Bradford Abbas

 Settlement Certificate 1710  –  William Mitchell

Dorset History Centre Reference - PE/BRA/OV
Transcribed by Linda Schmitt


Whereas William Mitchel Elizabeth his wife, and William John and Mary Mitchel their children are all settled Inhabitants of and within the Parish of Hasslebury Bryan in the County of Dorsett, And the said William Mitchel being willing with his said wife children and family to inhabit and recide within the Parish of Bradforde in the said County of Dorsett there to imploy himselfe in Husbandry and other his affairs for the better livelyhood and maintenance of himself and family hath this day desired our Certificate, that he and his said family may inhabit and reside within the said Parish of Bradford without any disturbance or molestation according to the Statute in that case lately made and provided.

And therefore we the Churcharden and Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish of Hasslebury Bryan do hereby certifie own and acknowledge that the said WIlliam Michel Elizabeth his said wife and their said children are Inhabitants legally settled of and within the said Parish of Hasslebury Bryan. And we do hereby promise to receive and provide for the said William Mitchel his said wife and children and his her or their family as inhabitants of the said Parish of Hasslebury Bryan whenever he she or they shall happen to become chargeable to, or be forced to aske reliefe of the said Parish of Bradforde. In Witness whereof we the said Church Warden and Overseers of the poor of the said Parish of Hasslebury Bryan, have hereunto put our hands and seals the Twenty seventh day of February in the year of our Lord God one Thousand Seven Hundred and Tenn.

Witness by ?, John Stickley, Willi Walter?, ch warden Richard Chapman, Overseere Giles Studley, Edward Gillet?,  ? Bingham, ? Gould


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