BAPTISMS 1812 - 1856

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Maureen Branson

NoYear Date Forenameson/dauParentsSURNAMEAbodeOccupationNotes
11812Dec-14Hannah dau ofJoseph & MaryDURDEN    
21812Dec-27Ann dau ofHenry & MaryGREEN    
31813Jan-17Mary Ann son ofJoseph & SusannahSTAINERUpwey Labourer 
41813Jan-31Elizabeth Waters dau ofBenjamin & SarahGOULDUpwey Labourer 
51813Feb-7Henry son ofJohn & JaneSPRANKLINUpwey Labourer 
61813Apr-11Elizabeth Bowen dau ofWilliam & MaryHEAWARDUpwey Exciseman 
71813Apr-25Elizabeth dau ofJohn & ElizabethBAKERUpwey Yeoman 
81813Jun-6Richard son ofGeorge & JaneBANCROFTUpwey Labourernote in PR "NB This child born & privately baptised at Winterborne Monkton in the county of Dorset"
91813Jun-20Thomas Ford son ofFrancis & MarciaCOAKERUpwey Gardener 
101813Jun-27John son ofWilliam & MaryPUCKERUpwey Schoolmaster 
111813Jul-13William son ofThomas & ElizabethHELLARDUpwey Soldier in the Dorset M
121813Aug-1Hannah dau ofSamuel & JaneBRIDELLUpwey Shepherd 
131813Aug-9George son ofJames & MaryGOREUpweyServant  
141813Sep-19Sarah illeg dau ofEdmund TOMKINS & Sarah SIMMONDS Dorchester/UpweyAttorney’s Clerk 
151813Oct-17Elizabeth dau ofJames & MaryCHIPPFriar Whaddon, Portesham Farming Bailiff 
161814Nov-29Thomas illeg son ofJohn SABINE & Jane MORRISUpwey Captain in the Dorset Militia
171814Dec-31Margaret dau ofWilliam & GraceMATTHEWSUpwey Dairyman 
181814Jan-9Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & SarahTREVETTFordington Servant 
191814Jan-23John son ofJohn & UrsleaCHALKERBincombe Carpenter 
201814Feb-27Ann dau ofGeorge & GraceFORDUpweyLabourer  
211814Apr-4Jane dau ofThomas & BettyHARTNELLUpwey Carpenter 
221814Apr-17Joseph Lewis son ofWilliam & SusannaTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
231814May-8John Barnett son ofJames & ElizabethDUNHAMUpwey Tailor 
241814May-28Elizabeth dau ofThomas & ElizabethHELLARDUpwey Private in the Dorset Militia 
251814Jun-12Jane Hall dau ofWilliam & MabelDAYUpweyTailor  
261814Jun-19William son ofJohn & (Sarah) MaryWHITEUpwey Blacksmithin PR ’Sarah’ crossed out and ’Mary’ inserted
271814Aug-14Eleanor dau ofFrancis & MarciaCOAKERUpwey Gardener 
281814Aug-14Mary dau ofAndrew & SarahRITCHIEUpwey Gardener 
291815Sep-10Mary Ann dau ofWilliam & MaryHEAWARDUpwey Exciseman 
301815Nov-9Elizabeth Mary natural dau ofMaryCOXUpwey St Johns, Guernsey - an Itinerant
311815Jan-1William son ofRobert & RachelBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
321815Feb-20Sarah Elizabeth dau ofJoseph & ElizabethCLAPCOTTUpwey Gentleman 
331815May-14Ann Churchouse dau ofJohn & AnnROPERUpweyMason  
341815Jun-12William Rogers son ofBarney & MaryM’CAMLEYUpwey Private in the Royal Artillery
351815Jul-9Ann dau ofJames & HannahCHRISTOPHERUpwey Pig Jobber 
361815Oct-1Betty dau ofHenry & MaryCAKEUpweyLabourer  
371815Oct-4Mary dau ofJoseph & MaryDURDENUpwey Labourer 
381815Oct-27Julia dau ofWilliam Pershouse & SarahBURGISUpwey Clericusborn 25-Oct-1815
391815Oct-29Maria dau ofJames & ElizabethDURDENUpwey Publican 
401815Nov-19James son ofBenjamin & SarahGOULDUpwey Labourer 
411815Dec-18Jacob son ofThomas & DinahHURDENUpwey Shoemaker 
421816Dec-21Sarah dau ofJohn & SarahFERRYUpweyShoemaker  
431816Dec-25William son ofWilliam & ElizabethREASONSt Peters Dorchester Coachmaker 
441816Jan-8Mary dau ofRichard & SarahCLARKEUpwey Carpenter 
451816Mar-3Maria dau ofGeorge & GraceFORDUpweyLabourer  
461816Mar-9Robert son ofJohn & JaneSPRANKLINUpwey Labourer 
471816Mar-20George Curtis son ofWilliam & HannahRUSSELLUpwey Dairyman 
481816Mar-31Joseph Lewis son ofWilliam & SusannaTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
491816Apr-17Jonas son ofJames & ElizabethDUNHAMUpwey Tailor 
501816Jun-2John Hardy son ofJoseph & SusannaSTAINERUpwey Labourer 
511816Jun-5Robert Ford son ofFrancis & MarciaCOAKERUpwey Gardener 
521816Jun-23Robert son ofNathaniel & JemimaSEALUpwey Servant 
531816Jul-21Mary dau ofHenry & MaryGREENUpweyLabourer  
541816Jul-24Sarah dau ofRobert & MaryGRANTBincombe Blacksmith 
551816Aug-4Hannah dau ofJohn & SarahWALLISUpweyCarter  
561816Aug-4Richard son ofWilliam & JaneHALLETTUpwey Householder 
571816Aug-16Ann dau ofThomas & BettyHARTNELLUpwey Carpenter 
581816Aug-21Sarah dau ofJames & CatherinePITSONThe child born at Upwey, the Father’s parish unknown Servantnote in PR "James PITSON stated to be coachman to General CUMMIN, with whom he is now abroad in France. Catherine PITSON daughter of William FERRY of this parish"
591816Aug-28John Churchouse illeg son ofJohn CHURCHOUSE & Mary CRITCHELL Lower Lytchett/UpweyLabourer 
601816Oct-16Ann dau ofRobert & ElizabethCOOPERUpwey Thatcher 
611816Nov-21George son ofJohn & MarthaSYMONDSUpwey Labourer 
621816Nov-27Joseph son ofWilliam & MaryHEAWARDUpwey Exciseman 
631817Dec-20Sarah illeg dauJames HOUSE & Elizabeth HANNAMUpwey labourer 
641817Dec-22Mary dau ofJohn & MarthaSYMONDSUpwey Labourer 
651817Jan-12Thomas son ofThomas & DinahHURDENUpwey Shoemaker 
661817Feb-28Henry son ofJohn & SarahHUNTUpweyCarter  
671817Apr-9Mary dau ofEdward & MaryCURTISUpwey Miller 
681817Apr-14John Purchaes son ofThomas & AliceATKINSUpwey Dairyman 
691817May-4Thomas son ofWilliam & ElizabethGRUBBUpwey Labourer 
701817May-18Jane dau ofSamuel & JaneBRIDELLUpwey Labourer 
711817May-19Ann dau ofHenry & MaryCAKEUpweyLabourer  
721817Jul-13John son ofJohn & AnnROPERUpweyMason  
 1817Jul-15Thomas Hall son ofWilliam & MabelDAYUpweyTailor  
731817Oct-19William Harris son ofJames & MaryCHIPPFriar Whaddon, Portesham Farming Bailiff 
741817Nov-30Harriet Day dau ofGeorge & GraceFORDUpweyLabourer  
751817Dec-17Marcia dau ofFrancis & MarciaCOAKERUpwey Gardener 
761817Dec-18Charles son ofRobert & RachelBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
771818Dec-21Sophia Catherine Farewell dau ofWilliam & ElizabethKELLAWAYUpwey Brewer 
781818Dec-22Thomas son ofJames & HannahCHRISTOPHERUpwey Swineherd 
791818Feb-11William son ofRobert & ElizabethCOOPERUpwey Thatcher 
801818May-1Elizabeth dau ofAndrew & SarahRITCHIEUpwey Gardener 
811818May-3Samuel son ofJoseph & MaryDURDENUpwey Labourer 
821818May-19Mary dau ofNathaniel & JemimaSEALBincombe Servant 
831818May-23James son ofJohn & MarthaTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
841818Aug-30Sarah dau ofJohn & SarahWALLISUpweyLabourer  
851818Sep-8Mary dau ofJethro & JaneWATERSUpwey Mason 
861818Sep-27Mary Matthew dau ofWilliam & JudithGREENUpwey, but belonging to Buckland Labourer 
871819Nov-29Ann dau ofBenjamin & SarahGOULDUpwey Labourer 
881819Dec-19Louisa dau ofJames & ElizabethDUNHAMUpwey Tailor 
891819Jan-17Catherine Condon dau ofWilliam & SusannaTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
901819Feb-7Sarah Ann dau ofDavid & FrancesBAKERUpwey Servant 
911819Apr-4William son ofHenry & MaryCAKEUpweyLabourer  
921819May-9Alice natural dau ofMariaWATTSUpwey   
931819Jul-27James son ofThomas & DinahHURDENUpwey Shoemaker 
941819Aug-29Ann dau ofWilliam & ElizabethGRUBBUpwey Labourer 
951819Sep-13Daniel son ofWilliam & SarahMUSSELLUpwey Mason 
961820Oct-24Sarah dau ofJames & FrancesWHITTLEBroadwey Labourer 
971820Dec-5Charles son ofGeorge & GraceFORDUpweyLabourer  
981820Jan-20Henry Jonas son ofFrancis & MarciaCOAKERUpwey Gardener 
991820Feb-9John son ofJohn & MarthaTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
1001820Feb-27Jane dau ofJames & ElizabethDUNHAMUpwey Tailor 
1011820Feb-28Mary Ann dau ofJohn & MaryBIRDUpweyLabourer  
1021820Mar-12Sarah dau ofWilliam & SusannaTOWNSENDUpwey Quarryman 
1031820Mar-12Cornelius son ofWilliam & MaryDAYUpweyTailor  
1041820Mar-21Richard son ofLevi & CatherineGROVEUpwey Farmer 
1051820Mar-31Bertha Charlotte dau ofWilliam & MarySILLIFANTUpwey Exciseman 
1061820Mar-31John Phelps son ofWilliam & MarySILLIFANTUpwey Excisemannote in PR "born 27-Oct-1819" [ transcriber note:not sure if this applies to both children]
1071820Apr-14Mary illeg dau ofJohn ELLIOTT & Elizabeth ROBERTS UpweyGent’s Servant 
1081820Apr-30Henry son ofJohn & MaryHOUNSELLUpwey Flax Dresser 
1091820May-6Martha dau ofJohn & MarySIMMONDSUpwey Labourer 
1101820May-7Sarah dau ofJoseph & MaryDURDENUpwey Labourer 
1111820May-8Joseph son ofJohn & SarahADAMSUpweyCooper  
1121820Jun-5Catherine dau ofThomas & SophiaGALPINUpwey Gent 
1131820Jun-22Sarah dau ofWilliam & SarahBILKEUpwey Shoemaker 
1141820Jun-24Catherine dau ofSamuel & JaneBRIDELLUpwey Shepherd 
1151820Sep-10Henry son ofJames & MaryCHIPPFriar Whaddon, Portesham Farming Bailiff 
1161820Oct-15Marcia dau ofJohn & JanePORTERUpweyLabourer  
1171820Oct-18Catherine Ann dau ofJames Hugh & MaryTALBOTUpwey Lieut. R Nborn 5-Sep-1808, Note in PR "Buried at Broadwey Oct 11 1827"
1181820Oct-18Charles son ofJames Hugh & MaryTALBOTUpwey Lieut. R Nborn 20-Sep-1810
1191821Oct-18William Christian son ofJames Hugh & MaryTALBOTUpwey Lieut. R Nborn 5-Apr-1817, Note in PR "Buried at Broadwey May 22 1832"
1201821Nov-12James son ofJohn & MaryWALLISUpweyLabourer  
1211821Jan-12Joseph son ofJames & HannahCHRISTOPHERUpwey Swineherd 
1221821Jan-28John son ofJohn & MarthaTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
1231821Feb-4Geofrey Russell son ofWilliam & MaryWEBBERUpwey Labourer 
1241821Feb-12Sidney son ofJethro & JaneWATTERSUpwey Mason 
1251821Mar-25Ellen natural dau ofJohn LEWIS & Elizabeth HANNAM UpweyLabourer 
1261821Apr-1Ann dau ofJohn & JanePARKERUpweyDairyman  
1271821May-20Eliza dau ofRobert & ElizabethSTROUDUpwey Labourer 
1281821Jun-27Emma dau ofWilliam & MarySILLIFANTUpwey Exciseman 
1291821Jul-17Edward Isaac son ofEdward & ElizabethROPERUpwey Shoemaker 
1301821Aug-3Elizabeth dau ofThomas & DinahHURDENUpwey Shoemaker 
1311821Sep-16Amelia dau ofJohn & ElizaATKINSUpweyLabourer  
1321821Oct-6Jonas Ford son ofFrancis & MarciaCOAKERUpwey Gardener 
1331821Oct-16George son ofGeorge & GraceFORDUpweyLabourer  
1341821Nov-7John Tregonnel son ofJohn & MaryROPERUpweyMason  
1351822Nov-21Mary Ann dau ofDavid & RhodaATKINSUpwey Mason 
1361822Dec-18Mary dau ofJames & JaneREADERUpweyLabourer  
1371822Jan-20Henry son ofJacob & CatherineATKINSUpwey Mason 
1381822Feb-3Lucy dau ofEdward & JaneBIRDUpweyLabourer  
1391822Feb-17Ann dau ofJames & FrancesWHITTLEUpwey Labourer 
1401822Feb-17Ann dau ofWilliam & MaryPHILLIPSUpwey Shoemaker 
1411822Feb-24Harriet Hardy dau ofJoseph & SusannahSTAINERUpwey Labourer 
1421822Feb-24Rebecca dau ofJohn & JaneSPRANKLINUpwey Labourer 
1431822Mar-17Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & ElizabethLOCKILLDorchester Printeraged 19
1441822Mar-24Frances dau ofJohn & MaryHOUNSELLUpwey Flaxman 
1451822Mar-29John son ofWilliam & SarahMUSSELLUpwey Mason 
1461822Apr-7Rebecca dau ofWilliam & ElizabethGRUBBUpwey Labourer 
1471822Apr-15Louisa dau ofJames & ElizabethDUNHAMUpwey Tailor 
1481822Jun-9Charlotte illeg dau ofMariaWATTSUpwey  aged 7y8m
1491822Jun-28George son ofJohn & MaryWALLISUpweyLabourer  
1501822Jul-12Martha dau ofHenry & MaryCAKEUpweyLabourer  
1511822Aug-4Charles son ofThomas & MarthaHINEUpwey Shopkeeper 
1521822Aug-24William illeg son ofHannahLOVELLUpwey   
1531822Sep-8Jane dau ofWilliam & SarahBILKEUpwey Shoemaker 
1541822Sep-30Francis son ofJohn & SarahADAMSUpweyCooper  
1551823Oct-9Ann dau ofHenry & MarthaPALMERUpwey Shopkeeper 
1561823Nov-19Elizabeth dau ofJohn & MarthaTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
1571823Feb-4Elizabeth dau ofCharles & AnnWHITTLEUpwey Shoemaker 
1581823Feb-8Richard son ofJames & JaneREADERUpweyLabourer  
1591823Feb-16William son ofJoseph & AnnSPRANKLINUpwey Labourer 
1601823Mar-5Josiah son ofJames & RuthBUSHRODUpwey Labourer 
1611823Mar-13Henry son ofWilliam & ElizabethHALLETTUpwey Shoemaker 
1621823Mar-25Jane dau ofJohn & MaryBIRDUpweyLabourer  
1631823Apr-13Caroline dau ofWilliam & MaryDAYUpweyTailor  
1641823Apr-27John Harvey son ofJohn & ElizaATKINSUpweyMason  
1651823Jun-1Sarah dau ofJohn & MaryROPERUpweyMason  
 1823Jun-1Elizabeth dau ofEdward & ElizabethROPERUpwey Shoemaker 
1661823Jun-22Jane Ann dau ofJethro & JaneWATTERSUpwey Mason 
1671823Jun-28Francis son ofFrancis & MarciaCOAKERUpwey gardenernot in BTs
1681823Sep-28Elizabeth dau ofSamuel & JaneBRIDELLUpwey Shepherd 
1691823Dec-5Isaac son ofGeorge & GraceFORDUpweyLabourer  
1701823Dec-9Samuel son ofDavid & RhodaATKINSUpwey Mason 
1711824Dec-12Thomas Henry son ofThomas & MarthaHINEUpwey Shopkeeperprivate
1721824Dec-23Francis Weston son ofThomas Crosby & LouisaMEECHUpwey Capt. 62 Regiment - half pay
1731824Feb-3John illeg son ofElizabethROBERTSUpwey  child born at Weymouth
1741824Feb-22James son ofWilliam & SarahMUSSELLUpwey Mason 
1751824Feb-29Sarah dau ofJohn & JanePORTERUpweyLabourer  
1761824Mar-2James McKenzie son ofLazarus & MaryROBERTSUpwey Lieut. R N 
1771824Mar-7Simon son ofWilliam & MaryPHILLIPSUpwey Shoemaker 
1781824Apr-10Levi Groves son ofJames & JaneREADERUpweyLabourer  
1791824Jun-6Elizabeth Lawrence dau ofThomas & ElizabethPOULTONUpwey Exciseman 
1801824Jun-6Fanny Toogood dau ofThomas & ElizabethPOULTONUpwey Exciseman 
1811824Jun-24William son ofJohn & SarahWALLISUpweyLabourer  
1821824Jul-18Joseph son ofJacob & CatherineATKINSUpwey Mason 
1831824Aug-27Jane dau ofJohn & SarahADAMSUpweyCooper  
1841824Sep-5Elizabeth dau ofEdward & JaneBIRDUpweyLabourer  
1851824Sep-21Jane dau ofWilliam & JaneHOCKEYUpwey Gamekeeper to Revd. G Gould
1861824Sep-22William son ofWilliam & SarahBILKEUpwey Shoemaker 
1871825Oct-14Mary Ann dau ofWilliam & Mary AnnGROVEUpwey Labourer 
1881825Dec-26Ellen dau ofJob & SarahALLENUpweyShoemaker  
1891825Jan-5Louisa dau ofWilliam & AnnHOCKEYUpwey Gamekeeper to Revd. G Gouldborn 19-Jun-1823
1901825Jan-16Jane dau ofJohn & MaryROPERUpweyMason  
1911825Feb-9John son ofCharles & AnnWHITTLEUpwey Shoemaker 
1921825Feb-12William son ofJohn & BettyPALMERBincombe Labourer 
1931825Feb-13Henry son ofJohn & GraceSIMMONSUpwey Dairyman 
1941825Feb-27George son ofWillaim & ElizabethGRUBBUpwey Labourer 
1951825Feb-27Maria dau ofJohn & ElizaATKINSUpweyMason  
1961825Apr-3Samuel son ofJohn & MarthaTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
1971825Apr-3William Miller Townsend son ofWilliam MILLER & Charlotte TOWNSEND (father) Nottington, Broadwey;(father) Butcher 
1981825Apr-17Mary Ann dau ofThomas & DinahHURDENUpwey Shoemaker 
1991825May-8Elizabeth dau ofJohn & MarthaSYMONDSUpwey Labourer 
2001825Jun-11Elizabeth dau ofFrancis & MarciaCOAKERUpwey Gardener & Nurseryman
2011825Jul-17Richard son ofWilliam & ElizabethHALLETTUpwey Shoemaker 
2021825Sep-23Elizabeth Ann dau ofJames & MarthaBOWRINGUpwey Gentleman’s Servant
2031825Oct-2Laban son ofWilliam & MaryDAYUpweyTailor  
2041825Oct-9Sarah Harvey dau ofJacob & CatherineATKINSUpwey Mason 
2051826Oct-23Martha Leese dau ofSamuel & AnnHILLARYUpwey Gent 
2061826Dec-28Ann Mitchell dau ofWilliam & AmeliaWHITTLEUpwey Gardener 
2071826Jan-9Enoch son ofJames & HannahCHRISTOPHERUpwey Swineherd 
2081826Jan-15Jane dau ofGeorge & ElizabethGROVESUpwey Thatcher 
2091826Jan-15Richard Fudge son ofJames & JaneRHEADERUpwey Labourer 
2101826Jan-24Thomas son ofJohn & MaryBIRDUpweyLabourer  
2111826Feb-5Emily dau ofJames & [blank]TOMMSUpwey a Stranger 
2121826Feb-5Mary Roper dau ofWilliam & SarahMUSSELLUpwey Mason 
2131826Feb-5Amelia dau ofGeorge & GraceFORDUpweyLabourer  
2141826Jan-29Martha dau ofThomas & MaryMEYERSUpwey Labourerbaptised at Broadwey Church
2151826Feb-16Maria Lucas dau ofSamuel & KeziaLANCEUpwey Tailor 
2161826Feb-25Sarah Ann dau ofJames & RuthBUSHRODUpwey Mason 
2171826Apr-15Charles illeg son ofMariaWATTSUpwey   
2181826Apr-18Mary dau ofJacob & MargaretBRIDLEUpwey Limeburner 
2191826Aug-31Sarah Jane dau ofFrancis & MaryDYERUpweyLabourer  
2201826Aug-31Elizabeth illeg dau ofJames GUPPY & Ann GAYLORUpwey Labourer 
2211827Nov-19John son ofWilliam & MaryPHILLIPSUpwey Shoemaker 
2221827Dec-31Jeremiah illeg son ofElizabethROBERTSUpwey   
2231827Jan-14Thomas son ofWilliam & SarahBILKEUpwey Shoemaker 
2241827Mar-9William Painter son ofWilliam & AmeliaWHITTLEUpwey Parish Clerk & Gardener
2251827Mar-18Hester dau ofJohn & JaneSPRANKLINUpwey Labourer 
2261827Mar-28Jane Catherine dau ofJames & SarahNOTLEYUpwey Labourer 
2271827May-23Edward Pring son ofSamuel & KeziaLANCEUpwey Tailor 
2281827Jun-17William son ofJohn & MarthaTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
2291827Jul-8Charles son ofJohn & SarahWALLISUpweyLabourer  
2301827Aug-4Henry Francis son ofGeorge & HannahBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
2311827Aug-5Rhoda dau ofJohn & ElizaATKINSUpweyMason  
2321827Sep-16Jane dau ofThomas & JaneDICKERUpwey Shoemaker 
2331827Sep-19William Kimber son ofSamuel & AnnHILLARYUpwey Gent 
2341827Oct-22Mary Booby dau ofJohn & GraceSYMONDSUpwey Dairyman 
2351827Nov-18Elizabeth Beale dau ofDavid & FrancesBAKERUpwey Labourer 
2361827Nov-21Jane dau ofFrancis & MarciaCOAKERUpwey Nurserymanborn 10-Sep-1827
2371828Dec-27John illeg son ofJohn GUY & Sara BRIDELLUpwey Labourer 
2381828Dec-30Elizabeth Ann dau ofThomas & MaryMEYERSUpwey Labourer 
2391828Jan-5Thomas son ofJohn & AmeliaHOWEUpweyShepherd  
2401828Feb-4Martha dau ofJames & CatherineNEWUpwey Sawyer 
2411828Mar-23Jane Fudge Groves dau ofJames & JaneRHEADERUpwey Labourer 
2421828Mar-23Henry son ofJohn & JaneHARRISUpweyCarpenter  
2431828Mar-30Robert son ofWilliam & ElizabethGRUBBUpwey labourer 
2441828Apr-12William illeg son ofWilliam BARTLETT & Elizabeth BERRY UpweyGentleman’s Servant
2451828Apr-20Isabella dau ofWilliam & MabelDAYUpweyTailor  
2461828Apr-20Mary dau ofGeorge & ElizabethGROVESUpwey Thatcher 
2471828Apr-20Mary dau ofWilliam & ElizabethHALLETTUpwey Shoemaker 
2481828May-4Lavinia dau ofGeorge & GraceFORDUpweyLabourer  
2491828May-18Ann dau ofJoseph & ChristianaSTAINERUpwey LabourerNote in PR "Catherine p 36"
2501828Jun-15John Theophilus son ofJohn & MaryHARRISUpweyGardener  
2511828Jun-29George son ofJohn & MaryBIRDUpweyLabourer  
2521828Aug-10Samuel Nathaneal son ofSamuel Luke & SarahTOWNSENDUpwey Surgeon 
2531828Oct-2Levi John Augustus son ofLevi & MarthaGROVESUpwey Butcher 
2541828Nov-16Mary Watters dau ofJames & RuthBUSHRODUpwey Mason 
2551828Nov-28Louisa Weston dau ofThomas Crosby & LouisaMEECHUpwey Capt. 62 Regiment - half pay
2561828Dec-11Leman Sherren son ofSamuel & KeziaLANCEUpwey Tailor 
2571829Dec-21Mary Roper dau ofGeorge & HannahBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
2581829Dec-28Sarah dau ofWilliam & SarahMUSSELLUpwey Mason 
2591829Jan-11Charles son ofJohn & SarahWALLISUpweyLabourer  
2601829Feb-15Ann dau ofWilliam & SarahBILKEUpwey Shoemaker 
2611829Feb-22Mary dau ofJames & AnnGUPPYUpweyLabourer  
2621829Mar-15Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & HannahBRIDELLUpwey Labourer 
2631829Mar-22John Whetham son ofJohn & Mary AnnKINGUpwey Schoolmaster 
2641829Mar-29Louisa dau ofJames & MarthaBOWRINGUpwey Gentleman’s Servant
2651829May-10Michael son ofWilliam & AmeliaWHITTLEUpwey Parish Clerk & Gardener
2661829Jul-8Louisa dau ofJames & ElizabethHARRISUpwey Surveyor of the Roads
2671829Jul-12George son ofJohn & CharlotteGIBBSUpwey Labourer 
2681829Jul-19Hannah dau ofJohn & ElizaATKINSUpweyMason  
2691829Aug-6Susanna dau ofJohn & HannahLEWISUpweyLabourer  
2701829Sep-30George son ofJohn & Mary AnnHURDENUpwey Labourerprivate
2711829Oct-10Henry Booby son ofJohn & GraceSYMONDSUpwey Dairymanprivate
2721829Oct-21Emma Jane dau ofJohn & JaneHARRISUpweyCarpenter  
2731829Oct-25Louisa illeg dau ofElizabethHANNAMUpwey   
2741830Nov-3John son ofGeorge & SusanBERRYUpwey Labourer 
2751830Dec-20Harriet dau ofJames & JaneRHEADERUpwey Labourer 
2761830Jan-10Jemima dau ofDavid & FrancesBAKERUpwey Labourer 
2771830Feb-12George son ofJohn & SarahHOWEUpweyLabourer private
2781830Mar-12Marcia dau ofWilliam & MaryMAYOUpweyCooper private
2791830Apr-11Nehemiah son ofJames & SarahNOTLEYUpwey Labourer 
2791830Apr-25Mary Ann dau ofLevi & MarthaGROVESUpwey Butcher 
2801830May-9Jacob twin son ofWilliam & MaryPHILLIPSUpwey Shoemakerprivate
2811830May-9Esau twin son ofWilliam & MaryPHILLIPSUpwey Shoemaker 
2811830Jun-6Isabella dau ofThomas & MaryMEYERSUpwey Labourer 
2821830Jul-8Alfred John twin son ofSamuel & SarahTOWNSENDUpwey Surgeon 
2831830Jul-8Julia Augusta twin dau ofSamuel & SarahTOWNSENDUpwey Surgeon 
2841830Jul-11Israel son ofGeorge & GraceFORDUpweyLabourer  
2851830Aug-1Charlotte dau ofJohn & MarthaTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
2861830Aug-22Alfred son ofJohn & MaryHARRISUpweyGardener  
2871830Sep-16Charles Bartlett son ofJohn & MarthaCOXUpweyLabourer  
2881830Oct-17Israel son ofJoseph & CatherineSTAINERUpwey Labourernote in PR "’Christiana’ on P31
2891830Nov-21John Symonds son ofJames & AnnLAKEUpweyLabourer  
2901831Dec-5Abel Harvey son ofJohn & ElizaATKINSUpweyMason  
2911831Dec-26John son ofGeorge & EleanorWHITEUpwey Bricklayer 
2921831Jan-9George son ofGeorge & HannahBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
2931831Jan-16James son ofWilliam & MaryMILDENUpwey Blacksmith 
2941831Jan-31Kerenhappuch dau ofSamuel & KeziaLANCEUpwey Tailor 
2951831Feb-6George Beale son ofJob & SarahCOXUpweyLabourer  
2961831Mar-2Sarah Ann dau ofJohn & ElizabethTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
2971831Mar-4James son ofJames & AnnCHRISTOPHERUpwey Labourerprivate
2981831Mar-6Edmund son ofJohn & SarahWALLISUpweyLabourer  
2991831Jun-12Thirza dau ofWilliam & MariaBICKLEresiding at Upwey Surveyor of the Roads
3001831Jul-10Francis son ofthe late Francis & AnnCOAKERUpwey Nurseryman 
3011831Jul-18Enos illeg son ofHenry BROWNING & Elizabeth TUCKSBURY  UpweyGent’s Servant 
3021831Jul-31Rosanna dau ofWilliam & MaryNOTLEYUpwey Shepherd 
3031831Jul-31Robert son ofJames & AnnGUPPYUpweyLabourer  
3041831Aug-14Emily dau ofThomas & ElizaHONEYBORNEUpwey Labourer 
3051831Aug-29Joseph William son ofJohn & HannahLEWISUpweyLabourer  
3061831Sep-25Thomas illeg son ofMarthaHURDENUpwey   
3071831Oct-16James son ofJames & RuthBUSHRODUpwey Stonemason 
3081831Oct-30Levi son ofWilliam & SarahBILKEUpwey Shoemaker 
3091831Dec-4Mary dau ofJohn & SarahHOWEUpweyLabourer  
3101832Dec-25Ann dau ofJohn & MarthaTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
3111832Dec-25Abraham Warr son ofGeorge & SusanBERRYUpwey Labourer 
3121832Jan-29Charles son ofJohn & CharlotteGIBBSUpwey Labourer 
3131832Jan-29Hannah dau ofJohn & Mary AnnHURDENUpwey Labourer 
3141832Feb-10Jane Read dau ofWilliam & ElizabethGRUBBUpwey Labourerprivate
3151832Mar-23Ann Bartlett dau ofJohn & MarthaCOXUpweyLabourer  
3161832Mar-25Esther Jane dau ofLevi & MarthaGROVEUpweyButcher  
3171832May-27Louisa Isabella dau ofSamuel & SarahTOWNSENDUpwey Surgeon 
3181832Jun-30James son ofJames & JaneRHEADERUpwey Labourerprivate
3191832Jul-8Mary Ann dau ofThomas & AnnWYATTfrom Broadway, Somerset residing at Upwey Labourer on the road
3201832Jul-29Elizabeth Harvey dau ofJohn & ElizaATKINSUpweyMason  
3211832Aug-5George Thomas son ofJohn & GraceSYMONDSUpwey Dairyman 
3221832Aug-12Mary dau ofJohn & MaryHARRISUpweyGardener  
3231832Aug-19Emma dau ofThomas & MaryMEYERSUpwey Labourer 
3241832Oct-7Ann dau ofJohn & MarthaSYMONDSUpwey Labourer 
3251832Oct-21Elizabeth Sarah dau ofGeorge & ElizabethGROVEUpwey Thatcher 
3261832Oct-28Jonas Grey son ofWilliam & AmeliaWHITTLEUpwey Parish Clerk & Gardener
3271832Oct-31Elizabeth Frances dau ofThomas & Mary AnnCOOKUpwey Labourerprivate
3281832Nov-11Charlotte dau ofIsaac & AnnTOMKINSUpweyMiller’s Servant private
3291832Dec-6Maria dau ofJohn & MaryKINGUpweySchoolmaster  
3301832Dec-9Tamar dau ofWilliam & MaryPHILLIPSUpwey Shoemaker 
3311833Dec-23Robert son ofGeorge & HannahBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
3321833Dec-25Edwin James son ofEdwin James & MaryHARRISUpwey Gardener’s Assistant
3331833Jan-12George son ofGeorge & EleanorWHITEUpwey formerly Bricklayer now Tea Dealer
3341833Jan-20William son ofJoseph & CatherineSTAINERUpwey Labourer 
3351833Jan-31Mary dau ofMark & FrancesANDREWSUpwey Butcher 
3361833Apr-5Hannah dau ofJoseph & AnnWOODSFORDresiding at Upwey, belonging to Portesham Labourer 
3371833Apr-11Charles son ofJohn & SarahHOWEUpweyLabourer  
3381833Apr-14Hannah dau ofJames & AnnCHRISTOPHERUpwey Labourer 
3391833Apr-28Ann Meager dau ofJohn & HannahLEWISUpweyLabourer  
3401833May-19Sarah dau ofWilliam & MaryNOTLEYUpwey Shepherd 
3411833May-21Reuben son ofEdmund & JaneGROVEUpweyThatcher private
3421833May-26William son ofJohn & AnnLEGGUpweyLabourer  
3431833Jun-2Edward Charles son ofDavid & FrancesBAKERUpwey Labourer 
3441833Jun-23Mary Ann dau ofThomas & ElizabethBOWDITCHUpwey Baker 
3451833Jul-7William son ofJames & AnnLAKEUpweyLabourer  
3461833Jul-30Mary dau ofCharles & MaryEDWARDSUpwey Labourer 
3471833Sep-1John son ofCharles & CharlotteRIALUpwey Gentleman’s Servant
3481833Sep-29Joseph Henry son ofJoseph & HarrietWINZARUpwey Carpenter 
3491833Oct-6Mary dau ofRobert & MarySTROUDresiding in Upwey Labourer 
3501833Oct-13Herbert son ofJohn & MaryHARRISUpweyNurseryman  
3511833Nov-3John son ofJethro & JaneWATERSUpwey Mason 
3511833Dec-1Maria dau ofWilliam & MariaBICKLEUpwey Surveyor of the Roads
3521833Dec-2James George twin son ofJames & ElizaSTENTresiding in Upwey late Innkeeper in Dorchester
3531834Dec-2Henry Holland twin son ofJames & ElizaSTENTresiding in Upwey late Innkeeper in Dorchester
3541834Dec-29Elizabeth Mary dau ofStephen & MarySYMESUpwey Shoemaker 
3551834Jan-12Harriet dau ofCharles & SarahCHRISTOPHERUpwey Labourer 
3561834Feb-6Joseph son ofJohn & MarthaTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
3571834Feb-9Martha Selina dau ofLevi & MarthaGROVEBincombe Labourer 
3581834Feb-10Richard son ofMark & FrancesANDREWSUpwey Butcher 
3591834Feb-23Isaac son ofThomas & ElizaHONEYBORNEUpwey Carter 
3601834Mar-8Mary Ann dau ofJohn & AnnPETERSUpweyTailor  
3611834Mar-9Martha dau ofJames & JaneRHEADERUpwey Labourer 
3621834Mar-25Edith dau ofJames & AnnGUPPYUpweyLabourer  
3631834Apr-27Amy dau ofFrancis & MaryMEECHUpwey Dairyman 
3641834May-15Richard illeg son ofWilliam BARTLETT & Sarah BRIDEL  UpweyGent’s Servant 
3651834Jun-1Alfred son ofJohn & CharlotteGIBBSUpwey Labourer 
3661834Jun-8Jane dau ofJohn & Mary AnnHURDENUpwey Labourer 
3671834Jun-15Alice Susan dau ofGeorge & SusanBERRYUpwey Labourer 
3681834Jun-22Herbert Luke son ofSamuel & SarahTOWNSENDUpwey Surgeon 
3691834Jul-13Thomas son ofJames & AnnLEWISUpweySchoolmaster  
3701834Aug-17William Rheader son ofThomas & EleanorGROVESUpwey Labourer 
3711834Aug-17George Bartlett son ofJohn & MarthaCOXUpweyLabourer  
3721834Sep-7Charles son ofJoseph & ChristianaSTAINERUpwey Labourer 
3731834Sep-7Mary Ann Avery dau ofThomas & Mary AnnCOOKUpwey Labourer 
3741834Sep-28Henry Roper son ofGeorge & HannahBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
3751834Oct-6Alfred son ofJohn & PriscillaCHALKERUpwey Labourerprivate
3761834Oct-13Mary Barrett dau ofWilliam & MaryMAYOUpweyCooper & Publican private
3771834Nov-26Amelia Mitchell twin dau ofWilliam & AmeliaWHITTLEUpwey Parish Clerk & Gardener
3781834Nov-26Jesse twin son ofWilliam & AmeliaWHITTLEUpwey Parish Clerk & Gardener
3791835Dec-14Henry son ofRobert & SusannaSOMERSUpwey Shoemaker 
3801835Dec-21Mary dau ofWilliam & SarahBILKEUpwey Shoemaker 
3811835Jan-8John Hayward son ofSamuel & SusanSTROUDUpwey Mariner 
3821835Jan-11John son ofGeorge & ElizabethSYMONDSUpwey Labourer 
3831835Jan-18Hannah dau ofGeorge & EleanorWHITEUpwey Plasterer & Tea Dealer
3841835Feb-1Mary dau ofJohn & ElizabethWHITEWeymouth Publican 
3851835Mar-27Charles son ofJeremiah & MarthaBRIDLEUpwey Labourer 
3861835Apr-19Enoch son ofJames & AnnCHRISTOPHERUpwey Labourer 
3871835Apr-26Charles son ofJohn & ElizaATKINSUpweyMason  
3881835May-17Reuben son ofGeorge & ElizabethGROVEUpwey Thatcher 
3891835Jun-14Richard son ofHenry & Mary AnnROPERUpwey Shopkeeper & Mason
3901835Jun-16Elizabeth dau ofDavid & AnnSPICERUpweyLabourer  
3911835Jun-21Elias son ofThomas & MaryMEYERSUpwey Labourer 
3921835Jul-5Timothy son ofJohn & MarthaTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
3931835Jul-7Thomas son ofCharles & SarahCHRISTOPHERUpwey Labourerprivate
3941835Aug-30Mary dau ofEdmund & JaneGROVEUpweyThatcher  
3951835Sep-6George Fudge son ofMark & FrancesANDREWSUpwey Butcher 
3961835Sep-20Elizabeth Symonds dau ofJames & AnnLAKEUpweyLabourer  
3971835Nov-15Ellen dau ofElias & HannahSIMMONSUpwey Labourer 
3981835Nov-15Frances Ann dau ofJohn & FrancesHIGGSUpwey Gent’s Bailiff 
3991835Nov-29Elizabeth dau ofJames & AnnLEWISUpweySchoolmaster  
4001835Nov-29Elizabeth dau ofThomas & ElizabethBOWDITCHUpwey Baker 
4011836Dec-8Sarah Jane dau ofWilliam & Mary AnnSKILLERUpwey Labourer 
4011836Dec-30Frederick Henry son ofLevi & MarthaGROVEUpweyButcher  
4021836Jan-8Temperance twin dau ofThomas & ElizaHONEYBORNEUpwey Carter 
4031836Jan-8Eliza twin dau ofThomas & ElizaHONEYBORNEUpwey Carter 
4041836Jan-10Esau Edward son ofWilliam & MaryPHILLIPSUpwey Shoemaker 
4051836Jan-17Edward son ofJames & AnnGUPPYUpweyLabourer  
4061836Jan-31Emma illeg dau ofMarianeNOBBSresides Upwey but belongs to Bradpole  
4071836Feb-28John son ofJohn & AnnPETERSUpweyTailor  
4081836Mar-6Wilmot dau ofWilliam & MariaBICKLEUpwey Surveyor of the Roads
4091836Mar-20Sarah dau ofStephen & MarySYMESUpwey Labourer 
4101836Mar-27Thomas John son ofThomas & Mary AnnCOOKUpwey Labourer 
4111836Apr-3John son ofDavid & FrancesBAKERUpwey Labourer 
4121836May-1James Chandler son ofSamuel & SarahTOWNSENDUpwey Surgeon 
4131836May-1Henry son ofWilliam & MaryMAYOUpwey Cooper & Publican
4141836May-8Jeremiah Roberts son ofWilliam & JaneWILLSUpwey Labourer 
4151836May-15Frederick illeg son ofMariaFORDUpwey   
4161836Jul-3Esther dau ofJames & JaneRHEADERUpwey Labourer 
4171836Jul-17Judith Bewley dau ofRobert & SusannaSOMERSUpwey Shoemaker 
4181836Aug-28James Roberts son ofDavid & AnnSPICERUpweyLabourer  
4191836Oct-2Isaac son ofWilliam & AmeliaWHITTLEUpwey Parish Clerk & Gardener
4201836Oct-2William son ofJohn & BettyBEAVISUpweyLabourer  
4211836Oct-23William son ofGeorge & EleanorWHITEUpwey Plasterer & Tea Dealer
4221836Oct-28Mary Ann Harvey dau ofJohn & ElizaATKINSUpweyMason  
4231836Nov-12Sam Warr son ofGeorge & SusanBERRYUpwey Labourer 
4241836Nov-20Susanna dau ofElias & HannahSIMMONSUpwey Labourer 
4251836Dec-23Henry son ofJoseph & CatherineSTAINERUpwey Labourer 
4261836Dec-25Jane dau ofSamuel & MaryDAYUpweyLabourer  
4271837Dec-25Josiah James son ofEdwin & AnnPOPLEUpweyGent’s Servant  
4281837Dec-25Eden John son ofEdwin & AnnPOPLEUpweyGent’s Servant  
4291837Jan-8Emily dau ofJohn & PriscillaCHALKERUpwey Labourer 
4301837Feb-5Ellen dau ofThomas & MaryMEYERSUpwey Labourer 
4311837Feb-5Henry Durden son ofHenry & Mary AnnROPERUpwey Shopkeeper & Mason
4321837Feb-5Maria dau ofGeorge & HannahBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
4331837Feb-26Joseph son ofJames & AnnCHRISTOPHERUpwey Labourer 
4341837Feb-26Martha Elizabeth dau ofJames & RuthBUSHRODUpwey Stonemason 
4351837Feb-26Mary dau ofGeorge & SarahROPERUpwey Mason 
4361837May-7Susan dau ofJohn & AnnPETERSUpweyTailor  
4371837May-21Fanny dau ofWilliam & MaryMAYOUpweyCooper & Publican  
4381837May-21Lucy dau ofJohn & HarrietGROVESUpwey Lieut. R N 
4391837May-31Elizabeth Jane Bartlett dau ofJohn & MarthaCOXUpweyLabourer  
4401837Jun-4Morgan Read son ofJohn & AnnLEGGUpweyLabourer  
4411837Jun-25Edwin son ofEdwin & AnnPOPLEUpweyGent’s Servant  
4421837Jun-25Sarah Jane dau ofGeorge & ElizabethSYMONDSUpwey Labourer 
4431837Jun-25Maria illeg dau ofElizabethROBERTSUpwey   
4441837Jul-23Robert son ofMark & FrancesANDREWSUpwey Butcher 
4451837Aug-3Frances dau ofJoseph & ElizaWARNEUpwey Yeoman 
4461837Aug-13Levi son ofWilliam & MarySYMESUpwey Labourer 
4471837Sep-24Jane dau ofEdmund & JaneGROVESUpwey Thatcher 
4481837Oct-1James Whittle son ofWilliam Whittle & JaneWILLSUpwey Labourer 
4491837Oct-22Mary dau ofGeorge & ElizabethGROVESUpwey Thatcher 
4501837Oct-23Maryann Knight dau ofChristopher Kellaway & ElizaMELBOURNE UpweyCarpenter 
4511837Oct-29Maryann dau ofRobert & HannahMUSTONUpwey Labourer 
4521837Dec-14Jane dau ofRobert & SusanSUMMERSUpwey Shoemaker 
4531837Dec-17Sarah Jane Melbourne base born dau ofFrances JaneBAKERUpwey   
4531837Dec-17Sarah Jane Melbourne base born dau ofFrances JaneBAKERUpwey   
4541838Dec-17Eliza dau ofJohn & AnnHALLETTFriar Whaddon, Portesham Labourer 
4551838Dec-31Mary dau ofElias & AnnMAYOFriar Whaddon, Portesham Dairyman 
4561838Jan-15Frances dau ofLevi & MarthaGROVESUpwey Labourer 
4571838Mar-4Frederick son ofWilliam & MaryHANSFORDUpwey Labourer 
4581838Mar-25Henry son ofJohn & BettyBEAVISUpweyLabourer  
4591838Mar-26Henrietta dau ofJohn & FannyREADUpweyBaker of Cakes etc  
4601838Mar-31Unity dau ofJohn & AnnCRITCHELLUpwey Labourer 
4611838Apr-8William Damer son ofJames & AnnGUPPYUpweyLabourer  
4621838Apr-8Thomas son ofThomas & ElizabethBOWDITCHUpwey Baker 
4631838May-6Charles Meager son ofJohn & PriscillaCHALKERUpwey Labourer 
4641838May-20Enos son ofWilliam & MaryPHILLIPSUpwey Shoemaker 
4651838Jul-15John son ofJames & AnnLEWISUpweySchoolmaster  
4661838Jul-22Ann dau ofJohn & MarthaTOWNSENDUpwey Labourer 
4671838Jul-26Henry Ralph son ofHenry & Mary AnnHORNEdid live at Corsham Wilts Yeoman"Parents dead"
4681838Jul-29Stephen son ofStephen & MarySYMESUpwey Labourer 
4691838Aug-9Thomas Bartlett son ofJohn & MarthaCOXUpweyLabourer  
4701838Sep-23James Saunders son ofJohn & AnnLEWISUpweyLabourer  
4711838Sep-30John James son ofJohn & AnnOCOCKUpweyBailiff  
4721838Oct-7Mary dau ofThomas & ElizaHONEYBORNEUpwey Carter 
4731838Oct-21Caroline Indianna dau ofWilliam & SusannaLOCKNottington Cornfactor 
4741838Oct-21William son ofDavid & AnnSPICERUpweyLabourer  
4751839Nov-4Catherine Harvey dau ofJohn & ElizaATKINSUpweyMason  
4761839Nov-18Maryann dau ofJohn & CharlotteGIBBSUpwey Labourer 
4771839Jan-20Richard son ofJohn & AnnPETERSUpweyTailor  
4781839Jan-20Elizabeth Talbot dau ofJohn & MaryHAINUpweyLabourer  
4791839Feb-3Rachel dau ofGeorge & HannahBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
4801839Feb-3Richard son ofElias & HannahSIMMONSUpwey Labourer 
4811839Feb-23Richard Simmons son ofJames & AnnLAKEUpweyLabourer  
4821839May-5Esther illeg dau ofRebeccaSPRACKLINUpwey   
4831839May-12Hannah dau ofCharles & ElizabethBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
4841839May-19Charles son ofGeorge & EleanorWHITEUpwey Plasterer & Tea Dealer
4851839May-26Amelia dau ofWilliam & AmeliaWHITTLEBroadwey Market Gardener & parish Clerk of Upwey
4861839Jun-9Alice Susan dau ofRobert & SusannaSOMERSUpwey Shoemaker 
4871839Jun-30Elizabeth dau ofHenry & Mary AnnROPERUpwey Mason & Shopkeeper
4881839Jun-30Samuel son ofHenry & Elizabeth JaneBAKERUpwey Butcher 
4891839Jul-14Alfred son ofEdwin & AnnPOPLEUpweyGent’s Servant  
4901839Aug-11William son ofWilliam & MarySYMESUpwey Labourer 
4911839Aug-16Martha Sarah dau ofGeorge & ElizabethSYMONDSUpwey Labourer 
4921839Aug-18Ann Bartlett dau ofJohn & MarthaCOXUpweyLabourer  
4931839Aug-25William Roberts son ofWilliam Whittle & JaneWILLSUpwey Labourer 
4941839Sep-8Mary Ann dau ofThomas & MaryMEYERSUpwey Labourer 
4951839Sep-8Joseph son ofWilliam & SarahBILKEUpwey Shoemaker 
4961839Sep-22Martha dau ofJames & JaneRHEADERUpwey Labourer 
4971839Nov-24Harriet Fanny dau ofWilliam & NancyHANSFORDUpwey Labourer 
4981839Dec-25Ann Roper dau ofElias & AnnMAYOFriar Whaddon, Portesham Dairyman 
4991840Dec-25Ann Churchouse dau ofGeorge & SarahROPERBincombe Stonemason 
5001840Dec-29Louisa dau ofCharles & RebeccaWHITTLEUpwey Shoemaker 
5011840Feb-16Edmund son ofJohn & PriscillaCHALKERUpwey Labourer 
5021840Feb-23Joseph son ofJames & AnnLEWISUpweySchoolmaster  
5031840Mar-1Elizabeth Mary dau ofJohn & MaryHAINUpweyLabourer  
5041840Mar-8James Green son ofJames & AnnCHRISTOPHERUpwey Labourer 
5051840Mar-9Abel son ofJohn & ElizaATKINSUpweyMason  
5061840Apr-4Thomas Sidney son ofLevi & MarthaGROVESUpwey Labourer 
5071840Aug-2Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & MaryMAYOUpwey Cooper & Publican
5081840Aug-1Mary Bartlett dau ofJohn & MarthaCOXUpweyLabourer  
5091840Aug-30Maryann dau ofJohn & BettyBEAVISUpweyLabourer  
5101840Sep-20Sarah Ann dau ofJames & AnnGUPPYUpweyLabourer  
5111840Sep-30Caroline Maryann dau ofJohn & FannyREADUpweyConfectioner  
5121840Oct-11Ann illeg dau ofHannahWALLISUpwey   
5131840Nov-8Emma dau ofThomas & ElizabethBOWDITCHUpwey Butcher 
5141841Dec-2Isaac son ofJoseph & CatherineSTAINERUpwey Labourer 
5151841Dec-6Elizabeth dau ofRichard & ElizaGROVESUpwey Gent’s Servant 
5161841Jan-10William son ofWilliam & RebeccaTOWNSENDUpwey Quarryman 
5171841Jan-17Elizabeth Wiltshire dau ofRobert & CatherineRIGSTONUpwey Groom 
5181841Mar-7Mary Ann dau ofCharles & ElizabethBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
5191841Apr-1Henry Cornelius son ofWilliam & MaryPHILLIPSUpwey Shoemaker 
5201841Apr-4Sarah dau ofJohn & AnnCRITCHELLUpwey Labourer 
5211841Apr-11Ann Caroline dau ofJohn & AnnLEWISUpweyLabourer  
5221841Apr-11Susan Martha dau ofHenry & ElizabethBAKERUpwey Butcher 
5231841Apr-19Joseph son ofGeorge & EleanorWHITEUpwey Plasterer & Tea Dealer
5241841May-18Philip son ofJohn & MarthaBIRDUpweyLabourer  
5251841Jun-13Henry Charles son ofRobert & Sarah AnnSPRANKLINUpwey Labourer 
5261841Jun-13Mary Roberts dau ofWilliam Whittle & JaneWILLSUpwey Labourer 
5271841Jul-11Thomas son ofThomas & ElizaNORMANUpwey Labourer 
5281841Jul-25Joseph Durden son ofWilliam & MaryBOWDITCHUpwey Baker 
5291841Jul-25Jesse son ofThomas & ElizaHONEYBORNEUpwey Carter 
5301841Jul-25Herbert son ofGeorge & ElizabethGROVESUpwey Thatcher 
5311841Aug-22George Meager son ofJohn & PriscillaCHALKERUpwey Labourer 
5321841Aug-29Mary dau ofJames & HannahEMERYUpwey Schoolmaster 
5331841Sep-10Emma dau ofWilliam & MaryMAYOUpwey Cooper & Publican
5341841Sep-19Andrew son ofGeorge & HannahBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
5351841Sep-19Eliza dau ofCharles & RebeccaWHITTLEUpwey Shoemaker 
5361841Sep-26Jonas son ofWilliam & AmeliaWHITTLEUpwey Market Gardener & parish Clerk of Upwey
5371841Oct-10Harriet dau ofEdwin & JaneGROVESUpwey Butcher & Thatcher
5381841Oct-10Elizabeth dau ofRobert & SusannaSOMERSUpwey Shoemaker 
5391841Oct-28Martha Ann dau ofGeorge & ElizabethSYMONDSUpwey Labourer 
5401842Oct-31William Talbot son ofJohn & MaryHAINUpweyLabourer  
5411842Nov-7Dinah dau ofJohn &CharlotteGIBBSUpwey Labourer 
5421842Jan-16William Bartlett son ofJohn & MarthaCOXUpweyLabourer  
5431842Apr-10Elizabeth Amy dau ofElias & AnnMAYOFriar Whaddon, Portesham Dairyman 
5441842Apr-10Alfred son ofRichard Fudge & ElizaGROVESUpwey Gent’s Servant 
5451842May-10Eliza Ann Porter dau ofIsaac & EdithSHEPHERDUpwey Carpenter 
5461842May-29Charles son ofWilliam & FrancesTREVETTUpwey Labourer 
5471842Jun-5Ann dau ofJoseph & ElizabethTOWNSENDUpwey Postmaster 
5481842Jul-22Charlotte dau ofWilliam & NancyHANSFORDUpwey Labourer 
5491842Jul-26Athalia Ann dau ofJohn & FannyREADUpweyConfectioner  
5501842Aug-7Sarah Ann dau ofJames & AnnCHRISTOPHERUpwey Labourer 
5511842Aug-7John Herbert son ofRobert & Sarah AnnSPRANKLINUpwey Labourer 
5521842Sep-11Sarah illeg dau ofElizabethROBERTSUpwey   
5531842Sep-18Sarah Ann dau ofJames & AnnGUPPYUpweyLabourer  
5541842Sep-25Mary Louisa dau ofJohn & FrancesMELBOURNEUpwey Carpenter 
5551842Sep-26Elizabeth dau ofCharles & SarahCHRISTOPHERUpwey Labourer 
5561842Sep-27Enos son ofJohn & GraceSYMONDSUpwey Market Gardener 
5571842Oct-16John son ofWilliam & RebeccaTOWNSENDUpwey Quarryman 
5581842Oct-30William Russell son ofJohn & FrancesHIGGSUpwey Gardener 
5591842Nov-7Sarah Jane dau ofWilliam & MarySKILLERUpwey Labourer 
5601842Nov-13Emma dau ofJohn & AnnLEWISUpweyLabourer  
5611842Nov-27Isaac son ofWilliam & ElizabethSEALUpwey Shepherd 
5621843Dec-18Samuel son ofStephen & MarySYMESUpwey Labourer 
5631843Dec-25Henry son ofWilliam & MaryPHILLIPSUpwey Shoemaker 
5641843Jan-1Mary Ann illeg dau ofMary AnnLEGGUpwey   
5651843Jan-22Ann dau ofCharles & AmeliaSIMMONDSUpwey Labourer 
5661843Jan-29William Meager son ofJohn & PriscillaCHALKERUpwey Labourer 
5671843Feb-5Ellen dau ofCharles & ElizabethBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
5681843Feb-19Joseph son ofJohn & BettyBEAVISUpweyLabourer  
5691843Feb-26Emily Durden dau ofWilliam & MaryBOWDITCHUpwey Baker 
5701843Feb-27John son ofJames & MaryTOMSUpweyLabourer  
5711843Mar-5Emma dau ofGeorge & EleanorWHITEUpwey Plasterer 
5721843Jun-4William son ofRobert & CatherineRIGSTONUpwey Groom 
5731843Jun-25Anna dau ofRichard Fudge & ElizaGROVESUpwey Gent’s Servant 
5741843Jul-9Samuel Durden son ofJames & HannahEMERYUpwey Schoolmaster 
5751843Jul-30Charles son ofThomas & ElizaNORMANUpwey Labourer 
5761843Aug-20Samuel son ofCharles & CharlotteSTICKLANDUpwey Stonemason 
5771843Aug-27Dorcas dau ofWilliam & MaryMAYOUpweyCooper  
5781843Aug-27Sarah Pothecary dau ofGeorge & SarahROPERBincombe Stonemason 
5791844Aug-27Mary dau ofWilliam & FrancesTREVETTUpwey Labourer 
5801844Dec-10Jane dau ofGeorge & HannahBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
5811844Feb-3Maria dau ofJohn & MarthaBIRDUpweyLabourer  
5821844Feb-4George son ofJohn & AnnCRITCHELLUpwey Labourer 
5831844Feb-11Fanny dau ofGeorge & ElizabethGROVESUpwey Thatcher 
5841844Feb-11Elizabeth dau ofJohn & CharlotteGIBBSUpwey Labourer 
5851844Feb-25Fanny dau ofThomas & ElizabethARNOLDUpwey Gent’s Servant 
5861844Mar-3Maria dau ofThomas & ElizabethBOWDITCHUpwey Baker 
5871844Mar-3Emma dau ofWilliam Whittle & JaneWILLSUpwey Labourer 
5881844May-5Frances dau ofGeorge & ElizabethSYMONDSUpwey Labourer 
5891844May-12John son ofJohn & MarthaCOXUpweyLabourer  
5901844Jun-16John son ofWilliam & MarySKILLERUpwey Labourer 
5911844Jun-30Sarah Ann illeg dau ofAnnPHILLIPSUpwey   
5921844Jul-21Herbert John son ofIsaac & EdithSHEPHERDUpwey Carpenter 
5931844Jul-28Louisa Jane dau ofWilliam & NancyHANSFORDUpwey Labourer 
5941845Nov-17William son ofWilliam & MaryBOWDITCHUpwey Baker 
5951845Nov-17Susanna illeg dau ofElizabethGREGORYUpwey   
5961845Jan-12Maria dau ofJohn & HannahLEGGUpweyLabourer  
5971845Jan-19Ann dau ofGeorge & ElizabethGRUBBUpwey Labourer 
5981845Feb-2William son ofJim & MaryTOMSUpweyLabourer  
5991845Feb-9Catherine dau ofWilliam & RebeccaTOWNSENDUpwey Quarryman 
6001845Mar-12John son ofLevi & RebeccaTHORNEUpwey Labourer 
6011845Apr-13Francis son ofJohn & PriscillaCHALKERUpwey Labourer 
6021845Apr-27John son ofRichard Fudge & ElizaGROVESUpwey Gent’s Servant 
6031845May-17Pamela dau ofElias & AnnMAYOFriar Whaddon, Portesham Dairyman 
6041845May-23William son ofJohn & MarthaBIRDUpweyLabourer  
6051845May-25George son ofJohn & SarahROPERUpweyCarpenter  
6061845Jun-1George Blagg son ofCharles & ElizabethBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
6071845Jun-23James son ofWilliam & LucySTROUDUpwey Labourer 
6081846Aug-24Elizabeth dau ofJoseph & ElizabethTOWNSENDUpwey Postmaster 
6091846Oct-12Frederick William son ofJames & HannahEMERYUpwey Schoolmaster 
6101846Jan-11Walter son ofRobert & CatherineRIGSTONUpwey Gent’s servant 
6111846Jan-11Louisa Maria dau ofLouisaTHORNERUpweywidow  
6121846Feb-15Deborah dau ofRobert & CarolineCARTERUpwey Labourer 
6131846Mar-29Mary Mussell dau ofWilliam & MaryPHILLIPSUpwey Shoemaker 
6141846Mar-30Ann dau ofWilliam & MaryMAYOUpweyCooper  
6151846Apr-5Elizabeth dau ofWilliam Whittle & JaneWILLSUpwey Labourer 
6161846Apr-12John son ofJames & AnnGUPPYUpweyLabourer  
6171846Apr-19Joseph son ofJoseph & ElizabethTOWNSENDUpwey Postmaster 
6181846May-3Eliza dau ofThomas & ElizabethARNOLDUpwey Groom 
6191846May-3James Durden son ofFrancis & Mary AnnBOWDITCHUpwey Butcher 
6201846May-3Francis son ofFrancis & Mary AnnBOWDITCHUpwey Butcher 
6211846May-10Mary Ann dau ofWilliam & RebeccaTOWNSENDUpwey Quarryman 
6221846May-31George Frederick son ofJoseph & MaryAMORUpweySchoolmaster  
6231846Jun-28William son ofGeorge & HannahBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
6241846Jun-28Charles son ofJacob & ElizabethROGERSUpwey Labourer 
6251846Jul-19Joseph son ofJohn & AnnLEWISBincombeLabourer  
6261846Sep-13Mary Richards dau ofWilliam & LucySTROUDUpwey Labourer 
6271846Sep-20Elizabetj dau ofCharles & CharlotteSTICKLANDUpwey Stonemason 
6281846Sep-27Mary Ann dau ofWilliam & NancyHANSFORDUpwey Labourer 
6291847Nov-29Joseph son ofJohn & CharlotteGIBBSUpwey Labourer 
6301847Dec-13Anna dau ofRobert & SusannaSOMERSUpwey Shoemaker 
6311847Jan-17Thomas son ofGeorge & ElizabethGRUBBUpwey Labourer 
6321847Feb-7Fanny Amelia dau ofJohn & PriscillaCHALKERUpwey Labourer 
6331847Feb-21Ann Spranklin dau ofWilliam & marySKILLERUpwey Labourer 
6341847Apr-11George son ofHenry & IsabellaSHEPPERDUpwey Labourer 
6351847Apr-18Jane Shepperd dau ofHenry Hillier & HannahPETERSUpwey Railroad Clerk 
6361847Apr-24James son ofLevi & MaryBLACKMOREUpwey Railroad Labourer
6371847Apr-24Maria Catherine dau ofJohn & Mary AnnGILLUpwey Railroad Labourer
6381847Jun-28Fanny dau ofJohn & SarahVALEUpwey Railroad Labourer
6391847Jul-25Anna Roper dau ofElias & AnnMAYOUpweyDairyman  
6401847Aug-8Martha Kate dau ofJohn & BettyBEAVISUpweyLabourer  
6411847Aug-29Amenta Martha dau ofIsaac & EdithSHEPHERDUpwey Carpenter 
6421847Aug-30Edward John son ofEdmund Ward & Caroline MargarettaPEARS RadipoleChaplain to the Railroad Labourers
6431847Sep-12Matilda Fanny dau ofJohn & FrancesMELBOURNEUpwey Carpenter 
6441847Sep-12Herbert son ofJohn & SarahROPERUpweyCarpenter  
6451847Sep-24Uriah son ofGeorge & ElizabethSYMONDSUpwey Labourer 
6461847Sep-26John son ofWilliam Whittle & JaneWILLSUpwey Labourer 
6471847Oct-10George William son ofJohn & HannahLEGGBincombe Labourer 
6481847Oct-31Emily Mary dau ofRichard Fudge & ElizaGROVEUpwey Shopkeeper 
6491848Nov-14Emma dau ofJohn & AnnMILLERUpwey Blacksmith on Railway
6501848Dec-26Richard Notley son ofCharles & ElizabethBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
6511848Feb-20Susan dau ofWilliam & RebeccaTOWNSENDUpwey Quarryman 
6521848Mar-5Emily Jane dau ofRobert & CatherineRIGSTONUpwey Gent’s Servant 
6531848Mar-5Sarah Jane dau ofThomas & ElizabethBOWDITCHUpwey Baker 
6541848Mar-6George William son ofGeorge Leedham & Elizabeth EmmaFULLER UpweyCivil Engineer 
6551848Apr-23James son ofJoseph & ElizabethTOWNSENDUpwey Postmaster 
6561848Apr-30William son ofWilliam & BetsyHOWEUpwey Labourer 
6571848May-7Ellen dau ofGeorge & EleanorWHITEUpwey Plaisterer 
6581848May-21John son ofJoseph & MaryAMORUpweySchoolmaster  
6591848Jul-2Elizabeth Sarah Bushrod dau ofJoseph & SarahLOVELESSUpwey Carpenter 
6601848Jul-2Robert Notley son ofWilliam & AnnSYMESUpweyLabourer  
6611848Jul-30Elizabeth illeg dau ofJaneBRIDLEUpwey   
6621848Aug-15Emma dau ofJohn & FrancesMILBOURNEUpwey Sawyer 
6631848Aug-20John son ofBenjamin & MaryBRYANTUpwey Labourer 
6641848Sep-3George son ofWilliam & LucySTROUDUpwey Labourer 
6651848Sep-17John son ofRobert & CarolineCARTERUpwey Labourer 
6661848Sep-17John William son ofJohn William & JaneGREENUpwey Labourer 
6671848Oct-2Arthur son ofThomas & SarahHOUNSELLUpwey Stonemason 
6681848Oct-15Henry James son ofJames & JaneWALLISUpweyLabourer  
6691848Oct-29Emma Smith Notley base born dau ofSarahATKINSUpwey   
6701848Nov-12Mabel dau ofThomas Hall & JaneDAYUpwey Labourer 
6711849Dec-8John son ofJohn & MarthaBIRDUpweyLabourer  
6721849Dec-24Emily Harriet dau ofThomas Hooper & HarrietGILLETTUpwey Blacksmith 
6731849Jan-7Ann dau ofGeorge & MariaSYMONDSUpwey Labourer 
6741849Jan-21Alexander George son ofGeorge & EmilySOMERFIELD alias SUMMERVILLE UpweyLabourer 
6751849Feb-4Joseph son ofJames & HannahEMERYUpwey Schoolmaster 
6761849Feb-11James son ofCharles & RebeccaWHITTLEUpwey Shoemaker 
6771849Mar-4William Day son ofHenry & IsabellaSHEPPARDUpwey Blacksmith 
6781849Mar-11Mary Jane dau ofThomas & ElizabethARNOLDUpwey Gent’s Groom 
6791849Apr-29Eliza dau ofRichard Fudge & ElizaGROVEUpwey Shopkeeper 
6801849May-20William son ofWilliam & ElizabethSEALUpwey Shepherd 
6811849Mar-27William Thomas son ofThomas & AmeliaJAMESUpwey Railroad Labourer
6821849Mar-27John son ofGeorge & SarahCROSSUpwey Railroad Labourer
6831849Jun-10Job Roberts son ofWilliam & Jane AnnKINGUpwey Railroad Labourer
6841849Jun-25George John son ofJohn & FannyREADUpweyConfectioner  
6851849Jul-29Samuel Bridle son ofGeorge & ElizabethGRUBBUpwey Labourer 
6861849Jul-29Sarah Louisa dau ofStephen & MarySYMESUpwey Labourer 
6871849Aug-9Charles son ofGeorge & HannahBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
6881849Aug-9Richard Roper son ofGeorge & HannahBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
6891849Sep-30Thomas son ofJohn & EstherPRESTONUpwey Labourer 
6901849Oct-21Frederick son ofCharles & AnnMITCHELLMelcombe Regis Policeman 
6911849Oct-21John Roper son ofElias & AnnMAYOUpweyDairyman  
6921850Nov-25Josiah Bushrod son ofJoseph & SarahLOVELESSUpwey Carpenter 
6931850Dec-19Albert son ofThomas & FrancesNEWUpwey Gardener 
6941850Feb-3Sarah dau ofWilliam (deceased) & RebeccaTOWNSEND UpweyQuarryman 
6951850Mar-31Joseph son ofJohn & SarahHOWEUpweyLabourer  
6961850Apr-1Abraham son ofCharles & ElizabethBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
6971850Apr-2Caroline dau ofCharles & ElizabethPALMERUpwey Labourer 
6981850Jul-7George Lawrence son ofZachariah & SusanSMITHUpwey Labourer 
6991850Jul-7Richard Lawrence son ofZachariah & SusanSMITHUpwey Labourer 
7001850Jul-14Sarah Jane base born dau ofJaneHURDENUpwey   
7011850Aug-4Ellen dau ofCharles & MaryCHIPPUpwey Gardener 
7021850Aug-11Elizabeth Townsend dau ofCharles & CharlotteROBBINSSt Helen’s, Jersey Labourer 
7031850Sep-8Mary dau ofJohn & AnnRUSSELLUpweyLabourer  
7041850Sep-22Thirza Louisa base born dau ofEdithSHEPPERDUpwey   
7051850Oct-20Sarah Jane dau ofJoseph & MaryAMORUpweySchoolmaster  
7061850Nov-10Joseph son ofWilliam & LucySTROUDUpwey Labourer 
7071850Nov-17Amelia dau ofJoseph & MarySUMMERSUpwey Shoemaker 
7081850Nov-24Peter son ofJohn & FrancesMILBOURNEUpwey Sawyer 
7091851Dec-8Emma dau ofJames & JaneWALLISUpweyLabourer  
7101851Dec-15Rebekah dau ofRobert & CatherineRIGSTONUpwey Gent’s Servant 
7111851Mar-16Emily dau ofWilliam Whittle & PriscillaWILLSUpwey Labourer 
7121851Mar-30Elizabeth Ann dau ofJohn & MaryPLAYERUpweyCarpenter  
7131851Apr-20Sarah Elizabeth dau ofThomas Hooper & HarrietGILLETTUpwey Blacksmith 
7141851May-4Henry Durden son ofThomas & ElizabethBOWDITCHUpwey Baker 
7151851Jul-6Deborah dau ofGeorge & MariaSYMONDSUpwey Labourer 
7161851Jul-13Albert son ofJohn & SarahHOWEUpweyLabourer  
7171851Aug-10William son ofThomas Hall & JaneDAYUpwey Labourer 
7181851Aug-10Henry son ofJoseph & ElizabethTOWNSENDUpwey Postmaster 
7191851Sep-7Ellen dau ofRobert & CarolineCARTERUpwey Labourer 
7201851Oct-19Anna dau ofWilliam & Mary AnnCAKEUpwey Market Gardener 
7211851Oct-26William Thomas Read son ofRobert & HarrietGRUBBUpwey Labourer 
7221851Nov-16Frank son ofEdmund & JaneGROVESUpwey Butcher & Innkeeper
7231851Nov-23Frederick George son ofJames & AnnCHRISTOPHERUpwey Sailor 
7241852Dec-14George William son ofGeorge & CatherineROLLSUpwey Labourer 
7251852Dec-21Mary Eliza dau ofFrederick & CharlotteNEALEUpwey Gent’s Servant 
7261852Feb-29Amelia Whittle dau ofFrederick & AnnHATTONMelcombe Regis Butcher 
7271852Feb-29William Cooper son ofGeorge & ElizabethGRUBBUpwey Labourer 
7281852Mar-21Robert son ofCharles & ElizabethBISHOPUpwey Labourer 
7291852Mar-21Mary Roper dau ofElias & AnnMAYOUpweyDairyman  
7301852Mar-21Mary Ann dau ofCharles & MaryCHIPPUpwey Gardener 
7311852Apr-4Richard son ofJohn & EstherPRESTONUpwey Labourer 
7321852Apr-11Harriet dau ofWilliam & LucySTROUDUpwey Labourer 
7331852Apr-20James son ofJames & SarahBOBBETTUpwey Labourer 
7341852May-9Mary Jane dau ofArthur & Mary AnnLAMBERTUpwey Labourer 
7351852May-30Tom son ofGeorge & AnnMAYOUpweyStonemason  
7361852Jun-13Charles son ofJohn & SarahNOTLEYUpweyMiller  
7371852Jul-25Charles son ofJames & Elizabeth AnnWINZARUpwey Blacksmith 
7381852Oct-10James Bushrod son ofJoseph & SarahLOVELESSUpwey Carpenter 
7391852Nov-21Jane Harriet dau ofRobert & HarrietGRUBBUpwey Labourer 
7401853Nov-29Alfred Bowditch son ofAlfred & MarthaTODDUpwey Brickmaker 
7411853Dec-12Ann Legg dau ofJohn & DeborahBRIDLEUpwey Labourer 
7421853Jan-9William son ofGeorge & SarahELSWOODFriar Whaddon, Portesham Bailiff 
7431853Jan-16John son ofJohn & AnnRUSSELLUpweyLabourer  
7441853Jan-30Henry son ofWilliam & Mary AnnCAKEUpwey Market Gardener 
7451853Apr-10Elizabeth Hannah dau ofLevi & EmilyKEATSUpweyLabourer  
7461853Apr-24Frederick George son ofJohn & MaryPLAYERUpweyCarpenter  
7471853May-1Emma Jane dau ofWilliam & MaryBARBERUpwey Shepherd 
7481853May-30Mary dau ofGeorge & MariaSYMONDSUpwey Labourer 
7491853Jul-3Alfred son ofJames & SarahBOBBETTUpwey Labourer 
7501853Aug-7Jane dau ofJohn & ElizabethJAMESUpwey Horse Dealer 
7511853Aug-7Elizabeth Harris dau ofFrederick & ElizaHARRISUpwey Labourer 
7521853Sep-18Henry Charles son ofGeorge & CatherineROLLSUpwey Labourer 
7531853Oct-16William Charles son ofCharles & MarthaBOWRINGUpwey Labourer 
7541853Nov-6Frederick son ofHenry & JaneBRETTUpweyCarpenter  
7551853Nov-27William son ofSamuel & HarrietSOUTHWOODUpwey Miller 
7561853Dec-4Albert James Notley illeg son ofMarySTONEUpwey   
7571853Dec-11Cornelius son ofThomas Hall & JaneDAYUpwey Labourer 
7581854Dec-18Charlotte Martha dau ofFrederick & CharlotteNEALEUpwey Gent’s Servant 
7591854Dec-27Ellen illeg dau ofMaryCOSSERUpwey   
7601854Jan-9Sarah dau ofThomas & SarahHOUNSELLUpwey Stonemason 
7611854Jan-14William son ofSilas & ElizabethSANSOMUpwey Labourer 
7621854Jan-15Mary Ann dau ofJames & ElizabethHAWKINSUpwey Labourer 
7631854Feb-5Mary dau ofWilliam & Mary AnnCAKEUpwey Gardener 
7641854Feb-5William son ofJohn & DeborahBRIDLEUpwey Labourer 
7651854Apr-23John illeg son ofMary AnnHURDENUpwey   
7661854Apr-30Henry son ofJames & Elizabeth AnnWINZARUpwey Blacksmith 
7671854May-16Mary Jane dau ofJames & SusanLODERUpweyLabourer  
7681854Jul-2Fanny Louisa dau ofWilliam Whittle & PriscillaWILLSUpwey labourer 
7691854Jul-18John Charles son ofJohn & JaneMILLERUpweyGentleman  
7701854Aug-6William James son ofWilliam & NancyHANSFORDUpwey Labourer 
7711854Aug-6Emily son ofWilliam & NancyHANSFORDUpwey Labourer 
7721854Aug-20Robert son ofGeorge & ElizabethGRUBBUpwey Labourer 
7731854Oct-8Harry son ofGeorge & AnnMAYOUpweyStonemason  
7741854Nov-5Thirza Martha dau ofJoseph & SarahLOVELESSUpwey Carpenter 
7751854Nov-12Isaac son ofGeorge & EdithBURTUpweyLabourer  
7761854Dec-10Esau son ofStephen & ElizaDIMENTUpwey Labourer 
7771854Dec-10Robert William son ofJosiah & AmeliaSLADEUpwey Labourer 
7781855Dec-17Richard Hansford son ofWilliam & NancyHANSFORDUpwey Labourer 
7791855Dec-17William Stroud son ofCharles & AliciaHONEYBORNEUpwey Labourer 
7801855Jan-7George son ofElias & SarahPEACHUpweyThatcher  
7811855Feb-4George son ofRobert & CatherineRIGSTONUpwey Gent’s Servant 
7821855Feb-6Mary Cake dau ofHenry & MarthaCHIPPLitton Cheney Shepherd 
7831855Mar-11John son ofCharles & SarahUDLEUpwey Labourer 
7841855May-20Caroline Read dau ofRobert & CarolineGUPPYUpwey Labourer 
7851855Jun-11Martha dau ofCharles & Mary AnnPARKERUpwey Servant 
7861855Jun-17Elizabeth Ann dau ofGeorge Bartlett & ElizabethCOXUpwey Labourer 
7871855Jun-23Julia dau ofJames & AnnTREVETTUpweyLabourer  
7881855Jul-1William Thomas son ofJames & AnnGREENUpweyMiner  
7891855Jul-1Peter son ofJames & AnnGREENUpweyMiner  
7901855Jul-1Alfred George son ofAlfred & EmmaMILLSUpweyStonemason  
7911855Sep-2John son ofJohn & SarahHOWEUpweyLabourer  
7921855Sep-14Harriet dau ofRichard Fudge & ElizaGROVESUpwey Labourer 
7931855Oct-7Caroline Elizabeth Charlotte dau ofHenry & CharlotteWELLMANUpwey Labourer 
7941856Nov-4Frances dau ofDavid & ElizaSPECKMonckton Railroad Labourer 
7951856Dec-25John son ofWilliam & Mary AnnCAKEUpwey Market Gardener 
7961856Jan-17Emily Rhoda dau ofGeorge & RhodaWARRYUpwey Engineer 
7971856Feb-10Elizabeth dau ofElias & AnnMAYOUpweyPublican  
7981856Apr-6Emily Fanny dau ofLevi & EmilyKEATSUpweyLabourer  
7991856Apr-6Noah son ofJohn & ElizabethJAMESUpwey Horse Dealer 
8001856May-11Charles Alfred illeg son ofMargaretOLDUpwey   


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