1881 Census Ref RG11 2080

Transcribed and kindly donated to the Dorset OPC by Ralph Woolfrey


SchAddressForenameSurnameRel to HeadCondSexAgeOccupationBirth PlaceBirthHandicapCensus
 District 16          County  Ref
1Queens OakWilliamTURNER HeadMM45Dealer In CattleZeals Wiltshire F76/Pg1
1Queens OakJane J.TURNER WifeMF43 Zeals Wiltshire F76/Pg1
1Queens OakJoseph E. TURNERSon M15Scholar BourtonDorset F76/Pg1
1Queens OakGertrude M. TURNERDaur F10Scholar BourtonDorset F76/Pg1
1Queens OakBeatrice TURNERDaur F8Scholar BourtonDorset F76/Pg1
1Queens OakRose V.TURNER Daur F6ScholarBourton Dorset F76/Pg1
1Queens OakBlanch A. TURNERDaur F4Scholar BourtonDorset F76/Pg1
1Queens OakBessie B. TURNERDaur F2  PennSomerset F76/Pg1
1Queens OakBridget M. TURNERDaur F9 m  HookSomerset F76/Pg1
2Queens OakJamesHELLIER HeadMM34LabourerBourton Dorset F76/Pg1
2Queens OakRebbecca J. HELLIERWifeMF33  SiltonDorset F76/Pg1
2Queens OakElizebeth HELLIERDaur F11Scholar BourtonDorset F76/Pg1
2Queens OakJames J. HELLIERSon M4Scholar BourtonDorset F76/Pg1
2Queens OakMaryHELLIER Daur F9ScholarBourton Dorset F76/Pg1
2Queens OakAllice J. HELLIERDaur F1  BourtonDorset F76/Pg1
3Queens OakJobCHARLTON HeadMM57Labourer (Ag)Penn Somerset F76/Pg1
3Queens OakElizabeth CHARLTONWifeMF60  ZealsWiltshire F76/Pg1
3Queens OakLucyCHARLTON Daur F18Scholar (Ag)Zeals Wiltshire F76/Pg1
4Queens OakJesseBELL HeadMM58Thatcher Out Of Employ SiltonDorset F76/Pg1
4Queens OakAnnBELL WifeMF58 Zeals Wiltshire F76/Pg1
4Queens OakIraBELL Son M19Iron TurnerSilton Dorset F76/Pg1
5Queens OakAustinBELL LodgerUM21Iron TurnerSilton Dorset F76/Pg1
6Queens OakMichaelFARTHING HeadMM61Labourer (Ag)Bourton Dorset F76/Pg1
6Queens OakElizabeth FARTHINGWifeMF58  BourtonDorset F76/Pg1
7Queens OakAnnREAD HeadWF50Dress MakerCharlton Musgrove Somerset F76/Pg2
7Queens OakHenryREAD SonUM25Iron TurnerCharlton Musgrove Somerset F76/Pg2
7Queens OakJohnREAD SonUM21LabourerZeals Wiltshire F76/Pg2
7Queens OakMaryREAD DaurUF15ScholarZeals Wiltshire F76/Pg2
7Queens OakMaryBELL NieceUF25DressmakerSturminster Newton Dorset F76/Pg2
8Queens OakCharlesHAYTER HeadMM37ShoemakerBourton Dorset F76/Pg2
8Queens OakKateHAYTER SisterUF35House KeeperSilton Dorset F76/Pg2
8Queens OakWilliamHAYTER BrotherUM33LabourerSilton Dorset F76/Pg2
8Queens OakPhoebeHAYTER SisterUF24DressmakerSilton Dorset F76/Pg2
8Queens OakAdaCLAPP Niece F2 Allington Somerset F76/Pg2
9Queens OakThomasLOVE HeadWM71LabourerZeals Wiltshire F76/Pg2
10Queens OakJohnAMERY HeadMM63LabourerBourton Dorset F76/Pg2
10Queens OakCaroline AMERYWifeMF58  BourtonDorset F76/Pg2
10Queens OakMary Jane AMERYDaurUF27Dress Maker BourtonDorset F76/Pg2
11Queens OakSamuelFARTHING HeadMM31Turner (Iron)Bourton Dorset F76/Pg2
11Queens OakMatilda FARTHINGWifeMF31  BourtonDorset F76/Pg2
11Queens OakEmma Jane FARTHINGDaur F3Scholar BourtonDorset F76/Pg2
11Queens OakDanyaFARTHING Son M11 m Bourton Dorset F76/Pg2
12Queens OakWilliam SUTERHeadMM37Moulder (Iron) MereWiltshire F76/Pg2
12Queens OakElizabeth SUTERWifeMF33  MereWiltshire F76/Pg2
12Queens OakEliza Jane SUTERDaur F13Silk Spinner MereWiltshire F76/Pg2
12Queens OakBenjamin SUTERSon M10Scholar BourtonDorset F76/Pg2
12Queens OakJohn Tom SUTERSon M5Scholar BourtonDorset F76/Pg2
12Queens OakAnnieSUTER Daur F3ScholarBourton Dorset F76/Pg2
13Queen OakRichardSTREET HeadMM43ButcherEast Stower Dorset F77/Pg3
13Queen OakElizabeth STREETWifeMF43  BourtonDorset F77/Pg3
13Queen OakHenry E. STREETSon M5Scholar BourtonDorset F77/Pg3
13Queen OakSarahSTREET Daur F4ScholarBourton Dorset F77/Pg3
13Queen OakJamesFARTHING FatherWM78Formerly Carpenter ZealsWiltshire F77/Pg3
14Queen OakSarahSMART HeadWF78Former AnnuitantZeals Wiltshire F77/Pg3
15Queen OakCharlesGREEN HeadMM27FiremanBourton Dorset F77/Pg3
15Queen OakJaneGREEN WifeMF32 MereWiltshire  F77/Pg3
15Queen OakWilliam H. GREENSon M5Scholar PenistonYork F77/Pg3
15Queen OakAlfred A. GREENSon F3Scholar PenistonYork F77/Pg3
15Queen OakClifford K. GREENSon M1  BourtonDorset F77/Pg3
15Queen OakInfantGREEN Daur F2 d Bourton Dorset F77/Pg3
15Queen OakElizaFARTHING ServantUF32ServantBourton Dorset F77/Pg3
16High Street  UNINHABITED         F77/Pg3
17High StreetHarryHICKS HeadMM38Moulder (Iron)Silton Dorset F77/Pg3
17High StreetElizabeth HICKSWifeMF35  East LambrookDorset F77/Pg3
17High StreetDianah HICKSDaur F16Factory Hand (Silk) South PethertonSomerset F77/Pg3
17High StreetEmma J. HICKSDaur F14Factory Hand (Silk) South PethertonSomerset F77/Pg3
17High StreetEliHICKS Son M11ScholarSouth Petherton Somerset F77/Pg3
17High StreetHarriett E. HICKSDaur F8Scholar SiltonDorset F77/Pg3
17High StreetWilliam G. HICKSSon M5Scholar SiltonDorset F77/Pg3
17High StreetMary E. HICKSDaur F2  SiltonDorset F77/Pg3
18High StreetWilliam H. SMARTHeadMM45Foreman Moulder (Iron) ZealsWiltshire F77/Pg4
18High StreetMariaSMART WifeMF45 Kington Magna Dorset F77/Pg4
18High StreetHenry S. SMARTSonUM22ClerkBourton Dorset F77/Pg4
18High StreetVivian Ira SMARTSonUM21E Fitter BourtonDorset F77/Pg4
18High StreetJames W. SMARTSonUM19Butcher BourtonDorset F77/Pg4
18High StreetJabez E.S. SMARTSonUM17Carpenter Unemployed BourtonDorset F77/Pg4
 Chapel UNINHABITED          F77/Pg4
19High StreetThomas DEVENISHHeadWM44Mechanic At Factory (Iron) PuncknowleDorset F77/Pg4
20High StreetWilliam WILTSHIREHeadMM48Commercial Traveller MillbrookHampshire F77/Pg4
20High StreetAgusta WILTSHIREWifeMF34  PennSomerset F77/Pg4
20High StreetBlanche CARTERServantUF14General Servant ZealsWiltshire F77/Pg4
21High StreetCharlotte DOGERALLHeadWF71Formerly Laundress GillinghamDorset F77/Pg4
21High StreetThomas DOGERALLSonUM40Weaver (Silk) GillinghamDorset F77/Pg4
21High StreetMaryDOGERALL DaurUF38Yarn Maker (Silk)Penn Somerset F77/Pg4
22High StreetThomas STONEHeadMM47Engine Driver BorehamWiltshire F77/Pg4
22High StreetMary Ann STONEWifeMF46  GillinghamDorset F77/Pg4
22High StreetSamuel STONESonUM14SchoolBoreham Wiltshire F77/Pg4
22High StreetIssabella STONEDaurUF9SchoolBourton Dorset F77/Pg4
22High StreetGeorge STONESonUM4SchoolBourton Dorset F77/Pg4
23High StreetTomWELCH HeadMM27LabourerBourton Dorset F77/Pg4
23High StreetElizaWELCH WifeMF27 Maiden Bradley Wiltshire F77/Pg4
23High StreetElsieWELCH Daur F1 Bourton Dorset F77/Pg4
24High StreetRobert FARTHINGHeadMM52Labourer ZealsWiltshire F77/Pg4
24High StreetSarahFARTHING WifeMF49 Bourton Dorset F77/Pg4
24High StreetJaneFARTHING DaurUF19Factory Hand (Silk)Bourton Dorset F77/Pg4
25High StreetWilliam CHUBBHeadMM33Labourer BourtonDorset F78/Pg5
25High StreetAgnesCHUBB WifeMF30 Bourton Dorset F78/Pg5
25High StreetJohnCHUBB Son M11ScholarBourton Dorset F78/Pg5
25High StreetJaneCHUBB Daur F9ScholarBourton Dorset F78/Pg5
25High StreetWalter CHUBBSon M4Scholar BourtonDorset F78/Pg5
25High StreetRoseCHUBB Daur F3ScholarBourton Dorset F78/Pg5
25High StreetSamuel CHUBBSon M3 m  BourtonDorset F78/Pg5
25High StreetMaryHURDEN Sister In Law F40Factory Hand (Silk) SiltonDorset F78/Pg5
26High StreetJamesBURFITT HeadMM30LabourerBourton Dorset F78/Pg5
26High StreetSarahBURFITT WifeMF29 Bourton Dorset F78/Pg5
26High StreetCharles BURFITTSon M8Scholar BourtonDorset F78/Pg5
26High StreetLillyBURFITT Daur F5ScholarBourton Dorset F78/Pg5
26High StreetAnnieBURFITT Daur F2 Bourton Dorset F78/Pg5
26High StreetElizabeth HURDENSister In LawUF36Factory Hand SiltonDorset F78/Pg5
27High StreetCharles STONEHeadMM36Labourer BourtonDorset F78/Pg5
27High StreetBettsy STONEWifeMF49  BourtonDorset F78/Pg5
27High StreetJaneSTONE DaurUF18Factory HandBourton Dorset F78/Pg5
27High StreetCharles STONESonUM14Labourer BourtonDorset F78/Pg5
27High StreetFannySTONE Daur F13ScholarBourton Dorset F78/Pg5
27High StreetElizabeth STONEDaur F11Scholar BourtonDorset F78/Pg5
27High StreetLouisa STONEDaur F8Scholar BourtonDorset F78/Pg5
28High StreetWilliam NOAKESHeadMM36Butcher QuidhamptonWiltshire F78/Pg6
28High StreetElizabeth NOAKESWifeMF36  QuidhamptonWiltshire F78/Pg6
28High StreetGeorge NOAKESSon M15Scholar ZealsWiltshire F78/Pg6
28High StreetHerbert NOAKESSon M10Scholar ZealsWiltshire F78/Pg6
28High StreetRoseNOAKES Daur F4ScholarZeals Wiltshire F78/Pg6
28High StreetEllenNOAKES Daur F2 Zeals Wiltshire F78/Pg6
29BridgeAnnLIDBURY HeadUF50AnnuitantWarminster Wiltshire F78/Pg6
30BridgeJamesCHARLTON HeadMM59Weaver (Silk)Bourton Dorset F78/Pg6
30BridgePhebeCHARLTON WifeMF59 Bourton Dorset F78/Pg6
30BridgeAnnCHARLTON DaurUF20Domestic Servant (Out Emply) BourtonDorset F78/Pg6
31BridgeEdwardSHEARN LodgerUM19Engineer Apprentice (M) WarminsterWiltshire F78/Pg6
32BridgeWilliamFORWARD LodgerUM18Engineer Apprentice (M) MereWiltshire F78/Pg6
33BridgeHenryCOX HeadMM40Foreman Factory (Silk) ZealsWiltshire F78/Pg6
33BridgeLucyCOX WifeMF35GrocerCucklington Somerset F78/Pg6
33BridgeSusannahCOX Daur F13ScholarZeals Wiltshire F78/Pg6
33BridgeLauraCOX Daur F10ScholarBourton Dorset F78/Pg6
33BridgeMinnieCOX Daur F8ScholarBourton Dorset F78/Pg6
33BridgeClaraCOX Daur F4ScholarBourton Dorset F78/Pg6
33BridgeFrancisCOX Son M10 m Bourton Dorset F78/Pg6
34BridgeJamesBRACHER HeadMM69ClerkBourton Dorset F78/Pg6
34BridgeHannahBRACHER WifeMF69 Zeals Wiltshire F78/Pg6
35BridgeHenryCHARLTON HeadUM46Stone MasonBourton Dorset F78/Pg6
36High StreetRobert MOODYHeadMM57Retired Corn Dealer FromeSomerset F79/Pg7
36High StreetMary L. MOODYWifeMF27  IslingtonMiddlesex F79/Pg7
36High StreetStephen R. MOODYSon M8Scholar BourtonDorset F79/Pg7
36High StreetAmelia MOODYDaur F6Scholar BourtonDorset F79/Pg7
36High StreetWilliam MOODYSon M5Scholar BourtonDorset F79/Pg7
36High StreetPhillip E. MOODYSon M7 m  BourtonDorset F79/Pg7
36High StreetSarahCOX ServantUF16Domestic ServantSilton Dorset F79/Pg7
37High StreetJohnDEVENISH HeadMM34Foreman Foundry (Iron) MerriottSomerset F79/Pg7
37High StreetEmmaDEVENISH WifeMF33 Silton Dorset F79/Pg7
37High StreetEdward J. DEVENISHSon M5 m  BourtonDorset F79/Pg7
   UNINHABITED          F79/Pg7
38High StreetHenryFARTHING HeadMM45SmithBourton Wiltshire F79/Pg7
38High StreetBetsyFARTHING WifeMF42 Bourton Wiltshire F79/Pg7
38High StreetWalter FARTHINGSonUM20Twine Maker BourtonWiltshire F79/Pg7
39High StreetJoseph TURNERHeadMM39Moulder (Iron) ZealsWiltshire F79/Pg7
39High StreetSellina TURNERWifeMF36  SiltonDorset F79/Pg7
39High StreetEdgarTURNER Son M12ScholarBourton Dorset F79/Pg7
39High StreetLilly C. TURNERDaur F9Scholar BourtonDorset F79/Pg7
39High StreetEarnest TURNERSon M7Scholar BourtonDorset F79/Pg7
39High StreetMabelTURNER Daur F5ScholarBourton Dorset F79/Pg7
39High StreetWilliam TURNERSon M3  BourtonDorset F79/Pg7
39High StreetIda Mary TURNERDaur F3  BourtonDorset F79/Pg7
40High StreetHenryMOORS HeadMM32LabourerBourton Dorset F79/Pg8
40High StreetFannyMOORS WifeMF29Labourers WifeBourton Dorset F79/Pg8
40High StreetClaraMOORS Daur F8ScholarBourton Dorset F79/Pg8
40High StreetBeatrice MOORSDaur F5Scholar BourtonDorset F79/Pg8
40High StreetErnest MOORSSon M2  PennSomerset F79/Pg8
41High StreetJohnHICKS HeadMM55LabourerSilton Dorset F79/Pg8
41High StreetJaneHICKS WifeMF46 Zeals Wiltshire F79/Pg8
41High StreetJohnHICKS SonUM22LabourerSilton Dorset F79/Pg8
41High StreetWilliam HICKSSon M12Scholar SiltonDorset F79/Pg8
41High StreetElizaHICKS Daur F9ScholarSilton Dorset F79/Pg8
41High StreetAmelia HICKSDaur F7Scholar SiltonDorset F79/Pg8
41High StreetRachell HICKSDaur F3  BourtonDorset F79/Pg8
42High StreetJamesJUKES HeadMM39Farmer 21 AcresBourton Dorset F79/Pg8
42High StreetAnnJUKES WifeMF43Farmers WifeZeals Wiltshire F79/Pg8
42High StreetLeviJUKES Son M15ScholarBourton Dorset F79/Pg8
42High StreetAdelaide JUKESDaur F9Scholar BourtonDorset F79/Pg8
43High StreetHenry Cecil DAVISLodgerUM78Clerk StalbridgeDorset F79/Pg8
44High StreetMary Ann LUSHHeadUF41Dress Maker BourtonDorset F79/Pg8
44High StreetAnnELLIS Visitor F11ScholarAlderholt Dorset F79/Pg8
45High StreetPhillip HARCOURTHeadMM37Boiler Maker BourtonDorset F79/Pg8
45High StreetEliza M. HARCOURTWifeMF37  MarnhullDorset F79/Pg8
45High StreetClara M. HARCOURTDaur F9Scholar PennSomerset F79/Pg8
45High StreetEdwinHARCOURT Son M8ScholarBourton Dorset F79/Pg8
45High StreetElizaHARCOURT Daur F6ScholarBourton Dorset F79/Pg8
45High StreetEthel R. HARCOURTDaur F4Scholar BourtonDorset F79/Pg8
45High StreetAustin HARCOURTSon M12 m  BourtonDorset F79/Pg8
46High StreetHenryDRUCE HeadMM39Turner (Iron)London London F80/Pg9
46High StreetMary Ann DRUCEWifeMF38  CrewkerneSomerset F80/Pg9
46High StreetFrancis DRUCEDaur F15Dressmaker CrewkerneSomerset F80/Pg9
46High StreetKateyDRUCE Daur F12ScholarBridport Dorset F80/Pg9
46High StreetCharles E. DRUCESon M10Scholar CrewkerneSomerset F80/Pg9
46High StreetJohn R. DRUCESon M9Scholar CrewkerneSomerset F80/Pg9
46High StreetBessie DRUCEDaur F5Scholar PooleDorset F80/Pg9
46High StreetMaryDRUCE Daur F4ScholarBourton Dorset F80/Pg9
46High StreetThomas DRUCESon M3Scholar BourtonDorset F80/Pg9
46High StreetMartha DRUCEDaur F2  BourtonDorset F80/Pg9
47High StreetJohnSTACY HeadMM58LabourerBourton Dorset F80/Pg9
47High StreetAnnSTACY WifeMF57 Cadbury Somerset F80/Pg9
47High StreetEmilySTACY DaurUF18Domestic ServantCadbury Somerset F80/Pg9
48High StreetJohnHURDEN HeadMM44LabourerBourton Dorset F80/Pg9
48High StreetAnnHURDEN WifeMF42 Bourton Dorset F80/Pg9
48High StreetBessie HURDENDaur F4Scholar BourtonDorset F80/Pg9
49High StreetCharles CARTERHeadMM59Currier BourtonDorset F80/Pg9
49High StreetJuneCARTER WifeMF43 Bourton Dorset F80/Pg9
50High StreetGeorge HELLIERBoarderWM24Iron Moulder MordonDorset F80/Pg9
50High StreetWillie HELLIERSon M7Scholar GainsboroughLincoln F80/Pg9
51High StreetGeorge TURNERHeadMM28Iron Moulder ZealsWiltshire F80/Pg9
51High StreetJanetTURNER WifeMF27 Bourton Dorset F80/Pg9
51High StreetHerbert TURNERSon M3  BourtonDorset F80/Pg9
51High StreetEdward TURNERSon M2  BourtonDorset F80/Pg9
52High StCharlesPERRETT HeadMM25PublicanGillingham Dorset F80/Pg10
52High StElizabethPERRETT WifeMF24 Gillingham Dorset F80/Pg10
52High StElizabethPERRETT Daur F1 Bourton Dorset F80/Pg10
53High StHenryHART HeadMM64Draper & GrocerWhitham Somerset F80/Pg10
53High StElizabethHART WifeMF65 Bruton Somerset F80/Pg10
53High StJane A.HART SisterUF77AnnuitantWhitham Somerset F80/Pg10
53High StSarahCOLE BoarderUF40AnnuitantCalne Wiltshire F80/Pg10
54High StHenryHART HeadMM35Shop KeeperZeals Wiltshire F80/Pg10
54High StFannyHART WifeMF34 Zeals Wiltshire F80/Pg10
54High StFanny E.HART Daur F7ScholarBourton Dorset F80/Pg10
54High StEmilyHART Daur F5ScholarWarminster Wiltshire F80/Pg10
54High StHenry J.HART Son M4ScholarBourton Dorset F80/Pg10
54High StJane G.HART Daur F3 Bourton Dorset F80/Pg10
54High StWilliamBIDDLECOMBE ApprenticeUM17Drapers & Grocers Assistant BeaulieuHampshire F80/Pg10
54High StEmmaLOVE ServantUF16Domestic ServantMere Wiltshire F80/Pg10
55High StGeorgeWILKINS HeadMM30Engine FitterBanwell Somerset F80/Pg10
55High StMaryWILKINS WifeMF26 Bourton Dorset F80/Pg10
55High StEmilyWILKINS Daur F1 Bourton Dorset F80/Pg10
56High StGeorgeLUCAS HeadMM27Engine FitterFordington Dorset F80/Pg10
56High StHarriettLUCAS WifeMF27 Sturminster Dorset F80/Pg10
56High StAlfred G.LUCAS Son M4ScholarBourton Dorset F80/Pg10
56High StAda R.LUCAS Daur F11 m Bourton Dorset F80/Pg10
57High StWilliamTOPP HeadMM24Engine FitterMere Wiltshire F81/Pg11
57High StHannahTOPP WifeMF32 MereWiltshire  F81/Pg11
57High StEmilyTOPP Daur F5 m Bourton Dorset F81/Pg11
58High St UNINHABITED          F81/Pg11
59High StWalterMULLINS HeadMM24Boiler MakerBourton Dorset F81/Pg11
59High StSarahMULLINS WifeMF20 MereWiltshire  F81/Pg11
59High StSidney G.MULLINS Son M3 m Bourton Dorset F81/Pg11
60High StSarah J.PENNY HeadWF38Formerly LaundressStourton Wiltshire F81/Pg11
60High StHarryPENNY Son M9ScholarBourton Dorset F81/Pg11
60High StBeatricePENNY Daur F3ScholarBourton Dorset F81/Pg11
61High StMichaelMULLINS HeadMM51Tile MakerBourton Dorset F81/Pg11
61High StSarahMULLINS WifeMF60LaundressBourton Dorset F81/Pg11
61High StFredrickMULLINS SonUM17Tile MakerBourton Dorset F81/Pg11
61High StMaryMULLINS DaurUF14ScholarBourton Dorset F81/Pg11
62High StHannahMULLINS HeadWF74Formerly LaundressStourton Wiltshire F81/Pg11
63High StThomasBRAMBLE HeadMM43Brick & Tile MakerBourton Dorset F81/Pg11
63High StRebeccaBRAMBLE WifeMF46 Bourton Dorset F81/Pg11
64High StCharlesBRIXEY HeadMM60LabourerWincanton Somerset F81/Pg11
64High StCharlotteBRIXEY WifeMF60 Bourton Dorset F81/Pg11
65High StSamuelPITMAN HeadMM30Brick Tile MakerBourton Dorset F81/Pg11
65High StElizabethPITMAN WifeMF27 Gillingham Dorset F81/Pg11
65High StFredrickPITMAN Son M9ScholarBourton Dorset F81/Pg11
65High StWilliamPITMAN Son M7ScholarBourton Dorset F81/Pg11
65High StCharlesPITMAN Son M4ScholarBourton Dorset F81/Pg11
65High StHerbertPITMAN Son M18 m Bourton Dorset F81/Pg11
66Brick Yd LaneAron TOVEYHeadMM50Baptist Minister WesterleighGloucester F81/Pg12
66Brick Yd LaneAnnTOVEY WifeMF52 Ula Stock [Beaufort] Breconshire F81/Pg12
66Brick Yd LaneMarshall TOVEYSon M15Clerk Ula StockBreconshire F81/Pg12
66Brick Yd LaneMillicent TOVEYDaur F13Scholar Ula StockBreconshire F81/Pg12
67Brick Yd LaneCharles EDMUNDSVisitorWM76Pensioner YeovilSomerset F81/Pg12
68Baptist Chapel  UNINHABITED         F81/Pg12
69Brick Yd LaneEliza BELLHeadWF77Annuitant BourtonDorset F81/Pg12
70Brick Yd LaneGeorge P. FRANCISHeadMM25Surgeon MerthyrWales F81/Pg12
70Brick Yd LaneCatherine FRANCISWifeMF23  LondonLondon F81/Pg12
70Brick Yd LaneCharles P. FRANCISSon M2 m  BourtonDorset F81/Pg12
70Brick Yd LaneLousia MOONServantUF19General Servant NunneySomerset F81/Pg12
70Brick Yd LaneEsther J. ELLISSServant F13Nurse FarnhamDorset F81/Pg12
71Brick Yd LaneWilliam SUTERHeadMM33Blacksmith BourtonDorset F81/Pg12
71Brick Yd LaneJane SUTERWifeMF32  BourtonDorset F81/Pg12
71Brick Yd LaneFlora SUTERDaur F14Scholar ZealsWiltshire F81/Pg12
71Brick Yd LaneEdward SUTERSon M12Scholar BourtonDorset F81/Pg12
71Brick Yd LaneWilliam J. SUTERSon M10Scholar Ebb ValeMonmouth F81/Pg12
71Brick Yd LaneSusan SUTERDaur F6  Ebb ValeMonmouth F81/Pg12
71Brick Yd LaneMaud SUTERDaur F4  SiltonDorset F81/Pg12
71Brick Yd LaneArthur J. SUTERSon M8 m  BourtonDorset F81/Pg12
72Brick Yd LaneAlbert PAULHeadMM19Turner In Iron GreenhamSomerset F81/Pg12
72Brick Yd LaneElizabeth PAULWifeMF22 Bayford Somerset F81/Pg12
72Brick Yd LaneHerbert PAULSon M2 m  BourtonDorset F81/Pg12
73West Bourton RdIsaac RABBITSHeadMM40Farmer 11 Acres ShaftesburyDorset F82/Pg13
73West Bourton RdMary A. RABBITSWifeMF36  CoombeSomerset F82/Pg13
73West Bourton RdCharlotte COMBERMENVisitorUF40  CoombeSomerset F82/Pg13
73West Bourton RdLucy WEBSTERVisitor F29  BromptonSomerset F82/Pg13
74West Bourton Rd  UNINHABITED         F82/Pg13
75 JacobMAIDMENT HeadMM29Boiler MakerMere Wiltshire F82/Pg13
75 RoseMAIDMENT WifeMF27 PennSomerset  F82/Pg13
75 GeorgeMAIDMENT BrotherUM23LabourerMere Wiltshire F82/Pg13
76 DavidELLIS HeadMM39PolicemanChurch Knowle Dorset F82/Pg13
76 AmeliaELLIS WifeMF37 Bristol Somerset F82/Pg13
76 EmmaELLIS Daur F9ScholarGussage All Saints Dorset F82/Pg13
76 Frances S.ELLIS Daur F7ScholarGussage All Saints Dorset F82/Pg13
76 Edith W.ELLIS Daur F4ScholarMilton Abbas Dorset F82/Pg13
76 Kate E.ELLIS Daur F18 m Bourton Dorset F82/Pg13
77 JohnREEVES HeadMM58PensionerBourton Dorset F82/Pg13
77 MariaREEVES WifeMF54 Bourton Dorset F82/Pg13
77 Fredrick J. REEVESSonUM16Scholar WicklowIreland F82/Pg13
77 Samuel J.REEVES Son M13ScholarDonegal Ireland F82/Pg13
78 StephenSTONE HeadWM51LabourerBourton Dorset F82/Pg13
78 WilliamSTONE Son M15ScholarBourton Dorset F82/Pg13
78 GeorgeSTONE Son M10ScholarBourton Dorset F82/Pg13
79Church TractFrederick MOORSHeadMM27Labourer BourtonDorset F82/Pg14
79Church TractAnnMOORS WifeMF28 Bourton Dorset F82/Pg14
79Church TractEliza MOORSDaur F7Scholar BourtonDorset F82/Pg14
79Church TractIsisMOORS Son M4ScholarBourton Dorset F82/Pg14
79Church TractSamuel MOORSSon M2  BourtonDorset F82/Pg14
79Church TractCharles BAKERLodgerMM37Labourer BourtonDorset F82/Pg14
80Church TractJaneMOORS Lodger (Head)UF26Factory Hand (Silk) MereWiltshire F82/Pg14
80Church TractEdwin MOORSSon ((Daur)) M3Scholar MerthyrWales F82/Pg14
81Church TractHughCARTER HeadMM52LabourerBourton Dorset F82/Pg14
81Church TractMary Ann CARTERWifeMF38  BrutonSomerset F82/Pg14
82Church TractWilliam STACYHeadMM45Pensioner BourtonDorset F82/Pg14
82Church TractClara Jane STACYWifeMF27  BourtonDorset F82/Pg14
82Church TractWilliam C. STACYSon M2  BourtonDorset F82/Pg14
83Church TractMaryBURTON HeadWF81Formerly Tic WeaverBourton Dorset F82/Pg14
84Church TractCharlotte COWLEYLodgerUF55Factory Hand (Silk) MereWiltshire F82/Pg14
 St George School  UNINHABITED         F82/Pg14
 St George Church  UNINHABITED         F82/Pg14
85St George ChurchJohn SMITHLodger (Head)UM21Twine Maker MerthyrWales F82/Pg14
86St George ChurchGeorge MOORESHeadMM67Labourer BourtonDorset F82/Pg14
86St George ChurchAnn MOORESWifeMF65  BourtonDorset F82/Pg14
87St George ChurchHenry MOORESHeadMM26Driller Iron Works BourtonDorset F82/Pg14
87St George ChurchFanny MOORESWifeMF24  West CamellSomerset F82/Pg14
88CommonGeorgeMOORS HeadMM29Engine FitterBourton Dorset F83/Pg15
88CommonBetsyMOORS WifeMF27Engine Fitters WifeBourton Dorset F83/Pg15
88CommonRoderickMOORS Son M6ScholarBourton Dorset F83/Pg15
88CommonIvan G.MOORS Son M4ScholarBourton Dorset F83/Pg15
88CommonMarian J.MOORS Daur F12 m Bourton Dorset F83/Pg15
89CommonJaneEDWARDS HeadWF80AnnuitantGillingham Dorset F83/Pg15
89CommonAdaEDWARDS Niece F11ScholarGillingham Dorset F83/Pg15
90CommonMaryBOURTON HeadWF67AnnuitantMere Wiltshire F83/Pg15
91West Bourton RdGeorge LONGMANHeadMM54Farmer 5 Acres West LydfordSomerset F83/Pg15
91West Bourton RdElizabeth LONGMANWifeMF55  Buckhorn WestonDorset F83/Pg15
91West Bourton RdJohn GATEHOUSEFather In LawWM92Retired Farmer CucklingtonSomerset F83/Pg15
91West Bourton RdMary TUCKETLodgerWF75Annuitant YeovilSomerset F83/Pg15
91West Bourton RdSamuel TUCKETLodgerUM53Late Tutor WestburyWiltshire F83/Pg15
91West Bourton RdCharles Howis CROXFORDVisitorMM30Late Brewer BrentfordMiddlesex F83/Pg15
92Chaffy MoorThomas EAVISHeadMM65Wheelwright StalbridgeDorset F83/Pg15
92Chaffy MoorAnnEAVIS WifeMF65 Stalbridge Dorset F83/Pg15
93Chaffy MoorJohnPARSONS HeadMM29LabourerBourton Dorset F83/Pg15
93Chaffy MoorElizaPARSONS WifeMF24Dress MakerCashmore Dorset F83/Pg15
93Chaffy MoorEdgar J. PARSONSSon M12 m  BourtonDorset F83/Pg15
94Chaffy MoorEdward HELLIERLodgerUM28Groom ZealsWiltshire F83/Pg15
95West BourtonThomas W. HANNAMHeadMM73Retired Farmer HorsingtonSomerset F83/Pg15
95West BourtonMartha HANNAMWifeMF68  StowellSomerset F83/Pg15
95West BourtonJohnHANNAM SonUM30Retired FarmerHorsington Somerset F83/Pg15
95West BourtonSophia HANNAMDaurUF27  HorsingtonSomerset F83/Pg15
96West BourtonEdward JONESHeadMM35Farm Labourer GodneySomerset F83/Pg16
96West BourtonSarah A. JONESWifeMF33  OakeySomerset F83/Pg16
96West BourtonEmily JONESDaur F11Scholar GodneySomerset F83/Pg16
96West BourtonThomas JONESSon M9Scholar GodneySomerset F83/Pg16
96West BourtonFredrick JONESSon M7Scholar GodneySomerset F83/Pg16
96West BourtonAlfred JONESSon M4Scholar EtsomSomerset F83/Pg16
96West BourtonHarriett JONESDaur F2  EtsomSomerset F83/Pg16
97West BourtonCharles HANNAMHeadMM34Farmer 242 Acres Emp 5 Labourers 1 Boy HorsingtonSomerset F83/Pg16
97West BourtonAnnie HANNAMWifeMF33  SandfordDorset F83/Pg16
97West BourtonThomas HANNAMSon M4  BourtonDorset F83/Pg16
97West BourtonStanley HANNAMSon M12 m  BourtonDorset F83/Pg16
97West BourtonElizabeth CROSSAssistantUF18Assistant In Dairy (Ag) West LydfordSomerset F83/Pg16
97West BourtonSarah COOMBSServantUF13Domestic Buckhorn WestonDorset F83/Pg16
98West BourtonJames PARSONSHeadMM30Labourer LangportSomerset F83/Pg16
98West BourtonJanePARSONS WifeMF30 Bourton Dorset F83/Pg16
98West BourtonKateBOURTON Boarder F14ScholarMere Wiltshire F83/Pg16
99West BourtonBenjamin INGSHeadMM40Labourer BourtonDorset F83/Pg16
99West BourtonAnnINGS WifeMF54 Wincanton Somerset F83/Pg16
99West BourtonWilliam INGSSonUM13ScholarBourton Dorset F83/Pg16
100West BourtonCharles EDWARDSHeadMM47Farmer 36 Acres Of Land East StourDorset F83/Pg16
100West BourtonAnnEDWARDS WifeMF49 Bourton Dorset F83/Pg16
100West BourtonMary Ann EDWARDSDaurUF19  HenstridgeSomerset F83/Pg16
101Chaffy MoorHenry KNAPTONHeadMM40Farmer Of 50 Acres PenzelwoodSomerset F84/Pg17
101Chaffy MoorFanny KNAPTONWifeMF30  PenzelwoodSomerset F84/Pg17
102West BourtonGeorge PHRIPPHeadMM39Dealer In Cattle GillinghamDorset F84/Pg17
102West BourtonAnnie PHRIPPDaurUF15  KilmingtonSomerset F84/Pg17
102West BourtonMartha PHRIPPDaur F5Scholar GillinghamDorset F84/Pg17
102West BourtonAustin PHRIPPSon M3  ColdbrookDorset F84/Pg17
102West BourtonElizabeth TRIMBYVisitorUF44Maker KilmingtonSomerset F84/Pg17
103West BourtonJohn BUTTHeadMM23Labourer BayfordSomerset F84/Pg17
103West BourtonRosa BUTTWifeMF24 Penzelwood Somerset F84/Pg17
103West BourtonBlanche BUTTDaur F12 m  MapertonSomerset F84/Pg17
104West BourtonThomas DOWDINGHeadMM46Farmer Of 83 Acres Emp 2 Men 1 Boy CucklingtonSomerset F84/Pg17
104West BourtonJane DOWDINGWifeMF41  GillinghamDorset F84/Pg17
105West BourtonFredrick FRICKERHeadMM29Labourer ZealsWiltshire F84/Pg17
101West BourtonAnnFRICKER WifeMF26 Zeals Wiltshire F84/Pg17
101West BourtonWilliam C. FRICKERSon M4  ZealsWiltshire F84/Pg17
101West BourtonElizabeth E. FRICKERDaur F12 m  BourtonDorset F84/Pg17
106West BourtonGiles STACYHeadMM81Formerly Labourer South BrewhamSomerset F84/Pg17
106West BourtonCharlotte STACYWifeMF82  BourtonDorset F84/Pg17
107West BourtonJoseph HILLHeadMM50Labourer BourtonDorset F84/Pg17
107West BourtonElizabeth HILLWifeMF44 Silton Dorset F84/Pg17
107West BourtonJane HILLDaurUF17Silk Factory Hand BourtonDorset F84/Pg17
107West BourtonEmily HILLDaur F15Silk Factory Hand BourtonDorset F84/Pg17
108West BourtonJames EDMUNDSHeadMM43Labourer PenzelwoodSomerset F84/Pg18
108West BourtonMary EDMUNDSWifeMF42  CucklingtonSomerset F84/Pg18
108West BourtonSamuel EDMUNDSSon M11Scholar BourtonDorset F84/Pg18
108West BourtonGeorge EDMUNDSSon M8Scholar BourtonDorset F84/Pg18
108West BourtonWilliam EDMUNDSSon M6Scholar BourtonDorset F84/Pg18
108West BourtonJoseph EDMUNDSSon M3  BourtonDorset F84/Pg18
108West BourtonJohn EDMUNDS  M12 m  BourtonDorset F84/Pg18
109West BourtonDaniel READHeadMM43Labourer GillinghamDorset F84/Pg18
109West BourtonAnnREAD WifeMF37 Winterbourne Stoke Wiltshire F84/Pg18
109West BourtonJohn READSon M14Farm Boy GillinghamDorset F84/Pg18
109West BourtonSarah A. READDaur F11Scholar GillinghamDorset F84/Pg18
109West BourtonMary J. READDaur F8Scholar GillinghamDorset F84/Pg18
109West BourtonEmma READDaur F6Scholar GillinghamDorset F84/Pg18
109West BourtonAlbert READSon M4Scholar GillinghamDorset F84/Pg18
109West BourtonHenry READSon M18 m  GillinghamDorset F84/Pg18
110West BourtonGiles (Junr.) STACYHeadMM40Labourer BourtonDorset F84/Pg18
110West BourtonMatilda STACYWifeMF29  MereWiltshire F84/Pg18
110West BourtonMary STACYDaur F3  BourtonDorset F84/Pg18
110West BourtonFrancis STACYSon M12 m  BourtonDorset F84/Pg18
111West BourtonWilliam WOODGATEHeadMM46Clerk LondonLondon F84/Pg18
111West BourtonMarie WOODGATEWifeMF45  ParisFrench Subject F84/Pg18
111West BourtonMabel De Walzac WOODGATEDaur F7  Canada  F84/Pg18
111West BourtonMarie Lousia WOODGATEDaur F6  BourtonDorset F84/Pg18
111West BourtonRene WOODGATESon M4  BourtonDorset F84/Pg18
 End District 16             
 Start District 17             
1Chaffey MooreCharles WILLISHeadMM43Farmer BourtonDorset F88/Pg1
1Chaffey MooreAnnaWILLIS WifeMF49 Chepstow Monmouth F88/Pg1
1Chaffey MooreJohnINGS BoarderUM20Farmers SonPenzelwood Somerset F88/Pg1
2Glen CottageMeshack HANNAMHeadMM59Retired Farmer HorsingtonSomerset F88/Pg1
2Glen CottageAnna M. HANNAMWifeMF54  Charlton HorethorneSomerset F88/Pg1
2Glen CottageEllen E. HANNAMVisitorUF28  HenstridgeSomerset F88/Pg1
3Chaffey MooreGeorge WILLIAMSHeadMM81Dividends BourtonDorset F88/Pg1
3Chaffey MooreElizabeth WILLIAMSWifeMF76  Shepton MontacuteSomerset F88/Pg1
4Chaffey MooreSamuel PENNYHeadMM42Gardener (M) BourtonDorset F88/Pg1
4Chaffey MooreEmily PENNYWifeMF37  PennSomerset F88/Pg1
 Chaffey Moore  UNINHABITED         F88/Pg1
5Chaffey MooreJames PENNYHeadMM54Agricultural Labourer BourtonDorset F88/Pg1
5Chaffey MooreAnnPENNY WifeMF53Farm Labourers WifeBourton Dorset F88/Pg1
5Chaffey MooreJohnPENNY Son M9ScholarBourton Dorset F88/Pg1
5Chaffey MooreArthur PENNYSon M7Scholar BourtonDorset F88/Pg1
 Chaffey Moore  UNINHABITED         F88/Pg1
6Glenmore HouseBeynon BATLEYHeadMM56Clergyman Of Church Of England ClaphamSurrey F88/Pg1
6Glenmore HouseHarriet C. BATLEYWifeMF40~ Without Cure Of Soul Ireland  F88/Pg1
6Glenmore HouseAgnes CARTERServUF23Cook (Domestic Servant) ZealsWiltshire F88/Pg1
6Glenmore HouseEllen GREENServUF21Housemaid (Domestic Servant) West PennardSomerset F88/Pg1
7Chaffey Moor HoSampson BAMFORDHeadMM62Dividends Abbotts BrombyStafford F88/Pg1
7Chaffey Moor HoEliza BAMFORDWifeMF49  SiltonDorset F88/Pg1
7Chaffey Moor HoElizabeth BAKERCousinUF38  ChristchurchHampshire F88/Pg1
7Chaffey Moor HoAnna E.L. DEVENISHNiece F4  BourtonDorset F88/Pg1
7Chaffey Moor HoMiriam HANNAMServUF21General Servant Kington MagnaDorset F88/Pg1
8Chaffey MooreElizth.M. MILLARDHeadWF57Income From Lands & Dividends BarnstableDevon F88/Pg2
8Chaffey MooreSusanna J. MILLARDDaurUF21  BourtonDorset F88/Pg2
8Chaffey MooreElizth.M. MILLARDDaurUF19  BourtonDorset F88/Pg2
8Chaffey MooreFanny L. MILLARDDaurUF16  BourtonDorset F88/Pg2
8Chaffey MooreJohn B. LOADERBrotherUM65Retired Draper BarnstableDevon F88/Pg2
8Chaffey MooreMary M. WATTSVisitorWF63  Yawstock NorthDevon F88/Pg2
8Chaffey MooreAnnCAVE ServUF21General ServantBath Somerset F88/Pg2
9Grove HouseWilliam EDWARDSHeadMM39Farmer 45 Acres East StourDorset F88/Pg2
9Grove HouseEllenEDWARDS WifeMF39 BathSomerset  F88/Pg2
9Grove HouseWilliam EDWARDSSon M8 m  BourtonDorset F88/Pg2
10Grove HouseCharles KINGHeadWM83Scripture Reader BathfordSomerset F88/Pg2
10Grove HouseAnn A. BROMLEYDaurWF54  MelkshamWiltshire F88/Pg2
11Chaffey MooreMaria SHEPPARDHeadUF78  BourtonDorset F88/Pg2
11Chaffey MooreWilliam PARSONSBoarderUM76Agricultural Labourer BourtonDorset F88/Pg2
12Chaffey MooreJohn SHOREHeadMM56Carpenter BrutonSomerset F88/Pg2
12Chaffey MooreAnnSHORE WifeMF53Carpenters WifeBourton Dorset F88/Pg2
12Chaffey MooreSamuel SHORESonUM20Engine Fitter At Works BourtonDorset F88/Pg2
12Chaffey MooreDorcas SHOREDaurUF16Pupil Tcr At Nat School BourtonDorset F88/Pg2
12Chaffey MooreMark SHORESon M13Scholar BourtonDorset F88/Pg2
13Chaffey MooreAdam PARSONSHeadMM65Farm Labourer BourtonDorset F88/Pg2
13Chaffey MooreHarriet PARSONSWifeMF68  GasperSomerset F88/Pg2
13Chaffey MooreTomPARSONS SonUM31Farmers SonBourton DorsetIdiotF88/Pg2
13Chaffey MooreArthur PARSONSSon M22Labourer Iron Foundry Yard BourtonDorset F88/Pg2
14Chaffey MooreBenjn. STACEYHeadMM40Farm Labourer BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
14Chaffey MooreEliza S. STACEYWifeMF39  BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
14Chaffey MooreWillm.B. STACEYSon M12Scholar BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
14Chaffey MooreCharles H. STACEYSon M6Scholar BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
14Chaffey MooreArthur STACEYSon M3  BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
14Chaffey MooreHenry J. STACEYSon M2 m  BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
15Chaffey MooreMary HILLHeadWF58Glove Sewer CucklingtonSomerset F89/Pg3
15Chaffey MooreWilliam HILLSonUM26Labourer At Flour Mills BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
15Chaffey MooreEmily J. HILLDaurUF21Glove Sewer BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
15Chaffey MooreSusan HILLDaurUF18Glove Sewer BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
16Chaffey MooreEmmanuel MOORESHeadMM53Lime Burner BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
16Chaffey MooreMary MOORESWifeMF48  MereWiltshire F89/Pg3
16Chaffey MooreCharles MOORESSon M13Labourer At Lime Kiln BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
16Chaffey MooreEliza MOORESDaur F10Scholar BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
16Chaffey MooreJohn MOORESSon M8Scholar BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
16Chaffey MooreEdwin MOORESSon M6Scholar BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
16Chaffey MooreEmmanuel MOORESSon M3Scholar BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
17Chaffey MooreJohn READHeadMM66Farmer 35 Acres GillinghamDorset F89/Pg3
17Chaffey MooreElizabeth READWifeMF65 West Knoyle Wiltshire F89/Pg3
17Chaffey MooreEliza MITCHELLServUF17General Servant WincantonSomerset F89/Pg3
18Chaffey MooreJames KNAPTONHeadMM50Farmer 40 Acres Emp 1 Man BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
18Chaffey MooreMartha KNAPTONWifeMF49  BourtonDorset F89/Pg3
18Chaffey MooreElizth. SMITHServWF56CookFrome Somerset F89/Pg3
18Chaffey MooreMartha SMITHServUF24Genl Servt Domestic FromeSomerset F89/Pg3
18Chaffey MooreJames GARRATTServUM21Farm Servant HorsingthamWiltshire F89/Pg3
19Chaffey MooreHarriet EVANCEHeadWF76Widow Of Comr RN LondonLondon F89/Pg4
19Chaffey MooreAlice V. EVANCEDaurUF38  BourtonDorset F89/Pg4
19Chaffey MooreClara WOODVisitorUF25  PeckhamSurrey F89/Pg4
20Chaffey MooreJohn HAIMESHeadMM43Shoe Maker GillinghamDorset F89/Pg4
20Chaffey MooreMary HAIMESWifeMF42  MereWiltshire F89/Pg4
20Chaffey MooreFanny CHALKBoarder F13Scholar MereWiltshire F89/Pg4
20Chaffey MooreBessie HAIMESDaur F9Scholar BourtonDorset F89/Pg4
20Chaffey MooreFlora Lily HAIMESDaur F8Scholar BourtonDorset F89/Pg4
 Chaffey Moore  UNINHABITED         F89/Pg4
21Chaffey MooreRobert YOUNGHeadMM44Dealer In Marine Stores BourtonDorset F89/Pg4
21Chaffey MooreElizth.A. YOUNGWifeMF42  BourtonDorset F89/Pg4
21Chaffey MooreCharles YOUNGSonUM16Labourer In Blacksmiths Shop BourtonDorset F89/Pg4
21Chaffey MooreGeorge YOUNGSon M11Scholar BourtonDorset F89/Pg4
21Chaffey MooreBessie L. YOUNGDaur F5Scholar BourtonDorset F89/Pg4
22Chaffey MooreMaria GRACIEHeadWF52Formerly Draper LlanellyCaernarvon F89/Pg4
22Chaffey MooreEmily GRACIEDaurUF18Assist Apprentice To Drapery LlanellyCaernarvon F89/Pg4
23Chaffey MooreArthur DAVISLodgerUM23Teacher In Nat School LymingtonHampshire F89/Pg4
24Chaffey MooreWiliam H. BULLYLodgerUM15Twine Merchants Clerk Newfoundland (British Subject)  F89/Pg4
25Chaffey MooreSophia CHARLTONHeadWF73Formerly General Servant (Domestic) BourtonDorset F89/Pg4
25Chaffey MooreAnnCHARLTON DaurUF43General Servt (Domestic) BourtonDorset F89/Pg4
26CommonFelixHILL HeadMM50Brick MakerBourton Dorset F90/Pg5
26CommonHannah M.HILL WifeMF41 Silton Dorset F90/Pg5
26CommonSamuel G.HILL SonUM16Labourer In Brick Yard BourtonDorset F90/Pg5
26CommonJohnHILL Son M12ScholarBourton Dorset F90/Pg5
26CommonFrankHILL Son M9ScholarBourton Dorset F90/Pg5
26CommonMartha J.HILL Daur F2 Bourton Dorset F90/Pg5
27CommonElizaREAD HeadWF52CharwomanBuckhorn Weston Dorset F90/Pg5
27CommonFrankREAD SonUM17Labourer On FarmCucklington Somerset F90/Pg5
27CommonCharlesREAD Son M14Labourer On Farm CucklingtonSomerset F90/Pg5
27CommonWalterREAD Son M8ScholarCucklington Somerset F90/Pg5
28CommonElizaMOORES HeadWF60Glove SewerBourton Dorset F90/Pg5
29CommonMaryMULLINS HeadUF61Retired House Keeper BourtonDorset F90/Pg5
29CommonHannahENGLISH SisterWF63CharwomanBourton Dorset F90/Pg5
29CommonJaneMULLINS SisterUF59Forewoman In Jute Factory BourtonDorset F90/Pg5
30CommonGeorge M.BRIXEY HeadMM43Labourer In Iron Foundry Yard BourtonDorset F90/Pg5
30CommonMartha M.BRIXEY WifeMF44 Bourton Dorset F90/Pg5
31CommonSusanBRIXEY HeadWF79Formerly Cook Domestic MelburyDorset F90/Pg5
32CommonJosephWELSH HeadMM30Grocer & HaulierZeals Wiltshire F90/Pg5
32CommonBessieWELSH WifeMF30Grocers WifeKington Magna Dorset F90/Pg5
32CommonLillyWELSH Daur F2 Bourton Dorset F90/Pg5
33CommonSamuelKNAPTON HeadMM56Farmer 27 1/2 AcresSilton Dorset F90/Pg5
33CommonEmmaKNAPTON WifeMF57 Shaftesbury Dorset F90/Pg5
33CommonEvangalineKNAPTON DaurUF21 Bourton Dorset F90/Pg5
33CommonRose K.KNAPTON DaurUF19 Bourton Dorset F90/Pg5
34Lion CottageJoseph MULLINSHeadMM26Brick Maker MarnhullDorset F90/Pg6
34Lion CottageEllen MULLINSWifeMF24  MereWiltshire F90/Pg6
34Lion CottageCharles MOORESBoarderUM24Foreman In Twine Warehouse BourtonDorset F90/Pg6
35Red Lion InnEsawJEFFREY HeadMM63Licensed VictuallerLongbredy Dorset F90/Pg6
35Red Lion InnElizabeth JEFFREYWifeMF55Innkeepers Wife LeighDorset F90/Pg6
35Red Lion InnSarah E. JEANESNieceUF19Bar Maid BatcombeDorset F90/Pg6
36Red Lion InnJames PITMANHeadWM55Boot Maker BourtonDorset F90/Pg6
36Red Lion InnMartha PITMANNieceUF15House Keeper CucklingtonSomerset F90/Pg6
37Post OfficeJohnLUSH HeadMM40Sub Post MasterBourton Dorset F90/Pg6
37Post OfficeJuliaLUSH WifeMF41 Berrow Somerset F90/Pg6
37Post OfficeEdgarLUSH Son M14ScholarBourton Dorset F90/Pg6
37Post OfficeSidney LUSHSon M13Scholar BourtonDorset F90/Pg6
37Post OfficeBridget LUSHDaur F11Scholar BourtonDorset F90/Pg6
37Post OfficeIsabella LUSHDaur F9Scholar BourtonDorset F90/Pg6
37Post OfficeWilliam LUSHSon M10Scholar BourtonDorset F90/Pg6
37Post OfficeAdaLUSH Daur F8ScholarBourton Dorset F90/Pg6
37Post OfficeFredrick LUSHSon M6Scholar BourtonDorset F90/Pg6
38Post OfficeCharlotte HOAREHeadMF60Dress Maker BeaminsterDorset F90/Pg6
39Post OfficeFannyGOUGH HeadWF64LaundressShepton Montacute Somerset F90/Pg6
 Bushes UNINHABITED          F90/Pg6
 Bushes UNINHABITED          F90/Pg6
40BushesElizabethHILL HeadWF76Formerly Tick Weaver PennSomerset F90/Pg6
41BushesJaneMOORES HeadWF54LaundressBourton Dorset F90/Pg6
41BushesRhodaGAWLER SisterUF50Tow Spinner At Factory BourtonDorset F90/Pg6
42BushesJohnBRAMBLE HeadMM56Farmer Of 12 AcresBourton Dorset F91/Pg7
42BushesElizabethBRAMBLE WifeMF57Farmers WifeBourton Dorset F91/Pg7
42BushesMariaBRIXEY MotherWF75AnnuitantWincanton Somerset F91/Pg7
43BushesCharlesSUTER HeadMM29General Shop KeeperBourton Dorset F91/Pg7
43BushesMarthaSUTER WifeMF31 Silton Dorset F91/Pg7
43BushesCharles H.D. SUTERSon M6Shopkeepers Son BourtonDorset F91/Pg7
43BushesEva MarySUTER Daur F2 Bourton Dorset F91/Pg7
44RectoryGeorgeGLOVER HeadUM48Rector Of BourtonPenzance Cornwall F91/Pg7
44RectoryAnnEVANS ServUF37House KeeperChilmark Wiltshire F91/Pg7
44RectorySarahEVANS ServUF31House Maid (Domestic) ShaftesburyDorset F91/Pg7
44RectoryMary J.EVANS VisitorWF71 Edgehill Lancashire F91/Pg7
45LandwayFrancesALFORD HeadUF55Retired DraperBourton Dorset F91/Pg7
46LandwayHenry B.DUTTON LodgerUM23Engineer Draughtsman StreathamSurrey F91/Pg7
46LandwayHenry J.WESTLOVE LodgerUM25Engineer Draughtsman GillinghamDorset F91/Pg7
47LandwayAnnaMITCHELL LodgerWF69Formerly Tailors Wife WincantonSomerset F91/Pg7
48LandwaySarahALLAWAY LodgerUF72AnnuitantShenfield Berkshire F91/Pg7
49LandwayCharlesBURFITT HeadMM63Labourer In Iron Foundry SiltonDorset F91/Pg7
49LandwayAmyzerBURFITT WifeMF69Labourers WifeZeals Wiltshire F91/Pg7
49LandwayThomasGRAY BoarderUM49General LaborerZeals Wiltshire F91/Pg7
50LandwayHughBILLING HeadMM34Labourer In Tow Factory (Hemp) GillinghamDorset F91/Pg7
50LandwayAnneBILLING WifeMF37 Gillingham Dorset F91/Pg7
50LandwayFredrickBILLING Son M9ScholarGillingham Dorset F91/Pg7
50LandwayLillyBILLING Daur F6ScholarBourton Dorset F91/Pg7
50LandwayMaryBILLING Daur F1 Bourton Dorset F91/Pg7
51Kites NestEdithHOARE HeadMF26Twine BallerNorth Perrett Somerset F91/Pg8
51Kites NestHenry J. HOARESon M2  BourtonDorset F91/Pg8
52Kites NestWilliam ELLIOTTHeadMM32Engine Fitter SunderlandDurham F91/Pg8
52Kites NestEmmaELLIOTT WifeMF28 East Knole Wiltshire F91/Pg8
52Kites NestArthurELLIOTT Son M10ScholarPenzelwood Somerset F91/Pg8
52Kites NestMaryELLIOTT Daur F2 Bourton Dorset F91/Pg8
52Kites NestAliceELLIOTT Daur F5 m Bourton Dorset F91/Pg8
53Kites NestJohnWILLIAMS HeadMM58Harness MakerBayford Somerset F91/Pg8
53Kites NestJaneWILLIAMS WifeMF48 Wincanton Somerset F91/Pg8
53Kites NestGeorgeWILLIAMS SonUM17Twine PackerBayford Somerset F91/Pg8
53Kites NestWilliam WILLIAMSSon M15Labourer In Tow Factory (Hemp) WincantonSomerset F91/Pg8
53Kites NestLucyWILLIAMS Daur F11ScholarGillingham Dorset F91/Pg8
53Kites NestMaryWILLIAMS Daur F6ScholarBayford Somerset F91/Pg8
54Kites NestJohnMOORES HeadMM57Yarn Spinner (Hemp)Bourton Dorset F91/Pg8
54Kites NestHannahMOORES WifeMF54 Bourton Dorset F91/Pg8
54Kites NestMaryMOORES DaurUF31General Servt (Domestic) BourtonDorset F91/Pg8
54Kites NestFrankMOORES Grandson M7ScholarWandsworth Surrey F91/Pg8
55Kites NestRichard STACEYHeadMM44Laborer In Twine Walk BourtonDorset F91/Pg8
55Kites NestAliceSTACEY WifeMF37 PennSomerset  F91/Pg8
55Kites NestAnnSTACEY DaurUF20Domestic ServPenn Somerset F91/Pg8
55Kites NestJohnSTACEY SonUM17Lab In Twine WalkPenn Somerset F91/Pg8
55Kites NestElizaSTACEY DaurUF15ScholarPenn Somerset F91/Pg8
55Kites NestWilliam STACEYSon M9Scholar PennSomerset F91/Pg8
55Kites NestFredrick STACEYSon M7Scholar PennSomerset F91/Pg8
55Kites NestArthurSTACEY Son M6ScholarPenn Somerset F92/Pg9
55Kites NestHenrySTACEY Son M4ScholarBourton Dorset F92/Pg9
55Kites NestAlbertSTACEY Son M2 Bourton Dorset F92/Pg9
55Kites NestHerbert STACEYSon M6 m  BourtonDorset F92/Pg9
56Kites NestJohnCRIDGE HeadMM61Pattern & Model Maker At Iron Foundry TauntonSomerset F92/Pg9
56Kites NestElizabeth CRIDGEWifeMF61  MilvertonSomerset F92/Pg9
56Kites NestEmilyLONGMAN DaurMF33 Taunton Somerset F92/Pg9
56Kites NestJohnCRIDGE SonUM31Pattern & Model Maker At Iron Foundry TauntonSomerset F92/Pg9
57Mill LaneJohnJUKES HeadMM41General LabBourton Dorset F92/Pg9
57Mill LaneMary Ann JUKESWifeMF45  BourtonDorset F92/Pg9
57Mill LaneSamuelJUKES SonUM20BlacksmithSilton Dorset F92/Pg9
57Mill LaneJamesJUKES SonUM16Lab On FarmSilton Dorset F92/Pg9
57Mill LaneJaneJUKES Daur F13ScholarSilton Dorset F92/Pg9
58Mill LaneGeorgeJUKES HeadMM70ButcherBourton Dorset F92/Pg9
58Mill LanePhoebeJUKES WifeMF68MidwifeBourton Dorset F92/Pg9
58Mill LaneFredJUKES GrandsonUM17Ag LabSilton Dorset F92/Pg9
58Mill LaneGeorgeQUICK BoarderMM39Iron MoulderOttery St Mary Devon F92/Pg9
59Mill LaneJohnBARTLETT HeadMM35Engine Fitter At Iron Works NetherburyDorset F92/Pg9
59Mill LaneAnneBARTLETT WifeMF30DressmakerWest Chinnock Somerset F92/Pg9
59Mill LaneGeorge C. BARTLETTSon M10Scholar BridportDorset F92/Pg9
59Mill LaneMary B.BARTLETT Daur F7ScholarBridport Dorset F92/Pg9
59Mill LaneSusan M. BARTLETTDaur F5Scholar StroudGloucester F92/Pg9
59Mill LaneWilliam J. BARTLETTSon M3  BourtonDorset F92/Pg9
59Mill LaneAda A.BARTLETT Daur F1 Bourton Dorset F92/Pg9
60Mill LaneHenryMARCH HeadMM61Baker & Farmer 13 Acres 3 Men GillinghamDorset F92/Pg10
60Mill LaneElizabeth MARCHWifeMF54  GillinghamDorset F92/Pg10
60Mill LaneJaneKING NieceUF21Asst In Bakers Shop GillinghamDorset F92/Pg10
 Mill Lane  UNINHABITED         F92/Pg10
61Mill LaneLouisWARREN HeadWM48Twine SpinnerNorth Perrett Somerset F92/Pg10
61Mill LaneFannyWARREN DaurUF25Twine BallerNorth Perrot Somerset F92/Pg10
61Mill LaneFloraWARREN DaurUF16Servt At HomeNorth Perrot Somerset F92/Pg10
61Mill LaneKateWARREN Daur F10ScholarBourton Dorset F92/Pg10
61Mill LaneArthurWARREN Son M8 Bourton DorsetImbecileF92/Pg10
61Mill LaneSidneyWARREN Son M4ScholarBourton Dorset F92/Pg10
61Mill LaneCharlotte REEVESDaurMF21  North PerrotSomerset F92/Pg10
62Mill LaneWilliamDAVIS HeadMM65Twine MakerNorth Perret Somerset F92/Pg10
63Water StreetJonas PAULHeadMM49Webb Weaver CrewkerneSomerset F92/Pg10
63Water StreetElizabeth PAULWifeMF52 Crewkerne Somerset F92/Pg10
63Water StreetJames PAULSonUM20Engine Boiler Maker CrewkerneSomerset F92/Pg10
63Water StreetCharlotte E. PAULDaurUF18Flax Factory Warper CrewkerneSomerset F92/Pg10
63Water StreetHarriet PAULDaur F11Scholar BourtonDorset F92/Pg10
 Water Street  UNINHABITED         F92/Pg10
64Water StreetJohn P. OSBORNEHeadMM27Engine Fitter At Iron Works MerriottSomerset F92/Pg10
64Water StreetMary A. OSBORNEWifeMF25  RiscaMonmouth F92/Pg10
64Water StreetSusan OSBORNEDaur F6Scholar North PerrottSomerset F92/Pg10
64Water StreetEdith OSBORNEDaur F4Scholar BourtonDorset F92/Pg10
64Water StreetMabel E. OSBORNEDaur F1  BourtonDorset F92/Pg10
65Water StreetMarkBISHOP HeadMM27Smith & Boiler Maker StourtonWiltshire F93/Pg11
65Water StreetSarah A. BISHOPWifeMF25  CrewkerneSomerset F93/Pg11
65Water StreetBeatrice M. BISHOPDaur F4  BourtonDorset F93/Pg11
65Water StreetEdith BISHOPDaur F2  BourtonDorset F93/Pg11
 Water Street  UNINHABITED         F93/Pg11
66Water StreetWilliam HARRISHeadWM45Brick & Tile Manufacturer DowntonWiltshire F93/Pg11
66Water StreetClara HARRISDaurUF22Housekeeper DowntonWiltshire F93/Pg11
66Water StreetAndrew HARRISSonUM20Brick Maker DowntonWiltshire F93/Pg11
66Water StreetGeorge HARRISSonUM17Labourer In Brick Yard DowntonWiltshire F93/Pg11
66Water StreetWilliam HARRISSonUM15Labourer In Brick Yard DowntonWiltshire F93/Pg11
66Water StreetAgnes HARRISDaurUF13Apprentice To Dress Maker DowntonWiltshire F93/Pg11
67Water StreetWilliam BURFITTHeadMM37Farm Labourer SiltonDorset F93/Pg11
67Water StreetEliza BURFITTWifeMF35Farm Labourers Wife StourtonWiltshire F93/Pg11
67Water StreetJohn T. BURFITTSonUM16Farm Labourer SiltonDorset F93/Pg11
67Water StreetEmily BURFITTDaur F11Scholar SiltonDorset F93/Pg11
67Water StreetEllen BURFITTDaur F9Scholar SiltonDorset F93/Pg11
67Water StreetJoseph E. BURFITTSon M7Scholar SiltonDorset F93/Pg11
67Water StreetCharles A. BURFITTSon M5Scholar BourtonDorset F93/Pg11
67Water StreetEliza J. BURFITTDaur F2  BourtonDorset F93/Pg11
67Water StreetArthur F. BURFITTSon M9 m  BourtonDorset F93/Pg11
68Water StreetRuthBAKER HeadUF66GrocerSilton Dorset F93/Pg11
69Water StreetJohnSTACEY HeadMM65Tick WeaverSouth Cheriton Somerset F93/Pg11
69Water StreetLydia STACEYWifeMF57Tick Weavers Wife HenstridgeSomerset F93/Pg11
69Water StreetThomas STACEYSonUM20Engine Fitter At Iron Works BourtonDorset F93/Pg11
70Water StJohnSCREEN HeadMM39General Lab On FarmZeals Wiltshire F93/Pg12
70Water StSarahSCREEN WifeMF39 Charlton Somerset F93/Pg12
70Water StWilliamSCREEN SonUM15Lab In Twine WalkZeals Wiltshire F93/Pg12
70Water StMary A.SCREEN Daur F13ScholarZeals Wiltshire F93/Pg12
70Water StJohnSCREEN Son M10ScholarBourton Dorset F93/Pg12
70Water StMarthaSCREEN Daur F8ScholarBourton Dorset F93/Pg12
70Water StJamesSCREEN Son M5ScholarBourton Dorset F93/Pg12
70Water StRichardSCREEN Son M3ScholarBourton Dorset F93/Pg12
70Water StKateSCREEN Daur F10 m Bourton Dorset F93/Pg12
71Round HoJamesWILLIAMS HeadMM31Lab On RailwayBourton Dorset F93/Pg12
71Round HoElizabeth WILLIAMSWifeMF33  TauntonSomerset F93/Pg12
71Round HoWalter J. WILLIAMSSon M5Scholar BourtonDorset F93/Pg12
71Round HoMary E.WILLIAMS Daur F3 Bourton Dorset F93/Pg12
71Round HoJames R.WILLIAMS Son M1 Bourton Dorset F93/Pg12
72Round HoWilliam H. DYKELodgerUM16Under Gardener HenstridgeSomerset F93/Pg12
73Mullins CloseJames HARCOURTHeadWM60Engine Fitter ZealsWiltshire F93/Pg12
73Mullins CloseEnos HARCOURTSonUM22Engine Fitter PenselwoodSomerset F93/Pg12
73Mullins CloseMary J. HARCOURTGrandaurUF16House Keeper SiltonDorset F93/Pg12
74Mullins CloseCharles HARCOURTHeadMM30Engine Fitter BourtonDorset F93/Pg12
74Mullins CloseEdith HARCOURTWifeMF30  Charlton MusgroveSomerset F93/Pg12
74Mullins CloseEmma HARCOURTDaur F7Scholar BourtonDorset F93/Pg12
74Mullins CloseKate HARCOURTDaur F4Scholar BourtonDorset F93/Pg12
74Mullins CloseLilly HARCOURTDaur F1  BourtonDorset F93/Pg12
75Mullins CloseGeorge MOORESHeadMM59Jute Weaver BourtonDorset F94/Pg13
75Mullins CloseAnna MOORESWifeMF57  BourtonDorset F94/Pg13
 Mullins Close  UNINHABITED         F94/Pg13
76Foundry Hill Mill HouseJohn TRIMBYHeadMM50Fotter In Flax & Tow Factory PenzelwoodSomerset F94/Pg13
76Foundry Hill Mill HouseLucy TRIMBYWifeMF50  BourtonDorset F94/Pg13
76Foundry Hill Mill HouseWalter TRIMBYSonUM24Engine Fitter BourtonDorset F94/Pg13
76Foundry Hill Mill HouseArthur TRIMBYSonUM19Engine Turner BourtonDorset F94/Pg13
76Foundry Hill Mill HouseBeatrice TRIMBYDaur F10Scholar BourtonDorset F94/Pg13
77Mount Gle StreetMaria BUTTHeadWF62House & Land Int Of Money PenzelwoodSomerset F94/Pg13
77Mount Gle StreetEmma BUTTDaurUF37 Pertwood Wiltshire F94/Pg13
77Mount Gle StreetClement BUTTSonUM29Engineers Clerk BourtonDorset F94/Pg13
77Mount Gle StreetLouisa E. BUTTDaurUF24 Gillingham Dorset F94/Pg13
77Mount Gle StreetElizabeth MULLINSVisitorUF46  East CokerSomerset F94/Pg13
78Factory HouseJosiah CARTERHeadMM48Flax Dresser ZealsWiltshire F94/Pg13
78Factory HouseElizabeth CARTERWifeMF54  BourtonDorset F94/Pg13
 Factory House 2 UNINHABITED Offices          F94/Pg13
 Factory House 2 UNINHABITED          F94/Pg13
79Foundry HillHenry WARRENHeadMM54Twine Maker North PerrottSomerset F94/Pg13
79Foundry HillRoseWARREN WifeMF50Twine BollsNorth Perrott Somerset F94/Pg13
79Foundry HillCharlotte PALESisterUF30Twine Baller North PerrottSomerset F94/Pg13
80Foundry HillSamuel HALLETTHeadMM53Twine Finisher North PerrottSomerset F94/Pg13
80Foundry HillFrances HALLETTWifeMF58Twine Buller North PerrottSomerset F94/Pg13
81Bull PittsCharles HARCOURTHeadMM28Machine Fitter ZealsWiltshire F94/Pg13
81Bull PittsElizaHARCOURT WifeMF29Dress MakerBourton Dorset F94/Pg13
81Bull PittsEdithFARTHING Mother In LawWF64GrocerBourton Dorset F94/Pg13
82Bull PittsLambert BELLHeadMM53Waggoner (Carman) SiltonDorset F94/Pg14
82Bull PittsAnnBELL WifeMF58Twine BallerBourton Dorset F94/Pg14
82Bull PittsElizabeth A. BELLDaurUF21Twine Baller SiltonDorset F94/Pg14
82Bull PittsRachelBELL DaurUF15School MonitorSilton Dorset F94/Pg14
83Bullpitts HoOliver MAGGSHeadMM63Flax Spinner BourtonDorset F94/Pg14
83Bullpitts HoLouisa H. MAGGSWifeMF57  Kentish TownMiddlesex F94/Pg14
83Bullpitts HoMary L. H. MAGGSDaurUF30  BourtonDorset F94/Pg14
83Bullpitts HoHelen D. MAGGSDaurUF27  BourtonDorset F94/Pg14
83Bullpitts HoClara Gertrude MAGGSDaurUF23  BourtonDorset F94/Pg14
83Bullpitts HoBeatrice Phoebe MAGGSDaurUF16  BourtonDorset F94/Pg14
83Bullpitts HoLouisa WHOLLONServUF22General Serv (Domestic) RashpoolWiltshire F94/Pg14
84BullpittsEdmund S. HINDLEYHeadMM45Engineer Emp 84 Men - 22 Boys LondonLondon F94/Pg14
84Kings Green CottageCharlotte H. HINDLEYWifeMF44  SiltonDorset F94/Pg14
84Kings Green CottageAlfred W. HINDLEYSonUM16Scholar BourtonDorset F94/Pg14
84Kings Green CottageEmily M. HINDLEYDaur F13Scholar BourtonDorset F94/Pg14
84Kings Green CottageLeonard A. HINDLEYSon M10Scholar BourtonDorset F94/Pg14
84Kings Green CottageHarold A. HINDLEYSon M6Scholar BourtonDorset F94/Pg14
84Kings Green CottageHelen L. HINDLEYDaur F3  BourtonDorset F94/Pg14
84Kings Green CottageChristine M. JOATZGovernessUF21Governess LuxembourgGermany F94/Pg14
84Kings Green CottageSarah A. CURTISServUF23House Maid (Domestic) StourtonWiltshire F94/Pg14
84Kings Green CottageEliza MOORESServUF17Cook (Domestic) BourtonDorset F94/Pg14
85FoundryRobertBELL HeadMM67Gardner Groom &cSilton Dorset F94/Pg14
85FoundrySarahBELL WifeMF66 PennSomerset  F94/Pg14
85FoundryJuliaBELL Grand Daur F12ScholarRingwood Hampshire F94/Pg14
86Foundry HillEdward NORRISHeadMM74Packer Of Yarn Mnf MereWiltshire F95/Pg15
86Foundry HillEliza NORRISWifeMF74  MereWiltshire F95/Pg15
87Foundry HillJohnHORNE HeadMM58Twine FinisherSalisbury Wiltshire F95/Pg15
87Foundry HillMaria HORNEWifeMF54Twine Finishers Wife SalisburyWiltshire F95/Pg15
87Foundry HillLouisa HORNEDaurUF20Flax Factory Hand SalisburyWiltshire F95/Pg15
87Foundry HillMaria HORNEDaurUF23Flax Factory Hand SalisburyWiltshire F95/Pg15
87Foundry HillAlbert HORNESon M3  SalisburyWiltshire F95/Pg15
88High Street HillMaria PENNYHeadWF68Charwoman BalcombeSomerset F95/Pg15
 High Street Hill  2 UNINHABITED         F95/Pg15
 High Street Hill  UNINHABITED         F95/Pg15
89High Street HillAgnes LAWRENCEHeadWF38Tow Spinner BourtonDorset F95/Pg15
89High Street HillLaura LAWRENCEDaurUF18Tow Spinner BourtonDorset F95/Pg15
89High Street HillClara LAWRENCEDaur F1  BourtonDorset F95/Pg15
90High Street HillElizabeth CHUBBHeadWF67Charwoman BourtonDorset F95/Pg15
90High Street HillEdward HUTCHINGSBoarderMM39Weaver Of Cotton Webb HazelburyDorset F95/Pg15
90High Street HillMartha HUTCHINGSDaurMF39Wife Of Cotton Bobb Weaver BourtonDorset F95/Pg15
91High Street HillMary CULLHeadWF70Charwoman MereWiltshire F95/Pg15
92High Street HillOliver POUNDSHeadMM25Traction Engine Driver KintburyBerkshire F95/Pg15
92High Street HillMargaret POUNDSWifeMF39  Devils TewOxford F95/Pg15
92High Street HillDaisy L. POUNDSDaur F6Scholar StourtonWiltshire F95/Pg15
92High Street HillLillian S. POUNDSDaur F2Scholar StourtonWiltshire F95/Pg15
93High Street HillJohn COLLINSHeadWM41Blacksmith BourtonDorset F95/Pg15
93High Street HillFanny HAYTERServMF35Housekeeper StourtonWiltshire F95/Pg15
93High Street HillEmily MOORESServUF16General Servant Domestic StourtonWiltshire F95/Pg15
94High St HillGeorge FARTHINGHeadMM68Labourer In Iron Works BourtonDorset F95/Pg16
94High St HillCharlotte FARTHINGWifeMF58  SiltonDorset F95/Pg16
94High St HillEliza FARTHINGDaurUF32General Servt (Domestic) BourtonDorset F95/Pg16
95High St HillSilas FARTHINGHeadMM66Lab At Tanner Yard BourtonDorset F95/Pg16
95High St HillSusanna FARTHINGWifeMF62Labourers Wife MereWiltshire F95/Pg16
95High St HillElizabeth FARTHINGDaurUF30Jute Spinner BourtonDorset F95/Pg16
96High St Hill HoWilliam H. TERRELLHeadMM31Hemp Spinner Emps 32 Female 13 Male Persons BristolGloucester F95/Pg16
96High St Hill HoMary J. TERRELLWifeMF33Hemp Spinners Wife BristolGloucester F95/Pg16
96High St Hill HoKate W. TERRELLDaur F2  LondonMiddlesex F95/Pg16
96High St Hill HoFredrick H. TERRELLSon M1  Limpley StokeWiltshire F95/Pg16
96High St Hill HoEmily DUNFORDServUF24Cook (Domestic) WanstrowSomerset F95/Pg16
96High St Hill HoLucy Ellen CASSELServUF16Nursemaid (Domestic) TisburyWiltshire F95/Pg16
97High St HillSamuel TURNERHeadMM66Lab In Iron Foundry ZealsWiltshire F95/Pg16
97High St HillEliza TURNERWifeMF60  SiltonDorset F95/Pg16
97High St HillAlbert TURNERSonUM32  ZealsWiltshireSpinal complaint from birthF95/Pg16
97High St HillCharles TURNERSonUM20Lab In Brewery BourtonDorset F95/Pg16
97High St HillJulia TURNERDaurUF14Silk Spinner BourtonDorset F95/Pg16
98High StreetAlfred DYERHeadMM25Iron Moulder St AustellCornwall F95/Pg16
98High StreetAnnieDYER WifeMF26Iron Moulders WifeExeter Devon F95/Pg16
98High StreetSarah A. DYERDaur F5Scholar ExeterDevon F95/Pg16
98High StreetClara T. DYERDaur F11 m  BourtonDorset F95/Pg16
98High StreetRichard SCREETCHBrotherUM31General Labourer ExeterDevon F95/Pg16
99High StreetHenrySMITH HeadMM61Ag LabZeals Wiltshire F96/Pg17
99High StreetElizabeth SMITHWifeMF58  BourtonDorset F96/Pg17
99High StreetHenry G. SMITHSonUM23Lab In Garden ZealsWiltshire F96/Pg17
100High StreetJohnPORTNELL HeadMM57ThatcherBourton Dorset F96/Pg17
100High StreetDinah PORTNELLWifeMF40  BourtonDorset F96/Pg17
100High StreetElijah PORTNELLSon M12Scholar BourtonDorset F96/Pg17
100High StreetErnest PORTNELLSon M6Scholar BourtonDorset F96/Pg17
101High StreetJames GREENHeadMM29Wood Dealer BourtonDorset F96/Pg17
101High StreetLouisa GREENWifeMF25Wood Dealers Wife SiltonDorset F96/Pg17
101High StreetWilliam E. GREENSon M3  BourtonDorset F96/Pg17
101High StreetAusten A. GREENSon M1  BourtonDorset F96/Pg17
101High StreetWilliam FOOTBoarderWM67Lab In Iron Foundry SiltonDorset F96/Pg17
102High StreetCharles GREENHeadMM67Retired Timber Merchant ZealsWiltshire F96/Pg17
102High StreetElizth GREENWifeMF70  KilmingtonSomerset F96/Pg17
103High StreetMaria MILESHeadWF64Dividends GillinghamDorset F96/Pg17
103High StreetLydia HARDINGServantWF45General Servant (Domestic) SiltonDorset F96/Pg17
103High StreetAnneHARDING Serv F12Genl Servant (Domestic) GillinghamDorset F96/Pg17
104High StreetWalter F. STONEHeadMM35Blacksmith TauntonSomerset F96/Pg17
104High StreetFrances A. STONEWifeMF35Blacksmiths Wife TauntonSomerset F96/Pg17
104High StreetAlbert H. STONESon M10Scholar BourtonDorset F96/Pg17
104High StreetArthur T. STONESon M7Scholar BourtonDorset F96/Pg17
104High StreetHarry W. STONESon M1  BourtonDorset F96/Pg17
105High StreetAnnYETMAN HeadWF59LaundressSt George Surrey F96/Pg17
105High StreetAlice TURNERSisterUF22Dress Maker VauxhallSurrey F96/Pg17
 High Street Plymouth Br Chapel UNINHABITED         F96/Pg17
106White LionJohnINGS HeadMM65Inn KeeperGillingham Dorset F96/Pg18
106White LionElizabeth INGSWifeMF59 Zeals Wiltshire F96/Pg18
106White LionMary J. INGSDaurUF20Asst Schl Mistress Nat Sch BourtonDorset F96/Pg18
106White LionSarahINGS DaurUF18 Bourton Dorset F96/Pg18
106White LionJohnINGS SonUM16House Carpenters Apprentice BourtonDorset F96/Pg18
106White LionThomas INGSSon M13Scholar BourtonDorset F96/Pg18
107High StreetGeorge RUDDICKHeadUM24Labourer In Coal Yard RadstockSomerset F96/Pg18
108High StreetHethSUTER LodgerWM79Ag LabMilverton Wiltshire F96/Pg18
109High StreetSamuel YETMANHeadMM29Lab In Iron Foundry PlymouthDevon F96/Pg18
109High StreetMaryYETMAN WifeMF31 Stourton Wiltshire F96/Pg18
109High StreetSarah YETMANDaur F3  ZealsWiltshire F96/Pg18
109High StreetErnest YETMANSon M2  ZealsWiltshire F96/Pg18
110High StreetMichael MOORESHeadMM51Ag Lab BourtonDorset F96/Pg18
110High StreetRebekah MOORESWifeMF59  BourtonDorset F96/Pg18
110High StreetEmily J. MOORESDaur F29Dress Maker BourtonDorset F96/Pg18
110High StreetKate E. HARDINIDGEGrand Daur F1  St PancrasMiddlesex F96/Pg18
111High StreetLukeBELL HeadWM64Retired TailorSilton Dorset F96/Pg18
111High StreetCornelius BELLBoarderMM34Iron Moulder BourtonDorset F96/Pg18
111High StreetSusannah BELLDaur In LawMF32Iron Moulders Wife Fonthill BishopWiltshire F96/Pg18
111High StreetEdgar P. BELLGrandson M8Scholar BedfordBedford F96/Pg18
111High StreetAda Kate BELLGd Daur F6Scholar BedfordBedford F96/Pg18
111High StreetAnne L. BELLGd Daur F4Scholar BourtonDorset F96/Pg18
111High StreetLilla S.J. BELLGd Daur F11 m  BourtonDorset F96/Pg18
111High StreetMary Ann PAYNEVisitorWF69Retired Nurse TisburyWiltshire F96/Pg18
111High StreetJaneSMITH LodgerUF56AnnuitantZeals Wiltshire F97/Pg19
112High StreetMary A. YOUNGHeadWF60Charwoman MelburyDorset F97/Pg19
112High StreetJohnYOUNG SonUM25 Bourton DorsetIdiotF97/Pg19
113High StreetJames R. GEORGEHeadMM42Retired Tanner WincantonSomerset F97/Pg19
113High StreetFannie A. GEORGEWifeMF41  SouthamptonHampshire F97/Pg19
113High StreetJames GEORGESonUM15  BourtonDorset F97/Pg19
113High StreetEmily WILTSHIREMother In LawWF71  StanwellMiddlesex F97/Pg19
113High StreetEliza J. TURNERServUF24General Servt Domestic LambethLondon F97/Pg19
 High Street Offices  UNINHABITED         F97/Pg19
114High StreetHenry TAYLORHeadMM37Carter At Factory GillinghamDorset F97/Pg19
114High StreetFanny TAYLORWifeMF29  SiltonDorset F97/Pg19
114High StreetClara A. TAYLORDaur F6Scholar SiltonDorset F97/Pg19
114High StreetFlora TAYLORDaur F3Scholar BourtonDorset F97/Pg19
114High StreetEmma J. TAYLORDaur F2  BourtonDorset F97/Pg19
 High Street Weavers Shop  UNINHABITED          F97/Pg19
115High StreetUriah MAGGSHeadMM63Retired Manufacturer Of Hemp PenzelwoodSomerset F97/Pg19
115High StreetCharlotte MAGGSWifeMF62  GillinghamDorset F97/Pg19
115High StreetAnnMAGGS SisterUF57VisitorPenzelwood Somerset F97/Pg19
115High StreetAgnes BUTTNieceUF33Lady Companion PertwoodWiltshire F97/Pg19
115High StreetMary A. SUTERServUF22Domestic Servant SiltonDorset F97/Pg19
 High Street UNINHABITED Hemp & Jute Factory          


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