar1664/5 EdwardFURBER 
L21Apr1665 HenryBISHOPson of Henry BISHOP
L31May1665 RobertROPERson of Robert ROPER
L02Jun1665 ThomasFURBER 
L10Jun1665 HenryMANIFORD 
L25Sep1665 MaryDUNNINGdaughter of Henry DUNNING
L10Oct1665 AnnFLIPPIN 
L24Oct1665 AnnCOXwidow of Wikmarsh
L04Nov1665 ThomasHOOPERalias ROBERTS of Sharnhill
L27Dec1665 JamesROBERTSson of John ROBERTS
L12Jan1665/6 WilliamWILKINSof Brockhampton
L22Feb1665/6 AnnCURTISSwidow of Corscomb
L20Mar1665/6 ElizabethBISHOPwidow
L01Apr1666 ElizabethCLINEwidow
L22May1666 GeorgeJOHNSON 
L09Aug1666 LawrenceMILLER 
L12Aug1666 NicholasMINTERNE 
L21Oct1666 JohnCHURCHOUSE 
L05Dec1666 CatherineANDREWS 
L13Dec1666  SANDERSdaughter of John SANDERS
L01Jan1666/7 JoanTUKSBURYwidow of Alton Pancras
L28Feb1666/7 SarahMULLETwife of Richard MULLET
L16Mar1666/7 RichardDUNNINGof Buckland
L31Mar1667 CatherineBROWNSEYdaughter of James BROWNSEY
L05Apr1667 DanielHOLLANDsenior of Plush
L10May1667 ChristianBUTTwife of Richard BUTT of Brooke
L19Jun1667 AnnMIDLANEwidow of Buckland
 28Jul1667 MatthewLANEof Clinger
 29Jul1667 WilliamSOMERSETof Whikmashgate
 21Aug1667 RichardJANESservant to William GRAY of Bucklan
 04Sep1667 ConstansLANEwidow of Clinger
 10Sep1667 GraseLANEwidow of Whikmashgate
 30Oct1667 ElizabethROPERwife of Robert ROPER of Henly
 17Nov1667 KatrinMIDLANof Bucklan
 19Dec1667 JohnSANDERSson of John SANDERS of Buckland
 11Feb1667/8 ElizabethALBONDwidow of Buckam
 02Apr1668 KartrenCLAVELLdaughter of Jane CLAVEL widow of Sharnoll
 02Apr1668 ElizabethDUNNINGdaughter of Christopher DUNNING of Buckland
 20Apr1668 MareyHILLERdaughter of George HILLER of Buckland
 23Apr1668 AnnMIDLANdaughter of Thomas MIDLAN of Buckland
 01Jun1668 JohnNOSETERson of John NOSSITER of Duntish [father’s details entered in a different hand]
 10Jun1668 WinnieCOLLERwife of William COLLIER of Sharnell [husband’s details entered in a different hand]
 15Aug1668 WilliamDUNINGof Beuly Wood
 01Oct1668 WilliamFLIPPINof Duntish
 03Nov1668 JohnCHALESof Chason
 28Jan1668/9 MargretSUMERSETwidow of Wheatmashgate
 17Feb1668/9 RichardHOLLANof Wikmashgate
 03May1669 MargeryLOVLASdaughter of Thomas LOVELACE of Sharnold
 18Aug1669 EdethWATTSof Sharnold
 15Nov1669 JohnWATTSof Sharnold
 16Dec1669 DinaVINCEwife of Richard VINCE
 27Feb1669/70 SarahDOBERof Mintern
 10Mar1669/70 JohnILES 
 17Jun1670 JoneARNOLDof Buckland, widow of Rev ARNOLD minister of Bingham’s Melcombe
 31Jul1670 GeorgeBROUNSYof Cosmore
 12Aug1670 ElizabethARNOLDwidow of Buckland, mother of James ARNOLD
 26Aug1670 JamesSTOUNTof Wollcom
 28Aug1670 KatrenHOPPERdaughter of Thomas ROBERTS alias HOOPER of Sharnold
 29Aug1670 AnnCOUSINSof Corscombe
 07Sep1670 KatrenLOCKwife of William LOCK of Brockhampton
 09Sep1670 MareyROPERwife of Edward ROPER of Plush
8 Jan 2016: the following entry was previosuly transcribed as a Burial but should be a Baptism
 10Sep1670 JohnHOLLANDson of Richard & Theophila HOLLAND of Duntish
 18Sep1670 JohnCUTLERof Plush
 02Oct1670 ElizabethWATTSwife of Thomas WATTS of Sharnold
 06Oct1670 EdwardCOWARDof Little Mintern [will in the name of Edmond; also mentioned in other wills as Edmond]
 18Oct1670 LenardGOULDof Whekmarshgate
 07Nov1670 WilliamMARTINof Buckland
 24Nov1670 WilliamLOCKof Brockhampton
 10Dec1670 AnnCLARKwidow of Sharnold
 21Jan1670/1 AnneREEVESwidow of Cosmore
 27Jan1670/1 ThomasWATTSof Sharnell
 25Mar1671 MareyMITERENwidow of Tiley [surname possibly meant to be MINTERNE]
 26Mar1671 SusanaTHRESHARwidow of Woolkam
 18Apr1671 AnnLANNEof Wekmashgate
 20Jun1671 MarthaMIDLANof Buckland
 09Jul1671 GeorgeSAVAGEof Duntish
 06Aug1671 ElizabethFAREWELLof Plush
 13Sep1671 CristianMARTINof Pulham, daughter of John KAINES of Bookham
 23Sep1671 MarthaDUNINGdaughter of William & Martha DUNNING of Brockhampton
 28Dec1671 HenrySKIPWORTHof Brockhampton
 07Feb1671/2 RichardCOWARDof Buckham
 13Feb1671/2 MargeretBROWNwife of Richard BROWN of Sharnell
 18Feb1671/2 SamuellTREWson of Thomas TREW of Tily
 04Apr1672 JohnMICHILsenior of Tily
 11Apr1672 WilliamGREYsenior of Buckland
L13May1672 ElizabethCLERKEwife of Thomas CLERKE of Whikmashgate
L27May1672 WilliamMICHILof Plush
L25Jun1672 GraceVINCENTrelict of Thomas VINCENT formerly of Duntish
L30Jun1672 WilliamSTOUNTformerly of Burton
L09Jul1672 ThomasDUNNINGof Bewly Wood
L30Jul1672 WilliamLOCKof Brockhampton
L24Aug1672 AnnJACOBwidow
L27Sep1672 WilliamROBERTSsenior of Bookham
L31Oct1672 AnnSIMSdaughter of William SIMS of Plush
L06Nov1672 MaryLYFORDdaughter of Simon WHETCOMBE, deceased cleric, & Constance his wife
       wife of William LYFORD, vicar of Buckland, died 28-Oct-1672
 07Sep1673 MargretLOVLASdaughter of Thomas LOVLAS of Sharnol
 28Sep1673 RichardBROUNCYson of James BROUNCY
 03Nov1673 CristanVINCENTof Buckland
 20Jan1673/4 JohnRABBETSof Plush
 01Feb1673/4 AnnGILLAMdaughter of Nickles GILLAM
 10Mar1673/4 MaryRABBETSwidow of Plush
 31Mar1674 RicardMULLETTof Buckland
 02Jun1674 WilliamTASWELLson of Ralph TASWELL of Rew
 21Jun1674 JoneGILHAMdaughter of Andrew GILHAM of Sharnell
 28Jun1674 AnnRABETSof Plush
 10Jul1674 MargeryCLAVELLof Sharnell
 12Jul1674 JohnRABETSof Plush
 23Jul1674 ThomasPENEYMr, of Beulywood
 16Aug1674 FillesLOVLASof Brockhampton
 23Aug1674 MarthaBARNESMrs, of Duntish
 26Aug1674 BeatrixGILHAMwife of Hugh GILHAM of Sharnell [also as Betris wife of Hew GILHAM]
 25Sep1674 ThomasGOULDof Henly
 14Oct1674 EdithLANEwife of George LANE of Brockhampton
 18Oct1674 DeboraCHURCHOUSwife of John CHURCHOUS of Duntish
 25Nov1674 TemprensGOULDdaughter of Thomas GOULD of Buckland
 29Nov1674 RichardTASWELLof Rew
 19Dec1674 JohnBARNESMr, of Duntish
 11Mar1674/5 MargretCOWARDdaughter of William COWARD of Plush
 12Apr1675 AgnisGRAYdaughter of William GRAY
 26May1675 JoneMIELLwife of Mr John MIHIL of Clinger [husband’s details entered in a different hand]
 02Jun1675 EdithWATTSdaugther of Symon WATTS
 14Jun1675 BarnitSHEARof Nabshill, servant to Mr John HENLY
 13Jul1675 SarahSQUIERwife of Thomas SQUIRE of Buckham [husband’s details entered in a different hand]
 19Jul1675 MarthaLANEdaughter of Jone LANE and reputed father Thomas TRUE
 17Oct1675 CharlesCHURCH-HOUSof Duntish
 20Oct1675 WilliamSAVAGEson of Henry SAVAGE of Duntish
 10Nov1675 WilliamFLAMBERTof Buckland, brother of Elizabeth, wife of Christopher DUNNING
 09Jan1675/6 IsrellRABETSson of John ROBERTS of Plush [father’s details entered in a different hand]
 29Jan1675/6 JohnILESson of Edward ILES of Tyle
 13Feb1675/6 MaryILESdaughter of Edward ILES
 13Mar1675/6 MargaretBAKERdaughter of Thomas BAKER
 15Mar1675/6 JoneDAMPNYdaughter of John DAMPNY
L23Apr1676 ElizabethPINCHARDwife of George PINCHARD
L May1676 AnnSKIPWORTHdaughter of Mary SKIPWORTH widow of Brockhampton
L02Oct1676 MaryDUNNINGdaughter of Christopher DUNNING of Buckland
L08Oct1676 ElizabethBROWNSEYdaughter of James BROWNSEY of Clinger
L25Feb1676/7 ThomasLOVELACEof Sharnhill
L08Mar1676/7 JoanELKINSwife of James ELKINS of Buckland
L10Mar1676/7 JoanDOWNwidow of Duntish
L15Mar1676/7 ElizabethSALWAYwife of John SALWAY of Sharnhill
L26Apr1677 ReginaldDAMPNYof Plush
L03May1677 FrancesWATTSwife of Thomas WATTS of Buckland
L03May1677 AnnSIMSdaughter of William SIMS of Plush
L09May1677 JoanDAMPNYof Plush
L18Jun1677 MargaretROPERwidow of Plush
L24May1677 AnnYATMANwife of Thomas YATMAN of Duntish
L26Jun1677 AliceAMPTHILwidow of Buckland
L02Jul1677 SamuelMULLETson of Edward MULLET of Duntish
L16Sep1677 HenryCOWARDson of Henry & Dorothy COWARD of Plush
L02Jan1677/8 SarahHINKSTRIDGEwife of William HINKSTRIDGE
L21Feb1677/8 ThomasSQUIREsenior of Bookham
L15Mar1677/8 RogerFARWELLson of Roger FARWELL of Bookham
L06Apr1678 WilliamHOLLAND’the before-mentioned’, i.e. son of Richard & Theophila HOLLAND christened 01-Apr-1678
L02May1678 ThomasPENNEof Bewleywood
L01Sep1678 RogerFARWELLof Roe
L12Oct1678 EdwardBRICE’the before-mentioned’, i.e. the son of Edward & Elizabeth BRICE
L28Oct1678 WilliamROBERTSof Sharnhull
L28Oct1678 WilliamSOMERSETTson of Foli & Ann SOMERSETT of Roe [’Foli’ was probably a nick-name for Valentine]
L01Nov1678 WilliamLYFORDvicar of Buckland
L03Nov1678 SolinaBRICEdaughter of William & Mary BRICE
L01Dec1678 PeterYEATMANof Duntish
L18Mar1678/9 SamuelLOCKEson of George & Ann LOCKE of Duntish
L11Apr1679 StephenILESof Tiley
L30Apr1679 MarthaPOLDEN’the before-mentioned’, i.e. daughter of John & Dorothy POLDEN christened 28-Apr-1679
L17Jun1679 PriscillaSHORTwidow of Buckland
L10Aug1679 WilliamHENSTRIDGEof Brockhampton
L14Aug1679 DavidHAYESa traveler
L31Aug1679 EdithSAVAGEwife of Henry SAVAGE of Duntish
L02Oct1679 JamesELKINSof Buckland
L23Oct1679 EdithELKINSwife of the before-mentioned James ELKINS
L24Oct1679 HenryWAKEFORDof Buckland
L07Nov1679 MargaretWAKEFORDwife of Henry WAKEFORD of Buckland
L27Nov1679 ElizabethILESwife of Edmund ILES of Tiley
L29Dec1679 EdwardWILLSof Hermitage who was accidentally drowned within the parish of Buckland
L21Jan1679/80 AnnMIDLANEof Buckland
L05Feb1679/80 MaryLAWRENCEdaughter of Raley & Elizabeth LAWRENCE of Rivell
L07Feb1679/80 WilliamCORBINof Buckland
L20May1680 AnnSELLECKwife of Nathaniel SELLECK of Buckland
L24Sep1680 JoanVINEwife of John VINE of Buckland
L06Oct1680 MarthaDUNNINGEwife of William DUNNINGE of Brockhampton
L10Oct1680 AliceWATTSwife of Robert WATTS of Brockhampton
L12Oct1680 JaneSQUIERof Buckland
L12Oct1680 MargaretGRAYof Buckland
L18Oct1680 JoanHARDEYdaughter of Edward HARDEY of Plush
L28Oct1680 SarahHENSTRIDGEof Brockhampton
L14Nov1680 JohnCOWARDof Little Mintern
L21Nov1680 HenryDAVISof Buckkland
L12Dec1680 NathanielCOWARDof Plush
L14Dec1680 JohnLOVELACEof Sharnhull
L28Feb1680/1 AnnANDREWSof Buckland
L03Mar1680/1 WilliamSTOUNT (?)of Plush
 05Apr1681 ElizabethSOMERSETTdaughter of Valentine SOMERSETT of Buckland
 17Apr1681 MichaelMILLERof Plush
 24Apr1681 JohnNINTEof Plush
 01May1681 AnnHOOPERof the Tithinge of Plush
 10May1681 HenryBISHOPEof Little Minterne
 27Oct1681 WilliamCOLLIERof Buckland
 30Oct1681 JohnVARWELLof Duntish
 17Nov1681 AnnHENLEYwife of Edward HENLEY of Plush
 21Nov1681 MaryCOWARDwife of Joseph COWARD of Minterne
 07Dec1681 AnnMITCHELLof Tiley
 09Jan1681/2 JohnHARDEYson of John & Mary HARDEY of Henley
 12Jan1681/2 AliceHOLLANDof Roe
 13Feb1681/2 AnnFAALLwife of John FAALL of Plush
 12Mar1681/2 ElizabethHELLIERwife of George HELLIER of Buckland
 18May1682 MaryMILLERdaughter of George & Frances MILLER of Sharnhull
 01Aug1682 AnnTREWwife of Thomas TREW of Clinger
 03Sep1682 WilliamHOLLANDof Munckwoodhill
 04Sep1682 WilliamCOLLIER[illegible word] of Buckland
 27Sep1682 ElizabethLANEwife of Thomas LANE of Clinger
 15Oct1682 WilliamDUNNINGEof Pulham
 28Nov1682 AgnisWATTSwife of John WATTS of Sharnhull
 28Jan1682/3 JohnMILLERson of John MILLER of Plush
 12Feb1682/3 MargarettELKINSwife of John ELKINS of Buckland
 12Feb1682/3 WilliamJOHNSONson of John JOHNSON of Woolland
 01Mar1682/3 AmbrosseCADEson of Francis CADE of Duntish
 17Mar1682/3 WilliamGORINGEson of William GORINGE of Duntish
 25Mar1683 WalterTALLBOTTof the Tithinge of Duntish [duplicate entry as Gualter TALBOTT]
 06May1683 CharlsFAR 
 07Jun1683 RawleighLAURENCE’the same’, i.e. the son of Rawleigh & Mary LAURENCE christened 01-Jun-1683
 10Jun1683 DorothyCHURCHOUSEwidow
 12Jun1683 ThomasMULLETT 
 15Jun1683 EdithCOWARDof Mintern
 22Jul1683 JohnSYMSson of William SYMS of Plush
 25Jul1683 AnnWATTS 
 14Aug1683 JoanCOXdaughter of Nicholas COX
 01Sep1683 JohnWILLMONTON 
 18Sep1683 JohnSPENCER 
 29Jun1683 ElizabethCOWARDdaughter of Henry COWARD
 10Aug1684 KatherineWATTS 
 11Sep1684 JohnLOVELESSof Plush
 12Oct1684 AnneMASTERSwife of Robert MASTERS of Plush
 30Nov1684 SamuellSYMMSson of William & Priscilla SYMMS of Plush
 21Dec1684 JoanBRIDLEof Duntish
 29Jan1684/5 AnneWOODROWwife of John WOODROW
 06Mar1684/5 AgnesELKENSof Duntish
 03May1685 EdithLANEdaughter of William & Mary LANE of Brockhampton
 05May1685 JohnMILLERson of John & Jane MILLER of Brockhampton
 10Jun1685 JohnMARTENMr
 16Jun1685 EdithFOYwife of Mr Walter FOY
 12Jul1685 EdithLANEof Clinger
 26Jul1685 ThomasLANEson of Elias & Edith LANE of Clinger
 30Aug1685 SarahFURBERdaughter of John & Mary FURBER
 20Sep1685 AnneSAUNDERSdaughter of John & Elizabeth SAUNDERS
 12Oct1685 HenrySYMMSof Plush
 01Nov1685 AnneBRETTof Henley
 24Dec1685 JaneSAUNDERSdaughter of John & Elizabeth SAUNDERS
 10Jan1685/6 JamesFURBERson of James & Mary FURBER
 16Jan1685/6 GeorgeHELLIERof Buckland
 16Jan1685/6 SarahFOYdaughter of Mr Walter FOY
 26Jan1685/6 JohnWATTSson of Thomas WATTS
 03Mar1685/6 MarthaLACYof Plush
 29Mar1686 ElizabethDUNNINGwidow
 05Apr1686 RobertFOOTsenior
 04May1686 AnneCHIPMANwife of Henry CHIPMAN of Alton
 06May1686 WilliamBRICEsenior
 12May1686 MaryTARSWELL 
 25May1686 ElizabethSAUNDERSjunior, the daughter of John & Elizabeth SAUNDERS
 25Aug1686 MarySAUNDERSwidow
 14Sep1686 WilliamSYMMSson of William & Priscilla SYMMS of Plush
 25Sep1686 ThomasCLARK 
 13Jan1686/7 JaneCLARK 
 31Jan1686/7 AndrewGILLAM 
 26Feb1686/7 JohnMILLERof Plush
L17Apr1687 MaryVINCENTdaughter of Thomas VINCENT de Wikmarshgate
L01May1687 JaneFRAMPTONof Buckland
L07Aug1687 JohnNOSCITORof Duntish
L30Oct1687 MaryFARWELLof Buckland
L31Oct1687 AnnVINCENTwife of Thomas VINCENT
L10Nov1687 MaryNEWdaughter of John NEW of Plush
L10Nov1687 HenryFOOTson of John FOOT of Noke
L01Dec1687 DorothyDAVISwidow of Duntish
L09Dec1687 GraceYEATMANwidow of Duntish
L01Jan1687/8 MaryLOCKdaughter of George LOCK of Duntish
L02Feb1687/8 EdithVINCENTdaughter of Thomas VINCENT of Wikmarshgate
L07Mar1687/8 RobertMULLETTson of John MULLETT of Duntish
L11Mar1687/8 ThomasLOCKof Duntish
L01Apr1688 RichardWATTSof Monkwoodhill
L27Apr1688 WilliamTAYLORgent of Revells
L15May1688 JoanELKINSwife of John ELKINS of Buckland
L11Jun1688 AliceSMETHAMwidow of Buckland
L06Jul1688 JohnCAINESsenior of Bookham
L06Jul1688 JaneGRAYof Duntish
L08Jul1688 ElizabethFRAMPTONdaughter of Walter FRAMPTON gent of Buckland
L22Jul1688 ElizabethTOLLERVILLwidow of Pulham
L12Aug1688 JamesFURBERof Buckland
L15Aug1688 JohnSPICERsenior of Buckland
L30Aug1688 AnnLANEdaughter of Thomas LANE of Clianger
L02Sep1688 JoanARNOLDdaughter of William ARNOLD cleric of Buckland
L21Oct1688 ThomasYEATMANson of Mary YEATMAN of Duntish
L26Oct1688 CharityBRETTof Alton
L26Oct1688 RebeccaFOYdaughter of Walter FOY gent of Bewlywood
L01Nov1688 JamesBRUNKSYson of James BRUNKSY of Clianger
L04Nov1688 ThomasFARWELLof Mapoudor [Mappowder]
L25Nov1688 MarySALVAGEof Duntish
L24Mar1688/9 RichardTHOMASof Plush
L09Apr1689 MarySAMSONdaughter of Richard SAMSON of Buckland
L27Apr1689 MarySOMERSETTdaughter of Valentine SOMERSETT of Buckland
L12May1689 EdithCOXdaughter of Nicholas COX of Henly
L13May1689 JohnLOCK 
L13Jun1689 SusannaCOWARDdaughter of William COWARD of Henly
L25Aug1689 RichardBUTTof Brockhampton
L18Sep1689 MaryWATTSdaughter of Simon WATTS of Clianger
L14Dec1689 MargaretMARTINwidow of Duntish
L15Dec1689 JamesCOXson of Nicholas COX of Henly
L28Feb1689/90 ElizabethFARWELLwidow of Plush
L04Mar1689/90 JohnWOODROWjunior of Monkswoodhill
L19Mar1689/90 JohnGRAYof the Parish of Stawbridge
 22Apr1690 MargaretFOOTof Noake
 03Jun1690 WilliamLANEof Clingarwell
 09Jun1690 WilliamTASWELof Brokhato [abbreviation of Brockhampton]
 15Jun1690 HughCOLLIERson of Hugh COLLIER of Plush
 22Jun1690 SarahCHIPdaughter of William CHIP of Duntish
 23Jun1690 JohnSALLAWAYof Brockhampton
 08Jul1690 SusannahILKENSof Duntish
 11Jul1690 SimonWATTSson of Simon WATTS of Clingar
 05Sep1690 HughGILLHAMof Sharnhull
 16Nov1690 KatherineNEWwife of John NEW of Plush
 07Jan1690/1 WilliamLANEson of Ellis LANE of Clingar
 26Jan1690/1 JaneCLAVELLof Sharnhull
 15Feb1690/1 FrancesCHURCHOWSEwife of John CHURCHOWSE
 18Feb1690/1 ElizabethMICHELLdaughter of John MICHELL of Tyly
 08Apr1691 JamesVINCENTson of James VINCENT of Rew
 26Apr1691 WilliamCOWARDof Plush
 16Aug1691 RichardCHURCHOWSEson of John CHURCHOWSE of Duntish
 09Sep1691 WidowLOVELACEof Plush
 13Dec1691 JoanCOWARDdaughter of Henry COWARD of Plush
 19Jan1691/2 RobertCOWARDson of William COWARD of Henly
 30Jan1691/2 RaynoldCOWARDof Henly
 26Jul1692 JosiahALLAMBRIDGEof Weymouth
 06Sep1692 HenrySAVAGEof Duntish
 02Oct1692 JoaneTASWELLwife of Ralf TASWELL
 26Oct1692 JohnMULLETTson of John MULLETT of Mintern
 28Oct1692 WilliamHENINEof Plush
 29Nov1692 AnnBUTTof Brockhampton
 11Dec1692 JohnBURTof Mintern
 13Dec1692 SarahKAINESwife of John KAINES of Duntishway
 08Jan1692/3 WidowMILLERof Plush
 28Feb1692/3 EdwardLASEYof Plush
 26Mar1693 AnnSAMSONwife of Richard SAMSON
 07May1693 EliasLANEof Clinger
 30May1693 JohnSMITHof Duntish
 04Jun1693 KatharineROPERwife of Edward ROPER
 20Jun1693 ConstanceDAVISdaughter of William DAVIS
 07Nov1693 ThomasFURBERson of William FURBER
 17Nov1693 MaryMILSwife of George MILS
 24Dec1693 JamesPOLDONson of William POLDON
 31Dec1693 JohnILKENS 
 06Jan1693/4 ThomasFURBER 
 12Jan1693/4 JaneSMITHof Duntish
 23Jan1693/4 RobertFURBERson of Ann FURBER
 28Jan1693/4 AnnPUIDOLdaughter of Joseph PUIDOL
 21Mar1693/4 ThomasYETMANof Duntish
 29Apr1694 MaryLANEdaughter of Ellis LANE
 31Oct1694 PeterMICHELL 
 23Dec1694 MarBAYLYof Abbusburry
 12Jan1694/5 EllisFURBERof Clingarwell
 23Jan1694/5 WilliamGRAYson of Walter GRAY
 15Mar1694/5 MarySAVAGE 
 20Mar1694/5 RobertHELLIERson of Henry HELLIER
 22Mar1694/5 WidowCOWARDof Plush
L30Mar1695 RichardBROWNof Sharnhill
L21Apr1695 RogerGROSEof Rew
L24Apr1695 JamesBROWNSEYof Cosmore
L01May1695 AnnMICHELLwidow of Plush
L09May1695 WilliamDAVISson of William & Ann DAVIS of Buckland
L17May1695 WilliamCOXson of Valentine & Ann COX
L22May1695 GraceBUTTwife of John BUTT of Brockhampton
L31May1695 JohnFARWELLof Buckland
L14Jun1695 RobertSANSOMEson of Richard SANSOME of Buckland
L04Aug1695 WilliamLANEson of Elias LANE of Cosmore
L08Sep1695 MaryLANEwife of Elias LANE above-mentioned
L09Oct1695 MaryDOMINEYwidow of Plush
L21Nov1695 RichardVINCENT 
L16Jan1695/6 EdwardROPERson of Edward ROPER of Plush
L22Jan1695/6 BridgetMORRISwife of John MORRIS
L10Feb1695/6 GeorgeFRAMPTONson of George FRAMPTON of Buckland
L24Apr1696 ChristianFRAMPTONwife of Walter FRAMPTON gent of Buckland
L06Sep1696 AnnFURBERdaughter of Thomas FURBER of Yeatmister
L16Oct1696 JohnWOODROWof Monkwoodhill
L07Nov1696 ThomasWATTSsenior of Buckland
L10Dec1696 WilliamLANEson of Elias LANE of Cosmore
L15Dec1696 WilliamWILKINSof Sharnhill
L24Jan1696/7 ThomasDOMNEYson of William DOMNEY of Plush
L24Mar1696/7 GeorgeLOCKsenior of Sharnhill
L04Apr1697 ElizabethDOMNEYwidow of Plush
L05Apr1697 MaryBROWNSEYwidow
L07Apr1697 RichardCLARKE 
L29Apr1697 JamesSTICKLANDson of James STICKLAND of Henley
L23May1697 MaryDUNNINGwife of Thomas DUNNING of Rue
L03Sep1697 ElizabethHELLIERdaughter of Henry HELLIER
L03Oct1697 RichardHOLLANDof Duntish
L25Nov1697 MargaretGRAYwife of William GRAY of Duntish
L20Feb1697/8 ThomasMIDLANEof Buckland
L08Mar1697/8 EleanorDUNING 
L03Jun1698 ConstanceDALIVERwife of Joshua DALIVER of Holwell
L17Jul1698 JohnWATTSof Sharnhill
L23Oct1698 EdithBISHOPwife of William BISHOP of Little Mintern
L20Dec1698 WidowLOVELASSEof Buckham
L06Jan1698/9 JohnCOLLYERof Rue
L19Jan1698/9 MaryCOLLYERwife of Hugh COLLYER of Plush
L27Feb1698/9 MaryTEWXBERRYwife of Richard TEWXBERRY of Puddle Trenthide
L05Apr1699 WilliamJOHNSONof Duntish
L02Jul1699 CatherineFURBERdaughter of John & Mary FURBER of Buckland
L28Oct1699 AnnGILHAMwife of William GILHAM
L09Dec1699 ValentineCOXof Buckkland
L26Dec1699 AnnWATTSdaughter of Thomas & Elizabeth WATTS
L04Jan1699/1700 RalphTASWELLsenior
L25Jan1699/1700 MargeryMULLETwife of Richard MULLET of Plush
L14Feb1699/1700 HesterRUSSELLwife of Jonathan RUSSELL of Buckham
L18Mar1699/1700 ElizabethFURBERwidow
L23May1700 AnnSIMSwidow of Plush
L08Jun1700 RobertHELLIERson of Henry & Mary HELLIER of Buckland
L03Jul1700 WalterFRAMPTONjunior of Buckland
L25Jul1700 MaryLUCKHAMwife of John LUCKHAM of Buckland
L31Jul1700 MaryGOLDwife of John GOLD of Rew
L28Oct1700 MargeryARNOLDwife of William ARNOLD of Buckland
L17Feb1700/1 MaryCOWARDdaughter of Henry COWARD of Plush
L17Feb1700/1 WilliamIL?MSson of Joan IL?MS
L31May1701 ElizabethLAWRENCEwife of R. LAWRENCE Gent
L27Jul1701 ThomasDUNINGof Rew
L05Oct1701 AnnLANEdaughter of Thomas LANE of Brockton
L12Oct1701 WidowBROWNof Brock.
L20Nov1701 WilliamDOMNEYsenior
L17Jan1701/2 AnnCOWARDwidow
L13Mar1701/2 MaryWILKINSwidow of Sharn.
L23Mar1701/2 AnnFURBERdaughter of Thomas FURBER of Buckland
L25Mar1702 WidowJOHNSONof Plush
L31Mar1702 MaryMORRISdaughter of John MORRIS of Buckland
L25May1702 WidowMIDLANEof Buckland
L19Jun1702 RobertWELSHson of William WELL of Buckland
L02Jul1702 RawleighLAWRENCEson of Oliver LAWRENCE
L02Aug1702 JohnDAHIVEof Holwell
L18Aug1702 ElizabethSQUIERof Plush
L23Sep1702 MaryFURBERof Mapowder
L29Oct1702 StephenILESof Buckland
L12Nov1702 NicholasKAINESof Plush
L29Nov1702 ElizabethMULLETdaughter of Edward MULLET junior
L09Jan1702/3 WidowCOWARDof Pulham
L10Jan1702/3 WidowROBERTSof Sharnhill
L11Jan1702/3 JoanROBERTSof Sharnhill
L27Jan1702/3 EdwardHOLLANDson of John HOLLAND of Duntish
L06Mar1702/3 NicholasGILLINGHAMof Plush
L21Mar1702/3 JohnFURBERson of William FURBER of Holwell
L02Apr1703 GeorgeCLAVELL 
L04May1703 ThomasLOVELASSof Plush
L28May1703 AnnBUTTdaughter of John BUTT junior of Brockhampton
L01Jul1703 WidowHOLLINof Monkswood Hill
L05Jul1703 MaryHELLIERwife of Henry HELLIER of Buckland
L21Jul1703 JohnCRANEof Buckland
L26Aug1703 RobertPOLDENson of John POLDEN of Buckland
L05Sep1703 WidowGILLINGHAMof Plush
L15Sep1703 EdwardROPERson of Edward ROPER of Duntish
L09Dec1703 EdithMILLERdau of Edward MILLER of Duntish
L30Dec1703 JamesFURBERson of Thomas FURBER of Duntish
L25Feb1703/4   [entry cut off on microfilm]
L30Apr1704 HenrySIMSson of Robert SIMS of Plush
L30Apr1704 AbigailMULLETdaughter of John MULLET of Minterne
L14May1704 ThomasFURBERson of Thomas FURBER of Buckland
L19May1704 CatherineBRINEwidow of Buckland
L19Jul1704 NicholasCORBYNson of John CORBYN of Minterne
L28Oct1704 SarahFURBERdaughter of Mary FURBER widow of Buckland
L23Dec1704 MaryWATTSwife of Hugh WATTS of Duntish
L30Jan1704/5 MargaretBROWNSEYdaughter of James BROWNSEY
L01Mar1704/5 JohnLUCKHAMson of John LUCKHAM of Buckland
L14Mar1704/5 HughWATTSof Duntish
L20Mar1704/5 WilliamBILESson of William BILES of Plush
L15Apr1705 AnnSIMSdaughter of Robert SIMS of Plush
L22Apr1705 AdaBUTTwife of John BUTT of Rue
L13May1705 FrancesDAMPNEYwife of William DAMPNEY of Plush
L13May1705 EdwardROPERof Plush
L23May1705 AnnFURBERwife of William FURBER of Sharnhill
L29May1705 EdmundILESof Tyley
L28Jun1705 JohnBRIDLEof Duntish
L- -Jul1705 WidowHAINES (?)of Plush
L19Nov1705 JohnCORBYNof Minterne
L18Jan1705/6 ThomasFURBERson of James FURBER of Clianger
L03Mar1705/6 WilliamFURBERson of William FURBER of Sharnhill
L21Mar1705/6 GeorgeFRAMPTONgentleman of Buckland
L09May1706 WidowGROSEof Rew
L18Sep1706 ChristopherDUNNINGof Henley
L04Nov1706 HenryHELLIERof Buckland
L24Nov1706 RobertMULLETof Duntish
L27Dec1706 TheophilaHOLLANDwidow
L09Mar1706/7 RalphBUTTsenior of Brockhampton
L29Apr1707 JohnLUCKHAMof Buckham
L04May1707 WidowCORBENof Minterne
L11May1707 WilliamFURBERson of John FURBER of Buckland
L01Jun1707 MargaretYATEMANwife of Charles YATEMAN of Duntish
L06Jul1707 ElizabethHELLIERwidow of Buckland
L08Jul1707 MaryWILKINS 
L20Jul1707 SamuelMULLETson of Widow MULLET of Duntish
L30Jul1707 JohnGILHAMson of John GILHAM of Duntish
L27Aug1707 ClarissaVINCENTwife of James VINCENT of Rew
L02Sep1707 JohnMICHELLson of Laurence MICHELL of Tyley
L23Sep1707 SamuelDUNNINGgentleman of Brockhampton
L26Oct1707 SarahLANEdaughter of William LANE of Brockhampton
L30Oct1707 ElizabethLAWRENCEdaughter of Oliver LAWRENCE
L08Dec1707 HenryHOPKINSof Henley
L14Dec1707 AbrahamBRUSHFORDson of Abraham BRUSHFORD
L21Mar1707/8 JohnFURBERson of John FURBER of Buckland
L31Mar1708 EdwardFURBERson of Thomas FURBER of Buckland
L03Apr1708 MarySCOTT 
L30May1708 RichardCAINESson of Richard CAINES of Henley
L27Jun1708 WilliamSIMSson of Richard SIMS of Plush
L08Aug1708 WilliamDAWESof Buckland
L05Oct1708 MaryHEWdaughter of John HEW of Plush
L10Oct1708 WilliamGILHAMof Sharnhill
L17Oct1708 ElizabethWATTSdaughter of John WATTS of Buckland
L07Nov1708 JohnHEWof Plush
L10Jan1708/9 WidowHOPKINSof Henley
L12Jan1708/9 JaneSAMSONdaughter of Richard SAMSON of Rew
L31Jan1708/9 AnnBARNSWELLdaughter of John BARNSWELL of Buckland
L08Feb1708/9 ThomasRYALLson of James RYALL of Duntish
L- -Feb1708/9 JaneTOLLERFIELDwidow of Buckham
L08Apr1709 JohnDUNNINGgentleman
L11May1709 MargaretMITCHELLwife of Robert MITCHELL
L08Jun1709 WilliamFOOTson of John FOOT
L08Sep1709 ElizabethNUTTof Duntish
L01Nov1709 JohnGOLDof Rew
L06Nov1709 WilliamDUNNINGson of William DUNNING of Bewley Wood
L08Dec1709 PriscillaSIMSwife of William SIMS of Plush
L23Feb1709/10 WilliamMASLERSson of Robert MASLERS of Plush
L26Mar1710 JohnVINEof Buckland
L22Apr1710 JohnILESson of Edward & Elizabeth ILES
L30Apr1710 ElizabethBRUSHFORDdaughter of Abraham BRUSHFORD
L21Jun1710 AnnBRUSHFORDdaughter of Abraham & Patience BRUSHFORD
L25Jun1710 ElizabethMULLETdaughter of Honour MULLETT
L27Jun1710 MatthewMILLERson of Laurence MILLER of Plush
L17Oct1710 MaryDUNNINGdaughter of William DUNNING of Bewley Mill
L19Nov1710 EleanorBILESdaughter of William & Eleanor BILES
L18Jan1710/11 ThomasLANEson of Thomas LANE of Cosmore
L01Mar1710/11 AnnHOLLANDdaughter of John & Margaret HOLLAND
L29Apr1711 DorothyAINSLYdaughter of William AINSLY
L29May1711 JohnFURBERof Buckland
L30May1711 JamesDUNNINGson of William DUNNING of Bewley Mill
L01Jun1711 ThomasROBERTSof Bewley Wood
L01Jul1711 WilliamCOLLIERson of William COLLIER
L30Sep1711 JohnCHURCHOUSEof Duntish
L23Dec1711 RobertMULLETson of John MULLET of Duntish
L07Feb1711/12 MaryWARFIELDof Mompsfort, Somerset
L10Feb1711/12 WilliamBISHOPof Minterne
L12Feb1711/12 MaryFURBERwidow
L12Feb1711/12 ChristianILESwife of Edmund ILES of Tyley
L24Feb1711/12 ThomasMILLERson of Edward MILLER of Duntish
L11Mar1711/12 JamesVINCENTof Rew
L18Mar1711/12 AnnLOVELASSwife of Robert LOVELASS of Buckland
L27Mar1712 AliceCOLLIERwidow
L01Apr1712 JoanCRANEwidow
L04Apr1712 SarahMULLET 
L09Apr1712 MaryCOLLIERwife of William COLLIER
L04May1712 WilliamWELCH 
L04May1712 ElizabethMEECHwife of James MEECH junior
L08May1712 EdwardMULLETjunior
L11Jun1712 ThomasTREW 
L22Jun1712 ElizabethWATTSjunior
L14Jul1712 ThomasFURBER 
L30Jul1712 SarahMULLETwife of Edward MULLET senior
L02Aug1712 MaryFURBERwidow
L03Aug1712 AnnMEECHdaughter of James MEECH junior
L21Aug1712 JohnMITCHELLof Tyley
L11Dec1712 ElizabethBRINEwife of Edward BRINE
L07Jan1712/13 GeorgeMILLER 
L23Jan1712/13 ChristopherSALWAY 
L15Mar1712/13 WidowEDWARDS 
L26Apr1713 AnaveraSQUIREwife of John SQUIRE
L10May1713 SimonWATTSson of John & Mary WATTS
L24May1713 CatherineLANE 
L12Sep1713 JohnALEMBRIDGEgentleman
L25Sep1713 CharlesYATEMAN 
L26Oct1713 PentecostWATTSwife of Simon WATTS
L15Dec1713 WilliamBRINE 
L26Dec1713 RichardSIMSson of John & Sarah SIMS
L26Jan1713/14 DorothySANDERSwife of John SANDERS junior
L31Jan1713/14 RebeccaSPICERwidow
L02Mar1713/14 WalterFOYgentleman
L04Mar1713/14 WidowLOCK 
L14Mar1713/14 MaryFURBERdaughter of William FURBER
L03May1714 ThomasLANE 
L11May1714 WilliamFURBER 
L04Jul1714 JoanSAMPSONwife of Richard SAMPSON
L18Jul1714 SarahYATEMANwife of John YATEMAN
L20Oct1714 AgnesCOWARD 
L16Nov1714 WilliamGRAY 
L06Dec1714 AnnRUSSELLwife of Jonathan RUSSELL
L08Dec1714 SarahGILHAMdaughter of John & Elizabeth GILHAM
L12Dec1714 AnnLOVELASSwife of Edward LOVELASS
L12Dec1714 MaryHODGESdaughter of James & Mary HODGES
L09Feb1714/15 John PalmerCAINESson of William & Jane CAINES
L10Apr1715 WilliamBISHOP 
L17Apr1715 MaryMILLERdaughter of Richard & Elizabeth MILLER
L28Apr1715 MaryDAMPNEYwife of William DAMPNEY
L05May1715 JohnSANDERS 
L17Jun1715 JohnNAPIERgentleman
L30Oct1715 MaryLOCKwidow
L06Jan1715/16 GregoryWHITTLE 
L07Feb1715/16 JohnBUTT 
L04Apr1716 JohnCAINESof Chetnole
L29Apr1716 WidowNEW 
L11May1716 MaryLANEwife of Edward LANE
L24Jun1716 ElizabethSANDERSwidow
L24Dec1716 WidowNEWMANof Pulham
L06Jan1716/17 JohnLOVELASSson of Thomas & Margery LOVELASS
L08Jan1716/17 PeterYATEMANof Mappowder
L27Jan1716/17 EdwardMULLETsenior
L08Mar1716/17 AnnHARDEYdaughter of James & Elizabeth HARDEY
L07Apr1717 ElizabethMILLERwife of Richard MILLER of Dunetish
L07Apr1717 JohnSIMSson of Thomas & Catherine SIMS
L05May1717 AgnesGILHAMwidow of Sharnell
L05May1717 GeorgeDEARMANson of John & Mary DEARMAN
L06May1717 MaryLANEdaughter of John & Mary LANE of Sherborne
L12May1717 LaurenceCLAVELLof Sharnell
L09Jun1717 SamuelSIMSson of Robert & Catherine SIMS
L02Jul1717 MargaretDOWELLwife of Richard DOWELL
L17Aug1717 AliceCHURCHOUSEwidow
L26Nov1717 WidowBRIDELL 
L19Dec1717 JaneSALLOWENwidow
L06Jan1717/18 HenryCOWARDof Plush
L29Jan1717/18 EdithHELLYERdaughter of Henry & Joan HELLYER
L14May1718 ThomasSHERREYson of Thomas & Mary SHERREY of Minterne
L15Jun1718 AliceFURBERof Buckland
L03Jul1718 EdwardFURBERof Clinger
L17Jul1718 MaryLANEwidow of Sherbourn
L05Sep1718 ElizabethBRETTof Mappowder
L22Dec1718 JohnSQUIREof Brockingham
L27Dec1718 RogerEDWARDSof Buckland
L12Jun1718 JohnSIMSof Bookham
L06Jul1719 EdmondCOWARDof Minterne
L09Jul1719 SarahBROWNSEYdaughter of William & Ann BROWNSEY
L12Sep1719 WilmotteWILLIAMSwife of Thomas WILLIAMS
L21Oct1719 ChristianLANEdaughter of Richard & Mary LANE of Cosmer
L25Nov1719 WilliamTOLERFIELDof Bookham
L18Jan1719/20 EdmondiLESof Duntish
L18Feb1719/20 FrancesSIMSwife of Richard SIMS of Push
L25Feb1719/20 JohnCUTLERof Plush
L20Apr1720 ElizabethCOWARDwife of William COWARD of Pulham
L30Apr1720 JohnGILHAMof Ratten Rew
L19Feb1720/1 ThomasFOOTson of Thomas & Joan FOOT
L21Feb1720/1 FrancesROPERwife of Robert ROPER of Buckland
L24Feb1720/1 AnnSOMERSETwidow of Buckland
L19Mar1720/1 WilliamWHITELLson of William & Ann WHITELL of Plush
L23Mar1720/1 WidowSTAGG 
L26Apr1721 JohnWELSHof Eaden
L07May1721 JohnWHITELLson of William & Anne WHITELL
L07Jul1721 WilliamSIMSof Plush
L30Jul1721 SarahBILESdaughter of William & Eleanor BILES of Plush
L15Oct1721 WilliamBYLESof Plush
L19Jan1721/2 JaneLISTERwife of Reverend William LISTER of Buckland
L05Feb1721/2 WidowCOWARD 
L08Mar1721/2 RichardCAINESof Plush
L03May1722 JaneCAINESdaughter of William & Jane CAINES of Haselbury Bryan
L06May1722 RobertROPERof Buckland
L25May1722 ChristianILESwidow of Buckland
L20Jun1722 MaryLANEwife of John LANE of Sherborn
L01Jul1722 WilliamLANEson of the above-mentioned John LANE of Sherborn
L15Jul1722 MaryROPERdaughter of Robert & Mary ROPER
L25Jul1722 SimonWATTSof Cosmore
L25Jul1722 AliceGREYwife of Walter GREY of Duntish
L26Jul1722 JohnCAINESGent of Duntish
L29Jul1722 StephenSHERREYson of Thomas & Mary SHERREY of Minterne Parva
L30Sep1722 WilliamTOLLERFIELDof Bowcomb
L20Apr1723 MaryCOWARDwife of Edmund COWARD
L16May1723 EdwardLANEof Cosmore
L09Jun1723 WilliamLANEof Brockhampton
L23Jun1723 JaneFRAMPTONwife of John FRAMPTON of Plush
L03Jul1723 SarahSTURMYdaughter of Robert & Sarah STURMYof Tiley
L04Nov1723 WalterGRAYof Duntish
L13Nov1723 GeorgeFRAMPTONson of Robert & Eleanor FRAMPTON
L15Dec1723 ThomasPOLDENof Plush
L21Dec1723 AngelHELLIERson of John & Martha HELLIER of Buckland
L12Jan1723/4 ThomasBRICEof Sharnehull
L12Jan1723/4 WilliamDAMPNEYof Plush
L02Feb1723/4 JamesFOOTson of George & Susanna FOOT of Rew
L15Mar1723/4 JosephROPERson of Joseph & Rosa ROPER of Buckalnd
L31Mar1724 WilliamKNOWELson of William & Mary KNOWEL of Stoke Wake
L02Apr1724 JohnWHITEson of Joseph & Ann WHITE of Brockhampton
L28May1724 HonourSYMSdaughter of Henry & Elizabeth SYMS of Bowcombe
L09Jun1724 GeorgeLUCKHAMof Bowcombe
L11Aug1724 BarbaraDUNNINGwife of William DUNNING of Bewlywood
L06Oct1724 JamesSYMSof Henley
L30Oct1724 FrancisWOODROWof Pulham
L18Nov1724 SarahWILSONdaughter of Thomas & Sarah WILSON of Plush
L29Nov1724 Ann DollingateDAVIS 
L29Nov1724 MaryLOVELACEof Rew
L04Dec1724 SusannaCOXof Rew
L04Dec1724 MaryCOXof Rew
L09Dec1724 RobertFRAMPTONson of Robert & Eleanor FRAMPTON
L09Dec1724 RichardSANSOMof Rew
L10Dec1724 RichardBARNSWELLof Minterne Magna
L14Dec1724 NicholasCOXof Rew
L22Dec1724 JamesFOOTson of Henry & Edith FOOT of Henley
L30Dec1724 JohnWHITEson of Joseph & Ann WHITE of Brockhampton
L23Jan1724/5 WilliamSYMSof Bowcombe
L14Feb1724/5 StephenSHERREYson of Thomas & Mary SHERREY of Minterne Parva
L10Mar1724/5 RobertSTURMYson of Robert & Sarah STURMY of Tiley
L16Mar1724/5 ElizabethMITCHELwife of John MITCHEL of Minterne Parva
L19Mar1724/5 MargaretWOODROWof Mappowder
L25Mar1725 RebeccaROPERwidow of Plushe
L11Apr1725 MargaretLOVELACEdaughter of Thomas & Margery LOVELACE of Rew
L09May1725 JohnMORRIS 
L24May1725 RichardSYMSsenior of Plushe
L19Jul1725 Miss HelenaLISTERdaughter of Reverend William LISTER of Buckland Abbas
L28Nov1725 BenjaminWELCHof Buckland
L29Nov1725 ElizabethRYALwife of James RYAL of Duntish
L05Dec1725 AbrahamBARNSson of Abraham & Mary BARNS of Plush
L08Mar1725/6 JosephROPERof Buckland
L18Apr1726 MaryFRAMPTONwidow of Buckland
L24Apr1726 JaneGILHAMwidow of Sharnhill
L30Apr1726 GeorgeWILLIAMSof Cosmore
L27May1726 RichardCOWARDson of John & Elizabeth COWARD of Chetnoll
L03Jun1726 BettyGRAYwife of John GRAY of Duntish
L30Aug1726 RobertSYMSof Plush
L20Nov1726 ThomasFURBERson of Elizabeth FURBER
L01Dec1726 Dr WilliamLISTERVicar of Buckland, Prebend of Stow Long at Lincoln Cathedral
L01Dec1726 DorothyMULLETwife of Robert MULLET [and mother of Richard MULLET christened the same day]
L20Apr1727 Miss JoanDUNNING 
L26Apr1727 Ann WhiteCAINSdaughter of William & Jane CAINS
L08Jul1727 DorothyPOLDENwife of John POLDEN
L09Jul1727 AnnGILHAMdaughter of Elizabeth GILHAM
L01Oct1727 MaryLOCKwidow
L04Oct1727 AbrahamRUSHETTinfant
L10Oct1727 RichardPEARSEinfant
L05Nov1727 JohnPOLDEN 
L12Nov1727 WilliamANSTY 
L12Nov1727 MarySTURMYdaughter of Robert & Sarah STURMY
L08Dec1727 MaryHARVEYwife of John HARVEY
L28Jan1727/8 SarahSTURMYdaughter of Robert & Sarah STURMY
L11Feb1727/8 MaryBROWNSEYdaughter of William & Ann BROWNSEY
L31Mar1728 JoanSTURMYdaughter of Robert & Sarah STURMY
L04Apr1728 ThomasHOLLANDson of Thomas & Martha HOLLAND
L07Apr1728 MaryELKINSwidow
L14Apr1728 FrancesMILLERwidow
L18Apr1728 HenrySYMSson of Thomas & Catherine SYMS
L05Jun1728 RobertMASTERS 
L10Jun1728 MarySHROUDwidow of Rime
L01Aug1728 MaryBRICEwidow
L08Sep1728 JosephROBBINS 
L11Sep1728 ThomasROBERTS 
L11Oct1728 SusannaSANSOM 
L01Dec1728 SusannaSTURMY 
L05Dec1728 LydiaBARTLETT 
L10Dec1728 EleanorDUNNING 
L02Feb1728/9 JoanHOLLAND 
L16Mar1728/9 MaryBROWNSEY 
L18Mar1728/9 EdwardROPER 
L04Apr1729 ElizabethFURBER 
L08Apr1729 ThomasHOLLANDinfant
L24Apr1729 JohnHOPKINS 
L15Jun1729 ElizabethHARDYdaughter of Henry & Elizabeth HARDY
L03Jul1729 MaryBUNTER 
L09Jul1729 ThomasRIALL 
L15Aug1729 MaryKNOWELLof Lillington
L31Aug1729 MaryLANEwidow
L19Oct1729 MaryBEARNSof Plushe
L22Dec1729 ChristopherSYMESinfant
L04Jan1729/30 ElizabethDUNNINGwidow
L19Jan1729/30 FrancisFRAMPTON 
L25Jan1729/30 ThomasROPER 
L01Feb1729/30 RobertROPER 
L17Feb1729/30 ElizabethWELCHwidow
L22Mar1729/30 MaryMILLSinfant
L15May1730 JohnGRAY 
L18Jun1730 JoanBARTLETT 
L05Jul1730 WilliamBROWNSEY 
L21Jul1730 WilliamBROWNSEYinfant
L29Oct1730 RawleighLAWRENCEGentleman
L30Oct1730 SamuelTOLLERFIELDinfant
L14Dec1730 HenrySYMS 
L31Dec1730 HenrySMETHAMGentleman
L20Jan1730/1 MaryCAINES[daughter of William & Jane CAINES]
L20Jan1730/1 MarthaCAINES[daughter of William & Jane CAINES]
L16Feb1730/1 SarahDRAKEinfant
L03Mar1730/1 GilesMITCHEL 
L07Jun1731 MaryFOOTwife of John FOOT
L18Jun1731 EleanorFRAMPTONwife of Robert FRAMPTON
L29Jun1731 MaryBLANCHARDinfant
L04Jul1731 JoanTOLLERFIELDwidow
L01Aug1731 HenryCORBINson of Henry & Elizabeth CORBIN
L13Aug1731 ElizabethPOPLEinfant
L22Aug1731 WilliamCAINES 
L01Sep1731 WilliamTOLLERFIELD 
L10Oct1731 CatherineSYMS 
L24Oct1731 MaryWILLIS 
L31Oct1731 WilliamWILLISinfant
L04Nov1731 JohnFOOT 
L05Nov1731 AnnTOLLERFIELDwife of Thomas TOLLERFIELD of Holwell
L12Nov1731 WilliamWILLIS 
L06Dec1731 JohnWATTS 
L07Dec1731 IsabellaMITCHELwidow
L21Dec1731 MaryFOYdaughter of Fitzwalter & Jane FOY
L23Apr1732 ChristianBROWNSEY 
L23Apr1732 AnnLUFFEinfant of Pulham
L02Jul1732 ElizabethUDALLof Chetnoll
L12Aug1732 ThomasWATTS 
L10Sep1732 RobertWATTSinfant
L24Sep1732 HenrySYMSinfant
L24Oct1732 AnnMORRISwidow
L10Jan1732/3 JamesBROWNSEYof Minterne
L14Feb1732/3 ElizabethWATTSwidow
L15Feb1732/3 MaryPOPLEinfant
L06May1733 MaryMITCHELof Honist
L29May1733 AnnaPOPLEinfant
L13Jun1733 JohnSYMS 
L28Jun1733 WilliamHOLLAND 
L22Aug1733 CorneliaCOLLINSinfant
L26Aug1733 SarahYEATMAN 
L27Aug1733 ChristianHOPKINSof Frome St Quintin
 02Oct1733 PhyllisDUNNING 
 15Dec1733 SamuelTOLLERFIELDinfant
 30Jan1733/4 RobertMULLET 
 09Feb1733/4 MaryMULLETwife of John MULLET
 21Feb1733/4 ElizabethCAINESwidow
 10Mar1733/4 JohnBILES 
L24Apr1734 JohnILES 
L28Jul1734 MaryVINCENTinfant
L27Aug1734 ElizabethSQUIRE 
L05Sep1734 JamesSTICKLAND 
L08Oct1734 LancelotLOWMAN 
L20Oct1734 ThomasLOVELACE 
L10Nov1734 EdwardBRICE 
L15Dec1734 BensonDERRIMANof Holnest
L28Jan1734/5 MaryFOOT 
L30Jan1734/5 ElizabethSYMES 
L20Apr1735 RobertSTURMY 
L13May1735 GeorgeWHYFFEN 
L28Sep1735 RichardMILLER 
L05Oct1735 JamesGOULDinfant
L09Oct1735 Edward WhiteCAINES 
L04Dec1735 IsabellaANSTYwidow
L07Dec1735 MargaretWATTSwidow
L11Apr1736 WilliamHELLIERinfant
L15Apr1736 AnnDAVISwidow
L08Jun1736 MaryROPERwife of Robert ROPER
L22Aug1736 WilliamGRAY 
L03Sep1736 JohnROBBINS 
L10Oct1736 MaryDAMPNEYwife of William DAMPNEY
L24Oct1736 MaryMAJORwife of John MAJOR
L17Dec1736 AnnBURTinfant
L02Jan1736/7 ThomasBISHOPinfant
L06Mar1736/7 ThomasWESTinfant
L06Mar1736/7 BettyWESTinfant
L09Mar1736/7 HenryCOLEFOX 
 03Jun1737 RichardDAMPNEYof Pulham
 28Jul1737 AnneWHITTLE 
 23Aug1737 WilliamWOODROWof Mappowder
 11Sep1737 JohnMULLETT 
 27Oct1737 AnneSPICER 
 30Oct1737 ThomasCOX 
 13Nov1737 AgnesSOPER 
 11Dec1737 BettyMILLERinfant
 19Feb1737/8 MaryMULLETwife of John MULLET
 25Apr1738 JohnGULLIVERson of Samuel GULLIVER
 22Jun1738 DorothyCHURCHHOUSE 
 25Jun1738 JohnHELLIERinfant
 16Nov1738 JoannaSTEPHENS 
 26Nov1738 WilliamHOLLAND 
 18Jan1738/9 DorothyHODGES 
 21Feb1738/9 BettySPICERinfant
 22Feb1738/9 MarySTEPHENSwidow of Holnest
 02Mar1738/9 SamuelTOLLERFIELD 
 03Mar1738/9 HenryDUNNING 
 18Mar1738/9 ChristianHILLIER 
 26Aug1739 SarahSTURMYwidow
 16Sep1739 WilliamMILLS}
 16Sep1739 JamesVINCENT} two young children
 19Nov1739 RichardSYMS 
 05Jan1739/40 MichaelMILLER 
 09Jan1739/40 RoseTOLLERFIELDwidow
 19Jan1739/40 EdwardILES 
 27Jan1739/40 RichardVOWEL 
 29Jan1739/40 RobertFOOT 
 02Mar1739/40 JohnILESinfant
 22May1740 CatherineTOLLERFIELDdaughter of Ales TOLLERFIELD of Holwel
 13Jul1740 WilliamDUNNING 
 17Aug1740 JosephELKINS 
 17Aug1740 ElizabethGILHAMwidow
 12Oct1740 JohnLAWRENCEson of Widow LAWRENCE
 07Dec1740 AbrahamBRUSHFORD 
 14Dec1740 HenryDODGEinfant
 14May1741 MaryTOLLERFIELDdaughter of William & Eleonar TOLLERFIELD
 14May1741 JohnHOLLAND 
 14Jun1741 GeorgeFOOT 
 18Jun1741 SamuelTOLLERFIELDson of Samuel & Elizabeth TOLLERFIELD
 18Jun1741 MaryTOLLERFIELDdaughter of Samuel & Elizabeth TOLLERFIELD
 20Jul1741 JaneHELLIERwife of Thomas HELLIER
 16Aug1741 JohnMILLS 
 04Oct1741 ThomasFOOT 
 24Jan1741/2 JohnPOPLEinfant
 26Feb1741/2 JonathanRUSSEL 
 05Apr1742 ElizabethLANEwife of Ellis LANE
 02May1742 MaryDUNNING 
 06Sep1742 MaryHOPKINS 
 25Sep1742 ElizabethANTRAMinfant
 25Jan1742/3 MaryCOWARDwife of William COWARD of Abby Milton
 02Feb1742/3 GeorgeHILLIERParish Clerk
 13Mar1742/3 EdmundILES 
 20Mar1742/3 SarahMAJOR 
 07Apr1743 EdwardMULLETT 
 23May1743 MaryTOLLERFIELD 
 29May1743 ElizabethCRANE 
 05Jun1743 ElizabethDOLLANDalias DAVIS
 13Jul1743 JohnHILLIER 
 17Jul1743 JohnWATTS 
 20Nov1743 JaneHILLIERinfant
 22Dec1743 MaryBARTLETTwife of William BARTLETT
 09Jan1743/4 JaneFOYwife of Fitzwalter FOY Esq.
 12Jan1743/4 JaneHILLER 
 12Feb1743/4 GraceWHITEdau ghter of Thomas & Mary WHITE
 24Feb1743/4 ThomasDAVIDGE 
 06May1744 SusannahMITCHELLinfant
 08Jun1744 JamesGILHAM 
 11Jul1744 JamesSTRANGE 
 16Oct1744 JoanGILHAM 
 16Dec1744 AmyHILLIER 
 03Feb1744/5 MaryMULLET 
 13Feb1744/5 AnnDAVIDGE 
 08Apr1745 AnneBRICE 
 14Apr1745 JohnSPICER 
 24May1745 SarahDAW 
 17Oct1745 JohnSAWNDERS 
 11Dec1745 RobertWESTinfant
 29Dec1745 JohnSALISBURYinfant
 16Jan1745/6 ThomasFOOT 
 02Feb1745/6 RobertWATTS 
 13Jul1746 MarthaHILLIER 
 21Sep1746 ElizabethCAINESinfant
 09Nov1746 MaryDAMPNEY 
 28Dec1746 JohnSPICER 
 14Jan1746/7 HonourLUCKHAM 
 05Feb1746/7 MargeryLOVELACE 
 07Mar1746/7 BettyCRANEdaughter of Samuel & Edith CRANE
 10May1747 DinahGRAYinfant
 24Jun1747 JennyHILLIERinfant daughter of George & Margaret HILLIER
 28Jun1747 SarahTHORNEinfant
 28Jul1747 DinahWHIFFIN 
 28Jul1747 WalterROBBINSinfant
 06Sep1747 ChristianBUSHFORDwife of William BUSHFORD
 10Sep1747 MarySYMSwife of John SYMS
 15Nov1747 JohnFRAMPTON 
 22Nov1747 JohnCAINES 
 13Jan1747/8 WilliamCAINESinfant son of Thomas & Elizabeth CAINES
 27Mar1748 RebeccahSPICERinfant
 24Jul1748 AnneSOMERSET 
 02Oct1748 ElizabethFRAMPTON 
 04Dec1748 MarySHERRYwife of William SHERRY
 01Jan1748/9 RobertGOULD 
 17Jan1748/9 WilliamPOPLE 
 23Jan1748/9 SarahFOOT 
 25Jan1748/9 AnnROPER 
 08Feb1748/9 WilliamBARTLETTinfant
 27Feb1748/9 JohnHOPKINS 
 02Apr1749 PhilipSENIOR 
 02May1749 MaryFURBER 
 14May1749 HenryHILLIER 
 21Jun1749 AnnBILES 
 02Jul1749 MargaretHOLLAND 
 27Jul1749 ElizabethTOLLERFIELD 
 13Aug1749 HenryCORBAN 
 04Nov1749 MaryCRANEinfant
 01Dec1749 JoanGILLINGHAM 
 02Feb1749/50 BettyBARTLETTinfant
 12Apr1750 JohnFOYEsq.
 15Apr1750 ElizabethBIRDwife of Thomas BIRD
 08Jul1750 ElizabethCRANE 
 23Jul1750 MaryMULLETT 
 29Jul1750 EdwardLANEinfant
 19Sep1750 ThomasWILSON 
 28Mar1751 AnneWHIFFINinfant
 25Apr1751 JoannaSYMS 
 19May1751 ElizabethSALISBURY 
 02Aug1751 ElizabethROBBINSye Younger
 09Aug1751 JohnFREEKE 
 31Aug1751 PhillisDUNNINGdaughter of Thomas & Elizabeth DUNNING
 01Jan1752 RobertMULLETinfant
 19Jan1752 JohnSPICERinfant
 28Jan1752 ElizabethELKINSwidow
 30Jan1752 ThomasSTRANGEinfant
 04Feb1752 ChristianWILSONwidow
 26Feb1752 TimothyCRANE 
 05Mar1752 AnnPOPLEwife of William POPLE
 20Apr1752 ElizabethROBBINSdaughter of Joseph ROBBINS
 24May1752 JohnROPERinfant
 01Jun1752 ThomasCAINESdied in ye Small Pox
 23Jun1752 ElizabethMULLETof Mappowder
 14Jul1752 JohnMULLET 
 21Sep1752 GeorgeHELLIERinfant
 12Nov1752 JaneTHORNE 
 14Nov1752 ElizabethSPICER 
 17Nov1752 GraceGULLIFORD 
 23Nov1752 FitzwalterFOYEsq.
 24Dec1752 RebeccahSPICERinfant
 14Jan1753 MargaretBAKERwife of Giles BAKER
 21Jan1753 WilliamROPERinfant
 18Feb1753 HenryHILLIERParish Clerk
 02Mar1753 WilliamWELCH 
 15Apr1753 ElizabethSAMPSON 
 19Apr1753 JohnHOLLAND 
 29Apr1753 JemimaMULLETTinfant
 08Jun1753 JoanLAWRENCEMrs
 17Mar1754 WilliamBARTLETTjunior
 21Apr1754 SarahBILESinfant
 07May1754 JohnFOOT 
 18Jun1754 JohnSAMPSONof Sharnhull Green
 01Sep1754 HenryHILLIERinfant
 02Sep1754 JaneDAMPNEY 
 03Nov1754 MarySTICKLAND 
 18Mar1755 JohnBAILEYinfant
 24Jun1755 WilliamROPERinfant
 31Aug1755 JohnDUNNING 
 25Sep1755 GeorgeHELLIERinfant of Mappowder
 11Jan1756 MaryCOLLIER 
 06Feb1756 RobertSPICERson of Elionar SPICER
 24Feb1756 CatharineSYMESof Plush
 16Mar1756 MargaretHELLIER 
 25Apr1756 JosephROPERinfant
 04May1756 MaryWINTER 
 26Jun1756 SusannaDUNNINGinfant
 06Jul1756 JohnELKINS 
 07Jul1756 WilliamDUNNING 
 01Oct1756 MarthaHOLLAND 
 22Oct1756 AmbroseHILLIER 
 18Nov1756 RepentanceDAVIDGE 
 14Dec1756 MosesFOSTERThe Reverend Mr.
 31Dec1756 SamuelTOLLERFIELD 
 02Feb1757 AnnLUCKHAMinfant
 25Apr1757 RuthROPER 
 28Apr1757 RobertFRAMPTON 
 21May1757 JaneMILLER 
 05Jun1757 WilliamPOPLE 
 21Jun1757 JennyFOOT 
 26Jun1757 ThomasCAINES 
 10Jul1757 JohnMAJOR 
 10Jul1757 FeliciaDUNNING 
 14Jul1757 MarySANSOM 
 22Jul1757 CorneliaCOLLINS 
 07Aug1757 JoneHELLIER 
 07Aug1757 MaryWATTS 
 18Sep1757 BettyCAINES 
 21Dec1757 JeanROPER 
 01Mar1758 SusannaDUNNING 
 12Mar1758 HonourDUNNING 
 25Jun1758 RobertROPER 
 19Sep1758 RobertROPER 
 08Oct1758 GraceCHURCHOUSE 
 17Oct1758 StephenFRAMPTON 
 27Oct1758 HughCOLLIER 
 27Dec1758 EmmMILLER 
 06Jan1759 ElizabethWATTS 
 25Mar1759 ElnerBILES 
 30Mar1759 MarthaGOLLOFORD 
 25Apr1759 DanielHOLLAND 
 11May1759 MarthaCOOK 
 03Jun1759 JamesBAILY 
 05Jun1759 JamesDAVIDGE 
 29Jun1759 JeanROPER 
 28Oct1759 AnnMILLER 
 04Nov1759 HonourCAINES 
 23Nov1759 WilliamROPER 
 25Nov1759 SarahSYMS 
 16Dec1759 SarahWATTS 
 26Dec1759 MaryCOLEFOX 
 13Jan1760 JohnMULLET 
 27Apr1760 AnnLUCKHAM 
 09Jun1760 JohnMILLER 
 17Aug1760 MaryCOWARDinfant
 08Sep1760 HenryHOLLAND 
 21Sep1760 MaryWILLSON 
 05Nov1760 HannahMULLET 
 16Nov1760 EdmundCOWARD 
 28Dec1760 ThomasWILLIAMS 
 06Jan1761 RobertBILES 
 30Jan1761 ElizabethROBENS 
 29Mar1761 MaryGOULDRINGwidow
 12Apr1761 MaryCAINES 
 16May1761 CharityJEWEL 
 29May1761 SarahBLACKMORE 
 12Jun1761 ElizabethHOPKINS 
 08Jul1761 MaryGOLLOPMrs, of Maiden Newton
 21Jul1761 MaryFURBER 
 28Jul1761 MichallMILLER 
 01Nov1761 JohnSANSOMinfant
 11Nov1761 EdithCRANE 
 29Nov1761 WilliamLOWMAN 
 27Dec1761 JohnMULLET 
 17Jan1762 JosephBAILE 
 21Jan1762 SusanaFOOT 
 11Feb1762 JosephSPICER 
 16May1762 JoanFOOT 
 31May1762 ThomasFOY 
 02Sep1762 JohnCRANE 
 10Oct1762 WilliamLACY 
 25Nov1762 SusanaLUCKHAM 
 19Dec1762 HenryLUCKHAMinfant
 19Dec1762 WilliamCOOMBESinfant
 26Dec1762 JohnCOWARD 
 06Jan1763 ThomasBARTLETT 
 09Jan1763 JohnILES 
 18Jan1763 ElizabethSPICER 
 02Feb1763 MaryPOLDEN 
 27Feb1763 MarySIMES 
 06Mar1763 AnnLOWMAND 
 06Mar1763 SaraRUSSEL 
 17Mar1763 OliverLAWRENCE 
 03Apr1763 JohnMILLER 
 10Apr1763 AnnCOLLIRE 
 13May1763 ElizabethDUNNING 
 19May1763 GeorgeHILLIRE 
 22May1763 RobertPOPLE 
 27May1763 ElizabethDARYMAN 
 05Jun1763 JamesMEECH 
 09Jun1763 ElizabethILES 
 12Jun1763 WilliamCOOMBS 
 13Jun1763 MaryRIDEOUT 
 16Jun1763 SamuelBULLACK 
 17Jun1763 ThomasDAMPNEY 
 19Jun1763 JohnHOLLAND 
 28Jun1763 ElizabethILES 
 03Jul1763 HenryWHEFFEN 
 03Jul1763 AnnSPICER 
 10Jul1763 BettyLOWMAN 
 14Aug1763 ElizabethSTICKLAND 
 14Aug1763 JosephSPICER 
 28Aug1763 ElnorSPICER 
 28Sep1763 ThomasHOLLAND 
 09Oct1763 MarySANSOM 
 13Dec1763 MarthaDUNNING 
 25Dec1763 GeorgeSPICER 
 25Dec1763 WillmottSANDERS 
 17Jan1764 AnnLANE 
 18Mar1764 MaryBAZZEL 
 17Jun1764 WilliamMITCHEL 
 03Jul1764 GeorgeDAVICE 
 06Jul1764 RichardSKUTT 
 17Aug1764 EttieTOLLERFIELD 
 19Aug1764 ElizabethPOPLE 
 02Sep1764 MarySALSBURY 
 27Oct1764 RobertBULLOCK 
 21Nov1764 BettyFRAMPTONinfant
 28Dec1764 JohnBISHOP 
 19Feb1765 MaryLANE 
 19Feb1765 MaryBATTER 
 14Apr1765 MarthaHOLLAND 
 22Apr1765 RichardPERHAM 
 28May1765 JeanHOPKINS 
 04Aug1765 MaryHOLLAND 
 13Oct1765 SusanaFREEK 
 13Oct1765 AnnRODGES 
 25Nov1765 GeromFOOT[Jerôme]
 01Jan1766 JonathanGRAYof Duntish
 20Jan1766 ThomasSYMESof Plush
 26Feb1766 AnnCAINESdaughter of John & Ann CAINES of Brockhampton
 23Mar1766 EdwardFRAMPTONof Rue
 30Mar1766 ElizabethCOWARDof Piddletrenthide
 25Apr1766 JohnSAMWAYSof Henly
 11May1766 MaryWILLIAMSof Rue
 12May1766 TimothyCOLLINSThe Reverend Mr., Vicar of this parish, Rector of Stickland & Sub-Dean & Canon Residentiary of Wells
 22Aug1766 JamesSHERRY 
 23Nov1766 GilesCOX 
 23Nov1766 WilliamWHITTLE 
 07Dec1766 ThomasBILES 
 09Dec1766 MaryTIZARD 
 23Dec1766 MargratMULLET 
 11Jan1767 EliasSTEPHENS 
 01Feb1767 JohnMITCHEL 
 22Mar1767 ElizabethSCUTT 
 07Apr1767 MaryCAINESinfant
 26Apr1767 JosephCOXinfant
 29Apr1767 ThomasYEATMAN 
 01May1767 JeanWATTS 
 31May1767 BenjamenMULLET 
 30Jul1767 MaryMITCHEL 
 02Aug1767 ChristopherCAINES 
 30Aug1767 SaraDAW 
 02Sep1767 WilliamMOREY 
 06Dec1767 GeorgeHILLIERson of Stephen & Elizabeth HILLIER
 29Dec1767 MrsSENEXof Castle Hill
 01Apr1768 MarySTRANGEwife of Joseph STRANGE of Duntish
 14Apr1768 IsaacGILLINGHAMof Sharnel Green
 20Apr1768 CharityLOCKdaughter of James & Sarah LOCK
 01May1768 ThomasSANSOM 
 15Oct1768 RebeccaBROWNdaughter of John & Sarah BROWN
 18Dec1768 MaryBURROW 
 15May1769 ElizabethRANDLEdaughter of Robert & Elizabeth RANDLE (NB had been privately baptised)
 26May1769 JohnMILLSson of Thomas & Susanna MILLS
 13Jun1769 FrancesROPERof Monkwood Hill
 14Jun1769 MarkANSTYSenior
 30Jul1769 KeziaMITCHELLdaughter of James & Unity MITCHELL
 05Sep1769 MaryRUSSELLdaughter of Thomas & Ann RUSSELL
 23Sep1769 JaneCAINESwife of William CAINES Senior
 23Sep1769 ElizabethCAINESdaughter of William CAINES Junior
 25Oct1769 JohnCARELEYson of William CARELEY
 09Nov1769 JennyEARSwife of Henry AYRES
 11Dec1769 MaryWATTS 
 21Jan1700 LeahBARNESwidow
 25Feb1770 HenriettaMULLETdaughter of Thomas MULLET Senior
 16Mar1770 JohnMULLETof Sharnell Green
 18Mar1770 HenryDUNNING 
 25Mar1770 JohnMILLSSenior
 01Apr1770 ChristianRODGISdaughter of William & Mary RODGIS alias BUTTON of Plush
 15Apr1770 ThomasMULLETson of Thomas MULLET of Mynterne
 26May1770 JohnBROWNson of John & Jane BROWN
 11Jun1770 MaryDUNNINGwife of Charles DUNNING
 14Jun1770 JamesPOPLEson of George & Mary POPLE
 03Aug1770 MarthaHILLIERdaughter of Stephen & Elizabeth HILLIER
 07Aug1770 MaryGILLINGHAMwidow of Isaac GILLINGHAM
 24Sep1770 [blank]DAMPNEYwife of Farmer DAMPNEY of Wootton
 04Nov1770 ChristopherCAINES 
 18Nov1770 BettyDUNNINGwife of Thomas DUNNING
 09Dec1770 JaneSTRANGE 
 18Dec1770 MarthaGOLLOPof Maiden Newton
 12Jan1771 JohnMILLERson of John MILLER of Plush
 23Feb1771 WilliamTHORNE 
 06Jun1771 JohnLUCKHAM 
 03Jul1771 JosephPAWLEY 
 28Aug1771 MaryROPERwife of Robin ROPER
 06Oct1771 ThomasBILESof Mappowder
 08Nov1771 SarahFOOT 
 02Dec1771 SarahBULLOCKwife of John BULLOCK
 31Dec1771 BenjaminVINCENT 
 08Jan1772 ElizabethCARELEYwife of William CARELEY
 07May1772 ElizabethPOPLEdaughter of Robert POPLE of Mappowder
 25Oct1772 JudithMITCHELLdaughter of James & Unity MITCHELL
 01Nov1772 RobertBROWNa stranger
 08Jan1773 ThomasWATTSof Tolepuddle
 12Jan1773 AnnHOUSEdaughter of Robert & Elizabeth HOUSE of Clinger
 04Mar1773 AnnROBINSdaughter of John ROBINS (a stranger)
 07May1773 WidowLAURENCE 
 20Jun1773 JoanSTEVENS 
 13Jul1773 EdithCRANEdaughter of Farmer CRANE of Alton
 12Aug1773 CatherineLOWMANwife of George LOWMAN of Revells Inn
 09Sep1773 MaryWELCHwidow
 14Oct1773 ElizabethNEW 
 11Nov1773 MaryBILES 
 25Dec1773 ThomasDUNNING 
 20Feb1774 BettyMILLSwidow
 22Feb1774 JohnSTEVENS 
 08Mar1774 RobinROPER 
 13Apr1774 MrsALLUMBRIDGE 
 04May1774 ElizabethSPICERdaughter of Mary SPICER
 19May1774 WilliamTOLLERFIELD 
 12Jun1774 ElizabethFRAMPTONwife of Robert FRAMPTON
 17Jul1774 JosephBILESof Plush
 20Nov1774 RichardSAMPSONson of Alexander SAMPSON
 30Nov1774 SamuelGULLIFORD 
 11Dec1774 GeorgeRUSSELLson of Jonathan RUSSELL
 23Dec1774 HannahWATTS 
 25Dec1774 JohnRIDOUTson of John RIDOUT
 01Jan1775 RobertMULLETson of William MULLET
 01Jan1775 AnnSANSOMdaughter of Alexander SANSOM
 12Feb1775 RuthCOX 
 12Mar1775 MelioraWARRinfant
 11May1775 JohnWATTS 
 08Jul1775 ElizabethPOPLEof Mappowder
 23Jul1775 ElizabethGULLIVERinfant
 13Sep1775 AnnSYMSdaughter of William SYMS of Plush
 30Nov1775 SarahRUSSELL 
 24Dec1775 AnnNUTT 
 07Jan1776 WilliamROPER 
 10Jan1776 WilliamBILES 
 04Feb1776 WilliamCAINESSenior
 05Mar1776 JohnMILLERson of John & Jane MILLER
 10Mar1776 JohnSCUTT 
 14Apr1776 BettyRUSSELdaughter of John RUSSEL
 26Apr1776 JeremiahFOOTson of George FOOT
 12Jun1776 MaryROBINSwife of John ROBINS
 23Jun1776 GraceRUSSLE 
 15Sep1776 JoanBARTLETTwife of Ralph BARTLETT
 19Sep1776 StephenPOPLEson of George POPLE
 03Nov1776 MaryWHITTLEof Plush
 31Dec1776 JeanWHORRETinfant
 05Jan1777 NathanielCARELY 
 26Jan1777 MaryRIDEOUTinfant of Turnepick
 29Jan1777 ElizabethCARELY 
 23Feb1777 AnnBISHOPwidow
 02Mar1777 EllnorLAWRANCE 
 18Apr1777 MaryFOOTdaughter of Ann FOOT
 23Jun1777 JohnDUNNING 
 02Aug1777 GraceMITCHEL 
 07Aug1777 SaraLOVELL 
 11Nov1777 MargratBLANCHARDwife of Edward BLANCHARD of Rhue
 11Nov1777 WilliamSANDERSinfant of Brockhampton
 25Dec1777 LydiaMITTCHELwife of John MITTCHEL
 29Jan1778 FrancesWOODROWof Horses Milcom [Melcombe Horsey]
 30Apr1778 JohnSYMS 
 22May1778 MageryCOLLYAR 
 10Aug1778 MaryHILLYARdaughter of Thomas HILLYAR
 16Aug1778 GeorgeKINGMANson of William & Ann KINGMAN of Bath
 16Dec1778 MaryBILESof Plush
 17Feb1779 MaryFOOTof Rhue
 21Feb1779 LydiaHILLYAR 
 21Feb1779 ElizabethWATTSinfant
 28Feb1779 JamesHILLYARinfant
 07Mar1779 William JeansTIZARDinfant
 10Mar1779 JohnDAMPHNYinfant of Pulham
 30May1779 AnnWHEFFENwidow
 27Jun1779 SymonWATTSof Beerhackward
 20Jul1779 ElizabethGRAYof Duntish
 19Nov1779 MariahPOPLEdaughter of James POPLE
 28Nov1779 MaryLOVELLof Plush
 05Dec1779 SaraMULLETTof Rhue
 26Dec1779 AnnRIDEOUTinfant of Turnepick
 13Feb1780 MaryHILLYARwife of Thomas HILLYAR
 05Mar1780 CathrenLOWMAN 
 10Mar1780 GeorgeRIDEOUTinfant of Turnepick
 18Mar1780 JohnBAZZLE 
 13Apr1780 HenryDUNNING 
 26Apr1780 Mary HillyarKINGMANdaughter of William KINGMAN of Bath
 03May1780 JaneCURTIS 
 01Jun1780 JaneROPERwidow
 02Jul1780 GilesBAKER 
 11Jul1780 SamuelMULLET 
 14Jul1780 MarthaHILLYAR 
 30Jul1780 AnnDURRANTinfant
 19Oct1780 JohnHILLYARinfant
 29Oct1780 ElizabethCAINESof Plush
 19Nov1780 ThomasMULLET 
 28Dec1780 WalterCRANE 
 18Feb1781 JamesHILLYAR 
 02Jun1781 JohnSYMESinfant
 05Jun1781 EdwardLAWRENCE 
 10Jun1781 JaneBARNETT 
 14Jun1781 EdwardBLANCHARD 
 21Jun1781 CatharineHILLIAR 
 22Jul1781 SamuelHANNAM 
 06Sep1781 ChristianHILLIAR 
 14Oct1781 JosephMULLETson of William MULLET
 18Nov1781 WilliamDURRANTinfant
 28Nov1781 Fitz WalterFOYEsq.
 05Dec1781 MaryPOPLEdaughter of Robert POPLE
 05Jan1782 ElizabethGILHAMinfant
 31Jan1782 JonathanPOPLE 
 07Mar1782 AnnRUSSEL 
 04Apr1782 MaryPOPLEdaughter of William POPLE of Mapowder
 05May1782 SarahGULLIVER 
 06Jun1782 ElizabethHILLIARdaughter of Thomas HILLIAR
 12Jul1782 SimonWATTS 
 09Aug1782 JamesMULLETson of Phebe MULLET
 19Aug1782 ElizabethSANSOME 
 19Oct1782 JohnMEECH 
 29Dec1782 HannahCHAFFEYinfant
 26Jan1783 WilliamSPICER 
 02Feb1783 AnnRUSSELinfant
 25May1783 MaryHILLIARwidow
 27May1783 ChristianHARRISof Nighton
 03Jun1783 SarahSPICER 
 30Aug1783 JonathanLUCKHAM 
 28Sep1783 RobertFOOT 
 02Oct1783 Duty of 3d took place on each burial, birth or christening entered in this register paupers excepted
 26Oct1783 CharityANSTYpauper
 04Nov1783 SusannaRUSSELpauper, wife of Jonathan RUSSEL
 28Dec1783 WilliamFOOTpauper
 21Jan1784 MaryBROWNpauper, wife of William BROWN
 01Feb1784 ThomasHOLLAND 
 04Feb1784 FrancisBROWNpauper
 28Feb1784 WilliamRUSSEL 
 20Apr1784 CharlesSANSOMEinfant
 11Jun1784 MaryTOLLAFIELD 
 15Jun1784 MarthaDIMANTinfant
 04Jul1784 ElizabethROGERSpauper
 04Jul1784 MarySANSOMEinfant, pauper
 15Jul1784 HenryHOPKINS 
 22Dec1784 MargaretMOREY 
 16Jan1785 SarahLOCKwidow, pauper
 02Feb1785 ElizabethCORBENwidow
 02Feb1785 ThomasWATTSinfant
 06Feb1785 SarahMITCHELpauper
 13Feb1785 JosephCOLLINSof Gunvel
 25Mar1785 WilliamRUSSELinfant
 05Apr1785 EdmundFURBER 
 08Apr1785 JamesPOPLE 
 18Apr1785 WilliamSYMES 
 15May1785 JaneFORDinfant
 23Jun1785 HannahWATTS 
 25Jul1785 AnnaMAJOR 
 01Aug1785 ElizabethSHIRLEYMrs
 21Aug1785 RichardLANE 
 28Sep1785 SamuelDICKERinfant
 11Oct1785 SarahCAINESof Charminster
 28Oct1785 CatharineSTRANGE 
 29Nov1785 ElizabethROPER 
 21Mar1786 JohnBARNETpauper
 28Mar1786 WilliamCAINES 
 04Apr1786 JosephPAYNEReverend Mr
 18Apr1786 GeorgeLOWMAN 
 24Apr1786 ThomasLAWRENCEpauper
 10Aug1786 JohnHOPKINSof Bupdown
 04Sep1786 MarySYMESwife of Richard SYMES
 08Oct1786 GeorgeSANDERSpauper
 19Dec1786 RobertDUNNING 
 27Feb1787 JohnALLEMBRIDGEof Yetminster
 22Apr1787 SarahMULLETwife of Richard MULLET
 10May1787 ElizabethBAZZLEpauper
 18May1787 ThomasKINGMAN 
 20May1787 GeorgeSHERREYinfant
 28Jun1787 AnnMOREY 
 03Sep1787 ElizabethTHORNof Sherbourne
 05Sep1787 AnnCAINESwife of Thomas CAINES
 11Oct1787 AnnPOPLEwife of Henry POPLE
 02Dec1787 WilliamWINTER 
 20Jan1788 ElizabethMULLETpauper
 06Feb1788 MichaelMILLER"the above" [i.e. the son of Robert & Mary MILLER christened 15-Jan-1788]
 01Mar1788 SamuelCRANEMr
 11Mar1788 SusannaTHORNpauper
 18Mar1788 ElizabethCAINES"the above … infant" [i.e. the daughter of James & Elizabeth CAINES christened 08-Mar-1788]
 01May1788 AnnTAYLOR"the above" [i.e. the daughter of Ann TAYLOR christened 25-Apr-1788]
 19Jun1788 JohnDUNNING 
 22Sep1788 MaryLOVELASSinfant of Plush
 12Oct1788 RobertFRAMPTONpauper
 28Oct1788 ThomasLANEof Cosmore
 21Dec1788 ThomasCAINESof Mintern
 25Dec1788 RichardCAINES 
 06Jan1789 ElizabethMANNSwife of Samuel MANNS
 10Jan1789 RichardSYMESinfant
 27Feb1789 JaneSPRYof Dorchester
 19Apr1789 ElizabethROGERSpauper of Plush
 05Jul1789 EleanorBILESof Plush
 08Jul1789 ThomasCAINES 
 15Jul1789 JohnPAWLEY 
 17Jul1789 SarahDUNNINGinfant of Cerne
 01Aug1789 MaryPOPLE 
 07Aug1789 JohnBULLOCK 
 16Aug1789 ElizabethGILLINGHAMalso as GILLHAM
 22Sep1789 JohnBULLOCKof Minterne
 13Oct1789 JaneSYMES 
 08Jan1790 SamuelWAKELY 
 14Feb1790 ElizabethRUSSELwife of Jonathan RUSSEL
 21Feb1790 JohnGILLHAMpauper
 21Mar1790 JohnSHERRY 
 27Apr1790 MaryBUCKLAND 
 31May1790 JaneHOPKINSwife of William HOPKINS
 29Jul1790 AnnRIDEOUT 
 16Sep1790 BenjaminBISHOP 
 12Dec1790 RobertSTRANGE 
     RobertWILSONReverend, Vicar of this parish, died at North Curry, Somerset, 25-Dec-1790
 03Feb1791 AnnSYMESwife of Richard SYMES
 20Mar1791 AliceLOVELASS 
 11May1791 CatherenORAMinfant
 01Jun1791 MaryTHORNEof Sherborne
 01Jun1791 BenjaminTHORNEson of Mary THORNE of Sherborne
 09Jun1791 JohnMILLERGent
 19Jun1791 WilliamPALEY 
 15Sep1791 JamesSTRANGE 
 06Nov1791 HonourDUNNINGpauper
 06Nov1791 JaneCHAFFEpauper
 11Nov1791 AnnKINGMAN 
 30Nov1791 RobertRANDLEpauper
 02Dec1791 SharletteMOREY 
 08Dec1791 ElizabethMULLET 
 13Dec1791 ElizabethRANDLEpauper
 08Jan1792 SarahCHURCHELpauper
 20Jan1792 ElizabethDIMENT 
 11Mar1792 RobertPOPLEof Lenington
 16Mar1792 MarthaFOOTinfant
 03Jun1792 WilliamNORMAN 
 17Jun1792 ElizabethSHERRY 
 10Aug1792 JamesSANSOMpauper
 03Nov1792 EdwardLANE 
 13Nov1792 ElizabethSTRANGE 
 16Jan1793 RichardCURTIS 
 03Feb1793 JamesFOOTinfant pauper
 08Feb1793 WilliamSYMES 
 10Feb1793 AnnSANSOMbase born
 14Feb1793 ThomasFRAMPTONpauper
 01Mar1793 GeorgeMASTERSpauper
 01Apr1793 John BarnesCAINES 
 10May1793 MaryCHANTpauper
 16May1793 MaryJACOBinfant
 22May1793 MaryDUNNINGpauper
 09Jun1793 SarahHOUSE 
 09Jun1793 DiannaSAUNDERSpauper
 20Jun1793 CatharineRUSSELpauper
 13Jul1793 JosephBISHOPof Hilvell, Batcombe
 25Aug1793 ElizabethSANDERSpauper
 17Sep1793 WilliamPOPLEof Stockbridge
 05Jan1794 JohnMITCHELpauper
 13Jan1794 MaryGOLLOPMrs, of Dorchester
 20Jan1794 JohnMITCHEL 
 26Jan1794 JohnSANSOMpauper
 26Jan1794 JaneSANSOMpauper
 06Mar1794 PriscillaCAINES 
 16Mar1794 RebeccaDURRANT 
 15Apr1794 AnnCRANE 
 09May1794 ElizabethILES 
 08Jun1794 ElizabethDURRANT 
 03Jul1794 JaneROGERS 
 15Aug1794 RichardCURTIS 
 05Oct1794 AnnSHERRYinfant
 09Nov1794 JamesCAINESinfant
 18Nov1794 JohnCAINESinfant
 18Nov1794 DiannaGILLAMEinfant
 28Nov1794 WilliamSHERRYinfant
 28Dec1794 GeorgeILESinfant
 06Feb1795 GeorgeMAJOR 
 11Feb1795 ConstanceVINCENT 
 22Feb1795 MaryANSTY 
 02Mar1795 MaryHANNAM 
 05Apr1795 GeorgeBAZZLEinfant [the official version of the PR has this event in March]
 26Apr1795 AnnANSTY[the official version of the PR has this event in March]
 29Apr1795 ThomasWATTS[the official version of the PR has this event in March]
 31May1795 RepentanceLOVEL 
 11Jun1795 GeorgeBUCKLAND 
 27Sep1795 JosephROPER 
 15Oct1795 AnnSANSOM 
 18Oct1795 GeorgeWARRinfant
 14Jan1796 ElizabethMANNS 
 23Feb1796 WilliamGRAYMr
 06Apr1796 WilliamMOREYinfant
 10May1796 ElizabethMULLET 
 15May1796 SarahPOPLEof Lenington
 28Aug1796 Mary AnnCRITCHELinfant
 24Sep1796 ElizabethCAINESwife of Richard CAINES
 23Oct1796 JosephROBINS 
 01Dec1796 MaryHOLLAND 
 28Dec1796 SamuelALLENdied thru the inclemency of the night
 02Mar1797 AnnRUSSEL 
 07May1797 JaneMILLERMrs, of Plush
 18May1797 ThomasLANEof Wootton Glandfields
 06Jun1797 JaneLANEinfant [the word ’infant’ crossed out in the official version of the PRs]
 11Jun1797 HonourWAKELY 
 15Jun1797 RichardCRITCHELinfant
 18Jun1797 MarySYMESinfant
 22Jun1797 ThomasMULLET 
 30Aug1797 JohnLOVELL 
 20Sep1797 SarahSHERRY 
 08Oct1797 GeorgeTAYLOR 
 08Oct1797 MarthaHILLIARinfant
 07Jan1798 CatherineBILES 
 22Feb1798 SusannaMILLS 
 22Feb1798 AnnRUSSEL 
 18Mar1798 AnnWINTER 
 15Apr1798 JosephDURRANT 
 01Jul1798 JamesLOCKinfant
 15Jul1798 JamesSQUIER 
 19Jul1798 RichardCAINES 
 26Jul1798 MarySTRANGEwidow
 14Aug1798 SaraWINTER 
 01Oct1798 JaneMILLERinfant of Plush
 06Jan1799 FrancesROPER 
 10Feb1799 WilliamSYMES 
 17Feb1799 JosephROPER 
 03Nov1799 MaryBILES 
 05Nov1799 JohnSQUIRE 
 17Nov1799 JennyDAWinfant
 09Dec1799 JaneSQUIREinfant daughter of Sarah SQUIRE
 21Jan1800 JaneLANE 
 11Jun1800 MaryLOCK 
 18Sep1800 AnnTHORNEof Sherborne
 19Sep1800 MaryROGERS 
 30Sep1800 SusannaCROCKER 
 04Nov1800 JamesSANSOM 
 09Nov1800 ElizabethSCUTT 
 16Nov1800 JamesROGERS 
 03Dec1800 JonathanRUSSEL 
 23Dec1800 AnnPOPLE 
 25Dec1800 AndrewSANSOM 
 09Jan1801 StephenHILLIAR 
 11Jan1801 JosephHOPKINSof Alton
 01Feb1801 WilliamSHERRY 
 20Feb1801 JamesSTRANGE 
 10Mar1801 HonourHILLIAR 
 16Apr1801 SarahBROWNwife of John BROWN
 19Apr1801 JamesBROWNof Plush
 10May1801 JonathanRUSSEL 
 06Sep1801 RobertFOOT 
 09Sep1801 JamesMILLERinfant
 15Sep1801 ElizabethDUNNINGdaughter of Mary DUNNING
 13Jan1801 JamesGULLIFORD 
 02Feb1802 ThomasMILLS 
 09Feb1802 AnnSCOTT 
 14Feb1802 WilliamBRUSHFORD 
 24Feb1802 AnnLAWRENCE 
 18Apr1802 JonathanHOLLAND 
 01Jun1802 BenjaminBLANCHARD 
 23Jan1803 JosephSTRANGE 
 20Feb1803 JohnHOPKINSof Allton
 03May1803 JamesTOLLERFIELD[last burial entered in the preliminary register]
 14Jun1803 AlliceHELLIAR 
 17Jun1803 SarahSANSOME 
 24Jul1803 WilliamMITCHEL 
 07Aug1803 SarahGILHAM 
 05Feb1804 JohnLOWMAN 
 02Mar1804 MargaretDUNNING 
 17Mar1804 MaryGILLINGHAM 
 04Jun1804 MosesBATTENinfant
 22Jul1804 WilliamROGERS 
 29Jul1804 ThomasRUSSEL 
 13Aug1804 ElizabethCARLEY 
 21Sep1804 MarthaPOPLE 
 18Oct1804 JamesFURBER 
 10Jan1805 RichardDAMPNEY 
 19Jan1805 MaryTISZET 
 18Jan1805 JamesCHAFFEY 
 27Jan1805 RichardGILHAM 
 31Jan1805 ThomasCOX 
 14Mar1805 JamesCAINESson of James & Elizabeth CAINES
 29Apr1805 CatherineLOWMAN 
 26May1805 JonathanHOLLAND 
 19Jun1805 JamesHOUSEinfant
 27Jun1805 BettyROGERSof Plush
 21Jul1805 ElizabethHOUSEinfant
 13Aug1805 ElizabethCAINES 
 16Aug1805 ThomasRUSSELL 
 20Oct1805 ElizabethPAULLYof Plush
 24Nov1805 GeorgeMITCHELinfant
 03Feb1806 ChristianFOOT 
 02Apr1806 RobertLOVEL 
 14Apr1806 ElizabethFOY 
 15Jun1806 SarahHOPKINSof Alton
 09Aug1806 JohnHOPKINS 
 05Dec1806 AnnDAMPNEY 
 24Jan1807 JosephMULLETinfant
 28Feb1807 HenryPOPLE 
 15Mar1807 ElizabethWATTS 
 18Mar1807 JohnLOVEL 
 01Apr1807 MarySTICKLANDinfant
 07Apr1807 MaryLANE89
 12Apr1807 AlexanderSANSOM67
 07Jun1807 JaneHOPKINSof Alton, 22
 12Jun1807 SarahSPICER51
 22Jul1807 FrancesLOVELof Plush, 85
 09Aug1807 JaneRANDALL64
 10Aug1807 RichardLANE87
 11Aug1807 HarrietSTRANGEinfant
 30Aug1807 AnnFOOTinfant
 30Aug1807 MaryRUSSELinfant
 30Sep1807 MaryMILLER 
 11Oct1807 ElizabethHOPKINSof Alton, 58
 25Oct1807 SarahSPICERinfant
 31Dec1807 GeorgePOPLEof Mappowder
 31Jan1808 Ann CollingwoodCURTISinfant
 05Feb1808 WilliamBILES81
 14Feb1808 MaryBRUSHIT81
 14Apr1808 SusannahSANSOM62
 17Apr1808 WilliamHANNUM89
 21Apr1808 JosephBISHOP78
 24Jun1808 JohnHOLLAND37
 07Aug1808 DanielRUSSELL 
 07Oct1808 MarySYMES 
 06Nov1808 ThomasMULLET71
 13Nov1808 ElizabethDUFFET79
 04Jan1809 SarahCRAWFORD15
 08Jan1809 ChristianPOPLE89
 05Feb1809 AnnWILLIAMS26
 19Mar1809 CharlesDURRANT35
 27Mar1809 FelixFOOT7
 08Apr1809 JamesFOOTinfant
 12Apr1809 JohnCHAFFEY 
 23Apr1809 BenjaminMULLET77
 11Jun1809 HenryHOPKINSof Alton, 66
 20Jun1809 ElizabethGRAY59
 05Jul1809 AnnFOOTinfant
 05Oct1809 JohnMILLER1
 15Oct1809 AnnTOLERVILLE57
 01Dec1809 JosephSTRANGE83
 05Dec1809 ElizabethGULLIVER76
 10Dec1809 JaneLANE86
 10Dec1809 WilliamKERLY84
 22Mar1810 AnnCURTISinfant
 01Apr1810 JosephOSMENT5
 13May1810 JohnMULLET88
 13May1810 SarahMULLET82
 19Sep1810 AnnRUSSEL79
 04Dec1810 AnnSYMES92
 16Dec1810 ChristianSANSOM67
 21Feb1811 JosephCAINES48
 24May1811 AviceSYMES85
 26May1811 RichardMULLET86
 22Jun1811 CharlesTHORNEinfant
 29Aug1811 JohnDURRANT55
 24Dec1811 JamesFOOTinfant
 14Jan1812 AnnELVORD 
 06Feb1812 WilliamBAKER75
 19Feb1812 HannahALDRIDGE47
 01Apr1812 ThomasCAINES66
 07Apr1812 MarthaGRAY58
 08Apr1812 SamuelHOLLAND8
 05May1812 ElizabethHOPKINS78
 10May1812 HenriettaTHORNE42
 17May1812 JamesSPICERinfant
 28May1812 JamesRUSSELL46
 15Jun1812 WilliamHOPKINS70
 25Jun1812 WilliamCAINES70
 30Jul1812 ElizabethBAKER78
 02Aug1812 DorcasHAINES13
 07Aug1812 RichardSYMES69
 02Oct1812 AnnCAINES88
 25Oct1812 JonathanCURTIS5
 18Nov1812 MelinaDUNNINGinfant