Parish of Broadwindsor

Ebenezer Chapel near Winsham

BURIALS 1863 to 1895

These records have been taken from a transcription by Mr Brian Webber, as with all transcriptions it is quite possible that errors may have been introduced in this process.

Photograph of Broadwinsor on a wet day in April 2003 courtesy of John Chant


Noah  HUSSEY buried  28-December  1863  

William  COOK buried  24-March  1864  

Judith  CLEAL buried  24-March  1864  

Mary  BENNETT buried  29-July  1864  

Charles Edwin  STEMBRIDGE  buried  29-July  1865  

Susannah  BOWDITCH  buried  14-February  1865  

Betty  LACY  buried  05-March  1865  

Lucy   COOK  buried  25-June  1865  

Job  COOK'S  child  buried  09-July  1865  

Bessie  HICKS  buried  23-August  1865  

James  STANTON buried  04-December  1865  

Sarah  CRABB buried  30-May  1866  

Esther  BENNETT buried  01-March  1867  

Ruth  DUNSTER buried  17-June  1867  

Elizabeth White  PICKARD buried  12-March  1867  

Richard  HODGES buried  12-December  1867  

Mary  COOK buried  09-January  1868  

Tom  WAY buried  31-January  1868  

Ernest James  NOTLEY buried  12-April  1869  

Elizabeth  CAWLEY  buried  26-July  1869  

Elizabeth  SAWYER  buried  13-August  1872  

John  CAWLEY  buried  03-September  1872  

Mary Ann  BENNETT buried  14-September  1872  

John  WILMOT buried  08-March  1872  

Mrs C  TURNER buried  13-January  1875  aged 63

William  NOTLEY  buried  04-March  1876  

Elias  TAYLOR buried  06-May  1876  aged 87

Edward  NOTLEY buried  24-February  1877  

John  PRATT buried  07-March  1877  

Samuel  DUNSTER  buried  **-***  1877  

Mary  HEWLETT  buried  20-March  1876  

Charlotte  COOMBS buried  **-December  1878  

Ann  LACY buried  **-December  1878  

Eliza  COOMBS buried  **-***  1879  

Joseph  MEECH buried  07-January  1879  

Mrs.  PRATT buried  01-July  1881  

Mrs.  POOLE buried  04-August  1881  

Jane  COOMBS buried  23-April  1882  

Joseph  PICKARD buried  15-February  1882  

Herbert  COOMBS [Junior]  buried  18-August  1883  

John  WELLMAN  buried  09-January  1883  

Emma  COZENS buried  28-September  1885  

Joseph  ******    buried  26-January  1885  

Cornelius  TURNER  buried  29-January  1886  

Esther  HITCHCOCK  buried  19-January  1869  

Martha  SPEAR buried  **-***  1885  

Amelia  DUNSTER  buried  30-December  1890  

Ann  COOK buried  03-January  1891  

William  LACY buried  **-January  1891 [brother & sister]

Mary Mitchell  WELLMAN  buried  04-March  1894  

Elizabeth  WHITE  buried  24-March  1895  

Mary  DUNSTER  buried  **-May  1895  

Samuel  BENNETT  buried  17-November  1892  

James  BENNETT  buried  **-December  1895  

James  STANTON  buried    illegible  

Clara  SYMES  buried    illegible  

Susan  GARDENER  buried    illegible  

Elizabeth  LACY  buried    illegible  

Sarah  BOWDITCH  buried    illegible  

Susannah Wellman  BOWDITCH  buried    illegible