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Almer is a small village on the Dorchester to Wimborne road, 6 miles west of Wimborne and 6 miles south east of Blandford. Elmere in AD 943 and Almere in 1212, the meaning of the name derives from the old English Ael meaning 'Eel pool' and mere refering to a small pool on the river Winterborne south east of the village. The church of St Mary's is 12th century, the church was restored in 1907 and re-roofed in oak; there are memorial windows to Rev. V.R. Carter and C. Torkington.

To the west of the village is the Worlds End pub, well known locally. It was believed to be the oldest pub in Dorset until destroyed by a devastating fire several years ago. It has now been fully restored to its former glory.

Almer includes the hamlet of Mapperton, not to be confused with the separate Parish of Mapperton near Beaminster, approximately 30 miles to the west

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Census 1841, 1861, 1871 & 1891 [with Mapperton] [Ron Adams]
1881 [with Mapperton] [Terry Smith]
Parish Registers Almer Registers 1538-1812 [Fry & Hitchens 1907]
Transcription of Baptisms 1731-1879 [Lynda Small]
Transcription of Marriages 1731-1837 [Lynda Small]
Transcription of Burials 1731-1879 [Lynda Small]
Postal Directories Extract from the Almer with Mapperton 1848 Directory [Dorinda Miles]
Other Records Extracts from Hutchins inc. rectors of the parish [Dorinda Miles]
Monumental Inscriptions [Peter Collins]
Records held at the Dorset History Centre
Christenings 1539-1541, 1548-1640/1, 1663-1697, 1731/2-1990.
Marriages 1538-1640, 1654, 1663-1679, 1688, 1695-1698, 1731/2-1836.
Burials 1538-1640, 1669-1670, 1677-1678, 1694-1697, 1731/2-1993.

Christenings 1539-1702, 1731-1837. Marriages 1538-1688, 1695-1702, 1731-1811, 1814-1836. Burials 1530-1702, 1731-1837.
Maps The 1891 ordnance survey maps of the parish can be seen at the old-maps site, just enter 'Almer' under place search. For modern location maps visit:-


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