1901 Census - RG13/1990

Transcribed by Maureen Branson 2007


Superintendant Registrar's District: Weymouth
Enumeration District, No.: 2
Registrar's Sub-District: Upwey
Name of Enumerator, Mr.: Llewellyn Goronwy Lewis                                                                                                                                                                     

Description of Enumeration District: Boundary: The whole of the civil Parish of Broadwey. Contents: Comprising Littlemore Hamlet, Thornhill Dairyhouse, part of Nottington Hamlet comprising Jesty's Farmhouse, Malthouse Cottage and all the houses northward both sides of the road to and include Brookhouse, Waterloo House, Mussells Corner, Lorton House & cottages.and all the houses both sides of the Weymouth Road South of Icen Road to and include Corfehill Lodge, Springfield Cottages, Mill Street and the Grove



; Bincleaves, Icen Road; uninhabited; Folio23Page1

1; Bincleaves Retreat, Icen Road; Andrew LUSH; head; W; 79; Retired Farmer; Hazel Bryan; Folio23Page1

; Alice Louisa LUSH; niece; S; 32; Housekeeper Domestic; Dorchester; Folio23Page1

; Frederick G FARLEY; visitor; S; 31; Shoemaker; Plymouth, Devon; Folio23Page1

; Montrose, Icen Road; uninhabited; Folio23Page1

; Royston; uninhabited; Folio23Page1

2; Lea Cottage (1); Ellen WHEELER; head; S; 19; Living on own means; Weymouth; Folio23Page1

; Alice HOWARTH; visitor; S; 23; Typist; London; Folio23Page1; Feeble-minded

; Beatrice WHEELER; sister; S; 18; Weymouth; Folio23Page1

; Evelyn WHEELER; sister; S; 16; Weymouth; Folio23Page1

3; Lea Cottage (1); Elias MAYO; head; M; 41; Builder's Carpenter; Upwey; Folio23Page1

; Julia MAYO; wife; M; 39; Upwey; Folio23Page1

; Harold MAYO; son; S; 12; Upwey; Folio23Page1

; Eric MAYO; son; S; 3; Broadwey; Folio23Page1

4; Lea Cottage (2); Llewellyn G LEWIS; head; M; 34; Accountant (Company's); Crumlin, Mon; Folio23Page1

; Elizabeth Mary LEWIS; wife; M; 38; Teacher (Day School); Nanty-glo, Mon; Folio23Page1

; Goronwy Claude LEWIS; son; S; 5; Broadwey; Folio23Page1

5; Icen Road (1); Henry Jas SHEPSTONE; head; M; 41; Railway Ticket Collector; Axbridge, Somerset; Folio23Page1

; Emily SHEPSTONE; wife; M; 40; Weare, Somerset; Folio23Page1

; Mildred SHEPSTONE; dau; S; 12; Broadwey; Folio23Page1

; Leslie SHEPSTONE; son; S; 4; Broadwey; Folio23Page1

6; Icen Road (2); George ROPER; head; W; 58; Retired Police Officer; Tolpuddle; Folio23Page1

7; Icen Road (3); Francis CHALKER; head; M; 56; Railway Porter; Upwey; Folio23Page1

; Jane CHALKER; wife; M; 55; Owermoigne; Folio23Page1

; Frank CHALKER; son; S; 25; Upwey; Folio23Page1; Imbecile

; Mary CHALKER; dau; S; 16; Dressmaker; Upwey; Folio23Page1

; Gertrude CHALKER; dau; S; 14; Upwey; Folio23Page1

; Lillie CHALKER; dau; S; 12; Upwey; Folio23Page1

; Mary HANSFORD; g-mother; W; 92; Gorwell; Folio23Page1; Deaf

; John KNIGHT; boarder; M; 45; Builder's Carpenter; Leamington, Hants; Folio23Page1

; William SALTER; boarder; S; 19; Builder's Carpenter; Woodside, Hants; Folio23Page1

8; 2 Fern Cottage; Samuel LONGMAN; head; M; 55; Stone Mason; Bruton, Somerset; Folio23Page2

; Martha LONGMAN; wife; M; 51; Upwey; Folio23Page2

; Harry LONGMAN; son; S; 18; Builder's Carpenter; Broadwey; Folio23Page2

; Arthur LONGMAN; son; S; 17; Builder's Carpenter; Broadwey; Folio23Page2

; Alice LONGMAN; dau; S; 14; Broadwey; Folio23Page2

; Sydney LONGMAN; son; S; 10; Broadwey; Folio23Page2

9; 1 Fern Cottage; Ernest F A LEE; head; M; 28; Railway Signalman; Paddington, London; Folio23Page2

; Rosa Ann LEE; wife; M; 33; Dressmaker; Charminster; Folio23Page2

10; Icen Road; John RIGGS; head; M; 35; Sanitary Plumber; Briants Puddle; Folio23Page2

; Frances RIGGS; wife; M; 32; Bradford Peverill; Folio23Page2

; Annie Louisa RIGGS; dau; S; 8; Parkstone; Folio23Page2

; Frederick C RIGGS; son; S; 7; Broadstone; Folio23Page2

; Frances M RIGGS; dau; S; 5; Parkstone; Folio23Page2

; Elsie RIGGS; dau; S; 2; Broadwey; Folio23Page2

11; Icen Road; William S TUCKER; head; M; 34; Builder's Carpenter; Upwey; Folio23Page2

; Kate TUCKER; wife; M; 37; Bincombe; Folio23Page2

; Mary TUCKER; dau; S; 7; Broadwey; Folio23Page2

; Gladys TUCKER; dau; S; 5; Broadwey; Folio23Page2

; Hilda TUCKER; dau; S; 3; Broadwey; Folio23Page2

; Icen Road; uninhabited; Folio23Page2

12; Icen Road; John PETERS; head; M; 65; Stone Mason; Yetminster; Folio23Page2

; Mary A PETERS; wife; M; 64; Montacute, Somerset; Folio23Page2

; Emma FULLARD; sister-in-law; S; 66; Montacute, Somerset; Folio23Page2

13; Railway Hotel; Charles STRUTT; head; M; 53; Hotel Keeper; Maidstone, Kent; Folio23Page2

; Amelia STRUTT; wife; M; 51; London, Middlesex; Folio23Page2

; Joseph STRUTT; son; S; 17; Groom Domestic; Bermondsey, London; Folio23Page2

; Branch STRUTT; son; S; 15; Grocer's Errand Boy; Bermondsey, London; Folio23Page2

; Charles STRUTT; son; S; 13; Battersea, London; Folio23Page2

; Laura STRUTT; dau; S; 11; Tottenham, Middlesex; Folio23Page2

; Walter PENNY; son-in-law; M; 29; Electrician (Railway); London, Middlesex; Folio23Page2

; Barbara PENNY; dau; M; 24; Bermondsey, London; Folio23Page2

; Walter PENNY; g-son; S; 2; Hungerford, Berks; Folio24Page3

; Barbara PENNY; g-dau; S; 7m; Hungerford, Berks; Folio24Page3

14; Railway Retreat; Alfred J ROGERS; head; M; 38; Builder's Haulier & Coal Merchant; Broadwey; Folio24Page3

; Mary A ROGERS; wife; M; 35; Upwey; Folio24Page3

; Alfred R ROGERS; son; S; 4; Broadwey; Folio24Page3

; Alice M ROGERS; dau; S; 14; Apprentice Dressmaker; Upwey; Folio24Page3

; Olive F ROGERS; dau; S; 9; Broadwey; Folio24Page3

15; Railway Retreat; Henry COATS; head; M; 30; Platelayer (Railway); Buckland Newton; Folio24Page3

; Mary COATS; wife; M; 26; Piddletrenthide; Folio24Page3

; William COATS; son; S; 5; West Knighton; Folio24Page3

; Henry COATS; son; S; 3; West Knighton; Folio24Page3

16; Railway Retreat; William G NORTHOVER; head; M; 52; Builder's Carpenter; Cerne Abbas; Folio24Page3

; Fannie NORTHOVER; wife; M; 38; Cerne Abbas; Folio24Page3

; George R NORTHOVER; son; S; 12; Cerne Abbas; Folio24Page3

; Hilda M NORTHOVER; dau; S; 10; Cerne Abbas; Folio24Page3

; Laura F NORTHOVER; dau; S; 7; Broadwey; Folio24Page3

17; Railway Retreat; John BISHOP; head; M; 53; General Labourer; Charminster; Folio24Page3

; Lucy BISHOP; wife; M; 45; Laundress; Mudford, Somerset; Folio24Page3

; William BISHOP; son; S; 22; Bricklayer; Preston; Folio24Page3

; Arthur BISHOP; son; S; 16; General Labourer; Broadwey; Folio24Page3

; Rose BISHOP; dau; S; 14; General Servant Domestic; Broadwey; Folio24Page3

; Walter BISHOP; son; S; 12; Broadwey; Folio24Page3

; Robert BISHOP; son; S; 9; Broadwey; Folio24Page3

; Maud BISHOP; dau; S; 7; Broadwey; Folio24Page3

; Bertram BISHOP; son; S; 5; Broadwey; Folio24Page3

; Frederick BISHOP; son; S; 3; Broadwey; Folio24Page3

18; Railway Retreat; William PUCKETT; head; M; 66; Carter on Farm; Puddletown; Folio24Page3

; Sarah A PUCKETT; wife; M; 61; Portesham; Folio24Page3

; Thomas R PUCKETT; son; M; 26; Platelayer (Railway); Puddletown; Folio24Page3

; Sarah J PUCKETT; dau-in-law; M; 37; Wareham; Folio24Page3

; Ethel M PUCKETT; g-dau; S; 1; Broadwey; Folio24Page3

19; Retreat House; John BARTER; head; M; 71; Retired Farmer; West Compton; Folio24Page4

; Sarah BARTER; wife; M; 51; Bridport; Folio24Page4

; Elsie BARTER; dau; S; 20; Dressmaker; Maiden Newton; Folio24Page4

; Retreat Cottage; uninhabited; Folio24Page4

20; Retreat Cottage; Richard PRESTON; head; M; 23; Platelayer (Railway); Broadwey; Folio24Page4

; Charlotte PRESTON; wife; M; 23; West Lulworth; Folio24Page4

; Esther PRESTON; g-mother; W; 85; Wootton Bassett, Wilts; Folio24Page4

21; Grocer's Shop; Annie WELCH; head; S; 35; Grocer & Shopkeeper; Stoford, Somerset; Folio24Page4

22; Grocer's Shop; William ELLETT; head; M; 62; Bootmaker; Dorchester; Folio24Page4

; Mary A ELLETT; wife; M; 74; Uplyme, Devon; Folio24Page4

23; 1 Jubilee Ter; Henry G WEST; head; M; 49; General Gardener; Cheselborne; Folio24Page4

; Mary WEST; wife; M; 52; Laundress; Came; Folio24Page4

; Caroline M WEST; dau; S; 24; Assistant Laundress; Charminster; Folio24Page4

24; 2 Jubilee Ter; George SYMONDS; head; M; 52; Market Gardener; Broadwey; Folio24Page4

; Elizabeth SYMONDS; wife; M; 41; Broadwey; Folio24Page4

; Sarah E SYMONDS; dau; S; 16; Pupil Teacher in National School; Broadwey; Folio24Page4

25; 3 Jubilee Ter; Herbert CHALKER; head; M; 27; General Labourer; Yetminster; Folio24Page4

; Elizabeth CHALKER; wife; M; 28; Puddletown; Folio24Page4

; Olive CHALKER; dau; S; 5; Portland; Folio24Page4

26; 4 Jubilee Ter; Mary A R SPICER; head; S; 42; Laundress; Broadwey; Folio24Page4

27; 5 Jubilee Ter; William TIZZARD; head; M; 64; Gardener's Labourer; Broadwey; Folio24Page4

; Mary A TIZZARD; wife; M; 54; Cattistock; Folio24Page4

; Elizabeth DUBBIN; sister; S; 65; Shopkeeper (Grocer); Cattistock; Folio24Page4

28; 6 Jubilee Ter; Arthur HARRIS; head; M; 26; Butcher; West Coker, Somerset; Folio24Page4

; Fanny HARRIS; wife; M; 26; Milborne St Andrew; Folio24Page4

; Elizabeth J HARRIS; dau; S; 1; Portland; Folio24Page4

29; Summer Close Place; William PASHEN; head; M; 80; General Labourer; Bincombe; Folio24Page4

; Ann PASHEN; wife; M; 79; Bincombe; Folio24Page4

30; Summer Close Place; Frank E PROSSER; head; M; 19; Railway Porter; Trowbridge, Wilts; Folio24Page4

; Annie PROSSER; wife; M; 20; Trowbridge, Wilts; Folio24Page4

31; Summer Close Place; Richard DYKE; head; M; 48; Railway Station Master; Dorchester; Folio25page5

; Susan DYKE; wife; M; 46; Stinsford; Folio25page5

; Alice M DYKE; dau; S; 25; Teacher of Music; Upwey; Folio25page5

32; Summer Close Place; George PEGLER; head; M; 77; Retired Grocer; Newnham, Glos; Folio25page5

; Elizabeth PEGLER; wife; M; 69; Tregynon, Montgomery; Folio25page5

33; Summer Close Place; James WINZAR; head; M; 77; Retired Blacksmith; Upwey; Folio25page5

; Elizabeth A WINZAR; wife; M; 75; Broadwey; Folio25page5

34; Summer Close Place; Robert HANSFORD; head; M; 52; Retired Dairyman; Loders; Folio25page5

; Eliza HANSFORD; wife; M; 60; Sutton Poyntz; Folio25page5

35; Summer Close Place; James PARSONS; head; M; 50; Labourer on Farm; Hyde; Folio25page5

; Annie M PARSONS; wife; M; 52; Cheselborne; Folio25page5

; Lillie L PARSONS; dau; S; 22; Housemaid Domestic; Puddletown; Folio25page5

; Ellen M AMES; visitor; S; 26; Housekeeper Domestic; Weymouth; Folio25page5

36; Summer Close Place; Thomas LANERLEY; head; M; 66; Trinity House Pensioner; Upton, Cheshire; Folio25page5

; Hannah LANERLEY; wife; M; 67; Chester, Cheshire; Folio25page5

37; Jane M ADAMS; head; M; 69; Living on own means; Ceylon; Folio25page5

; Ethel ADAMS; dau; S; 35; Ceylon; Folio25page5

; Petrina ADAMS; dau; S; 29; Liverpool, Lancs; Folio25page5

38; Albert E KING; head; M; 37; Police Sergeant; Gillingham; Folio25page5

; Annie L KING; wife; M; 30; Sherborne; Folio25page5

; Reginald B KING; son; S; 7; Dorchester; Folio25page5

39; William E BERRINGTON; head; M; 39; Railway Station Master; Coxley, Somerset; Folio25page5

; Annie L BERRINGTON; wife; M; 32; Trowbridge, Wilts; Folio25page5

; Muriel R BERRINGTON; dau; S; 10; Trowbridge, Wilts; Folio25page5

; Howard BERRINGTON; son; S; 7; Trowbridge, Wilts; Folio25page5

; Lillian G BERRINGTON; dau; S; 5; Trowbridge, Wilts; Folio25page5

40; James B HENVILLE; head; M; 68; Retired Blacksmith; Winterbourne Kingston; Folio25page5

; Clara HENVILLE; wife; M; 69; Broadwey; Folio25page5

; Rosina HARDING; boarder; S; 50; Living on own means; Waterson; Folio25page5

41; Hill House; Edward CREGOE; head; M; 47; Living on own means; Cornwall; Folio25page5

; Maria CREGOE; wife; M; 28; Devon; Folio25page5

42; Hill House Cottage; James BURT; head; M; 35; Stone Mason; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio25page6

; Harriet A BURT; wife; M; 36; Ilminster, Somerset; Folio25page6

; Fred C BURT; son; S; 13; Broadwey; Folio25page6

; Annie F BURT; dau; S; 10; Broadwey; Folio25page6

; Harry J BURT; son; S; 2; Broadwey; Folio25page6

; Charles HIBBS; uncle; W; 65; Stone Mason; Poole; Folio25page6

43; John GUNDRY; head; M; 62; Sawyer in Timber; Askerswell; Folio25page6

; Augusta GUNDRY; wife; M; 61; Laundress; Broadwey; Folio25page6

44; Shrublands; Caroline WHITEN; head; S; 72; Living on own means; Islington, London; Folio25page6

; Emily M ROBERTS; niece; S; 26; Governess (Private School); Shaftsbury; Folio25page6

45; Hillfield; William HAWKINS; head; M; 49; Medical Practitioner; Alton Pancras; Folio25page6

; Sarah L HAWKINS; wife; M; 50; Bloxworth; Folio25page6

; Evelyn M HAWKINS; dau; S; 25; Governess (Domestic); Abbotsbury; Folio25page6

; William L HAWKINS; son; S; 23; Medical Student; Abbotsbury; Folio25page6

; Margery J HAWKINS; dau; S; 17; Abbotsbury; Folio25page6

; Alice L HAWKINS; dau; S; 15; Abbotsbury; Folio25page6

; Nora C HAWKINS; dau; S; 11; Abbotsbury; Folio25page6

; Dorothy E HAWKINS; dau; S; 6; Abbotsbury; Folio25page6

; Alice CANNINGS; servant; S; 37; Nurse (domestic); Salisbury, Wilts; Folio25page6

; Frances CLEALL; servant; S; 29; Cook (Domestic); West Lulworth; Folio25page6

; Rhoda CORNICK; servant; S; 24; Housemaid Domestic; Portesham; Folio25page6

46; Victoria Villa; Alfred POUNCEY; head; M; 45; Draper & Outfitter (Dealer); Dorchester; Folio25page6

; Emma E POUNCEY; wife; M; 50; Dorchester; Folio25page6

; Sarah H BARTER; sister-in-law; S; 61; Dorchester; Folio25page6

47; Broadwey Knap; Elizabeth PASHEN; head; W; 58; Living on own means; Whitechurch; Folio25page6

; Hettie CHURCHILL; visitor; S; 6; Dorchester; Folio25page6

48; Clearmont; Emily G B PENNY; head; S; 67; Living on own means; London; Folio25page6

; Louisa A PENNY; sister; S; 64; Living on own means; Bahamas, West Indies; Folio25page6

; Bessie E DAVIES; servant; S; 37; Companion (Domestic); Southampton, Hants; Folio25page6

; Martha J MATTHEWS; servant; S; 18; General Servant Domestic; Wareham; Folio25page6

49; Hadleigh Villa; Frederick OLIVER; head; M; 41; Farmer; Swyre; Folio26page7

; Mary R OLIVER; wife; M; 40; Beaminster; Folio26page7

50; Colenso; John ELLIS; head; M; 54; Pensioner Police Inspector; Kimbridge; Folio26page7

; Mary J ELLIS; wife; M; 50; Lytchett Matravers; Folio26page7

51; Devon Villa; George COCKERAM; head; M; 58; Living on own means; Chulmleigh, Devon; Folio26page7

; Mary COCKERAM; wife; M; 52; Weymouth; Folio26page7

; Herbert COCKERAM; son; S; 18; Ironmonger's Assistant; Weymouth; Folio26page7

; Lillie BERNHARD; g-dau; S; 8; London; Folio26page7

52; Knap House; John PEGLER; head; M; 35; Head Teacher (Day School); Nanty-glo, Mon; Folio26page7

; Sarah PEGLER; wife; M; 25; Teacher; Broadwey; Folio26page7

; Elizabeth PEGLER; dau; S; 5; Broadwey; Folio26page7

; John Noel PEGLER; son; S; 3; Broadwey; Folio26page7

; George S PEGLER; son; S; 2; Broadwey; Folio26page7

; Henrietta S BIRD; servant; S; 17; Housemaid Domestic; Wyke Regis; Folio26page7

53; The Knap; Walter MAYO; head; M; 37; Miller in Corn Mill; Salisbury, Wilts; Folio26page7

; Mary MAYO; wife; M; 30; Buckhorn Weston; Folio26page7

; Walter D MAYO; son; S; 7; Westbury, Wilts; Folio26page7

; Ella M MAYO; dau; S; 5; Westbury, Wilts; Folio26page7

; Ida A MAYO; dau; S; 3; Westbury, Wilts; Folio26page7

54; West Bank; William ROBINSON; head; W; 81; Living on own means; Marshwood, Hants; Folio26page7

; Alice E N PAGE; niece; S; 30; General Servant Domestic; London; Folio26page7

55; West Bank; Edwin SNOOK; head; M; 54; Builder; Broadwey; Folio26page7

; Sophia SNOOK; wife; M; 55; Broadwey; Folio26page7

; Ada SNOOK; dau; S; 19; Broadwey; Folio26page7

; Edwin SNOOK; son; S; 15; Broadwey; Folio26page7

; West Bank; uninhabited; Folio26page7

; May Bank; uninhabited; Folio26page7

56; May Bank; Thomas E SLOANE; head; M; 34; Retired Soldier; Cardiff, Glamorgan; Folio26page7

; Alice E SLOANE; wife; M; 26; Sydling; Folio26page7

; Elma A A SLOANE; dau; D; 4; Friar Waddon; Folio26page7

; Annie A SLOANE; dau; D; 3; Friar Waddon; Folio26page7

; Thomas E R SLOANE; son; S; 1; Stratford; Folio26page8

; May Bank; uninhabited; Folio26page8

57; May Bank; Frank JOY; head; M; 24; Baker's Assistant; Witchampton; Folio26page8

; Gertrude JOY; wife; M; 24; Dressmaker; Broadwey; Folio26page8

; Lillie S SATCHELL; sister-in-law; S; 22; General Servant Domestic; Broadwey; Folio26page8

; Mary A CLARK; visitor; S; 47; Weymouth; Folio26page8; Deaf

58; May Bank; Mary APPLIN; head; W; 43; Dressmaker; Blandford; Folio26page8

; Frances GREEN; boarder; S; 62; Living on own means; Croydon, Surrey; Folio26page8

59; The Knap; Annie M DURDEN; head; S; 46; Turnerspuddle; Folio26page8

; Susan E GALE; servant; S; 16; General Servant Domestic; Powerstock; Folio26page8

60; The Knap; Walter ROBINS; head; M; 34; Miller (Flour); Broadwey; Folio26page8

; Harriet ROBINS; wife; M; 33; Dressmaker; Broadwey; Folio26page8

; Bertram ROBINS; son; S; 7; Broadwey; Folio26page8

; Iris T ROBINS; dau; S; 1; Broadwey; Folio26page8

61; The View; Amelia ROBERTS; head; M; 29; North Poorton; Folio26page8

; Mabel A ROBERTS; dau; S; 4; Weymouth; Folio26page8

; Henry ROBERTS; son; S; 2; Broadwey; Folio26page8

62; The View; Amelia SAMWAYS; head; S; 77; Living on own means; Owermoigne; Folio26page8

; Louisa WHITE; servant; S; 23; General Servant Domestic; Owermoigne; Folio26page8

; Elizabeth M UPWARD; visitor; W; 44; Professional Nurse; Bromley, Kent; Folio26page8

63; Hill View; Robert WINZAR; head; M; 68; Retired Plumber; Broadwey; Folio26page8

; Emma E WINZAR; wife; M; 53; Chickerell; Folio26page8

64; Charles J SYMONDS; head; S; 42; Market Gardener; Broadwey; Folio26page8

; Amelia M SYMONDS; sister; S; 39; Broadwey; Folio26page8

; Harriet BLAKE; sister; W; 50; Living on own means; Broadwey; Folio26page8

65; The Bakery; Thomas BOWDITCH; head; M; 63; Baker; Upwey; Folio26page8

; Louisa BOWDITCH; wife; M; 65; Exeter, Devon; Folio26page8

; William BOWDITCH; son; S; 30; Baker's son; Broadwey; Folio26page8

; Ernest YOUNG; servant; S; 19; Journeyman Baker; Bruton, Somerset; Folio26page8

66; Edmund HANSFORD; head; M; 40; Railway Platelayer; Upwey; Folio27page9

; Emily HANSFORD; wife; M; 39; Caretaker (School); Troytown; Folio27page9

; Ellen HANSFORD; dau; S; 15; Housemaid Domestic; Broadwey; Folio27page9

; Emily HANSFORD; dau; S; 10; Broadwey; Folio27page9

; Lillie HANSFORD; dau; S; 4; Broadwey; Folio27page9

; May HANSFORD; dau; S; 10m; Broadwey; Folio27page9

67; Thornhill Cottage; George PAULLEY; head; M; 34; Coachman (Domestic); Minterne Parva; Folio27page9

; Christiana PAULLEY; wife; M; 30; Bradford Peverill; Folio27page9

; Arthur G NEAL; son; S; 11; Cerne Abbas; Folio27page9

; Emily B M PAULLEY; dau; S; 9; Cerne Abbas; Folio27page9

; Albert W PAULLEY; son; S; 7; Cerne Abbas; Folio27page9

68; Thornhill; Harry M GALE; head; S; 54; Farmer; Nottington; Folio27page9

; Emily GALE; sister; S; 60; Muckleford; Folio27page9

; Mary WARD; servant; S; 18; General Servant Domestic; London; Folio27page9

69; Thickthorn; Louisa J GROVES; head; W; 73; Living on own means; Ashill, Somerset; Folio27page9

; Louisa J GROVES; dau; S; 46; Binghams Melcombe; Folio27page9

; Nancy G WALLIS; servant; S; 18; General Servant Domestic; Portesham; Folio27page9

70; Watery Lane; Henry HAWKINS; head; M; 44; Shepherd (on farm); Corscombe; Folio27page9

; Jane HAWKINS; wife; M; 43; Beaminster; Folio27page9

; Charles HAWKINS; son; S; 17; Labourer on Farm; Powerstock; Folio27page9

; Albert HAWKINS; son; S; 16; Labourer on Farm; Netherbury; Folio27page9

; Herbert HAWKINS; son; S; 14; Stableboy (Domestic); Bradstock; Folio27page9

; Lillie HAWKINS; dau; S; 12; Beaminster; Folio27page9

; Alice HAWKINS; dau; S; 11; Beaminster; Folio27page9

; George HAWKINS; son; S; 9; Beaminster; Folio27page9

; Fred HAWKINS; son; S; 5; West Chinnock; Folio27page9

71; Rackmead Nurseries; William PARSONS; head; M; 59; Nurseryman & Florist; Broadwey; Folio27page9

; Elizabeth PARSONS; wife; M; 58; Broadwey; Folio27page9

; Gertrude E PARSONS; dau; S; 21; Teacher in National School; Broadwey; Folio27page9

; Fannie PARSONS; dau; S; 18; Teacher in National School; Broadwey; Folio27page9

; Hilda M PARSONS; dau; S; 16; Broadwey; Folio27page9

72; Manor House Dairy; George MONTAGUE; head; M; 48; Dairyman; Adcombe, Somerset; Folio27page10

; Sarah MONTAGUE; wife; M; 38; Adcombe, Somerset; Folio27page10

; William AXE; step-son; S; 17; Cattleman on Farm; Adcombe, Somerset; Folio27page10

; Herbert AXE; step-son; S; 13; Gardener's Help; Adcombe, Somerset; Folio27page10

; Harold MONTAGUE; son; S; 10; Adcombe, Somerset; Folio27page10

; Frederick MONTAGUE; son; S; 7; Ryme; Folio27page10

; May MONTAGUE; dau; S; 5; Yeovil, Somerset; Folio27page10

; Daisy MONTAGUE; dau; S; 2; Chabington; Folio27page10

73; Waterloo House; John T LOVELL; head; M; 49; Farmer; Wyke Regis; Folio27page10

; Mary Ann LOVELL; wife; M; 59; Buckland Ripers; Folio27page10

; Annie L T LOVELL; dau; S; 22; Wyke Regis; Folio27page10

; Percy LOVELL; son; S; 17; Melcombe Regis; Folio27page10

; Standford RALPH; servant; S; 22; Milk Carrier; Kingston Magna; Folio27page10

; Mabel A BRINE; servant; S; 20; General Servant Domestic; Sherborne; Folio27page10

74; Watery Lane; James CHRISTOPHER; head; M; 62; Market Gardener; Upwey; Folio27page10

; Elizabeth CHRISTOPHER; wife; M; 61; Buckhorn Weston; Folio27page10

; Laura CHRISTOPHER; dau; S; 36; Portland; Folio27page10

75; Watery Lane; Harry A SQUIBB; head; M; 26; Carter on Farm; London; Folio27page10

; Emily E SQUIBB; wife; M; 22; Upwey; Folio27page10

; Gilbert H SQUIBB; son; S; 10m; Broadwey; Folio27page10

76; Watery Lane; Charles BARTER; head; M; 39; Groom & Gardener (Domestic); Clerkwell, London; Folio27page10

; Eliza J BARTER; wife; M; 40; Letke Lane, Somerset; Folio27page10

; Albert J BARTER; son; S; 13; Cowboy on Farm; Kingston Russell; Folio27page10

; Emily M BARTER; dau; S; 12; Kingston Russell; Folio27page10

; Ernest G BARTER; son; S; 10; Kingston Russell; Folio27page10

; Florence J BARTER; dau; S; 7; Piddlehinton; Folio27page10

; Arthur C BARTER; son; S; 5; Piddlehinton; Folio27page10

77; Mill Street; Henry SWAIN; head; M; 35; Carter on Farm; Barrington; Folio27page10

; Emily SWAIN; wife; M; 34; Odcombe, Somerset; Folio27page10

; John SWAIN; son; S; 11; Broadmayne; Folio27page10

; Herbert W SWAIN; son; S; 8; Shilvington; Folio27page10

; Eda M SWAIN; dau; S; 5; Shilvington; Folio28page11

; Alice M SWAIN; dau; S; 3; Broadwey; Folio28page11

78; Mill House; Richard H LUCKHAM; head; M; 45; Miller (Flour); Broadwey; Folio28page11

; Elizabeth LUCKHAM; wife; M; 41; Plympton St Mary, Devon; Folio28page11

; Eda Lucy LUCKHAM; dau; S; 6; Broadwey; Folio28page11

; Mary Jane LUCKHAM; sister; S; 52; Living on own means; Broadwey; Folio28page11

; Ellen R LUCKHAM; sister; S; 43; Living on own means; Broadwey; Folio28page11

; Lillie PAULLEY; servant; S; 18; General Servant Domestic; Cerne Abbas; Folio28page11

; Broadwey Flour Mills; Folio28page11

79; Mill Street; Thomas WALLIS; head; M; 38; Steam Engine Driver in Flour Mill; Portesham; Folio28page11

; Eliza WALLIS; wife; M; 40; Portesham; Folio28page11

; Flossie WALLIS; dau; S; 16; Servant (Domestic); Portesham; Folio28page11

; Walter WALLIS; son; S; 13; Portesham; Folio28page11

80; Mill Street; William G HARRIS; head; M; 30; Groom (Domestic); West Coker, Somerset; Folio28page11

; Elina F HARRIS; wife; M; 28; Dingle, Ireland; Folio28page11

; Thomas R HARRIS; son; S; 1m; Broadwey; Folio28page11

81; Manor House; Thomas OLIVER; head; M; 42; Farmer; Swyre; Folio28page11

; Clara OLIVER; wife; M; 40; Portesham; Folio28page11

; Eunice OLIVER; sister; S; 43; Swyre; Folio28page11

; Mary OLIVER; niece; S; 11; Hook; Folio28page11

; Rosina SWAIN; servant; S; 13; General Servant Domestic; Broadmayne; Folio28page11

82; Mill Street; William ROBINS; head; M; 56; Market Gardener; Dorchester; Folio28page11

; Elizabeth ROBINS; wife; M; 56; Sutton Poyntz; Folio28page11

83; Mill Street; William AMEY; head; M; 48; Miller's Carter; Poxwell; Folio28page11

; Edith AMEY; wife; M; 52; Martinstown; Folio28page11

; Annie AMEY; dau; S; 26; Dressmaker; Cerne Abbas; Folio28page11

; Susan AMEY; dau; S; 19; Dressmaker; Cerne Abbas; Folio28page11

; Harry GUY; boarder; S; 15; Apprentice Miller; Weymouth; Folio28page11

; St Nicholas Church; Folio28page12

; St Nicholas National School; Folio28page12

84; Post Office; John R L ROGERS; head; W; 54; Miller (Flour); Sutton Poyntz; Folio28page12

; Nellie K ROGERS; dau; S; 25; Broadwey; Folio28page12

; Gertrude L ROGERS; dau; S; 18; Postmaster's Assistant; Broadwey; Folio28page12

; Frederick S ROGERS; son; S; 15; Market Gardener; Broadwey; Folio28page12

85; Broadwey Farm; John S BAUNTON; head; M; 27; Farmer; West Knighton; Folio28page12

; Annie BAUNTON; wife; M; 32; Radipole; Folio28page12

; Eliza L BAUNTON; mother; W; 55; Living on own means; Croydon, Surrey; Folio28page12

; Mabel M BAUNTON; sister; S; 27; Living on own means; West Knighton; Folio28page12

; Elizabeth GUNDRY; servant; W; 27; Cook (Domestic); Symondsbury; Folio28page12

; Virtue LEGG; servant; S; 18; Housemaid Domestic; West Milton; Folio28page12

; Temperance Hall; Folio28page12

; Church Institute; Folio28page12

86; Mary E SPICER; head; W; 76; Living on own means; Broadwey; Folio28page12

87; Fred J SPICER; head; M; 37; Stone Mason; Broadwey; Folio28page12

; Annie SPICER; wife; M; 38; Nottington; Folio28page12

88; Jane SMART; head; W; 61; Broadwey; Folio28page12

; Harry W SMART; son; S; 26; Grocer's Assistant; Broadwey; Folio28page12

; Blanche SMART; dau; S; 21; Dressmaker; Broadwey; Folio28page12

89; William ROGERS; head; M; 33; Mason's Labourer; Broadwey; Folio28page12

; Charlotte ROGERS; wife; M; 31; Maiden Newton; Folio28page12

; William H ROGERS; son; S; 11; Puddletown; Folio28page12

; George ROGERS; son; S; 9; Radipole; Folio28page12

; Beatrice ROGERS; dau; S; 7; Broadwey; Folio28page12

; Reginald ROGERS; son; S; 5; Broadwey; Folio28page12

; William T ROGERS; son; S; 3; Broadwey; Folio28page12

90; Jacob ROGERS; head; M; 76; Cowman; Broadwey; Folio28page12

; Elizabeth ROGERS; wife; M; 78; Broadwey; Folio28page12

; Ethel K ROGERS; g-dau; S; 18; Broadwey; Folio28page12

; uninhabited; Folio28page12

91; Edward SMITH; head; M; 80; Retired Farmer; Winford Eagle; Folio28page12

; Jane SMITH; wife; M; 58; Abbotsbury; Folio28page12

; Elsie SMITH; g-dau; S; 6; Upwey; Folio29page13

92; Albert BIDDLECOMBE; head; M; 26; General Labourer; Howell; Folio29page13

; Rose BIDDLECOMBE; wife; M; 23; Broadwey; Folio29page13

; Reginald J BIDDLECOMBE; son; S; 3m; Broadwey; Folio29page13

93; John CRITCHELL; head; M; 69; Gardener (not Domestic); Abbotsbury; Folio29page13

; Sarah CRITCHELL; wife; M; 66; Broadwey; Folio29page13

94; Joseph TOMS; head; M; 66; Market Gardener; Weymouth; Folio29page13

; Mary TOMS; wife; M; 76; Piddlehinton; Folio29page13

95; John DAVIES; head; M; 64; General Labourer; Dorchester; Folio29page13

; Matilda DAVIES; wife; M; 61; Babcary, Somerset; Folio29page13

96; Ellen PRESTON; head; W; 48; Laundress; Blandford; Folio29page13

; Sarah E PRESTON; dau; S; 20; Broadwey; Folio29page13

; Ernest GREENING; boarder; S; 20; Carter on Farm; Weymouth; Folio29page13

97; William PRICE; head; M; 35; General Labourer; St Swithins, Gloucester; Folio29page13

; Mary PRICE; wife; M; 41; Whitland, Carmarthen; Folio29page13

; Ann HARRIS; mother-in-law; W; 70; Folio29page13

98; Robert C WINZAR; head; M; 35; Painter & Plumber; Broadwey; Folio29page13

; Martha WINZAR; wife; M; 35; Minterne; Folio29page13

; Lillie B WINZAR; dau; S; 9; Puddletown; Folio29page13

; Charles R WINZAR; son; S; 7; Dorchester; Folio29page13

; Leo WINZAR; son; S; 6m; Broadwey; Folio29page13

; Thomas JAMES; boarder; S; 31; Blacksmith; Wimbourne; Folio29page13

99; John NAISH; head; W; 77; Retired Engine Driver (Prison Service); Trowbridge, Wilts; Folio29page13

; Harriet ANDREWS; dau; W; 53; Westbury, Wilts; Folio29page13

100; Walter COOMBS; head; M; 36; Gardener (Domestic); Swyre; Folio29page13

; Emily COOMBS; wife; M; 34; Burbage, Wilts; Folio29page13

; Sydney COOMBS; son; S; 8; Swyre; Folio29page13

; Frank COOMBS; son; S; 5; Swyre; Folio29page13

; Ernest COOMBS; son; S; 1; Swyre; Folio29page13

101; John MIDDLE; head; M; 49; Basket Maker; Stonehouse, Devon; Folio29page13; Blind

; Amelia MIDDLE; wife; M; 46; Sick & Monthly Nurse; Hona Bridge, Devon; Folio29page13

; Elizabeth MIDDLE; dau; S; 15; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Sophie MIDDLE; dau; S; 12; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Albert MIDDLE; son; S; 9; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Margaret MIDDLE; dau; S; 9; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; uninhabited; Folio29page14

102; Robert BISHOP; head; M; 36; Railway Platelayer; West Compton; Folio29page14

; Emma BISHOP; wife; M; 32; West Compton; Folio29page14

; Robert J BISHOP; son; S; 8; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Beatrice A BISHOP; dau; S; 6; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; William C BISHOP; son; S; 4; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Florence M BISHOP; dau; S; 2; Broadwey; Folio29page14

103; Thomas OTTER; head; M; 52; Builder (House); Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Augusta OTTER; wife; M; 52; Melbury Abbas; Folio29page14

104; New Road; Sarah GILLINGHAM; head; W; 41; Radipole; Folio29page14

; Arthur GILLINGHAM; son; S; 13; Portesham; Folio29page14

; Bessie GILLINGHAM; dau; S; 9; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Annie GILLINGHAM; dau; S; 8; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Florrie GILLINGHAM; dau; S; 6; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; George HUSSEY; boarder; S; 40; Railway Platelayer; Bincombe; Folio29page14

; Robert SIMONS; boarder; S; 14; Platelayer's Help; Upwey; Folio29page14

105; Meadow View; Charles R SPICER; head; M; 48; Builder (House); Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Mary SPICER; wife; M; 43; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Ethel M SPICER; dau; S; 19; Jeweller's Assistant; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Alice M SPICER; dau; S; 18; Draper's Assistant; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Gertrude L SPICER; dau; S; 16; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Arthur W SPICER; son; S; 12; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Gilbert C SPICER; son; S; 11; Broadwey; Folio29page14

106; New Road; John OTTER; head; M; 67; Market Gardener; Broadwey; Folio29page14

; Grace OTTER; wife; M; 62; East Chinnock, Somerset; Folio29page14

107; New Road; Isaac SEYMOUR; head; M; 41; Carter (Coal); Charminster; Folio29page14

; Sarah SEYMOUR; wife; M; 36; Laundress; Poxwell; Folio29page14

; Anne SEYMOUR; mother; W; 81; Dinnington, Somerset; Folio30page15

108; New Road; Walter S READ; head; M; 24; Bricklayer's Labourer; Dorchester; Folio30page15

; Emma J READ; wife; M; 24; West Knighton; Folio30page15

; Lillian M READ; dau; S; 1; Broadwey; Folio30page15

109; New Road; James HONEYBUN; head; M; 40; Builder's Labourer; Sutton Poyntz; Folio30page15

; Elizabeth HONEYBUN; wife; M; 38; N K, Hants; Folio30page15

; Arthur R HONEYBUN; son; S; 13; Gardener's Help; Weymouth; Folio30page15

; William J HONEYBUN; son; S; 11; Weymouth; Folio30page15

; Alfred L HONEYBUN; son; S; 7; Weymouth; Folio30page15

; Ethel J HONEYBUN; dau; S; 5; Broadwey; Folio30page15

; New Road; uninhabited; Folio30page15

110; New Road; Henry LOVELL; head; M; 80; General Labourer; Portesham; Folio30page15

; Mary LOVELL; wife; M; 71; Portesham; Folio30page15

111; New Road; John STEVENS; head; M; 43; Gardener (not Domestic); Broadwey; Folio30page15

; Elizabeth STEVENS; wife; M; 39; Poxwell; Folio30page15

; Reginald J STEVENS; son; S; 13; Gardener's Help; Broadwey; Folio30page15

; Harry STEVENS; son; S; 12; Broadwey; Folio30page15

; Alice L STEVENS; dau; S; 11; Broadwey; Folio30page15

; Annie C STEVENS; dau; S; 6; Broadwey; Folio30page15

112; New Road; Charlotte HOUSE; head; W; 66; Tailoress; Pimperne; Folio30page15

; Esther HOUSE; g-dau; S; 14; Weymouth; Folio30page15

113; New Road; Job TAYLOR; head; M; 22; General Labourer; Wynford; Folio30page15

; Mary A TAYLOR; wife; M; 33; Preston; Folio30page15

; Tom E COSH; step-son; S; 10; Broadwey; Folio30page15

114; Springfield; George BOWDITCH; head; W; 78; Tailor; Broadwey; Folio30page15

; Albert BOWDITCH; son; S; 50; Stone Sawyer; Broadwey; Folio30page15

; Herbert BOWDITCH; son; S; 47; Stone Mason; Broadwey; Folio30page15

; Sarah FERRY; cousin; S; 80; Living on own means; Upwey; Folio30page15

115; Springfield; Charles MURRAY; head; M; 28; Builder's Carpenter; Nottington; Folio30page15

; Henrietta MURRAY; wife; M; 26; Nottington; Folio30page15

; Mildred L MURRAY; dau; S; 1m; Broadwey; Folio30page15

; Charlotte PAUL; mother-in-law; W; 71; Broadwey; Folio30page16

116; Springfield; Samuel AYLES; head; M; 76; Retired Letter Carrier; Weymouth; Folio30page16

; Eliza A AYLES; wife; M; 67; Grocer; Westminster, London; Folio30page16

; Ellen AYLES; dau; S; 35; Grocer's Manageress; Kensington, London; Folio30page16

; Clara AYLES; dau; S; 31; Kensington, London; Folio30page16

117; Springfield; William R SYMONDS; head; M; 49; Market Gardener; Broadwey; Folio30page16

; Harriet SYMONDS; wife; M; 46; Bridport; Folio30page16

; Mary J SYMONDS; dau; S; 27; Broadwey; Folio30page16

; William S SYMONDS; son; S; 7; Broadwey; Folio30page16

; Mary A GRANGER; mother-in-law; W; 88; Netherbury; Folio30page16

118; Springfield; Tom CRITCHELL; head; M; 25; Builder's Bricklayer; Broadwey; Folio30page16

; Emily CRITCHELL; wife; M; 22; Hastings, Sussex; Folio30page16

; Eva CRITCHELL; dau; S; 11m; Broadwey; Folio30page16

119; Springfield; George BURT; head; W; 80; Gardener (Domestic); Whitcombe; Folio30page16

; Mary BURT; dau; S; 48; Housekeeper Domestic; Martinstown; Folio30page16

; Edith BURT; dau; S; 38; Needlework Shirtmaker; Broadwey; Folio30page16

120; Springfield; Walter J B HOUNSELL; head; M; 41; Monumental Mason; Broadwey; Folio30page16

; Clara HOUNSELL; wife; M; 43; Broadwey; Folio30page16

; Douglas HOUNSELL; son; S; 18; Monumental Mason; Broadwey; Folio30page16

; Harry HOUNSELL; son; S; 16; Monumental Mason; Broadwey; Folio30page16

; Charles HOUNSELL; son; S; 13; Broadwey; Folio30page16

; Leonard HOUNSELL; son; S; 9; Broadwey; Folio30page16

121; Bridge Cottage; Mary READ; head; W; 51; Laundress; Dorchester; Folio30page16

; Emma READ; dau; S; 26; Broadwey; Folio30page16

; Gertrude READ; dau; S; 20; Broadwey; Folio30page16

; George H READ; son; S; 15; Labourer on Farm; Broadwey; Folio30page16

122; Bridge Cottage; James TAYLOR; head; M; 32; Gardener (Domestic); Broadwey; Folio30page16

; Mary R TAYLOR; wife; M; 42; Laundress; Long Bredy; Folio30page16

; Ellen M WEBBER; step-dau; S; 17; Laundress; Portland; Folio30page16

; James F TAYLOR; son; S; 12; Broadwey; Folio30page16

; Ethel L TAYLOR; dau; S; 11; Broadwey; Folio30page16

; Alice M TAYLOR; dau; S; 9; Broadwey; Folio31page17

; Nora B TAYLOR; dau; S; 7; Broadwey; Folio31page17

123; Bridge Building; Charles ROGERS; head; M; 69; Living on own means; Broadwey; Folio31page17

; Elizabeth ROGERS; wife; M; 65; West Cheldon; Folio31page17

; Rosina J ROGERS; g-dau; S; 11; Loders; Folio31page17

124; Bridge Building; Robert RUSSELL; head; M; 62; Railway Platelayer; Piddlehinton; Folio31page17

; Ann RUSSELL; wife; M; 57; Buckland Newton; Folio31page17

; Robert W RUSSELL; son; S; 14; Outdoor Servant (Domestic); Broadwey; Folio31page17

125; Bridge Building; William GALE; head; M; 51; Stonemason's Labourer; Broadwey; Folio31page17

; Sarah GALE; wife; M; 49; Laundress; Broadmayne; Folio31page17

; Elizabeth M GALE; dau; S; 21; Broadwey; Folio31page17

; Edwin G GALE; son; S; 16; Gardener (Domestic); Broadwey; Folio31page17

; Frederick S GALE; son; S; 13; Waiter in Restaurant; Broadwey; Folio31page17

; Emily M GALE; dau; S; 10; Broadwey; Folio31page17

126; Bridge Building; Jane WATTS; head; S; 63; Retired Milliner; Weymouth; Folio31page17

127; Bridge Building; Henry J BURT; head; M; 35; Engine Driver on Farm; Hillfield; Folio31page17

; Eliza A BURT; wife; M; 36; Broadwey; Folio31page17

; Iva D BURT; dau; S; 4; Nottington; Folio31page17

128; Swan Inn; John HOGGARD; head; M; 39; Publican (Inn Keeper); Wing, Rutland; Folio31page17

; Caroline HOGGARD; wife; M; 32; Fifehead Neville; Folio31page17

; Matilda KING; servant; S; 33; Barmaid; Tolpuddle; Folio31page17

; Tom TAYLOR; servant; S; 17; Ostler; Shortdon?; Folio31page17

129; Richard PRESTON; head; M; 49; Bricklayer's Labourer; Upwey; Folio31page17

; Emily PRESTON; wife; M; 42; Salway Ash; Folio31page17

; Henry PRESTON; son; S; 21; Bricklayer's Labourer; Broadwey; Folio31page17

; William PRESTON; son; S; 13; Upwey; Folio31page17

; Alice PRESTON; dau; S; 9; Broadwey; Folio31page17

; Sydney PRESTON; son; S; 11; Broadwey; Folio31page17

; Harold PRESTON; son; S; 4; Broadwey; Folio31page17

130; Sarah PETERS; head; S; 60; Broadwey; Folio31page17; Cripple

131; George MOREY; head; M; 31; Navvy; Cerne Abbas; Folio31page18

; Louisa MOREY; wife; M; 35; Chaldon Herring; Folio31page18

; William G MOREY; son; S; 8; Poxwell; Folio31page18

; Mary F MOREY; dau; S; 6; Martinstown; Folio31page18

; John S MOREY; son; S; 4; Portesham; Folio31page18

; Annie L MOREY; dau; S; 1; Broadwey; Folio31page18

132; John J GODDEN; head; M; 42; Carter on Farm; Portesham; Folio31page18

; Annie GODDEN; wife; M; 33; Portesham; Folio31page18

; William GODDEN; son; S; 15; Carter on Farm; Dorchester; Folio31page18

; Rose GODDEN; dau; S; 10; Dorchester; Folio31page18

; Arthur GODDEN; son; S; 7; Winterbourne Came; Folio31page18

; Lillie GODDEN; dau; S; 5; Winterbourne Came; Folio31page18

; Henry GODDEN; son; S; 11m; Broadwey; Folio31page18

133; William J MOORE; head; M; 50; Labourer on Farm; Beaminster; Folio31page18

; Eliza MOORE; wife; M; 50; Frome St Quinton; Folio31page18

; Fred W MOORE; son; S; 20; Labourer on Farm; Winford Eagle; Folio31page18

; Arthur G MOORE; son; S; 18; Carter on Farm; Muckford; Folio31page18

; Walter J MOORE; son; S; 16; Cowboy on Farm; Upton; Folio31page18

134; Charles MITCHELL; head; M; 28; Carter on Farm; Bovington; Folio31page18

; Rosina E MITCHELL; wife; M; 23; Broadmayne; Folio31page18

; Dorothy R MITCHELL; dau; S; 3; Winterbourne Abbas; Folio31page18

; Edgar P C MITCHELL; son; S; 2; Martinstown; Folio31page18

135; Charles DAMON; head; M; 44; Groom & Gardener (Domestic); Winterbourne Abbas; Folio31page18

; Ann DAMON; wife; M; 44; Laundress; Muckford; Folio31page18

; Elizabeth A DAMON; dau; S; 19; Laundress; Long Bredy; Folio31page18

; Lillie C DAMON; dau; S; 9; Martinstown; Folio31page18

136; Joseph PHILLIPS; head; M; 52; Carter on Farm; Chickerell; Folio31page18

; Jane PHILLIPS; wife; M; 49; Laundress; Winfrith; Folio31page18

; Annie LOCK; niece; S; 20; Laundress; Wareham; Folio31page18

; Herbert BAILEY; boarder; S; 23; Railway Labourer; Broadwey; Folio31page18

137; John COX; head; M; 52; Labourer on Farm; Nodstock Lye, Somerset; Folio32page19

; Elizabeth COX; wife; M; 46; Abbotsbury; Folio32page19

; Robert COX; son; S; 20; Labourer on Farm; Fordington; Folio32page19

; Arthur COX; son; S; 16; Labourer on Farm; Broadwey; Folio32page19

; Mary COX; dau; S; 18; Upwey; Folio32page19

138; Elizabeth PHILLIPS; head; W; 54; Fordington; Folio32page19

; James PHILLIPS; son; S; 19; Gardener (Domestic); Broadwey; Folio32page19

; Ellen PHILLIPS; dau; S; 11; Broadwey; Folio32page19

139; Frederick WHITTLE; head; M; 37; Railway Labourer; Yetminster; Folio32page19

; Louisa WHITTLE; wife; M; 40; Puncknowle; Folio32page19

; John WHITTLE; son; S; 12; Upwey; Folio32page19

; Ada WHITTLE; dau; S; 9; Upwey; Folio32page19

140; Charles HAWKINS; head; M; 61; General Labourer; Corscombe, Somerset; Folio32page19

; Elizabeth HAWKINS; wife; M; 60; Chilton Cantelo, Somerset; Folio32page19

; Florence SHAW; dau; M; 24; Broadwey; Folio32page19

; Lillian SHAW; g-dau; S; 3; Broadwey; Folio32page19

; Daisy SHAW; g-dau; S; 1; Broadwey; Folio32page19

141; Crown Dairy; George MASTERS; head; M; 39; Dairyman; Hook; Folio32page19

; Minnie MASTERS; wife; M; 28; Loders; Folio32page19

; George MASTERS; son; S; 7; Long Bredy; Folio32page19

; Dorothy MASTERS; dau; S; 3; Powerstock; Folio32page19

; William  MIDDLE; servant; S; 19; Dairyman; Broadwey; Folio32page19

142; Dairy Cottage; Frederick CHILES; head; M; 52; Carpenter on Farm; Batcombe; Folio32page19

; Mary CHILES; wife; M; 50; Cerne; Folio32page19

; Charles CHILES; son; S; 22; Navvy; Batcombe; Folio32page19

; Job CHILES; son; S; 12; Cerne; Folio32page19

143; The Grove; Henry J GREENING; head; M; 37; Railway Platelayer; Askerswell; Folio32page19

; Rose GREENING; wife; M; 32; Broadwey; Folio32page19

; Alice L GREENING; dau; S; 10; Upwey; Folio32page19

; James H GREENING; son; S; 9; Broadwey; Folio32page19

; Mary E GREENING; dau; S; 7; Nottington; Folio32page19

; Charles GREENING; son; S; 5; Broadwey; Folio32page20

; Frederick GREENING; son; S; 4; Broadwey; Folio32page20

; Bertram GREENING; son; S; 2; Broadwey; Folio32page20

; Walter J GREENING; son; S; 1; Broadwey; Folio32page20

; James GUPPY; boarder; S; 41; Railway Platelayer; Broadwey; Folio32page20

144; The Grove; Isaac SHEPHERD; head; M; 45; Mason's Labourer; Broadwey; Folio32page20

; Mary SHEPHERD; wife; M; 45; Beaminster; Folio32page20

; Charles H SHEPHERD; son; S; 11; Weymouth; Folio32page20

; Ethel A SHEPHERD; dau; S; 9; Broadwey; Folio32page20

; James SHEPHERD; son; S; 6; Broadwey; Folio32page20

; William SHEPHERD; son; S; 4; Broadwey; Folio32page20

165; The Grove; Albert PAUL; head; M; 39; General Labourer; Broadwey; Folio32page20

; Bessie PAUL; wife; M; 41; Broadwey; Folio32page20

; Dorothy PAUL; dau; S; 2; Broadwey; Folio32page20

; William STEVENS; boarder; S; 34; General Labourer; Broadwey; Folio32page20

146; The Grove; Annie DRAKE; head; M; 26; Cerne Abbas; Folio32page20

; Mary DRAKE; dau; S; 2; Broadwey; Folio32page20

; Annie DRAKE; dau; S; 4m; Broadwey; Folio32page20

; John DAMON; father; W; 65; Ordinary Agricultural Labourer; Portesham; Folio32page20

147; The Grove; Christopher PITCHER; head; M; 32; Bricklayer; Melbury Osmond; Folio32page20

; Harriet PITCHER; wife; M; 32; Laundress; Ryme; Folio32page20

; Charles PITCHER; son; S; 12; Weymouth; Folio32page20

; Grace PITCHER; dau; S; 4; Weymouth; Folio32page20

; Charles W GALE; visitor; W; 79; Winterbourne Abbas; Folio32page20

; Wesleyan Chapel; Folio32page20

148; The Rectory; David LONG; head; M; 69; Clergyman (Church of England); E Denham, Norfolk; Folio32page20

; Clara E LONG; wife; M; 59; Upper Clapton, London?; Folio32page20

; Margaret LONG; dau; S; 28; Croydon, Surrey; Folio32page20

; Guy S LONG; son; S; 22; Croydon, Surrey; Folio32page20

; Ivy M GILSON; boarder; S; 23; Croydon, Surrey; Folio32page20

; Annie GREEN; servant; S; 32; House & Parlour Maid (Domestic); N K, London; Folio32page20

; Mabel CRABB; servant; S; 17; Cook (Domestic); Charminster; Folio33page21

149; Lorton House; Robert Moore BRIDGE; head; M; 42; Living on own means; Broadwey; Folio33page21

; Mary F BRIDGE; wife; M; 38; Sturminster Newton; Folio33page21

; Nora M E BRIDGE; dau; S; 11; Broadwey; Folio33page21

; Arthur H BRIDGE; son; S; 7; Radipole; Folio33page21

; Ellen M WYATT; servant; S; 20; Children's Maid (Domestic); Southwark, London; Folio33page21

; Eva A LANE; servant; S; 19; Housemaid Domestic; Thornford; Folio33page21

; Lucy A SAY; servant; S; 20; Cook (Domestic); Wells, Somerset; Folio33page21

; Ada A COWARD; servant; S; 20; Parlour Maid (Domestic); Mageston?; Folio33page21

150; Lorton Cottages; David AYLES; head; M; 46; Labourer on Farm; Bradford Peverill; Folio33page21

; Jane AYLES; wife; M; 46; Maiden Newton; Folio33page21

; Beatrice A AYLES; dau; S; 21; Charminster; Folio33page21

; Ernest AYLES; son; S; 18; Carter for Oil Company; Charminster; Folio33page21

; Herbert AYLES; son; S; 14; Carter on Farm; Godmanstone; Folio33page21

; Fred AYLES; son; S; 11; Godmanstone; Folio33page21

151; Lorton Cottages; John WATTS; head; M; 43; Shepherd on Farm; Sydling; Folio33page21

; Harriet WATTS; wife; M; 43; Laundress; Purbeck; Folio33page21

; George WATTS; son; S; 15; Woodman's Apprentice; Martinstown; Folio33page21

152; Broadwey House; Benjamin BRYANT; head; M; 63; Retired Farmer; Berwick, Bridport; Folio33page21

; Rebecca BRYANT; wife; M; 59; Poxwell; Folio33page21

; Anne E BRYANT; niece; S; 25; Natal, South Africa; Folio33page21

; Alice TREVITT; servant; S; 19; Cook (Domestic); Puddletown; Folio33page21

; Bessie E WRIXON; servant; S; 16; Housemaid Domestic; Winford Eagle; Folio33page21

153; William NORTHOVER; head; M; 30; Gardener (Domestic); Swyre; Folio33page21

; Mary NORTHOVER; wife; M; 31; Burton Bradstock; Folio33page21

; Rose NORTHOVER; dau; S; 7; Berwick, Bridport; Folio33page21

; Winifred NORTHOVER; dau; S; 3; Berwick, Bridport; Folio33page21

154; Walter C BARTLETT; head; M; 44; Gardener (Domestic); Martinstown; Folio33page21

; Jane BARTLETT; wife; M; 43; Laundress; Cheselbourne; Folio33page21

; Evelyn GARLAND; visitor; S; 10; Dorchester; Folio33page21

155; The Elms; Charles WINZAR; head; M; 61; Shoeing & General Smith; Broadwey; Folio33page22

; Elizabeth WINZAR; wife; M; 62; Briants Puddle; Folio33page22; Deaf

156; Elms Cottage; Harold G SATCHELL; head; M; 31; Grocer's Assistant; Broadwey; Folio33page22

; Georgina F SATCHELL; wife; M; 31; Fordington; Folio33page22

; Arthur G SATCHELL; son; S; 10m; Broadwey; Folio33page22

; Florrie S SATCHELL; sister; S; 27; Housemaid Domestic; Broadwey; Folio33page22

187; Corfe Hill Lodge; Alfred MORRIS; head; M; 53; Gardener (Domestic); Broadwey; Folio33page22

; Mary J MORRIS; wife; M; 57; Chickerell; Folio33page22

; Minnie P MORRIS; dau; S; 27; Radipole; Folio33page22

; Frederick C MORRIS; son; S; 26; Grocer's Assistant; Radipole; Folio33page22

; Ada S MORRIS; dau; S; 24; Confectioner's Assistant; Radipole; Folio33page22

; Nellie B MORRIS; dau; S; 19; Milliner; Broadwey; Folio33page22

; Ethel M MORRIS; dau; S; 16; Broadwey; Folio33page22

158; Ivy Cottages Nottington; Charles GREENING; head; M; 71; Labourer on Farm; Sydling; Folio33page22

; Ann GREENING; wife; M; 74; Powerstock; Folio33page22

; Charlotte MOWLAM; g-dau; S; 13; Langton Herring; Folio33page22

159; Ivy Cottages Nottington; Walter SMITH; head; M; 27; Gardener (Domestic); Winford Eagle; Folio33page22

; Rose SMITH; wife; M; 26; Kingston; Folio33page22

; William SMITH; son; S; 1; Nottington; Folio33page22

160; Nottington; Joseph BILKE; head; M; 44; Mason's Labourer; Broadwey; Folio33page22

; Mary BILKE; wife; M; 46; Bridport; Folio33page22

161; Charles DAMON; head; M; 58; General Labourer; Alton Pancras; Folio33page22

; Mary DAMON; wife; M; 52; Laundress; Waddon Portesham; Folio33page22

; William DAMON; son; S; 22; Railway Platelayer; Buckland Ripers; Folio33page22

; Harriet DAMON; dau; S; 13; Radipole; Folio33page22

; Florence DAMON; dau; S; 11; Broadmayne; Folio33page22

; Nellie DAMON; g-dau; S; 4; Coombe Keyns; Folio33page22

162; Nottington; Maria KEEPINGS; head; S; 54; Living on own means; Wyke Regis; Folio34page23

163; Nottington; Bessie A TIZZARD; head; M; 31; Poxwell; Folio34page23

; Ellen TIZZARD; dau; S; 4; Nottington; Folio34page23

; Rosina E TIZZARD; dau; S; 3; Nottington; Folio34page23

; Alice S TIZZARD; dau; S; 1; Nottington; Folio34page23

; Mary A SEYMOUR; niece; S; 16; Broadwey; Folio34page23

164; Nottington; George TEWKESBURY; head; M; 56; Blacksmith (Railway); Buckland Ripers; Folio34page23

; Elizabeth TEWKESBURY; wife; M; 62; Broadwey; Folio34page23

; Vera M WARE; g-dau; S; 7; Broadwey; Folio34page23

; Sophia ANDERSON; boarder; M; 33; Dressmaker; Broadwey; Folio34page23

; Hilda STEVENS; boarder; S; 11; Folio34page23

; Nottington; uninhabited; Folio34page23

165; Nottington Spa; James J FRAMPTON; head; M; 53; Stone Mason; Buckland Ripers; Folio34page23

; Harriet M FRAMPTON; wife; M; 57; Laundress; Upton Poole; Folio34page23

; Willie FRAMPTON; son; S; 19; Apprentice Carpenter; Nottington; Folio34page23

; Marrion E WILLS; visitor; S; 22; Preston; Folio34page23

; Bridget DENNING; boarder; W; 56; Laundress; Ireland; Folio34page23

166; Nottington Dairy; Joseph BILLEN; head; M; 27; Dairyman; Hook; Folio34page23

; Ada BILLEN; wife; M; 29; Broadwey; Folio34page23

; Leslie BILLEN; son; S; 2; Nottington; Folio34page23

; Gilbert BILLEN; son; S; 1; Nottington; Folio34page23

; Frances BILLEN; mother; W; 63; Maiden Newton; Folio34page23

; Ettienne SMITH; cousin; S; 18; Dairyman; Chideock; Folio34page23

167; Mill House Cottage; Charles BIDDLECOMBE; head; M; 41; Malster; Loders; Folio34page23

; Sarah BIDDLECOMBE; wife; M; 36; Dressmaker; Upwey; Folio34page23

; Wilfred BIDDLECOMBE; son; S; 10; Broadwey; Folio34page23

168; Mill Cottage; John STEVENS; head; W; 78; Miller (Flour); Dorchester; Folio34page23

; Elizabeth HALLETT; sister-in-law; W; 75; Housekeeper Domestic; Radipole; Folio34page23

169; Edwin J GALE; head; M; 32; Stockman on Farm; North Poorton; Folio34page23

; Agnes J GALE; wife; M; 29; Laundress; Nottington; Folio34page23

170; Nottington; Herbert FORSEY; head; M; 28; Bricklayer; Winsham, Somerset; Folio34page24

; Emma S FORSEY; wife; M; 26; Nottington; Folio34page24

; Gilbert FORSEY; son; S; 2w; Nottington; Folio34page24

171; Nottington; Richard STEVENS; head; M; 72; Gardener (not Domestic); Radipole; Folio34page24

; Emma STEVENS; wife; M; 65; Buckland Ripers; Folio34page24

172; Nottington; George W BESSANT; head; M; 34; Bricklayer; Weymouth; Folio34page24

; Sarah M BESSANT; wife; M; 35; Cheselbourne; Folio34page24

173; Nottington; James HAWKINS; head; M; 33; Cowman on Farm; Clinger; Folio34page24

; Sarah A HAWKINS; wife; M; 41; Broadwey; Folio34page24

; Lillie HAWKINS; dau; S; 12; Broadwey; Folio34page24

; Beatrice HAWKINS; dau; S; 10; Broadwey; Folio34page24

174; Nottington; Charles BAILEY; head; M; 37; General Labourer; Charminster; Folio34page24

; Sarah BAILEY; wife; M; 30; Broadwey; Folio34page24

; George BAILEY; son; S; 9; Broadwey; Folio34page24

; Arthur BAILEY; son; S; 7; Broadwey; Folio34page24

; Mary BAILEY; dau; S; 6; Broadwey; Folio34page24

; Herbert BAILEY; son; S; 2; Broadwey; Folio34page24

; Nottington; uninhabited; Folio34page24

175; Nottington; William KING; head; M; 44; Builder's Labourer; Buckland Newton; Folio34page24

; Harriet KING; wife; M; 46; UpLoders; Folio34page24

; George KING; son; S; 18; General Labourer; Cerne Abbas; Folio34page24

; Fred KING; son; S; 16; Apprentice Blacksmith; Cerne Abbas; Folio34page24

; Lewis KING; son; S; 14; Apprentice Builder; Tolpuddle; Folio34page24

; Arthur KING; son; S; 10; Broadwey; Folio34page24

176; Nottington; Walter STEVENS; head; M; 28; General Labourer; Broadwey; Folio34page24

; Jane STEVENS; wife; M; 30; Wareham; Folio34page24

; Annie W STEVENS; dau; S; 2; Broadwey; Folio34page24

177; Nottington; Charles HAWKER; head; M; 37; General Labourer; Toller Porcorum; Folio34page24

; Jane HAWKER; wife; M; 38; Maiden Newton; Folio34page24

; Charles HAWKER; son; M; 8; Broadwey; Folio34page24

; Elsie B HAWKER; dau; S; 4; Broadwey; Folio34page24

178; Nottington; John MORRIS; head; M; 35; General Labourer; Upwey; Folio35page25

; Florence MORRIS; wife; M; 24; Dorchester; Folio35page25

; Wilfred S MORRIS; son; S; 3; Nottington; Folio35page25

; Albert J MORRIS; son; S; 2; Nottington; Folio35page25

; Nottington; uninhabited; Folio35page25

179; Nottington; Hannah FRAMPTON; head; W; 83; Living on own means; Worth; Folio35page25

180; Nottington; Daniel C BESSANT; head; M; 34; Builder's Painter; Weymouth; Folio35page25

; Ellen BESSANT; wife; M; 36; Hartgrove Shaftsbury; Folio35page25

; Daniel BESSANT; father; W; 75; Boatman; Weymouth; Folio35page25

181; Nottington; George J POOLE; head; M; 38; Builder's Carpenter; Nottington; Folio35page25

; Martha R POOLE; wife; M; 39; Nottington; Folio35page25

; George J POOLE; son; S; 15; Grocer's Assistant; Nottington; Folio35page25

; Olive R POOLE; dau; S; 5; Nottington; Folio35page25

182; Brook House; John M WAY; head; M; 50; Retired Ship Owner; Portland; Folio35page25

; Dora WAY; wife; M; 52; Knighton; Folio35page25

; Robert A WAY; father; W; 72; Retired Corn Merchant; Portland; Folio35page25

; (Littlemoor); Folio35page25

183; Thornhill Dairy; Robert W BURDEN; head; M; 33; Dairyman; Almer; Folio35page25

; Martha  BURDEN; wife; M; 34; Portland; Folio35page25

; Godfrey BURDEN; son; S; 8; Broadwey; Folio35page25

; Gladys BURDEN; dau; S; 5; Broadwey; Folio35page25

; Maurice BURDEN; son; S; 2; Broadwey; Folio35page25

; Frederick STOCKLEY; servant; S; 18; Dairyman; Wareham; Folio35page25

; Annie ROSS; servant; S; 16; Dairymaid; Batcombe; Folio35page25

184; Littlemoor; John C OTTER; head; M; 45; General Labourer; Broadwey; Folio35page25

; Rebecca OTTER; wife; M; 45; Portland; Folio35page25

; John OTTER; son; S; 18; Builder's Labourer; Broadwey; Folio35page25

; Mary OTTER; dau; S; 10; Broadwey; Folio35page25

185; Littlemoor; Joseph CRITCHELL; head; W; 59; Builder's Labourer; Ashley; Folio35page26

; Lydia CRITCHELL; dau; S; 22; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio35page26

; Arthur CRITCHELL; son; S; 20; General Gardener; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio35page26

186; Littlemoor; Isaac POWELL; head; M; 51; Builder's Labourer; Wootton; Folio35page26

; Mary POWELL; wife; M; 54; Sheldon; Folio35page26

; Walter J POWELL; son; S; 25; Railway Platelayer; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio35page26

; Arthur J POWELL; son; S; 19; Builder's Labourer; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio35page26

; Alfred POWELL; son; S; 16; Folio35page26

; Edith POWELL; dau; S; 12; Folio35page26

187; Littlemoor; Thomas JAMES; head; M; 47; Hawker (Gipsy); Shirley, Hants; Folio35page26

; Martha JAMES; wife; M; 50; (Gipsy); Tolpuddle; Folio35page26

; Andrew JAMES; son; S; 20; Builder's Labourer; Gussage; Folio35page26

; Laura JAMES; dau; S; 17; Gillingham; Folio35page26

; Leonard JAMES; son; S; 14; Carter on Farm; Blandford; Folio35page26

; Elsie JAMES; dau; S; 6; Broadwey; Folio35page26

188; Littlemoor; George G GUPPY; head; M; 32; Railway Platelayer; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio35page26

; Jane GUPPY; wife; M; 31; Chelsea, London; Folio35page26

; Emily L GUPPY; dau; S; 3; Nottington; Folio35page26

; Ellen M GUPPY; dau; S; 1; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio35page26

189; Littlemoor; William TAYLOR; head; M; 72; Woodman in Copse; Hillfield; Folio35page26

; Ann TAYLOR; wife; M; 59; Redford; Folio35page26

; Ada TAYLOR; dau; S; 19; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio35page26

; Anna G WATSON; g-dau; S; 6; Fordington; Folio35page26

190; Littlemoor; Charles TAYLOR; head; M; 30; Woodman in Copse; Nottington; Folio35page26

; Rosina S TAYLOR; wife; M; 26; Mapterton Mush?; Folio35page26

; Gilbert C TAYLOR; son; S; 3; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio35page26

; Florence A TAYLOR; dau; S; 1; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio35page26

191; New Inn; Sydney DAVIS; head; M; 23; Woodman & Innkeeper; Melbourne St Andrews; Folio35page26

; Alice DAVIS; wife; M; 25; Westminster, London; Folio35page26

; Eva DAVIS; dau; S; 1; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio35page26

; William DAVIS; son; S; 4w; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio35page26

; Albert NOTLEY; brother-in-law; S; 18; Apprentice Wheelwright; Long Ditton, Surrey; Folio36page27

192; Littlemoor; James FOWLER; head; M; 42; Bricklayer's Labourer; Axminster, Devon; Folio36page27

; Charlotte FOWLER; wife; M; 56; Upwey; Folio36page27

193; Littlemoor; Charles BENNETT; head; M; 33; (Railway) Cranefitter; Boyne Hill, Berks; Folio36page27

; Eliza BENNETT; wife; M; 29; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio36page27

; Caroline M BENNETT; dau; S; 8; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio36page27

; Hilda M BENNETT; dau; S; 6; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio36page27

; Charles BENNETT; son; S; 4; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio36page27

; Harry BENNETT; son; S; 1; Broadwey; Folio36page27

; Littlemoor; uninhabited; Folio36page27

194; Littlemoor; William BARGE; head; M; 52; Dairyman; Bradford Peverill; Folio36page27

; Mary BARGE; wife; M; 62; Dairywoman; Bradford Peverill; Folio36page27

195; Littlemoor; John WARREN; head; M; 42; Railway Platelayer; Bincombe; Folio36page27

; Elizabeth WARREN; wife; M; 39; Beaminster; Folio36page27

; George WARREN; son; S; 16; Baker's Delivery Lad; Preston; Folio36page27

; Henry WARREN; son; S; 14; Delivery Boy at China Depot; Preston; Folio36page27

; Beatrice WARREN; dau; S; 9; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio36page27

; Lillie WARREN; dau; S; 6; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio36page27

; Sydney WARREN; son; S; 3; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio36page27

; Percy WARREN; son; S; 8m; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio36page27

196; Littlemoor; Robert GUPPY; head; M; 70; Retired Railway Platelayer; Upwey; Folio36page27

; Caroline GUPPY; wife; M; 72; Langport, Somerset; Folio36page27

; Charles GUPPY; son; S; 35; Bricklayer's Labourer; Littlemoor, Broadwey; Folio36page27

; Emily GUPPY; niece; S; 16; Langport, Somerset; Folio36page27

197; Littlemoor; John BURT; head; M; 60; Builder's Labourer; Chickerell; Folio36page27

; Harriet F BURT; wife; M; 62; Upwey; Folio36page27

198; Littlemoor; Walter J FORD; head; M; 46; Retired Miller (Flour); Radipole; Folio36page27

; Leah FORD; wife; M; 34; Laundress; North Poorton; Folio36page27

; John S FORD; son; S; 15; Butcher's Boy; Broadwey; Folio36page27

; Harry W FORD; son; S; 13; Dairy Boy; Broadwey; Folio36page27

; Florence S FORD; dau; S; 12; Broadwey; Folio36page27

; Julia FORD; dau; S; 10; Broadwey; Folio36page28

; Leah FORD; dau; S; 8; Broadwey; Folio36page28

; Mabel A FORD; dau; S; 6; Broadwey; Folio36page28

; Lillian S FORD; dau; S; 5; Broadwey; Folio36page28

; Beatrice M FORD; dau; S; 3; Broadwey; Folio36page28

; Robert G FORD; son; S; 1; Broadwey; Folio36page28

; Arthur G FORD; son; S; 7m; Broadwey; Folio36page28

199; Littlemoor; James ROPER; head; M; 30; Navvy; Weymouth; Folio36page28

; Harriet ROPER; wife; M; 29; Broadwey; Folio36page28

; Sydney ROPER; son; S; 4; Weymouth; Folio36page28

; Arthur ROPER; son; S; 2; Broadwey; Folio36page28

; Josiah ROPER; brother; S; 19; Builder's Labourer; Weymouth; Folio36page28

200; Littlemoor; Albert M READ; head; M; 29; Railway Platelayer; Broadwey; Folio36page28

; Elizabeth READ; wife; M; 40; Broadwey; Folio36page28

201; Littlemoor; Elizabeth SUMMERS; head; W; 66; Beaminster; Folio36page28

; James SUMMERS; son; S; 17; Errand Boy (Wine Agents); Broadwey; Folio36page28

202; Littlemoor; William LOVELL; head; M; 39; Railway Platelayer; Portesham; Folio36page28

; Sarah LOVELL; wife; M; 32; Upwey; Folio36page28

; Elizabeth LOVELL; dau; S; 12; Broadwey; Folio36page28

203; Littlemoor; Dennis JAMES; head; W; 78; Peddler (Gipsy); Weston, Hants; Folio36page28


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