1911 Census Ref RG14 12333

Transcribed by Maureen Branson - OPC

Superintendant Registrar’s District: Weymouth
Enumeration District, No.: 2
Registrar’s Sub-District: Upwey
Name of Enumerator: Frank LUCKHAM
Description of Enumeration District: Boundary: The whole of the civil Parish of Broadwey. Contents: Comprising Littlemore Hamlet, Thornhill Dairyhouse, part of Nottington Hamlet comprising Jesty’s Farmhouse, Malthouse Cottage and all the houses northward both sides of the road to and include Brookhouse, Waterloo House, Mussells Corner, Lorton House & cottages and all the houses both sides of the Weymouth Road South of Icen Road to and include Corfehill Lodge, Springfield Cottages, Mill Street and the Grove
SchLocationForenamesSurnameRelationshipAgeStatusYrsBornLivingDiedOccupationWhere born (Dorset unless specified)
1Thornhill DairyRobert William BURDENHead43Married     DairymanAlmer
  MarthaBURDEN Wife44M1933   Portland
  William G C BURDENSon19Single     Assisting in the Business Broadwey
  Elizabeth Gladys BURDENDaughter15Single     DressmakerBroadwey
  Maurice James BURDENSon12      ScholarBroadwey
  MaudMILLER Servant22Single     DomesticGorwell
2LittlemoorGeorge G GUPPYHead43Married     Labourer on G W Railway Broadwey
  Jane Alice GUPPYWife42Married145 5  Chelsea, London
  Emily Lilian GUPPYDaughter13      SchoolNottington
  Helen May GUPPYDaughter11      SchoolBroadwey
  Robert James GUPPYSon8      SchoolBroadwey
  Annie Edith Rose GUPPYDaughter5      SchoolPortesham
  George Edward GUPPYSon2       Broadwey
3LittlemoorIsaacPOWELL Head62Married     Jobbing GardenerWootton
  MaryPOWELL Wife65Married38660  Sheldon, Devon
  ArthurPOWELL Son29Single     BricklayerBroadwey
  AlfredPOWELL Son26Single     Mason’s LabourerBroadwey
  AnnieJONES Daughter32Married622 0 Broadwey
  Dorothy JONESDaughter4       Broadwey
  GeorgeJONES Son1       Broadwey
4LittlemoorThomasJAMES Head57Married     HawkerShirley, Hampshire
  MarthaJAMES Wife60Married36862 HawkerPiddletrenthide
  Leonard JAMESSon24Single     Labourer (Mason)Blandford
  MaudSHAWYER Granddaughter7      SchoolLittlemoor
5LittlemoorWilliamMOORE Head60Married     General LabourerBeaminster
  ElizaMOORE Wife60Married3444   Frome St Quinton
  ArthurMOORE Son28Single     General LabourerMuckleford
  ArthurMOORE Grandson9       Broadwey
  Dorothy MOOREGranddaughter6       Broadwey
  Elizabeth LAKEMother-in-law89Widowed      Woolland
6LittlemoorAnnTAYLOR Head70Widowed508 62Widow of General Labourer Redford
  Hannah Grace WASTONGranddaughter17Single     Domestic ServantDorchester
7LittlemoorCharlesTAYLOR Head42Married     WoodmanNottington
  Rosina Ellen TAYLORWife32Married15 55  Mapperton Marsh
  Gilbert Charles TAYLORSon14      SchoolLittlemoor
  Hilda May TAYLORDaughter6       Littlemoor
  William Robert TAYLORSon4       Littlemoor
  Reginald Lewis TAYLORSon8m       Littlemoor
8New Inn, LittlemoorHerbert HUSSEYHead60Married     Licensed Victualler NK (Dorset)
  Mary Ann HUSSEYWife58Married38 33  NK, Devon
  Louisa Flora HUSSEYDaughter36Single     Assisting in the Business Winsham, Somerset
  Mabel Annie HUSSEYDaughter22Single      Ilminster, Somerset
9LittlemoorTimothyWILLIAMS Head22Married     Cab DriverDorchester
  EdithWILLIAMS Wife22Married111   Broadwey
  VioletWILLIAMS Daughter1       Broadwey
10LittlemoorJohnPOWELL Head34Married     Mason’s LabourerLittlemoor
  KatePOWELL Wife36Married9220  Salisbury, Wiltshire
  HaroldPOWELL Son8      SchoolLittlemoor
  Regnold POWELLSon1       Littlemoor
  EdwinEDWARDS Boarder52Widowed     BricklayerVerwood
11LittlemoorDavidAYLES Head58Married     Farm LabourerMaiden Newton
  JaneAYLES Wife60Married32440  Maiden Newton
  Herbert AYLESSon24Single     Farm LabourerGodmanstone
  FredAYLES Son21Single     Farm LabourerGodmanstone
  Dorothy CAINESGranddaughter9       Broadwey
12LittlemoorErnestAYLES Head29Married     Mason’s LabourerForston
  AnnieAYLES Wife41Married10    Bruton, Somerset
  William CROFTStepson14      Lad on FarmBroadwey
  ElsieCROFT Stepdaughter11      SchoolBroadwey
  FredCROFT Stepson9      SchoolYnysybwl, South Wales
13LittlemoorAlbert Edward BIDDLECOMBEHead36Married     Labourer G W RHolwell
  RosaBIDDLECOMBE Wife32Married10330  Littlemoor
  Reginald J BIDDLECOMBESon10      SchoolBroadwey
  Frederick A BIDDLECOMBESon6       Littlemoor
  Ernest Edward BIDDLECOMBESon6m       Littlemoor
14LittlemoorWalter John FORDHead57Married     Farm LabourerRadipole
  LeahFORD Wife44Married281816 2LaundressNorth Poorton
  Harry William FORDSon23Single     Mason’s Labourer Broadwey
  Robert Gale FORDSon11      SchoolBroadwey
  Frank Gilbert FORDSon5      SchoolBroadwey
  Harold Vernon FORDSon6m       Broadwey
15LittlemoorJulia Ann ELLISDaughter20Married<1    LaundressBroadwey
  Lilian Emily FORDDaughter15       Broadwey
  Beatrice May FORDDaughter13      SchoolBroadwey
  Edward A FORDSon9      SchoolUpwey
  Ernest Fred FORDSon7      SchoolUpwey
  Margaret S J FORDDaughter4      SchoolBroadwey
  Percy Galer FORDSon2       Broadwey
16LittlemoorFannyBURT Head71Married501275 Private meansUpwey
17LittlemoorJamesROPER Head40Married     Packer G W RailwayWeymouth
  FannyROPER Wife29Married16440  Littlemoor
  SidneyROPER Son14      Golf CaddyWeymouth
  ArthurROPER Son12      SchoolLittlemoor
  Archibald ROPERSon8       Littlemoor
  MinnieROPER Daughter6       Littlemoor
18LittlemoorAlbert Richard READHead40Married     Platelayer RailwayLittlemoor
  Elizabeth READWife50Married170    Littlemoor
  William John BUNCESon-in-law22Married     Soldier, gunner 6 years Kilburn, London
  ElizaBUNCE Stepdaughter23Married322   Littlemoor
  Belinda May BUNCEStep-granddaughter2        Weymouth
  Alfreda Victoria BUNCEStep-granddaughter1m        Littlemoor
19LittlemoorRobertHITT Head67Married     Jobbing GardenerBurton Bradstock
  Harriet HITTWife73Married476 51 Ilminster, Somerset
20LittlemoorJamesLUGG Head45Married     Bricklayer’s LabourerBere Regis
  MaryLUGG Wife38Married1855   Alton, Hampshire
  ErnestLUGG Son18Single     Motor Car CleanerWool
  William LUGGSon15      House BoyWool
  Cecilia LUGGDaughter11      SchoolWool
  VeraLUGG Daughter6       Wool
  AdaLUGG Daughter3       Wool
211 Jesty’s AvenueWilliam CLARKEHead53Married     Bootmaker Best Material, Marine Pensioner Gatton, Somerset
  Sarah Jane CLARKEWife40Married21 1  Calne, Wiltshire
  NaomiSYMES Stepdaughter14       Bridport
  Charlotte Ruth CLARKEDaughter8m       Broadwey
224 Jesty’s AvenueCharles OSMONDHead59Married     GardenerToller
  ElizaOSMOND Wife59Married32963  Frampton
  Eva Lillian DOYLANDDaughter29Married2     Sutton
  Reginald OSMONDSon17      GroomSutton
  EdnaDOYLAND Niece6       Portsmouth, Hampshire
  William RISLINGVisitor18Single      Weymouth
235 Jesty’s AvenueSamuel KILBYHead72Married     Cooper retiredBanbury, Oxfordshire
  JaneKILBY Wife52Married70    Wareham
24Jesty’s AvenueEbenezer PAINEHead54Married     Clothier & Outfitter Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire
  EmmaPAINE Wife56Married25312  Winchester, Hampshire
  GracePAINE Daughter23Single      Weymouth
25Oaklands, Jesty’s Avenue Arthur CharlesHAYESHead40Married     Grocer’s Manager Malverrn, Worcestershire
  Florence Elizabeth HAYESWife35Married134 4  Leytonstone, Essex
  Dorothy Nita HAYESDaughter12      SchoolHerne Hill, London
  Vera Irene HAYESDaughter10      SchoolForest Gate, Essex
  Arthur Cyril HAYESSon9       Portland
  Herbert Douglas HAYESSon8m       Portland
26Hought Krall, Jesty’s Avenue GeorgeSALTERHead44Married     Army Pensioner Honiton, Devon
  Elizabeth SALTERWife42Married2     Hillfield
27Furze GroveAlbert PADDOCKHead28Married     Draper’s Assistant Blandford
  ElizaPADDOCK Wife28Married10    Poole
  Adelaide Madeleine PADDOCKSister26Single     CompanionBlandford
28The HavenHenryWATTS Head49Married     Railway ForemanGreat Toller
  JanetWATTS Wife48Married19642  Great Toller
  RoseWATTS Daughter14      Not yet employedWeymouth
  FredWATTS Son11      SchoolWeymouth
  William WATTSSon6       Weymouth
29Orpington HouseJames BEVERCOMBEHead69Married     Poultry DealerBere Regis
  AnnBEVERCOMBE Wife65Married310    Frampton
30Antwerp, Jesty’s Avenue JamesHILESHead45Married     Army Pensioner & Prudential Assurance Company Agent Puddletown
  AnnieHILES Wife38Married1522   Rochester, Kent
  Francis HILESSon11      SchoolBudbrook, Warwickshire
  HenryHILES Son7       Budbrook, Warwickshire
31BincleavesAlfred James ROGERSHead48Married     FarmerBroadwey
  Mary Ann ROGERSWife46Married25 33  Upwey
  Olive Fanny ROGERSDaughter19Single     Shop Assistant Stationery Broadwey
  Alfred Ray ROGERSSon14      Working on FarmBroadwey
  Alice Maud MEDLAMDaughter24Married<1     Broadwey
  William John WHITEServant27Single     Carter on FarmDorchester
32SouthviewElias George Roper MAYOHead52Married     Carpenter HouseUpwey
  Julia Ann MAYOWife50Married304 31 Upwey
  Harold Clement MAYOSon23Single     P O ClerkUpwey
  Eric Albert Victor MAYOSon14      SchoolBroadwey
  JohnBUSFIELD Boarder55Widowed     P O PensionerLeeds, Yorkshire
33MontroseFrederick William HATTONHead56Married     Retired ChemistWeymouth
  SarahHATTON Wife57Married330    Torquay, Devon
34Royston VillaAnthony SPURRHead79Widowed  651 Retired FarmerAnderby, Lincolnshire
  Emily Fanny SPURRDaughter43Single      Lyme Regis
  Elizabeth Mabel WHITTLEServant18Single     General Servant Domestic West Milton
352 Lea CottageWilliam TETTHead27Married     Working on FarmLewes, Sussex
  OliveTETT Wife21Married111   Corscombe
  RobertTETT Son1       Cardiff, Glamorgan
361 Lea CottageFrederick WAREHead81Married     CoachmanWoodyates
  JaneWARE Wife85Married55532  Wyke Regis
  AlfredWARE Son41Widowed 1 1 PhotographerRadipole
371 Kildare TerraceSidney WOOTTONHead35Married     Signalman GWRSouth Newton, Wiltshire
  Nellie Bowditch WOOTTONWife32Married4 220 Upwey
  Vera Elizabeth WOOTTONDaughter3       Broadwey
  Gladys Leonora WOOTTONDaughter1       Broadwey
382 Kildare TerraceGeorge ROPERHead68Widowed     Police PensionerTolpuddle
  Mary June DIBBENVisitor40Single     HousekeeperGussage St Michael
393 Kildare TerraceFrederick George HUNTHead40Married     Superimntendant of Insurance Fontmell Magna
  KateHUNT Wife39Married17321  Fontmell Magna
  Kathleen Eliza HUNTDaughter10       Portland
  Dinah Lavinia HUNTDaughter4       Broadwey
402 Fern CottagesSamuel LONGMANHead65Married     StonemasonShepton Montague, Somerset
  MarthaLONGMAN Wife61Married381183  Upwey
  Sidney William LONGMANSon20Single     Carter Mineral Water Works Broadwey
411 Fern CottagesWilliam WILLIAMSHead38Married     General LabourerBattersea, Surrey
  FannyWILLIAMS Wife37Married1655   Bincombe
  MabelWILLIAMS Daughter15Single     DressmakerDulwich, Surrey
  AlfredWILLIAMS Son14      SchoolDulwich, Surrey
  Frederick WILLIAMSSon8       Broadwey
  AlbertWILLIAMS Son5       Broadwey
  RobertWILLIAMS Son4       Broadwey
  Charles PASHENLodger34Single     General LabourerBincombe
42Old Station RoadJohn RIGGSHead44Married     PlumberAffpuddle
  Frances Mary RIGGSWife41Married205 41 Bradford Peverell
  Frederick Charles RIGGSSon17Single     GardenerBroadstone
  ElsieRIGGS Daughter12      SchoolBroadwey
  JohnRIGGS Son9       Broadwey
43Old Station RoadRobert BISHOPHead47Married     PlatelayerWest Compton
  EmmaBISHOP Wife43Married1777   West Compton
  Robert John BISHOPSon18Single     Errand BoyBroadwey
  Beatrice Annie BISHOPDaughter16Single     Domestic ServantBroadwey
  William Charles BISHOPSon14      Paper BoyBroadwey
  Florence Mabel BISHOPDaughter12      SchoolBroadwey
  Ellen May BISHOPDaughter9       Broadwey
  Hilda Kathleen BISHOPDaughter8       Broadwey
  Dorothy Lillian BISHOPDaughter5       Broadwey
44 NoahJAMES Head48Widowed     Shoeing SmithChristchurch, Hampshire
  EllinJAMES Daughter24       Christchurch, Hampshire
  ArthurJAMES Son21      Carman - FruitererChristchurch, Hampshire
  ErnestJAMES Son20      MilkmanChristchurch, Hampshire
  RedgieJAMES Son15      Errent(sic) BoyChristchurch, Hampshire
  MaggieJAMES Daughter13      SchoolRingwood, Hampshire
  WinnieJAMES Daughter8      SchoolWeymouth
45 George James POOLEHead48Married     Carpenter HouseDorchester
  Martha Rhoda POOLEWife47Married262 2  Dorchester
  Olive Rhoda POOLEDaughter15Single     Apprentice Dressmaker Dorchester
46WynbarrieJoseph Edgar GRAYHead32Married     GrocerCompton Abbas
  Minnie Louise GRAYWife37Married60    Radipole
47HaslemereEdward Harry LONGMANHead28Married     Carpenter HouseBroadwey
  Ada Mary May LONGMANWife26Married3 0   Upwey
48 Joseph Drake AYERSHead57Married     Hawker of TinwareWhitechapel, London
  AgnesAYERS Wife52Married2411   St Nicholas, Kent
491 Jubilee TerraceGeorge Ernest DREWHead26Married     GWR SignalmanBristol, Somerset
  Alice Gertrude DREWWife24Married40    Upwey
502 Jubilee TerraceFrancis CHALKERHead66Married     Railway Pensioner, Jobbing Gardener Upwey
  JaneCHALKER Wife65Married451111 0 Owermoigne
  LilyCHALKER Daughter22Single     DressmakerUpwey
513 Jubilee TerraceWilliam TIZZARDHead76Married     Retired Jobbing Gardener Maiden Newton
  Mary Ann TIZZARDWife65Married36 22  Cattistock
524 Jubilee TerraceMary Ann Randall SPICERHead53Single     LaundressBroadwey
  Henry Victor Thomas NORRISBoarder22Single     Miller - cornBinghams Melcombe
535 Jubilee TerraceAlbert Edwin SNOOKHead39Married     MasonNottington
  Hannah Grace SNOOKWife41Married144 40 Broadwey
  Dora Annie SNOOKDaughter13      SchoolUpwey
  Hilda Lillian SNOOKDaughter10      SchoolUpwey
  Albert Reginald SNOOKSon8       Broadwey
  Frances Louisa SNOOKDaughter3       Broadwey
546 Jubilee TerraceAmelia BARNESHead43Widowed     Shopkeeper - Grocer Broadwey
  Albert Cyril BARNESSon16Single     Assistant in the Shop Belfast, Ireland
  Mildred Frances BARNESDaughter15       Portland
  Dora May BARNESDaughter6       Chelmsford, Essex
556 Jubilee TerraceCharles Weakley GALEHead63Married     Retired DairymanBroadwey
  Mary Booby GALEWife62Married300    Broadwey
56HighviewElizabeth BOOBYHead53Widowed  321 Broadwey
  Sarah Ellen BOOBYDaughter25Single     School Teacher Church of England Elementary Broadwey
  Percy James EDMUNDSBoarder21Single     Student of Mathematics Hackney, London
  Stanley Freemantle MORTBoarder21Single     Student of Mathematics Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
57OakdeneFrancis Morris MOWLAMHead25Married     Law ClerkLangton Herring
  AmeliaMOWLAM Wife32Married622   Woodbridge
  Eric Francis Drake MOWLAMSon5       Upwey
  Leonard Alfred MOWLAMSon2       Broadwey
58LamornaSydney Herbert FOOTHead37Married     Carpenter RailwayYetminster
  AliceFOOT Wife34Married1322   Buckland Ripers
  Vera Aileen FOOTDaughter11      SchoolBroadwey
  Sybil Alice FOOTDaughter9       Upwey
59GlenhurstRichard Harry DYKEHead58Married     Railway Station Master Dorchester
  SusanDYKE Wife56Married3511   Dorchester
60KirkcowanSamuelBISHOP Head41Married     Police SergeantOwermoigne
  JaneBISHOP Wife41Married17321  Symondsbury
  Blanche Beatrice BISHOPDaughter15Single     Apprentice Dressmaker Chardstock
  Harold Elliott BISHOPSon6       Shaftesbury
61San BernardoWilliam DIDCOCKHead28Single     Porter on G W Railway Twyford, Berkshire
  HenryWEST Boarder60Married     Gardener DomesticCheselbourne
  MaryWEST Boarder61Married3811 0 Came
  CarrieWEST Boarder27Single     LaundressCharminster
  SidneySAXTON Boarder21Single     Signal Porter on GW RailwayRidgeway
62HillfieldWilliamHAWKINS Head59Married     SurgeonAlton Pancras
  Sarah Lawrence HAWKINSWife60Married36 761 Bloxworth
  Evelyn May HAWKINSDaughter35Single      Abbotsbury
  Marjorie Isabel HAWKINSDaughter27Single      Abbotsbury
  Nora Collingdon HAWKINSDaughter21Single      Abbotsbury
  Dorothy Elizabeth HAWKINSDaughter16      SchoolAbbotsbury
  AliceCANNINGS Servant47Single     Cook Domestic ServantSalisbury, Wiltshire
  Ethel Alice SHEPHERDServant19Single     Housemaid DomesticBroadwey
63Victoria VillaAlfred POUNCYHead55Married     OutfitterDorchester
  EmmaPOUNCY Wife60Married340    Dorchester
64 ArthurPOOSS Head35Married     BuilderPreston
  AlicePOOSS Wife33Married922   Poorton
  Winifred POOSSDaughter6      SchoolPreston
  MaggiePOOSS Daughter5      SchoolPreston
65Devon VillaGeorge COCKERAMHead67Married     Retired Coachman Domestic Chulmleigh, Devon
  MaryCOCKERAM Wife60Married32220  Dorchester
  William COCKERAMSon31Single     PhotographerWeymouth
66Wey ViewMarySTEVENS Head70Widowed 4 40Private means Radipole
  MillieSTEVENS Daughter37Single     Private meansUpwey
67Ridge ViewEdith Mary MASKELYNEHead60Single     Private meansTetbury, Gloucestershire
  Elizabeth Ada TOBSONMaid52Single     DomesticHigher Tranmore, Cheshire
68Glen ViewAnnie Elizabeth EDWARDSHead66Single     Private meansPimlico, London
69Tor ViewWilliam James BURTONHead51Single     Canvasser Music Warehouse Marylebone, Middlesex
  RosaBURTON Sister46Single     HousekeeperMarylebone, Middlesex
70Knap HouseJohnPEGLER Head45Married     Head Teacher Ch of England Elementary SchoolNantyglo, Monmouthshire
  SarahPEGLER Wife35Married16651 Assistant MistressBroadwey
  Elizabeth Mary PEGLERDaughter15      SchoolBroadwey
  John Noel PEGLERSon13      SchoolBroadwey
  George Samuel PEGLERSon12      SchoolBroadwey
  Beryl Agnes PEGLERDaughter5       Broadwey
  Geoffrey David PEGLERSon2       Broadwey
  LillyLIMM Servant20Single     Domestic ServantAbbotsbury
71West FieldHerbert George DAYHead35Married     Station MasterCirencester, Gloucestershire
  Florence DAYWife36Married103 30 Bath, Somerset
  InezDAY Daughter8       Yalton, Somerset
  Kathleen DAYDaughter5       Pilning, Gloucestershire
  Anyhony DAYSon1       Castle Cary, Somerset
72 Annie Maria BURDENHead59Single     Independent meansLonerspuddle
  Elizabeth ROGERSLodger75Married20 0   Chaldon Herring
  Elsie Elizabeth ANDREWSDomestic17Single     Domestic ServantDevizes, Wiltshire
73 HerbertCHALKER Head36Married     Oil MerchantYetminster
  Elizabeth CHALKERWife36Married16 312 Puddletown
  OliveCHALKER Daughter15       Portland
74The ViewAmelia Elizabeth SAMWAYSHead88Single      Broadmayne
  LouisaWHITE Companion32Single     CompanionBroadmayne
75 William Frederick BOWDITCHHead40Single     Master BakerBroadwey
  Louisa Rebecca BOWDITCHMother77Widowed      Exeter, Devon
  Emily Kate AYLESSister38Married17 330 Broadwey
  Charles Henry JACKSONNephew18Single     BakerBroadwey
  Ellen Louise HANSFORDServant25Single     General Servant Domestic Broadwey
76Thornhill CottageGeorge PAULLEYHead44Married     Groom Gardener Domestic Minterne Parva
  Christiana PAULLEYWife36Married22 330 Bradford Peverell
  A GPAULLEY Son21Single     Garden Labourer DomesticCerne Abbas
  Emily Blanche May PAULLEYDaughter19Single     House Parlourmaid Domestic Cerne Abbas
  Albert William PAULLEYSon17Single     Garden Lad Domestic Cerne Abbas
77ThornhillHenry Mitchell GALEHead62Single     FarmerNottington
  EmilyGALE Sister70Single      Muckleford
  Emily Eleanor WILSONServant46Single     Domestic HelpIslington, London
78OakhurstFrankLUCKHAM Head50Married     Commercial Traveller Brewing TradeBroadwey
  Ethel May LUCKHAMWife46Married17 651 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire
  Leda Mary LUCKHAMDaughter16      SchoolRadipole
  Cyril Godfrey Frank LUCKHAMSon15      SchoolUpwey
  Marjorie Maud LUCKHAMDaughter14      SchoolUpwey
  Christine Ethel LUCKHAMDaughter7       Upwey
  Audrey Muriel LUCKHAMDaughter4       Upwey
79SpringfieldCharles MURRAYHead38Married     CarpenterNottington
  Henrietta MURRAYWife36Married16 11  Nottington
  Mildred MURRAYDaughter10       Broadwey
  Charlotte PAULMother-in-law80Widowed      Broadwey
80SpringfieldEllenAYLES Head43Single     Lodging House KeeperLambeth, London
  ClaraAYLES Sister39Single     Lodging House KeeperLambeth, London
81SpringfieldWilliam Rogers Symonds BOOBYHead60Married     Market GardenerBroadwey
  William Edwin SYMONDSSon17Single     Carpenter Builder’s Broadwey
824 SpringfieldTomCRITCHELL Head36Married     BricklayerBroadwey
  EmilyCRITCHELL Wife32Married13440  Hastings, Sussex
  EvaCRITCHELL Daughter10       Broadwey
  WalterCRITCHELL Son8       Broadwey
  EthelCRITCHELL Daughter4       Broadwey
  ErnestCRITCHELL Son1       Broadwey
83SpringfieldMaryBURT Head67Single     Needle WorkMartinstown
  EdithBURT Sister48Single     Needle WorkBroadwey
84SpringfieldWalter HOUNSELLHead51Married     Stone & Marble Mason Broadwey
  ClaraHOUNSELL Wife53Married29440  Broadwey
  Douglas HOUNSELLSon28Single     Stone SawyerBroadwey
  Charles HOUNSELLSon23Single     Stone & Marble Mason Broadwey
  Leonard HOUNSELLSon19Single     Stone & Marble Mason Broadwey
85SpringfieldHerbert BOWDITCHHead57Married     Retired MasonBroadwey
  Margaret BOWDITCHWife35Married3 11  Weymouth
  Stanley BOWDITCHSon2       Broadwey
  JohnROPER Visitor25Married<1    Carpenter Timber YardPortland
  LouisaROPER Visitor25Married<1     Poole
86 JohnWILLS Head48Married     Carter on FarmOwermoigne
  SarahWILLS Wife39Married15220  Abbotsbury
  AliceWILLS Daughter13      SchoolCerne Abbas
  Frederick WILLSSon10      SchoolTatton
87 JohnGALE Head46Married     Farm LabourerBuckland Newton
  MaryGALE Wife41Married22862 General HouseworkNetherbury
  Arthur John GALESon17Single     Farm LabourerWoodsford
  HubertGALE Son15Single     Farm HouseboyWoodsford
  Beatrice May GALEDaughter12      SchoolChickerell
  Vera Mary GALEDaughter8       Broadwey
  Cecil Godfrey GALESon4       Broadwey
88 WilliamRIGGS Head33Married     Carter on FarmTolpuddle
  Beatrice RIGGSWife29811    Moreton
  JohnRIGGS Son6       Tolpuddle
  JohnRIGGS Father73Widowed     Late Farm LabourerTolpuddle
89 Alfred William CARTERHead53Married     Labourer ThatcherWinterborne Monckton
  Mary Jane CARTERWife52Married24 11  Broadmayne
  Earnest W CARTERSon20Single     Horseman on FarmPondbury, Fordington
90 CharlesDAMON Head54Married     Groom & GardenerWinterbourne Abbas
  AnnDAMON Wife54Married3222   Dorset
  Lilly Churchill DAMONDaughter19Single      Martinstown
  William Henry MIDDLESon-in-law29Married     Groom & GardenerBroadwey
  Elizabeth Ann MIDDLEDaughter29Married4 22  Kingston Russell
  Hilda Clare Frances MIDDLEGranddaughter1       Broadwey
  Vera Annie MIDDLEGranddaughter3m       Broadwey
91Bridge BuildingsGeorge LANEHead61Married     Labourer on FarmAbbotsbury
  MaryLANE Wife62Married42330  Piddletrenthide
  HenryLANE Son32Single     Labourer on FarmPoxwell
92The RectoryCharles Edward Gooding MAYHead56Married     Clergyman (Established Church) Frome, Somerset
  Mary Gertrude MAYWife41Married160    Lewisham, London
  John Brian BAKERServant31Married     ChauffeurAt Sea near Australia
  Annie Mary BAKERServant31Married5 0  CookWest Lavington, Wiltshire
  Elsie Frances HODGESServant20      ParlourmaidMinterne Magna
93Lorton HouseRobert Moore BRIDGEHead52Married     Private meansLorton, Broadwey
  Mary Frances BRIDGEWife48Married22 33  Sturminster Newton
  Nora Margaret Woolfry BRIDGEDaughter21Single      Lorton, Broadwey
  MaudSMITH Servant25Single     Cook DomesticBroadwinsor
  Alice Elizabeth LONGMANServant28Single     Parlourmaid Domestic Colehill, Broadwinsor
  Cicely Violet DAVISServant17Single     Housemaid DomesticHyle, Salisbury, Wiltshire
  Mabel May CULVERWELLServant20Single     Housemaid DomesticDalwood, Axminster, Devon
  Edward Crichton HAWKSHAWVisitor57Married11 11 R A (Retired) Brampton Abbotts, Herefordshire
94Lorton CottagesJoseph WELLMANHead48Married     Labourer on FarmSouthdown
  AnnieWELLMAN Wife53Married18532  Winterbourne Abbas
  Leonard WELLMANSon17Single     Labourer on FarmBurton
  AnnieWELLMAN Daughter9       Charminster
  ArthurWELLMAN Son7       Bincombe
95Lorton CottagesJohn WATTSHead53Married     ShepherdStratton
  Harriet WATTSWife53Married281 1  Woodhide
96The BungalowGeoffrey Plumpton SMITHHead41Married     SolicitorTattenhall, Cheshire
  May Adeline SMITHWife34Married80    Plymouth, Devon
  Mary Rose OTTERServant20Single     General Servant Domestic Broadwey
97 Harold George SATCHELLHead41Married     Grocer’s Assistant Broadwey
  Frances Georgina SATCHELLWife41Married12 33  Broadwey
  Arthur George SATCHELLSon10      SchoolBroadwey
  Louis Charles SATCHELLSon8       Broadwey
  Frances May SATCHELLDaughter5       Broadwey
98 Henry George STICKLANDHead38Married     Smith & Wheelwright Winterbourne
  Charlotte STICKLANDWife41Married9 33  Mappowder
  Ethel Louise STICKLANDDaughter8       Broadwey
  Marjorie Emily STICKLANDDaughter6       Broadwey
  Phyllis Grace STICKLANDDaughter1       Broadwey
99Nottington FarmEdgar JESTYHead26Single     FarmerFonthill Gifford, Wiltshire
  Annie Elizabeth POPEServant66Widowed     HousekeeperBisley, Gloucestershire
  Thomas Cooper WHICKERServant22Single     Farmer’s son working on farm Holdenhurst, Hampshire
100NottingtonGeorge William BESANTHead45Married     BricklayerPreston
  Sarah Martha BESANTWife49Married16 0   Cheselbourne
101NottingtonWilliam COLEHead75Married     Farm LabourerHook
  MaryCOLE Wife83Married56871  Melton
102NottingtonJohn Oliver FORSEYHead75Widowed  945 Carpenter (RetiredWinsham, Chard, Somerset
103NottingtonCharles BAILEYHead44Married     General LabourerCharminster
  SarahBAILEY Wife40Married21541 LaundressBroadwey
  GeorgeBAILEY Son19Single     General LabourerBroadwey
  ArthurBAILEY Son17Single     General LabourerBroadwey
  Herbert BAILEYSon12       Broadwey
  JohnBAILEY Brother48Single     General LabourerCharminster
104NottingtonFrederick George SQUIBBHead38Married     Labourer on FarmFordington
  EmilySQUIBB Wife37Married1566   Nottington
  GeorgeSQUIBB Son14      Working for hurdle makerWeymouth
  William SQUIBBSon12      SchoolWeymouth
  MaudSQUIBB Daughter11      SchoolWeymouth
  AnnieSQUIBB Daughter9       Nether Cerne
  Wilfred SQUIBBSon7       Bincombe
  Charles SQUIBBSon6m       Nottington
105NottingtonAmbrose GARLANDHead64Married     DairymanChaldon
  Elizabeth GARLANDWife65Married34 0   Reading, Berkshire
106NottingtonWalter STEVENSHead39Married     General LabourerBroadwey
  JaneSTEVENS Wife38Married1211   Wareham
  AnnieSTEVENS Daughter12      SchoolNottington
107NottingtonLotGALE Head25Married     Army Pensioner Invalid, General Labourer on LandWynford Eagle
  FannyGALE Wife25Married111   Chertsey, Surrey
  William Lot GALESon4m       Nottington
108NottingtonWilliam John GALEHead55Married     Gardener & Farm Labourer Nettlecombe
  Molly Isabel GALEWife523276 1  Nettlecombe
  Oscar John GALESon15      Poultry FarmingBuckland Ripers
109NottingtonDaniel Charles BESANTHead45Married     DecoratorWeymouth
  EllenBESANT Wife47Married210   LaundressHartgrove, Shaftesbury
110NottingtonJamesNORMAN Head43Married     Labourer on FarmN K Dorset
  EdithNORMAN Wife42Married15330  Weymouth
  AmyNORMAN Daughter15Single      Melcombe Regis
  WalterNORMAN Son6       Melcombe Regis
  RosinaNORMAN Daughter4       Portland
111Mill Cottage, NottingtonRichard STEVENSHead82Married     Gardener JobbingRadipole
  EmmaSTEVENS Wife75Married180    Buckland
112NottingtonHerbert FORSEYHead38Married     BricklayerWinsham, Chard, Somerset
  Emma Elizabeth FORSEYWife36Married11 211 Somerset
  Hilbert Ralph FORSEYSon10       Nottington
113NottingtonEdwin Joseph GALEHead42Married     Labourer (General)North Poorton
  Agnes Jane GALEWife39Married130    Holwell
  Silvester GALEFather72Widowed     Farm Labourer (Retired) North Poorton
114Spa NottingtonJames John FRAMPTONHead64Married     Retired MasonN K Dorset
  Harriet Meering FRAMPTONWife66Married42 431 N K Dorset
  Bardget DENNINGVisitor63Widowed      Ireland
115Riverside, NottingtonElizabeth TEWKESBURYHead72Widowed     Laundress (Retired) Broadwey
  Vera May WAREGranddaughter17Single     Nursemaid DomesticBroadwey
  SophiaANDERSON  43Widowed     DressmakerBroadwey
  William STEVENSNephew45Single     Labourer (General)Broadwey
116NottingtonJamesPHILLIPS Head29Single     Jobbing GardenerBroadwey
  Elizabeth PHILLIPSMother63Widowed      Fordington
117River View, NottingtonArthur CRITCHELLHead31Married     Gardener DomesticLittlemoor
  Olive Kathleen CRITCHELLWife27Married4 11  Bagshot, Surrey
  Charles Arthur CRITCHELLSon2       Upwey
  William CRITCHELLBrother29Single     General LabourerLittlemoor
118Spa NottingtonMary Ann DAMENHead62Widowed     LaundressPortesham
  NellieDAMEN Granddaughter14Single     Assistant TeacherLulworth
  Harriet Elizabeth BOWESDaughter23Married3 110 Radipole
  JohnBOWES Son-in-law26Married     Seaman R NMelton Mowbray, Leicestershire
  Doris Irene BOWESGranddaughter2       Nottington
119NottingtonGraceGOULD Head54Single     Lady’s Companion disengaged at presentPershore, Worcestershire
120Ivy Cottage, NottingtonWalter SMITHHead37Married     Domestic GardenerWynford Eagle
  RoseSMITH Wife36Married15532  Kinson
  William SMITHSon11      SchoolBroadwey
  Frederick SMITHSon9       Broadwey
  FrankSMITH Son4       Broadwey
  MaudANDREWS Sister28Married511  Nurse DomesticKinson
  IreneANDREWS Daughter3       Kinson
121Ivy Cottage, NottingtonTom WHITEHead50Married     Farm LabourerAskerswell
  Elizabeth WHITEWife57Married270    Ringstead
122 WilliamNORTHOVER Head40Married     Domestic GardenerSwyre
  MaryNORTHOVER Wife41Married18330  Burton Bradstock
  RoseNORTHOVER Daughter17Single     Assistant dressmakerSwyre
  Winifred NORTHOVERDaughter13      SchoolSwyre
  ErnestNORTHOVER Son2       Broadwey
123 Walter Charles BARTLETTHead54Married     Gardener DomesticMartinstown
  JaneBARTLETT Wife53Married250   LaundressCheselbourne
  EvelynGARLAND Niece20Single     DressmakerDorchester
124Broadwey HouseBenjamin BRYANTHead73Married     Retired FarmerSwyre
  Rebecca BRYANTWife69Married45 0   Poxwell
  AnnieTURNER  20Single     Domestic ServantCoryates
  AnnieWATTS  19Single     Domestic ServantSydling
  Ann Elizabeth BRYANTNiece35Single     Private meansNatal, South Africa
125The GroveIsaacSHEPHERD Head55Married     General LabourerBroadwey
  MarySHEPHERD Wife55Married2444   Beaminster
  JamesSHEPHERD Son16      Gardener DomesticBroadwey
  WiliamSHEPHERD Son14      Gardener DomesticBroadwey
126The GroveHerbert AXEHead24Married     Market GardenerOdcombe, Somerset
  Caroline Mary AXEWife25Married31 10 Broadwey
  Rosaline May AXEDaughter2       Broadwey
127The GroveJamesFOULER Head52Married     Bricklayer’s LabourerFish Pond
  Charlotte FOULERWife69Married26 0   Upwey
  JamesGUPPY Lodger50Single     Packer G W RailwayBroadwey
128The GroveWilliam HAWKINSHead32Married     Pig ManBeaminster
  AgnesHAWKINS Wife32Married20    Weymouth
  Reginald MAYOBoarder26Single     Window CleanerBridport
129The GroveGeorgeMOREY Head41Married     General LabourerCerne Abbas
  LouisaMOREY Wife45Married19862  Chaldon Herring
  William MOREYSon18Single     Ag LabPoxwell
  MaryMOREY Daughter16       Moreton
  JohnMOREY Son14      Shepherd’s BoyAbbotsbury
  AnnieMOREY Daughter11      SchoolBroadwey
  EllenMOREY Daughter8       Broadwey
  Bertram MOREYSon3       Broadwey
130 FrederickCHILDS Head62Married     Farm CarpenterBatcombe
  MaryCHILDS Wife60Married35532 House DutiesCerne Abbas
131Crown DairyJames ROPERHead53Married     Dairy ManagerWhitchurch Canonicorum
  MaryROPER Wife48Married3099   Whitchurch Canonicorum
  AlfredROPER Son29Single     Assisting in the DairyIlminster, Somerset
  Herbert ROPERSon22Single     Assisting in the Dairy Marshwood
  InaROPER Daughter14      Assisting in the DairyThorncombe
  IreneROPER Daughter12      SchoolPuddletown
  StellaROPER Daughter8      SchoolPuddletown
132 CharlesHAWKINS Head72Married     Farm LabourerCorscombe
  Elizabeth HAWKINSWife72Married42 532 Chilton, Somerset
  Florence Rose SHAWDaughter34Married12 33 LaundressBroadwey
  Frederick HAWKINSSon31Single     Pensioner A B Seaman Broadwey
  Lillian May SHAWGranddaughter13      SchoolBroadwey
  Nora Daisy SHAWGranddaughter11      SchoolBroadwey
  Beatrice SHAWGranddaughter7       Wimborne
133 FrederickWHITTLE Head45Married     PlatelayerRhyme
  LouisaWHITTLE Wife48Married2322   Puncknowle
  AdaWHITTLE Daughter20Single     DressmakerUpwey
  William CLEMENTSBoarder26Single     Signalman GWRMalvern, Worcestershire
  EdithCLEMENTS Visitor21Single     Parlourmaid DomesticWorcestershire
134 AndrewJAMES Head31Married     Bricklayer’s LabourerGussage All Saints
  SarahJAMES Wife25Married422   Weymouth
  William JAMESSon3       Weymouth
  Frederick JAMESSon11m       Weymouth
1353 Vine CottagesAquilla WAITEHead40Married     BlacksmithHorton, Gloucestershire
  Alice Kate WAITEWife34Married145 5  Coleford, Somerset
  Victor John WAITESon13      SchoolFrome, Somerset
  Annie Priscilla WAITEDaughter11      SchoolFrome, Somerset
  Katherine May WAITEDaughter8       Frome, Somerset
  Margaret Ellen WAITEDaughter6       Old Sodbury, Gloucestershire
  DoraWAITE Daughter4       Old Sodbury, Gloucestershire
1362 Vine CottagesJohn CUFFHead50Married     Mason’s Labourer Hilton
  EmilyCUFF Wife51Married25422  Broadwey
  Ed Frank CUFFSon21Single     Mason’s Labourer Broadwey
  Reginald Walter CUFFSon15      News BoyRadipole
1371 Vine CottagesErnest GREENINGHead30Married     Packer G W RailwayWeymouth
  SarahGREENING Wife30Married733   Broadwey
  Richard GREENINGSon5       Broadwey
  Dorothy GREENINGDaughter2       Broadwey
  ThomasGREENING Son2m       Broadwey
1381 Vine CottagesEllen PRESTONHead59Widowed37 422 LaundressBlandford
139The SwanJohnHOGGARD Head49Married     InnkeeperOakham, Rutland
  Caroline HOGGARDWife43Married19 0  Assisting in BusinessFifehead Neville
  Matilda KINGServant43Single     Servant DomesticSturminster Newton
1407 Bridge BuildingsWalter E READHead34Married     Labourer G W RDorchester
  Emma JREAD Wife34Married14651 Shed LabourerWest Knighton
  LillieREAD Daughter11      SchoolBroadwey
  ElsieREAD Daughter9       Broadwey
  Frederick READSon7       Broadwey
  AdaREAD Daughter4       Broadwey
  ErnestREAD Son2       Broadwey
1416 Bridge BuildingsWilliam Charles STEVENSHead37Married     Garden LabourerChickerell
  Agnes Mary STEVENSWife31Married11 0   Holworth
  Florence Agnes TAYLORNiece12Single       
1425 Bridge BuildingsWilliam GALEHead62Married     Jobbing GardenerBroadwey
  Sarah Jane GALEWife59Married336 6  Broadwey
1434 Bridge BuildingsWilliam James PRICEHead45Married     Engine Shedman G W R Ledbury, Herefordshire
  MaryPRICE Wife50Married200   Home WorkWhitland, Carmarthenshire
1443 Bridge BuildingsCharles ROGERSHead79Married21 734 Retired PublicanBroadwey
  Rosalie Jessie ROGERSNiece21Single     At HomeBridport
1452 Bridge BuildingsHenry POWELLHead34Married     House PainterLittlemoor
  AlicePOWELL Wife31Married1044   Puddletown
  HenryPOWELL Son9       Upwey
  Charles POWELLSon7       Broadwey
  FredaPOWELL Daughter5       Broadwey
  AlfredPOWELL Son2       Broadwey
1461 Bridge BuildingsMary READHead61Widowed     Laundry WorkBincombe
147 SarahGILLINGHAM Head51Widowed124 4 LaundressRadipole
  BessieGILLINGHAM Daughter20Single     LaundressBroadwey
  Archibald GILLINGHAMGrandson1       Broadwey
148LittlemeadJessie HARRISHead43Widowed19 541 LaundressBroadwey
  Edward Charles HARRISSon16      Market GardenerSalisbury, Wiltshire
  Alice Louise HARRISDaughter12      SchoolGodstone, Surrey
  Bessie Maud HARRISDaughter10      SchoolGodstone, Surrey
  Arthur James HARRISSon7       Godstone, Surrey
149LittlemeadElizabeth HANSFORDHead21Single     LaundressPuncknowle
150LittlemeadCatherine Green WHITEHead42Separated  651 Portland
  Lillian Effie Mary WHITEDaughter14      Apprentice Dressmaker Upwey
  Elsie Eliza WHITEDaughter12      SchoolWeymouth
  Kathleen Matilda WHITEDaughter11      SchoolBincombe
  Evelyn May WHITEDaughter9      SchoolUpwey
  Alice Victoria WHITEDaughter5      SchoolWeymouth
151LittlemeadRebecca Pearce OTTERHead56Widowed336 42CharwomanPortland
152LittlemeadJamesPARSONS Head59Married     General LabourerHyde
  AnnPARSONS Wife61Married33431  Cheselbourne
153LittlemeadJamesSUMMERS Head27Married     Packer G W RailwayLittlemoor
  Ada Kate SUMMERSWife23Married3 11  Langton Herring
  Gwendoline Mary SUMMERSDaughter1       Broadwey
  Mary Janet NORMANVisitor20Single     Restaurant Waitress Kilburn, London
154LittlemeadHenryPRESTON Head31Married     G W R LabourerUpwey
  Frances PRESTONWife29Married6 330 Lulworth
  IdaPRESTON Daughter5       Broadwey
  Winifred PRESTONDaughter3       Broadwey
  NorahPRESTON Daughter1       Broadwey
  ThomasPRESTON Boarder28      Groom & Gardener Swan InnUpwey
  Frederick FOSTERBoarder18      Apprentice Blacksmith Affpuddle
155LittlemeadJohnSTEVENS Head54Married     GardenerBroadwey
  Elizabeth STEVENSWife49Married24 440 Poxwell
  Reginald STEVENSSon23Single     GardenerBroadwey
  AnnieSTEVENS Daughter16       Broadwey
156LittlemeadGraceOTTER Head74Widowed185 23Private means Chinnock, Somerset
  EstherHOUSE Visitor24Single     Housemaid DomesticWeymouth
157Meadow ViewCharles SPICERHead55Married     BuilderBroadwey
  MarySPICER Wife53Married31963  Broadwey
  MaudeSPICER Daughter28Single      Broadwey
  LilySPICER Daughter26Single      Broadwey
  Gilbert SPICERSon21Single     House PainterBroadwey
158Ely HouseThomas Nathaniel OTTERHead63Married     CarpenterBroadwey
  Augusta OTTERWife64Married391 10 Melbury Abbas
159Ely HouseJaneSMART Head72Widowed 7 43Private means Broadwey
160 RoseHARDING Head59Single     Private meansPuddletown
1612 Ely CottagesFred CHISMANHead43Married     Fish HawkerGalton
  Augusta CHISMANWife43Married19 11  Stratton
  Florrie CHISMANDaughter18Single      Pentre, South Wales
1623 Ely CottagesJohn MIDDLEHead59Married34 770 Basket MakerStonehouse, Devon
  Elizabeth MIDDLEDaughter25Single      Broadwey
1631 Alma TerraceHelen GREETHAMHead27Married7 431Wife of Naval SeamanPortland
  Kathleen GREETHAMDaughter7       Broadwey
  William GREETHAMSon3       Broadwey
  MonicaGREETHAM Daughter2m       Broadwey
  Frederick TAYLORLodger22Single     Mineral Water Works Broadwey
  EthelTAYLOR Lodger21Single     Nurse DomesticBroadwey
1642 Alma TerraceJohn NAISHHead95Widowed     Pensioner (Prison Service) Westbury, Wiltshire
  HesterANDREWS Granddaughter35Widowed 2 11Housekeeper Lacock, Wiltshire
  MaggieROGERS Visitor11      SchoolGlastonbury, Somerset
1653 Alma TerraceJohn SMITHHead60Married     Jobbing GardenerBroadwinsor
  EllenSMITH Wife59Married3955   Broadwinsor
  AgnesSMITH Daughter38Single     Assistant in Shop (grocer)Beaminster
  Matilda SMITHDaughter35Single     Assistant in Shop (grocer) Broadwinsor
1664 Alma TerraceFrank JOYHead34Married     Assistant BakerBroadwey
  Gertrude Fanny JOYWife34Married124 22 Broadwey
  Harold Frank JOYSon1       Broadwey
167 JobTAYLOR Head33Married     Packer G W RailwayWynford Eagle
  AnnieTAYLOR Wife43Married1133   Preston
  TomCOSH Stepson20Single     Carter on FarmBroadwey
  AgnesTAYLOR Daughter8       Broadwey
  JohnCOSH Stepson23Single      Broadwey
168 CharlesHAWKER Head47Married     Labourer Gentleman’s EstateGreat Toller
  JaneHAWKER Wife43Married24321  Maiden Newton
  Charles W HAWKERSon18Single     Gardener Gentleman’s Estate Broadwey
  Elsie B HAWKERDaughter14       Broadwey
169 Henry John BURTHead45Married     Carpenter (farm)Hillfield
  Eliza Morris BURTWife48Married151 1  Broadwey
  Ivy Dorothy BURTDaughter14       Broadwey
170The SquareSarahCRITCHELL Head77Widowed     Widow of Mason’s LabourerBroadwey
1712 Myrtle CottagesCharlotte HOUSEHead76Widowed5510 37SeamstressPimperne
  JennyHOUSE Granddaughter20Single      Weymouth
1721 Myrtle CottagesHerbert William BAILEYHead33Married     Railway LabourerBroadwey
  Mabel Annie BAILEYWife30Married90    Wareham
173 WilliamROGERS Head43Married     Boiler Maker GWRBroadwey
  Charlotte ROGERSWife41Married22 541 Wynford Eagle
  HaroldROGERS Son22Single     Gardener DomesticPuddletown
  GeorgeROGERS Son19Single     Engine Cleaner GWRRadipole
  Reginald ROGERSSon15      Milk LadBroadwey
174 JacobROGERS Head87Married     Retired Licence HolderBroadwey
  Elizabeth ROGERSWife89Married65 853 Frome St Quinton
  Ethel Kate ROGERSNiece28Single     Children’s Nurse Broadwey
175 Elizabeth J PAULHead50Widowed51 1 LaundressBroadwey
  Ella DPAUL Daughter12      SchoolBroadwey
176Downham PlaceEdwin GALEHead26Married     Gardener JobbingBroadwey
  Beatrice GALEWife27Married21 10 Corfe Castle
  MaryGALE Daughter<1m       Broadwey
177Downham PlaceFrederick John SPICERHead47Married     BuilderBroadwey
  AnnieSPICER Wife48Married160    Broadwey
178The Old HouseJohn Edward BAUNTONHead36Married     FarmerWest Knighton
  AnnieBAUNTON Wife39Married11211  Radipole
  Dorothy BAUNTONDaughter8       Broadwey
  MarionCULL Visitor15Single      Swanage
  HettyBAGGS Servant18Single     General Servant DomesticWeymouth
  Florence PARKERServant15Single     Housemaid DomesticWeymouth
179Post OfficeRichard ROGERSHead64Widowed     PostmasterSutton Poyntz
  NellieROGERS Daughter35Single     Assisting in BusinessBroadwey
  Gertrude ROGERSDaughter28Single     Assisting in Business Broadwey
180Mill StreetEdward Charles BURTHead43Married     Market GardenerChristchurch, Hampshire
  Annie Frances BURTWife41Married150   Assisting in BusinessUpwey
  MaudeLAKE Visitor14Single     Servant DomesticDorchester
  Elizabeth PEGLERBoarder79Widowed  523 Newtown, North Wales
181Mill StreetWilliam ROBINSHead66Married     Market GardenerDorchester
  Ann Elizabeth ROBINSWife65Married47 422 Sutton Poyntz
182Mill StreetWalter MAYHead49Married     Miller (corn)Wilston, Wiltshire
  Hannah Mary MAYWife43Married183 3 DressmakerBuckhorn Weston
  Walter Dyke MAYSon17Single     Apprentice BakerEdington, Wiltshire
  Ella Mary MAYDaughter15      DressmakerEdington, Wiltshire
  Ida Annie MAYDaughter13      SchoolEdington, Wiltshire
183RackmeadWilliamPARSONS Head69Married     Market GardenerBroadwey
  Elizabeth PARSONSWife68Married34 44  Bincombe
  Gertrude Emily PARSONSDaughter31Single     Elementary School Teacher Broadwey
  Hilda May PARSONSDaughter26Single      Broadwey
184 ElizabethCHRISTOPHER Head71Widowed     Market GardenerBuckhorn Weston
  AliceMILLER Servant14      DomesticChantmarle
185 JosephHUSTINGS Head26Married     Carter on FarmMaiden Newton
  Elizabeth HUSTINGSWife25Married4 22  Axmouth, Devon
  OliveHUSTINGS Daughter3       Godmanstone
  MaudHUSTINGS Daughter1       Broadwey
186 FrederickGROVES Head50Married     Gardener DomesticGodmanstone
  Elizabeth GROVESWife51Married30 0   Cheselbourne
187Broadwey HousePercy LOVELL        No details but he signed the schedule  
  Mary Ann LOVELLMother69Widowed     Farmer’s widow Chickerell
  JennyTRENT Servant21Single     General Servant DomesticEast Knighton
  MarkRUSSELL Assistant28Single     Milk CarrierTolpuddle
188Broadwey DairyTom LEACHHead48Married     Cowman (farm)Yeovil, Somerset
  Charlotte LEACHWife48Married265 5  Woolston, Somerset
  Thomas Henry LEACHSon17Single     Under CowmanSherborne
  Samuel Russell LEACHSon11      SchoolCorton Denham, Somerset
189Watery LaneJames INGRAMHead59Married     ShepherdPuddletown
  RhodaINGRAM Wife56Married300    Tadnoll
  Herbert INGRAMNephew19Single     Farm LabourerTonerspuddle
190 HenrySWAIN Head45Married     Farm CarterBarrington, Somerset
  EmilySWAIN Wife43Married24963  Odcombe, Somerset
  Henry John SWAINSon21Single     Working on FarmBroadmayne
  Herbert William SWAINSon18Single     Working on FarmPortesham
  Alice May SWAINDaughter11      SchoolBroadwey
  Elsie Constance SWAINDaughter4       Broadwey
191Plympton HouseRichard Harry LUCKHAMHead55Married     Road Surveyor to Weymouth Rural District Council Broadwey
  Elizabeth LUCKHAMWife51Married17 11  Plympton St Mary, Devon
  Eda Lucy LUCKHAMDaughter16      StudentBroadwey
192Mill StreetWilliam KINGHead54Married     General LabourerBuckland Newton
  Harriet KINGWife56Married304 40 Up Loders
  Frederick KINGSon26Single     BlacksmithCerne Abbas
  ArthurKING Son20Single     Gardener DomesticBroadwey
193Mill StreetWilliam Russell BAKERHead32Widowed     Insurance Collector Brede, Sussex
  Reginald William BAKERSon2       Canterbury, Kent
  Thursa Rosa RENDELLHousekeeper35Single     HousekeeperFrome, Somerset
194Manor FarmThomas OLIVERHead51Married     FarmerSwyre
  ClaraOLIVER Wife48Married100    Portesham
  EmmaOLIVER Sister52Single      Swyre
  MarySWAIN Servant15Single     General Servant DomesticPortesham
195GWR CottageEdmund HANSFORDHead50Married     Blacksmith Striker GWR Upwey
  EmilyHANSFORD Wife50Married3055   Troytown
  LilyHANSFORD Daughter15      At HomeBroadwey
  MayHANSFORD Daughter11      SchoolBroadwey
196Summer CloseFrank REYNOLDSHead54Married     Retired GrocerBosham, Sussex
  Elizabeth REYNOLDSWife56Married30 11  Weymouth
  Elizabeth Emily HANSFORDServant20Single     General Servant Domestic Broadwey
197Hill ViewEmma Elizabeth WINZARHead63Widowed     Plumber’s widow Chickerell
  Charles BRIDLEBrother74Widowed     Railway Guard Pensioner Chickerell
  Florence E BRIDLENiece31Single     HousekeeperBattersea, London
198May BankWilliam Joseph AMEYHead58Married     Carman (corn mill)Poxwell
  EdithAMEY Wife62Married3633   Martinstown
  Elizabeth Annie AMEYDaughter35Single     DressmakerCerne Abbas
  SusieAMEY Daughter28Single     DressmakerCerne Abbas
1992 May BankJohn Charles PARSONSHead53Married     Police Pensioner now Boot Trade Grimstone
  Isabella PARSONSWife53Married31 624 Puddletown
  Sidney Charles PARSONSSon19Single     Railway PorterBow, London
  BertieMAJOR Boarder20Single     Railway PorterBurton
200HillcrestElizabeth SMITHHead59Single     Private meansWeymouth
  Ellen Mary Grace WHEELERNiece40Single     Home DutiesSalisbury, Wiltshire
2014 May BankWalter John ROBINSHead44Married     Foreman corn storeBroadwey
  Harriet Emma ROBINSWife43Married20 22  Broadwey
  Bertram Robert ROBINSSon17Single     Clerk (Office) Flour Mills Broadwey
  Iris Blanche ROBINSDaughter11      SchoolBroadwey
2025 May BankJohn William TROTHHead71Married     Government Pensioner - Trinity Light House Gosport, Hampshire
  LydiaTROTH Wife63Married140    Cradley, Herefordshire
2033 West BankErnest KEELEYHead26Married     Dental MechanicWeymouth
  EllaKEELEY Wife22Married<1     Savernake, Wiltshire
2042 West BankHenry MUNDYHead73Married     Retired Newspaper Printer Barking, Essex
  Emma Ann MUNDYWife68Married496 42 Southwark, Surrey
205ColensoJohnCOLLIS Head62Married     Retired DraperIwerne Minster
  Eliza Jane COLLISWife63Married21 0   Stour Provost
  Flora Marion HELLIERServant22Single     General Servant Domestic Evershot
206ClearmountAlfred TURNBULLHead29      SurgeonEast Lothian
  KateROBERTS Housekeeper36Married140   General Servant DomesticBeaminster
  Bertrand ROBERTSBoarder38Married     General LabourerFrampton
207Summer CloseElizabeth PASHENHead68Widowed     Widow of Road Contractor Whitchurch Canonicorum
  Henrietta PASHENDaughter39Single     Assists in HouseBroadwey
  HettyCHURCHILL Niece16Single     Apprentice Drapery TradeDorchester
208Summer CloseLouisa BECKHead70Single     Independent MeansHenley
209 LouisROGERS Head36Married     Market GardenerUpwey
  LauraROGERS Wife46Married10    Portland
210ShrublandsHenry Tom MARSHHead54Married     [illegible] Co’s Manager Fleet
  ClaraMARSH Wife45Married<1     Erdington, Warwickshire
211Summer CloseJohn GUNDRYHead73Married     Retired SawerBridport
  Augusta GUNDRYWife71Married46 55  Broadwey
212Hill CottagesMary APPLINSHead53Widowed  312DressmakerBlandford
  Tom George APPLINSSon29Single     Boiler Maker GWRFordingbridge, Hampshire
213Hill HouseFrederick MOWLAMHead52Married     Jobbing GardenerLangton Herring
  JaneMOWLAM Wife51Married29220  Upwey
  Laurie Louise MOWLAMDaughter17Single      Langton Herring
  BessieHOUNSELL Boarder30Single     SchoolmistressBridport
  Clement GOSSETBoarder51Single      Milton, Hampshire
214Summer CloseLeonard Allen WASHERHead26Married     CarpenterWeymouth
  Ada Louisa WASHERWife31Married<1 0   Weymouth
215Summer CloseGeorgina Sarah TARRHead76Single     RetiredDorchester
216Summer CloseRobert HANSFORDHead63Married     Retired DairymanLoders
  ElizaHANSFORD Wife70Married330    Preston
217Summer CloseSamuel Charles WOOLFRIESHead30Married     Contractor’s Labourer Army Reserve Bournemouth, Hampshire
  JuliaWOOLFRIES Wife30Married20   LaundressPuddletown
218Summer CloseHugh LLOYDHead71Married     Pensioned Certificated Schoolmaster Wybunbury, Cheshire
  AnneLLOYD Wife74Married400    Halifax, Yorkshire
219Summer CloseRichard NORRISHead58Married     Prison WarderWeymouth
  EmilyNORRIS Wife59Married300   PensionerLeyton, Essex
220Summer CloseHenry DAWEHead33Married     House PainterBeaminster
  LydiaDAWE Wife32Married7321  Broadwey
  Olive May DAWEDaughter6       Broadwey
  Marjorie Violet DAWEDaughter1       Broadwey


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